Review: WWE Unforgiven 2003 DVD

December 20, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2003 Review:



“Goldberg…I watched you in a Company destroying a nobody, after a nobody, and I will end the Joke that is your Career! You don’t belong in the same Company as me…. and after tonight….you won’t be!”Triple H


-WWE Unforgiven 2003 took place on Sunday, September the 21st, 2003, in front of 10,347 fans from the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


-This was the sixth annual Unforgiven.
-Jimm Ros and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw Brand PPV.


-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, Maven defeated Steven Richards (with Victoria) at 5:13 on Sunday Night Heat.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs Rob Conway and La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier and René Duprée) (c) in a Handicap tables match for the World Tag Team Championship

We are shown the vicious and botched Spike Dudley going through a table attempt from a Raw before this event and Spike’s head cracked the outside of the table giving him a concussion.

Therefore it’s three on two here.


The first tem to put all their opponents through a table win, simple enough.

D-Von isolated in La Resistance’s corner. Fans want tables and D-Von wears Conway down. Bubba holds his chest so D-von could chop him to size.

Bubba sets him up upside dwn and chops away at the sternum of Conway some more.

Bubba with a hard clothesline to Conway. Bubba sends Dupree into Sylvain Grenier into Conway and then a big Bubb a Splash and instead of the 3D they hit a double-team flapjack shades of the old Midnight Express.

Fans want tables but Dupree in their working over Bubba, and a tag into Conway who chops Bubba and uses a thrust kick. Sylvain Grenier tagged in and now the isolation of Bubba Ray Dudley as the fan boo.

Sylvain Grenier tags in Dupree and he taunts Bubba as he continues to work him over in the corner tagging into Conway who grabs a sleeper.

Bubba hit a side suplex to Conway. D-Von comes in and knocks Sylvain Grenier off the apron then Dupree down. D-Von with a shoulder block to Conway.

A double-team neck-breaker as the fans chant 3D for…fan are 0-2 there.
D-Von “Whatz Up’d” one-third of La Resistance.



Bubba Ray Dudley asks D-Von to get the tables.
La Resistance comes back in the ring and the fans bood despite tables being set up.

D-Von now crashed through a table vertically in the corner of the ring.
Now it’s down to 3 on 1. Dupree with a neck-breaker to Bubba.

Bubba suplexed Sylvain Grenier through a table as he reversed a suplex and he went crashing through wood.
D-Von moved a table ouf of the way and now La Resistance hit each other as Bubba held one up and he fell.

Bubba bomb.

Fans chant 3-D, they are 0 for 3 as they crash Conway through a table on the ground the same way they did Spie earlier on Raw.

Dupree or Bubba are next in line.

Dupree came in the ring and he was finally 3D’d.

The Dudleyz make tag-team history as they are the World Tag Team Champion’s for a 17th time.
In the end Bubba an D-Von walked away with the tag gold at 10:17 when they regained the title’s by putting all three men through tables.

Great opener.




** 3/4



2) Test (with Stacy Keibler) vs Scott Steiner


It’s the boring feud that would just NEVER seem to end.

Steiner and Test.

Good god everyone was tired of this.

But at least Stacy looked absolutely amazing in that short jean-skirt. She showed a lot of her assets at this event which helped the event flow.

She kind of made it HARD shall I say to concentrate on the match.


Test attacks Steiner as the big booty daddy looked at Test’s gf’s booty and Scott Steiner slams Test after he yells at Stacy she’s gonna be with a real man.

Well technically she was right if you ya’ll consider George Clooney a real man.

King saying CAN YOU imagine what Stacy’s services really cracked me up.

Speaking of crack…whoever said it killed?



Test using his leverage advantage with a headlock, went for a pum-handle slam and Steiner countered it into a powerbomb but semi-botched it as the fans boo.

Test used his legs in the middle rope Stacy pushed him off and then interefered and Steiner got a two.

Test with a kick to the mid-section an abdominal stretch to Steiner then a hard pump-handle slam.

Test with a big boot almost and Stacy showed her asset’s on the canvas in a big way. God.

Stacy ran into Steiner accidentally and Steiner was knoced down by a big boot from Test. A nearfall. Test can’t belive it.

