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January 17, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “SummerSlam 2010” Review


We need you Miz. This is Hollywood, you joining us will be bigger then Avatar!Chris Jericho



-WWE “Summer Slam” took place on Sunday, August The 15th, 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for the second consecutive year, this time in front of 14,178 fans.
-This was the 23rd Annual Summerslam event.

-This event received 350,000 buys, slightly down on the 369,000 buys that SummerSlam (2009) received.


-In a dark match before the event Evan Bourne defeated Zack Ryder.

-7-11 and Slim Jim (OOOOO YEA) brought you the event.

-Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Matt Striker did commentary.



-Now onto the PPV……………





1) Opening Contest- Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) (c) vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



Dolph Ziggler for the second straight Summerslam opens up by coming out for an IC title match in LA. He battled Mysterio in an excellent opener the year before and now it was time to take on Kofi.

The match starts off with Dolph Ziggler attacking Kofi and he kept him grounded with a chinlock.

I absolutely love the line, whens the last time you had a girlfriend. High School, I love the WWE by Matt Striker. Awesome.

Dolph Ziggler dominating the match with a flying elbow drop.

Dolph Ziggler now with another reverse chinlock to weardown Kofi.

Kofi all of the sudden gets back in the match and drops the leg on Dolph Ziggler and then he waits for Ziggler to turn around, a crossbody reversal by Ziggler and now Kofi rolls up Dolph Ziggler and he got a two.

A spining heel kick by Dolph Ziggler to Kofi and he gets out. Vicki cheers on at the side.

Kofi from the top with a big chop to Dolph Ziggler and now he warmed up in the corner. Dolph Ziggler gets his signature sleeper circa Roddy Piper and now Nexus interupts the match and the match is a no contest.
In the end at 7:05 it ruled as such.

This match was decent until they took over.

Obiously the WWE did not want to make either man look worse and now the group gains more heel heat.

Solid booking. Not as good as last years opener at all but still watchable.

** 1/4



2) Melina vs Alicia Fox (c) for the WWE Divas Championship

The match starts off with Alicia Fox grounding the challenger.

She takes her to the mat.

Now its time for the crowd to go dead as they clearly have never cared for this division until a wardrobe malfunction takes place or the match involves Stacy or Trish.

Sorry but it has always been that way. Not that ladies cant work, they by all means can. But the WWE fans just will not dig it uinless you go that extra mile.

Melina now with the upperhand. A slugest and Melina now is sent to the corner, a nice leapfrog but she goes down on her left knee. Striker points this out.

Alicia Fox realized this and no we got some story-telling.

Before Alicia Fox can go after it Melina with some defense turned offense, elbows. Alicia Fox took Melina down to one leg.

Melina screams and goes after Alicia Fox in the corner and drives her face into the canvas and gets it.

In the end Melina became the new Divas Champion at 5:20.

This match had a decent pace. She begins to cry pretty much when winning the title.

LayCool come out and make fun of her. Maybe Melina does not have twitter. Golden line again by Striker when Melina refuses the pictures.



* 1/4



3) The Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society (CM Punk, Joseph Mercury, and Luke Gallows) (with Serena) in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match

The match starts off with CM Punk

The Big Show clears house early tossing Mercury on Gallows over the top rope.

Funny spot as we hear CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK chants. Nobody seems to hate him. Maybe not until he did that Steve Austin tease which was a great way to gain heel heat by teasing the live fans in Boston the presence of the biggest name in the history of the business, or draw anyway.

You gotta love CM Punk.

Punk nowe has Show and drives his knee into his head.

Some nice tandem, double-team offense by Punk and Mercury to Show applying a running bulldog off the top rope. Punk assaults the Giant.

The Big Show makes it to his feet and Punk is lifted up.

Mercury caught off the top but Gallows with a kick to the jaw. Punk goes to the outside.

They keep calling Big Show the Giant, I love it.

Show scooped up Gallowed and chokeslammed him on mercury,.
In the end The Big Show puts out the Straight Edge Society at 6:45.

This match was very decent.

