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December 21, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2005 Review:


Tonight…The Heart Break Kid…..get’s BROKEN!” -Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters



-WWE Unforgiven 2005 took place on Sunday, September the 18th, 2005 in front of 8,000 fans from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
-This was the eigth annual Unforgiven PPV.
-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for this Raw PPV.
-Unforgiven grossed over $485,000 in ticket sales from an attendance of approximately 8,000, and received about 243,000 pay-per-view buys. This amount was higher than the following year’s event. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of third on Billboard’s DVD Sales Chart.
-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, Rob Conway defeated Tajiri at 3:44 on Heat.




-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Carlito (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric FLair for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

We kick off Unforgiven 05 from JR”s home-town!


Not sure why these two were feuding, there were better options out there.

Anyway Naitch had never been IC Champion so I guess they wanted to bury Carlito after trying to build him up the whole year. Interupting Piper and Austin at Mania, winning the US title over Cena in his debut, winning the IC title over Benjamin in his Raw debut, etc.


Can Flair get the IC title for the first time in his career.
They show clips of Carlito spitting an apple and now Flair backs off and struts. Carito taken down in a side headlock by Carlto.

Flair with a hammerlock, Carlito gets out and knocks him down the taunts him with a strut.

Flair pushed Carlito into the buckle.

Carlito wth a closed fist, then Naitch shot back with a hard chop.

Nitch wanted a figure four, Carlito roled out. Carlito slapped on an upper arm-bar on Ric Flair.

Carlito dominating Flair who the crowd are very much behind here. Flair barely gets a shoulder u. An Arm-Bar takedown and Carlito scores a nearfall on Naitch.

Carlito goes back to the upper arm.

Flair then comes back and buiding momentum with the Nature Boy back in the driver’s seat. Flair goes up high and it FINALLY WORS.

Extra ponts to the Nature Boy as he delivered a clothesline to Carlito.

Flair Wooo”s. Flair tries it twice and this time Carlito countered with a drick in mid-air as Flair kicks out.

Carlito bit into an apple and Flair looked for the figure four.

Flair wins the IC title.

In the end at 11:46 Naitch finally won his first IC title at age 87 as he answered his own “does he stil have it” question.


This match worked perfectly as an opener.


** 1/2


2) Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro vs The Ladies in Pink (Victoria and Torrie Wilson) (with Candice Michelle) in aTag team match



Victoria, Torrie and Candice come out.

Net Stratus and Ashley come out.
The last time Trish had wresled on Raw had been since April.

The last time Trish worked with a diva search winner there was the Gayda incdent and this was Ashley’s PPv debut.

Could be bowling shoe ugly no matter how good these ladies look.

Re-match from last Unforgiven here to start as Victoria taes dwn Trish Stratus and then a rear chin-lock.

A forearm shot by Trsh then a hed-scissors take-over then a Lou Thesz Press, Ross calls it Louise, smart.

Trish a couple vicous blows and then hard chops. Trish allows Ashley Massaro to lick her hand and cho Victoria.

Ashley rolls out in the corner and then her timing was way off to dive vicoria a dropkick.

After-all Ashley Massaro is the worst wrestler in the history of wrestling, but could Trish carru the lad.

Ashley Massaro in a headlock, Torie tags in and slams her head to the mat. Ashley Massaro is making Torrie look like Misawa in the rng and Candice like Kobashi.

Ashley Massaro on all fours trying to get the hot tag to Trish and Victorie toyed with her then applied a front facelock.

Trish tagged in but t as a blind tag, fans boo. Vicotria with a snap-shot vertcal splex to Ashley Massaro and then Victoria goes to the top and Ashley Massaro drops her. Trish in andStratus dominating Victoria, then Torrie off the apron.

Viictoria grabbed Trish but she reverses Victoria, does the Matrix movd and a double clothesline to Victoria and Torrie Wlson.

Trish hits a Spinebuster slam to Victoria, Candice interferes and Trish sends her out to the floor, Ashley Massaro hits her outside the ring.