Test is furious.

Test grabbed a chair and Stacy went to hit Test and ducked and hit Steiner and now Test laughed at Stacy and a high boot to Steiner.

Test wins and gets Stacy’s services.

Test now had Steiner a his property and forced a kiss on Stacy even though she actually likes t.
In the end Test beat Steiner at 6:56 after Stacy accidentally stunned Steiner with a chair-shot and a second boot to the face by Test.

This match was pretty decent, better then Bad Blood for sure.




* 3/4





3) Randy Orton (with Ric Flair) vs HBK Shawn Michaels

Evolution’s young stud Randy Orton going against the veteran Shawn Michaels here.

Orton was getting a major push and it’s amazing commparing this Orton vs Michaels match to the one at Survivor Series 2007 which was a classic.

Years of experience in the ring will do that.
Michaels giving Orton a early chain-wrestling beginning.

Shawn with a Flair strut and Flair doesen’t look impressed outside the ring. A hip-lock, a side head-lock and then a leg-scissors and now Shawn Michaels took Randy Orton to take-down school.

Great work early by Michaels.

Orton ties up with Shawn and then an over-head wristlock and then Orton side headlock. Shawn Michaels off the roes hits a shoulder block and then a leap-frog, Orton tries to leap-frog Michaels and he sends Orton over the ropes but he skins the cat taking a page out of Shawn Michaels’s book and hits a drokick.

Orton with a nearfall, a stommp, a european uppercut and a scoop slam.

Orton goes to the top rope and he jumped into an atomic drop as Shawn clotheslined Orton twice and this time it takes him to the floor and Shawn Michaels skins the cat himself.

Michaels with a base-ball slide to Orton down on the floor. Shawn Michaels with a high crossbody to Orton.
Orton selling his lower-back and Hebner tells him to back off damn it whch gets tons of laughs. A standing-switch by Orton and a nice suplex, Orton with a waist-lock against him a textbook suplex by Michaels with a nice bridge.

Off the ropes Orton kicks at Shawn and a sunset flip a modified version by Orton and a nearfall. Shawn with an irish-whip and Orton catches him with a high boot to the face.

Orton and Michaels pounding away on one another. Orton with heavy right’s and then Shawn Michaels crashed into the ring-post shoulder first.

Flair with a hammerlock to HBK behind the official and shoved HBK nto the ring-post then Flair on the outside with a low-blow.

Orton scooped up Shawn Michaels and rammed his shouder into the ring-post. Now that’s the focus of the Legend Killer.

Shawn’s lower-back was alway bad but now the shoulder was clearly the focus point. Orton focuses ont he arm by dropping it on the top rope, now Orton sling-shots Shawn Michaels in towards his body as he applies a wrist-lock.

Orton dropped hs weight on Shawn and now a hammerlock applied by Orton to the injured arm/shoulder region of Shawn Michaels and he’s trying to hyper-extend the elbow. Michaels now just to even get out of this hold has to carry Orton’s weight.

Good psychology implemented here.

Orton takes the arm of Orton and smartly lays back on the canvas with a unique arm-bar. Shawn Michaels is reselient and Ross keeps talking about that.

Orton with a nice arm-bar and he’s still wrenching and working over the bad shoulder of Michaels. Orton with inside cradle and a nearfall. Shawn Michaels is starting to battle out of this domination by Orton, a flying forearm and he kicks up and now an atomic drop.

Despte Shawn Michaels being worn down he goes on one arm and tosses Randy to the outside and he crashed on the floor.  A double axehandle by Michaels to Orton and a two.

Orton irishwhipped Shawn Michaels into the buckle and he flips upside down.

Shawn Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music and walks into an RKO by Orton.

Orton covers him and Shawn Michaels kicks out. Flair throws a tantrum on the outside. Orton missed with a crossbody shot and he hit the mat.

Michaels then went up top for an elbow and Shawn Michaels dropped Naitch. Michaels dropped the elbow to the heart of Orton but hurt his injured arm in the process.

Good selling and story-tellling there

Shawn Michaels covered Randy and he barely kicks with Shawn Michaels’s one good arm covered Orton.

