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October 11, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWE “Summerslam 2009” Review:


“Tonight I’m going to re-write the ending of the Jeff Hardy story…” -CM Punk



WWE Summerslam 2009 took place on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California in front of 17,429 fans.

-This was the 22nd Annual Summerslam event.

-This Summerslam’s Theme Song was “You Gotta Move” by Aerosmith.

-A 15 Diva battle royal from all three brands had a match as an extra on the dvd. Chavo was the official.

-Not long after this event Jeff Hardy would leave the WWE and then be put under arrest for Drug Trafficking.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, along with Jim Ross and Todd Grisham did broadcasting for the event.

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


DX thinks its last decade and opens the show with a backstage segment.

Dolph Ziggler makes his Summserslam debut. I’m high on this kid and it just adds prestige back to the IC title when you have two great guys like this opening a show.
He is a poor man`s Curt Hennig and I mean that in no was as an insult to Dolph, its just Hennig is one of a kind and was better in every way. Just being compared to Curt and his memory is a compliment.

Rey comes out and now Summerslam 2009 is underway for the IC title.

Grisham asks if anyone is more loved then Rey, I could think of a few probably.
Dolph Ziggler`s second oppurtunity against Rey as he barely prevailed the original time.
Dolph Ziggler`s hair taunt ranks up there as one of the best I`ve seen. Displays his personality “perfectly.“

Ziggler starts out with shots to Rey in the corner until Rey hits him back.

Small `Lets go Ziggler` chants break out.

Ziggler kicks at Rey in the corner. Ziggler gets reverse irishwhipped to the corner then Mysterio does a springboard moonsault on Dolph.

Ziggler fought back and catches a kick to the head by Rey. Ziggler on the floor and Rey flies off the apron to hit a hurricanrana on Dolph on the floor.

Mysterio bringing it out for an event like Summerslam. Ziggler on the top battled Rey and up high Rey headbutts him down. Rey fle off the top but Ziggler countered powerbombing him to the side corner scoring him a nearfall.

Ziggler drives Rey to the mat and scores another nearfall.

Rey Mysterio was down and Ziggler began to wear him down. Ziggler grounded Rey which was logical as he uses his legs better. Ziggler with momentum hits a piledrvier after a neck vice and got a two after a side slam.

Dolph Ziggler threw his sweat and he landed a hard elbow.
Ziggler went right back to the neck of Rey on the mat. A big reverse chinlock to Rey.
Mysterio fights back and threw Ziggler to the corner and out of it hit a great thunderous clothesline but just a two.

Ziggler with Rey held above his shoulders hit a gutbuster to Rey`s abdomen weaking Rey`s core strength.

Ziggler slapped on a headlock.
Rey gets out and hits a side kick. Off the ropes Rey springboards but a counter by Ziggler sees him throw a dropkick catching Rey in the air.

Ziggler slams him to the mat. Dolph in control. Dolph`s gameplan worked until Rey flipped around him catching him with a roll-up but Ziggler countered holding his ankles and he got a two.

Dolph with a powerful move on Rey and still a two count. Mysterio thrown to the corner but Rey is flipped onto his feet and hits a high kick to Ziggler. Rey goes for a 619 but Ziggler had it scouted and flew to the floor. Dolph pulled Rey`s legs sweeping him away.
Ziggler with a legdrop looking like the Fameasser and still Mysterio kicks out.

In the corner Rey catches Ziggler with a impact move but Rey counters rolling up Ziggler and again tried to use his weight to his advantage.
Ziggler went for a power move but Rey hits a ddt scoring him a nearfall.
Rey and Dolph get up. Rey dropkicks him to the ropes and Mysterio hits the 619 this time. Mysterio misses a west coast pop and Ziggler rolled up Rey but still he kicked out!

Awesome climax.

Ziggler lossed his cool and a slugfest broke out as did the “Lets go Ziggler“ chants. Rey with a European uppercut until recieving a kick taking him to the apron.
Fatigue set in. Dolph off the top grabbed Rey up hifh and off the second rope he countered it into a hurricanrana off the tope for the win.
In the end at 12:26 Mysterio retained the IC title.