** 1/4






4) Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. -If anyone had interfered in the match, they would have been suspended indefinitely. If Randy Orton lost, he could not get a rematch.



Here we get a title match with obvious stipulations here.


The match starts off with Randy Orton the challenger having the fans behind him

An amazingly attractive blonde cheers Orton from front row. I wonder if its his girlfriend.

Either way, wow.

Orton ties up with Sheamus here and he chokes him out to the corner and then does a Warrior taunt. Orton starts to hit back and then gets on the offense.

Some minor kicks and then he takes him to the outside.

Attitude era brawling here and then once Orton gets him back in the ring the methodical beat-down of Sheamus continues with stomps.

He backs up against the ropes driving Sheamus into the ropes chest first.

Outside the ring somehow Sheamus irishwhipped Orton into the steel steps. A knee drop and Orton kicks out.

Fans chant for Randy.

A chinlock by Sheamus.

A knee to the gut by Sheamus and now he sets him up outside the ring driving him spine first against the barricade. Once more.

Weardown holds by Sheamus and then he is tossed into the corner shoulder first. The Viper sets Sheamus up for a possible superplex and he hits it. Can Orton capitalize and get the three, he wont as Sheamus kicks out.

Orton stalks Sheamus and the fans chant for the RKO. Orton kicked Sheamus and now Sheamus caught Orton in mid-air with a vicious backbreaker as Cole calls it but Orton kicked out.

Orton is all riled up and he hits the RKO but it looks as if Sheamus countered in mid-air.

Good climax here, but it has not been the best match, it has had a boring pace to be honest until now.

Sheamus drove Orton into the mat and got a two. Sheamus gets a steel chair and the official DQs him.
In the end at 18:55 Orton beat Sheamus by DQ therefore did not re-gain the championship.

This match was fairly dissapointing given the time these men got but it did have its moments.



5) Kane (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship

The match starts off with Kane taking it to Rey and the crowd is dead quiet right now until Rey gets on the offense.

Rey Mysterio goes for the 619 but he lands on his feet. Rey Mysterio faked Kane out and awaited him in the ring and Kane comes close to the ring and Mysterio launched himself off the apron and dropped Kane.

Kane drives Rey into the corner.

Not once but twice.

Striker says Kane is a lot like Hollywood Villains that we love like Jason Vorhees. I found that funny.

Kane drives Rey by the spine into the corner twice.

Kane drops Rey on the abdomen over the top rope. Kane with a bearhug on Rey.

Mysterio battled out with a hurricanrana and then Rey with a drop-toe hold to Kane into the barricade on the outside of the ring. Mysterio used his head with a headbutt to Kane.

Rey Mysterio using his lucha libre to come back.

Kane turns Rey over with a sidewalk slam going to the injured back. Kane wearing down Rey Mysterio but is unable to get the three.

Kane with a back-breaker. Kane chokes out Mysterio. Kane goes to the bad back but Rey Mysterio hits a big time ddt to Kane.

Kane tries to put Rey Mysterio in the Casket and now Rey launches off the ropes with a clothesline. He goes for the 619 and Kane goes for a chokeslam but Reu hits a 619 and this time connect. Rey then tried to win a third world title.

Kane with a high boot to Rey to slow the pace down.

Kane picks up Rey and hits a chokeslam and wins.
In the end Kane retains the title at 13:31.

This match was very solid. Not up with there material a couple years back but still solid none the less.

Kane goes to put Rey in the Casket but Undertaker is in the Coffin. Taker looks at Kane and comes alive. Undertaker is back to life for the 80th time! Gotta love it.

Note to WWE: Whenever we see Kane or Undertaker with a Casket we know the other is going to jump out.

** 1/2





6) Main Event- Team WWE (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, John Morrison and R-Truth) vs The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver and Darren Young) in a Seven-on-seven elimination tag team match



The match starts off with The Nexus ready.

Cena out first, then Edge, then R-Truth followed by Jericho to a big pop.

Wade Barrett is trash-talking Jericho as he comes down to the ring.

Out now is Morrison to a surprisingly big pop.

Bret comes out to the pop of the night. Awesome to see. Miz now comes out. Cena gets on the mic and says Miz is no longer apart of the team.

