Review: WWE The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect (2 Disc) DVD

December 29, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect (2 Disc) Review:

“There`s only ONE Mr. Perfect…and YOU`RE LOOKIN AT HIM!”Curt Hennig

Extras on this DVD Include:

-Two matches one from the WWF in 1982 and one from 1985 in the AWA both of which I will review below.

-The 2007 Hall of Fame Induction

-`Rap is Crap` Music Video from the late 90`s WCW

-Billiards- October 1st, 1988
-Golf- The Perfect Putt October 1st, 1988
-Darts- October 8th, 1988
-Bowling- October 8th, 1988
-Chess- October 15th, 1988
-Basketball- October 15th, 1988
-Ping Pong- October 28th, 1989
-Diving- November 4th, 1989
-Golf – Perfect DRIVE November 4th, 1989
-Horseshoes- November 24th, 1989
-Baseball with Wade Boggs- December 26th, 1992
-Football- Perfect Passer with Steve Jordan February 13th, 1993
-Basketball with Felton Spencer -February 27th, 1993
-Hockey with Mike Modano- March 13th, 1993


-Curt Loved Karaoke told by Wade Boggs

-Life Style of Mr. Perfect told by fellow Minnesota native Brock Lesnar


Gone But Never Forgotten:

They start out this touching documentary with a “In Memory Of…“ flash just as they did with Road Warrior Hawk and Pillman and the likes, just as they should.

This Documentary was 90 minutes and I won`t speak on everything just what I feel is important for the most part to give you a good idea, or if you`ve already seen it, to give you my general thoughts on what I saw.
Curt trained and was always a great athlete at an early age.

He got his break when Vince Senior, Vince McMahon gave him a chance on the MSG card where he made his debut in September of 1981 (One year before the match on this DVD extra from MSG)

His father was Larry the AXE Hennig`s son of course so as a second generation he came up in the business wanting to be a wrestler. He told his wife that that`s what he wanted to commit himself to, and he met his wife in high school and were married ever since.

Curt was a family man and haf four kids all pretty close together and he is said to be dedicated to his family as we hear from his son Joe, and his Wife a lot during this documentary.

They were proud of Curt tremendously.

Curt went back to the AWA after the WWF but would return in the late 80`s.

Curt and Larry were a father and son tag team and not many people can do that but Larry helped Curt learn the craft and as Harley Race said he did it even better and it must have been a thrill for both of them to work together at the same time, Larry could still go and as said Curt was still learning the craft but he was impressive.
Curt wrestled Bockwinkel in the AWA in a number of classics and Bockwinkel who we hear from in the DVD passed the torch to him and he became the AWA Champion.
Those matches were near 5 star classics.

Jerry Lawler says his favourite match was against Curt Hennig in the AWA.

A lot of different wrestlers talk about how athletically gifted he was.

When he moved up and back to the WWF, they tried to figure out a name.

Arn Anderson says “When you call yourself Mr. Perfect that`s a hard act to follow…but the sum bitch was pretty near perfect!“ Haha, good old Double A.
He was shown with stories by Baseball player Boggs talking about how he was perfect at every sport due to how tremendous and impressive he was athletically, says the Brooklyn Brawler.
What he did best though was WRESTLING. He was a great human being, he was a favourite of HBK, Flair, Bret, HHH, he helped so many individuals and so many people admired him.

In this DVD we here from Jericho and Edge and how much of an honor it was for them to work with him.

In the late 80`s, early 90`s his persona had already been established says JR and with all the vignettes how he called himself Mr. Perfect he better live up to the billing and HE DID and more so. Perfect was just amazing and he did it all and the company was completely overwhelmed.

They show him hit a series of perfect moves, talk about his confidence, his ability to play a heel, show some promo`s and clips of matches and many different guys like Kevin Dunn, Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund among others talk about how he`s a natural in the ring. The Suplexes, the Dropkicks, everything you can name he did perfectly.

Harley Race said that when you get two great brains together with Bret and Hennig magic can happen. Well Bret is included on this DVD in almost half the matches, and Joey Styles said everything Hennig did was crisp and look no further then the Bret-Hennig series.

One of the bad parts about this DVD set is no Bret-Hennig from KOTR 93 as it is by far his best match but we get a ton of other great Bret-Hennig matches on Disc 2.
Gorilla Monsoon`s commentary says “It`s easy to have that confidence when you have that ability“ Awesome quote! Makes so much sense, and says so much with so little.
Dusty Rhodes compliments his ability and Dunn says he could make any character look 100 times better then anyone, and Arn Anderson said Curt could have a match with a stack of bricks or himself and it would be good, that`s how good he was. Everyone benfitted from being in the ring him said William Regal as he called it natural talent.
They show clips of Perfect`s first IC Title win in late 1990 over Tito Santana.

Joe his son talks about wearing that belt when he brought it home, and his dad Larry the Axe said it was a big thing for him and the family and how proud he was. King and Arn Anderson built him up to say that the performance and the standard during his reign was a notch ahead even the WWF CHAMPION.

Many people called him arguably the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All time

I for one think he is. Well Hennig or Savage, you wont go wrong with either selection over there.

Definitely legendary and added credibility to the title. He and the likes of Savage, Ramon, HBK, Jericho, Benoit, Rock, Bret, Jarrett, Owen, were the greatest IC Champions of all time.
I like the way the DVD stated that people knew in the late 1980`s and the early 1990`s and for a lot of the time the GREATEST DRAW in the company was not neccessarily the best WRESTLER in the company.

Usually the greatest DRAW (they shows Hogan and Warrior) was WWF Champion but the IC Champion was the work horse and great wrestler (they show Hennig, Surprisingly Savage, Steamboat, Bret, HBK)
Definitely agreed until the New Generation arrived and guys like Bret-Austin-Taker-HBK got the gold and then it was the main draw was most often the best worker, further into the attitude era with the likes of HHH-Austin-Foley-Rock-Taker who were all magnificent, but that is the same as Y2J, Benoit feuding for the IC Title as they were perhaps better in the ring in some areas.

So the IC Title was one that always had credibility (for the most part) and it definately helped when Mr. Perfect held it said JR. It was something that just fit.

Many call Perfect the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time because he was the best wrestler ever not to hold the WWE Title, and I`d agree with Chris Jericho. He was an AWA Champion, he was the total package in the ring, on the mic, he was PERFECT (pun intended) in every way to hold that strap but never got the chance.
I even heard he was rumored to win the Rumble in the early 90`s when him and Hogan were the final two but Hogan saw otherwise and played games to get the victory. A win like that for Curt could of sky rocketed his credibility but that`s done and in the past now.

Hennig wasn`t utilized as well as he could of been being stuck with Luger at Wrestlemania 9…why not a match again with The Hitman after there 5 star Classic at KOTR 93, is what I want to know.

Micheal Hayes says sometimes a title doesen`t make a wrestler, a wrestler makes the title. PERFECTLY (pun intended again) put by the former Freebird, or former Dok Hendrix. Perfect just made the IC Title look so good

They show clips of Bret Hart from his DVD talking about how great he was as an IC Champion.

Gerald Brisco said he reign was one of the greatest reigns of all time and anything anyone else could do, he could do it quicker and better.
Just goes to show how amazing he really was!

They go into great detail showing the Bret-Perfect series and that`s a great part of the documentary! Bret and Hennig were tremendous friends.

Henning also had great relationships with Flair and others.

They show how he was always a prankster, sort of like Owen Hart playing ribs on wrestlers, Arn and Race, and Boggs tell us a bunch of hilarious stories that you can see for yourself!

He always meant well and was such a kind hearted human who would do anything for a laugh, the room lit up whenever he walked into the door.
Wrestlers talk about respect and how he had everyone`s and how you`d have to always check your EGO at the door whenever he arrived and that`s just a wonderful thing to hear about him!

Always just wanted to have a good time and the all around package and the family man makes you respect a person like this so much, Vern Gagne`s son Greg tells a bunch of funny stories as well as Lawler.

Wade Boggs talked about and teared up how Perfect was his gaurdian angel for Saving his life after he busted his leg open and carried him and this story is also told at the HOF ceremony when he inducted Hennig.

A not so good thing was how they skipped Perfect`s IC title reign and talked the bad hand he got dealt with his back injury, and they kind of skipped to when he was just a commentator.

As a broadcaster he was witty, how he flipped the pencil, he knew the psychology he was just a great addition and Lawler says how much he enjoyed listening to Curt as a color commentator as did Vince.

It was a great way to utilize Curt and they show how he talked about how great he was in matches which was hilarious.

I also enjoyed during the documentary how they said he wasn`t always Perfect and they show a Bloopers Real, good stuff.

Flair said his personality was the best thing about him, before his commentary he was Flair`s executive consultant and I love the WM 8 stuff with Savage and them but of course they don`t show it, just like they neglected Savage on Flair`s 2nd DVD for god knows what reason.
I loved how they showed how he helped Helmsley when he was green in 96 when he turned on Mero in a forgotten storyline to help HHH and join a short lived Alliance, he suited a heel but could play both.

They talk about going to WCW and how he was named Curt Hennig and not Mr. Perfect, Bischoff said he wanted to utilize him and he could still have it in the ring and on the mic and he did! Maybe not his prime but still could go despite his bad back, and Bischoff said that he put him in bouts with guys who could work with him and also how Bischoff said he wasn`t trying to replicate what the WWF did despite what people think.