This opener was very good.

Ziggler knew it was his biggest oppurtunity and he made the most of it.

Like the great Bruno Sammartino once told Bret Hart…“Talent can never be ignored. Soon enough it will shine through.“



*** 1/4



2) Montel Vontavious Porter vs Jack Swagger

Two great athletes in this one, should be another good tilt.

Swagger was his cocky self but so was MVP, only that is actually popular with the WWE faithful.

Montel Vontavious Porter was swung up but MVP countered with a flip from behind and a clothesline. MVP drops Swagger with a side slam.

MVP wanted an offensive move but Swagger fell to the floor. MVP launched himself to the floor taking out Jack. MVP in the corner had a legsweep from Swagger. Swagger scooped up MVP and dropped him on his head. He posed.

Swagger threw Porter to the ropes and swung at the back of MVP hitting him with kidney shots. Swagger choked out MVP and elbowed him off the ropes. Swagger with a chain, go-behind into an abodminal stretch. The fans appreciate the move.
Swagger kept it torked in and with MVP in the hold he battled out by trying to reverse it into a hiplock, levelling MVP with heavy impact was a clothesline by Swagger. Swagger with a chinlock on MVP wearing him down.

MVP rises up and drops Swagger on his back. Both men down. MVP covered for no reason other then to cover, Swagger kicked out at two. MVP gets to his feet and slugs away at Swagger. MVP builds up some momentum with rights and then an uppercut before a facebuster.

MVP calls for the crowd and off the ropes goes ballin with an elbow. Swagger powers out. MVP goes for the playmaker, Swagger counters sending him to the buckle rolling up and he kicks out. Swagger drove MVP`s head to the corner and suddenly Swagger had a smile. Swagger dropped down by MVP and he kicks him in the head before knocking him down with a playmaker.

In the end at 6:22 MVP picked up the win.

This match could of been better with use of its time given the two’s skill.

Decent short one here.

** 1/4



3) Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG) for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho is by far the best thing going in Wrestling with his promo’s and whatever else he’s involved with I feel.

Here he is teaming with The Big Show as the reigning Unified Champions taking on the two thugs of Smackdown!, JTG and Shad.

Should be decent.

Jericho got on the mic which was just great. He called them hypocrites and parasites, didn’t see it coming but I love it.

Big Show once Cryme Tyme showed up.

Jericho begins with JTG and off the rope hit a shoulder block until Jericho suplexed him.

Jericho headbutting JTG and Chris off the ropes went for a victory roll. Jericho goes to set up the walls.

JTG would not allow it and Big Show came in to drop his hands on JTG.

Big Show with a headlock in the middle of the ring held it in.

Show hndled Shad until he handled Jericho. Show hits a running shoulder block on Shad.

Show chokes him out with his boot. Show isolated Shad but Jericho’s arrogance gave them an oppurtunity to fight bac.

Show applies the world’s largest full nelson to Shad. Jericho missed with an elbow shot. Jericho with a sleeper.

Jericho hit with a powerslam by JTG. Gaspard tried to tag in and got the hot tag. JTG hits a flying shoulder block and out of the ropes drove Jericho’s head to the mat. JTG hit Show on the neck. A clothesline by JTG to Jericho until Show broke it up.

Gaspard took Show out of the ring. JTG rolled the shoulders of Jericho but he got out of it and slapped on the walls of Jericho to JTG.

JTG had the fans behind him and got to the ropes.

Show hit a massive right to JTG at the side of the ropes and Jericho got the win as the official was distracted.

In the end at 9:42 Jericho and Show retained the titles by double team offense behind the official.

Another decent match.


** 1/4



4) Kane vs The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh)

Poor Kane.

That is all. Thankfully things turned around for him in 2010.

Here we go.
It’s too bad because the show had been solid till here.

The Great Khali dropped Kane on the mat. Missed with a headlock. Kane hit a dropkick and Khali kicks out dropping an elbow on Khali. Kane Off the ropes and drops another elbow.

