Review: WWE Summerslam 2008 DVD

October 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Summerslam 2008 Review:

“But I know the one person who can help you. EDGE. You need to look inside your heart and find the Edge who made me say you are the Greatest superstar in the WWE! You bring this Edge or The Undertaker will tear you apart in that Cell!”Mick Foley

-WWE Summerslam 2008 took place on Sunday, August the 17th, 2008 from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana in front of 15,977 fans.

-The main feud heading into WWE Summerslam 2008 was between Edge and The Undertaker on the Smackdown! brand. The two had competed in a number of matches for the WWE title months previous on PPV in gimmick and single’s matches. On the Raw brand the main feud was between John Cena and Dave Batista, two of the company’s biggest babyface attraction’s.

-The PPV theme was “Ready to Roll” by Jet Black.

-Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw matches, Jim Ross and Tazz did commentary for the Smackdown! matches while Todd Grisham and Matt Striker did the ECW match.

-This was the 21st Annual Summerslam PPV event produced by the WWE.

-The ropes were solid blue for this event.

-Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, The Big Show defeated Bam Neely (Justin LaRouche), who was accompanied by Chavo Guerrero (Salvador Guerrero III), in a dark match. Big Show won by pinning Neely after a chokeslam.

-Also on the Show: A segment between Shawn Michaels and his wife along with Chris Jericho, who Michaels was feuding with at the time. Chris Jericho ended up knocking out Shawn’s wife Rebecca.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- Montel Vontavious Porter vs Jeff Hardy

This match opened the show? Are they serious? Obviously I am being sarcastic.
Both these guys, (assuming they make the card to a PPV that is)
are the King of opening matches so it was without a doubt this would open the show, I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw the card.
Hardy is accused of being a spot monkey and I think he is most of the time, but he can still go, he can still work. MVP can with the best of them, there styles should compliment each other real well here and given the length of a PPV opener I am intrigued to see how it developed.
Jeff Hardy comes out to a good ovation, MVP does his usual thing and the bell rings, it’s on.

Jeff Hardy dodges a kick by MVP and then Hardy fought back with some fast right’s and left’s as he obviously wasn’t a fan.

MVP runs out of the ring and Jeff Hardy chases him. Montel wanting Jeff Hardy to follow him into the ring waited on Hardy and when he got on the apron MVP tried that kick again but Jeff backed off and then grabbed Montel’s legs from underneath him and dragged him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Jeff Hardy tossed MVP into the security railing on the front row. Jeff slammed Montel’s head on the ring apron, smacked him in the head with his forearm and threw him in the ring for a one count. Montel gets scoop slammed by Jeff Hardy and then he went to the ring apron and flew over the top with a high risk leg drop. MVP broke the count with both feet on the ropes.
Jeff Hardy slaps on an armbar. MVP tries to get out of it by washing the face of Jeff and he gets pushed towards the side ropes and MVP hits a nice armdrag takedown but Jeff flips over him and maintain’s the armbar once again. The left arm being worked over by Jeff Hardy.

With the left arm of Montel twisted he backed off to the corner and Charles Robinson made sure Jeff Hardy let go as the fans booed. Very vocal as expected in the opener with Hardy chants ever now and again. Both men measure each other up, MVP kicked Jeff Hardy and he kicked back and got the better of the exchange and he got him to the corner and needed to back out yet again. Jeff Hardy irishwhipped MVP into the corner and Jeff charged towards him and MVP hit a running belly to belly suplex.
Amazing move there by MVP, I like it.

Hardy kicked out at two and now MVP locks on a front facelock/abdominal stretch of sorts. A nice mat move, a weardown hold after a high impact belly to belly suplex. MVP kicks at Jeff Hardy who was down on the mat and he locked on his submission hold once again applying the pressure of the neck and spine region of Jeff Hardy. Jeff took a lot of that blow to his neck so it was a sound strategy.

Some fine chain wrestling by MVP as he rides Hardy and then locks on a Camel Clutch and then slams his forearm into the face of the Enigma. Jeff Hardy eventually got out as he turned over and kicked MVP off to the ropes, MVP flipped after Hardy countered and MVP who was going for a leglace hit a single leg Boston Crab. Jeff Hardy down on the mat reaching for the ropes. Good solid submission hold again by MVP because Jeff Hardy was an aerial wrestler, so keep the high flyer grounded. MVP taking apart the whole body of Jeff Hardy.

