Review: WWE ‘Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come’ DVD & Blu-Ray

September 28, 2013 by Joe Israel

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When the 2013 WWE DVD schedule was released early in the year, the Triple H set was the one that jumped out to me the most.  It’s surprising that we haven’t gotten a comprehensive look at his career yet, and I knew that the WWE would go all out in producing this one.  Triple H has never been my favorite wrestler in the world, but he’s always been a very solid in-ring worker, and he’s had a storied career.  My interest was piqued further when site contributors Mark D and Shaun Blackford spoke so highly of it.  While I did enjoy the set, I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as they did, and ultimately I was a bit underwhelmed. 

The documentary runs 2 hours, 7 minutes, and Disc 1 contains over 2 hours of bonus matches.  Disc 2 runs 3 hours, with 90 minutes of Blu-ray exclusive extras.  The set is TV-14, and the only noticeable edit was Undertaker’s entrance music at Backlash 2001.


“Time to Play the Game…”: The Documentary

Since Triple H clearly does not know what is good for business, I’m going to start this review by answering a few questions in the style of Daniel Bryan.

Will you learn something watching this documentary? YES! YES! YES!

Does it hit the key points of The Game’s career? YES! YES! YES!

Is there an overall narrative arc? NO! NO! NO!

Did I get a little bored? YES! YES! YES!

WWE Triple H New DX Army

I think this hits on the key plusses and minuses from the documentary.  Like almost any WWE documentary produced nowadays, you’re going to learn some things that you didn’t already know.  The documentary does a nice job picking out the key points of Triple H’s career, but we’ve heard about some of this material a lot.  The stuff that we haven’t heard about a million times was easily the strongest part of the doc.  His start in WCW, the backstory behind his relationship with Stephanie McMahon, and his current role backstage for WWE were the most interesting parts to me.  I also was really interested to hear Triple H and Shawn Michaels discuss the “PG era” of D-Generation X, and why they thought it worked.  I was never a fan of this era of DX, and the interview did help me to look at them in a bit of a new light.  It was odd just how much time was given to his role in a couple of unmemorable WWE films; this was probably the toughest part to sit through.

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD Interviews

As always, the WWE chose great subjects to interview, but this also leads to one of the biggest issues with the doc.  While Triple H is a smart, talented guy, he isn’t the most charismatic interview subject.  The charisma that oozes out of guys like Chris Jericho, Paul Heyman, or Stone Cold helped to keep their respective documentaries more lively, and Triple H simply isn’t on this level when giving an interview.  Let me be clear that this doesn’t mean I thought the interview was dull.  He told some great stories, he just isn’t as lively as those others.  In terms of interviews, the real highlight was finally getting to hear from The Undertaker on a WWE DVD release.  I really hope we get a career retrospective with him soon, because he clearly has some stories to tell, and held nothing back in the all too few times he was featured on the DVD.

As I hinted at in my questions above, the single biggest issue with the documentary is that, for lack of a better way to put this, it doesn’t have a compelling reason to exist beyond “Triple H is a great wrestler”.  All of the best WWE docs have some sort of overarching story to tell.  For the CM Punk doc, it was about the outsider overcoming the odds and reaching the peak of the WWE.  For Edge, it was about living out a boyhood dream that started in the crowd at WrestleMania VI.  For Austin, it was about a wrestler who constantly had adversity thrown at him, and how he overcome it.  Triple H simply doesn’t have a similarly compelling through-line for his career.  This is a similar issue to what, in my opinion, really hurt The Rock’s documentary from early 2012.  While it serves as a nice career retrospective, there’s nothing overly special about it.  Triple H has had a fairly standard career.  The biggest wrinkle to his career is that he ended up marrying his boss’s daughter, and, as I mentioned, this ends up being a highlight of the documentary.  Because his in-ring career was fairly straightforward, the parts of the documentary that focus heavily on this got a bit dull.  Usually these documentaries fly by, but this one felt a little long at some points in the middle.  It’s not like I was close to falling asleep out of boredom, but it didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat like a lot of the other documentaries.