They show clips of Arn Anderson giving him HIS spot as the Enforcer in the Horsemen and he said it would be an honor. Great moment.

They showed a few clips from WCW but not really enough as expected but I`ve learned to accept that over time as they briefly show him join the New World Order.
He had such a great fanbase and he always stood out because he could do little things to draw attention and he had a legion of fans wherever he went.

Jericho said he was the greatest wrestler to never hold the world title.

I LOVE how they showed his comeback at Royal Rumble 2002 and how all the current superstars like Angle, Austin, Jericho, Edge, HHH and others wanted to work with him and they all did.

Perfect even made the final 3 in the Rumble in 02.

They don`t really touch on why he was released (Plane incident when drunk and fight in the air) but they just said he was released.

They say he was booking events and was found dead on February 10th, 2003.

This was the most emotional, saddest part of the DVD hearing his wife, dad, son, boggs reactions after they all teared up.

Something you`d never want to see obviously, Bret talked about on HIS DVD, not this one how he teared up and ranked this death right by his brother Owen. They showed Bret clips on this DVD from other parts but why they didn`t show that part to further show wrestler`s emotion pisses me off.
For instance they had HBK talking about it over that, when Bret and Hennig had way more of a relationship, and it would of just been logical. It`s not a huge thing but it`s just puzzling.

They go into after the death thing how he had a great beginning, a great middle, a bad end, but the thing that made the BAD END better was him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

His memory will live on forever now! The family teared up and Boggs and the family all said they wish he was there for that because he would have been having so much fun.

He was phenominal, one of the best workers ever especially all around, respected by everybody and his memory will never die!

A perfect family man.
A perfect talker.
A perfect athlete.
A perfect wrestler.
A perfect HOFer.
Curt was what he said he was..Absolutely Perfect!
Nice documentary here, not one of the best but it`s one of the better ones for sure!


Disc 1 Matches:

1) Curt Hennig vs Eddie Gilbert -November 21st, 1982 from Madison Square Garden

This is the first match Eddie Gilbert has EVER appeared on a WWE DVD.
The main reason for this match being on the DVD was probably to show one of Hennig`s first matches and how impressive he was at such a young age, and his ability to make it to the card at MSG. As said in the documentary this was indeed a big deal to Curt and it meant the world to him.

So here we have an old schoo, slow-paced type match to open the DVD but as expected we know what to expect from this sort of thing considering the circumstances and how green they were, and in saying that they did quite an impressive job for them being so young.

There`s The FINK who`s been in the WWE for 100 years and still not in the Hall of Fame as of this writing (should be soon I`d hope) and Vince McMahon along with a color guy do the commentary for this bout.

This WAS NOT Curt`s MSG Debut surprisingly and thanks to his dad Larry the AXE he probably got some breaks but he was definately talented enough, something you can`t say about ALL 2nd Generation wrestlers but he fit the bill. This WAS Eddie Gilbert`s MSG Debut though and it can be an intimidating place to wrestle, that`s for sure!

Both guys try and maintain a grab early, then they lock up and neither guy can maintain an advantage once again as they break off.

They circle around each other in the feeling out process and then Hennig with an arm drag takedown and Gilbert falls to his knees. McMahon points out the butterfliesw you feel when it`s your first time in MSG especially back then with its history and how true that was.

Hennig with a hiplock, then Gilbert gets up bounces off the ropes and hits one of his own. A hiplock back and forth between these two competitors in the early stages of the match. Eddie pushes Curt Hennig to the corner but Hennig bounces off and turns around in mid-air hitting a cross body on Gilbert and scoring a near fall. Nice move!
Both men then circle around again as they are to there feet and tie up and once more Hennig gets the advantage with a hammerlock, and then Eddie Gilbert counters the hammerlock with a drop toe hold and slaps on an ankle lock using both his legs to sustain and maintain pressure to Curt Hennig`s legs. While Hennig gets up He Rolls over Gildbert with a cradle but only gets a two count.

Nice reversals in this one.

Slower paced action but it`s logical and features some nice old school Wrestling.
A nice go behind waist lock by Hennig, then Gilbert reversed it and sat over him near the ropes, the ref broke it up and the two men circled each other in the ring again before tying up again once more and Eddie Gilbert had conrol with a wrist lock on Hennig while both men were standing. Arm drag take doen though by Gilbert after the wrist lock as he weakened the arms of Curt. Both guys in red trunks, but Eddie`s is red just on the back and blue in the front so it`s actually quite hard to tell who is who at times in the dark MSG building but I can tell if I really look, just at first glance it is rather difficult.

Eddie Gilbdert in control as he hits a shoulder block after Irish Whipping Hennig to the ropes, and then comes off with a nicely applied armdrag take down and then goes into an arm bar. An arm bar after a wrist lock, a waist lock, and a hammerlock, tremendous chain wrestling to Hennig continuing to weaken him. A match like this wouldn`t work today due to its pace but it certainly did back then and you`ve got to appreciate it.
Gilbert still with the armbar locked in and Hennig is in trouble.

Hennig tries to reveres it but Hennig gets caught in a snap take down, then he rolls over Eddie and has him down but his arm is caught. Curt stood up with his one arm under Eddie, stepped on his back trying to get out and pressed his own body back first to the canvas but it didn;t work as his arm that has been weakened was still caught by Gilbert who was in control of the match.

All of the sudden the pace picks up as Gilbert drops the armbar and puts both legs around his neck, Hennig gets up and hits a side headlock takedown, a little similar to the ones we`d see in his classic matches with Bret Hart.

Both men to there feet as the crowd are more active now and Hennig pushed Gilbert, both men leap frog each other against the ropes and then they meet in the middle as they both went for a drop kick at the very same time

Crowd cheer that spot as both men get up groggy at the same time.
Hennig sells his arm and head while Gilbert takes a breather. The condtioning didn`t have to be as good for Wrestlers in the early 80`s WWF compared to 2008 WWE because of the pacing, but they did have more of an appreciation for Wrestling and it`s story telling with it`s psychological and methodical pace.

Gilbert with a side headlock but Curt gets out and circles once more. It`s all about leverage and maintaining control and if you don`t they circle around each other in a nice attempt TO DO that. Hennig with a side headlock on Gilbert and holds it and got send to the ropes comes off with a shoulder block and then comes off and locks on a headlock to Gilbert. Curt Hennig then keeps control by locking it on and applying more and more pressure. He`s well aware of the punishment he`s been in already in this match and he`s trying to even the odds once more as he goes from the headlock to a side headlock take down perfectly executed once more and then goes back into the side headlock once more once down on the canvas till Gilbert stands up and pushes Curt Hennig face first into the top of the buckle which was a huge move back then and not just a regular routine spot. Gilbert back in control as he hits a hiplock to Hennig but Hennig with a head scissors takedown, Gilbert gets up one more taking a chance charging at Curt Hennig but he fells through the ropes to the outside of the ring. When Eddie Gilbert gets to his feet on the outside he gets on the ring apron and he attempts to suplex Hennig over from inside the ring to the outside onto the concrete or as McMahon says “The 3rd Row“ but Hennig suplexes Gilbert back over the ropes into the ring with a GREAT VERTICAL SUPLEX as he hooks his red and blue trunks as he slams hard into the mat!

Hennig with a great display of power and then got a near fall but only a two, then a sunset flip off the ropes and still can`t put him away. Hennig further displaying his power game by hiting another slam and an elbow drop at the end which was his dads fortay. Hennig with a scoop slam and the bell rings out of no where.

Both men shake hands after the bell rings as a result this match is a draw at the 20:00 time limit.

Very nicely worked with a great pace and awesome chain wrestling just not the best pace for today`s wrestling and not the greatest ending but it was common back then.

Good match overall!

** 1/4


2) Curt Hennig and Scott Hall vs The AWA Tag Team Champions Mr. Electricity Steve Regal and Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin (With Precious) in a Non-Title Match in AWA Championship Wrestling: November 26th, 1985


This tag team attraction was a non-title bout even though Regal and Garvin were the tag team champions.

Vern Gagne does commentary as he ran the AWA obvioussly.

By this time Hennig weight in at over 230 pounds and was bulkier then three years ago in that match versus Eddie Gilbert from the Garden and he was more experienced in the ring as well.

Scott Hall, you`d barely recognize the guy, you`d think he was 50 years older then the guy who was Razor Ramon at the time in the mid 90`s, he grew both on the mic and in the ring as time went over and as stated in the documentary, Curt really had to carry this team for the time being and in this tag team match!

Hennig wants to start off in the ring as the bell rings but Precious the CHAMPIONS manager was taking off there padding on there boots.

Hennig argues with Precious as she gave him some trouble.
About two minutes after the bell rings the fans applaud the match here with a jampacked crowd in the Tropicana for the AWA.

If Hall and Hennig win this is a potential future match for the straps so it wasn`t a meaningless match.

The match STILL hasn`t begun despite the bell ringing three minutes before they tie up and they just build it up while the opponents circle each other.
Hennig began the match with Regal and tied up with each other and Regal got irish whipped to the buckle and back slammed up and over and it sent him to the outside as Mr. Electricity Steve Regal went for a walk on the outside as Precious comforts him and the fans boo.

