Review: WWE “The Greatest Stars of the 90’s” DVD

October 28, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “WWE: The Greatest Superstars of the 1990’s” 3 Disc Review:





 “I was a Bad Son of a Bitch!”Stone Cold Steve Austin













-“WWE’s The Greatest Superstars of the 1990’s” features- Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Triple H. Undertaker. Hollywood Hogan. The 90`s saw these icons become household names as professional wrestling exploded onto the pop culture scene, and a Monday Night War was drawing close to 10 million television views per week. Now, fans can relive that era with The Greatest Stars of the 90s. This three-disc set is packed with profiles of 15 of the biggest stars, as well as 16 great matches from the era, interviews and more…
-Tazz is our host, lets go:





-Disc 1 Documentary:
Total running time of Documentary – 134 minutes, 40 seconds



`The HeartBreak Kid` Shawn Michaels  
-A man that defined his own personal attitude with his own little originl piece of charisma that reflected upon it. They call him the Showstopper for a good reason, he had a 12 year old dream.

He started his career with Marty Jannetty in the Awa as the Midnight Rockers, then joined the Federation. But that wasn’t in the cards for Shawn, he wanted to be solo.

Sherri is exactly what Michaels needed. Perfect kept calling him the Heartbreak Kid. They discuss in great detail the Ladder match with Ramon and how it was Michaels coming out party, we hear from others and what it meant to them.
They see Michaels grow through the ranks. From the IC title to the Heavyweight title and realizing his 12 year old dream in an Iron Man Match. They talk about his character and how he was a top performer in the 1990’s and almost untouchable. He got to be the first person to be in a Major Ladder Match or Hell in a Cell and that is a testament to his skill.
Now they go over the attitude into DX. Michaels was a rebel before going on a 4 year break after injuring himself at the 98 Rumble in a Casket Match. He dropped the title to Austin on the way out, the right thing to do.
Michaels is arguably the star of the 1990’s hence why this DVD touches on him first.


-A lot of people speak well of the late nephew of the Hall of Fame wild samoans.

A ton of clips of Yoko winning the Rumble, and his first title reign at Mania 9.

Personally I think they’re being way too polite. Sure for his size he is pretty impressive but that’s about it.
A lot of the big man remarks there making about Yoko belong to Vader and Bam Bam.

His second reign was nearly a year long and he was a dominant champion before dropping the title to Bret at Mania X.

They talk about him getting fired last time they saw him, and then he came back and replaced the Anvil to be Owen’s partner and become tag champion’s.
Unfortunately Yokozuna passed away in the late in October of 2000 dying at the age of 34. The WWE Hall of Fame likely awaits.


The Rock



-The Blue Chipper, the Nation member, the Nation Leader, the Corporate Champion, The People’s Champion.

All in a few short years in the 1990’s. Yokozuna’s cousin. Nobody can say they went to the top quite like The Rock did, in that same sort of UNIQUE fashion from being so hated to being SO Loved in such a short amount of time was something that still stands as quite remarkable, and extremely rare. Extraordinary.

Rock elevated this industry to a whole new level of Entertainment. He was still a famous football player, but being a third generation superstar he chose wrestling.

Rocky Johnson, his father didn’t want him to be a wrestler but he went through with it anyway.
They talk about how Rock was supposed to be a good guy but the fans couldn’t stand him. He joined the Nation. He changed his name as The Rock.

A ton of footage from his early Heel Days. Rock was a natural and they show why.

Now all of the fans loved The Rock.


The Rock won the IC title, and the Heavyweight title just two years after his debut. No matter if he was face or heel he would be entertaining. They show most of his catchphrases.
They talk about the Austin-Rock rivalry bringing the business to new heights. A lot of good old footage here of the great one, the third biggest draw in the history of the business only behind Hulk And Stone Cold.



90’s Divas

-Tazz introduces the Valet’s or in-ring Diva’s that would draw the casual fan.
In the 90’s the woman had came along way. From Sunny to Sable to Alundra Blayze, to Chyna, Terri, Ivory, Debra they were something else.

A lot of footage from other DVD’s are shown here. Pretty basic stuff. They were an asset so to speak that went along with most of the times in the 90`s, espcially during the attitude era where sex selled.

A lot of old clips from the Diva’s as you’d expect.
Kevin Nash

-Starting out wasn’t the greatest in wcw and then he came to the Federation. Now he is Michaels bodyguard.
Super Shredder!

This and his performance in the 94 Rumble and Michaels helped launch him. He beat Bob Backlund in seconds to become Champion.
Diesel was on top for nearly a year in dark days. Diesel went from the Clique to the nwo and carried on in wcw using his real name this time, he remained one of the biggest stars of the 90’s.
He even ended Goldberg’s streak. Sure politics and injuries and what-not bring the guy down but he did hs job well for what he had.


Owen Hart



-Finally, it’s good to see more Owen Hart on DVD’s, with this release in 2009 and the Hart and Soul DVD in 2010. Although due to the law-suit it`s now going in the opposite direction unfortunately.

Owen was a tag wrestler, and aerial speciliast in the beginning of the 90’s. Owen made it as a small guy, even though he was a Hart.
And it’s hard to live under the shadow of Bret Hart. They show him as a tag champ, IC champ, and 1994 King of the Ring.
is heel run against Michaels and especially his brother Bret made him someone special. At Mania X he had one of the greatest matches ever, and then another classic at Summerslam. The sibling rivalry in 1994 was amazing and Owen went over.
Owen would always remind people that he was a slammy award winner. Then he became a Nugget according to DX. He’s called underrated by CM Punk. He had a tremendous feud with Austin outside the botch at Summerslam.
In personally what I consider one of the greatest tag wrestlers ever, paticularly teaming with another late great talent, Davey Boy Smith the British Bulldog. Owen joined the Nation after the Hart Foundation.
Sadly his time was cut short on that terrible evening of May 23rd after falling to his death at Over the Edge. Everyone respected him, Jim Ross says he’s one of the few guys he can’t recall anyone bad mouthing.
One of the greatest ever, under-appreciated while alive but appropriately rated now when deceased.
Ric Flair
-By the 90’s, already a seven time Champion. In the early 90’s he went from headlining the Nwa and took his title to the Federation. There he alligned with Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect. His feud with the Macho Man Randy Savage is legendary.
He won the 1992 Rumble and is a two time Federation Champion. Flair had a great match with Perfect on his way out and went back to the place he fitted best.

There he feuded with Savage again and more. Flair remained a top star in the 90’s.
Mick Foley

-Now here is somebody truely special in the 1990’s. Mick Foley payed his dues. I feel like I know the guy owning all three of his major autobiography books.

Foley had a good workrate and put his body on the line more then anybody. His psychology even got better over time. Foley went to Ecw, wcw and then the Federation finally winning the big one. He had legendary feuds with Undertaker and HHH and The Rock.

He got thrown off the Cell at King of the Ring. He lost his ear and cut some of the greatest promo’s ever in history. He’s the top star of the 1990’s in promo’s, and ever.

He was different personalitie’s, all three, even four including himself, that in Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind and Mick Foley.
He is a Hardcore Legend and I don`t like using the word Legend for Wrestling but he is definitely on that second tier of guys you would consider next in line to be Legends.
Not So Great Stars of the 90s
-Gimmicks like the Repo Man, The Goon, Bastian Booger, Damien Demento, The Goon, The Shockmaster, Duke the Dumpster, TL Hopper, the Gooker among others.
God this is all wrestlecrap 101.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

-Fans grew sick of him in late WWF and early WCW for his career, or the vitamin poppin, prayin, training version of Hulk Hogan dude who would Hulk up and drop a leg on his opponent brother, and rule the wrestling world with that same routine every night. Until he went Hollywood and joined the nWo and did a 180 making him COOL and HOT in the wrestling-world again.
For 1 He dominated the 80’s making things main-stream as we all know with that babyface character, Vince and his company helped him with the push of all time but he carried the ball for sure.
Hulkamania had run its course by the 90’s to the point where some were booing him. Heels like Sid, Savage and Taker got cheered over Hogan.
Then it came at Bash at the Beach 1996 in June on his lifee-ling kayfabe friend, Randy MACHO MAN Savage. The biggest heel turn in wrestling history.

The nWo. Hogan got old Federation guys like the Macho Man over to the company which made things in WCW even bigger, Hall, Nash, Henng, DiBiase, X-Pac, Steiners, Bret, Lex would all follow.
Hogan turned bad and lead one of the greatest factions, and greatest storyline’s in wrestling history. Hogan had so much heat that it clicked. His feud with Sting is one of the biggest thing in the 90’s. He’ll forever have an impact.
Triple H
Hunter started off as a blue blood but always a great technical mechanic when it came to mat work.
Always seen with different valet’s. He won the IC title after paying his dues.
Hunter was apart of DX and then took over as the leader, the night after Mania 14. Hunter then took that momentum and became Heel in 1999 and then later became The Game.
The Game improved on the mic and in the ring and became champion the night after Summerslam 99.
He broke out in this decade even though he ruled the next one.
Bret Hart

-Bret TRULY broke out as a single’s star in the 90’s.

His stock got bigger after the match at Summerslam 91 against Hennig, and Summerslam 92 against the Bulldog.

He won the title and gave a great promo over Ric Flair in Saskatoon about how even the biggest dreams could still come true!

Bret wanted to be the leader of the new generation. Bret wrestled three different incredible matches at KOTR 93 and that’s what set him apart.

Truly the excellence of execution. Nobody was a better worker in the 90’s then Bret. Benoit and Liger are arguable.

He had a special connection with the fans. He was a 5 time Federation Champion and got screwed at Survivor Series as we all know.

The Bret-Austin feud is touched on greatly and rightfully so, arguably the greatest feud of all time.

Bret’s now a Hall of Famer and everybody thinks of The Hitman when they think of the 90’s, and rightfully so.
 Vince McMahon / Eric Bischoff / Paul Heyman
-The three promoter’s of the mega three in the 1990’s.
Vince didn’t want people to know he was the promoter of the company.

It didn’t became evident until around 96-97 that he was the boss.

A lot of credit to all three promoter’s for the success of business and its popularity.

McMahon’s feud with Austin helped the Federation overtake Turner and McMahon became one of the biggest heels ever.

Bischoff was the only person to take it to McMahon. A lot of credit to Easy E who even challenged McMahon to a match on one of his own PPV’s.

Heyman was innovative, not scared to shoot. One of the greatest minds in the business. He helped kickstart Austin’s career among many other great things.

Lex Luger


-Called the total package.
The face of the Body Building Federation that is short-lived.
His federation run sucked so not many people loved the lex express. Hart was more over.

His promo skills aren’t great.

In the Nwa he is good, and in wcw is too old. I have no idea why they put Luger here over someone like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior, Jake the Snake Roberts or DDP. Why oh why…
-Sting had natural charisma.