Both men down and who will get up first? Michaels kicks up and somehow has energy goes for the Sweet Chin Music as Orton goes up to his feet slowly.

Michaels with a huge super-kick and Flair put Orton’s foot on the rope but after the three.

Shawn superkicked Flair. Orton goes to clobber Michaels and Michaels suplexed Orton back in the ring it looked like Orton had a handfulll of Brass Knucks and Orton pins Shawn Michaels and wins.
In the end Randy Orton defeated Michaels at 18:47.


This one was AWESOME.

Defintely the match of the night. A borderline classic and by far Randy’s best match up until this point in his career.







4) Trish Stratus and Lita vs Molly Holly and Gail Kim in a Diva’s Tag team match



Back when there was a legit Diva’s division.

Two all-time rivals there in Lita and Trish team up here.

Gail Kim making her PPV debut. The Women’s Champion Molly Holly cmes out next.

Lita returning to action after a year. She now has the most annoying punk-rock theme.

Trish still out-popped her though because Males pop with their dick in Women’s wrestling.

Molly Holly tags in Gail and now Kim is hit with an arm-drag take down and then another and now a back-drop to Kim.

Lita with a snap suplex and kicks up. Trish then tagged in with a chop and a flying clothesline. Trish with a hard right.
Trish with a Matrix like duck and a high kick to Gail Kim.

Trish then took a nasty bump and fell to the floor due to Molly Holly. Molly Holly with a reverse chinlock. Gail tags in and now she stomps on the bac of Trish.

Gail then with another rear choke. Trish’s body is bending backwards and then she uses leverage out of the turnbuckle to flip over. Molly Holly with a cheap-shoot taking Lita off the apron.
Now this allowed Gail Kim to isolate Trish in their corner and work over Stratus not allowing her to make the hot tag to Lita.

Molly Holly then with a front facelock to Trish. There was a tag but a blind one, the official never saw it. Lita is busted open.

Lita in her return match bleeding from the mouth probably from when Molly Holly took her off the apron. Trish though with a double hurricanrana and Gail Kim slammed down Stratus.

The crowd actually loud for this diva’s tag bck when they actually had a legit division.

Lita finally tagged in as is Molly Holly and got revenge with a clothesline, then a dropkick to Kim sending her out, a monkey-flip to Molly Holly and now Lita with a head-scissors take-over and now Kim is Lita-bombed.

Molly Holly remembering Lita had a neck injury attacks her neck.

Molly Holly climbs to the top and Trish with great leg strength to take her down.

Lita with a reverse twist of fate on Molly Holly and then a Lita Sault.

The good girls win.


In the end at 6:46 Stratus and Lita win when she covered Molly Holly, but double-team work prevailed here.


This tag was one of the better Ladies matches I’ve ever seen.









5) Shane McMahon vs Kane in a Last Man Standing Match

This feud was pretty ridiculous but it made Kane look like a monster which was good I guess, although feuding with Shane was pretty stupid in hindsight.

Kane should of been dominating other monsters or main event talent or even GM characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin at the time.

The match rules are you have to make your opponent not answer the ten therefre being the Last Man Standing.


Shane McMahon begins with a steel chair as this thing was personal. Shane with chair-shots to the legs of Kane. Shane then drags Kane’s legs and slams them into a ring-post.

Kane’s advantage is his legs and its easier to win a Last Man Standing match so that is why Shane McMahon is targettng the legs.

We’d see these two go at it in an Ammbulance Match at Survivor Series 2 months after this.

Shane tries a crossbody and Kane slammed him, referee with a count on Shane now. Kane with an uppercut at ring-side. Kane slams him into the steel steps.

Kane with a high Stair Shot to the cranium of Shane McMahon.

Jim Ross figured Shane McMahon should just throw in the towel now.

Kane goes a big boot in the corner and hits the official instead.

This one had a real slow pace to begin.

Kane instead of hittimg the tombstone dropped Shane on the mat and Kane trash-taled him and threw the steel steps in the ring.

Hilarious hearing Ross and King saying Kane belongs in a mental institution and not the WWE. However if he’s babyface Ross will cry how he deserves a title shot. Gotta love it. WWE Double Standards are great.

