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October 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Summerslam 2006 Review:


“Aww, the late Hawk must be spinning in his Grave……..”Jim Ross


1) Opening Contest- Chavo Guerrero (W/Vickie Guerrero) vs Rey Mysterio

This match was basically just a fight with high flying moves give or take inbetween.

I’ve done at least five reviews of these two facing one another in the past so lets add another. They are usually all very good, and Chavo made it to Rey’s Disc 4 TIMES if you can believe it but after all Rey and his set DID have 29 overall matches.

The Whole Eddie Guerrero thing was just so redundant by Mid-2006 that it no longer became repulsive, it was just plain idiotic.

Pretty sad that the dead can get over better then the living. That’s just the way they went about things I guess.

I didn’t follow extremely closely around this time as I’d started to tune out in late 05 for the first time in a long while and haven’t looked back for good since. So I don’t know exactly what the storyline was but seeing Vickie in it just bugs me.

Onto the actual match now.

The event takes place in Boston so hopefully we get a good crowd, I have seen the match before but just forget it since I’ve seen so many Chavo-Rey’s since then.
Chavo and Rey didn’t waste any time here in this match wth right hands back and forth Rey went for a springboard off the top rope but Chavo caught him in the air, but Rey through Chavo through the middle rope to the outside and then hit him with a baseball slide keeping him out but Rey with a high risk move that misses.

Chavo takes advantage by going in the ring and flying over the top rope catching Rey on the mat. Back in the ring Chavo then isolated Mysterio in the corner and then smashes his head on the buckle of another despite Rey’s efforts of fighting back with kicks to the hamstring of Chavo Guerrero. Rey went skull first into the buckle with an ultimate counter where he looked like he could of powerbombed Rey but instead leaned back.

Chavo with a side suplexes followed by some kicks and Cole points out how he hasn’t gone for a cover because he wants to punish Rey. Chavo then did an Eddie taunt and the crowd booed, then chanted his name. Chavo just said bring it on to the crowd, JBL points out how it fires both guys up with those chants.

A kick to the ribs by Chavo before he bounces Rey off the top turnbuckle and then Chavo went to the top rope and it looks like Chavo attemps to powerbomb Mysterio from the top rope, he doesen’t hit it but both men fall face first into the canvas from the top.
JBL built this match up a little too much for my liking, we get the guys don’t like each other, and Mysterio hit a drop kick as well as a Cross Body and a hear fall. Chavo with a sloppy clothesline but it was out of desperation and he was selling the arm from the fall to the mat in an earlier sequence. Rey kicks Chavo’s head and then gets irishwhipped but Chavo runs into a high elbow. Chavo grabbed Rey’s leg from up high and comes up behing him but Rey elbowed him in the head before hitting a Hurricanrauna and then the 619! Rey calling for a West Coast Pop but Chavo ducked out of the way but still got taken outside of the ring.

More of a fight then a strategic wrestling match here and the pace is good while back and forth but could be better.

As the two wrestle on the outside Vickie ran to the ring and argued with Chavo outside of the ring for awhile. Vickie slaps Chavo while Rey takes out Chavo with a dive over the ropes, as Rey is beating on Chavo. Chavo did of course cost Rey the title to Booker a month or two before.

Chavo then goes for the three Amigo’s. Hit’s 1, gets a pop, hit’s two and then Rey comes back with a head scissors and then Rey hit Chavo with the Three Amigo’s successfully but the fans boo as they feel Chavo had more of a right to do it.

Rey argued with Vickie, and while Rey was up top he got tripped on the top corner and then Chavo saw a injured Mysterio from that fall and Chavo with a huge suplex.
Vickie screams “NO MOOORE FIIIIGHTIIIING!” just shut up…

In the end Chavo Guerrero got the best of Rey at 10:59 when he hits the Frog Splash.

Spots here or there, very little psychology, doesen’t hold up well to the other Chavo/Rey matches due to the lack of story telling but it does have its moments and serves fine as an opener.






2) The Big Show (c) vs Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match for the ECW World Championship

Yeah it’s the first ECW Title match on PPV and Sabu is the Number one contender while Big Show is the ECW Champion.

Show comes out to terrible music.

Here we go!

It’s going to be a rough match.

Sabu throws a chair to Show’s head before Smacking him with one and then the Arabian face buster to Show. A Chair is set up next to Show who is laying down then he trips Sabu and he falls face first into the chair.