MVP with some fine kicks to Jeff Hardy down on the mat. MVP swinging with a right to Jeff outside on the ring apron. Jeff Hardy left his feet and MVP knocked him down. Jeff had his body over top of the bottom rope and MVP dropped his body weight on him. SOME MVP chants in the audience so JR and Tazz try and talk over it.

Montel scooped up Hardy and slammed him back first upside down, headfirst on the canvas. All of Hardy’s weight on his neck, and MVP slammed Jeff Hardy’s head onto the canvas. MVP dragged Jeff Hardy by the legs to the middle of the ring which is smart and got a third nearfall. MVP was getting frustrated and elevated Jeff up, and he fell down and reached back out of desperation and hit a neckbreaker by grabbing the sides of MVP`s head. A dropkick by Jeff Hardy and some boo`s are heard. Jeff went for a dropkick in the corner after using the top turnbuckle for leverage and the leg strength of MVP pushed him across the ring. MVP went over to him and got a two count.

MVP up first irishwhipped Jeff to the corner, and dropkicked him into the corner. MVP sized him up and as he went for his kick Jeff hit a running clothesline taking him down. Montel might of hesistated a second to long. Both men get to there feet at the seven count and Jeff hit a Russian Leg Sweep and then a nice pinning combination with all of his bodyweight on Montel but he kicked out. Jeff slammed MVP back first to the corner and kicked him in the abdomen. The second time Jeff went for the dropkick MVP picked him up then a sunset flip out of no where by Hardy and a two count.

Jeff then hit the Whisper in the Wind off the top ropes. Shelton came out of no where so Jeff flew off the top onto him on the outside instead.

Jeff went for the Swanton and missed so MVP had time to re-group and avoid the contact. MVP sized him up and kicked him in the head with the drive-by kick.

In the end Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Jeff Hardy at 10:12 with the kick.

This match was great.

It was Jeff`s HIGH risk move which was his downfall here.

Jeff being HIGH has caused him a lot of problems in life.

The reason this one was so good was because of MVP`s gameplan. In the first half of the bout he targetted the neck region of Jeff softening up for his eventual drive-by kick. Then in the second-half he targetted the bottom half (the legs) which is not only great because Jeff Hardy was an aerial wrestler, but because this way it was a FULL BODY ATTACK.

It was also nice to see the better wrestler win.

** 3/4






2) Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs Kofi Kingston (c) and Mickie James (c) in an Intergender tag team match for both WWE Intercontinental and Women’s championships

Santino Marella is a guy that is used strictly for comedy, some actually thought he could become another Rock like character because he can make you laugh. Well, Snitsky made me laugh and look where he is, catch my drift?
Phoenix and James are two of the if not the very top two females in North America so this one being an Intergender tag has the potential to at least be good.

Beth Phoenix and Mickie James started off in the ring.

The two ladies tie up and a side headlock is applied by Mickie and then Beth elevated her to show her strength and dropped her. Mickie went for a go-behind waistlock, and I`d like to do the same to her.

Mickie got pushed back by Beth and then recieved an elbow. Mickie ducked a clothesline but flipped over and dropkicked Beth Phoenix in the knees and then right in the face and got a two count. Santino looked on worried. Beth hit a nice side suplex to Mickie James. Beth Phoenix dragged Mickie tot he corner and tagged in Santino. Mickie kicked Santino and grabbed him by the hand before a monkey flip.

Kofi Kingston flies in after a tag and hit a cross-body followed by two dropkick`s to Santino Marella. An irishwhip to the corner and then the athleticism was shown by Kofi as he leaped up and hit some right hands followed by an uppercut. Santino went to the outside and Kofi went to leap onto both of them and Santino held Beth infront of her. Kofi tried to pull Santino in but he hit a neckbreaker on the top rope. Santino Marella came back in the ring and worked over Kofi with a reverse chinlock into a headlock as Kofi gets out of it but Santino hit him with a thumb to the eye.