Kane apparently took too much time because Shane-O-Mac with a resourcefu baseball-slide and now the steps are hit into Kane and Shane drops the steps on Kane.

Kane buried by the steps from Shane McMahon and now he goes from one end of the ring to the other with a dropkick into Kane’s head.


Awesome spot to knock Kane down.

The count would of been ten if the official had been up but he unfortuntely for Shane McMahon’s sake was down on the canvas.

Crowd chants ONE MOE TIME.

Shane crawled over to Kane and he throws the steps on Shane McMahon.

The official is back up. Charles Robinson counts to four, five, six, seven, eight and both men get up, Shane at 9.

Shane then runs to Kane and he tosses Shane McMahon to the floor outside the ring. Kane clobbered the back of Shane McMahon. Kane with a Europeaan uppercut, very stiff to Shane McMahon. Kane then sent into the barricade-ribs first.





Kane threw Shane-O-Mac threw the stage. After a couple of vicious shot where his Spine crashed nto the Unforgiven sign.

Shades of Angle throwing Shane through the glass King of the Ring 2001 stage.

Just unbelievable.

Kane then scooped up Shane and drove him head-first into the booth.

Now Kane runs up to the stage with Shane.
Shane is helpless on the ground and Kane flips the Spanish announce table on Shane-O-Mac on the ground.

Shane hides behind the stage and shocked Kane. Kane hit in the head with a metal sign. Three times.

Kane’s bac is busted open.

Now the boom camera right into the face of Kane.
Awesome action here, extremely violent ever since they got to the Cage area.
Kane answers the count at 9.

Shane McMahon now chokes out Kane with an electrical cord. Fans chant “Shane-O-Mac” and Shane does some dancing but walks into a chokeslam predicament.

A low-blod and a ddt on the stage ramp.

Kane down and Shane McMahon hit Kane with tv Monitor’s and Kane is down. Shane McMahon looks up while the fans yelled go up top.


He’s done this at Summerslam 2000, Backlash 01 and now Unforgiven 03.

Lucky to be alive.

Shane McMahon dives out on Kane but and he falls through the stage.

SHANE falls through the stage. WOW.
Kane stands at seven.
In the end Kane won the LMS match at 19:42 when Shane McMahon failed to answer then ten count.

Great violence with a very memorable finish.

Shane gets a “Shane O Mac” chant and a standing ovation being taken out on a stretcher.



*** 1/4






6) Christian (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam in a Triple threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



Christian by this point had a nice lengthy IC title reign despite not being on the Summerslam 2003 card.

A win here over these two greats would surely help his reign and put him over further.

Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam are two quick aerial wrestlers.

Combine all three of these guys and were in store for a great match.

Especially when this match gets almost 20 minutes.

More and more Peep signs in attendance.

Jericho before the match told Austin backstage he was going to make him crack and he was going to be the next IC Champion.

Y2J gets good heel heat, Christian would be neutral despite being the heel here and RVD is no doubt the clear cut babyface in this triple-threat contest.

RVD lost the IC title to Chris Jericho the last time he held it.

But Christian walks in the defending Champion and since it’s the first person with a pinfall or submission on anybody the odds don’t exactly favor the current IC Champion Christian.

Ross calls RVD the greatest athlete in the WWE never to be World Champion.

Well Owen Hart was one hell of an athlete, but he’s probably right.

RVD gets a pretty decent reaction I think the fans are a bit dead for this match after just witnessing some hardcore brutality in the last Shane-Kane LMS match.

The bell rings.

Christian points to his belt, and all three men having a talking too with each other. Van Dam takes the belt and Christian and Chris Jericho double-team Van Dam.

Off the rope RVD flips over both and a nice double dropkick to Chris Jericho and Chrstian.

RVD kics at the head of Christian. Jericho almost suplexed into the ring off the apron by RVD but he is actually suplexed to the floor!

RVD goes to the top rope and hits an un-real moonsault to both Christian and Chris Jericho both! Great move.

RVD then springboards a leg-drop onto the Champ and only got a two count. Jericho now taking over Van Dam with heavy shots to RVD and then a hard-knife edge chop.