Hennig locks up with regal then after a criss cross he ducks Regal`s runs from both sides of the ring and then hits a beautiful hip toss followed by an arm bar. The fans go wild for Hennig`s offense.

Curt tagged in Hall and he applied the arm bar, and he was a big guy even then at plus 270 according to them and he dropped elbows to the back of Jimmy Garvin who got tagged in by Regal out of desperation. Hall tagged back in Hennig.

Hennig hit a sunset flip on Garvin and this is a great tag bout says Vern Gagne and it was back and forth good mid 80`s action in the AWA and the fans were into it.
The non-champions, Hennig and Hall had dictated the majority of the pace against the champions.

Hennig had a great escape-reversal on Garvin which frustrated him. Garvin tags in Mr. Electricity Steve Regal and he applies an arm bar, Hennig goes back to his chain wrestling routes and locks in a arm bar going back to work on the same arm he damaged earlier in the match. Hennig then grounded Regal and locked in a hard hammerlock. Regal reaching for Garvin but Hennig just slapped him hard in the face.
Regal then gave him a thumb to the eye, it allows him to make the tag to Gorgeus Jimmy Garvin!

Garvin works over Hennig badly here and for the first time the Champions seem to be in control. Hennig then after some punishing blows and slams, gets in a headlock at the moment wearing Hennig down.

Scott Hall encouraging as well as the fans to get Hennig back in the match but he couldn`t at the time.

Steve Regal in the meantime on the outside took of the top turnbuckle padding and Garvin tagged in Regal who was ready to jump off that top turnbuckle onto Hennig who Garvin set up vertically and planted the elbow right to his head. Hennig really staggered now as Regal and Garvin just worked him completely over with blows.
Garvin wanted revenge the entire match and locked on a sleeper and then threw the forehead of Hennig into the top of the buckle. Regal comes back in and then drops another elbow onto Hennig, followed by a scoop slam. Fast action here, much better pace then the last match! Hennig then reaches for Hall and he gets him. Steve Regal can`t believe it and Hall sends Regal to the corner turnbuckle. Garvin runs in the ring illegally so Hennig does as well and takes him out.

In the ring Regal and Hall were fighting, Garvin on the outside grabbed spray paint and went to spray it in Hall`s face but he ducked and sprayed it in Regal`s face by an accident!

Scott Hall took advantage of this with the fans roaring and Hall hit the Bulldog on a BLIND Regal and got the pinfall at 12:31 to win the tag team match earning them a top spot in the AWA tag ranks.

Great little match here with a MUCH, MUCH better pace then the first match.

Fast tag wrestling, a lot of good moves, holds, and spots, pretty great stuff from the AWA as expected.

** 3/4



Disc 2 Matches:



3) Curt Hennig vs Nick Bockwinkel (c) in a 60 Minute Time Limit Match for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship- November 15th, 1986
These are both two of the greatest and most underrated wrestlers of ALL TIME. Put two of  these guys in the ring and you`ve got a CLASSIC.
Hennig really came into his own and his matches with Bret wouldn`t be nearly as good if he didn`t get it on with Bock before hand.

There bout on the AWA Set was at least **** 1-2 from where I stand so needless to say this was going to be another classic and I`m glad it was added.

They talked about this being the oppurtunity Curt Hennig had been waiting for getting as chance at Bockwinkel`s World Title here! It`s a 60 minute time limit match so the conditioning had to be great for both men!
This one is going to be good!
Ropes are Red, Blue and Red. This took place one year before the AWA Classic from Superclash 2.

Early on from the get go, Hennig turns around and Bockwinkel hits Hennig with a surprise dropkick and then a near fall and sends Hennig to the outside.
Curt Hennig who they say has been improving gets back in the ring with Bockwinkel. The two men tie up but Bockwinkel has the advantage and presses him against the ropes. Bockwinkel then ties up with him as the Champion trying to distate the pace and gain any kind of leverage he could but Bockwinkel hits a side headlock take down, Hennig gets up and hits a waist lock then an arm drag takedown, puts his head in a head scissors and then the two get up fast and furious and look at each other as the crowd laugh.
Slow feeling out pace to start with fast spots and it`s never boring just beautiful Wrestling. Hennig and Bockwinkel tie up and Hennig goes for Bockwinkel`s left arm but Nick pushed him to the ropes being the ring general and wise AWA Champion he was. Both men paced themselves for the hour time limit quite well and then Bockwinkel hits a sideheadlock take down to Hennig and holds it on the mat.

Both guys looking like fatigue is not a factor for them at all.

Bockwinkel maintains that headlock and then Hennig gets back to hs feet and punches at Bockwinkel`s back and then a hiptoss by Bockwinkel out of frustration as he does not let the challenger Curt Hennig try and get back in the match. Bockwinkel locks on a side headlock on the canvas very hard and continuing to wear down Hennig.

++We reach the five minute mark as Hennig gets out and recieves a shoulder block, then another one off the ropes and once again goes back to the side headlock on the canvas as Bockwinkle is just punishing Hennig at all costs here. Hennig attempted to get out of the pressure by Nick Bockwinkel as he stretched on the draw with all his strength and he turned Bockwinkel over and they roll torwards the ropes and Bockwinkel has to break the hold.

Bockwinkel to his feet and he has been in control the entire 6 minutes of the 60 minute time limit match for the AWA Title. The two competitors circle around the ring again and I love how crisp these moves have been hit, the chemistry was top notch and so far the psychology has been excellent and the selling and story telling believable. Bockwinkel with a quick side headlock, Hennig with a quick counter out of it to the head scissors submissio hold choking out the Champion Nick Bockwinkel on the canvas to wear him down after Curt has been worn down for all that time. Good tactics by the Challenger.

Bockwinkel with a clever summersault counter out of the head scissors! Awesome!

That`s why he owns.

What a tremendous match already!

Both men again circling each other and then Bockwinkel with another beautiful side headlock takedown and Curt tries to roll-out and go into the head scissors as it worked the previous time but not quite right now as Bockwinkel locks his hold in harder. His strategy is quite clear, he`s wearing down the champion while maintaining and holding his strength and stamina in his own body because of the length of the match if it were to go the distance. Smart move by the veteran and further prove why AWA Champion and WWE Hall of Famer is a top 15 North American Wrestler of all time from where I sit, an absolute legend in the ring and on the mic. Simply brilliant all around, you could even say he was…Perfect. Oh and that reminds me who he`s facing! The man soon to be known as Mr. Perfect! It`s pretty clear why these two were so great with one another and that is because they both were brilliant all around packages in the ring and that is why the chemistry between them was always top notch and the matches were just a pleasure to watch.

With Bockwinkel holding that side headlock on the canvas to Hennig he pulled at his hair, slammed his boots to the canvas, pretty much did anything he could do to fight out and then stood up to shake it off, he then took a shoulder block, came off the ropes and Hennig caught him with a knee up high and caught him into a arm bar into a arm drag takedown, kick out by Bockwinkel. A Body Slam by Hennig followed by a takedown by Bockwinkel, then Hennig kicks at him while down (and it looks a lot like the Bret-Hennig matches here with this spot) Truely a cool spot in the match and then Hennig hits a body slam and goes into the armbar! Hennig now in control as the fans cheer!

Wow they have paced thereselves tremendously as its the fastest 11 minutes I`ve seen, and when the action is quick, it`s REAL QUICK. The two criss cross as Hennig hops over Bockwinkel and then hits another crisp armdrag takedown to the champion and then an arm bar while driving his right knee into the head of Nick Bockwinkel. Hennig applies more pressure to that arm as he stretched it back. Bockwinkel then flipped with leverage off the ropes to try and get out but Hennig kept the armbar locked in, and then snapped on the canvas even harder and Bockwinkel wanted to get out amazingly as he screamed in pain, Bockwinkel had dominated for the first bit and now the tables have turned here.

Hennig keeps Bockwinkel down on the canvas with this nicely executed armbar hold. Now he applied a hammerlock and tried to attempt it into a chicken wing, and he used his leg and body for additional pressure to Bockwinkel as he`s got him over and into a nearfall but the Champion Nick Bockwinkel bridges up and out to kick out of the move and he shows tremendous strength using his neck to lift his mid-section up and get out of the hold. Hennig then with a hammerlock and Bockwinkel standing backs him up into the corner and elbows Hennig into the gut at the fifteen minute mark.
Bockwinkel irish whips Hennig to the corner and charged towards him going for a shoulder block but he missed him as Hennig moved and hit his shoulder to the corner and Hennig came from behind and worked over the same arm he had been earlier and re-applied the armbar into a wrist lock to his left-arm:wrist. Nick Bockwinkel to his feet while Hennig has it locked in still and Nick Bockwinkel then desperately grabs him with his right hand by the hair throws him to the ropes hits a knee to Hennig`s gut and then with two body slams to Hennig as it seems the Champion is back in control momentarily! Nick Bockwinkel then gets kicked in the face by Hennig who is laying down in a familiar spot and then Bockwinkel goes down as Hennig after two kicks to the face locks on another armbar to wear down the champion.

Solid Wrestling by Curt Hennig and Nick Bockwinkel. What a match! What Psychology shown in this championship match.

Hennig then with a arm scissors I guess you could call it further applying pressure to Bockwinkel`s back arm as he screamed over in pain.