Cena says Daniel Bryan is the 7th man.

All hell breaks loose but the real story for me is Bret, that gave me goosebumps seeing him back.

Welcome Bret the Hitman Hart back to Summerslam.

His first Summerslam since winning his final WWF title thirteen years back against The Undertaker in 1997. He was always stealing this show was the Hitman, probably the best ever performer at the event.

Not officially underway.

Michael Cole says it is tough to trust Daniel Bryan. I like the new direction Cole and his character has taken.

Nexus is wondering what he is doing back.

So 7 on 7, single elimination, Survivor Series rules but with more members and it is the main event of Summerslam!

Daniel Bryan starts out with Darren Young who has an Orlando Jordan like hair. Fans chant lets go Bryan.

Bryan with stiff kicks.

Daniel Bryan off the buckle then with a front facelock.

At 0:42 Daniel Bryan elminated Nexus Member Darren Young with a LeBell Lock which is a formation of a crossface. Nexus taps out, 7-6 WWE.

Justin Gabriel and now Daniel Bryan tags in Chris Jericho. Jericho with an elbow shot to Gabriel amd now a tag to R-Truth. It is funny when you are not as over you just dont seem to get the pop they would normally get. R-Truth with a high heel kick to Gabriel. R-Truth with a Stunner of sorts and a nearfall.

R-Truth wanting to know what is up apparently got a kick to the gut from Gabriel and then a high kick he recieves.

Now Michael Tarver comes in and slugs away at R-Truth in the ring. Tarver has a mean streak and a vicious whip to the corner is met with a high kick.

Morrison with high kicks to Tarver. A high spinning kick to Tarver.

Broadcasters can not get over Daniel Bryan being on the team.

Morrison eliminated Michael Tarver at 3:42 after the Starship Pain.

Fans pop, WWE up 7-5.

Now we have the Nexus re-grouping on the outside, Wade Barrett pushing members of the team to get back ont he same page.Skip Sheffield comes into the match breaking down Morrison and the re-grouping from team Nexus seems to have worked out.

Fans chanting we want Bret.

Sheffield working over Morrison but he begins to fight back. Morrison caught a kick and then a clothesline, the kick was by a Nexus member on the apron.

Morrison is out.

At 7:32 of the match Skip Sheffield eliminated Morrison of the WWE with his Running lariat, then he would do the same to one R-Truth who came in just after ast 7:59 of the match.

Now the tide has turned in a HUGE WAY.

5-5, we are all tied up.

Jericho immediately comes in and chops Sheffield but out of the corner Skip lifts him up and drops Jericho down to the mat hard.

Wade Barrett tags in for the first time, the leader of the pack who won NXT season one kicks at Jericho. Now Otunga comes in and frequent tags isolating Jericho in their own corner for Nexus.

Michael Cole just said what I did after I wrote it, I guess I just know my wrestling. Barrett spreads the arms of Jericho driving his knee into the back of Jericho stretching the arms to the side. Y2J was Barretts teacher in Season one. Jericho with a missile dropkick off the top rope.

Fans still wanted Bret. Cena wanted in as well.

Bret wanted badly in the ring and he got the hot tag. Jericho tags Bret in.


The Hitman who is Mr. Summerslam (No one has a resume like he does and if so it would be Michaels) is DQd at the 12:08 mark for hitting Skip Sheffield who was on a roll with a steel chair. A fine showing by the legend.

Bret Hart comes in with amazing fast offense dropping those rights. The Hitman drops an elbow down. Bret with a scoop slam and then drops down with an elbow. The Hitman with an atomic drop. Bret then puts Slater int he Sharpshooter and in comes Sheffield. Bret drops him with a chair and Bret is DQd.


5 on 4 in favor of the Nexus and the crowd is mad but it is understandable. What a showing by Bret! Short and crisp and to the point. Amazing really, I love it.


Edge for the first time back when he was a nine time Champion (as of this writing 11) spears Sheffield.

Edge eliminated Skip Sheffield with a Spear after a codebreaker from Jericho at 13:13. Not lucky numbers for Skip.

