Review: WWE Unforgiven 2008 DVD

December 23, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2008 Review:




“I only hope that some day God can forgive me, for what I…do to you.”Shawn Michaels
-WWE Unforgiven 2008 took place on Sunday, September the 7th, 2008 from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio in front of 9, 500 fans.
-Despite the event’s promotional build-up, only a reported 6,000 tickets were initially sold for an arena that holds 20,000 people. To fill the arena, local radio stations gave away tickets to the show.
-The main feud heading into WWE Unforgiven 2008 was between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels who would face each other in an Unsanctioned match.
-The PPV theme was “Rock Out” by Motorhead.
-This event marked the first time the Championship Scramble format was used by WWE and this was a tri-brand PPV.
-Jim Ross and Tazz did commentary for the Smackdown! matches, Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw matches, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker did commentary for ECW.
-This was the 11th Annual “Unforgiven” PPV event produced by the WWE.
-Also on the show Big Show came out before the Main Event and suggested he should be CM Punk`s replacement since he had been injured by Orton earlier in the night. Vickie Guerrero came out and said he was a big dumb Giant. Druids then came out with a casket as Big Show laughed. Undertaker appeared on the titan-tron and and then came out and twenty minutes later Big Show destroyed Taker for a few minutes. Big Show left Taker down after a big beating as Vickie and Show walked to the back.
-Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, Evan Bourne defeated John Morrison with a shooting star press.
-Now onto the PPV……

1) Opening Contest- Mark Henry (c) (With Tony Atlas) vs Matt Hardy vs The Miz vs Chavo Guerrero vs Finlay (With Hornswoggle) in a Championship Scramble for the ECW Championship


Rules of the Scramble:
-20 Minute Time Limit on the Match.
-2 Superstars start in the ring and every 5 minutes a new superstar enters.
-If a superstar scores a pinfall or a submission over another superstar, he becomes the current champion.
-Whoever is the Champion at the end of the 20 minutes becomes the official champion.


Simple enough.

The ropes are blue for this event. I like it when they keep the same color for the same event, I don’t like change.
Hearing Todd Grisham open up a PPV on commentary is something I never thought I’d hear.
Anyway Matt came out to a good pop. Miz does as well because it was his hometown.
Miz and Matt will start it out for the first five minutes even though Henry was the ECW Champion.
Hardy chants as Miz goes behind Matt, until he goes behind Miz and hits a side headlock takedown.

Matt got a two count as the shoulders were down and kept a side headlock on Miz and hit a shoulder block.

Matt kept tagging Miz down keeping him grounded and bounced off the ropes with another shoulder block until Miz hit a hiplock. Miz now with a side headlock takedown to Matt Hardy. Miz kept it locked on as Matt Hardy got to his feet and then cornered Miz and hit him with a clothesline. Miz sent Matt Hardy to the corner but then hit the buckle after he missed Matt Hardy when he charged for him. Matt picked up Miz’s legs from the corner and applied a unique looking powerbomb which scored him a two count!

Matt slammed Miz’s head into the top turnbuckle and then came off the side ropes with a clothesline. Matt Hardy was taken down by Miz and he fell neck first on the middle ropes and Miz delivered some shots to him. Miz jumped over the rope and slammed Matt’s head into the ropes some more, he came back in the ring and got a two count until Miz slapped a sleeper on Matt Hardy. The crowd get behind Matt as he gives Miz a couple of shots to the ribs. Matt hit a sunset flip on Miz and got a nearfall. Miz kicked out jst in time and followed it up with a clothesline and he got a two. A lot of nearfalls in this match. Miz picked up Matt and went to irishwhip him to the corner but Matt reversed it and then picked him up high and Miz landed and then hit a neck breaker which is called the Reality Check. Matt wisely got out of the ring as he rolled out. Miz went to the outside to place Matt back in the ring but it bought Matt Hardy enough time to get back in the match.
The clock counted down and out came Chavo Guerrero. It’s not a Triple Threat, no man has yet to score a pinfall on anyone. Chavo hit Matt with a frogsplash and got the three. Chavo was the current champion but it wasn’t official, only the last guy to be the “champion” in the match is officially credited in the title history. Miz hit some offensive moves on Chavo once he got back in the ring and he took it to Chavo. Miz came off the ropes and Chavo hit him with a rolling Liger kick. Chavo then went up high and flew out of the ring on top of Miz over the top rope. Matt jumped off and connected with Chavo until he thrown him in the ring. Matt slammed Chavo down and Matt Hardy hit an elbow and Chavo kicked out. Chavo with some forearm shots to Matt and then he climbed the ropes to meet the Miz up top, Matt followed behind but Chavo kicked him off, then Miz pushed Chavo off. Miz from the top hit a double crossbody to two men and got a nearfall on Matt Hardy. Miz gave Matt Hardy a big shot in the face.