Bockwinkel turned over as Hennig had a shoulder arm scissors and Bockwinkel got a two as he flipped him over but Hennig remained in control with that hold in position. Hennig then got his legs stretched by Bockwinkel out of the scissors as he was wise and knew all the counters to every hold obvioussly being a technical expert and being a genius so you`d come to expect it. When two awesome minds come together you get magic as said by Harley Race in the documentary about Bret and Hennig, but even more true here for Bockwinkel and Hennig as Nick Bockwinkel is amazingly smart, just listen to the man speak! You can barely understand a word the man says due to his outstanding Vocab!
The twenty minute mark approaches and now Bockwinkel is up and he grabs the right toe of Hennig and then applies pressure to it twisting it to the side and then Nick Bockwinkel pulls back on his knee twisting it and leans back crossing the other one over with Hennig down belly first flat on his stomach. Bockwinkel maintaining control with this hold on the challenger and even hooks the right arm for more leverage while he drops his arm and reaches back to hold onto one of Hennig`s feet to apply more pressure to his injured leg after this hod. Hennig gets up, goes back to Bockwinkel`s arm and then drops him down with some shots and an arm bar but Bockwinkel doesen`t stay in it too long and they push him to the ropes and then Nick Bockwinkel with a snap takedown that sends Hennig flat on his back. Doesen`t last long as Hennig gets back to his feet and then re-applies the head scissors to Bickwinkel and twists the arm with his legs into an arm-shoulder scissors to Bockwinkel`s weaker left arm.

Hennig throughout the match had worked over Bockwinkel`s arm, while when Bockwinkel was in control had tried to wear down Hennig with a sideheadlock and his right knee.

Bockwinkel after the arm scissors took a breather on the outside while the ref counted and Bockwinkel shakes off his injured arm. The Champion might me tiring says the AWA Broadcaster as he gets back in the ring and he does have the experience on his side while Hennig has the youth.

The Climax should be even better here, it`s hard to say who`s been the one more in control in this match but it probably is the Champion Nick Bockwinkel if I had to pick one wearing down the knees, even though Curt did a nice job on Bockwinkel`s arm.
Nick Bockwinkel pushed Hennig into the corner and then the Nick Bockwinkel

Sleeper Hold is locked in!

The crowd react in a worried fashion as this was the AWA Champion`s bigger move back in this time and then Hennig luckily then backs up into Bockwinkel`s ribs and the two go flying out to the outside as they might of cracked there heads on the cement count. The ref takes a bump as well and Hennig takes advantage and bounced the Champion`s head on the ring apron.

Curt Hennig back in the ring first drags Nick Bockwinkel back in the ring, irish whips Nick Bockwinkel to the ride and hits him with a clothesline and the ref slowly comes back in the ring and counts a slow 1, 2, and Bockwinkel kicks out.
I absolutely love how Curt Hennig sells the LEG here limping through every move.

Just brilliant!

Bockwinkel then was starting to get grounded by a full body attack, and as an act of revenge Hennig from the outside dragged a lying down Bockwinkel to the corner and slammed his right leg into the post.

Hennig back in the ring slammed on Bockwinkel`s back and them levelled his arm into his back, then with a DDT to Bockwinkel. Nick Bockwinkel with a step over toe hold, and then Curt counters and flips him over before catching an uppercut by Nick Bockwinkel.

Bockwinkel covers Hennig and he kicked out at the 36 minute mark of the match!

Curt Hennig ducks a clothesline from Bockwinkel and then comes off with a crossbody, near fall. Back to his feet he locks in that hard armbar to the Champion on his bad arm, as it looks like Curt has a good chance. Bockwinkel very resourceful and used the bottom rope to his advantage and choked out Hennig as he goes out to the outside gasping for air. Bockwinkel grabbed his head on the outside and slammed his head on the outside of the apron. Hennig still trying to ctach his break on the outside, catching his breath having been through a war and Bockwinkel then kicked at his head on the outside. Hennig though out of derperation with a shot, knowing he doesen`t want a time limit ending as Bockwinkel would remain champion so he knows he has about 20 minutes to put him away.

Hennig then slams Bockwinkel`s leg hard against the post and comes back in thr ring and slams Bockwinkel in the mid-section and locks on a leg lock to wear down his body even more, a full body disection by the man about to be known as Mr. Perrfect in 203 years from this match.

Hennig then stretched on the leg but Bockwinkel caught the ropes and then caught Hennig`s head and choked him out on the middle rope, another nice resourceful move to get back in control. Bockwinkel to his feet but catches a headlock by Hennig at the fourty minute mark of the match! Both men collide into each other, Bockwinkel grabs a hold of Hennig`s hair and then hits a big time Piledriver!

This should be it!

1…2…NO! Hennig put his right leg on the rope and that was the only reason he could get out of a move like the Bockwinkel piledriver. Bockwinkel then dopped his whole body weight on the right leg of Hennig and then locked in a toehold. Bockwinkel doesen`t want to let go but he grabs to the ropes does Hennig and he gets out of the predicament. He throws his good boot into the stomach of Bockwinkel and then locks in a Camel Clutch submission hold! Nick Bockwinkel reaching for the ropes and he finally gets to the ropes but Hennig drags him to the center of the ring, stretches his legs after he pulls them up and drops his feet onto the hamstrings of Bockwinkel. He then dops the legs to the mid-section and the broadcasters mention he could be DQ`d in the match. This is how you do a Championship match in the AWA, with these two guys, just SO IMPRESSIVE.

Hennig with blows to Bockwinkel and then Bockwinkel punches back. Just when it looks like one will put the other away, the other comes back with a move!

Hennig then locks in a Boston Crab to the Champion! 45 Minutes into the match, 15 minutes remain in the time limit of this Championship 60 minute bout. Bockwinkel is extremely tired as Hennig with every ounce of strength he had locked in this hold extremely har, but Bockwinkel using his strength to roll over and get a nearfall. The two roll around a bit on top of one another and Hennig chops Bockwinkel in the corner before driving his shoulders into his mid-section into the corner, Hennig with a small package to Bockwinkel but somehow Bockwinkel kicks out at two.

Hennig sets up for a pile driver and he returns the favor from earlier in the match and the place goes wild after he displayed his power. History plays back as Bockwinkel puts his boot on the bottom rope to break the count as the piledriver logically would of put either man away.

Hennig up to his feet firs tand with a side headlock to Bockwinkel he loses control as Bockwinkel picks him up with a back body slam mand then he falls back but it hurt both men. Bockwinkel though tries a pinfall, gets a two, then Hennig with a back nearfall as he rolls him up from behind and gets a two!

Hennig relentlessly hits two elbow smashes on the champion but gets only a two count, the broadcasters say this match is too much!

It has been quite the ride for sure. Hennig then with a chop and a drop kick as the Challanger has dictated the pace the majority of 2nd half of this match where the Champion Nick Bockwinkel was in control the first half.

Nick Bockwinkel still not out of it as off the side of the ropes he locks on an abdominal stretch to Hennig with 9:45 to go in the match, we`re 50:15 in to this classic! Unbelievable match!

Bockwinkel with a nearfall after a knee to the mid-section of Hennig and both men look pretty exhausted. Bockwinkel kicks Hennig face first off the top rope to the outside of the floor and now it looks like the Champion might perhaps win by count out.

Hennig has bladed from the outside landing on the concrete floor, awww, the old blood shot. Always a great way to make a classic more dramatic near the end. Nick Bockwinkel bounces the bloodied head of Curt Hennig who had been in control for a lot of the match slammed his head hard into the ring apron.

Once back in the ring Nick Bockwinkel then slammed Hennig`s head into the turnbuckle when sven minutes remain in the time limit. The Champion Bockwinkel slams the challnger Hennig to the mat and scores a nearfall!

Bockwinkel then with a series of near falls as he wants the victory before the time runs out to a bloodied Hennig.

Then out of no where Hennig tasting his own blood fights back like a warrior and Hennig layes the axe down to Bockwinkel`s face.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Curt Hennig the challenger is desperate here. Curt is all bloodied as he fights away at Nick Bockwinkel the AWA World Champion and he hits a boot to the face with a high kick. Four minutes remain!
Bockwinkel fatigued 56 minutes into the match and he has his head on the middle ropes and after an irish whip Bockwinkle gets sent to the corner but kicks out, he has all of Curt`s blood on him or its some of his own.

3 minutes left, 57 minutes in and the crowd gives this a standing ovation!

The Climax has arrived and Hennig slams Bockwinkel`s head into the top of the turnbuckle a few times and then rakes his face with his knee. Hennig locks on a front facelock into a vertical suplex but STILL only gets two as the challenger is frustrated here.

Both guys standing in the mid-ring and Hennig with a high knee followed by a big kick and an elbow slam and he kicks out, less then two minutes to go.
Hennig then goes for the figure four, and both guys with blood on there heads as Hennig has Bockwinkel in the figure four as they both scream on either utilizing pressure or screaming in pain!
The broadcaster said he`ll never forget this war as long as he live and it`s a classic for sure!

Every hold shown, the final 10 seconds is here as the figure four is locked in quite well but it`s not enough for Nick Bockwinkel to quit and in the end the bell rings at 60:00 and the time limit comes to an end as the title match ends in a draw.

This match was a CLASSIC.

Hennig had originally thought he had won the title but the time ran out even though he has Bockwinkel in the figure four, but he does not get the AWA title as the match ended in a time limit 60 minute draw for the AWA Championship!