Trish went for a Stratusfactin on Victoria and Torrie was tied up, a double ddt to the heels and Wilson rolls out.

A chick kick from Trish to Victoria and Trish carreed Ashley Massaro to a tag-team victory.

Jim Ross then says Ashley Massaro is going to be a good one. Hilarious, king’s rection to that was just ss funny.
In the end at 7:05 the Blondes win.
This one was solid.




* 3/4





3) Snitsky vs The Big Show



The Big Show comes to the ring in a good mood and shakes the hands of ZZ top.

Snitsky hit Show with a ring-bell so nw we`re down to business.

The Big Show dominated early and often but it wasn`t Snitsy`s fault.

I found his whole baby-killer gimmick hilarious, especially since they added it into his entrance theme.

Show told everyone to SHHHH and then chped the chest of Gene Snitsky.

Ouch that was loud. The Big Show chareged into the ring-post shoulder first.

Back in the ring Snitskuy with an ofer-head arm-bar. Snitsky then back suplexed a huge man like Big Show but only stlil a two count.

Big Show having his name chanted but his back wored over by Snitsky. Snitsky attemting to wear-dow Show on his nees with an upper arm-bar taking away the potential chokeslam.

Big Show with a 500 pound kick up after shoulder blows.
Big Show wth his good arm put away Snitsky.
In the end at 6:11 Big Show defeated Snitsky after he used his good ar and desperation to put awau another beat in Snitsky.

The match told a good story, was kept short and to the point so I`m happy what we got delivered.

The Big Show grabbed a ring-bell and labelled Snitsy`s-head for good measure after the match since Show had this one to him by Sniitsky earlier.

Music stops again and now Show hits Snitsky AGAIN.

The Big Show`s muisc “WWWELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL“ plays again as Snitsky was lying down on the mat had to of been thining, none of this was my fault!
This match was again quite good!



** 3/4





4) Shelton Benjamin vs Kerwin White

Chavo of course dropped this gimmick when his uncle Eddie Guerrero died 2 months later.
Shelton Benjamin in control early hitting a reverse elbow. Shelton scoop slams Kerwin to the mat.

Fans seem to piss on at least one match at every Unforgvien and while they ddn`t exactly boo this match they certainly didn`t like Kerwin White`s character.

I found it entertining, gave him a character, a gimmick.

So many times n this generaton guys are givein generic names with no personalities, at least Kerwin White was a chraracter. Say what you want about how much you didn`t like it.

Match going back and forth here.

A monkey flip by to Shelton but with nice cat-like agility lande on his feet.
Shelton Benjamin then back-fls Kerwin White. White tried taking out his knee earlier on and he`s limping around the ring.

A loud lets go Shelton is chanred.

Kerwin White Suerplexed Shelton off the top an kicked out. Surprisng.

Kerwin White continues to work over Shelton and his leg with a half-crab. Shelton with counter and catapolt into the corner.

Kerwin White goes to use a weapon and walks into a T-Bone Suplex.
Shelton beats White at 8:06 after he pulls the win out of no where to the fans delight.
This was great.








5) Matt Hardy vs Edge (with Lita) in a Steel Cage match


This may very well be the best match (Single’s) in Matt’s career. One of them for Edge as well.
Not too often we get Classic Cage matches these days but there was real life friction between the two which made the fans legitimately care making this appear better then it perhaps was. Or better then Most of the Steel Cage matches presented today.

That’s why 80’s cage matches were so well presented because kayfabe existed a lot more and the fans just loved all of the suspense.

Where-as now-a-days they go “Come on, he could leave it any time!” I’m sure you know what I mean.


Of course Matt Hardy gets a tremendous vation in this real-emotoionally charged feud.

We will get a barbaric Steel Cage match here, that’s for certain.
We could say that their Summerslamm 05 match ws barbaric and it ended early.
Strong right’s and then hard shots sepertates one an swinging the other face-first to the Cage.

Edge is catapolted to the top and then he wants to escape but Matt caught him. Edge tries to leve the door and Hardy chants are chanted loud.

