Review: WWE Undertaker: The Streak DVD – Documentary & Matches

July 29, 2012 by Joe Israel

The Undertaker’s appearance at Wrestlemania has become one of WWE’s annual highlights.  Although it’s not exactly fair to compare it to sports records (as opposed to the “sports entertainment” streak this is), it still is an impressive feat, and shows how important the Undertaker has been over the past 20+ years of WWE history.  For the first time, all 20 matches have been combined into one complete package.  Some of these matches have become classics, and even if the others aren’t spectacular, they still have earned their place in the annals of WWE history. 

Disc 1, containing a short documentary, runs about 37 minutes, Disc 2 runs 2 hours, 45 minutes, Disc 3 runs 2 hours, 35 minutes, and Disc 4 runs just short of 3 hours.  The DVD is rated TV-14. As expected, the scratch WWF logo is blurred, and Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin'” is replaced with generic entrance music. The Motorhead performance from Wrestlemania X-Seven (Triple H) and Metallica’s “The Memory Remains” from Wrestlemania XXVIII remain in tact.


“Phenom”: The Format & Documentary

When WWEDVDNews first reported the content listing for this DVD set, I was excited to see that the documentary for the set had been given its own disc; however, once we were told the documentary was only 37 minutes, my expectations decreased considerably.  Unfortunately, even these low expectations were barely met by the documentary.  It feels like this documentary would fit well with the superstar features that the WWE was releasing on VHS back in the late 90’s.  I don’t simply say this because of the short run time.  The documentary on the Starrcade DVD set also had a very short run time, but still felt like it belonged with the other documentaries we have gotten in the “DVD Era” of WWE Home Video releases.  It feels like we have gone backwards for this release, though.  It offers a very cursory glimpse at each match in the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, so you don’t get a great amount of insight into any of the matches.  Even his highest profile matches (such as the “End of an Era” match) aren’t given more than 2-3 minutes of dicussion.

The narration and personalities being interview straddle a very strange line between staying in character and breaking “kayfabe”.  The narration is kept completely in character in talking about each “challenge” that has laid in the way of the streak living on.  Not all of the personalities interviewed follow this, though.  Batista, Kevin Nash, & Triple H in particular come to mind as wrestlers interviewed who spoke about the “booking” (for lack of a better term) in regards to their matches.  This creates a strange overall tone to the documentary.  It also is strange to me that the WWE bothered to interview personalities not currently on the WWE roster like Paul Bearer and Batista and only use them for about 30 seconds on documentary (or in the case of Bearer, about 5 seconds).

The remaining 3 discs each contain the 20 complete matches that comprise the streak.  Because of the time constraints, the way the matches are laid out was really the only way it could have been done.  I would have preferred if Disc 2 ended with the Wrestlemania 15 match, leaving the entire “American Bad Ass” era on the 3rd Disc, but this is a very minor nitpick.  I am very happy, however, that the Shawn Michaels/Triple H series from Wrestlemania XXV-XXVIII are given their own disc.  Watching all of these matches in one sitting, they play off of each other very well, and tell one complete story.  It doesn’t hurt that these matches are all classics, either.

The documentary/bonus matches format works out OK, but I would have preferred if this DVD more closely followed the format of the Tombstone: History of the Undertaker DVD set.  Since I never expected them to break character, the documentary was going to disappoint.  Therefore, I would have preferred including a 3-5 minute intro to each match explaining the storyline building up to each match, laying the matches across the 4 discs.  My ultimate dream would have been to have The Undertaker record an alternate commentary with Jim Ross (or any of WWE’s play-by-play guys) for each match.  This would have given incredible insight into each match in the streak, but I never expected that to actually come to fruition.


“Rest in Peace”: The Matches

The Undertaker Vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (Wrestlemania VII, 3/24/91) – * 1/2

A quick match that was used to get over how dominant the Undertaker was in the ring.  Snuka and Taker both do a good job in their respective roles, but the match is very short and simple.

The Undertaker Vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Wrestlemania VIII, 4/5/92) – **

Roberts and Taker have very good chemistry throughout this match and tell a nice story, but like the Snuka match, the match is too short to be anything memorable.

The Undertaker Vs. Giant Gonzalez (Wrestlemania IX, 4/4/93) – 3/4 *

Many long-time WWE fans have referred to Gonzalez as one of the worst in-ring workers in the history of the company, and this match doesn’t help him overcome that stigma.  They try to work with Gonzalez’ in-ring limitations, but they still can’t put together anything too compelling.  The non-finish is also disappointing.