I liked there match on the AWA DVD a little better at **** 3-4 from Superclash 2 but this was still an amazing effort, with great technical wrestling, brilliant psychology, tremendous pacing and stamina, with an enthralling finish.

Maybe the best match of the DVD or the most impressive effort in Hennig`s career perhaps, and if it`s not it`s sure one of them!

One for the ages!


**** 1/2





4) Curt Hennig vs Terry Taylor -Wrestlefest: July 31st, 1988


Micheal Cole and Mick Foley added commentary to this match from the late 80`s!

This match between Taylor and Hennig took place the day after my birthday but it wasn`t even the year of my birth so it`s not really a big deal at all. And I am guessing nobody cares anyway.

Either way it was at Wrestlefest.

This took place in a cool looking dom in front of at least 50, 000 fans.

Curt Hennig is as you know Mr. Perfect.

Terry Taylor WAS going to get the Mr. Perfect gimmick but thank god Curt beat him out.
Oh but what gimmick did Terry get stuck with….the worst gimmick of all time.
The Red Rooster.

Talk about going from a treat to a joke.

Obvioussly Hennig was the better choice for Mr. Perfect as you can see from this match when the two clash head to head inside the ring and you can look at how they hit there moves and how big they were compared to the other.

Micheal Cole and Mick Foley pretty much just tell stories during this relatively short contest that ends rather abruptly but I will just go over the focus of this match here.
It started with a tie up and Hennig gets Taylor to the ropes and then comes off with an arm drag take down. They tie up again and Taylor has to dodge Hennig and he slams his palms down in frustration.

Taylor then gets a series of sequences where he overtakes Hennig and then Foley and Micheal Cole discuss how around this time Curt was looking like the best wrestler in the world. His style was so unbelievable and well hate to play on words but of course, it was PERFECT.

Easy on the eyes which makes each one of these matches a treat in a way.

Taylor came off with a shoulder block then a side headlock take down. Foley points out how Hennig connected a brawler into technical wrestling where as his father Larry The Axe had a different style.

We hear about Curt playing a prank on the nWo in WCW by Foley while the momentum shifts in the match. The crowd then starts a NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE chant at somebody getting kicked out clearly as everyone`s head was turned.

Hennig though definately took apart Taylor but he still jumped off the top rope with a cross body but Hennig caught him over the head with a big right hand out of the corner and got the victory at about 5 and a half minutes.

Foley says Taylor was to the Red Rooster that he was to Dude Love…not paticularly proud of it. Although Foley always says he`s so proud of the Over the Edge 98 match with Austin under that persona but that`s about it.

Decent and I can see why it was picked for it`s time, it`s surrounding, showing why Curt was superior to others, among other things. However there were other matches from his WWF and WCW career I could of used over this and I really would of liked another DISC to be PERFECTLY honest with you.

* 3/4


5) Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart MSG- April 24th, 1989

Here we go!

One of the first if not the very first meeting between two guys that would go on to have the best chemistry with each other, ranks up there as arguably the best every with another opponent, the likes of Benoit-Angle, Flair-Steamboat, Hart-Austin, Hart-Hart type chemistry.

Anyways this took place in MSG where Bret just had so many classics over the years.
It`s pointed out by the broadcasters Lord Alfred Hayes (RIP- Who I expect a HOF induction of soon) and Tony Schiavone (Long time WCW play by play commentator) says that these two were so similar in styles, both 2nd generation wrestlers, both athletic.

This was awesome because Hennig was cocky, Bret was the good guy, this is even shown on the way to the ring as Hennig glares at a kid and ignores the other but Bret is nice to that very kid on the way down and even pointed out by Hayes.
This was the first of many GOOD-GREAT matches the two would have.

Bret Hart enjoyed working with Hennig more then anyone and coming from a guy who in my opinion had more GREAT matches then anyone, that`s a pretty fucking huge compliment to Curt Hennig.

Perfect WAS Perfect up to this point in the WWF and had defeated Bret`s brother Owen as The Blue Blazer at Wrestlemania 5 the month before in a nice little match for sure, it could of even have been added to this DVD set as it was five minutes and nothing but quality.

This is the first match Curt Hennig wrestles under the Mr. Perfect name, and he only has the name for less then half the matches on this DVD which is kind of strange but so are some of the things about a lot of WWE DVD`s.

Anyways these two hooked up in the middle of the ring to try and feel each other out to start the match, very similar to the way they grew up earlier in there careers, knowing this formula is very successful and overall just fun to watch.
After all, who doesen`t want to see brilliant wrestling and strategic one-upmanship.
Nobody gains any sort of advantage at the beginning of the match with the test of strength. The tie up for the 2nd time and then for the 2nd time both men basically push each other out feeling each other out. Another hook up and Bret applies a headlock then Hennig pushes Bret to the ropes and then he comes off with a hard shoulder block and MSG pops as they fucking love it, then they tie up again and Bret throws him and Hennig goes flying after the toss (and the crowd go wild) we`d see this spot as a routine one at the start of many of there matches.

Hart then with a side headlock, then Hennig tried to take Bret down with a leg take down but The Hitman side stepped him and the crowd laugh and react accordingly to Bret`s wrestling skill. (EVen in the 1980`s as he was well qualified here obvioussly had a long history.) Hennig laughs sarcastically as he can`t believe he might have met his match.
Back in the 1980`s and especially in the WWF sometimes the pace wasn`t very fast and while the feeling out process to this one wasn`t persay, there was a series or a sequence extremely good as Bret gets flipped to the outside, hops up on the apron spears Hennig, then hits a sunset flip for a near fall, Hennig kicks out then Hart hits a side headlock take down and like Jim Ross screams out at King of the Ring 93 “Oh what an offensive exchange!“ this really was and Hayes calls it briliantly done and it was.
Hennig got in a bit of offense for the first real significant time in the match but Bret with a back slide got a near fall and back into the headlock which Hennig gets out of.
The Hitman then with a stomp to Hennig`s mid-sexction after he spreads the legs, then the regular routine spot we see in these matches where one person will slam the other and then the man who had just slammed the other who is vertical on his feet gets both feet from the man laying on the canvas and then he`ll slam him and the two counter each others moves for awhile that way! Makes for exciting watching!

Conditioning was always such a strength for both these guys and Bret clotheslined Hennig to the outside after those slams, and when that spot was complete Curt went for a walk to catch a breather and Hart was in the ring waiting for it get going again, and for this time in Vince`s company (NOT THE NWA) this workrate was pretty fabulous. Matches like Butch Reed vs Koko B Ware can only go so fast and be so good, this stuff was golden, another reason why someone like Randy Savage was so successful in the WWF in the 80`s because his veteran-like fast and pyschological craft brought the NWA workrate INTO the WWF in the 80s.
Once tied up again that breather Hennig took benefitted him as he drove a knee into Hart`s head after some blows and then a chop.

Mr. Perfect waisted time to get things going his way after he saw earlier on that Bret Hart was `Better` in some aspects so now why we know he had that smirk, brilliant story telling.

Hennig then knocks Bret who is now weakened out of the ring twice and he is on the floor on the mat outside in pain as he breathes hard and MSG chants for Bret go get back in the ring, and that Perfect sucks. Henning continuing to work on Hart on the outside apron from inside the ring and he shoves Bret off the apron and he goes flying from the outside ring apron into the steel gaurd!

Big time spot!

Once again we`d see something similar at KOTR 93.

Hennig then creates and catches great HEEL heat by standing on the top of the buckle and playing to a smarkish crowd even then at MSG, but Bret was such a nastural good guy, it`s not like they`d turn on Bret especially with KAYFABE still being a huge part of the business.

Hennig shoves Bret ruthlessly out of the ring and he slams to the mat hard on the outside.

Bret looks weakened coming back in the ring and despite his comeback attempt with some shots to Perfect, Perfect threw him with a hard irish whip to the top turnbuckle, and Bret also sells that so well throughout his career, how well he springs off the turnbuckle is absolutely astonishing. Hennig then went for a nearfall, Bret SOMEHOW kicked out and then Hennig threw him to the outside once more.

Hennig hits an uppercut to the Hitman, after that right hand to the chin he sets a knee to Bret and then a kick to the chest. Mr. Perfect continuing to wear The Hitman down methodically and viciously and remember he had the PERFECT record till this time.
Mr. Perfect with a hip toss to Bret and he holds onto the ropes for leverage but Hennig continued to stomp on him.

Mr. Perfect very deliberate here and in command of the match, getting the double axehandel to the back of Bret. Hennig contiuing to take apart Bret.

He sets Hart down on the canvas and applied a spinning toe hold to Bret, he is systematically taking him out, as he worked on the neck before, now the leg, showed his stategic formula that was brilliant.

Hennig was cautious and a little too deliberate with his moves and it bought the resilient veteran in Hart some time to hit a desperation move!

Bret then kicked off with his legs Hennig into the post, and he sells the shoulder. Hart limps up gasping for air in excellent condition himself to be this resilient you`d better be, and then he targets the injured shoulder on Hennig that just had been hurt priot to this and then Bret dictates the pace a little bit as he pulls back on Hennig`s arm applying further tork to the injured shoulder of Perfect.

Mr. Perfect backed up in the corner and Bret hits him with big right hands and then Hennig goes down to one knee. Hart then wearing down his shoulder and Hennig slow to get up, Bret with a reversal after the irish whip to the ropes, but Hennig counters in mid-air catches Bret from behind and in a unique spot landed back applying pressure to Hart!