THEN Joye Styles says Holy Crap as Big Show puts his foot right through the chair. Big Show hits Sabu with a headbutt. Show with a chop to the chest of Sabu. Show even slammed Sabu to the canvas and while the fans chanted for tables Show just told them you’re not going to get it!

Show scooped up Sabu with a bear hug and the fan’s boo until Sabu rakes the eyes, bites the nose and springboards to Show who hits a overhead suplex flying and I mean FLYING Sabu on the canvas as he sldes to outside of the ring. Sabu throws a chair to the head of Show on the outside, then again on the inside.

Sabu dropped his chair and the fans chant that he fu*ked up but he still kicked it to the head of Show. Sabu keeps getting two counts so he gets a table and the place pops.
Back in the ring Sabu hit Show with a modified Bulldog from up top to the big man. A Table in the corner and a chair in the middle of the ring, Sabu runs and uses the chair for leverage and drives Show into the table breaking it! Fans chant ECW! Good spot.
Show then fell back with Sabu in the corner and we see some blood on Paul’s face. Barely.
Big Show goes up to the top and hits a splash from the middle rope down across the sternum of Sabu. Sabu rolls to the outside in a ton of pain. Show then puts steel steps inside the ring and then Sabu comes in the ring selling the blow that was about a minute old. Show then threw the other steel steps in the ring with a new and what Tazz calls a “fresh” table.

Sabu then botches huge as he went up the steps and then put his foot on the table making it fall off but he then got bombed though the table. Nether men know who got hurt though OK? Show then hit Sabu with a chokeslam through the table.

In the end The Big Show retained the ECW Title at 8:30 when the Chokeslam through the table to Sabu from Show was hit.

For a match that had SOME good moments it can be summed up as a spotfest with a lot of botches.

* 1/4




3) “The Legend” Hulk Hogan vs “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

Your typical Orton vs Legend feud as we even saw one the year before where Orton scored an impressive victory over The Undertaker.

This Win would put Orton over HUGE if he won, I mean it’s Hulk Hogan!

Will Orton kill Hulkamania?

Hogan is 5-0 at Summerslam’s coming in…that’s a shock.

Orton main evented his first two Slam’s, and is 2-1 going un.

As usual Hulk does the over power thing with each opponent to realize, YES he is IMMORTAL. BAW Gawd it’s amazing.

Soon though, thankfully, Randy Orton slaps on a head lock for a minute or two while the crowd chant “Let’s go Hogan!” and Hulk then gets kicked to the canvas and stomped on him until he went to grab Hogan’s head to slam him to the top buckle and Hulk got in control and then hit Orton with two big right hands.

Hogan up there on the top buckle tells Orton to SUCK it then gets to the nine count and bites his nose it looks like.

As Hogan chokes out Orton and hits some blows on him he asks “How badly do you want to take out BROOKE NOW?”

JR calls Brooke a rising singing star.


Hogan with another right hand and this time some people boo until Hogan rakes the back and goes back to his WCW Hollywood ways. HUlk then rakes the chest. Hulk with more punches….yawn.

Hogan set up Orton for a clothesline but Randy intelligently went under the bottom rope and then dragged Hogan down and he began elblowing Hogan’s knee. Hulk’s torn miniscus muscle was injured in his knee joint and he stomped on it while the fans kept chanting for Hogan.

Orton to the ropes then take’s out the left leg to chop down the hurt knee and take the bigger and much older Hulk Hogan off his vertical base.

Randy Orton to the top rope then goes for a cross body as he did with Benoit two years before so expertly, but of course Hogan couldn’t take the move so he moved out of the way and out of desperation hits the only move he can and those are big right hands, until Orton countered with a textbook drop kick right to the face.

Orton signalled for the RKO.
Hogan takes 6 years to get up then he gets hit with The RKO!
Orton 1, 2, 3.

Nope, he doesen’t win because Hogan’s foot was on the bottom rope.
Orton is pissed so he punches Hogan and Hulk begins to Hulk Up.

Hogan then pointed at Orton for the YOOOOOU spot.

Hogan hits a boot to the face of Orton.

Hogan defeated Orton at 10:56 with the 60 year old leg drop.

I take no ratings off the match because of who won. Some people have a problem with this and some don’t, sure I believe it would of been better for Orton to go over but it’s not like I deducted two stars from the match because of who won.

The match just wasn’t very good at all, it featured very, very little substance.



4) I Quit Match- “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Mick Foley


A personal war here.

Foley with hard rights and lefts to Flair in the corner at the start and he still can throw the forearms and right hands quickly. Flair then takes a knee from Foley rammed right in his face.

Mick then drives a trash can to the head of The Nature Boy.