Triple H Backstage at NXT Performance Center

It may sound like I am being super negative about the documentary, but I did enjoy it overall.  I had very high hopes, though, and I don’t think it lives up to the standards set by some of the other documentaries.  A large reason for this is that the subject matter, quite frankly, hasn’t had as “interesting” a career as some of his counterparts in regards to drama or controversy.  Sure, there were moments here or there that make for interesting stories, and it is nice to see those.  If I were to have a power rankings of all documentaries from WWE, my guess is this would fall somewhere in the 11-20 range.  It’s solid, but not in that upper echelon of docs.


“That Damn Good”: The Matches

WCW Triple H Vs Ricky Steamboat

Jean-Paul Levesque Vs. Ricky Steamboat (WCW Saturday Night, 9/3/94) – **

This was a very academic match.  A lot of the basics are executed here, and while they are executed well, there isn’t anything more than that.  A neat relic from history, though.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley Vs. Dude Love (One Night Only, 9/97) – **

This was one of my least favorite matches I’ve seen between these two men.  It’s very slow, and gets a bit boring, especially in the middle part.  By this point, Helmsley and Mankind had already wrapped up their great feud, and this just felt like a leftover.

WWF Judgment Day 2000 Triple H Rock Iron Man Match

WWE Championship Iron Man Match: The Rock Vs. Triple H (Judgment Day, 5/21/00) – *** 3/4

I never got bored over the course of the hour, so I need to give Rock & Triple H credit for that.  There are a lot of fun moments throughout the match, even if they don’t flow together perfectly.  I don’t think the storytelling was nearly as strong here as we’ve seen in other Iron Man matches.  Also, the ending, although memorable, is a disappointing way to cap off the singles feud between these two.

No Disqualification Match: Triple H Vs. Kurt Angle (Unforgiven, 9/24/00) – ***

While this is a fun match to watch, there is something a bit off about it.  I enjoyed the whole soap opera aspect of this storyline, but the story was about two “bad guys” fighting over a “bad woman”.  While this type of match can work at times, there was a lot going on here.  Still, it’s always entertaining to see these two in the ring together.

WWE Power Trip - Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin

All Championships on the Line: Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. The Undertaker & Kane (Backlash, 4/29/01) – ** 1/2

One of the few good things to come out of Austin’s heel turn was the Two Man Power Trip; they made a fun team.  This match is a very basic tag team match, though, with nothing special going on.  The fact that it then is given about 25-30 minutes actually hurts the match, and it gets a bit dull.

WWE Triple H vs. RVD Raw

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H Vs. Rob Van Dam (Raw, 6/30/03) – ** 3/4

This was a fun title match, especially for a TV match.  I thought this was a great match choice to represent the Evolution/World Heavyweight Champ era for Triple H.  There is a lot of chicanery going on, and Triple H screws someone out of the title like he did so many times in this era.

World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing Match: Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels (Royal Rumble, 1/25/04) – *** 1/2

My thoughts on this particular gimmick match have been well documented on this site.  I just don’t find it that exciting to watch a ref repeatedly try to count to 10.  If anyone can make that exciting, though, it’s HBK.  The anger between the two men is tangible here, but the blood is a bit excessive.  They use the blood as a way to create drama, rather than add to it.

Road to WrestleMania Tournament Match: Triple H Vs. Ric Flair (Raw, 2/6/06) – * 3/4

A very strange choice for the DVD.  While Triple H and Flair have plenty of history, this is a nothing match.  It’s short, and not all that exciting.  The only major “bust” on the DVD extras.

WWE Triple H vs King Booker SummerSlam

Triple H Vs. King Booker (SummerSlam, 8/26/07) – **

For some reason, I felt like this match was going in slow motion the entire time.  Triple H and Booker are each solid wrestlers, but for some reason they didn’t work very well together.  It also is interesting to note the reception Triple H gets for his return here as compared to his return on Raw in 2002.  The video packages make it clear the WWE was trying really hard to get the same huge reaction, but it just doesn’t work.

WWE Triple H vs. Randy Orton

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: Triple H Vs. Randy Orton (No Mercy, 10/7/07) – *** 1/4

Another Last Man Standing match? This one epitomizes why I hate the match type.  Triple H and Orton tell a great story throughout this match, but it becomes disjointed because after each move, we waste a lot of time watching the referee count.  It hurts the flow of an otherwise great match immensely.

Jeff Hardy Vs. Triple H (SmackDown, 11/21/08) – ** 1/2

A solid but unspectacular TV match pitting good guy against good guy.  Not really much else to say about this one.