Matt though answered back with a clothesline. Chavo to his feet got backdropped by Matt Hardy. Matt then charged towards Chavo and hit a bulldog. Matt then hit a side effect on Chavo Guerrero. Matt is now the current ECW Champion. Miz then irishwhipped Matt and he came off with a reverse elbow. Matt tossed Chavo out of the ring and put Miz in a headlock down on the canvas. Miz hit Matt with an elbow and the clock counted down.

Out next was Mark Henry who WAS the ECW Champion coming in but he did not look like he was in a good mood due to Matt Hardy being the current champion. All three men attacked Mark Henry as soon as he came out and then Henry pushed all three guys off and connected with right hand shots. Henry was playing the role of the big dominant superstar here. Henry lifted up Matt and dropped him stomach first to the canvas. Henry conncted with a big splash to Miz. Mark Henry suplexed Chavo and then he is now the current Champion. Henry got his title back. Henry then got some shots by Matt Hardy but he answered right back and picked up Matt, but he fell to this feet, went for a twist of fate but could not connect with it. Matt went to fly into the ring and Henry bashed him in the head and he fell to the outside. Miz and Chavo kept trying to take Henry down, but Mark Henry caught Chavo in mid-air and slapped on a bearhug. Matt Hardy flew off the tp but just then Henry let go of Chavo and gave Hardy a bearhug. Matt was pushed to the side as the clock counted down.
The final entrant was Finlay. This match has five minutes left then and Finlay hits a DDT to Henry. I hate his entrance music. Finlay got a nearfall on Henry until he choked him and then slapped on a bearhug to him as well. Henry tried to squeeze the life out of Finlay and the fans booed as Henry had been doing this for the last 3-4 minutes, Hornswoggle came in the ring and distracted Henry until Finlay hit him with his weapon. Matt and Finlay threw Henry out of the ring. Finlay with a back body drop to Matt and got the three count. Finlay was the current ECW Champion 16:15 into the match. Miz came off the top with a missile dropkick, Matt then hit a twist of fate to Miz and now once again was the Current ECW Champion. Again, it is only official when you are when the time runs out.
With Matt Hardy the current ECW Champion, he looked on as Henry came back in the ring. Henry looked pissed but then again, he always does. A bunch of nearfalls all over the ring and Henry splashed Chavo down and Hardy breaked it up to save his title with just two minutes to go. Finlay got bodyslammed by Henry. Matt Hardy broke up a pinning attempt from Henry to Finlay. Miz with a sunset flip to Matt and got a two count, Miz is busted open. Henry with a bearhug to Chavo and then Matt Hardy dropkicked Henry. Finlay rolled up Matt and almost got the three. Henry with a boot to the jaw of Finlay with a minute to go. Henry with a 400 pound splash to Miz and got a two. Finlay covered a bloodied and down Miz but got a two. Crowd chanted for Hardy and he tossed Miz out of the ring.