Matt Hardy tries to takke off his vertical base. Now Edge stopd up and got shots on Matt Hardy stomping him. Matt Hardy back up and Edge with a reverse twst of Fate,
Lita smiles as Edge and Matt are both on the to tunbuckle. Hideous headshots by Edge an then a missile dropkck ffom the top.

Edge systematically and methodicaly taking aoart Lita’s ex Matt Hardy and she loved it outside the steel watching it.

Hell she would love it inside the steel. She would would love it anyhere.

Matt Hardy dropcked in the corner and a nearfall.

Edge with a verson of a powerbomb yet again and slams Matt head-first into the steel. Matt Hardy ids down on the Matt.

Edge scouting Matt Hardy and delivers a thrust kick too the head Edge onto the damaged the head of Matt, Edge slams Matt to the canvas with a huge powerbomb.


Edge went to spear Matt and he moved.

Matt had Edge tied up up in the ropes and whaled away.



Matt with a flapjack tupve move. Matt Hardy then got the Case of Edge and went insane on Edge it the steel case theen the steel cage!

Fans just absolutely loves it!


Lita tres to climb up the Cage and Matt knocks her off.

The Blood flows off the fsce of Edge.

Ross and Coach try and plug No Mercy by saying that’s what Matt Hardy was showing.

A chair-shot to a busten open Edge.

Matt Hardy fatigued gets speared into the Cage.

Buys Edge some tme.

Bth men back inside clmbed to the top of the Cage and Matt hits the Side Effect. Off the top!


Lita n the ring tred to hit Matt with the Case, Matt Hardy hits Lita with the twst of fate.

Huge pop.

Edge Spears Matt Hardy and a long two, fans Chant Hardy.

Matt Hardy and Edge both up top, Edge falls back to the canvas.
Matt Hardy off the top of the Cage, Matt Hardy wth a leg-drop from the top of the Cage and Matt wins.



In the end at 21:33 Matt gets some revenge and wins the Cage match by performing a huge spot, his signature leg-drop off the very top of the steel cage.



Classic Cage Match!!!








6) Rosey and The Hurricane (c) vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch for the World Tag Team Championship

The late Lance Cade and Murdoch a new Raw tag team with some promise challenge for the title’s in sort of a dead tag team division.

The brand split really killed this division back in 2002. It never recovered.


Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade the late Cade both spent most of the match isolating Rosey.

Hurricane got hurt early.

They didn’t even need to cut of half the ring because with no Helms on the apron it made it a lot easier.

Ddespite weak dome back events, this one was basically a squash.


It’s too bad they didn’t fil the brand for more rivals with this Cade and Murdoch team as they showed potental.


In the end Murdoch and Cade became the New Champions at 7:40




* 1/2





7) “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters vs HBK Shawn Michaels


Ever since the openng PROMO the night After Sumerslam 2005 it was when Masters interupted Shawn’s program on Hulk Hogan and how how he will only come around for paycheck.
Shawn Michaels starts off the match by getting brutalized and attacked early by Masters.

All of the sudden that didn’t taste long with forearm blasts and back-hand chops.

This was until the younger Chris Masters gregained control of the match and sent HBK into the ring-post.

King wisely points that HBK has back problems.

Masters for the next five minutes works over Shawn Michaels’s back methodically, a back breaker, then a back-stretcher.

All of the sudden HBK leaped up on front of Michaels and now he was almost in a the Masterlock.

Now a back-breaker, a modfied torture rack to Shawn Michaels.
What a Masterpece of a match. Michaels skins the cat then hits Masters the nose and he is all bloody.

Masters signals for the Master Lock. He tries to go for it but HBK then kicked back with a low-blow on Masters as he gets up slowly.

A slug-fest breaks out, a flyng forear, an atomic drop, an elbow drop and he tunes up the band and Chrs Masters locks the Masterpiece on Michaels as he ducked the Superkick!

Michaels tries to use his leg-strenth to brek it.

Fans don’t stop believing it and Michaels rolled out of the ring!

Once back in he was caught again, he ducked and landed a superkick.