Foley says BANG BANG an it gets a good pop.

Foley pulls out the Sock and Flair then gets it in the mouth and King calls it the ultimate insult, while JR says it’s the Mandible claw.

Floey asks Flair to QUIT and of course he doesen’t say anything and Foley says he’ll suffer. Foley then wrapped barbed wire around his right hand and then got caught in the junk by Flair.

Ric with rights and lefts to Foley followed by a kick to the groin.

The Nature Boy then takes the sock off of Foley and puts it on his own right hand wrapping barbed wire around it and chopped Foley with barbed wire! The crowd WOOOO’s while this happens.

Flair whipped Foley to the steel steps as he hits hard, crashes to the corner. Foley though up and knocks Flair down. Foley grabbed a barbedwire wooden platform that he HITS


Flair with on the outside and Flair is bleeding big time.

Back in the ring Foley tries ripping up Flair’s face with barbed wire.

A bloodied Flair looks at the barbed wire in horror.


Foley then smacks him with the platform covered in wire again! Wow.

Foley then asks Flair to quit, Naitch says “KISS MY…” then hillarously Flair doesen’t get to finish the sentance as Foley hits him with the mic.
JR talks about him getting to call both Foley/Rock and Flair/Funk I quit matches.

Foley then does somethng I thought would never happen!

Foley drops Flair on hundreds of tacks. WOW.

Flair then gets ripped up some more with wire before Flair out of desperation throws Foley into the ring post.

Flair hits Foley with the injured arm a few times with the barbedwire bat before some right hands and Mick falls down.

Ric said after a lowblow that if Foley doesen’t QUIT he’ll kill him right here. JR talks about in the pre-match Raw’s Flair said one of us should die in Boston.

Flair then knocks Foley off the ring apron spine first to the outside as he lands Kidney first on the trash can. Medics and Melina run to the scene and say the match is over but Ric says it’s an I QUIT MATCH.

Foley comes back in and is rolled in some tacks himself while Flair stomps on Foley then barbedwire to the head of Foley, then his eyes and good EAR he had left so Foley was forced to quit when Melina throws the towel in Helen Hart style.

Flair got the better of Foley in the end at 12:47.

GREAT WAR, even better considering their age.

You’ve got to give them credit.







5) Batista vs King Booker (c) (with Queen Sharmell for the World Heavyweight Championship


Sharmell is a HEEL but there’s a better way of getting heat then the things she does. Here comes The Animal second off as does his regular routine.

The two tie up and are forced to break in the corner before Booker slaps Tista, then Batsta pushed Booker down and JBL says it’s a STATEMENT.

Booker then throws a side headlock on the Challenger. King Booker then with a shoulder block to Batista but it doesen’t phase him as Tists hits a big slam on Booker!
JBL reminds us Batista hasn’t had a significant match in 9 months. Batista then went for a powerbomb but Booker left the ring until Booker dropped Tista’s head on the top rope. Booker in the ring with Batista down and Booker drops Batista on the ropes.

King Booker stomped on Batista and the fans boo, a considerably slow pace to this one as Booker took down Tista and slapped a headlock. Some boring chants.
Booker then smashed his royal stick on the back of Tista while Sharmell distracted the referee.

Booker back in the ring with a rear chinlock, then goes into working on the tricep of Batista.

JBL says this is what Booker is so good at, wearng Tista down. Yeah, but it’s boring as all hell and it goes for nothing because Batista gets an opening and pushed Booker to the ropes and then hung him up on the top rope and he hits two sloppy clotheslines.
Side Slam by Batista and a kickout.
Booker on the outside slams Batista into the stairs then back inside the ring.
Booker goes up to the top rope and then hits a missile dropkick and still just gets a two.
Booker goes for a suplex, Batista counters and hits a Suplex to Booker. Booker with shoulder blocks to the gut of Booker and then followed it up with a clothesline and Booker ducked and connected with a neckbreaker.

Booker then looks to get hit by Batista with a Bomb as the fans seem dead then Sharmell comes in and the ref calls for the bell.

Booker kept the title while Batista won by just DQ at 10:30.








6) D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs The McMahon’s (Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon)

No gimmicks, just a normal tag team attraction here.

D-X do there decade old gimmick that was over sure but not as much as people wanted it to be and more then half of them were dissapointed due to how childish the two 40 year olds were acting.

Now father and son come out and there not alone.

Shane O Mac and Vince bring out Kennedy, Regal, Finlay, Big Show, Regal and Umaga to try and take apart D-X before the McMahon’s can get to them. Ya know, this will make things…”even.”