He didn’t have to say one word and was the most over person in 1997 next to Steve Austin.

Sting put himself on the map in the late 80’s in a feud with Flair that carried on until the early 80’s.

Sting’s workrate is incredible.

His feud with Hollywood Hulk Hogan in 97 is something else and he became the man in Turner’s promotion.

Sting winning the Nwa and wcw title’s in the 90’s make him one of the very best, top ten no doubt.
Razor Ramon
-The Bad Guy.

Perhaps a Tony Montana ripoff, well of course he was but who cares this is wrestling.

Ramon started off as a bad guy in the 90’s. He worked in the 80’s all over but he broke out in the Federation.

He became so popular they had no choice to turn him Babyface. Ramon had several IC title matches and never won the big one in the Federation.

As apart of the big three in the new world order and his jump to wcw, Ramon as his real name Scott Hall he became an Outsider.
Scott Hall is one of the major players of the 90’s.


The Undertaker
-On the front of the cover. That has to mean something.
Usually gimmick’s like this don’t work and when you combine the fact that he had a terrible first half of the decade, it’s pretty incredible it did.
The Deadman got over in a huge way and it’s the man Mark Calloway that makes it work. Sure he got the benefit of the booking most of the time due to him being a Dead Man, but he played his character to perfection.

He made his debut at the Survivor Series 1990, and won the big title a year later over Hogan in 91 where half the crowd seemed pleased with that result, which speaks volume’s on how well he got over in one year.

Throughout the 90’s he took on a number of big men, mostly awful ones.
Undertaker had a legendary feud with Mick Foley as Mankind for two years competing in gimmickmatche like Boiler Room Brawl, Buried Alive, Hell in a Cell.
The Phenom has never been deafeated at Mania, the biggest event of the year and was instrumental for all gimmick’s in the 90’s.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
-They end with the best. They saved the best for last and not by coincidence.

I and many others consider Steve Austin the man of the 90’s. As a good mechanic in wcw, he never got a break but had classic’s with the likes of Ricky Steamboat after a good run tagging with the late great Brian Pillman as the Hollywood Blondes.
After being fired on the phone a rage in Austin broke out, and once Paul Heyman called him to come over to Ecw, he let it out in some of the best shoot promo’s you’ll ever hear.
Austin called himself the biggest potential star in wrestling and to back that up is beyond amazing.
He became the greatest of all time. He launched not just an era. He re-launched the pop culture phenomenon that is known as Pro-Wrestlng. The man more then doubled Raw`s ratings in the Spring of 1998 once Champ and feuding with McMahon. That`s insanity. Cult of Personality is right.
His 3:16 speech launded the biggest money making juggernaut in history, selling a shirt every 32 seconds in North America in 1997-1998.
Austin is wrestling royalty, if you don’t consider him the biggest legend of all time, he’s surely in your top 3. If he’s not, then you’re wrong, I’m sorry.
He had it all. He went to the Federation and became the man in many memorable feuds with Rock and Hunter and Bret. The feud with Bret made him a true star and his attitude in promo’s and booking helped as well.

His feud with McMahon only made him more popular. His workrate = top notch. He became more of a brawler once a neck injury slowed him down but it fit his character and he adapted incredibally well.

Truly the star of the 1990’s and the WWE.




This Documentary covered most grounds. I’m a little dissapointed some of the likes of Macho Man, Shane Douglas, RVD, Brian Pillman, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Mr. Perfect, Eddie Guerrero and DDP weren’t discussed. They can`t get em all, I understand but some of those names were essential to the decade. They couldn’t include everybody but those men were HUGE to the 1990’s baically…



Total running time of Documentary – 134 minutes, 40 seconds

Disc 1 Extras:

Razor Ramon Restaurant Vignette
July 11, 1992
The Undertaker Builds a Coffin for Yokozuna
December 1993
Bret Hart New Generation Vignette
July 1994
Owen Hart Inside a Steel Cage
August 20, 1994
Shawn Michaels Press Conference Before WrestleMania XI
February 28, 1995
Hunter Hearst Helmsley – “Riff Raff”
April 15, 1995
Mankind And God Created Mankind
January 6, 1996
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash N.W.O. Vignette
August 19, 1996
The Hart Foundation Reunites
March 31, 1997
D-Generation X Reenacts the Montreal Incident
November 24, 1997
The Rock Reads Steve Austins Eulogy
April 19, 1999
Steve Austin remembers the Shockmaster






 Disc 2 Matches:


1) `Nature Boy` Ric Flair (with Mr. Perfect) vs Hulk Hogan -Madison Square Garden:November 30th, 1991

This was right after Hogan got screwed out of the title at Survivor Series by Flair. Screwed at Survivor Series, where have I heard that before.

A week before he’d get the title back at Tuesday in Texas.
The big match that was rumored to headline the 8th Mania takes place here from MSG in November.
Hogan getting the babyface reaction against a top heel in Ric Flair, one of his first matches in the company.
Flair was calling himself the real world’s champion. Perfect had yet to come out.
Heenan and McMahon are on commentary.
Because of lawsuit you can’t see the title. Flair’s a real classy guy.
Hogan chased Flair on the outside and inside the ring he chopped Hogan in the corner and raked his eyes. Another chop. Flair unloading on Hulk with an uppercut.
Hogan now rakes the back.
Half the fans boo as Hulkamania had lived long enough in some minds, and Flair was the new thing.
Hogan layed a boot on Flair and he begged in the corner. Hogan drops the right’s and even bit Naitch. Flair goes for a hiplock and Hogan clotheslined him.
The boo birds were out in the Garden on his offense. Hogan slammed him into the barricade after taking him out of the ring. Hogan shot back with chops of his own.
Hogan suplexes Flair on the mat. Hulk dropped Naitch with right’s but Flair hit a side suplex.
Hogan still found a way up as he always does and hit a clothesline and sent Flair upside down in the corner twice, Flair crawled away.
Hulk Hogan dragged him back but every dirty trick wasn’t working on Hulk. Hogan had his face raked but slammedFlair off the top and hit a clothesline and then a leg drop.
He thought he got him and Flair comes from behind aiming low in the knee area. Mr. Perfect distracts the official for Flair to ram the knee of Hulk into the ring post.
Flair lifts the leg of Hogan and is weakening him up for a potential figure four. Flair drops his bodyweight on the leg of Hogan.
Flair has Hogan in the figure four.
Perfect hung on for additional leverage.
Hogan tried to hang on and pushed up and got out of the figure four.
Flair got handed an object by Hennig. Flair dropped Hulk and covered him and defeated him at 9:33.
The match was pretty great for the time it got.

Good stuff!


*** 1/4




2) Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship -WWF Survivor Series 1992
WWF Champion Bret Hart against IC Champion Shawn Michaels, Bret got used to that in 1992 as Michaels was the IC Champ here.
Back in 92 Bret and Michaels actually to my knowledge tolerated one another, so this had the potential to be a Classic if given the time.

It seems like the more they hated one another, the worse the matches got.

Here is a true underrated gem.
The match began with Bret Hart and Shawn showing they could ride each on the mat.

Michaels bickering to the official about Hart grabbing on in typical heel fashion.
Bret ahead of a young Shawn, it was almost like student vs teacher. Shawn took Bret down and he sprung up and applied a hammerlock into an overhead armbar.
As soon as Shawn Michaels has an advantage technically, Bret feels the need to one up him.

Good psychology.
I love the sequence right here when the two criss-cross and a leapfrog by Michaels surprises Bret. Shawn hits a drop toehold into a quick side headlock, Bret immediately knows a counter to the beautiful-textboon chain wrestling displayed by the two.
Bret now in control after winning that sequence.
The action so fast and frequent it`s difficult to keep up at times. This is absolutely terrific. Amazing pace from two of the best ever.
Hart then drove his knee into the abdomen of Michaels who in frustration slams his hands on the mat knowing he had Bret where he wanted him. The Hitman back to his vertical base keeps it locked on.
Michaels resorts to chain-wrestling counters with an armbar of his own. Hart using all he had ran Michaels out of the ring to the floor.

Bret once again out-smarted Shawn.
Michaels flipped back into the ring by Bret who utlizies an overhead armbar to the same damaged left arm of Michaels.
Both men hold the ropes for leverage in a sequence when they tried to roll the other guy for a pinfall.
Eventually Hart hits a crossbody on Shawn then rolls to the floor. Bret with a sunset flip from the outside apron into the ring then a nearfall. Back into armbar.
Perfect storytelling thus far with the Hitman in complete control.
Bret the reigning Champion at the time maintains the hold. Michaels tried a desperation arm-drag to Bret but he hit hiplock. Bret with an arm-ringer to Shawn and then he gave him a shot to the face.
Michaels flipped around off the ropess but Hart drops him with a clothesline then back to the arm. Back to his vertical base HBK caught Bret with stungun, or a hotshot and Bret is levelled as he drops to the mat. This bought Michaels time.
Shawn still sellingthe left arm went to drive Bret into the buckle but he blocked it and irishwhipped Shawn into the corner but as he charged towards him he rammed the ringpost shoulder first.

Two amazing sellers here. One selling the arm, the other the shoulder. A swinging neckbreaker by Shawn and then rakes Bret`s face with his boot. Michaels irishwhipped Hart to the corner sternum first and as I`ve said so many times nobody bumps better then Bret in that predicament.
Michaels with his one good arm, his right tried to ground Bret with a side headlock on the mat. Shawn hit a dropkick to Bret then a backbreaker and a two count. Bret is getting weared down now because of the desperation by Michaels who knew Bret had out-smarted him on all moves.
Bret fights back, off the ropes he puts on the breaks and Michaels finally out-smarts the Hitman with a swinging neckbreaker and he follows it up by kicking at his injured shoulder. Down goes the Hitman in a front facelock by Michaels. Shawn gets rammed into the post.
Hart begins to fight back but misses the elbow from up top which is one of his signature moves. Michaels with momentum hit a flying forearm to Bret. A nearfall and then a front faclock on the canvas by Michaels. Shawn wanted to do with the warrior did and become both IC and Heavyweight Champion.
Bret has life as his arm doesen`t drop for three and you have the feeling were entering the climax. Bret gets an inside cradle and a two count. Shawn sends Bret Hart to the corner he leaps over him and hits a suplex.
Both men still selling their injuries but Bret catapolts Michaels into the corner. Both men down. Bret with a headbutt and off the ropes a back body-drop followed by a nearfall. A side russian legsweep then an elbow shot. Michaels kicks out.
Bret fatigued has Michaels set up for a Superplex putting him up high. Bret lands the Superplex.
The Hitman to fatigued he can`t make the cover. A collision made Bret check on Hebner and then a series of waist-lock go behinds takes Bret to the floor. Michaels sends him into the ring post.
Shawn can`t win the title by countout but he made sure the damage was done slamming Hart on the floor.
Back in the ring Shawn picked up Bret and sent him spine first into the buckle, another kickout. Shawn then hits a back-body drop to Bret and yet another nearfall. Bret withan inside cradle out of no where when Shawn argued with the official. Then out of no where Michaels hits his signature move.
The soon to be headliner delivered his superkick to the Hitman.


