Review: WWE Unforgiven 2004 DVD

December 21, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2004 Review:


“Bravo Chris…(Jericho)…you better shine that up nice because right when I’m ready, I’m taking back what’s mine!” -Edge



-WWE Unforgiven 2004 took place on Sunday, September the 12th 2004 in front of 10,000 fans from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon


-This was the seventh annual Unforgiven PPv.
-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw PPV.


-On Heat before the event Maven defeated Rodney Mack with Jazz.




-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Chris Benoit and William Regal vs Evolution (“Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Batista)



We open up Unforgiven 2004 with a Tag team match.

Crowd should be hot as four big names open this one. If you consider Regal a big name, I do.

It’s kind of dissapointing seeing Benoit curtain jerk a PPV just after losing the World title but what do you do?

It’s kind of dissaponting seeing Benoit end his life the way he did as well, but what do ya do?
Chris Benoit and Regal get a gret pop coming out to the ring to Benoit’s music.


Batista and Benoit both get set to go. I would of liked to have seen a long program between these two for the title.

Benoit was capable of carrying anyone and technical guys can carry big guys like Bret did with Nash or Taker, Angle did with Taker, etc.

Batista got out of a Crossface attempt early.
Chris Benoit with a smash-mouth style and now he sweeps the leg of Batista using technique to take the bigger man off his feet.

A tag into the south paw, William Regal. Fans chant his name.

Batista with a cheap-shot knocking Benoit the former World champ off the apron.

Regal with a modified T-Bone suplex to Batista and then a left forearm to grind it in the face of Batista. Benoit high knee shots as Batista was laying them down on the Crippler.
All of the sudden the dirtiest player in the game Nature eBoy Ric Flair and Benoit have a chop off.


Tons of shots and Benoit then nailed by Regal with a left chop, a back-drop then hard chops. Surprised FLair hasn’t flopped yet.

Regal and Benoit are lke a dream team from a technical stand-point.

They deliver blows to Flair.

Flair walks out of the corner and you just know what’s coming up. The flop.

Benoit chops him, Flair with blind shots htting nobody and a giant flop to the fans approval as they laugh and pop.

Now Regal makes things a tad more serious with a wrist-lock to Flair.

Benoit tagged in agan, frequent tags to isolate Flair, and Benoit hurts his arm. Flair kicked at Benoit and then Benoit with a side headlock but Naitch got one leg up on Benoit went to take out the Crippler’s legs but Flair did another ridiculous flop.

Can’t help but show some of my family members.

It’s good for a laugh but it’s beyond Ridiculous naitch as Benoit hit an enziguri that lead to that one. Regal caught with a front facelock to Tista and then Benoit set up a shapshooter on Batista, but off the ropes he delivered a clubbing forearm to the late Chris Benoit.

The Animal of Evolution takes it to Regal in the corner of the ring, they isolate the south paw in William Regal. Naitch from the outside but now he’s legal.

Flair with  full first knocks Regal in the head and then an irishwhip from Flar to Rega. Flair rips the face of Regal then wwith a back body suplex Flair only got a two.

Fans applaud for the faces which has been a very entertaining back an forth tag match thus far.

Flair chopped Regal and Batista came in and slammed Regal on the mat. A neck-vice grounds Regal and now the heavy clobbering down to Regal. Batista very agile and quick as he measured up Regal.

Flair tagged in and drops the double axe-handle to Regal taking advantage of the positioning. Flair then with a chop bloc to Regal.

Flair sets up a Figure Four in mid-ring. Benoit is hungry to get back in the action from the outside and the crowd is all on hs side.

Benoit sensing Regal was in trouble drokicks Flair and now Regal covered up Flair. Flair tags in Tista and then drops an elbo on Regal.

Batista taunting Benoit and over-powered Regal, Benoit then broke up his domination on Regal because of the taunting. JR said that’s what he got for taunting, Kind says I’ll taunt you before the night is over. Funny stuff.

A reverse chinlock by Tista to Regal, Benoit claps on the outside trying to get the crowd behind Regal who crashed out of the corner as William Regal blocked the turnbuckle and skulls collided.