Kennedy, Regal and Finlay took it to Trips on the outside while Show hit HBK with a few power moves on the inside the ring as the McMahon’s looked up from the top ramp with a look of satisfaction.

Big Show hits a huge chokeslam to HHH through the table and it gets Holy Shit chants.
Vince struts down to the ring as it gets good heel heat.

The match began after a good 20 minutes and Vince slams HBK and then the Demon Seed Shane got tagged in.

Shane with some lefts and rights, solid blows to a helpless Shawn Michaels.

Vince hits a terrible clothesline to HBK.

God this is boring…

Vince chokes out Shawn in the corner and while Keota tells Vince to stop Shane does it behind his back in the corner. The fans chant for HHH but he’s still layed out on the outside of the ring after the table spot from The Big Show.

Shane and Vince still in the ring and both hit a double elbow to Shawn after Shane irish whipped him off the ropes. Shawn tryng to get up but Shane drops an elbow to his back.
One thing Vince and Shane can do is put on a nicely worked match, booked throughly, you name it. This hasn’t been good, it’s a slow beat down on Shawn Michaels.
Shane then injured Shawn’s well documented injured back with some knees to the back over and over with a back breaker, Vince asked for one more and he applied it as the fans booed.

A double vertical suplex by Shane and Vince and they shake hands, then drop a double elbow to HBK.

HHH then gets up after a century but gets hit with a baseball slide by Shane McMahon and HHH goes flying into Jim Ross at the announce table. Vince then sets up HBK and Shane flies off the top and JR says they think there Demolition!


About time they referenced Demolition, and he even says Axe and Smash! God I’m enjoying that, I NEVER hear them referenced and in my books they should be in the Hall.
They they apply The Hart Foundation’s move and Shane taunts Bret which I’ll admit is funny.

Now they go for the Doomsday Device, the LOD move hits.
Hawk must be spinning in his grave says JR which is again funny, the matches comedy and entertainment level grew with time.

Shawn came back in the match with some shots then all three were down until HHH finally got back in the ring after about 10 minutes. (after the table spot)
HHH with a high knee seeing some of his first action, hitting Shane with a neck braker and then another high knee. Trips clotheslined Vince hard into the corner. Trips with a huge Spinebuster. Ross says a Race High Knee, and a Double A Spinebuster, he’s calling everyones moves tonight.

HBK with an elbow drop from up high. HBK and Shane go over the top to the outside.
HHH then stalks Vince but Umaga comes down and kicks HBK out. HHH about to hit the pedigree but Umaga hit HHH with a Samoan spike. There’s been more interference in this match then one would expect. Pyro’s go off and JR asks what the hell is that when you can clearly tell it’s Kane. Kane and Umaga brawl to the back.

Vince covers H, but Helmsley kicks out and JR does his usual it’s not over! It’s not over! Vince knocks out the ref with a straight right hand to Keota. Shane kicks at H in the corner and puts a trash can by his face. HHH lies there for a ton of time and never once thought to just move the can. Oh well.

Shane goes for a diving dropkick but HBK catches him in mid-air but I stress the word catches.

HBK catches Vince with a superkick, then into the Pedigree.

In the end D-X won at 13:02 when they hit there signature moves.

Shawn and Hunter have there hands raised high.


* 1/4



7) Main Event- Edge (c) (W/Lita) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship

Even if Edge is DQ’d he WILL lose the WWE Title.

This is in Boston, Cena’s stomping grounds but it’s the Summer of 2006 and Cena is still booed to hell.

JR calls it a standing ovation……

Cena is 2-0 to this point at Summerslam.

Edge won the title on Raw in a triple threat match over RVD and Cena while I was in the hospital and I remember being high as all hell and still in shock. I wasn’t even following the action consistently then at the time anyway…..

Edge is 6-1 at Summerslam.

Cena forced Edge back into the corner early and he tried to punch and hit him with hard elbows early because of the slap to Cena’s father.

Cena then grabbed Edge and hit a reverse elbow. Cena with a belly to belly suplex on Edge, near fall. Fans booing Cena’s offense and saying he sucks.

Cena goes to spear edge but hits the steel ring post on the outside of the ring and the fans cheer. Cena comes back in at the 8 count as Edge stomps on John as he gets in the ring.
Edge then with a couple hard blows to the kidneys of Cena as he groans in pain. John Cena then catches a nice standing dropkick by Edge. Edge then knocks Cena off the apron into the security wall after he posed to the crowd in which they actually cheered.
Meanwhile all Lawler can think about is the celebrating Edge and Lita would have that night of Edge retains.