30 Seconds away from a New Official Champion in Matt Hardy. Strategically he kept tossing everyone out, Chavo and Finlay tried to cover him. Henry covered Finlay and the crowd counted down and nobody was able to cover anyone so Matt Hardy won the ECW title!
The end comes at 20:04 when Matt Hardy became the official NEW ECW Ch


Grisham says it is his biggest win of his career.
I personally felt that it dragged for the most part, some good action in the beginning with Miz and Matt but other then that, Henry and his bearhugs sucked the life out of the match and its pacing.

The Climax could of been better as well and the whole thing just seemed kind of sloppy but there was still some decent action throughout.

Alright but close to a decent opener overall.


* 1/2



2) Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase (c) vs Cryme Tyme (JTG and Shad Gaspard) for the World Tag Team Championship
The story here is the GOOD team that will work hard and do anything to win (Cryme Tyme who ironically like to steal) is going up against the cocky, arrogant youngsters who only have title belts because of their last names.
Yes, they have potential but pushed this fast when you are not THAT good is ridiculous but that is the state of the tag division which at least they look like are trying to improve…FIALLY. (Update in 2011- Yeah it didn’t work)

Cody Rhodes got cornered and was not wanting to get things going and he caught an uppercut by JTG and then a dropkick, when both Rhodes and DiBiase got in the ring Shad double clotheslined them over the top rope to the outside.
Cryme Tyme talked a bit and Shad elevated JTG in the air over the top rope with a double crossbody. Hearing Micheal Cole call them the Bling Bling brothers is a bit much though. Cody Rhodes threw JTG head first into the corner to tag in Dibiase. JTG hit a hiplock and then tagged in Shad who double teamed DiBiase. Ted Junior hit a jawbreaker but Shad recovered until he missed DiBiase and hit his head on the buckle, DiBiase looked to be in control until Shad slammed him down on the mat. Rhodes with some offense to Shad he kicked him in the mid-section attempted an irishwhip, Shad reversed it by launching JTG into the ring and he took down Rhodes. JTG got a two count. JTG was going for Rhodes but he begged to be left alone. Cody Rhodes found a clothesline to JTG on the outside of the ring when DiBiase got them to chase after him and Cody Rhodes snuck up from behind.
Cody Rhodes as a HEEL was the only option, he had that Rocky Maivia feel to him so he just had to go heel. Pairing him with DiBiase was a smart move.
Lets Go Cryme Time was chanted in the audience as they seemed to be more into this match then the ECW Championship Scramble Match. DiBiase came in the ring and twisted the arm of JTG and Cody Rhodes came off the top with a blow to his back and he stomped on it. Both Rhodes and DiBiase isolated JTG in there corner and then Cody Rhodes choked him on the top rope and behind the back of the official DiBiase hit JTG by the head as it bounced off the top rope.
Cody Rhodes with a wristlock to JTG. DiBiase came in and kicked at JTG and then gave him half of an abdominal stretch sitting down. DiBiase like his father shook his head as the babyface gained momentum and finally JTG hit an offensive move, a side suplex. Could he capitalize was the question and make the much needed tag to Shad. Cody Rhodes was tagged in and then knocked Shad off the apron and then the isolation continued as they double teamed a fatigued JTG behind the refs back. Cody Rhodes scored a nearfall on JTG. It seemed now like DiBiase and Cody Rhodes would do anything to retain these titles. JTG with a shot to the mouth of Cody Rhodes. Rhodes then gabve him some solid right hand blows and then with JTG down on the mat Rhoes snapped him over and went back to a wristlock with JTG down. Cody Rhodes methodically wore JTG down and then body slammed him. Rhodes went to the top rope and went for a moonsault but missed it. His selling was hillarious.
He flopped around like a fish, or looked Christian like circa 2002 when he threw tantrums after losses.

Finally, Shad was tagged in and of course he hit clotheslines, and atomic drops to DiBiase. Shad charged to the corner and caught DiBiase and dropped him head first on the turnbuckle, Shad hit a shoulder block and scored a nearfall. Shad then with a back bodydrop but Cody Rhodes with a DDT behind the back of the official to Shad, but Shad managed to get his foot on the ropes.
DiBiase had thought he had the match won and then he tagged back in Cody Rhodes who leaped over the ropes, went off the side ropes and caught a huge clothesline by Shad.