Both men get the hot tag.

Benoit unloaded on Flair the Wolverine took it to Naitch in the fifth gear. Amazing Flair could stay with Benoit who was a fast offensive machine.

A waist-lock belly to back suplex to Fair, two to Batista and then another to Flair, a hattrick. Benoit now signals for the diving headbutt as the place pops.

Benoit lands the headbutt and sadly destroys some brain cells diving his head into the head of Flair, a thumb to the eye by Flair to break up a potential pin.

Batista breaks up the Crossface n Flair and then Batista slams down Benoit with a Batista bomb. Regal comes in and an Arn Anderson like Spinebuster to the south paw.

Regal dodged Batista and he ran into the ring-post, then the barricade falling over in the fan-side area on the concrete!

Action everywhere!
Flair goes for a figure four, Benoit counters into a Crossface.


In the end at 15:05 Benoit and Regal defeated Flair and Tista by submission.


This opener was wonderful. Great wrestling, back and forth, humor-filled.

A wonderful way to open the show.





*** 3/4


2) Trish Stratus (c) (with Tyson Tomko) vs Victoria for the WWE Women’s Championship

In a pre-match backstage segment my fantasies were answered when Christian burned Trish if she had ever taken it from the back.

Here’s a Women’s title match and these two ladies always seem to have pretty good chemistry if anybody cares about the actual match.



The ladie’s match at Unforgiven 03 was good anyway, so here we go and this one between two ood female workers is given over eight minutes. Should be interesting.

Well here we go none the less. Tomko is in the corner of Trosh rather then the problem solver because Trish has a …well she doesen’t have a Penis and Christian does so I guess that’s the reason.


Trish Stratus works well as a heel, better then a face, like most people these days.


Vicotoria with  waist-lock takedown with a bridge.

Trish Stratus with a hand-full of hair off the top nd the two ladies continue to exchange shots. Trish Stratus sent Victoria head-first on the apron.

Tomko wathed Trish Stratus slow the pace down but Victoria gets out and tres to take down Trish Stratus.
Well in the end TS retains her Ladie’s title at 8:2l


This match was decent.








3) Tyson Tomko vs Steven Richards

Are you ready?

This is the worst match in the history of Wrestling. Literally.



I refuse to even review it. Which says something since I reviewed the entire King of the Ring 1995 event.

All I’m going to say is Tomko defeated Richards at 6:24.
The crowd crapped all over this and rightfully so. I would of demanded a refund.

The whole match consisted of Tomko slowly kicking at Richards dressed as a lady. Yeah….
The reason this is the absolute worst match of all time is because it happened on a PPV (that’s right, people payed to view this) and it was over 6 minutes in length. Hell that’s half the length Steamboat and Savage had at Wrestlemania 3.
A lot of people say this is the worst match, that’s the worst match…Don’t kid yourselves folks. I just watched Kronik vs BOD. I just watched Kennel from Hell. I just watched Snow and Coach vs King and JR. THIS…THIS…is the worst match….of all time.

Faans take a giant sh*t on this match because that’s exactly what this is.

Fans boo and chant boring while Steven in his undies got beared down.
Fand had to get behind Richards and he even]tally began.
Richrds gets slamed Tomko covers and wins. Oh dear god.





THE MOTHER OF ALL DUD’S (you will never see Brett Mix say another match was worse)




4) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Christian in a Ladder match for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship



The IC title was vacant here. Edge was ouT-

Both guys brawl to the floor, former friends and tag partners.

So both men got  Ladder, Christian climbed ever so slowly and Y2J a chance to win it of course. Jercho then shoved Christian head in on tne Ladder.

The Lddder set up and Jericho crashed and  burned.
Chris Jericho elevated by Chrstian up.

After that Y2J ran out of gas but still had enougn mmmph to send christian into the Ladder.

Chris Jercho his body into the Ladder and Christian moved so he hung upsiide down. Christian held a Ladder and Jericho went to dropkck him with the Laddder.

Jericho went for a Lionsault despitre Christin holding the Ladder. Now Christian with it in the ring sets up ever so slowly.