Perfect back in control!

What an amazing sequence, what an amazing reversal! Brilliant!

Hennig then with a knee to Hitman`s left arm and then with Bret sitting down he gives him a chop once standing. Bret off the ropes and Bret and Hennig BOTH try for an abdominal stretch at the VERY same time, Hart was just a shade quicker but Hennig hit a hiptoss.

Hennig then with a roll-up but Hennig gets a 2 count as Bret with that leg strength elevated Perfect to the outside out of his pinning predicament. With Hennig down on the outside Bret flew off the top ropes and hit him with a cross body and the fans react.

Bret back in the ring hits a snapshot vertical suplex to Hennig. Bret then with a Back Breaker perfectly applied. Bret with his signature move off the middle of the turnbuckle and at that moment the bell sounds as this goes to a 20:00 draw, it makes both men look strong and while the fans weren`t happy it shows that Bret was strong and maybe the man to have defeated Perfect had it not been for the time limit.
Perfect then was still undefeated.

All of the sudden, it`s not over. Hennig shakes his head after Bret called for five more minutes which got a great big pop. Hennig says that since he couldn`t beat him in five another twenty wouldn`t help him.

Hennig jumped on Bret at the end hitting him and slapping him hard after the bout from behind in a cowardly way as fans throw things and the time keeper rings the bell. The Hitman got to his feet and caught Perfect up high and Bret went to work on Hennig in the corner. Hart with an awesome IRISH WHIP to the corner turnbuckle, then Hart with a reverse elbow to Hennig on the outside which give the fans not only a great match but a reason to cheer at the end of the match with The Hitman in control in front of MSG!

What an effiing match.
Blew me a way, 20 minutes of excellent, crisp, top notch storytelling with both men nearing there prime and this started a great rivalry.
Awesome ending, we even got more then 20 minutes here!

One of the best matches on the entire set, what a gem, I`m completely overwhelmed. Obvioussly it can`t hold a candle to the SS 91 and KOTR 93 bouts but if you go into this expecting a late 80`s WWF match from MSG, what you get is a past 20 minute war.

Absolutely EXCELLENT!

Amazing gem for its time that gives you a preview of the greatness between the two that would be shared a little later.




6) Mr. Perfect (W- The Genius) vs Hulk Hogan (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship at MSG- January 15th, 1990


?The Genius was The Macho Man Randy Savage`s real life brother so his comments about Hulkamania Pre-Match were pretty funny.


Mr. Perfect comes out and he just looks like he`s in his absolute prime, perfect condition, the perfect heel, he`d be the type of guy to take the belt off the Hulkster at this time and it`d be perfectly believable. A lot more then Slaughter taking it from Warrior that`s for sure. Hogan came out to a great ovation as always for sure. This was a bit before he passed his peak or he had already peaked when he defeated Savage before he past his prime in the WWF anyway with Hulkamania.

Either way Hogan back then was never a bad booking decision so I`m not going to argue that.

I compliment the WWE DVD staff for putting this match on rather then the Cage match on the first Hogan DVD “`Hulk Still Rules!“

Both men stare each other down and Hogan over powers him first and shoves him to the corner then after a pause and Hogan chants he hits a hiplock, followed by three slams.

HUGE POP when he goes to the outside and slams The Genius and Hennig`s heads together.
Hennig had to sell to the Immortal Hulk early on but now he took proper control and stomped on Hogan with The Genius but then Hulk got to this feet and irish whipped Perfect and hit him with a reverse elbow sends him to the ropes and he gets hung up with his head caught in the ropes for 30-40 seconds till the ref broke it up. Hogan then hit an atomic drop on The Genius as he goes to the outside before ramming him shoulder first into the steel post.

It`s been ALL Hulk.

Hogan then with Hennig out of the rope predicament irish whipped Hennig to the corner and he hit a clothesline to Perfect over the top rope and then slammed both these guys on the outside with a double head knocker once more.

Hogan runs off the ring inside it with CLOTHESLINE city to Perfect according to the legendary Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon.

This is a squash to this point and Hogan sent him head first to the turnbuckle, Hogan then turned his head away and Hennig finally gets in control and hits a big clothesline to Hulk Hogan!

Hogan down and the fans chant for the Immortal Hulk to get back up but Hennig stomped on Hogan but sold his right knee injury, you`d have to wonder by this point if Hennig had his legitimate back injury at the same time.

Perfect sling shotted Hogan down and then gave him a lot of rights and lefts but at that point Hennig had only been worked over the entire match so his right hands didn`t have a lot of power, still though enough of them managed to send the immortal wwf champion to the outside of the ring.

The Genius then went to hit Hogan with a clipboard while he was on the outside and Perfect posed in the middle of the ring.

Perfect though gets out so Genius doesen`t have to do it and chops Hogan, but Hogan reverses it on the outside and sends Hennig shoulder first into the post, once then twice!

That gets a huge reaction from MSG! Everybody loves Hulkamania even if he`s booked to be so much more dominant then any wrestler.

Perfect gets caught on the top buckle but he gets a thumb to the eye from Perfect so he kicked at Hogan for awhile and then he locked on a sleeper hold. The Color Commentator quoted Piper and said there isn`t no muscles in the mind. Great quote.
The Hulkster still in Perfect`s headlock and he wears him down straight to the canvas and holds on tighter and tigher in desperation as he`s well aware Hogan had been clearly dictating the pace before this sleeper hold.

After two painful minutes Hogan began a mini-hulk up elbowing out but Perfect countered it showing his intelligence but he rammed Hogan into the top turnbuckle, an then he climbed to the top but while Hogan shook the ropes for momentum, Hennig fell down groin first on the top.

Hogan caught up to Hennig at the top and grabbed him by the hair creatively (as Hogan`s pretty underrated in the ring these days) and slammed him down hard on the top of the buckle. Hogan then scooped up Perfect with a suplex attempt from the top and landed with an atomic drop. Hogan kicked at the legs at Perfect a lot. Hogan looks pretty great in this match.

Mr. Perfect somehow hit the PERFECT PLEX, didn`t have the hands locked and only got a two!


Huge pop!

First time it`s ever been kicked out and the champ hulks up and MSG goes crazy.
Reminds me of Hogan`s history and how he should of been there at MSG for WM 20 with all the other great`s the pay cheque must not of been right. I`m no major Hogan basher but it`s true.

Perfect manages to get out of the predicament and smacks the chair against the steel but he missed Hogan`s head after he ducked. Hogan lifts the chair and the fans cheer but he drops it. Hennig then pushes Hogan to the outside with what`s looked like brass knuckles to Hogan levelling him out but Hogan comes back in the ring, finds it and then puts it to his hand levelling Hennig! Hogan then hits a leg drop but the bell rings.
The ref DQ`s Hogan because the ref only saw Hogan use it but not Perfect who had originally done it, similar to Rock-Shamrock`s ending from RR 1998. Pretty creative.

Finish makes both men look strong.

Very good match, very fun.


** 3/4


7) “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig vs “The Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich (c) (With Roddy Piper as Special Ref) for the WWF IC Title at MSG- November 24th, 1990

Both these guys passed on well before they should have, and these two are also two of the greatest workers of all time so this should be an exceptional bout for the IC TITLE from the Garden especially with the hot rod as the ref.
The ref had a huge history at this building and it wouldn`t be the only big match the hot rod ever reffed. Hell, ironically both guys Hennig and Piper reffed a championship match with Yokozuna at Wrestlemania 10 in this very building.

Perfect had been a transitional champion at the time but this was a bit before his geat IC title runs but he still had a lot of credibility.
Speaking of credibility, Kerry Von Erich had a ton in the WCCW, one of the greatest workers, but a short lived Texas Tornado run made it not as great as it could of been but he still had a decent run in the WWF before his suicide.

He got a great pop as he came out with The IC Title.

Both great workers had to be held back by the Hot Rod who took Von Erich`s IC title and shined it up and lifted it in the air. He also asked for the gum to be out of the air.
Jimmy Hart was a guest color guy for this match…great.

This SHOULD be good, I`ve never seen it if given enough time but both tremendous athletes with great wrestling families and knowledge.

Piper then goes through a thorough inspecton and both men are clean. (Unlike the Hogan vs Perfect match I just reviewed)

Tornado then gets the upperhand at the beginning with the tie ups and then a big spinno-rama blow that he perfected and executed it tremendously, then perfect, PERFECTLY selled it as he collapses. Perfect then argues with Piper once up but he gets caught by the soon to be Hall of Famer-Kerry Von Erich as the Tornado holds a wrist lock to Hennig.

Kerry Von Erich with a big swing and Perfect flipped over the rope doing a 360 and he hesitated to get in as he keeps breaking Piper`s count but he is intimidated to Kerry Von Erich`s offense.

The Texas Tornado then over powered him on the outside but Hennig finally got back in and begged for some help. Kerry Von Erich with an arm twist, into an arm bar and then a wristlock and he applied those holds so perfectly as they don`t kid around in World Class when they train the World Famous Von Erich`s.

Kerry Von Erich charged into Hennig into the corner and his shoulder rammed into the ring post.