Triple H Vs. Chris Jericho (Raw, 11/30/09) – **

A fine match, but short and part of the greater storyline between DX and Jeri-Show.  For the sole representation of DX on the bonus features, this wasn’t the best choice.  I would have preferred something from the original DX run, or at least a tag match.

Blu-ray Exclusive Match

WWE WrestleMania 29 Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

No Disqualification Match: Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 29, 4/7/13) – *** 1/2

This is the first time I’ve seen this match since WrestleMania, and it does help when the match doesn’t have to follow up Punk and Taker.  I don’t think this storyline resonated with audiences the way WWE wanted, and that’s another reason the crowd isn’t really into this match.  On its own, it’s better than I remembered, but still not the classic match the WWE billed it as.


“Behold…”: The Blu-ray Extras

I always look forward to the bonus stories on these superstar feature Blu-rays.  While the stories wouldn’t fit neatly into the documentary, they are still interesting, and at times can be more interesting.  The stories here are no different.  The highlight is probably Triple H going through his WrestleMania 29 weekend experience.  Besides that, the most memorable thing is probably watching Triple H and Stephanie play the Newlywed Game, which is a fun little extra.  Honestly, I would have preferred another 40 minutes of these extra stories instead of the Lesnar match from Mania.  While that is a pretty good match, nothing beats these little extra stories.


“…The King of Kings”: Closing Thoughts

I fear that this review is going to come off more negative than I intend it to, but it’s hard to say that this set wasn’t a bit of a disappointment.  I had pretty high expectations following DVDs like Punk’s or Austin’s, and Triple H simply can’t live up to the crazy stories that those guys have had in their pasts.  There’s nothing “wrong” with the documentary, but it doesn’t do anything to set itself apart either.  I felt very similar to The Rock’s documentary, and if you’ve seen that one, you are going to get the same experience here.  I did watch the documentary in one sitting, but I can’t say the time totally flew by.  It was surprising that I was least interesting when they discussed his in-ring career, but that’s probably because all of the stories are pretty well known, and there isn’t much to add (outside of when The Undertaker finally got to talk about it).  I think most viewers will enjoy the doc overall, but it’s not in the pantheon for me.

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come DVD Interview

While there weren’t any true classics included as the bonus matches, there aren’t any stinkers either.  The only match that really disappointed me was the Flair match, but that was more because of how short it was than anything else.  The highlight is easily the Iron Man match.  While it doesn’t live up to the Hart/Michaels or Angle/Lesnar classics, it still is a very good match in its own right.  I also have to give the WWE credit for giving us very few matches that already exist on compilation sets without making the matches feel like “lower tier” contests.  Most of Triple H’s classic matches were The King of Kings match compilation, and this serves as a nice companion piece.  We still see pretty all of Triple H’s major opponents throughout the course of his career included.  The only thing I would have liked to see included was one of the WrestleMania matches with The Undertaker.  Even though they’ve been released before, they are discussed a lot in the documentary, and for that reason alone deserved a place here.

All that being said, this is still one of the more successful DVD’s WWE has put out this year.  Comparing it to the other big superstar profile we got in 2013, I would say this is a better overall package than the Foley release, but I preferred the documentary on Foley.  If you are a big fan of The Game, this is a no brainer; you’re going to love it.  Even if you aren’t a huge fan, you’ll certainly come out of this with a good deal of respect for Triple H.  There’s no doubt in my mind that he is a smart guy that is great for the business.  I have no doubt that this DVD/Blu-ray will spark a good deal of conversation, so let us know what you thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Jeff Copeland says:

    well i got this dvd and over all its good u know i think its still kinda empty in spots like skipping some of years like 02 03 04 which was a big time period for him and evolution hum i cant think why they skiped the foley fued unless they covered it pretty much in the foley dvd skipping the austin fued well ehh they had some matches but its not much to tell and there famous 2 out 3 falls is all ready on austin dvd and i think another one they covered the rock fued pretty good people wanted ironman THEY GOT THE IRONMAN!! which i think over all is the best ironman match and really tells a good story of the rock hhh fued humm i would of liked them talking about jericho fued which he had on and off in 00 01 02 04 in parts and 09 with DX and jerishow and to include the last man standing from fully loaded 2000 but u cant get everything skipping 02 to 05 maybe that was just a time he chose not to talk about 03 i would of replaced the rvd match with like vs kane title vs mask or armageddon 03 where he wins the belt same night all of evolution win gold hbk rumble that was really only match left not on a dvd they had cause there hell in a cell its good but HOLY CRAP to long flair match from 06 again really only left cause lms was on last hhh dvd and cage is on ic title dvd so bio is good not as in deep as like maybe austin or rock or foley but its good i mean its a long due for a bio about Triple H so u know u get wat u get i hope 1 day we get a another dvd un released set like they did bret and hogan on hhh with matches not been on other dvds same with guys like undertaker kane rock jericho so on so forth so over all if u wanna know about the game and how its played LOL get this dvd get it cheep 20 bucks might be alot maybe by christmas of 2013 it might be cheeper so yea this dvd is good its THAT DAMN GOOD!!! 😀

  2. Simon says:

    Just received the Blu Ray yesterday so thought I’d add in my views. Overall, it was an entertaining watch – unlike the reviewer, I thought it told a great story. In fact, it was too story focused. I generally prefer these types of docs to go through the guy’s career, but because he’s been around for 18 years, they had no chance of fitting it in to a 127 minute slot.

    However, there were some key areas that went totally ignored – namely the Foley matches in early 2000 that made his career, and the fact that they didn’t mention TEN of his WrestleMania matches. His debut at WMXII should have been covered, as should his first main event at 2000 have been. The feud with Shawn Michaels, stretching from 2002-04, was barely mentioned in passing. To then compound this by featuring a chapter on his movie career was a real slap in the face. Again, it held together as a cohesive feature and told a great story about Paul Levesque, the man, but I could’ve done with more on Triple H, the wrestler.

    People often say that documentaries should only be released once a wrestler has retired, but the problem with that is there’s too much ground to cover. In some ways, this DVD almost acknowledged that by not even attempting to provide a historic timeline, instead focusing on the man behind the wrestling persona. But, as somebody who likes the docs that are more timeline-oriented, it left me feeling a little unsatisfied. It was a good feature, just not the feature I was hoping it would be.

    The extra stories are enjoyable, but in some ways, I wish they’d been edited back in to the main broadcast, bumping the running time up to 3 hours or so. The matches are excellent, and just what I’d hoped for in the run-up to the listing being released: mostly unreleased matches, and some rare gems from Raws. I also avoided buying WM29 this year too, so it’s good to have a slice of that on tap. Only match missing, for me, was the WM2000 main event. Why isn’t that ever released?

  3. Tej Bryant says:

    @BR who was interviewed for the piece on Chyna? Was HBK interviewed?

  4. Anan says:

    “The only thing I would have liked to see included was one of the WrestleMania matches with The Undertaker. Even though they’ve been released before, they are discussed a lot in the documentary, and for that reason alone deserved a place here.”

    I agree and was surprised their WM matches were not here. WM’s a big part of Taker’s legacy so I can see every WM match being featured on his set. Maybe that’s why they left it off here even though it should have been included.

    ” In terms of interviews, the real highlight was finally getting to hear from The Undertaker on a WWE DVD release. I really hope we get a career retrospective with him soon, because he clearly has some stories to tell, and held nothing back in the all too few times he was featured on the DVD.”

    The main reason I pre-ordered this set. I believe Taker will get his own set. Why not? All the other big names (besides Bruno, Kane, Angle and Booker T to name a few) in WWE got their own set and Taker’s is one of the most anticipated ones. I like that they are waiting. Since he is so close to getting into the HOF with only a handful of matches likely left, I rather they wait till after he goes in that way they can cover his entire career and even speak on his induction. WHa tI hope is that they take the same road they did with Austin’s Bottom Line and Bret Hart’s Dungeon sets – take fan suggestions.

  5. Mike James says:

    I will get this but I wonder if he buries Chyna? I love how WWE thinks Chyna is the forgetting member of DX, DX was HBK, Triple H, and Chyna in my opinion. Their classic stuff from August 1997- March 1998 was classic and will live forever.

    • BR says:

      They don’t bury her at all. They do nothing but talk about the positives of having her as HHH’s valet, though of course their relationship is never brought up.