Beth Phoenix tags in and hits a boot to the ribs and works over Kofi before tagging back in Santino who hit a nice snap suplex and got a two. Another reverse chinlock followed by Santino yelling “How about this again!“ which came off hillarious due to his delivery.
Kofi out of it hit a shoulder block, might of been a double collision. Both ladies in and Mickie hit a few forerarms before coming off the ropes with another and then a running clothesline to Beth Phoenix. Mickie with more right hands and then Beth got hit by another clothesline. Mickie dropkicked Santino off the apron. Mickie hit a hurricanrauna to Beth Phoenix and then went up high and hit a Lou Thesz Press off the top rope into a cover but Santino broke the count. Kofi leaped in and hit no one on the way down.

Mickie hit a nice Tornado DDT to Santino.

The distraction cost Mickie as a blind shot by Beth Phoenix to Mickie did her in. Glamerella was hit and Beth Phoenix covered Mickie.

The match ended at 5:39 when Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix picked up the victory and won both the IC and Women`s title respectively.

Some nice spots, a good pace and not very long which was good to see.

* 3/4



3) Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry (c) (W/Tony Atlas) for the ECW Championship

150 weight difference. (Well in WWE Universe terms anyway)

Matt with some right hands, then a clubbing forearm by Henry as he sent Matt to the corner, Matt hit a twist of fate out of no where but Atlas grabbed Matt out of the ring and beat on him. Atlas threw Matt into the steps and the fans booed this.

Matt wins by DQ at 0:32 but not the belt.

Jeff runs out so all is right in the world.

Not by me.



4) CM Punk (c) vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship

So given that this is a World Title match I assume it`ll last a full minute this time.

I don`t know if I agree with CM Punk winning the World Title the way he did or at all but I like the guy, he`s a good wrestler.
Bell rings and CM Punk and JBL are about to get it on for the World title at Summerslam.
A tie-up mid-ring and JBL forces CM Punk to the corner and the official makes sure JBL backs off.

Bradshaw then plants a vicious forearm to the back of the head of Punk. He follows that up with another and now with CM Punk bent down JBL drives a right hand to Punk and then slaps on a side headlock. JBL is a powerful roughneck who likes to wear down guys, CM Punk is more unorthadox and aerial. CM Punk hit with a shoulder block but after ducking a clothesline he kicks at JBL with his martial arts skills and then dropkicks JBL once in the ring, once to the outside. CM Punk flies from the side ropes over the opposite side to the outside onto JBL like Shawn did to vader a decade earlier at Summerslam 96. (12 years earlier)

CM Punk off the top delivers a flying crossbody to Bradshaw!


CM Punk with a nearfall but Bradshaw gets up and hits a rough shoulder block and stomped on Punk. A striking right hand to CM Punk in the corner. JBL irishwhipped CM Punk hard to the corner of the ring, JBL charged in and CM Punk got the boot to the face of JBL. JBL caught CM Punk up high and from the second rope he hits a fall away slam and plants Punk on his back. CM Punk kicks out at two and Bradshaw is getting mad. JBL then drove a stiff forearm to Punk`s back. Bradshaw up again and does the same again. Some small JBL chants and then they become over powered by Punk chants. JBL with a striking blow again and then irishwhipped him to the corner of the ring hurting CM Punk`s back even further.

So some striking forearms to the back, followed by hard irishwhips to Punk injuring his back.

As JBL tries to wear down Punk using his weight to his advantage he squeezes Punk`s lower back with a waistlock. JBL knocks Punk down after he escapes and gets a two. JBL with a nice vertical suplex and another nearfall. As Punk got up JBL dropped another hard shot on his bruised back and then with a side throw got another two. JBL wanted the gold with all these nearfalls.

Some solid work by JBL to Punk and his back.

I have a feeling the crowd did not like the methodial pacing by JBL as there were noticeable boo`s heard whenever JBL went for a weardown move. JBL showed nice strategic wrestling focusing on the back and mid-section of Punk. Punk worked his way out, then JBL locked on an abdominal stretch to CM Punk.

Wrestling fans appreciate this sort of stuff, live fans who want blood and guts, don`t. The fans applaud for CM Punk to get out of this and he does and hits a hiptoss and it took a lot out of him because of the bruised mid-section.

CM Punk was able to hit a high knee and then a Bulldog. CM Punk then picked up JBL and tried the GTS but he dropped JBL because of the weight difference and the injured mid-section, good selling. I like it.