Shawn Michaels flexes then insted of pinning Bret hold s him up high until Bret had to resort to raking his face.
A classic slugfest in mid-ring until Shawn hit a side suplex. Michaels ran to the ropes but got tangled. Shawn moved as Bret charged but then he ran out of steam.
Hart seemed to be out of it.
Michaels goes up top for an elbow and Bret gets up out of desperation catching the legs of Michaels!
The Hitman held the Sharpshooter on Michaels.
In the end The Hitman retained his title at 26:40 after he made him tap.


Amazing match!
This match did more in under a half an hour then the Iron-Man did in more then half the time of this one. I have both Classic`s at the same rating but this is better quality here.
The X-Factor here was both guys were entering there prime and watching the chemistry together was a thing of beauty.
I have no idea why this wasn`t on Bret`s DVD.
Classic by all means, one of the best.

Tremendous match selection for this DVD in paticular.



**** 1/2





3) Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) vs Hulk Hogan (c) (with Jimmy Hart) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF King of the Ring 1993

You have to love the Fink’s ability to get you interested in a match, or make a big time match feel that important.
Yokozuna lost the belt in record time at Wrestlemania 9 when Hogan “challenged” him after he defeated Bret.
This was the big re-match.
Hogan was to go up against Big Yokozuna for the title here.
Yokozuna was ready as were all the Hulkamaniacs in attendance.
Hulk Hogan ties up with Yoko and both men fail to gain any advantage. Hogan is shoved down by Yoko as he shows his strength, Hogan looks shocked. Yokozuna with a karate thrust to the throat of Hulk Hogan. Yokozuna lands a chop on a Hulkster who does not look the least bit motivated to wrestle.
Yokozuna with a scoop slam.

All of the sudden out of no where Hogan fights back dropping some righthands on Yoko. He sends him hard to the buckle and hits him with a clothesline.
Hogan tries to slam Yokozuna but he could not get him up. Yoko drops Hogan with forearm shots. Yokozuna chops Hogan and slams a bearhug on.

Yoko keeps this one for awhile until its Hulk Up time. Fans get involved and Hogan lands shots on Yoko until a big boot hits Yoko and he still remains on his feet. Hogan lands more righthands to Yoko and off the ropes another boot hits Yoko for the third time and he falls.
Hogan hits the leg drop, Yoko kicks out and Ross screams OH MY GOD! Hogan drops Fuji off the apron and then a camera man gets on the apron and takes a picture of Hogan which ends up shooting a fireball into Hogan.
Yoko drops the leg on Hogan and that does him in.
In the end at 13:09 Yokozuna won the WWF title.
This match was very slow and predictable until the unique ending.
Yoko was now the Champion of the Federation.
As for Hogan, he would then leave for WCW. This was Hogan`s last WWF match until he was in an nWo tag match on Raw about 9 years later against Austin and The Rock I believe.





4) “The Rocket” Owen Hart vs Bret “Hitman” Hart -Wrestlemania X

There are some matches that are so special that you wont be able to do them justice just by writing words on paper.
This is that match! Ranking in at Number 2 on my Best Matches ever list, Bret-Austin WM 13 is the only one higher.

So bascally hat we get here is not only the greatest opener to a Wrestlemania, but the greatest opener of all time.

What we get here is not only one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history, but one of the greatest matches of all time. I give this match the highest of praise and consider it the best ever.
Talk about a good backstory, this was a storyline done RIGHT. The only flaw was not awarding Owen the title, I felt he should of won it at Summerslam after he became King of the Ring in 1994, and if not there then Survivor Series rather then a pointless Bob Backlund reign.

This match is seemingly universally accepted at five stars, infact I have yet to see anyone claim that this is just a GOOD match which speaks volumes on how well this actually played off to audiences everywhere.
It was majorly successful in telling a story because it had everything going for it. The storyline was epic, the drama was there, but still both brothers with as much bad blood as there was, took it to the mat to find out who the better man was by one thing, WRESTLING.

A dream match for any Pure WRESTLING fan.
Hold for hold, they went toe to toe and did absolutely everything you could to one another in a Wrestling match. This match is quite simply perfect and the pacing is absolutely phenominal as is the psychology. You truely could sit here all day talking about how flawless this Masterpiece really is.
Bret Hart always made it known that the art in pro-wrestling is to make everything seemingly real without injuring his opponent. That match between Bret and Owen is a good example of a high-paced technical match that two ring artists can only deliver.
Perhaps one of the most underappreciated aspects of this clinic is how well both men bumped, sold and hit every move so crisp. Chemistry was obvious being brothers, but both guys just went like there was no tommorow here. If there was a ever a match to make Dad proud, this was surely it.
Owen gets introduced first, McMahon thought it was going to be the Hitman for some reason, perhaps he forgot both men were from the same city of Calgary. Owen comes out with shades on and lips that he is the Best there is, was and tonight brother, you will find out I am the best there ever will be. I am loving this already.
Owen even had a couple of fans at ringside which you could here vocally during the earlier stages of the match, but his biggest fan was clearly the hilarious Jerry Lawler during this match who thinks Owen was ahead on points, at practically every turn. This match would not have came off so great without the awesome commentary from Lawler and McMahon here. Lawler of course feuding with Bret at the time ripped on Stu and Helen which is always funny material from him.
The Hitman got a great ovation as expected, and the facial expressions from Owen towards Bret were priceless, Bret played the older brother role so well, as did Owen with the younger, jealous brother role.
Both men locked up and Owen immediately broke it off and began celebrating as if he got the upperhand early on, McMahon questioned if it was some sort of victory, Lawler says OF COURSE.

Both men tie up again this time and Owen Hart with a beautiful fireman’s carry, but Bret goes into a quick headscissors as a counter, Owen flips up and says “Come on!” once again.
Bret shakes it off and applies a quick go-behind on Owen riding him on the canvas and Owen gets to the ropes, and tells him to back off and Hebner backs Bret back.

Owen took down Bret and was cocky as ever. 

Owen went behind with another waistlock but Bret ran towards the rope and the charge elevated Owen through the middle ropes to the outside.
Owen came back in and slapped Bret. Owen backed off into the corner to escape a furious Bret.
Both men circled one another and Owen applied a hammerlock, Bret reversed it into one of his own and Owen with a nice drop toehold, The Hitman reversed it into an armbar and he drove the knee into Owen.

The excellence of execution targetted the left arm of Owen, placing him into an armbar to slow down the quicker, younger brother. A Smart gameplan by Bret, but obviously you would expect nothing less from The Hitman.


Lawler and McMahon argue over who is ahead in points thus far as it’s been pretty even.
One thing is certain though. The pace to this match is absolutely breathtaking from a technical standpoint, what a match already.

Bret stomped on the mat, and applied an arm-ringer on Owen and he did a series of flips and got an armbar on Bret now!

Unbelieveable athleticism by the Rocket. Bret flipped up and a reversal into an arm-ringer again. Owen sent Bret into the ropes he leaped up dodging Owen and rolled him up for a quick two, Owen flipped up and Bret went right back into the armbar.
Insane amounts of counter-wrestling, I’m convinced these two could pull stuff like this off blindfolded. Can`t even keep up with the counters these two did in mid-air, mid-move and probably learned in diapers, gotta love it!


Fans chant lets go Bret. Even though there were a few Owen fans in attendance, hey, it’s New York. You can even see Bret look at one with a smirk at the begnning of the match when they circle the ring and the fan yells out “YEAH OWEN”….

Bret with a hammerlock but Owen hit an elbow to the jar, and off the ropes Bret leapfrogged Owen and then flipped him up as Owen came off the ropes and Bret put his legs in the air flipping Owen, before finally clotheslining him over the top to the outside to a tremendous ovation.
The Hitman celebrates with an armpump in the home of the New York Rangers who’d win the Stanley Cup just a few months from this venue.
Another slapping war and a roll-up by Bret on Owen.

A high armbar now on Owen’s weakened leftarm by The Hitman as he tried to slow down the pace into a methodical weardown type but Owen got back up, and then Bret off the ropes hit a unique Crucifix on Owen and got a two count.
A tenacious Hitman still held Owen’s leftarm, and Owen’s facial expressions were gold as he sold the arm.
Owen pushed Bret to the ropes, a duck and a leapfrog by the Rocket followed by one of his signature moves. The spinning heel kick. Owen stomped on Bret kicking him to the outside of the ring under the bottom rope. Owen followed Bret on the outside and he scooped him, up and drove his lower back into the steel ring post. Good stuff. Owen then screamed at his brother, a little trash-talking to boot.
Owen rolled Bret back in and proceeded to deliver a headbutt to Bret, and then he rammed Bret hard into the corner working over the lower back some more.
Owen Hart intelligently drove his knee into the back of Bret with a backbreaker.
A reverse chinlock by Owen to Bret.
This was also smart because it stretched the lower back of Bret which Owen had just worked over. Owen into a sleeper, The Hitman back to his knees delivered a elbow shots to Owen and off the ropes Bret jumped over Owen but caught a belly to belly from the Rocket.

Owen gets a two, what a suplex by Owen!
Owen Hart was more then determined at this point to teach his older brother a Wrestling lesson, another slap by Owen and an irishwhip waas reversed by Bret sending Owen to the corner and Owen leaped off with a flying crossbody, Bret rolled over Owen and got a two. Owen then got back on top of Bret delivering a slap and another reverse chinlock.
The counter-chain wrestling here is among the best in any match ever.
Bret tried to gain his vertical base and his power helped him land on top of Owen who tried to lift him up. The Hitman on the outside got a breather and Owen Hart celebrated. Owen from the ring apron went to suplex Bret back in, and he went into a waistlock, and another reversal by Owen who hit a picture perfect standing suplex by Owen which got him a two count. Amazing.
Owen with a legdrop and another two count. Unbelievable stuff. Owen with a shot to Bret and went for a snapshot vertical suplex but Bret with an inside cradle. Vince says this is back and forth, that’s an understatement.
Owen then with another slap, awesome story-telling with the younger brother doing the dirty tactics to the older, wiser brother. Owen Hart with a hard shot to Bret and an irishwhip was reversed Bret went to scoop up Owen, but he landed on his feet and then hit a piledriver to Bret. Not the way he injured Austin, he dropped to his knees here, which is what he should of done at Summerslam 97.
Owen went to the top rope and went for a splash but Bret dodged it which in turn helped him re-group as it bought him a little time.
Bret picked up Owen and gave him an atomic drop, and a running clothesline off the ropes followed by a two count. Bret clotheslined Owen and delivered a hard shot to the abdomen followed by a side russian legsweep and a two count. Bret then with a side suplex into a backbreaker to Owen. Bret from the corner hit his signature elbow drop right on top of the Rocket and a two count. Bret argued with Hebner as he thought it was three.
Owen sneaked up and Lawler’s commentary is hilarious. A spinning heelkick out of no where by Owen to Bret!
Owen tried to lock on the Sharpshooter and Bret reversed it.
Owen then got out of it and landed a hard shot with his left hand and then with a unique roll-up backwards, got Bret but only scored a two count.
Bret elevated himself over the top rope to the outside on Owen with a flying crossbody! Aerial moves to boot, McMahon screams WHAT a Match and obviously everyone agreed. MSG shows there appreciation.
Bret hurt his knee. A play to the story where Bret had his injured knee worked over by Owen at the Rumble.
Owen intelligently targetted the knee and kicked out the leg of the Hitman.