This certainly has a different feel from most Ladder matches.
Christian cliimbs ever so slowly gain up the Ladder but Jericho used the ladder as a weapon, Chris Jercho used the ladder as a weapon as a battered and bruised as a weapon.

Jericho climbs the ladder and Christian pushed him off, Christian in not much better shape, onlty difference is he is climbing the Ladder.

Y2J met him and Chrstian tried to kick Christian of the Ladder, now a familiar spot, Jericho wit h a for of the walls of Jericho to Christian and now Jericho wrenched tht lower-back as Christian took the ladder off

Good back and forth climax here.

Both men hungry for the title as it goes back and forth keeping you guessing who is ahead momentum wise….

Jericho takes Christian off face-first off the top.
Chris Jercho climbs to the top rung and gets it!
In the end Jericho grabbed the belt at 22:29 to become IC Champion.

Jericho is the 2nd best IC Champ ever next to Savage but he has won the title the most.
His run here would be short-lived as Shelton Benjamin defeated him a month later at Taboo Tuesday 04 and held that title until Carlito beat him on his first night on Raw in June of 2005. That was a good reign.


As for this match it was pretty good but nothing more. It could of been so much more given the length.



** 3/4





5) Shawn Michaels vs Kane (with Lita) in a No Disqualification Match

Kane jobs to everybody, what else is new.

Now a returning HBK wants revenge on him for putting him out of action.

(Kane would even job to rookie Gene Snitsky the next month)


A returning Shawn Michaels had INSANE. PAIN. KANE from the Unforgiven 2004 poster to deal with.

I couldn’t tell if this had more to do with Matt or Lita then it did HBK.

Kane obvously with nothing but power to begin.

Shawn still Unforgiven for the fact Shawn Michaels was put out of action by Kane.

Lawler mentiond Kane should go after the throat. Shawn Michaels out of action for three months. Kane with no mercy sends Shawn into the barricade then then held a pregnant women in front of him.

Kane removes tv monitor’s which got a good pop and now Shawn Michaels suplexed through an announce table.

Kane throws HB in the ring but somehwow. Kane then with sme more eternal shots to the sternum of shawn and then slammed into the buckle and Shawn Michaels.

The reason Kane is enjoying this match so much is like when Serial Killers enjoy killng, Shawn Michaels out of no where hit a flying forer and bth men down.

Kane sits up.

Michaels kicks up  the same time as

Kane threw Shawn Michaels into the steps and he’s busted open (bladed) in this NO DQ match.

Kane with  char in-hand, Michaels with the heart of a warrir fought back but then Kane with a boot sending HBK to the ring post Michaels.

HBK hit an atomic drop, a chop then an inverted atomic drop.

Shawn Michaels the Show wth a clothesline.

Shawn Michaels bloodied tuning up the band and Kane gets up slowly and tunrns around and Kane got a huge big boot to the head of Shawn Michaels but somehow HBK kicked out.

Shawn Michaels refused to die and avoided a chokeslam with a low-blow to Kane. Bischoff made this match NO DQ match.

Shawn Michaels with a Steel Chair shot right to the head of Kane.

Michaels down. Kane is down.

Both men are out and the ref can’t count, NO DQ’s and Kane sits up. Ross calls it evil. Kane then wtih Shawn Michaels down, Lita grabs the steel chair, Kane picks up Shawn Michaels and he drops from a chokeslam attempt an hits the Sween Chin Music out of no where!

In the end at 18:02 Michaels put away Kane with a Super Kick.


This match got a ton of time to work and told a great story.



*** 1/4







6) La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier and Robért Conway) (c) vs Tajiri and Rhyno for the World Tag Team Championship

Tajiri and Rhyno challenging for the title’s here!
Here we get a World tag title match before the main event to get us set for the main event.

It gets quite a bit of time.

Sylvain Grenier and Tajiri working over one another. Sylvain Grenier a leap-frog over the Japenese Buzzsaw.
Rhyno pounding away and wad a gore away but Tajiri is tagged in and Conway took apart Tajri no problem, isolating Tajiri in the corner in ther corner.
Sylvain Grenier sent Takri to the ropes and now with Conway he his a head-scissors. Rhyno the legal man tried to build momentum and Sylvain Grenier comes in and one way of saluting the flag and RHyno went for a gore.