JBL hits a clothesline! JBL wearing down, punishing CM Punk and dropped three or four elbow`s and Punk somehow kicked out. JBL looks furious now. Bradshaw lands a right hand and CM Punk fired back as it`s a brawl now but Punk gets a thumb to the eye. CM Punk ducked JBL`s offense and then he kicked him up high and got a two count. JBL down on the mat and Punk gets up and the Champion climbs to the top and flies off but he was caught in mid-air by Bradshaw who hit a powerslam and got a two count.

Bradshaw went for a clothesline from hell but was caught in the JAW by CM Punk`s spinning heel kick. CM Punk had a lot taken out of him but was the first to his feet and JBL had not moved. CM Punk lifted up JBL and threw him to the corner landing another high knee and going for the Bulldog, JBL had it scouted and drove his fist into the back of CM Punk! JBL fired both arms back and forth into Punk`s back and went to the top and hit a superplex as Punk landed back first.
JBL levelled Punk down and Punk ducked a clothesline and hit the Go to sleep!

CM Punk beat JBL to retain his title at 11:52 after the GTS.

Here is the Deal!

The reason I am giving this a high rating (Well I`ve never seen anyone go to *** on this) is because of a few reasons…

-Old school feel. JBL`s stiff work on Punk reminded me of 80`s Wrasslin and the fact he worked on the back in every way and expanded his offense to suit his strategic gameplan helped the credibility of the match.

-CM Punk`s selling. He tried a go to sleep and stopped due to the injured mid-section, lets not forget his awesome high kicks and his aerial moves and flying to the outside.

-JBL`s power game, the fall away slam from the second rope, the back suplex from the very top rope, etc.

I loved this match more then most I imagine.




5) Triple H (c) vs The Great Khali for the WWE Championship

It’s bad enough Khali is wrestling but for the WWE Championship? At SUMMERSLAM!?

You can tell the company wasn’t big on this idea booking it third last and all. Yet it actually went after the other World Title match which is interesting.

A staredown here, Khali pushed Hunter and he fired back with right hands.
HHH kicked him int he gut and tried to hook the big arms but couldn`t. Hunter off the ropes ducking a clothesline hit a brick wall and then Khali hooked Hunter and slammed him down with a chokeslam. Khali posed and got some heat as Trips fell down on his back. The Great Khali with some power early and wanted Hunter to rise up.
“You Can`t Wrestle“ chanted as you might predict, or at least I did.

HHH got out of a Vice Grip and then kicked at the knees of The Great Khali and then a chop block.

Destroying the vertical base is the gameplan of Hunter since The Great Khali is a Giant. The Great Khali went for a breather and by the time HHH got to him Khali dropped a big hand on the top of Hunter. The Game thrown abdomen-sternum first into the security wall. Khali threw HHH back in the ring and then with HHH in the corner Khali lifted his big legs and kicked at Hunter. The Great Khali with a big elbow to the side of the head of HHH.

HHH collapses down to sell the offense of The Great Khali.

HHH gets hit with a big clothesline and then the chants come back against Khali. Khali got a two and then slapped on a claw to the Trapezius. Khali has big hands obviously so he could utilize this move better then most. The Crusher, Windham, The Bruiser, The Von Erichès, The Original Blackjacks did this. The Great Khali with a big body slam and a leg drop followed by a nearfall as HHH kicked out.

The Game down and out of it was on his back and The Great Khali got to his feet.

The Great Khali with a Claw yet again and here come those chants again directed towards Khali. The Punjabi Punisher had HHH but he elbowed out of the claw and fired back with right hands. HHH bringing the blows trying to build a comeback hit a facebuster, it could not take Khali off his feet but he was tied up in the ropes. Trips charged towards The Great Khali but he got his size 18 boot and hit Trips in the face and he fell down. The Great Khali out of that predicament but HHH kicked him in the mid-section, The Great Khali would not let him hit it as he backdropped him to the outside as he elevated Triple H outside the ring to the floor.

HHH on his knees on the outside and was brought back in or was about to be by the hair but HHH grabbed the long legs of Khali and slammed them against the steel ring post. HHH bought himself time and on the apron went for a drop to The Great Khali but he levelled down HHH and sent him back inside the ring. Striking blows by The Great Khali remaining vertical. The Great Khali grabbed HHH by the head and caught him with the Vice Grip. The Game was being punished and was brought down but he fought out of it with some body shots. However the Vice Grip remained locked in and the crowd chanted for Triple H. HHH with power battled out and got caught right back in the Vice Grip, HHH tried to go to Khali and his left knee.