Van Dam gets a nearfall. RVD pulled out of the ring by Christian and now Jericho get in each other’s face about hurting RVD but stll both guys double-team RVD.

Jercho with striking blows to RVD as the IC Champ Christian held him up. Christian choing out RVD with his boot. Jericho and Christin send RVD to the corner.

Chris Jericho is sling-shotted by Christian into RVD.

Fans are very dead for this even though the action is still very solid.

RVD irishwhipped into the corner this time Jericho hits the buckle as RVD moved and kicked Christian. Jericho hit with a leg-sweep but now when Chris Jericho gets up he hits an enziguri on RVD and gt a nearfall.

A big forearm shot by Chris Jericho and then Christian with right’s.

Almost still a handicap match because of how Christian and Chris Jericho are double-teaming him but now RVD hits a double-ddt as a counter to a Midnight Express like flap-jack.

Van Dam with a summersault springboard to Christian on the floor. You can’t get counted out.

RVD with enough presence of mind after being launched by Chris Jericho to hit Christian there. Now Chris Jericho with a springboard dropkick to RVD the man he met two years ago at this event in a tremendous Classic Hardore match that is often forgotten.

Jericho slapping RVD, slaps a submission hold yelling ask him. Covers him yelling come on bay bay!

Jericho now catches RVD in an offensive move with a tremendous counter into the Walls of Jericho by Y2J.

Y2J wants the IC title.

Fans chanting for RVD. Chris Jericho then gets hit by Christian to brea it up.

Finally both heels go at it. Jericho takes down Christian. Christian takes down Chris Jericho. Both men braw to the floor. High crossbody by Y2J to Rob Van Dam.
Jericho missed a Lionsault, RVD with rolling thunder. Christian rammed into RVD and there was a kick out. This just after Christian collapsed up top on his little peeps.

Jericho and Christian in a 69 situation and the fans laugh and take their pics. RVD with a five star frog-splash, pretty hilarious.

Awesome endurance here.

Jericho on top of RVD’s shoulders while Christian powerbombed RVD from the top with a superplex. A triple-plex.

Very original at the time and the fans ate it up.

A Standing Ovation with a “Holy Sh**” chant.

This match and event is so much better then originally remembered.

Christian runs right into a spinning heel kick by RVD. Van Dam throws out Jericho. Christian tried a title shot to RVD. Van Da is catapolted onto Jericho off the apron.

RVD with an inside cradle on Christian and a two. RVD with a side kick to Christian.

RVD kicked Jericho off the apron who had a chair.

RVD goes for a 5 star frogsplash to Christian who lifted his belt up and RVD crashed and burned.

Christian rolls up Van Dam and gets him.

In the end at 19:03 Christian retained the title after he wins a hard fought battle.

Nicely booked. A great three-way that got a TON of time to eat up.




*** 3/4





7) Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman vs Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in Tag team match for right to be the commentators for Raw




Terrible idea.

No commentary to boot!

Lets give this over 8 minutes as well while we’re at it!

Poor guys.

I remember being embarassed the first time I watched this train-wreck of a match and up until this point the PPV has been really solid, better then I remembered.

Orton-Michaels was a classic, the triple-threat was absolutely tremendous, Shane and Kane was very violent, Dudleyz won the tables and titles match, the ladies did a good job and the Main Event was still to come.

But this just pissed a lot of people off.

Boring chants. Coach said shut your pie hole and we can hear JR say AWWW Shut Up. Pretty funny.

King slapped by Al Snow and comes off the top with a forearm.

Fans piss on this retty good.

Stuff like this really shouldn’t be on PPV.
Al Snow dominating the with a number of shots on King’s back.

More booing.

King rakes hid face in the corner as Snow slapped Lawler and then threw him to the buckle.

Who on earth figured this would of been a good match, for real?


Now a sit-down abdominal stretch by Al Snow to King.

Al Snow with a sleeper to Lawler. Al Snow back body-drops to King to the canvas.

Fans were kkind of like me the first time I watched this waiting for something, and then something finally happened.

King hit a piledriver, his finisher to Al Snow but his foot was on the rope negating the pinfall. Similar to Orton-Michaels earlier in the night.