  6. I won’t say that it was the best DVD/Blu-Ray of 2013 or the best of all time. But between Triple H, Mick Foley & the Top 25 Rivalries, I would say that the best documentary of this year goes to HHH, Foley #2 & the rivalries countdown 3rd. I guarantee you people that a compilation will win best of the year, because there wasn’t much material this year to say ‘tell us some stories’!

  7. Shawn Phelan says:

    STEVEN, can you name the four sets the wm28 match has been on? I think you are mistaken because the only ones I can think of are best ppv marches 2012 and the event itself, which youhshouldnt really xoub

  8. Nick says:

    I cant believe how hated HHH is by most people. He was a very solid worker who should be more respected for living a clean lifestyle and not stuffing up his life like most others.

    The 2003 run he had I dont get why people are upset at his reign. Name me someone who should have the belt during that time. Hell he dropped it to Goldberg. I dont get it.

    • Brad Attitude says:

      He refused to put over guys like Rob Van Dam and Booker T.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        He’s also well known for his backstage politicking which ends up playing a role on live TV … his run between 2003 – 2006 is infamous for his politics and not willing to put over talent.

      • Jess says:

        Booker, I agree but Goldberg coming in and future plans for him to dethrone HHH after a long reign kind of ruined that.

        RVD was NOT the guy, he never was and in 2006, when he had the biggest opportunity of his career, he proved that he was not trustworthy enough to carry the ball with the careless shit he pulled. Definition of a squandered opportunity.

        This is why it bothers me when people still argue that he should have let RVD win the title at the time. Why? There’s more to the business and being the top guy than just being popular with the fans.

    • Joe Israel says:

      He should have lost to Booker at WM XIX. That would have been the logical ending to the story.

      • AJ says:

        Booker T was never even supposed to be in that match. It was a last minute decision. Goldberg and Nash came in and needed a heel to feud with.

    • Kijg Shabazz says:

      The fact he became countless amount of times champion after marrying the daughter of the boss’s daughter lost him a lot of points. Who isn’t “that damn good” when u got the company in your back pocket? He never passed the torch to a deserving talent to help make a new era. Good wrestler, yes, great even, but the fact that he chose to let the torch burn his arm off rather than pass it will keep in forever branded as “the guy who married the boss’s daughter” before the “Michael Jordan of wrestling.”

      • AJ says:

        So he didn’t tap to Benoit at WMXX, Batista at WM21 or Cena at WM22? He also put over Sheamus, Orton, Hardy, and others. He was very careful who he put over and he made stars of the guys he did.

        • Sticky Nick says:

          he never put orton over by pinfall in any good matches they had, but some of the forgettable matches they had rather.

        • King shabazz says:

          Oh, he tapped to Benoit, but notice how he did it a in a 3 way match. This way, he would be seen as having lost a match where he took on TWO men. As far as michaels not tapping out, it’s the least HHH could do for HBK. after all, michaels positioned him in the spotlight long before his own penis did with the boss’s daughter. I would have loved to see him drop the title to Benoit in a 1 on 1 match since then there would be no excuses. And as far as shamus goes, HHH was well past his prime when he “put him over”. You put people over when you have the ability to make it worth while. That’s like terry funk putting Albert del rio over: too late. As far as Batista? He was headed to smackdown. HHH is no dummy. He owns the company. He knew he had to send a strong guy over their seeing as Cena was leaving that brand. Don’t believe it? All michael cole talked about was how he beat HHH. You better build Bautista up because trading him for cena was a huge loss otherwise. I think HHH is a solid wrestler, but he will always be the guy who married his way in. You think it was a coincidence the guy lost cleanly on raw a total of 3 times? I may sound like an HHHater, but actually I congratulate him. He played it right. Married in, for insurance had her kids, & the rest is roses. Let a player play!

          • Another solid effort from WWE this year, however, solid is about as good as it’s gotten all year! The documentary portion is one of the better ones released this year, despite its faults, it remains informative & entertaining throughout w/ out breaking any new ground like Bret vs. Shawn or CM Punk’s. Though the bread & butter of the DVD is certainly the fantastic collection of matches, ranging from good-classic, not a bad match on the set – even though I would have personally chosen the Flair match from Survivor Series over the random Road to WrestleMania Tournament match. Regardless, definitely quality over quantity here, thinking a lot of the matches are sadly underrated…but too each their own!