HHH tried to hook The Great Khali and he hit the Pedigree and the place popped likely because they wanted this bout to end.

In the end HHH retained the WWE title at 9:18 after defeating The Great Khali with his Pedigree.

Not as terrible as I have heard, but it was a basic match.
If you sat in a room deciding on how to book this match, it would be exactly like this.

Predictable in a sense and not very easy on the eyes but HHH did what he could.

* 1/4



6) John Cena vs Batista

It is now time for Part 1 of the Double Main Event of Summerslam.

I had heard this match was something special.

In the past I was not very intrigued by the idea of these two facing each other but not that Batista has improved, I am. Not only has Batista improved but Cena may even have the ability to carry someone, but he didn’t need to here which is a reason why I was looking forward to this one.

The usual boos and cheers for Cena when he comes out in a jersey and a hat. They do manage to zoom in on a couple of attractive ladies eyeing Cena down, when they should be looking at me but I guess I am not the one inside a WWE ring, better get on that.
Dave Batista comes out to a stronger ovation I felt but it will be interesting to see who the crowd will go for in this one, or if it will just be split like Warrior and Hogan at Wrestlemania 6.

Batista and Cena both in opposite corners and Cole brings up the 05 Rumble ending which was a nice touch since it felt special even then three and a half years before.
The first meeting ever between the two.

Both men lock up and Batista had a side headlock on Cena and Cena pushes him to the ropes and Batista hit a shoulder block, Cena with a leapfrog and then a hiptoss which gets boos. Cena with strength scoop slams Batista and he takes a moment to breathe as John smiles.

Nice opening sequence there.

John Cena and Batista hesitant for a moment to lock up again but when they do Cena slaps on a side headlock and then hit a shoulder block, Cena leaps over Tista who kicked him in the gut and then a clothesline from the Animal after missing a Batista Bomb attempt. Tista with a huge suplex, showing pure power holding Cena in the air. Batista with a right hand and Cena irishwhipped Batista in the corner after a reversal. A fisherman suplex by John Cena and a nearfall.

Batista down and Cena grabbed him, irishwhipped him but Tista reversed the irishwhip and hit the sidewalk slam and got a two. Cena kicked out at two and a half according to Micheal Cole but who listens to him anyway I often wonder. Cena went for the FU but Batista countered and went to the leg of Cena and chopped it down. Cena down on one leg gets a shot by Batista. Batista drops Cena on his left knee taking him down showing a good gameplan. Cole talking about how Batista was using Flair and his moveset and then Batista locked on the figure four to a chorus of woos from Indiana.

Cena screams in pain as Batista has the Figure Four locked in, and this does double the damage because Cena had the hurt left leg to begin with.

I really liked the pace up to this point, a very solid beginning and now some fine leg work by Batista.

Cena reached the ropes which was unpopular to some fans.

Cena was able to get up and F-U Batista over the top to the outside. I would of not liked this but Cena remembered to sell the leg and fell after he hit the FU to Batista over the top rope.

That would of ruined it completely if he would of forgot.

Cena holding his left leg, and Batista bought him time to get in. Cena hit a shoulder block twice and then ducked a clothesline from Batista and hit a side slam. Batista down and Cena sold the leg as he was hurting. Cena looked around and signalled for the five knuckle shuffle as there was a mixed-reaction. Cena went to the ropes and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle which must be devistating. Cena picked up Tista but he had little strength in the leg to lift the Animal, Batista countered and sent Cena into the ropes and lifted a boot to the jaw of Cena after he hit him with an elbow there beforehand.

Both men had been through a lot as they had gone full steam. Both men up to answer the count and Tista drove Cena into the corner and speared him. Back and forth here as Cena elbows Tista, but it did not phase big Dave Batista as he hit a powerful spinebuster! Cena reversed a move and torked the knee of Batista and locked in a desperation STFU seemingly out of no where. Batista with no where to go in the middle of the ring in the STFU but the good news for Dave at this point was the fact he did not sustain a great deal of punishment till this time. Cena had this STFU locked in well as Tista crawled towards the ropes. John Cena slapped on the STFU again which wore down Batista a tad and they made it look like he legitimately could of won here but Batista got to the ropes.