The Undertaker Vs. King Kong Bundy (Wrestlemania XI, 4/2/95) – *

Bundy’s career was on the way down at this point, and he really couldn’t move too well in the ring by this point.  Therefore, like the Gonzalez match, there wasn’t much that could be done to make the match interesting.  Bearer & DiBiase at ringside become the most interesting part.

The Undertaker Vs. Diesel (Wrestlemania XII, 3/31/96) – ** 1/2

A solid big man match between the two men.  Well paced given the style of match.  Ultimately nothing particularly memorable, but still solid.

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship: The Undertaker Vs. Sycho Sid (Wrestlemania 13, 3/23/97) – **

This match really shows just how sloppy Sid was in the ring.  He was very limited, and I felt like Undertaker did what he could to tell a compelling story, but the match never got there.  Way too long given Sid’s abilities (which I don’t mean to make sound terrible, but they aren’t great).  The highlight of the match is Bret Hart’s promo before the match starts, completing his heel turn that started earlier in the night in his classic against Austin.

The Undertaker Vs. Kane (Wrestlemania XIV, 3/29/98) – ***

I was pleasantly surprised with this match.  Probably the best match that these two have had against each other.  The storytelling is great, and helps overcome any limitations they may have in the ring.

Hell in a Cell Match: The Undertaker Vs. Big Boss Man (Wrestlemania XV, 3/28/99) – * 1/2

There’s a reason why, at the time, this was only Hell in a Cell match left off the Hell in a Cell anthology DVD set.  There is very little chemistry in the match, and it is surprisingly short.  As expected, the post-match angle with Boss Man getting hung from the cell is removed.

The Undertaker Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania X-Seven, 4/1/01) – *** 3/4

In hindsight, this match doesn’t live up to the classics these two men would have 10 years later, but it’s still a great match.  I usually don’t love the “brawl through the crowd” spots, but it’s done very well in this match.  Undertaker & Triple H are both great storytellers, so it’s no surprise their matches always deliver.

No Disqualification Match: The Undertaker Vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania X8, 3/17/02) – ****

Speaking of great storytellers, Ric Flair plays off of the Undertaker beautifully here.  This match is wonderfully paced and put together.  The screencapture above, where Undertaker does his patented “sit up” while Flair has the Figure 4 locked in, is an amazing spot.

The Undertaker Vs. Big Show & A-Train (Wrestlemania XIX, 3/30/03) – **

To be fair, this match is a lot better than I remember it being in hindsight. And I’m certainly not going to complain about an opportunity to use the words “Colossus of Boggo Road” again.  In all seriousness, though, the match is decently put together, and the Nathan Jones appearance is a bizarre footnote in the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania history.

The Undertaker Vs. Kane (Wrestlemania XX, 3/14/04) – * 1/4

At the time, I still remember the Undertaker returning as the Deadman being an awesome moment, and his entrance in this match is still fantastic.  The match itself, however, doesn’t come together much at all.  A big disappointment after watching their match at Wrestlemania XIV.

The Undertaker Vs. Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 21, 4/3/05) – *** 1/4

A very solid if unspectacular match playing off the “Legend Vs. Legend Killer” gimmick.

Casket Match: The Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry (Wrestlemania 22, 4/2/06) – **

A very “by the numbers” big man match.  The casket match gimmick doesn’t really add much, but probably helped make this match a bit better than it would have been otherwise.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Undertaker Vs. Batista (Wrestlemania 23, 4/1/07) – ****

The start of the Undertaker’s “streak within the streak” of stealing the show at Wrestlemania year after year.  This also may be the best match of Batista’s career.  They have great chemistry, and tell a fun story in the ring.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Undertaker Vs. Edge (Wrestlemania XXIV, 3/30/08) – **** 1/2

A classic between two of the best of the past generation.  Again, The Undertaker helps deliver one of the best matches of his opponent’s career.

The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 25, 4/5/09) – *****

In my opinion, one of the 3 greatest matches in the history of Wrestlemania (along with Savage Vs. Steamboat and Bret Vs. Owen), if not in the history of the WWE.  An incredible match.