    • Anan says:

      They hate him because they feel his “married his way” to where he is now. I can see why they think that. But I’ve been of the belief that he earned his way to the top. Taker’s comments here as wel las comments from others illustrate that better than anyone else ever could.

  9. John A. says:

    Another solid effort from WWE this year, however, solid is about as good as it’s gotten all year! The documentary portion is one of the better ones released this year, despite its faults, it remains informative & entertaining throughout w/ out breaking any new ground like Bret vs. Shawn or CM Punk’s. Though the bread & butter of the DVD is certainly the fantastic collection of matches, ranging from good-classic, not a bad match on the set – even though I would have personally chosen the Flair match from Survivor Series over the random Road to WrestleMania Tournament match. Regardless, definitely quality over quantity here, thinking a lot of the matches are sadly underrated…but too each their own!

  10. Black Zombie says:

    I dunno whether u should be laughing or take your review seriously. I still think Triple H beating Orton for the belt in the opening match of No Mercy would’ve been a better fit as it was more a moment of his rather than the concluding moment in their last man standing match. Plus that natch really should’ve been on Randy’s dvd/bluray set

  11. Steven Giordano says:

    Pretty good review. I do agree with the fact that the documentary was very good but not great. There was too much glazed over and the part of him in the terrible movies was not needed. Especially considering they skipped the great heel run of 03-06.They did very little also with the Austin feud that lasted over a year essentially. The matches picked were perfect. Essentially no repeats thank god! How you can say we needed a Taker WM match makes no sense. It has been released on 4 sets already and the match isn’t even two years old. Would have made more sense to have released the WM X7 match. The one match that was missing was the Fully Loaded Jericho match. Other then that I can’t complain about the selection. They are mostly unreleased thank the good lord!

  12. Ballzdeep Washington says:

    I really enjoyed the production value of this release. I consider it to be in the upper echelon of WWE home video releases.

  13. wwefan2013 says:

    Great review. This DVD is so overrated by the other reviewers it’s insane. The first 30 or so minutes is solid but it jumped from 1999/2000 to the wedding and they spent like 15 minutes on some old stuff we heard before (Wedding)

    2002 return is covered then from then on nothing, 2003/4/5 is skipped. They incorrectly say DX 2006 was during “The PG Era” when it was still edgy DX just with more joking (2009 was full PG)

    2013 sucked for WWE DVD’s only Foley’s was decent. (Doc’s only)

  14. Mike says:

    Oh and Undertakers music when he returns at judgment day was dubbed over. They used the ministry theme with some other song.

  15. Mike says:

    I liked your review. I agree, I think certain areas were glossed over. I think some of that might have to do with time constraints. I mean when you look at Triple H’s entire career, you have a lot to cover. Especially considering the corporate role he has now. I liked that they included some backstage stuff, I hope we see more on the history of the WWE.

  16. Mike Abitabile says:

    I had two minor issues with the documentary. The first was that they glossed over the details behind his first WWE/F Title win as Triple H acted like he completely forgot why the title went to Mankind at Summerslam 1999 and then to him the next night on Raw. Depending on what rumors you want to believe, there were some politics at play. But if you don’t want to go into those, don’t even mention that something was up and that no one could remember or that they just didn’t wanted to talk about it. The second was Triple H’s take on why his match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania XXV was flat. His reasoning may have been correct (that no one wanted to see a technical match after the buildup so threatening him with a title loss by DQ was a major handicap) however for him to blame creative for that decision seemed strange after they spent so much time discussing him marriage to the head of creative. Granted they could have been trying to show us he gets no special privileges because of the marriage but it’s hard to imagine he couldn’t fight for a change if he felt so strongly about it. In fact, there is even discussion earlier in the documentary of HBK and HHH fighting for something they believed in (hiring Chyna) and Vince giving in. Other than these two weird moments, I had no major issues with the documentary but will say I understand the author’s point on there being no underlying theme beyond a man’s career. I will say, I feel there is nothing wrong with that, but if he does, that’s his opinion and he is certainly allowed to have it!

  17. Harry Faversham says:

    The review made a lot of sense to me Joe. Especially when drawing comparison to The Rock’s Epic Journey.