Fans chant Cena sucks big time this time around. Edge then drops an elbow to Cena’s kidney region. Edge hits a flying heel kick and scores a nearfall. The electric atmosphere of Boston helped this match but the pace was a tad slow for my liking as Edge hit Cena with a couple of punches and then with Cena in the corner hit him with a straight forearm.
Cena, began to hammer away and JR calls him controversial because of the boo’s and he hits a fisherman suplex. Cena irish-whipped to the ropes then went air born as Edge sent him flying over the top rope.

Edge tried to get Cena counted out a couple of times in this match the same way I used to in old WWF/WCW Video game’s back in the day to try and get far in my Season mode. Because god forbid I go through the work of hitting moves and winning a match that’ll take me 15 minutes.

Edge is an obsessed Champion and relentless, would stop at nothing to retain the title. Edge utilizing the neck vice, the leverage point is the spine with Edge’s right knee into the back region of Cena and he’s being grounded by the Champion.
The slower pace to the match slows down a bit more as Edge lays back with a rear chinlock but the fans keep the atmosphere lively with Cena Sucks chants.
Cena slowly battles out of the hold and hits Edge in the gut. Cena catches him with a big kick but Edge hits a bigger kick with a huge counter, near fall.

John Cena had won at the Rumble earlier in 2006 that year to end Edge’s first and very short reign so a lot of the fans didn’t want Cena to regain the title yet again. Cena went for a superplex Edge off the top but Edge flew off the top rope with a cross body to the challenger that was more of a clothesline!

Edge in the driver’s seat in the Championship match for his title. Edge drops another elbow on the back of his neck. “Let’s Go Cena” chants mixed with “Cena Sucks” now and as Edge holds Cena in the Camel Clutch JR says he thinks he’s the Iron Sheik!
Was JR on some sort of Nostalgia trip in the 2nd part of this show?
With the abdominal power and the will to win Cena battles out of the Camel Clutch as the fans boo.

Both men down and they got to there feet at the six count, then Cena with a bulldog/headlock that looked a tad funny and Ross didn’t really know what to call that.
Amy Dumbass grabbed a chair and to no effect cena came back with shoulder blocks as he built momentum. Cena with a big slam on Edge then goes for the five knuckle shuffle.
Cena has Edge up for the F-U and then Edge hit’s the DDT in a nice counter formation.
Edge up high caught by Cena but his victory fall was only a nearfall. Edge with a kick to the face then a cross body which sees a near fall. Cena then picks Edge up from the ground and lifts him up high and Edge accidentally hits Lita off the ring apron.
Good climax with a double clothesline.

The match wasn’t very good up to this certan climax though.

Cena went to slam Edge but Edge caught Cena with a high impact move.

Both guys physically drained despite the lack of selling, psychology, just good spots in the end here.

Edge goes for the spear but gets caught in the STFU by Edge.

Edge got to the ropes though and a lot of fans cheered in relief.

Cena picked up Edge and Lita both and went for the FU and Lita went flying and as the ref looked on at Lita, Edge pulled out some brass knuckles and hit Cena in the back of the head hard with them.

Edge retained the WWE Title at 15:41 with the head shot.


Edge retained his title and would hold it for another month till Cena eventually took it back again and HE held it for a year.

Next to no psychology in this match and it never picked up until its climax which ultimately hurts the rating.

Pretty standard and underwelming considering who is in the match but it was still GOOD overall and I like the fact Edge won obvioussly, even if it wasn’t clean. It could have been given more time so the two could actually tell a better story. Scrap the Diva’s segment, scrap 5 minutes of Tista/Booker, now there’s an idea!

** 1/4

Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2006 = 5/10

This show is a bit of a failure because most of the matches were dissapointments. The card has a lot of potential but Hogan/Orton, Cena/Edge, Chavo/Rey could of all been a lot better. The potential was there. Foley/Flair it’s arguable but I thought that was the match of the night. The near DUD in Booker/Tista bored the hell out of me and flat out sucked and the McMahon’s/DX while booked good was still missing things. The clusterfu*k ECW match with alright spots and terrible Diva’s segment didn’t help matters either. I don’t suggest a viewing of this version, one of the mediocre Slams available.


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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I bought this DVD from CEX 2 months ago as i had not viewed it since watching the actual event on sky box office. In my personal opinion, there were matches that were gems – Foley/Flair for example. The DX match was also very good. In my opinion,I would give this whole event 9/10.

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