Owen Hart slammed Bret’s knee into the ring post over and over and continued slamming it on the mat. Brilliant stuff.
Bret’s selling was picture perfect here and then Owen with a single leg takedown to the injured leg, and Owen applied a unique leglock to Bret.
Fans in MSG chanted “Lets go Bret” once again but Owen continued to tork the leg of Bret and apply the leglock harder. Owen dropped the hold and dropped a knee onto Bret who sold like a pro, as always.
Owen wanted Bret back up and he limped into the corner. Owen lifted Bret’s injured leg and hit another single leg takedown. Owen with a figure-four. Another weardown submission hold which applies nothing but pressure to the leg of Owen. Watching Owen Hart celebrate while Bret is in the hold is gold.
Bret’s shoulders were down on the mat frequently and the official got a two count, twice. Bret flipped over finally and got to the ropes to the delight of the crowd. Owen Hart then grabbed ahold of a limping Hitman and he placed the knee on top of the middle rope and kicked away at it.

Bret out of desperation with his good leg hit Owen’s head with a spinning heelkick out of no where, taking a page out of the Rocket’s playbook as Owen wanted to inflict more punishment to the injured leg. Bret applied a headbutt and a hard irishwhip as Owen hit sternum first hard into the corner. Bret with a legdrop in mid-ring, and Owen Hart kicked out at two.
Unbelievable action and pacing.
Bret then delivered a running bulldog to The Rocket re-gaining back some of that lost momentum in an enthralling back and forth contest to MSG`s delight.

That may be IT so says McMahon. Bret still only manages a two count.
Bret delivered some shots to The Rocket in the corner.



Bret then with a piledriver in mid-ring as the momentum shifted once again, but Bret was hitting these moves out of nothing but desperation as he still sold the leg like a pro.

Bret scooped Owen up and with a sore leg went to the top rope and applied a SUPERPLEX to Owen landing backfirst in the middle of the ring.


This match is beyond incredible, it’s BASICALLY magic and truly had it all.


Bret with a two, adding more drama as the fans weree in a frenzy and McMahon kept putting the match over, but the match spoke for itself with its greatness.
Lawler claimed Bret couldn’t beat his younger brother, as he kept failing to put him away.

A hard forearm shot by Bret Hart and another, a sleeper by Bret but Owen with a cheapshot behind the official, a lowblow to Bret taking him down.
Owen now in mid-ring slapped on a Sharpshooter as he sensed he needed to do this now or he’d be in trouble.
Owen held the Sharpshooter on the Hitman! No one could pull this move off better then the Hart brothers, as it was both mens finisher. Owen applying the hold just felt natural.


MSG encouraged the Hitman on to get out and somehow he reversed the Sharpshooter into one of his own! The excitement level never stopped.
Bret limped some more and landed a fist to owen but Owen sent Bret to the buckle, Bret got the leg up on Owen in the corner with a boot to the face, however Owen Hart stood infront of Bret as he went up for a sunset flip but Owen held his weight down out of surprise.
In the end Owen put Bret away at 20:21 shocking the world, by rolling through the Hitman off from the corner landing on top of him, rolling him up and holding his legs down for the three count. Lawler screams out “What do YOU THINK OF THAT McMahon!? What about it now!?”
Owen himself was pretty shocked to say the least.
Bret couldn’t believe he got beat and by his own ignorant brother. He thought he was wrestling the perfect match. He thought wrong. Owen caught him out of no where and after such a long, hard fought contest to boot, but Bret knew he had to remain strong as he still had a WWF title shot on the night.
Owen Hart proved here, he could hang with his brother not only technically, but in ways showed he was a superior athlete and it is without a doubt one of the greatest underdog victories ever, and a defining moment in his cut-short career.
Everything was spot on in this match, words don’t do it justice.


This opening match at Wrestlemania X, in my opinion will stand the test of time as arguably the greatest match in Wrestling history.
An essential addition to this set, this should be on as many DVD`s as possible. I`d buy a 3 disc DVD discussing just this match actually…











5) Diesel (with Shawn Michaels) vs Razor Ramon (c) for the Intercontinental Championship -Superstars:April 13th, 1994

Razor Ramon unloaded on Diesel until he was hit vith a back bodydrop, missed with a boot and Big D is down, Ramon unloading right’s taking him to the outside.
Lawler and McMahon (full of energy) are on commentary.
Diesel drove Ramon into the ropes and clotheslined him. Diesel landed hard right’s and knee shots to the gut of Ramon. Ramon out of the buckle got sent in hard twice and walked right into a sidewalk slam.
Diesel working over the back of Ramon and then dropped his head on the top buckle.
Diesel dropped his bodyweight on Ramon’s back hanging over the ropes.
Back from a commercial break Diesel is working over Ramon. Diesel with a reverse chinlock to Razor Ramon. Diesel holds it in place to wear down Ramon but he lifts up Diesel with power dropping him to the mat.
Back up a slugfest breaks out and Ramon caught a charging Diesel with a boot and hit a bulldog off the rop and got a two.
Ramon then sent Diesel into Michaels. Diesel sent Razor into the steel as the top turnbuckle is ripped off by Michaels.

A Jackknife Powerbomb.


In the end at a tv time of 6:50 Diesel wins the IC title.
This match is very good, loved the pace.




6) Sting vs Big Van Vader (with Harley Race) for the Vacant International World Heavyweight Championship Match -WCW Slamboree May 22, 1994


Sting replaced Rick Rude, who was scheduled to defend the title against Vader, but suffered a career-ending back injury in Japan, where he won back the title against Sting.



Big Van Vader and Sting get set to lock up.
Vader backed him to the ropes then hilariously bowed to him. Vader missed jabs on Sting.
Vader did what he did best and landed hard, vicious shots to the Stinger in the corner as he falls to the mat. Down goes Sting with a clothesline.
You’ve gotta love Big Van Vader.
An elbow from Sting and not everyone is a fan, some perfer Vader.

Sting unloads with a ton of shots and the big man finally goes down. Sting hits a back bodydrop to Vader and hurt his back in the process. Sting runs into Vader and he clobbers him from both sides. Vader missed Sting initially and then he goes down with a splash.

Vader asks “How’s that feel Punk?” as he slapped the Stinger on the mat.

Vader choked out Sting by standing on his head.

Vader goes up high and hits the Vader Bomb and got a two. Vader grapevined the leg and slapped on leg-locks to the Stinger, really wearing him down.
Sting up got shots but he flies back with some more. Vader squeezed Sting until he powerslammed him but no official.
Race accidentally hits Vader with a chair when Sting ducksbut only a two. A clothesline over the top from the big man. Vader missed his moonsault, Race lands on Vader.
Sting covers, the fans go wild after a splash.
In the end at 13:54 Sting defeated Vader to win the vacant WCW International World Heavyweight Championship after he

This match started slow with Vader dominating, half-way through it had a predictable outcome but still did its job effectively.






7) “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel (c) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Royal Rumble 1995
It always brings a smile to my face when I go and watch this match. I know I’m in for something special, it’s arguable that this is Nash’s best match in his entire career. I’d rank it second, tied with the HBK match at IYH GFBE, and just behind the Survivor Series clash with Bret, but this match is just so fun.
We knew this would be good since there match at King of the Ring when Diesel (in 1994) was still green they tore the roof off the place. This one was better, which says a lot.