  18. justin f says:

    Awesome review. Given how we’ve had roughly 4 Triple H DVDs in the last decade, it’s no surprise this one is no different than the others. As a matter of fact, it still doesn’t feel like a definitive DVD collection because Triple H isn’t fully retired yet…

  19. SRB says:

    I didn’t have any problems with the documentary. I’ve watched it twice already and loved the stuff towards the end with him, HBK and Taker backstage after Mania. This is the type of stuff I love to see. The match selection came off better in the actual set than it did on paper. His match with RVD was great and some of the lesser known gems should have made the cut. This set really hit well with me when the 2nd blu-ray disc was another handful of stories, which lasted about an hour. Obviously when WWE pushes a documentary they have to actually compile footage and sit everyone down. I’m glad they went the extra mile and gave me a look into HHH’s daily life and wrestling story rather than giving me more random matches like him vs. Henry Godwin or Cena

  20. Joe Israel says:

    Also, let me just remind everyone that me saying “this wasn’t one of the best documentaries of all time” is very different from me disliking it.

    • Joe Israel says:

      And one final note since I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of responses about this. I have trouble saying that the main thrust of the doc is that Triple H dedicated his whole life to wrestling when they then take 10 minutes to talk about the movies he was in. That would contradict the narrative.

      • AJ says:

        It certainly wasn’t 10 minutes and in that chapter, he goes on to say wrestling is his passion and it’s why he avoided doing movies for so long.

        • TNAJason says:

          And lets not forget he was committed to do those movies because they were WWE Films,and was not allowed to say no to doing the 2nd one on such short notice,its not like they spent 10 minutes on him being in Blade:Trinity,he is so dedicated to WWE that he did the 2nd film on short notice because he basically had to and couldn’t say no to boot. I think that fits with his life is dedicated to wrestling,as he is dedicated to WWE,and WWE Films released Inside Out & The Chaperone.

  21. AJ says:

    Terrible review and kind of lost credibility with…”Triple H has had a fairly standard career”. Triple H isn’t my favorite, but he was the hottest heel in the business, at the business’ best time ever, even before Stephanie. If you’re looking for a theme, how bout how one man was so passionate about the wrestling, he dedicated his entire life to it. Your points are kind of absurd. I was feel pretty dumb for even clicking or commenting. Oh well.

    • Joe Israel says:

      That’s not what I meant by “standard”. What I meant was there wasn’t any drama backstage for his career, like there was for Austin or Punk.

      • AJ says:

        Any backstage drama? He married the bosses daughter, had the curtain call in MSG, and runs the freaking company now. If anybody has had backstage drama, it’s Triple H. I realize he’s not as cool as Austin was or Punk is and the doc has it’s flaws. But, the ones you’ve pointed out are invalid.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          @ AJ

          I totally agree with you here. Especially about “an overall theme”. There is one, and that being how Trips basically put his wrestling career in jeopardy, and everything he’s worked for to marry Stephanie McMahon. The overall theme is taking chances to go after what you believe in and work hard. Standard career? Anything but. This guy was THE hottest heel between 2003-2005. And, in my opinion of course, I think Triple H is in the top 5 greatest heels of ALL TIME.

  22. Ben says:

    F*ck off with your review! Hey I don’t like Triple H all that much so I am going to write a bad review for his DVD! Anyways, you are in a minority because most people have loved this DVD and his DVD is a about determination and dedication.

    • Manny says:

      Wow, that’s a bit harsh. Everybody has the right to their opinion… I’m still curious to see this release and I may even agree with this review, who knows!

    • Knoxthefourth says:

      I don’t remember reading anything about how this review is the absolute truth. Joe offers up his opinion on how he liked the DVD. No need to be an ass about it, Benjamin. Be a Star, dude.

    • Shark says:

      Dear Ben, anonymous guy on the internet: I’m not really so sure that you can speak for the majority of people that have watched the DVD; you can only speak for yourself. It was also made perfectly clear multiple times throughout the review that this was NOT “hey I don’t like Triple H etc.” As is proper for a review, he discussed both the positives and negatives he perceived. You’re free to disagree with his views, but being a jagoff and just leaving a nasty remark about how it’s a “bad review” just because it noted negatives in addition to the positives is not cool, and is why people don’t listen to the things you say. Act like an adult.

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