Streak Vs. Career: The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XXVI, 3/28/10) – **** 1/2

Although this match is a step below the contest from the year before, it is still fantastic.  The finish of this match is probably my favorite finish to any match.  The emotion from Shawn and Taker is wonderful.

No Holds Barred Match: The Undertaker Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania XXVII, 4/3/11) – **** 3/4

Although this match risks becoming “finisher overload” late in the match, the storytelling is still great.  The Undertaker refusing to stay down is a great conceit for the match.

“End of an Era” Hell in a Cell Match (Guest Referee Shawn Michaels): The Undertaker Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania XXVIII, 4/1/12) – *****

I know most fans do not go the full 5 stars for this match, but I honestly feel that the storytelling in this match is unparalleled and is enough to earn the 5 stars.  I’ve never seen a match filled with this level of emotion, and I was completely invested in it.  Michaels adds so much to the match as guest referee, and the match serves as a great “end of an era”.


“Last Ride”: Final Thoughts

This DVD ends up being somewhat difficult to review.  While the format and documentary are not fantastic, a good number of the bonus matches are.  It would be unfair for me to say that the documentary is “bad”.  For what the WWE was going for, the doc is serviceable.  I also did somewhat enjoy watching it, even if I was left disappointed and underwhelmed.  If you pretend that you are watching a WWE Home Video released in the late 90’s, this will feel like it fits right in, and you may enjoy it.  If your only reason to buy the DVD is for the documentary, though, I would rethink making the purchase.  As I outlined earlier, there were other formats that I think would have worked better for this set, but for what we’re given, this ends up working out OK.

The major selling point for this DVD, though, is the complete matches.  I know a lot of die-hard collectors found this set a bit unnecessary because they already own all of the Wrestlemania events on their individual DVDs.  It’s hard for me to argue this point, but that doesn’t mean that this DVD wasn’t a great idea.  I love the idea of having the streak on one set, and as someone who doesn’t own EVERY Wrestlemania on DVD, there were a few matches on this set that were missing from my collection.  For the casual fan, I would say this set is an easy recommendation just for the opportunity to own each match, and I expect the set to be a pretty big seller.

An interesting note about the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania matches are that they tend to either be fantastic or bad.  There are very few matches that are “middle of the road”.  I’d only put the Diesel, Orton, and first Kane matches in that category.  Eight of the matches on the set, though (Triple H at X-Seven, Flair, and from Batista onwards) are all great matches, with some being modern classics.  As far as match compilation discs go, the 4th disc of this set is probably the greatest disc of matches the WWE has ever released, and I imagine that will never be beaten.  I really love the idea of having those four matches on one disc.  Watching them in one sitting was a great experience.  For me, this is almost enough of a reason to recommend this set to everyone.

I should also note that the box art for this set is fantastic, and does make a great item for your shelf.  The WWE has really been stepping up their game in this department over the past year.  It feels like every DVD I get, the box art gets better and better each time.  I like the idea of listing each “victim” along with the Wrestlemania number instead of giving the usual match listings.  It helps the set feel special, while still giving pertinent information like which match is on each disc.

Overall, I think most readers have probably already made up their mind about whether or not they are going to buy this set, and I think my review will only help to bolster those opinions.  The documentary is not worth going out of your way to see, so I would not recommend simply buying the DVD for that reason.  If you do not own all of the Wrestlemania events on DVD, though, I think this set is a very easy recommendation. I enjoyed going through the 20 matches relatively quickly.  The last 6 matches are all wonderful, and the last 4 in particular are a wonderful lesson in storytelling.  This set makes a great addition to WWE’s home video library, even if some hardcore DVD collectors don’t have much new here.


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  1. danichopz says:

    Hello guys.

    I have a question.
    I got a blu-ray version of this UNDERTAKER – THE STREAK, but I feel a little bit frustrated because I thought the matches would be in “full screen” but they aren’t. I mean, they have a presentation which does not allow the matches to be in the whole screen. I’m sorry, it’s hard to explain.

    Is it because I have it on blu-ray version? NONE TALKS ABOUT IT.
    What do you guys make off that?

    • Mark D says:

      All WWE DVD/Blu-Rays have been like that since 2010. The sidebars at the side allow the footage to be displayed correctly on a widescreen tv – without being stretched.

  2. rezwan says:

    the name of the song at the end of the first disc…what is it????????