4 on 4 now. Justin Gabriel runs into the boot of Edge. Edge unloading rights on Gabriel. Edge drove Gabriel into the mat as he charged towards him.

Gabriel with a high kick to Edge. Heath Slater now tagged in and he takes it to Edge with stomps. Slater choking out Edge on the middle of the ropes.

Barrett back in kicking at Edge. Cena wants his long time rival Edge to get out of the Nexus corner which is obviously logical. Wade Barrett with a back breaker to Edge and he kicks out. A headlock now to slow down the pace.

Edge plants a ddt on Otunga. Otunga a guy who left law school to be apart of the Nexus and now Jericho runs over Otunga with shoulder blocks.

Striker calls him the Winnipeg Jet, the no-longer hockey team in the NHL.

David Otunga is eliminated by Jericho at 19:14 by the Walls and the crowd love it!


Heath Slater eliminated Y2J with his Sweetness at 20:05. 3-3.

Edge and Cena argue.

Heath eliminated Edge moments after after he came in with a Schoolboy at 20:38. Team WWE in trouble.

Thje argument continues. Cena leaves. Edge is mad. 3 on 2 now. Cena and Daniel Bryan the only two left. Edge speared Cena to the outside. Jericho and Edge keep their heel roles by kicking Cena after the match.

So now it is up to Daniel Bryan to get it done basically as he has three opponents on team Nexus to go after. Bryan does some work until Cena is in vulnerable.

Cena comes back and picks up Gabriel until Cena tried to come back but because of the earlier punishment to Cena by Jericho and Edge after they were eliminated.

The usual CENA SUCKS after LETS GO CENA is chanted. Daniel Bryan waiting on the outside.

Wade Barrett blocked and tags in Gabriel who throws Cena to the corner of the turnbuckle. Cena and Gabriel with a double clothesline. Cena in LA here where he won his first WWE title over JBL at Wrestlemania 21, one of the worst title matches in Wrestlemania history by the way.

Like Cena or not, you would have a hard time arguing against that one.

Daniel Bryan fired up and fresh hits some nice offense to the Nexus.

High aerial offense in all ends and then a Schoolboy by Slater to Daniel Bryan but he locks in the Crossface!

Daniel Bryan eliminated the red hot Heath Slater at 29:02 wit a Lebell Lock! Fans go wild.

2-2 now.


Wade Barrett eliminated Daniel Bryan after a briefcase shot by the Miz at 29:32.

He got his revenge on Daniel Bryan for taking his spot.

2 on 1 now.

Cena against Gabriel and Barrett.

This should be extremely predictable if you know how the WWE booking system works. 2 on 1 where Super Cena is hurt and is going to make the ultimate comeback to the delight of the crowd, or half the crowd anyway.

Cena hit the shoulder blocks and he told Gabriel he could not see him with the five knuckle shuffle.

Wade Barrett tags in and now he hits Cena in the head and clobbered him ove4r and over. Both Nexus members stomping on Cena. Wade Barrett then locked in the STF.

At 34:50 John Cena pinned Justin Gabriel after a 450 splash. Crowd love it.

Now it is down to one on one.

In the end Cena made Wade Barrett tap out to the STF at 34:50 to get team WWE the win.

Cena is the last man standing, the face of the WWE.

This match is probably the second best match to Taker-Michaels in 2010.

Amazing end to the show, loved the booking of the match. Top notch,

A classic for today.








Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2010 = 6.5/10



A pretty fun show I must be honest, especially for just six matches. We got a good Miz promo half way through the show. Ending the event with an amazing match helps the show and its overall rating, but other then that it was kind of packed with average matches like Kane vs Rey and Orton vs Sheamus.

The main highlight of the night was Bret Hart. A decent Slam.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    In my personal opinion, the 2 best matches were Sheamus v Randy Orton and the team WWE v the Nexus match.

  2. Katrina says:

    I always spent my half an hour to read this web site’s articles or reviews every day along with a cup of coffee.

  3. m.woods says:

    I was at this event at it was so BORING the only match that was watchable was the main event
    other than that BORING

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