Similar storyline to the earlier 1989 Bret-Hennig match on this DVD from this building where Hennig`s opponent catches the corner with his shoulder and Perfect tries to overcome the odds and target that area. While Kerry Von Erich caught a chop in the corner after hurting his shoulder, he battled back and applied a Boston Crab did Kerry Von Erich onto Perfect.

Mr. Perfect grabbed onto the ropes, Piper called for the break. Good pace.
Hennig then kicked at Kerry Von Erich in the face who came charging at him in the corner. Perhaps Kerry Von Erich shouldn`t do some many charges to the corner as he`s 0-2.

It should be noted Honkytonk Man also did commentary here with Jimmy Hart and what sounds like Sean Mooney but I could be wrong as I`m not positive on the play by play guy.
Hennig with a beautiful standing drop kick to Kerry Von Erich and it sends him to the outside.

Back in the ring Hennig catches The Tornado with a sleeper after sending him chest first to the top turnbuckle pad.

Curt Hennig then with a series of offensive moves on Kerry Von Erich and Kerry Von Erich was clearly not out of it as he came back with some moves of his own.

Good back and forth action but not spectacular considering who`s in the ring.
The addition of Piper is of course nice though.

Hillarious when Jimmy Hart takes a shot at the play by play guy saying “`Have you ever been a ref, NO. So why don`t you keep your opinions to yourself man.“ After the play by play guy said Piper was a great ref. Funny stuff.

Kerry Von Erich held the claw on Perfect and held him by the hair but Hennig had a foot on the rope.
Mr. Perfect then scooped up Kerry Von Erich attempting a body slam and then Kerry Von Erich grabbed him by the hair in the corner so neither man can sustain an advantage, a really even bout.
A hard shop from Perfect to Tornado then a near fall, then Jimmy Hart says Piper had a slow count for Hennig.
Curt Hennig hit a side suplex to Kerry Von Erich from the middle rope and he gets the three. The match is over.

Piper then tells Fink who won the match as both guys think they won as both shoulders were to the mat.

The Fink says that Piper has declared that the winner of the bout is STILL the IC Champion, The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich.
Good climax andPerfect is pissed. Perfect gives a hillarious I`ve been screwed over type stare to Piper.

Jimmy Hart calls it highway robbery as they talk trash in the middle of the ring. They both go insane, what charisma by both. Piper then got nailed by Hennig with the belt Perfect held as he had thought he won it, Then Perfect attacked Piper with it some more as well as Tornado but Kerry Von Erich is still the IC Champion. Great match here. Could of been a bit more but we still got a ton of substance, solid addition between two great workers to this DVD in a rare match.





8 ) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig (c) (with The Coach) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship At MSG- WWF Summerslam 1991


Loved how both these second generation wrestlers felt the need to one-up the other man at the beginning of this bout. The moves came off very crisp and expertly applied. They both shared some incredible offense that would be repeated (and done better) at KOTR 1993 two years later.
This match is probably remembered more though by most fans which isn’t exactly a travesty seeing as its also another fine piece of art.

This is the best match of the PPV and it’s no secret, so you know you got a keeper whenever this one comes on. Mr. Perfect actually wrestled this match with a bad back and Bret points this out in his documentary on his DVD and THAT just goes to show how good of a guy Mr. Perfect really was.

Some of the spots in this match were just right out of no where, unpredictable to say the least. That’s what made it so exciting.
With the unpredictability came technical brilliance and athletic one-upmanship throughout the entire duration crafting the story in this excellent encounter. Awesome back and forth action.

Just when you thought it was over after the Perfectplex….it wasn’t. Amazing. They continued the match and Bret got back in control and began to go back to Hennig.
The commentary in this match is also hillarious and I thought I should point that out as Piper and Heenan did a great job, as did Monsoon as the guy inbetween them both. Heenan saying that Piper’s parents used to leave the city while Piper was at school or that Hart’s parents snuck in the building was both hysterical.

Bret at the beginning of the match out matched Hennig by hitting him with agressive hiptosses that Perfect couldn’t match. Later in the match the Champion of course still looked dominant slugging it out with Hart and knocking him off the apron into the steel barricade. Hart though like a Warrior came back in the ring and battled back and forth. That’s when the reversals really started to come into play and these two had the audience in the palm of there hands.

Bret locks in the Sharpshooter and before its even locked in fully Perfect quits at 18:04 of the match. We got a new Champion!!!!

An impressed Stu and Helen applaud there son as he has won the IC Title at a huge show in front of a huge crowd that enthusiastically had chanted “Lets Go Bret” during the entire match. They had just witnessed a classic. We all did.

Was pretty, “perfect”, but the best was yet to come believe it or not.
Bret Hart says if this was it….if it all ended here….this moment was good enough.
Touching and a Great match between two great wrestlers and more importantly friends. The true meaning of doing the honors, nicely done Hennig.
Mr. Perfect only lost it twice to this point and both times were at Summerslam, the year before to Von Erich and this time to Hart in what would be one of the most famous matches in both men’s career and Summerslam history!

A Classic!

Should be added and rightfully so but they left off Perfect`s best match ever with Bret Hart or with anyone for that matter from over where I sit at KOTR 93. That`s unacceptable but this one was still arguably the best match on the set.

**** 1/2


9) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (W/Diesel) vs Mr. Perfect for the WWF Intercontinental Championship @ Summerslam 1993


Solid addition to the Perfect DVD, but just don`t go in expecting huge things from this match because of the names or you`ll be dissapointed.

Perfect got an amazing pop as he usually did as a babyface in 1993. Michaels was an up and comer and you could see the potential greatness.

Michaels and Perfect’s styles mixed very well together and Diesel the Giant bodyguard of HBK was on the outside looking on.

The two locked up in the beginning and both just strictly tried to out wrestle the other man. Perfect went for Michaels and he ducked under after a slide and after a collision it seems both didn’t know who got the worst of that exchange but the beginning of the sequence looked nice enough so it made up for any confusion. Perfect got the BETTER of it and hit HBK with a standing hammer lock, HBK countered with a head scissors but Perfect would have none of that and he got out of that predicament.
HBK and Perfect then circled around each other as the two had there moments thus far of out wrestling the other man. Michaels punded on Hennig in the corner but Hennig reversed it with a chop into the corner and then Michaels got sent to the corner by Hennig but he reversed it in a moonsault attempt, Perfect moved out of the way they hit HBK with a clothesline but only got a two.
Nice reversals, counters in this match up.

Michaels got caught in an arm bar by Hennig again. Once Shawn Michaels went to the top trying to escape the arm bar, Mr. Perfect hit a brilliant arm drag take down from the top rope! Once grounded again the arm bar, the left arm to be specific of Shawn Michaels was locked in by Perfect. HBK then went for a drop kick but Perfect sent him over the top to the outside of the ring and the fans roar. Heenan can’t believe it and Mr. Perfect has been in complete control of the match. Michaels while on the outside took advantage of Perfect taking his time and hit him in the jaw. Michaels jumped off the top of the ropes to the outside with a double axe handle.
Michaels relentlessly attacked Perfect’s lower back with elbow drops and blows once inside the ring. Heenan points out the arrogance and confidence of Michaels as he whipped Hennig into the buckle and McMahon intelligently points out as Hennig’s back sustained more damage with the pressure of the turnbuckle padding hitting his back. Michaels then did it again and this time only harder.
McMahon questioned if the official might stop the match at this point while Michaels stomped on back using the top rope for leverage. Michaels then hit a back breaker and while Shawn had him in a stretch, Heenan said “SNAP HIM LIKE A SLIM JIM!” Oh, that’s too funny.

Perfect though, sore back and all and Mr. Perfect had a history of sore backs so this was good smart, psychology by Perfect who battled out of Michaels holds and Hennig hit an upper cut and leap fogged over Michaels then hit him with a solid drop kick! Perfect reached deep down and hit a back body drop to Michaels out of desperation still selling the back. Michaels then got hit with an atomic drop and Hennig’s knee into Michaels but he only got a two.

Perfect with an unbelievable right hand after those sequence of moves but only gets a two count. Michaels went for a hip toss but Perfect rolled him over and went for a backslide but the two stand there in the middle of the ring looking to over power the other. Michaels then got caught and Mr. Perfect hit the Perfectplex but Diesel pulled Shawn to the ropes and the ref didn’t see it. Hennig then fought Diesel on the outside of the ring.

Shawn rolled into the ref and the official Earl Hebner fell down.

In the end at 11:20 of the match, Michaels retained the IC Title when he won by countout after Diesel threw Mr. Perfect into the steel steps.

Was nice for HBK to have this kind of inssuarance with Big Daddy Cool there at ringside to bail him out of a potential loss and this helped Shawn’s character at the time.

This was one fine match but with a bit more time, less sloppiness and a better ending could of been a classic at the pace they were going. Not enough time for a great story to be told but I liked Shawn’s gameplan, Perfect’s selling and the chemistry mixed in with solid wrestling inbetween.

A very good match.





10) Curt Hennig (With Rick Rude) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart -WCW uNcEnSoReD 1998: March 15th 1998

Decent choice to end the DVD with although perhaps a match from his short stint in the WWE would of been more fitting even if it wasn`t paticularly great.

Both men past there prime obvioussly but it`s still nice to see them go at it as they were great friends with a great past and it would of been foolish not to book Hennig and Hart at a PPV in WCW.