  3. beto says:

    f*ck i need the song please

  4. nightmare says:

    Why does it have to have the black bar on the side I mean come on why can’t it just be full screen or widescreen .

    • jeff says:

      Nitemare could you please answer my? Of who sings the song close to the end of the 1st disk that says you try to take me down you’ll never take me down. Nobody will answer this for me I tryed Google n music I d n nothing helps

  5. Anan says:

    The doc could’ve been better. Much better. You’d think that with a 20-0 Streak, all the victims and all the hype The Streak has, that the doc would be longer. No announcers spoke on it. Cole, King, JR called their share of Taker WM matches. Yet, none of them were asked to comment. Foley and JBL, while not WM victims should have commented and same goes for Vince as well as Kane.

    Paul Bearer should’ve commented more and more of Taker’s victims should have commented too. If done right, the doc could’ve been at usual length. By that, I mean as long as WWE’s documentaries usually are.

    I believe WWE will eventually do an actual doc on Taker. It’s inevitable as he’s as big if not bigger than the superstars who WWE released docs on. However in Taker’s case, I’m glad they haven’t done one yet. I’ve always been of the belief that documentaries should be released once the individual is retired from the industry. That way their entire career could be documented on one release. I want Taker, Kane and Paul Bearer to appear and comment on each of their documentaries so till they can do so, I don’t think docs should be done on them. It wouldn’t be right, otherwise as the three of them have a rich long, storied history in WWE.

  6. beto says:

    what has the name of the song

  7. beto says:

    what is the name of the song

  8. TheUndertaker says:

    Nightmare can u please name the song at the end of the documentary

  9. Alex says:

    I wonder if they will ever release a legit documentary on Mark Calaway. Like, obviously he’s a real person and has a family and a history of how he got into wrestling. Fans like me want to know!

  10. matt says:

    what is the name of the song played at the end of disc 1 sounds like fozzy but i don’t no please tell me

  11. matt says:

    what is the name of the son played at the end of disc 1 sounds like fozzy but i don’t no please tell me

    • jeff says:

      Id like to know this to about this song i tryed to google you try to take me down you”ll never take me down but cant find anything that matchs it even tryed music id n that didnt help grrrr

  12. great review joe, i get this set next week sometime. shame the doc is brief

  13. Beerad says:

    picked up the blu ray version today, awesome set

  14. nightmare says:

    This just might be The deadman Last WM ever win or loss

    – The Undertaker appeared at a Florida Championship Wrestling event in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday and when a fan noted that like him, he attends WrestleMania every year, the WWE Superstar responded, “Well, don’t make any plans for April…”

    The Deadman added, We’ll see what happens.”Just have to wait and see we all know that it won’t be Jericho because he leaving WWE soon and for good he said which sucks because I feel him and Taker could put on an amazing match .

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rock vs Taker should be the match for WM 29 and not Cena vs Rock 2. Imagine, Rock as champion vs UT streak!!!

  16. nightmare says:

    Ok never mind on that question sorry I found the answer

  17. nightmare says:

    I know this is off the topic but could someone please tell me what ppv was it that Undertaker Burned In Pyro Accident at WWE Elimination Chamber I know the year was 2010 I remember watching it but I can’t remember the name of the ppv and was this match shown on the Satan Prison dvd set .Thanks

    • Johnny W. says:

      Lol then the name of the PPV was Elimination Chamber! Any chamber match from 2010 onwards happened at Elimination Chamber, as this was the year WWE renamed it from No Way Out. And since the Satan’s Prison anthology included all chamber matches up until 2010, it is included on that set. Though if I remember correctly, it was cut out.

  18. nightmare says:

    Yea the Boss man Vs Taker is not on the WWE: Hell in a Cell set I just checked .

  19. Loose Cannon says:

    Undertaker vs Boss Man (Boss Man being hung) can also be seen in the Hell In The Cell Anthology.. And to someone’s comment saying the Streak wont end. The Streak will end Undertaker has already said he dont want it to be undefeated. Because he dont want The Streak being bigger then Wrestlemania. He’s wants to so call past the torch. They talk about it in the True Story Of Wrestlemania blu ray. Undertaker is just waiting for someone to beat him so he can retire. And i know alot of you dont like to hear it. But John Cena will be the man to do it. Undertaker said it himself Cena is a class act and loves this business. And he is in it for the long hall. So who else would he let end the Streak?? Cena ends it at WM 29

    • Darnell harris says:

      if it is true that john cena will be the one to end the streak then i want to see the undertaker face brock lesnar at wm29 an beat him before his streak is ended by john cena an also john cena had said that he want to take a shot at the streak at wm30 he did not said wm29 but wm30

    • Anonymous says:

      Taker vs Boss Man is not on the Hell in a Cell anthology

    • nightmare says:

      It won’t be John to end the streak and I will bet on it 100 percent I not sure who it will be I liked to see Jericho end it or someone he has never faced at WM as for Brock there no way they will do that either .Brock future depends on how the match goes at SS with Triple H and to be honest so far that”s the only match on SS I am curious about .