Putting this match in the middle of the show was such a good idea, and for fans who love attitude era brawls, this won’t be your cup of tea although it does have its fast moments. The match relies mostly on chemistry, story-telling, psychology and there’s even two sets of interferences to boot!
Both guys were ready to lock up now, this one we knew should of been good and it was an excellent encounter as expected!
The Hitman Bret Hart roughed it up a little bit with Diesel after a go behind failed and Diesel held on to the ropes, off both sides of the ropes Bret leaped up into Diesel and then he slammed him. Bret ran into a couple of elbows from Big Daddy Cool Diesel and then he clotheslines him over the top rope.
Already we see the size difference show well here with Diesel taking it to Bret every time he charges at him. Bret realized this so he decided to take the big man off his vertical base and what better way to ground him then to attack the leg region, and no one took apart a bigger man scientifcally like the Hitman did.
Bret put grabbed Diesel and put both of his long legs on one side of the ring post. On the outside Bret then slammed one of Diesel’s legs into the post. Lawler pointed out that Bret was thinking Sharpshooter, as this was smart from a psychological standpoint if he targetted the legs because it would not only ground a bigger man, but it could weaken the hamstrings of Diesel and make him more vulnerable in a Sharpshooter position.
The Hitman Bret Hart very aggressive when working on Diesel’s left leg and kept sliding his knee into that point, and then dropped his big leg on the mat. Bret then went for a figure four leglock! Bret always did this move to weaken the legs and it wasn’t thought to have the same force as say Ric Flair’s would, it wasn’t his finishing move after all. The Hitman kept it locked in and the 7 foot monster who was also the WWF Champion has been aching for the past few minutes as Bret kept it locked in even though Diesel had grabbed the bottom ropes. Bret risked getting DQ’d after he didn’t drop the hold but then Bret Hart dragged Diesel all the way to the middle of the ring and dropped his elbow onto the big leg of Diesel.
Bret Hart went right back into the figure four! Bret kept it locked in and Diesel’s selling was quite good from his facial expressions alone. Bret would absolutely not let go of this hold because every second of pain counted for Bret, this was his gameplan, this was what he was relying on, strategic, scientific disection of Big Dady Cool’s legs. Bret kept dropping his elbows to the knees of Diesel and then Diesel rolled out of the ring. Bret then flew off the ropes to the outside threw the ropes on to Diesel. Diesel though had boughten himself some time as that took some of the air out of The Hitman. Diesel sent Bret into the steel steps.
Diesel would win the strength war every time obvioussly and then pounded on the back of Bret inside the ring. Diesel limping, still selling the leg damage and then threw Bret hard into the turnbuckle. Diesel with hard elbow shots in the corner to Bret Hart. Diesel then elbowed him up high and then the momentum shifted back in favor of the big man as he hit a hard sidewalk slam! Near fall by the champion. Diesel then had Bret hung over the middle rope and he came off the ropes and dropped his body weight on him. Nash showed good psychology with not only his selling but he went right back to work on the back of Bret after his sidewalk slam and held a back breaking submission hold on Bret to continue to wear him down. Diesel got a nearfall then threw Bret into the corner.
Bret Hart out of desperation battled back with rights in the corner before kicking at Diesel’s bad left knee but Diesel shot back with hard shots and then sent Bret hard into the corner turnbuckle, and Bret already had a weak back. Diesel then set Bret up and it looked like it was going to be a jackknife powerbomb but he lifted him right up in the air and wrapped his hands around Diesel’s waist and held that hold for 15-20 seconds until Bret rolled down his back and then Diesel with a snap take down. Diesel irish whipped Bret and hit him with a size 18 straight to the face according to King. Diesel dropped an elbow and got a near fall!
Awesome stuff.
Bret then whipped hard into the buckle and Diesel caught a big boot by Bret Hart out of desperation. Bret hops up to second rope and comes off the corner with a clothesline to Diesel.
Diesel though catches him but Diesel’s bad knee buckles and Bret lands on Diesel and gets a near fall out of it before being pushed out of the ring. Bret then grabbed Diesel from outside of the ring while Diesel was still inside the ring and dragged both sides of his legs on opposite corners of the ring post so he’d meet the post groin first. Bret this time had a better plan and decided to weaken Diesel’s legs with his wrist tape. Bret tried to cut the circulation and the blood flow, to attack Diesel’s energy. Diesel was tied up and Bret then got in the ring and stomped on him while some of the crowd cheered Bret’s heel like tactics, but he was going out of his way in this match to show his desperation.
Bret hit a running bulldog and then got a long two count!
Bret Hart irish whipped Diesel and he met him with a big mid-section shot, then a side russian leg sweep and another near fall! Bret scooped up the big man and hit a back breaker of his own to Diesel! Diesel had worked on Bret’s back earlier in the match, Bret then went up high and came off with a big elbow drop to the top of Diesel and got a two count. Bret then went back to Diesel’s left leg and it forced Diesel down to the mat but he hung onto the ropes. Bret listening to the official and then he gave a big headbutt to the big man followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Diesel caught Bret in mid-air as he leaped to the outside and then Diesel rammed Bret’s back right into the ring post! Diesel continuing the follow up to the previous back work!
Amazing psychology here and the chemistry is just bang on between these two, a coming out party for Diesel here.
Diesel then signalled for the Jack Knife and that got quite a few boo’s and he went to set him up for the Jacknife and he slammed him back first on the canvas, 1…2…NO! Shawn Michaels came out of no where and attacked Diesel! HBK with rights and lefts to Diesel and kept stomping away on his injured left leg. Both Bret and Shawn working over Nash’s leg. Shawn coming out to help Bret…still a strange sight to comprehend.
Either way the official didn’t stop the match, as he told the Fink that this match must continue. Diesel has a bad left leg, Bret had injured ribs/back region.
Both men getting to there feet and Bret aimed for Diesel’s leg obvioussly and kicked at it repeatedly. Bret Hart then dropped his elbow to the left leg of Diesel. Bret then dropped his body weight to Diesel.
Bret Hart then for the third time in the match went for a pre-Sharpshooter move, the figure four leglock! Diesel’s strength and long reach benefitted him as he just simply reached out to give Bret some hard shots.
Diesel sent Bret hard into the corner and gave him a ton of knee shots to the already injured ribs. Did I mention this was one of Nash’s best matches ever? Well, yeah, it’s worth mentioning again. An amazing gut wrench suplex by Big Daddy Cool. He then used his long legs to his advantage as he choked out Bret in the corner with his boot.
Then as Big Daddy Cool charged towards Bret Hart in the corner he used his injured left leg (that was smart) to hit Bret and he moved out of the way buying Bret some time. Bret then went outside the ring and dragged Diesel’s legs to the ring post for the third time in the match.
Bret grabbed a chair and smacked Diesel in the bad left leg. The fans booed the heel work by Bret and then he locked on the Sharpshooter! Great stuff!
All of the sudden Owen Hart ran to the ring and attacked his brother Bret. owen untied the top turnbuckle padding (I wish Owen always would of stayed away from the top turnbuckle) and then he said “He’s a loser! I’m the only king of the family! WOO!” King said he knew there was something he liked about Owen.
Now both interferences happened to BOTH men and it came at an appropriate time when both men looked in control of the match. Fink said that this match MUST CONTINUE. Awesome.
Both men completely winded by this point but Diesel was up to his feet first having seen what Owen had done to Bret earlier, it was clear why. Diesel still favouring the leg. Diesel then reached over to Bret Hart in dramatic fashion in a pinning attempt and finally got on him and got a long two count as the crowd screams when Bret kicks out!
Bret with hard blows to the head of Diesel once to his feet and then it took Diesel down to one knee and then he finally got the big man down! However Diesel came back to his feet and hammered away on Bret. Diesel then kicked at Bret and he hung upside down over the middle rope. Diesel leaping out of the ring still sold the left leg, awesome. Diesel grabbed a chair and went for Bret’s leg but he intelligently rolled back to the ring. Wow, good timing.
Diesel dropped the chair and then came into the ring. Diesel went to pick Bret up and then Bret locked in a small package but only got a two. He’d later win the WWF title with this move 11 months later in another classic at the Survivor Series. Bret pushed Diesel into the ropes and he went for a pinning combination on Diesel but he couldn’t get it and it knocked the ref down.
HBK ran down and attacked Diesel.

Owen and Backlund came in and attacked Bret.
Backlund and Bret exchanging blows following up there feud as Bret had just lost the WWF title to him just two months before. Owen still had bad blood with Bret. The Roadie and Double J helped HBK take apart Diesel.



In the end the match was ruled a draw at 27:18 when all this interference went down so Diesel kept the title. (It’s too bad he’d keep the title until Survivor Series that year, that was a LONG TIME for him)
An absolute classic!



**** 1/2


8 ) Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nakano (c) for the Womens Championship -Monday Night Raw April 3rd, 1995



Bull Nakano is the Champion having defeated her in Japan.


Cornette and McMahon on commentary.
Alundra Blayze flips up and takes over Nakano and then Bull drops her with a clothesline. Another hard shot.

Bull Nakano drags Blayze by the hair on the mat, then a clothesline. A leg drop across the chest but a kickout by Blayze. A leglock by Bull.

Nakano taking out the legs of her challenger until she got to the rope. Nakano chokes out Blayze and slams her against the mat.
Blayze fought back with clothesline shots building momentum. She flies off the top and attempted a sunset flip attempt but Nakano dropped down.

A half-crab and a single figure four leglock holding Blayze in impressive fashion with a neat submission move.

Nakano hit a piledriver and scored a nearfall. Blayze dropkicked Nakano and then Blayze thought she had the momentum, Bull took it from her landing a legdrop from the top.
Somehow Blayze kicked out. A waistloc and a sunset flip and almost a count of three. An missed clothesline. A gotch german suplex with a bridge by Blayze and she got a two. Again another attempt and still a two.
Blayze pushed to the outside but Nakano hits a suicide dive, and a suplex onto the floor.
Blayze sent hard into the steel steps.
Now I know why this made the DVD.
Nakano slammed Blayze to the mat and from the top hits a moonsault and missed. Blayze hits German and got her, new champion!


In the end at a tv time of just over six minutes Blayze wins the title back.
This match is pretty tremendous for a Ladie’s match on tv back in 95.


** 3/4






Disc 3 Matches:





9) Diesel and Shawn Michaels vs Yokozuna and The British Bulldog (c) (w/Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji) for the WWF Tag Team Championship -In Your House September 24th, 1995



Had Diesel been pinned, he would have lost the WWF Championship. Had Shawn Michaels been pinned, he would have lost the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Bulldog taking the place of Owen Hart here.
The British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels start out in a side headlock but Michaels flips over, a leg sweep but Michaels flips over twice.
Michaels tossed Davey Boy Smith to the outside. Shawn then cleaned house taking out Yoko and slapping the hands of his partner Diesel. Michaels had to face the big Yokozuna now and he taunts him. Yokozuna came back at him and caught a series of lefts before running into a big elbow.
Yokozuna press slammed Michaels to the canvas. HBK just in the right spot to tag in Diesel and Yoko took him down initially but Diesel hits a clothesline and a big boot taking Yokozuna to the floor outside the ring. Bulldog pounds on Diesel and sets him up for a Superplex but dropped him accidentally.
McMahon and King try to bail out the botch but he attempts it again and this time it works! Imagine that.
Bulldog hit a shoulder block on Diesel and then a snapmare. Bulldog went for a running powerslam but Big Daddy Cool jammed his knees into Bulldog and slammed him. Michaels off Diesel’s shoulders hit a big splash and got a two. Bulldog lifed up Michaels and planted him groin first on the top rope.
Yoko knocked him out to the floor and kept preventing him from entering the ring. Bulldog slammed HBK on the mat. Frequent tags by Bulldog and Yoko to isolate Michaels in there half of the ring.
Yoko slaps pressure on the traps.

Michaels wills his way out and makes the hot tag into Diesel.
Big Daddy Cool drives his knee into the Bulldog and then Yoko out of the corner falls on Bulldog. Diesel hit a big boot on Davey. Yoko hit a fall away slam or you could say Samoan drop to Diesel but Michaels comes in kicking him to the outside.
Bulldog slammed Diesel to the mat, HBK flew off with an elbow.
Owen comes from the back and Diesel Jackknifed him to the mat.


In the end at 15:42 Diesel pinned Owen Hart (who came to ringside late in the match) after a Jacknife powerbomb.
Bulldog had been a substitute for Owen, who was with his wife at the hospital, as she was giving birth to their second child. Because Owen was not legally in the match, the title change was disallowed.
This match works well outside some sloppy moments, Michaels had to make the most of what he had a lot of the time.



** 1/2






10) Owen Hart (with Jim Cornette) vs Shawn Michaels in a Number One Contender`s Match -In Your House February 18, 1996

The winner here is facing Bret at Mania 12 for the title.



A great match here.


Owen Hart and Shawn had arguably better chemistry then Owen`s brother Bret and Shawn.

Shawn Michaels danced on the In Your House roof.
Owen gave him a slap and a shoving match occurs.
A quick pace here, a standing side headlock then Michaels ducked Owen and slapped hands with the fans frustrating Owen Hart.
Shawn Michaels leapfrogging over Owen and Owen ducks under Michaels going to the outside. Owen being his hilarious self slaps the fans hands, but no one wants to touch Owen.
God I miss him.
Michaels from the top flies off the top turnbuckle with a high crossbody. Michaels gets a one then a two. A standing side headlock by Shawn. Michaels walks all over Owen after dropping down on him from the top.
Owen is as quick as Michaels so he tried to wear him dow. Michaels with dirty tactics behind the official pulling the hair of Owen while Cornette distracted the official. Owen hit with a shoulder block but hit a hiptoss.