Sylvain Grenier used the flag behind the official’s back and he covered Rhyno.
In the end at 9:40 La Résistance retained their titles after the flag pole bailed them out.


This match was simple




** 1/4




7) Main Event- Randy Orton (c) vs “The Game” Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship


So a little back-story here.

Orton had been Champion three whole weeks and was the youngest World Champ in history.

He was also the worst booked Champ of all time to this point. He had the single worst babyface run in history and the IWC on popular message forums coined him a nick-name at the time “Rocky T Austin” as he was a combination of those three wrestlers.

They had Orton do god-awful segments where he’d try and be funny. They bombed worse then the Diva Search or the XFL.

Orton had a three week reign here (Way to make him look good) and the fans (a lot of them) were even going for a despised heel in HHH, that’s how bad Orton’s face run was going.

They took away everything that popular with the guy. His arrogance. I don’t get it.

They didn’t take away Rocky or Austin’s cockiness when they were Babyfaces so why did they take away Orton’s arrogance.

It’s like he woke up and started tagging with the Babyfaces and smiled like it was no ones business and became super-human. It became quite brutal to watch.

Anyway moving on.

Orton would come around once they smartened up and turned him heel before his Mania 21 program with Taker in early 2005 and he RKO’d Stacy Keibler. I thanked god when he did that, the guy is a natural heel even if he is babyface now in late 2011, times have changed.

So onto the match.

Randy Orton and The Game stare one anther down before a tie up inro these two would have a decent outing, scratch that a great match Rumble 05.

HHH kept out-wrestling Orton wth a side headlock take-over, head scsissors then Orton slapped HHH in the face and then Orton Spit on the Game which of couse mae him furious and Hunter pressued Orron into the corner.

Randy Orton irishwhipped HHH and then took him ut of the ring but once back in HHH with a drop toe-hold and an Indian Deathlock.

A Chop Block focusig on the leg of the Champ since he has control of the Champ focusing on the knee, dragging him and driving his knee into the canvas. The Game methodically wearing down the Champ and the Challenger in his 30’s in the figue four.

Great follow up but am RKO but Batista and Flair help out and the Game hit the Pedigree to Randy Orton. In the end at 24:44 The Game once again regained as World Champion defeating Orton by Pedigree and his own strategic wrestling wearing down Orton and his legs or vertical base.

It was smart but the fans were not happy HHH was once again Champion.

This Main Event was very decent.





** 1/2







Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2004  = 5/10


This show was a very, very mediocre one, that’s probably being nice as well. A Ladder match, a solid tag bout and a decent World title match that left everyone pissed off is not enough to save a PPV. If anything I’m being kind with the passing grade consdering it has the worst match in history on the card. Not much here folks, not much here.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I would just like to say,that even though I said on the 5th July (2016) comment that I was going to give this DVD a miss, I have just bought it today purely for 2 reasons. 1st, I got it cheap – only £1.99. 2nd,I bought it purely for the ladder match and the World heavyweight championship match. The No disqualification match between HBK and Kane was also good.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    I was thinking of buying this DVD, but I think I’ll give it a miss.

  3. m.woods says:

    The WORST unforgiven

  4. Anonymous says:

    If anything I think that Orton’s run shows how hypocritical the internet fans can be. From 02-04, people were begging for HHH to drop the belt. After Benoit got it, people wanted him to stay away from the belt. Then all of a sudden this guy that was so horrible and needed to stay away from the belt was exactly who they wanted to be champion.

  5. Jesse says:

    i remember orton’s babyface run in 2004. it was god-awful. he would enter an arena and try to give the biggest smile to the crowd to get a reaction. lol. they completely rushed his face turn in my opinion. they could have played out the “triple h is jealous of randy orton” angle for months, instead they ruined it the next night after summerslam.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Sorry Brad it was even worse then I made it out to be. He was the worst booked face in history. I felt bad for him.

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    Randy Orton’s face run wasn’t as bad as you make it out to be. Its better than what he has currently become.