Kane goes for a chokeslam but Khali countered with his power going to slam Kane don but drops him with a clothesline then an elbow drop.

Kane layed back on the canvas grounded the monster with a headlock.

Khali drops shots on Kane and covers him. Khali drives Kane into the buckle but he fought back landing a flying clothesline.

Kane slaps on a sleeper because the match really needed that.

Khali goes to hit Kane but he hits a drop toehold and a three.

In the end at 5:56 Kane actually picks up the win on Khali.

This match was worthless at Wrestlemania 23, and more-so here, although better but that’s not saying much.




5) D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)

On paper I’m immediately reminded and haunted by seeing two 40 year olds trying to re-live their youth and squashing younger talent the same way they did a couple of years back at this very event.
However it looks

as if they are taking Legacy seriously here as a legit team (despite recent promo’s perhaps claiming otherwise) which is the only way this feud or even match for that matter works.
Otherwise it would be a complete waste.
In saying that, this should be rather good at the very least with two veterans and two solid up and coming superstars in Rhodes and the Star of the Marine 2, Ted DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase and Shawn start in the ring.

Michaels chops but DiBiase took advantage with a giant elbow shot. Rhodes tagged in and they began to isolate Michaels. Rhodes assaulting Michaels now and stomped away.
Rhodes slams him to the mat and drops a knee. Rhodes tagged in DiBiase who held a sleeper on until Shawn chopped back.

The game taged in and despite Ted giving his best effort he was launched. HHH launched back and Leacy double-teamed Hunter with stomps.

DiBiase and Rhodes isolated and cornered Hunter.
A headlock by DiBiase to Triple H. HHH can’t make the hot tag and Rhodes comes in planting Hunter with a ddt. A front facelock from Rhodes.

An armbar applied but HHH fought out. Rhodes threw DiBiase ot of the ring and back in both men needed a tag.

The crowd exploded when Michaels came in and dropped Rhodes. Shawn with an inverted atomic drop before chops. Shawn hits a flying forearm.
Before Cole’s vintage call he clotheslined Shawn on Michaels “Vintage” kick up. HHH dragged DiBiase out and beat him into the crowd. Rhodes of the top missed an elbow.
Shawn’s being given credit for the flying elbow? Check with Randy Savage on that one thanks.

Michaels off the top goes for an elbow but Cody beats DX with the punch.
Rhodes goes for a Superplex off the top and pushes back Rhodes. Michaels off the top drops the elbow. Shawn drops onto Cody’s knees but gets a two.

Cody hits a swinging neckbreaker on Shawn but Hunter made the save. Triple H hits the Pedigree and from behind Dibiase drops Michaelsin unique fashion.
Carnage outside the ring.

Both men layed out, Rhodes and Shawn.

Rhodes and Michaels get up and he lands the superkick getting him the three.

In the end at 19:59 DX got the win.

This had your basic story. Not buying into it being anything better then pretty good for these veterans and youngsters.

** 3/4




6) Christian (c) vs William Regal (with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson) for the ECW Championship
I’m not sure why they did what they did here given the talent. But then again there’s been tons of decisions I’ve never understood.

This match had LOADS of potential and could of added more greatness to a pretty good show.

It’s just unfortunate.

Christian got the win at 0:08 retaining the ECW title over Regal after he turned over Regal hitting a kill switch.




7) Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship
In the Main Event of Summerslam 2007 these two went at in the best match the two had ever had together at that point in time so this was promising. I gave that paticular attraction four stars even.
I’m intrigued to see what the two were capable of here this time with Orton as Champion.

Crowd should be split like they always seem to be when these two meet.

Randy Orton took ten years coming the ring and when he did he sent Cena to the buckle hard twice.
This new slow and methodical VIPER disection of Cena by Orton was his new thing.
Cena getting dominated is becoming too predictable. Orton continued his punishment with a stomp.

Orton worked on Cena’s legs.