Jonathan Coachman tags in and sends King to the turnbuckle and drops down with a double axehandle.
I still have no idea why this is taking place as Boring chants flood the arena again.

Jonathan Coachman tried a Bronco Buster and crashed and burned as King must of had it scouted well.

Fans chant for tables.

King then with a flying forearm off the top and Jonathan Coachman kicked out, Al Snow helped out though.

Jim Ross tagged in and Al Snow is with him. Ross kicked him down-low and got him out of the ring.

Ross then with an ugly as hell clothesline took down Jonathan Coachman and he stomped on him.

Rosss with shots to Jonathan Coachman he continued to do so until Jericho dropkicked Ross in the head and Jonathan Coachman covered him.
Jericho tried to get to Steve Austin.
In the end Coach and Snow won at 8:16.
This match is not even the worst in Unforgiven history which is sad. Bottom five though.











8 ) Main Event- Goldberg vs “The Game” Triple H (c) Career-threatening match for the World Heavyweight Championship



Hunter had been Champion since Armageddon 2002 and the fans were sick and tired of his reign and thought for sure Goldberg would of won the Chamber match at Summerslam and looking back he probably should of.

Either way here was his revenge at Unforgiven.


HHH pulls a Randy Macho Man Savage at Wrestlemania 5 and comes out first as the Heel Champion who is about to lose.

Goldberg finally gets his big pay-day in WWE here tonight at Unforgiven 2003. If not the fans would likely riot and they don’t even like him all that much!

Still though the babyface heat he got was good enough to over-come a hated heel in HHH.

Ross points how Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan in the Georgia Dome on Nitro 5 years ago.

Goldberg walks in the challenger and the pyro’s go off. He doesen’t trip like he did at Summerslam 2003 this time.
Goldberg in a must-win situation or he is through.

Fans were sure of the result but lets get down to the match.

Hebner checking both Hunter and Goldberg.

Here we go!


Triple H ties up with Goldberg and it’s 1 on 1, the way the fans had been wanting it for quite some time now.

HHH is 4-0 at Unforgiven’s defeating Owen, RVD, The Six Pack Challenge and Kurt Angle. He’s also win the next year against Orton.

Goldberg off the ropes press-slammed Hunter and then he fell to the floor.
HHH took his time getting back in the ring.

Most of Goldberg’s matches were hard, smash-mouth style. He’s not used to lengthy matches as they may expose certain weaknesses. Goldberg slammed HHH down.

HUnter with a hard right to Goldberg and then raked his face. Goldberg irishwhipped Hunter into the corner and then hit a back-drop.

Some boo’s are actually heard. What would it take for the fans to cheer him if he still got booed against HHH in an era when all fans thought he was the anti-christ. Literally.

Every day was HHH day bck here.

Goldberg sends HHH to the buckle once more and kicks him in the lower-gut and hits him with a snap suplex.

Goldberg going for a spear but he runs right into the Harley Race-like high knee by the Cerebral Assasin as he had the move scouted and very resourcefully changed his moves in mid-air from defense to offense.

Goldberg clotheslined HHH too the floor. HHH though tripped up Goldberg and then as Goldberg lays over the apron and HHH elbows with an elbow point right into the back of Goldberg.

HHH tries to get defended by Jim Ross to the IWC about how he had beaten the Rock’s and Austin’s for years before he became a MacMan, as if to say it’s okay if everything is now the HHH show.

wHHHo’s booking it all anyway?


HHH in control for a little bt here wearing down Goldberg. Measuring him taking him off his vertical base since he had the leverage advantage did Big Bad Bill.

Goldberg over-powering The Game crashing into the buckle, then HHH with another leg-chop.

Hunter then slapped on Goldberg a Figure Four Leg-Lock, Naitch’s move, and especially Naitch’s move as HHH holds onto the ropes for additional grip, grasp and leverage without the official seeing.

A smart technique to try and work on Goldberg’s legs and if you want Goldberg in your main event this is really how you have to book the match with him on the defense before he comes back that is.

Hunter reversed the move into an Indian Deathlock.

HHH had groin, quad problems and as Lawler said it’d be smart for Goldberg to exploit that.