Both men nip up at the same time but Michaels hits a hurricanrana and then a reversal off the ropes and Owen hit a belly to belly suplex. Owen stomps on Michaels. Owen then hit a backbreaker. Owen stomps on the ribs of Michaels. Owen sent Shawn in backfirst to the turnbuckle, then a neckbreaker.
Owen with a reverse chinlock into a camel clutch began to wear down Michaels because he is also as quick as him.
Lawler on commentary said Owen invented the camel clutch and the Sharpshooter. I swear in the mid 90’s, Lawler and Owen had to be the two funniest people.
Michaels elbows out. Lawler said finally Stu and Helen are going to have something to be proud of as Owen hits a running knee into Michaels. A flip with a bride into a pinning combination gets him a two.
A spinning heel kick to Michaels who Owen through the magical world of kayfabe gave a concussion too weeks before.
Owen jumps off the top onto Michaels. Michaels with a modified crucifix from the corner and Owen reversedan irishwhip as Michaels flips back down and Owen runs into him with a clothesline.
Owen Hart slaps the Sharpshooter on Michaels.
Michaels was almost by the ropes and he began to fade. Owen had to break the hold and slammed Michaels to the mat. Owen stomped on him then took him to the outside. Hart broke the count because he wanted to cover him but Michaels kicked out. Owen can’t believe it.

Owen Hart drives the shoulder into Michaels then leaped into the corner and caught himself groin first. Michaels with an inverted atomic drop and Owen rakes his face. Michaels ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm. Michaels nips up and blocks Owen’s shots sending him to the corner and then dished out a clothesline.
Michaels rakes the face of Owen with his boot, then bodyslammed him. Michaels from up top drops the elbow. Cornette is knocked off the apron.
Michaels went for a superkick, Owen ducked and went for an Enziguri, Michaels had that scouted and put Owen away with a Superkick.
In the end at 15:57 Michaels pinned Owen after Sweet Chin Music.

This match is a borderline classic from two of the greatest of the 90`s.
The pace they keep up is tremendous, some of the quickest sixteen minutes you’ll ever experience in wrestling, it felt closer to 6 or 7 which is only a good thing.





11) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (with Jose Lothario) vs Vader (with Jim Cornette) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Summerslam 1996  

Entering the Micahels zone in this era clearly…arguably the star of the decade.
While Shawn dress and stripped off his entrance clothing, Vader just posed in the ring and flexed in hopes of intimidating the Champion before the match began.

Shawn Michaels was in his prime here and was awesome while Vader is ALWAYS awesome so this should be a good match, and was just by memory alone.
Vader had brilliant agility, strength, among other things and Vince calls HBK maybe the most athletic champion of all time.
The two tie up and Vader took some body shots early and then a powerful clothesline as some Smarks cheered. Shawn had been booed during his awesome run but a lot of smarks didn’t like him very much and this is seen again at Mind Games and the 1996 Survivor Series in paticular.

After an early offensive attack by Vader, Michaels came right back.

Shawn dominated for a good minute until throwing Vader out to the outside by ducking one of his attacks.

Michaels made sure he kept Vader to the outside as he hit him with a baseball slide which took the air out of him.
Michaels with a high cross body over the top rope and flew out onto Vader. This was a familiar spot seen many times and it was awesome. Jim Ross’s explanation was that Shawn was fighting for his life here. Perfect says HBK is in the best shape he has ever seen but doesen’t know if he has what it takes.
They built up the Monster vs Champion thing very well and Shawn hit a nice Hurricanrauna to Vader.

Michaels took a risk and then on top of Vader hit him with some right hands and then a hurricanrauna to the outside of Vader over the top rope. Shawn then hit a spring board to the outside but Vader caught him this time and hit a Powerbomb to the mat!
Vader asked who the man was. The complexity of the match changed with that one power move and the momentum then shifted to Vader.

Vader had Shawn picked up since he didn’t want to win by countout as he could not gain the title that way and then he just dropped him like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the canvas. Big Van Vader then sent HBK to the corner. Vader toyed with him a little bit showing his size factor then Vader measured Michaels in the corner with rights and lefts as he continued to hammer away with more body shots.
The fans booed as Vader continued to be in control and set HBK up and hit a nice vertical suplex!
Vader continued to sent HBK to the corner and then came off with a huge forerarm to the chest of The Boy toy, then ANOTHER. Michaels was stationary and was unglued and could not retain the title in the position he was in. Well he was about to get put in a worse spot.

vader then rammed HBK into one side and then irish whipped him to the other which saw HBK fly over the top rope and to the outside floor.
As HBK tried to re-enter the ring Vader kicked at his head, and then Vader with great elevation sent Michaels back first with a back body drop. Mr. Perfect says he always thinks about getting back in the ring but now that he sees what Vader is doing to Shawn Michaels he’ll stay right here.

Vader went for another back body drop to Michaels but HBK fought back with rights and lefts. After Shawn got out of that situation he met another hard clothesline by Vader which Ross called SCARY POWER.
Michaels then dodged another back body drop and was sent outside the ring by Vader and he caught Vader by the legs as he did his signature flip up towards the ringside area. Vader then didn’t have any of that and then he began to manhandle Michaels by methodically wearing him down.
The Man they call Vader lifted up Shawn and let him fall belly first to the canvas. Vader squeezed on a devistating bear hug. Perfect says he hasn’t had this much fun since he LEFT the ring.
The Crowd helped The Heartbreak Kid get back into the match as he started to hit Vader with some rights. A high knee to the chest area of Vader followed by a clothesline but it had no effect on the Mastadon.
Michaels went to slide under Vader but the Big man stopped him and when vader went for a splash he lifted the knees up and caught Vader. Michaels went flying to the ropes in a big oppurtunity spot and hit a clothesline.
Shawn Michaels went to the top trying to hit the big elbow but Vader sat up and he kicked Vader’s head after stopping in mid-air for his elbow drop. Shawn Michaels knew he couldn’t hit the elbow drop quite like he wanted to and he stopped. Michaels DID hit Vader with a crossbody and both men went to the outside from the inside. Vader up first though and lifted up HBK then dropped him on the steel guard rail.
All of the sudden after the fans were a little shocked they stayed in attendance because Cornette got on the mic and challenged HBK to get back in the ring.
HBK then came back. Jim Ross said it wasn’t a wise decision for Shawn Michaels to continue the match.
Vader then hammered Michaels with a big blow after The Fink said that the match would continue followed by a pop.

Vader battling Shawn who is layed out and then got in the face of the 62 year old Jose. Cornette then hit Shawn with his racket and the fans popped. Ross called him Hideous.
Vader with a big belly to belly suplex after he came off the corner with a splash and Shawn Michaels kicked out.
Vader went for a powerbomb but Shawn Michaels fought back and then he kicked up as Perfect says GIVE ME A BREAK.
HBK FINALLY did nail the elbow this time as he was tuning up the band in the corner until Cornette grabbed Michaels leg.
Shawn then hit Vader with a racket. Shawn Michaels then attacked both Jim Cornette and Vader with the racket. Shawn Michaels got himself DQ’d.

The match continued after another two minute break and Ross called it Chaotic.
Michaels went upstairs and hit the 2nd straight “SUCCESSFUL” elbow drop and then his superkick!
VADER KICKED OUT though at 2 and the place was shocked.
Vader then hit a POWERBOMB that they called The Vader Bomb even though it wasn’t his finisher and there was no official to count the three. I remember my brother back when kayfabe existed saying “VADER SHOULD OF BEEN CHAMPION” and got real mad.
Vader then went up for the OFFICIAL Vader Bomb, then went up for a BIG TIME MOONSAULT that he called the Vadersault as seen in TGIF’s or ABC’s old show Boy Meets World. Vader missed the moonsault and then Shawn went to the top.
At 28:59 Shawn Michaels defeated Vader with a MOONSAULT from the top rope after Vader had already won twice by DQ. Shawn Michaels has done the impossible!
I had heard rumors about Vader being booked to win the title until they changed it last minute, but other suggest he was scheduled to take the title off Michaels that year still if not at Summerslam then Survivor Series.
Some people think the booking here is a bit ridiculous and it takes a lot out of the MATCH but I come to expect it from matches back in the New Generation Days.


That’s just the way things were and ended back then but I really liked this match as a whole which is why I take nothing off of its ratings because of how it ended.
I WOULD of however liked to see Vader the WWF Champion and this would have been the perfect oppurtunity for it. It’s not all bad though because we got to see Foley-Michaels at Mind Games because of it.

Terrfic though overall.









12) Mankind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley (W/Chyna) in a Steel Cage Match -Summerslam 1997



This Summerslam in 97 kicks off in a unique way for the first time ever with a Cage match! This is the third Cage match in the history of Summerslam with the other two being the Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior match from Summerslam 1990, and of course the memorable Hart-Brother in a Cage match for the Title at Summerslam 1994. This was the 10th annual Summerslam so it made sense to make it special this way. The Mankind/Helmsley feud got hot in the Summer of 1997 with battles and wars at In Your House Canadian Stampede as well as the brutal KOTR 1997 match where Hemsley destroyed Mick Foley. This Cage match would add fuel to the fire of an already HOT feud and it was fitting that this Cage match happened at Summerslam as this rivalry got heated in a big way and it was not over yet.

They’d continue to feud as Mankind developed into Cactus and had a great Raw match with Trips from the Garden on the night where Austin first stunnered McMahon in September of 1997. Chyna was always coming to the aid of Hunter in his matches, especially Cage matches as she would continue to do for the next couple of years and we can see this here. Foley the great worker that took a lot of bumps in this environment matching up against the blue blood who was a mastered technician and a rich snob that would do anything to tear Mankind apart. The match began when Helmsley tried to escape the blue cage a series of times when Mankind would stop him by pulled him off and slamming him to the mat. Mankind turned the action violent and he’d level Helmsley on a series of occasions with rights and lefts followed by a pile driver. Mankind says BANG BANG. Vince acknowledges Mankind as Foley and he slaps on the Mandible Claw but Chyna begins to climb the cage and pulls Mankind by the hair from the outside as she is HALF WAY
UP THE CAGE! Nothing the ref can do about it since it’s NO DQ and Vince says that you’d think the cage would keep chyna away….., which must have been some motivation to create the Hell in a Cell a couple of months later. Mankind came off with a clothesline and then tried to escape the cage while the King said he was SCARED and he was running. CHYNA then climbed up and low blowed Mankind on the top. Hunter Hearst Helmsley then hit a vertical SUPLEX off the top of the cage straight to the canvas! Awesome spot! Great pace to this match. Helmsley then went to escape the match and once halfway out the door changed his mind to go back and attack Mankind some more. Helmsley then punished Foley some more and threw Mankind right into the side of the cage. Ross pointed out how Helmsley had a distinct advantage after that suplex from the top of the blue steel cage and Triple H threw Foley into the cage a few different times. Knowing Mick Foley he BUMPED Hard as well.
Mankind was in a world of hurt here as Triple H raked the eyes of Mankind and gave him some hard blows to the head with his right hand after he had sustained head shots towards the cage. Triple H relentlessly kept slamming his face into the cage area. Jim Ross says Mankind is getting his brains scrambled in the Cage. Helmsley went to escape but Mankind went to drag him back inside the ring but Triple H kicked him off. Hunter then was over with one leg and then as Mankind caught up hung from one leg to the outside of the ring. Mankind the irish whipped Triple H into the turnbuckle and stomped on Hunter some more. The fans got in support of Mankind here as Foley pushed Hunter’s head onto the top of the rope’s but again Chyna interfered by grabbing his hair and pushing his head down.