Hennig came out to the nWo theme with another one of Hart`s good friends in Rick Rude. On Bret`s DVD he gets beyond emotional when discussing both of there death`s, only Owen he weaped for more and perhaps his father as well on that DVD anyway.

PPV`s in WCW at this time were still big despite The Austin Era picking up and officially beginning this very month in the Federation.

Bret had just been in the company 2-3 months and hadn`t had many big matches to this point but here is one of them.

The Hitman was also used poorly in WCW and wore the Hitmen jersey to this match as they had advanced to the Memorial Cup the day before which is a big junior tournament nation wide hockey championship. The Calgary Hitmen are named The Hitmen from him and he was a part owner.

The Hitmen also lost in the Memorial Cup Final the next year in 1999 and my father was good friends with the Coach, they grew up together. Why is this significant….Well because Bret attended that game and he was amazingly upset to see the team he owned and had a huge part of lose in the very finals, but why am I telling you this. The day was May 23rd 1999, he`d get worse news that very day. Truly sad.


Anyways here we are in March of 1998 and The Hitman has his fans and him and Hennig get set to tangle here at uNcEnSoReD 1998 in WCW!
Should be a good one to close the dvd appropriately.

Heenan said that when Bret went to WCW Hogan couldn`t stand it. The funny thing is…there was probably some truth to that.

Either way Tenay said that Bret would likely have to deal with both Rude and Hennig to get by in this match.

They went to tie up but Hennig turned around and took a walk but tried to sneak up from behind on Bret, knowing his potential conservative weakness here. Bret is aware and then they tie up fairly like they always do and then Bret breaks off the tie up.
The Hitman`s mission at this point in WCW was to take the nWo apart brick by brick and Hennig was just a good stepping stone to go over to reach Hogan, things didn`t work out as well as they could have with Goldberg coming in for Bret but he still did a few good things in this company.

Bret resorted to going to the side headlock down which he applied so expertly in the SS91 and KOTR93 matches and he has Hennig down on the mat for the first time in this match.

Hennig pulled the hair of Bret go get out and pushed Bret to the ropes but he bounced off with a shoulder block followed by another sideheadlock take down. Hennig countinued to pull Bret`s hair while in this hold and Rude stalked the ring area. Hogan and Savage battled for the WCW on this night and they hyped that up and I wonder why because it`s PPV, it`s not like anyone was going to change the channel. I usually like WCW`s discussions during matches but come on, focus on this classic rivalry.
Hart with a lot of pressure methodically holding his leg, another shoulder block followed by a hiptoss and Hennig was pissed off slapping the apron.
This was an awesome playback to there original matches but the moves weren`t as crisp as they were five years ago.

They THEN finally talk about the history between these men. Hart locks in the sharpshooter on Hennig but Rude comes in behind the officials back and knocks Brett off Hennig. Heenan mentions being there for SS 91 when Bret took the ball as a singles belt holder.

Hennig then got himelf some time here after Rude, and Rick tells Hennig to break Bret`s leg to take away that magnificent leg strength by Bret Hart, Hennig works on Bret`s leg, take out the leg take out the Sharpshooter strength. The Hitman`s leg then got caught up in between the middle ropes and Hennig dropped all his body weight on Bret.

This match was important, who won this match with two guys past there prime in an old rivalry was a big deal, it always was and Bret always usually won.
Such a beautiful feud and bond as you`ll see in the documentary.
Rude chokes out Bret behind the ref`s back and also slammed the calf muscle of Bret into the post after Hennig did viciously before him, then of course he distracted the ref so that could become possible. Hennig then with a hip toss and then grabbed Hart by the hair and slammed him to the mat. Hennig kept slapping at Bret in the corner and hammered him with a right hand to the jaw in the corner and the WCW cam on the apron helped further damage him up top, then a strong story telling move as he follows up on the leg psychology as what Hennig did next!
What Curt Hennig did next was lock in a Figure Four Leglock!

The Hitman was in the middle of the ring and Hennig yelled GIVE IT UP HART.
Bret was in a ton of pain and Tenay said the figure four was like Flair, and there is a mutual respect between Hart and Flair. Well sure there might of been then but that`s hilarious.

Hennig chopped at Bret but Bret was limping as he brilliantly sold the legs, a low blow by Hennig and Heenan yelled UnCensored!

Bret out of no where tried to fight off Hennig but he locked in a toe hold hard again sustaining pressure as Hennig pushed down all the weight to Hart`s knee!

Hart one of the best sellers in the business and he shows you exactly why in mid-match during this classic confrontation. Hennig dropped a heel of his boot and dropped it firmly in Hart`s sternum as he was laying down on the mat and his legs had be spread.
Hennig his cocky self motioned to Rude on the outside that he`s got it.
Hennig with a simple scoop slam having Bret down.
Hennig to the top but Hart got to his feet and then pulled himself from the top rope to get back on his feet to get the feeling back in his leg. Hart threw Hennig around by the hair for payback and the fact it plays back to there earlier years and he knew he could do it.

Incredible says the announcers that Hart can come back as he irishwhipped Hennig to the low buckle and his crotch hit the post. Bret with a roll-up, just a two then a side russian leg sweep followed by a bulldog but foot on the ropes.

Bret in control after Hennig had been most of the middle portion of the match, Bret then hit a back breaker on Hennig before going to the top and dropped the point of the elbow into Hennig and got a near fall! This is getting good here!

Both men to there feet as Bret with a right hand then a reversal irish whip by Curt with such velocity, such impact as Bret hits jaw or sternum first into the corner and then Hennig hesitated before going for the HENNIGPlex that it`s called here. Hennig does it but Bret kicks out.

Heenan says no one has ever done it but Hogan had 8 years before on this very DVD!


But announcers always say that. They bought themselves some time and Bret pushed Hennig into Rude off the ring apron for an interesting series of events.

The Climax was enthralling here as The Two with roll-up`s but near falls over and over.

Bret then gets the Sharpshooter locked in and he wins the match!

In the end Hart forced Hennig to submit with a Sharpshooter at 13:51.

Rude and Hennig take apart Hart after the match to prove a point for the new World order and Rude even hits the Rude Awakening on him for the first time in years which got a decent ovation. Rude says that Hennig is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!

Fantastic stuff but they still could of done a better job at closing the DVD but with that one line by Hennig at the end of this match “`Look at you now!“ is sort of fitting I guess.

Overall a great match here that flowed especially well considering there primes had been past.

Good stuff, but my major complaint is that this is the 10th and final match on the 2 disc DVD, I`ll discuss that below on the DVD review.

As for this match though, no complaints at all!


*** 1/2





Final Rating for The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect DVD = 7.5/10

This set in all honesty surprised me at times with how many good rare things they showed, but at the same time got to me a little. I will discuss the negatives first then get into the positives.

Is this the Perfect DVD…no. Is this a DVD most wrestling fans should own…yes.

But my major rant consists of there being just 10 matches. 10! 6 of the 10 he wasn`t even going by Mr. Perfect, three of them with Bret Hart but they didn`t even include the best match they had together at KOTR 93 but I`m guessing because it was already on Hart`s first set. Not good enough and no excuse because that was Curt`s best match ever as far as I am concerned. The Summerslam match could of been excluded.

There also was a classic 1987 AWA half an hour marathon with Bockwinkel which might even be better then the one hour draw they already included on this one, but thank god they added the latter. So arguably they missed two of Curt`s best matches ever!

He also had a ton of gems over the years with Savage, Owen, Bossman at WM 7, there was enough material for 3 discs. Curt was a guy who was the total package and yeah, he doesen`t have a HUGE resume for his great matches but he STILL had more then 10 matches worthy of being shown. My main beef with this is there will never BE another Mr. Perfect DVD.

It`s over, he`s dead, they inducted him, they got him a DVD and I respect that, and it`s all great but if this is the final way of closing his legacy it`s rather dissapointing. However at the same time it`s good because there was a lot of things on this set worth enjoying, so the overall feeling is bittersweet, sort of how the man ended his life.

We see three Classic`s with Bret, the one classic with Bockwinkel, a good match with Von Erich and HBK, some other rare material-matches, and a solid documentary with some pretty good extras. So I suggest getting this but it`s still not the Perfect DVD. Now was the man Perfect….as close as they come as far as I`m concerned…..RIP Curt Hennig and THANK YOU.

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  1. Damian boyce says:

    Without a doubt Curt Hennig was one of the greatest in ring technicians of all time. The Dvd is a great Dvd, but the review is right. It should have been a 3:disc set. His loser must leave match vs Ric Flair wasnt a classic, but should be included because of what it was. Also vs Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania, Vs Tito Santana at Saturday Nights Main Event, and arguably his greatest moment in the spotlight, teaming with Randy “macho man” Savage vs Ric Flair and Razor Ramon at Survivor Series. Now that would make the Dvd what it should be. Absolutely Perfect.

  2. Damian boyce says:

    Without a doubt Curt Hennig was one of the greatest in ring technicians of all time. The Dvd is a great Dvd, but the review is right. It should have been a 3:disc set. His loser must leave match vs Ric Flair wasnt a classic, but should be included because of what it was. Also vs Big Boss Man at Wrestlemania, Vs Tito Santana at Saturday Nights Main Event, and arguably his greatest moment in the spotlight,teaming with Randy “macho man” Savage vs Ric Flair and Razor Ramon at Survivor Series. Now that would make the Dvd what it should be. Absolutely Perfect.

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