      So we could go on and on about this but in reality the only ones who know who will face Taker at WM next year is VINCE and maybe right now he doesn’t even know or care .Just have to wait and see .

      Anything can happen in a year everybody knows that .

  20. Darnell harris says:

    why did wwe did not added in the voices of michael cole an jerry lawler an jim ross when they should of been talking during taker entrance at wrestlemania 27 an at the end of match on undertaker the streak

  21. Darnell harris says:

    i would like to know will this be the last release on the undertaker streak that the wwe will ever produce because right now he already have two streak dvds the 15-0 an now undertaker the streak 20-0 an if the undertaker come back next year for wm29 i hope that the streak continue

  22. nightmare says:

    I have a question does the Wrestlemaina Anthology for the Undertaker vs Boss man show the Boss man being hung or was it cut out on that too and if so where does everybody get the footage from that event .I never saw the show on ppv live so I just don’t know was it ever release where it show that act .

  23. nightmare says:

    No way Cena or Lesnar will not end the streak and I would bet money on that for sure .John has the same boring matches over and over .The best thing they could do to John and Vince really wanted it to happen would be to turn him heel finally that would blow the rating out of the water for sure .

    Everyone just about has been a heel but Cena and it needs to happen so really nobody know who and if the streak will end next year that a long way off .

  24. Beerad says:

    I am going to pickup the blu ray version of this and can’t wait to watch all of his matches again even though I own a few of them. I really thought Randy Orton was going to be the first guy to end the streak and when that didn’t happen I just think now that he is going to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania until his career is over

  25. Loose Cannon says:

    It’s gonna happen John Cena vs Undertaker for The Streak. As much as some fans hate Cena he’s the only guy i can see Undertaker giving it up to. And it would be a exciting match. Cena vs Undertaker hasn’t happened in years. And it’s one of them matches like will Cena win or will Undertaker hold on to it. It’s one of them u just don’t know matches. We all knew HBK and HHH wouldn’t end the Streak. But with Cena you just don’t know till the the final bell. I would love to see Undertaker vs Sting but i just don’t think it will ever happen. So looks like Cena vs Taker at WM 29 and Cena will end The Streak

  26. nightmare says:

    Ok sorry about that outburst I just can’t stand John Cena

  27. nightmare says:

    Oh hell no that I will boycott for sure NO CHANCE IN HELL

  28. Loose Cannon says:

    John Cena will end The Streak at WM 29

  29. MrB says:

    Good review. I agree that Taker/Batista was an awesome match, but IMO HBK/Cena were the best match that night.

  30. nightmare says:

    Now is the streak does finally does end who would y like to see it end by .

    For me I would like to see Chris Jericho end it .He is one of my all time favorite wrestlers ever next to the undertaker himself .

    • Anonymous says:

      No one. There’s too much risk in giving the streak to a young guy, and the established stars wouldn’t benefit from it in the long run.

      Especially someone like Jericho who’s a great wrestler but wasn’t really a top star. And who ditches wrestling for Fozzy on a regular basis nowadays.

  31. nightmare says:

    Alot of people are wondering why this was release now and I read somewhere that the Steak may end at next year WM .Mark Calloway aka the Undertaker and Vince think it may be time because of his heath he had alot of surgery and this year WM took alot out of him so I guess we will wait and see .

  32. oldschool says:

    You know 37 minutes of documentary on and twenty minutes of extras on a blu ray felt like a rip off. Come on WWE the guy has been there twenty plus years and you could not load up the blu disc with more extras? I mean fifty minutes on a blu ray is a rip off. It should have been more loaded. There could have been the build up and lead into every one of his matches, they could have made the documentary longer and more special. If you have all the wrestlemania’s already I would pass on this until the price drops. I was disappointed in this blu ray set

  33. ChadWWE says:

    His last 4 matches are overrated, and due to the short documentary (and the review to confirm) I will wait to pick this up once it’s cost is in the single dollar digits.