Helmsley gave Mankind an atomic drop but as he took his time recieved a clothesline by Mankind. After a bit of hesitation Triple H gave Foley a face buster from the knee. Helmsley then tried to suplex Mankind but Mankind reversed it and lifted up Helmsley and he hung from upside down INSIDE the cage in a very unique and VERY original spot. Mankind then ran off the ropes and knocked Hunter off so he fell to the ropes and then the canvas which got a great pop! Mankind built support from the crowd as he slammed Hunter into the cage a few times. Once Mankind took his time Hunter got right back into the match and back dropped Mankind into the Steel Cage and this was a very dangerous spot and that got a good ovation from the crowd. As Hunter Hearst Helmsley climbed up the front of the Cage Mankind joined him and the two brawled standing on top of the ropes until Helmsley fell and hit his crotch onto the top rope. Helmsley then got his leg stuck in the ropes and Mankind saw an oppurtunity to escape the cage. Mankind crawled over to the side of the cage but Chyna smacked Mankind’s head with the CAGE door HARD.

Very Violently and then she slammed the ref face first into the steel steps. Chyna then climbed up the cage with a chair and threw one in for Hunter to use. Helmsley then set the chair up in the center of the ring and went to hit a Pedigree on Mankind but he swung Triple H up and he hit Chyna who was in the center of the CAGE and she fell off and the crowd went insane! Mankind then hit a double armed DDT onto the steel chair. Mankind in control now! The fans going crazy as Mankind climbs to the steel cage and to the top.

Chyna then HILARIOUSLY forgot her spot and went to help Trips out but then left as she realized it wasn’t the time for that just yet.

Mankind then at the top ripped his shirt to reveal a DUDE LOVE heart drawn on tattoo but it had worn off and hit a FLYING ELBOW drop from the top of the cage in shades of Snuka and Muraco! Mankind then climbed up the cage to the outside, to the floor as Chyna tried to pull Helmsley to the floor first but didn’t make it. In the end it was Mankind who got the victory at 16:25 after he reached the floor first! Once Foley was on the ground his foot began to shake as Dude Love’s music played and the fans cheered and Mankind began to dance like Dude Love outside the ring. They show girls in Austin 3:16 shirts dancing to Dude Love’s music playing over the speakers. What a fantastic opener that is quite underrated as its never talked about as a good opener and is quite forgotten in Trips-Foley rivalry because of all the other great matches.





13) Lex Luger vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) for the WCW Championship Match -Monday Nitro August 4, 1997


Lex Luger looks on as Hogan takes off his bandanna and wipes his sweat on Luger.



This was the 100th Nitro in the prime of the company.
Hollywood Hulk Hogan held a hammerlock and Luger countered with one of his own. Hogan gets to the ropes for a break. Hogan tied up with Luger and he is pushed off by the total package who flexes.
Both men circle around one another. Another tie up and Hogan backs Luger to the corner and shoved him.
Crowd chant “Hogan Sucks”. Hulk kicks Luger in the gut and clobbered on his back. Hulk stomped on Luger in the corner and choked him out with his boot relentlessly using the top rope for leverage. An elbow shot from the outside to Luger.
Hogan hits a clothesline and an elbow drop to Luger repeatedly. Hogan irishwhipped him to the rope and a running clothesline to the corner and a powerslam.
Hogan choked Luger down on the mat.

Hogan slams Luger headfirst into the mat. Luger slams Hogan’s head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly out of no where.
Luger levelled Hogan but then Hogan moved the official out of the way and Luger runs into the corner.
A commercial break is called while Hogan has a bearhug on Luger. Hogan rakes the face of Luger. Hogan with a front facelock and a suplex, and a nearfall. Hogan hit a vertical suplex and it’s still a two. Hogan chopped Luger in the chest.
A shove by Hogan and another chop. Hulk with more chops and kicks at the stomach of Luger. Hogan choked at Luger in the corner. A boot to the face of Lex and another nearfall. Hogan slams him and hits a legdrop. Luger kicks out.

Hogan can’t believe it. Hogan missed the legdrop. Luger hits a running clothesline, Hall and Nash come out.
Macho Man Randy Savage is tossed to the outside. All members of the nwo are gone and now Luger puts Hogan in the torture rack.


Luger wins the title at just over a tv time of 9 minutes.
This match worked perfectly fine for a tv match, actually had a pretty good pace for a Hogan-Luger match in the Summer of 1997.
A tremendous tv moment for Nitro!





** 1/4



14) Highway To Hell: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs The Undertaker for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Summerslam 1998

After a terrific build Stone Cold Steve Austin was ready to defend his World Wrestling Federation title against the #2 star in the company at the time, The Undertaker.
It’s always hard to follow A Ladder match in MSG…
But this was The Highway To Hell and MSG was READY for it for so long and with a fast paced Main Event like this it came to then and was recieved very well.
Taker came out first and then when Austin came out MSG roared like usual for Austin in his prime for popularity and for the first and only time since WM 13 he got that COOL Glass Entrance and it broke off with a skeleton dressed as Austin.
Every single soul was on there feet with anticipation.
It’s worth it to point out that Taker was not a HEEL here like in 1999, he was a TWEENER if not a full out FACE its just he was Darker and was possessed to get Austin’s gold.
Not only that but Austin was insanely popular obvioussly at this time.

Austin began with hard right hands, something he grew familiar with, with his rough red neck brawling character that brawled even more after sustaining that injury from Owen’s piledriver at last year’s Summerslam.
However no one quite did it like Stone Cold.
Austin started the match by throwing hard right hands to the head of the Deadman but Taker quickly countered it with some of his own and Jim Ross intelligently states that he doesen’t know if Austin wants to get in a fist fight with The Deadman since he out weighs him by a good 70 pounds but Austin holds his own until recieving a hard clothesline by the Phenom.

With the challenger in control the match started off quick and action packed with MSG chanting “Let’s go Austin!”
The Undertaker then went for a pin and Austin kicked out. The Lets go Austin chants didn’t die and Austin gave him the finger. What an atmosphere!
Austin then grabbed Taker’s arm and then stomped and Taker did the same to Steve after he reversed the armbar and Austin didn’t have as much power, size or strength as Taker but Steve could brawl and used some of his old school moves and used a drop toe old to Taker. King laughs as he was surprised at Austin doing a move like that and JR points out Austin has done it before.
Steve then worked on Taker’s vertical base and then slapped on a hard arm bar to Taker.
The Undertaker then countered a suplex and delivered a vicious elbow to the Jaw of Austin. Steve Austin then with right hands and Stone Cold off the ropes got caught by Taker in mid-air and The Undertaker hit the Champion with a hot shot as Steve bounced off the top ropes and he went back to the canvas after a potential bear hug that turned into what he’d call a Stun Gun.
The back became the focus point for The Phenom as he drove his hands into The WWF Champion who was in the corner. His size 15 boot then levelled Austin and as the pace got a tad slower the methodical pace favored the dead man. The Undertaker whipped Austin into the buckle.

Austin on the outside of the ring then grabbed Taker’s boots from beneath him and then slammed his knee joint into the top of the ring apron! Austin then pulled on Taker’s boot and smacked his knee to the post.
This is how you chop down a big guy by taking out his legs, smart wrestling by the Rattlesnake.
Back in the ring Austin hammered Taker with more right hands and JR calls him like a machine, but Taker had enough in his wheels coming off the ropes and hit Steve with a flying clothesline. Taker then with a choke hold.
Taker went up for Old School which is always impressive but Austin had it scouted with a huge arm drag takedown from the top of the turnbuckle to the canvas which got a great reaction!
Steve Ausitn then relentlessly stomped on Taker’s knee following up what strategy he had before hand! The crowd chanted 3:16 and then KANE CAME OUT.
Austin can’t even contend with TWO 7 foot Monsters and then Taker ordered Kane to go back to the room because this is going to be one on one. Taker then got respect and invited Austin to get it back on with him and then the slug fest came back in.
Austin made sure Kane was gone and he was but Taker caught Austin on the ring apron and gave him a huge Chokeslam from the outside into the ring and Austin bounced off the canvas with a devistating chokeslam and King says there’ll be a New Champion! Austin was distracted by Kane who had now left.
Austin got up as Taker took his time and hit a desperate clothesline to Taker over the top rope and Austin then hit Taker on the outside and drove his head in to the announce table. Austin then bounced his body off the entrance guard rail in typical Attitude Era main event spots. They then began to battle into the crowd.
Jim Ross said “Where the hell are they going?” as they went through the audience and Ross said the Highway to Hell is running right through the fans and King hillariously said “Are they nuts? This is New York!”
They went back towards the ring and Taker was getting the better of Steve as he back dropped him over the barricade 8-10 feet high then back first onto the concrete floor. Taker in complete control here.
Despite that once back in the toughest SOB in the Federation stomped Taker in the mid-section and then went for a Stunner but Taker backed out and then grabbed Austin by the boots, slapped a bear hug outside the ring and drove Austin spine first into the ring post. JR said Austin could be paralyzed because of that bad neck.

Taker back in control now as Austin is hurting big time. The two apparently blacked out earlier in the match as you can read about in my PPV notes before the review.
Taker threw Austin with one hand over the top rope and his back hit across the ring apron.
The Undertaker then threw Austin into the turnbuckle with his ribs hitting first and Jim Ross said he had never seen Austin take a BEATING like this, even from Kane.
Then in the spot of the match The Undertaker jumped from the top turnbuckle and gave a flying leg drop to Steve Austin crashing through a table! WOW!


Epic, all this after they had both blacked out. Amazing! MSG roared and this epic encounter had just been taken to a whole new level!
Taker then with everything he had was overmatching the Texas Rattlesnake and then AUstin ducked an irish whip and to his advantage there was a mid-air collision as they double clotheslined each other.
Austin and Taker back and forth with a slug fest and Steve drove his shoulder into the stomach of Taker then hit him with some chops.