In the end at 16:44 Michaels went over young Masters after he put him away with the Sweet Chin Musc.



This match is the best of Chris Masters.

A Masterpiece is right, mostly in part to booking and Shawn Michaels.











8 ) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship

A lot of people started to turn on Cena on the IWC and at live events around this time.

In 2006 they did full force but it was in 2005 where you started to feel the vibe that the fans did not like his Superman, Cheesy character he continued to portray.

I for one started dis-liking Cena in 2004. His character was fresh in the beginning but took a turn for the worse in 2004. It was only recently I’ve found some sort of respect for him, say last year in 2010 but he still at most times is pretty cringe-worthy and most would agree.

Angle as a heel is always some-what of a fan favourite anyway.
So here we go, the two go at it for the WWE title to main event Unforgiven 2005.
Kurt Angle with a side head-lock takedown on Cena.

Cena does the same only when he does it he gets booed as Michaels tries to escape it.

Angle runs into Cena’s shoulder block and pissed so he goes for a walk that didn’t help seeing as Angle won all the one on one batlles.

FINALLY Angle hits a move by the rope on the canvas down-low, he had an abdominal stretch.
Cena fought back but Angle hits a belly to belly supkex.

Kurt Angle now in a compromised positon as Cena is in a mid-ring body-scissors, Angle hits a ddt.

The wrestling match turs into a brawl, scores sith clotheslines and a running shoulder block.

Angle counters it with an Ankle Lock! Cena counters wth a Spinebuster and a then Angle hit an Olympic Slam and Cena kicked out. Angle then countered.

Angle down as Cena drops him and then the five knucle shuffle. No Count.

Cena hits the FU but there’s no offfcial.

Angle kcks the ham with a low-blow and Angle hits Cena with Gold Knuckles.
Angle takes down the straps and it’s on!!!



Angle puts the Ankle Lock on and Bischoff taunts Cena.

Angle keeps it locked on.
As much as I hated Cena-Bischoff tryng to be Austin-McMahon I did find Bischoff pretty funny here.

Angle hits Cena in the face with the belt.

In the end at 17:15 Angle beat Cena by DQ.
Therefore Cena retained the WWE title.
Cena gave Bischoff an F-U after, Ceha is thrown into the steps after a beat-down by Angle.

Cena ends by giving Angle a FU through an announce table.

Awesome match, these two always seem to bring it against one another.










Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2005  = 7.5/10



This show was pretty good at getting new names on Raw, or names they tried to push up the ladder on the card such as Cade and Murdoch, Chris Masters, Benjamin and Kerwin White, Snitsky, the main event was solid but the most talked about attraction here and what the event will be remmebered for is no doubt the Classic Cage match between Edge and Matt. If you don’t own it pick up the event for that alone. But three matches I judge at four stars. I`d say get it.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I remember watching this PPV on sky sports and I think that it was a strong show. Hardy/edge steel cage match was a classic for me personally.

  2. Siege says:

    Steven, Cena turned face in 2003.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    I doubt it Jesse, because not only did Masters interupt Michaels the very next night in the opening segment to set up their feud, but they had built Masters up as some undefeated next big thing type character the whole spring and summer so it was a matter of time for him to shine.

  4. Jesse says:

    is it true that shawn michaels had to wrestle chris masters as a punishment for his overselling antics against hogan at summerslam?

  5. Anonymous says:

    great review.

  6. Steven says:

    I was a Cena fan from when he turned heel in 2003 and he won his first WWE Championship at Mania 21, still a Cena fan at this time but for me what caused me to turn on him is that Vince kept ramming him down our throats and SuperCena never got beat for the title, at Mania 23 they made a mistake in letting Cena beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship, I thought Shawn had one more title run in him, but now I respect Cena but I hope Rock beats the little Jimmy favorite at Mania 28.

  7. Philip says:

    I remember a lot of publications expressing their dislike for the HBK/Masters match. I, however, thought it was fantastic, and definitely the best match in Masters’ career.

    Great review – keep up the good work!

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