  34. pmdmf says:

    I got the blu ray and disc one is just the documentary and the blu ray bonus features. I own all the wrestlemanias and I got this for the documentary and the fact that I didn’t have to switch all my wrestlemanias out of my dvd player. I feel the review is spot on. And for what it’s worth, out of his 20 matches, only 3 (7, 15, 18) he was the heel. 17 wm’s with the crowd cheering for you. Not bad.

  35. Darnell harris says:

    i was very disapointed that undertaker ain’t no grave theme songs was not on their during his entrance at wrestlemania 27 the wwe should had put that theme songs on i don’t know why they did not an also if the undertaker have a match at wm29 an go 21-0 this 20-0 dvd will be incomplete an after taker goes 21-0 at wrestlemania maybe undertaker is trying for 25-0 an then when he reach to 25-0 the wwe would probably release yet another streak dvd an the undertaker would probably retire after that making the 25-0 streak dvd complete set

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason Ain’t No Grave, American Bad Ass, Rollin’, and For whom the Bell Tolls weren’t included is because WWE either didn’t license them for DVD use or because the licensing expired.

  36. Johnny W. says:

    I agree with this review, and, like most of us, already own 99% of these matches, though like everyone else, would have seen a whole lot more value in this release if they waited until Undertaker was officially retired until producing it. If he has at least one more match in him, which we all know he does, this will be outdated by WrestleMania 29 in less than a year. Not to mention that they put out a streak release only five years ago after WrestleMania 23. Anyone remember “15-0”?

    ….And 37 minutes of video on one disc? Seriously? Has there been a bigger waste of technology? Hell, I’d almost rather see a “Best of Hornswoggle” release instead of seeing WWE waste disc space like that!

  37. Ross says:

    I actually prefer these reviews to the ones Brett Mix wrote . I would love to see much more of them in the future and maybe even write some for older releases

  38. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Very good review. I actually haven’t purchased this yet, mainly because I see no rush in doing so. I am definitely still going to add this to my collection eventually though, regardless.

  39. Jesus Lopez says:

    Great review! I wish I had read this just a few days earlier as I have already made the purchase. Honesty, I bought it solely for the documentary. I actually held off on “This Is My Yard” because I assumed this release to be superior as far as the documentary provided-I was wrong. This review nailed it. It broke down every aspect of this release, really connecting with each purchaser’s perspective. I am not a Taker fan, but am a fan of WWE documentaries. I should have known better as the title was “The Streak”. This is THE focus and not the man himself. Lesson learned. Great review-thank you.

  40. LP1 says:

    I’m not usually one to complain about runtimes or DVD length, but 4 discs is a complete waste. Especially since the 37 minute documentary is on a disc by itself. They could’ve very easily fit this onto 3 discs and still have plenty of room for extras. With that said, it’s still a cool release to have for big Taker fans. The blu-ray is the way to go for this one.

  41. Jeff Copeland says:

    this is for type of fans that are really loyal to the man the myth the legend the undertaker yea bio is short but ehh and if u want the best place to get this dvd is kmart cause u get another taker dvd with it his deadlist matches from 2010 so over all this is a very good dvd

  42. nightmare says:

    Wow great review that sucks they removed the Boss man hanging I wonder why I mean it’s not hard to find it always on youtube that the only thing that upset me

    I had a free Walmart Gift card and order the Blu ray online and I have not watch it yet but I will this week

    .Also I went to my Walmart again and they didn’t even have the blu ray nor the dvd .

    They said that there were not carrying the WWE blu rays and the dvd they had sold out .They only got 4 of them in .

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Pretty obvious why they cut that part isn’t it? It was a pretty silly ending to the match anyway to be honest. I’ve got a lot of time for the Bossman though.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Never understood why they didn’t just go with Undertaker vs. Big Show at Wrestlemania XIX. I think they had a match at No Way Out before it, but they should have saved it for the big event. It was meant to be a tag match with Nathan Jones I think, but what a rubbish idea for an Undertaker Wrestlemania match. And very poor last minute story telling when Nathan Jones was dropped. Undertaker and Big Show deserved better for two of the most significant big men in the history of wrestling.

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