Austin hit a Lou Thesz Press then a vicious elbow to the throat!
The physical intensity with a gruelling pace here and Austin and Taker should get a lot of credit for continuing this mathc so well after they blacked out.
Taker caught Austin with a choke slam!
Second chokeslam of the night for The Undertaker.
Austin then avoided a Tombstone and went for a Stunner but Taker scooped up Austin and dropped him groin first on the top rope! The Deadman bought himself some more time and hit a side russian leg sweep to Austin!

What a match.


The Side Russian Leg Sweep puts further pressure on the neck of Austin. Smart moves by Taker.
I can’t believe this didn’t make the Taker or Austin 3 Disc DVD’s.
Taker went up for Old School and then Austin hit a low blow to Taker as he fell down.


In the end Stone Cold Steve Austin retained the title at 20:52 when he delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to Undertaker then got the three in dramatic fashion and MSG roared.




Taker after the match in an act of respect handed the title to Austin and the fans cheered.

Terrific match, I rate this just behind A Cold Day in Hell which I gave **** 1/4 in the big and long Austin/Taker Saga. However this match was far and away the more important one, had Austin been healthier it could of been better, same goes for Taker apparently due to rumors about his ankle at the time.

You’ve gotta give it to both men here. Awesome, awesome stuff and it was rell recieved as it got great feedback after the show was done from fans and MSG went home happy!
Memorable for sure and the build up to ths Summer of 98 epic only helped matters.
I originally had this lower but my god if it isn’t action packed, with spots, awesome brawling and even some technical work with an amazing atmosphere!
Awesome, awesome, awesome. The Highway to Hell delivered a Classic all things considered.









15) Sting vs Bret Hart (c) for the United States Championship -WCW Halloween Havoc October 25, 1998

Bret Hart comes in the reigning US Champion and obviously being Canadian this was a problem with the Stinger and the fans.
Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock was just like a modified Shapshooter or vice versa.
Sting in red as apart of the wolfpac here.
This company didn’t know how to use Bret but every once in awhile they get the booking right. I think of times like these or the infamous Goldberg spear and the metal-guard by the Hitman under his jersey later on…
Bret took his time to get things going with Sting.

This PPV was stacked, it had the likes of Hogan-warrior, Hall-Nash, Goldberg-Page, this match and more, it just didn’t deliver.
However in saying that this was arguably the best match on the card. DDP-Goldberg is a bit better in my opinion.
The bell finally rings but Bret goes for a walk again and the crowd boo. Sting sends Bret into the barricade and then in the ring took him off his feet with a clothesline. A big right to Bret and a whip to the turnbuckle as Bret bounced off hard.

Sting woo’d in Bret’s face and hit an atomic drop. Sting scored a nearfall. Bret then begins to rough up Sting and hit him with a gut shot. A ddt by Hart. Bret Hart threw out an uppercut. Bret choked out Sting on the top rope, Bret hit an atomic drop and a clothesline to Sting. Bret Hart drops his head into the groin of Sting. Bret with a leg drop on Sting but he can only get a two.

Bret Hart drives his headbutt to the lowerback of Sting focusing on the kidney region, in an effort to try and wear him down for a potential sharpshooter. Hey, Tenay just said the same thing I did.
Bret puts Sting in the first weardown submission with a sleeper, fans chanting for Sting and off the ropes Bret caught Sting in the gut with a big right. Bret choked Sting on the middle rope across the throat on the middle ring rope. Bret Hart hit a running bulldog on Sting and dropped down on the Stinger.

Bret Hart hit a textbook side russian legsweep. Bret comes off the top rope but Sting caught him in the Scorpion Deathlock but Bret Hart grabs the bottom rope as he was right close by. Hart recieved kicks from Sting. Sting drops Bret on his back. Sting unloads a bunch of fists in the head of Bret. Bret with a leapfrog on Sting and then while the official held Sting back Bret grabbed something from his pink tights.
Sting grabs it from Bret after running him over with a clothesline. Bret gets it back and drops Sting after a rough stomp. Bret grabs Sting by the hair and hit a back breaker. The Hitman from the corner sdrops an elbow and gets a two. Hart drops Sting chest first across the metal barricade and Hart gets back in and poses. Bret takes a jab at Sting’s throat on the apron.
The official falls down and Sting catches Bret up top.
Sting grabs Bret and hit a Superplex off the top and Bret landed across the legs of the official.
Bret rolled to the outside and hit Sting in the head with his bat. Bret with the official still down came crashing down with the bat into the throat of Sting.
Bret locks on the Sharpshooter after reviving the official.


In the end at 15:04 Hart beat Sting by TKO when he put an unconscious Sting in the Sharpshooter.
This match actually had a slower pace to it considering both men’s style.

Still very good but a bit of a letdown like this whole show.





16) Triple H vs The Rock in a Strap Match -WWF Fully Loaded July 25, 1999

This took place in Buffalo, NY and is the 2nd straight Fully Loaded these two went at it.
The Rock was gaining huge popularity, an appropriate way to close this DVD in the 90`s…
The Rock cuts a money promo before the match on The Game saying that he absolutely sucks.

For the second straight Fully Loaded Rocky and Hunter are going at it. This time it was to see who was going to Summmer Slam!

This year things are different and both men are main event level for sure on Austin’s level or almost JUST there, by Survivor Series they were!

Also this time the allignents have changed, Hunter is now the more physical, powerful GAME and a heel, while Rocky has turned FUNNY and is amazingly over as a BABYFACE and improved drastically in the ring from the year before.

Rock cut a hilarious promo on HHH about how he is the Game, and they kept him down because he absolutely SUCKED.
This match was also put on the Greatest Stars of the 90’s DVD.

Re-watching this reminds me of how much I miss the entrance theme’s to both these guys who had there absolute best during this time period. Hunter’s “My Time” and The Rock’s 1999 “Do you Smell what The Rock is Cookin’?”
Hunter comes out first ready for a big push in the Summer of 1999. Hunter grabs the strap.
Rock comes out to a huge pop.

The Rock layed out shots to Hunter in the corner and he takes in the Rocky chants. Hunter runs into the ring post charging shoulder first.
The Rock dishes out shots to Hunter punching the Game outside the ring.

Rock grabs the strap and now it’s connected to both fists.

Rock tapes the strap to his hand and Hunter’s as well.
Hilariously Rock take’s a ladie’s camera and a picture of Hunter and gives it right back to the blonde at ringside.

Helmsley gets fired up and is full of rage firing away The Rock. Hunter lets go of a hard right. Rock dropped Hunter headfirst into the announce table. Rock is thrown into the barricade by Hunter.
Typical Attitude Era brawling outside the ring, but hey, at least it’s a gimmick match so there’s an excuse.
I love how Lawler says Rock’s popularity is sinking when in turn it was doing the exact opposite and he knew damn well which is why Heel Lawler is tremendous.
Hunter back in the ring lets Rock walk into a high knee. Hunter choked out Rock on the bottom rope. King gives us his insight into what a strap match is like. Fans chanting for The Rock and with his head hanging over the apron Hunter drives his elbow into the Great One’s throat. Rock reversed an irishwhip and sent Hunter into the steel steps.
Rocky opening up on Trips outside the ring driving his head into the steps now.
Rock and Hunter begin to brawl throughout the crowd, the leather strap still in hand of the Game who nails Rock right on the railing.
Outside a steel barricade by the entrance way Rock drops Hunter. Now dropped onto the concrete Rock is beaten on. Hunter straps Rock but Rock reverses a vertical suplex onto the floor. Hunter drives Rock onto the steps and FINALLY, they’re back in the ring.
HHH choked Rock out in the corner with the strap.



Vicious strap shots by the Game but Rock fights back.

Out comes Chyna to get a closer view. Rock hits a Rock Bottom with the official distracted but then Hunter hits a lowblow and begins choking out The Rock.
Hunter walks into a ddt and a nearfall.
Mr. Ass runs from the outside hit Rocky with a club while Chyna distracted the official but Rock kicks out. HHH can’t believe it.
HHH sets up a Pedigree on Rock but he hits a lowblow and from both sides drops a People’s elbow. Rock takes down Gunn and turns around into a Pedigree.
Helmsley is going to Summerslam!

In the end at 19:21 Triple H pinned Rock after a Pedigree to earn a WWF Championship match at SummerSlam 99…


This match was very solid. A great showing from both.

This match is a solid choice to end the DVD, a rare PPV match between two major players coming out as main eventers around the same time span.



*** 1/4








Final Rating for The Greatest Superstars of the 1990’s = 7.5/10




This set was interesting with how they constructed it as opposed to the 80`s set. I thought the Documentary had its moments but left a lot to be desired.

The match selection is a tad strange at times but ultimately was well done including many memorable bouts to go with the less obvious. Any time Owen vs Bret at Wrestlemania X is on the match selection you have one of the best bouts in history, and it was also nice to some other rare Owen PPV matches.

SO while this set is not a must, it’s a very fine dvd for some of the match choices.

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  1. Steven says:

    I thought this was WWE’s best release in a long time, probably because I grew up during the 90’s loved DX and NWO and was during the Crotch Chop to authority figures lol, because I was a punk like the old DX was. I agree with Brett they should’ve included Macho Man Randy Savage, he was a big part of the 90’s in both WWE and WCW. I also thought they should’ve had the New Age Outlaws, DDP, and Syxx. Glad they included Scott Hall even though of all his problems he was a big draw in the 90’s.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Did Flair’s pic on purpose, I figured since he was only in the WWF for one year, his high profile feud was with Savage. Secondly if the WWE decided to not put Savage on greatest of 80’s or 90’s, I’ll include an awesome Savage/Flair picture

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    LOL at the Ric Flair photo.

  4. Siege says:

    The match choices are to showcase the “greatest stars”, and they went to the library to find matches they haven’t released that much of or haven’t released.

  5. @williamwwe says:

    @Brett Mix


  6. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, yeah I will put up the Best of the 21st Century before Monday

  7. Jeff Copeland says:

    i thought this was done well could of used bit more wcw and ecw but overall this is a really good dvd

  8. Anonymous says:

    The best release of an era and loved all the matches on it and the moments on disc 1, where DX did mini shortshooter lol.

  9. Corey says:

    I quite like this dvd i think its the best decade set WWE has released. Then again im a 90s wrestling mark

  10. indyfan says:

    I liked this DVD. I wish they included some ECW guys and matches. Also Owen vs HBk was fast but i have seen matches that are way faster in the Indies.

  11. @williamwwe says:

    Great review (it looks like you puted alot of work in this one) and as I said this one was much better than greatest star of 80’s (IMO). Bret do you know when your review of greatest stars of the 21’st century will be up? because I cant wait to hear your thoughts on that!

  12. William says:

    Been off this site for awhile so I came back for your reviews . keep them comin