Batista reversed the FU in awesome fashion and slapped on a rear neck choke, and Keota made sure it was not a full on choke. A body scissors and rear choke by Batista as Cena and his spine was in a world of trouble. A sleeper by Dave to Cena and this was the only time in the match the two had a moment to breathe which showed signs of great conditioning. Tista selling the left knee from the FU over the top ropes to the outside.
Batista hit a running spear but Cena kicked out!

John Cena down on the mat, and Batista had a hard time believing it. Batista limping as well, and he went to slam Cena but he fell to his feet and picked up Batista and hit the FU. Both men down, Cena could not capitalize right away due to the power it took to elevate a man of his size. This was beneficial to Batista because he was able to kick out. Batista down and Cena had a look of disbelief.

Cena and his bad knee from the earlier figure four came into play as Batista caught Cena on the top and both men landed right hands as the crowd in Indiana booed or cheered there favourite, a little louder for Batista as I imagined it would be. Cena with a combination and right hands to Batista knocking him off. Cena from the top rope went for the leg drop but he scouted it well and hit the Powerbomb but Cena kicked out and the place popped, Batista could not believe it.

Pretty awesome stuff here.

Batista has no idea what to do now and holds his head.

This is a great climax.

A vicious kick to the face of Cena and a Batista Bomb! This will do it.

Big Dave got the win over Cena at 14:10 in the end when he finally finished him off.


This match was pretty brilliant.

Both men had there left leg worked on, both men sold it. The FU to the outside by Cena, the figure four by Batista, the counter into the powerbomb in mid-air by Batista was the highlight. All the nearfalls and the pacing was unreal for the time it got.

Excellent match.


*** 1/2



7) Main Event- The Undertaker vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match


In a Summer that saw one of the biggest movie’s of all time, “The Dark Knight” showcase The Joker and Batman, The WWE showcases Edge and The Undertaker inside a Hell in a Cell. (Hey, it kind of looks like Joker vs Batman)


The Undertaker and Edge are about to get it on in the playground The Deadman calls home.

Most opponents of Taker are scared to death of him in this environment but Edge looks as if he is looking forward to it. It looks like Edge has the EDGE if you catch the drift. Edge with a bright look on his face knows this is the ultimate way to end this rivalry with The Deadman.

Edge had something up his sleeve as he stared at the cell during his entrance as you just knew he would not look this way if not. He slid in the ring and smiled some more before posing inside the ring on the top turnbuckle.

Edge is a big match specilaist but then again so was the Phenom.

The Undertaker’s entrance is always a sight to see.

Taker had an interesting look to him as well.

Some of my favourite Cell matches include The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar and his clash at No Mercy 2002 remains the best from my perspective with the original close behind.

This was the 16th Hell in a Cell in history and Taker is making his 9th appearance, Edge making his first.

Taker looked in his element as his pyro went off and the two men had entirely different facial expression but the time to stare as nearly over and the time to go to HELL was upon us.

Edge wanted to play mindgames to out think The Deadman here.

That was the story of this Cell match.

The fans applaud before the bout even begins!
Taker stalking Edge in the corner of the ring but Edge fired away with some shots on Taker but he grabbed Edge, then Edge threw The Undertaker back in the corner and Taker hit a big boot to the face. A nice one as well. Taker with headbutts to Edge and then he threw Edge over the top rope to the outside on the floor in the Structure of Satan according to Ross.

Taker with Cell knowledge and experience scooped up Edge in a bearhug stance and drove him back first into the Steel, the side of the Cell. Big time physicality from The Deadman who then hit Edge with a series of headbutts. Taker in complete control smashed Edge and his face into the side of the cell and grated his face on the cage area. Both men locked inside the structure. Taker then irishwhipped Edge intot he steel steps.
Some rough moves by The Undertaker early.