Not sure why Cole calls it vintage Orton since all he did was drop a leg. Cena attempted a comeback but Orton gets a good ovation after an inverted backbreaker.

“Lets go Orton” and “Lets go Cena” chants break out.

Orton with a headlock on Cena. Orton for what seemed like years.

Cena fought back until his leg gave out. Orton countered the attitude adjustment just fine.
Orton goes for the punt Cena counters into a slam, Orton kicks out.
Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle and Orton goes into it again but he hung onto the ropes dropped and the two fell after a double clothesline.

Orton catchess rights from Cena then a backdrop. Orton pushed the official and tried DQing himself, I can’t believe that kind of ending was POPPED by the crowd but it shows how much they hated Cena.

Orton retains the title.

Garcia announced Orton as the winner but McMahon orders it to re-start.
Now if Orton gets DQ’d again according to Vince he will lose the title.

Orton comes back and continues his beatdown on Cena throwing him shoulder first to the steps.

Orton rolls Cena back in the ring. Orton hooks the leg then decides to win by counting himself out.

Orton was ordered to return and this time Cena fought back.

Orton countered an attitude adjustment with his legs on the ropes and a pop is heard as

Orton defeats Cena.

In the end at 20:44 Randy Orton put away the challenger and retained his WWE title from cheating continuing this feud.

I’m happy with the finish because title switches happen beyond frequently these days. (Even if Cena would later take the strap off Orton not long after this anyhow)

This match was done very well in parts. About as good as the match at No way out a year back.

Cena locks on an STF on Orton after the match.

** 3/4


8 ) Main Event- Jeff Hardy (c) vs CM Punk in a TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Perhaps the LAST Summerslam for one Jeff Hardy. But talk about going out in style.

This was a great feud at the time on the Smackdown! brand carried by Punk’s promo’s in paticular.

Jeff Hardy had his fans as he no doubt excelled in this type of environment.

Punk ties up with Jeff.

Punk dishes in shots then high knee shots to the head.

Punk threw Jeff outside the ring. Punk grabbed a chair drilling it into Jeff Hardy.

Punk set up a Ladder.

Jeff stops him. Jeff goes for a twist of fate and comes back with fury. Jeff with a dropkick into Punk in the corner. Jeff threw Punk to the floor.

Jeff Hardy out of desperation drops him with a clothesline. Hardy with dropkick grounding Punk. Jeff sets up the Ladder and begins to climb until Punk kicks the ladder forcing him to fall.

Punk attempts a go to sleep and Jeff was pushed into the Ladder. Fans chanted for tables.
Hardy hits his leg kick but Punk drives Hardy by the kidneys into a chair.

Punk throws Hardy to the floor and aimed for the face of Jeff with a chair shot. Punk jumps off the steps into a steel chairshot.

Jeff sets him up on the table and he falls through it.

Punk set up a Ladder but Hardy caught him on his shoulders dropping him to the mat off the Ladder.
Jeff climbs up but Punk shoots him off to the turnbuckle.

CM Punk off the top hit superplex onto a Ladder.

Jeff comes back with a twist of fate and a Swanton but Punk fights back and is ultimately driven through table on the floor.

Punk springboards in stopping Jeff on the ladder

Punk then on the outside tries throwing Jeff into the corner of the ring.

Jeff levelled him with a chairshot on the outside and set up Punk on the table.
Jeff with another chairshot.

Jeff sets up a Ladder. Hardy off a giant ladder now and here comes the big spot.

Jeff hits an amazing Swanton off the top of a Ladder through Punk, through the table.

Still after hesitation Punk and Hardy fought back at the top of the Ladder.

Punk knocks Jeff off and grabs the belt.

In the end at 19:40 CM Punk grabbed the World Title!

This match should of been a lot better but some of the spots delivered pushing it to the point of great.



Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2009 = 7/10


This show was pretty good as far as Summerslam’s go. Nothing over the top but worthy of owning if you collect!

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    I attended all 4 SummerSlams at the staples center and this was the best with 2011 bein 2nd best then 2012 then 2010

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