HHH up and drve his knee into Goldberg’s face, the second one is blocked and Goldberg has HHH’s leg and a big kick to the sternum.

Goldberg with two hard clothesline’s. A power wrestler in Goldberg smashmouth style with a powerslam to Hunter, almost a new Champ!

Goldberg tossed Hunter to the corner and Big Bad Bill made Trips turn upside down and fall all the way out to the floor.

Goldberg with a vile, intense headbutt on the apron to HHH and then hiplocked him from the apron to the outside, in. Goldberg then kicked at Hunter in the corner and now Goldberg shoved the official by mistake.

HHH hit a low-blow and then a ddt, but no referee. This may of back-fired on the Champ.

HHH going for the Pedigree but then is back-dropped to the floor by Bill Goldberg.

HHH grabs the Sledgehammer and there is no official. HHH hit Goldberg right in the jaw and Hunter is in control and his title 10 month title reign is not in Jeopardy.

All of the sudden he takes his time and Goldberg hits a SPEAR out of no where to a bloody World’s Champion! Unbelievable.

Goldberg with a front facelock into a Jackhammer!
In the end at 14:57 Goldberg finally became World Champion defeating Hunter by his signagture finishing moves!

It’s over!

Ross screams Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg! His second loudest pop next to his debut in that segment with The Rock.



One of Goldberg’s better matches during his stint in the WWE and maybe his most important.

Fans go home happy.







Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2003 = 7/10



This show to be honest was no where NEAR as bad as I had first thought. I remember thinking back to Raw PPv’s in 2003 dominated by guys like HHH AND god-awfull failed WCW Experiments like Steiner, Nash and Goldberg or boring teams like La Resistance, and the push of Test. I think of Bad Blood 2003 as a god awful event. So when I thought of Unforgiven 03 I remembered the dreadful tag team announcer’s match and the main event and shrugged my shoulders and said “Oh Boy…here we go.” But wow, I was impressed. Big time.

Not only does La Resistance appear on the show but they wrestle an entertaining match with the Dudley Boyz. Dudleyz get their record 17 tag title’s in a nice little table’s match. Stacy and her asset’s make a short Steiner-Test match worth it. Orton is carried to the match of his life to this point by Michaels when given near 20 minutes to work and he actually went over. The ladies put on such a tremendous diva’s tag I gave it three stars in Lita’s return bout. THE IC Title is an underrated three-way that got almost 20 minutes to work as well. Shane and Kane is way more violent then I remembered, and it has a feel good ending with Goldberg over HHH for the title. So while not everything was pretty there’s enough here to love on the show to get it. So all in all, I suggest getting the show.

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  1. Jesse says:

    2003 was the worst year for raw. hhh hogging the main event forever. this was the year where he buried all former wcw champions like scott steiner, booker t, kevin nash and to some extent, bill goldberg. once chris benoit jumped to raw next year, things got better for 2004 (atleast for the first 6 months).

    • Jay Karia says:

      The HHH/Goldberg match, the intercontinental title match, the Orton/Michaes match and the last man standing match were the best in my opinion.

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    thanx for the review … i only remembered this ppv for the triple threat championship match and orton vs shawn michaels. i did remember goldberg/hhh match but didn’t think much of it to be honest.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah, I added about half a star just for the sake of HHH’s 2003 reign coming to an end when hardly anyone on the IWC could take it. For the record Goldberg’s best match was probably against Jericho at Bad Blood. That is a horrid event but the match was about *** 1/4 range if I remember correct.

  4. Anonymous says:

    3 stars for the main event? Too high in my opinion. Goldberg was such a waste in WWE. He worked with the likes of Triple H, Jericho, Flair, Lesnar, and still somehow managed to never have an above average match. I remember thinking his match on Raw with HBK was his most entertaining one (still nothing to brag about but better than the rest).

    Any word on a Goldberg DVD? If they use his WCW stuff it could be the first 3 disc set to contain 72 matches.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    To each their own

  6. Michael says:

    I don’t know what you are on about, Lita’s theme was the best a Diva could have.

  7. Anonymous RAW GM! says:

    Amazing review that you’ve tempted me to bring out the DVD of it and watch it again as I havent since it AIRED 8 years ago!

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