Undertaker looked down at Edge who seemed to have been through a war ALREADY and this one was yet to even reach the five minute mark. Taker had Edge layed down on the canvas with his head hanging over and he dropped the big leg over Edge and his throat area. Taker then had Edge in the ring where he wanted him as it was a complete squash to this point but entertaining. The Undertaker grabbed Steel Steps and put them inside the ring. Taker planted Steps in the corner of the ring and then Taker slammed Edge to the corner head first then scooped up Edge and planted him head first into the Steps but Edge caught himself and elbowed The Undertaker. Edge then drove Taker into the steps. Edge with a phenominal counter I guess, it did look like he was hurt. A nice dropkick by Edge followed by a spear from Edge into the ring steps to Taker.

Edge under the ring grabbed a table. Edge was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs expert of course. Edge grabbed the steps though and made sure The Undertaker stayed down as he smacked The Deadman with the Steps. Edge grabbed yet another table and put it on the side. Edge with high impact and ran at The Undertaker with a clothesline, Tazz is impressed with Edge and his confidence he is showing. Edge sets up a table near the ring and stacks the two on one another. Edge then sets up Taker for a suplex but Taker grabbed Edge by the throat to perhaps Chokeslam him through them but Edge hit a neckbreaker hitting the Deadman throat first on the top rope, and saving himself in the process. Edge grabbed a chair under the ring and hit The Undertaker in the head with it. TLC in full effect here at TLC.

Edge was not done looking for toys and got yet another table as the crowd were in suspense and all this time Edge has been wasting has boughten The Undertaker time to rest. The Undertaker to his feet does sustain a hard, vile steel chair shot by Edge to the spine of The Undertaker for a second time. Edge set up a table inside the ring this time. They mention The Undertaker and his pain threshold and how he can sustain a ton because he is the Deadman. Edge then grabbed a ladder (another one) and the crowd pops. Taker throws a shot at Edge inside the ring but Edge levels The Undertaker down with another hard steel chair shot. Edge then doing a lot of Housekeeping setting up weapons everywhere for spot after spot seemingly. Edge then grabbed a chair and smacked the Deadman face first in the head as he was on his knees and now he was down. Edge layed back to breathe on the steps for a moment. Edge now with a grin on his face had Taker in a front facelock and put him on the table. Edge then grabbed a chair and had Taker on the table. Edge climbed the ladder with the Steel Chair in hand and drove the chair through Taker, through the table and the fans applaud the spot.

Edge connects with a big time move there as Taker tasted the wood, and the steel there according to Ross. He pretty much did. Edge then with a nearfall, the first one of the contest after all those vicious blows to The Undertaker he kicked out. Crowd chant for Taker as Edge brings in yet another fresh chair as Edge pulled out all the stops. Edge then went for his chair shot specialty in the sandwhich, this bought Taker time to sit up and he dropped Edge with one punch. A big sttiking blow which was realistic given how well The Undertaker can throw them. Taker drove his boot to Edge off the apron and Edge hit ribs first into the side of the cage as he went flying! Taker now with a chance to perhaps dominate and he runs the steel steps into the side of the shoulder of Edge. Edge may have been lucky to turn his head at the last moment as it could of hit his head and been a lot worse because of it. The Undertaker scooped up Edge on the outside and went to drive him into the Cell but Edge landed on his feet and thew The Undertaker into the steel ring post. Edge then ran from one side of the cell and jumped off the stairs and speared Taker through the Cage-Cell! The fans chant, Holy **** and that was indeed a great spot.
Taker and Edge exchange right hands after the spot as the Cell is busted open. Fans cheer as they are outside the Cell. The Undertaker grabbed Edge by the hair and slammed him head first into the announce table. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge hard into the security rail back first. The Undertaker took the monitor off and missed a shot at Edge, but Edge struck back with shots and The Undertaker did one as well, and Edge grabbed a monitor and cracked it on the head of the Deadman. Edge then with another shot to The Undertaker and his head. Edge grabbed Taker and landed a right hand. Taker on the announce table and Edge looked around. Edge then on one announce table charged to The Undertaker and speared him through another announce table.

Pretty amazing spot again.

Both men down.

Taker sat up first, Tazz calls this match phenominal and to this point it had been just that. The Undertaker caught a right hand from Edge and he gave one back as both men finally to there feet after a well deserved thirty to fourty five second breather. A slugfest outside the Cell by broken tables and cell walls. Taker landed a better one, again a better pure striker and Cole can tell you that but thankfully we have JR and Tazz.
Fans boo as Taker sends Edge back inside the Cell. Fans love Hell in the Cell yet they really want Hell outside the Cell.

Edge picks up a Ladder and smacks The Undertaker in the end with it head first. They show a shot of Vickie and company backstage watching the action. Edge then looked under the ring for more weapons and grabbed a camera. Edge with a Video Camera levelled The Undertaker hard. Those are big expensive cameras. Edge then covers The Undertaker and gets a two count and Edge is frustrated already.
The spear attempt by Edge failed and The Undertaker hit a chokeslam! The Undertaker got the cover right away but Edge somehow kicked out. Edge caught a lot of air there from the Demon of Death Valley and Edge was able somehow to kick out of it. The Undertaker set up for a Last Ride but Edge hit a resourceful low blow which is legal inside the Cell. Both men down.

Who would be the next person to gain momentum in this back and forth match. Edge set up a DDT and landed it on The Deadman but he again kicked out to no surprise, even though the two had been through a lot we knew it would not end THAT way. The Undertaker sat up and Edge grabbed a Ladder and then Taker throw a right hand, a body shot and now the Last Ride was set up as he glanced at the Table’s. Taker almost hit it but Edge landed on his feet. Edge hit a spear but The Undertaker kicked out!

A ton of nearfalls added some drama to the point that we know the Climax was now upon us, just how much longer would it be and what else would we see was left to be answered. Edge with more right hands on The Undertaker in the corner but he elevated him up and hit the Last Ride on the canvas and that still only gets him a two count.
The Journey continues!

The Undertaker picked up the steps and then dropped them. Taker grabbed a chair now and set it by the steps as we awaited what The Deadman had anticipated. Taker grabbed Edge on the Steel Steps on the platform and had him up but Edge landed behind him and dropped him down back first from behind. Taker’s spine met steel once again and his back and been roughed up quite a bit during this Cell match. What Taker had planned was a tombstone onto the chair from the Steps but Edge landed behind him and reversed it with a nice counter.

Edge then with a nearfall and it’s amazing that with the pace these two have gone at it, and how long it was the two had enough in the tank for more. Edge with a hard shot with a right hand to Taker. Edge then grabbed Taker by the arm and twisted it. Edge then signalled for Old School which is hllarious as the fans booed. School is out says Ross which was equally funny and The Undertaker dropped Edge groin first on the top turnbuckle and landed a shot. Taker then swung Edge from the top turnbuckle with a chokeslam through the two table’s!

Nice spot again.
Undertaker measured Edge and took a page out of his book as he used Edge’s spear on Edge now! Nice. He must not of liked the Old School attempt earlier by Edge, first the table’s then the spear and now the Camera! Edge must be done.
Taker has nearly killed him.
Edge has his head on a chair, and now Taker needed vengeance as he smacked Edge’s skull with a chair! Edge’s back was busted open, and this was the first time in his two decade career he had done that to pay back Edge. Taker set up the Tombstone and got it.


In the end The Undertaker finished Edge off at 26:41 when he put him away with the Tombstone.

Taker walked to the back and then looked at Edge. Taker set up a Ladder in the middle of the ring.

Edge was sent to Hell after the match off a Ladder! From one Ladder to another, through the ring. Nice camera work and a unique ending which sent the fans home happy in Indiana!

Taker posed in all his Hell in the Cell glory.

Amazing match.

I felt as if this match lived up to the hype that I was expecting. I’d rank it only behind the original, Brock-Taker, Foley-HHH and Tista-HHH as the fifth best Cell to this point.
I loved the booking of this one and the fact both men went full throttle for the entire duration and this was a LONG match. A brilliant Hell in a Cell very physical.

A Classic Cell Match.

Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2008 = 7/10
This show was pretty solid. It was ultimately saved by the Main Events because there was the bad HHH-Khali match, and two pretty good matches other then the great Main Events. I’d say this show was the best Summerslam they’d done in three years so I’d buy it for that reason alone. I enjoyed this show.


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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The WWE championship and world heavyweight championship matches were of a high quality.

    The hell in a cell match was a 5* classic in my opinion.

  2. Jesse Lanning says:

    I was at this event as I live in Indy and it was just as good live as on video. That cell match was spectacular. Nobody does PPV better.

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