Awesome finishing sequence here as Shad had picked up Cody Rhodes for JTG to jump off the top and when he was about to DiBiase pushed Rhodes off of him and then DiBiase had pushed Shad forward and JTG leaped over him, ducked a clothesline from DiBiase rolled up Rhodes and was maybe about to get the three but DiBiase rolled Rhodes over JTG and they scored the pinfall.
In the end Rhodes and Dibiase retained the tag titles 11:35 after a roll-up from Cody Rhodes to JTG.
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase of course stole the damn match because Micheal Cole is commentating.
Cryme Tyme and Cody Rhodes with Dibiase brawled afterwards until a version of Meng with GREEN pants who later in the night introduce as Manu the son of Afa comes out and cleans house for Dibiase and Rhodes.



I absolutely loved the formula of this match. Cody Rhodes has come a long way.

I love Old school tag wrestling and this one impressed me, nicely worked.


** 3/4


3) The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs Y2J Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned match

I am pretty positive Lillian Garcia said Unsunctioned instead of Unsanctioned. Oh well.

The video package to this match is excellent as it shows how personal the great rivalry had gone.
This would not be the last match the two would have, but so far in there feud in 2008 I have given the Judgment Day match four stars, and the GAB match ** 3/4 as that match was more about continuing to build the great feud.
I have seen ratings across the IWC for this one from *** all the way to **** 1/2, so I am definately intrigued to see what I give this.

HBK came out with a taped up arm and you can bet a great wrestler like Chris Jericho would probably focus on that at some point when this match is Unsantioned afterall.
Shawn Michaels charged towards Jericho in the ring and the bell rung. Shawn with a series of right hands to Y2J down on the mat. Some Y2J chants even heard.

HBK with a kick to Y2J and then took his boot off and hit Jericho in the head and of course it is completely legal. Shawn with a few boot shots that took Jericho to the outside.
Shawn Michaels charged at Y2J by the barricade and the two go over the railing into the audience as Shawn was on top of Jericho giving him more right hands, Jericho gave him a straight right hand back. Michaels pushed him back over the barricade. HBK chants then heard and Shawn gave Jericho a big blow and took him down outside the ring and catapolted him face first into the steel ring post. Shawn looked under the ring for something and said DAMN IT and then grabbed a chair. Good stuff. Shawn went for a shot and hit the post when Jericho moved. Y2J had boughten himself enough time to slam HBK head first into the table and then drop him head first onto the top of the barricade.
Chris Jericho hit a DDT to Michaels on the floor. Shawn Michaels now was down on the ground and Jericho looked for a weapon under the ring and got a table out with an evil look in his eye. Chris Jericho set a table up vertically and threw it into Shawn who was crouched down by the announce table. Y2J set up the table on the outside of the ring and then gave HBK a hard forearm shot to the back which is smart due to his back problems. Jericho went for a powerbomb threw the table but he forced himself forward and Shawn Michaels went face first into the ring apron on the outside of the ring. Jericho threw Shawn into the ring and then grabbed a chair. Y2J took his time getting in and then once HBK got to his feet, Jericho rammed a chair into his abdomen.
Jericho held the chair high and smacked HBK and his bad lower back. How many times have we seen this, although it makes a lot of sense in a personal rivalry such as this one.
Jericho then picked up HBK and hit a back body suplex. Jericho grabbed a chair and came into the ring and set it up inbetween the middle and top rope and it stood there unlike Trish Stratus and her attempt at Survivor Series 2002, do not ask me how I remmeber stuff like that. Jericho went to the other corner where Shawn Michaels was and then mashed his boot of his into the side of the head of Shawn. HBK reversed an iriswhip and sent Jericho shoulder first to the steel pole, but not the pole which had the chair planted, HBK turned in mid-ring and irishwhipped him the other way where the two were originally. Jericho from outside the apron attempted to suplex him off the apron into the table set up on the outside. Jericho held Shawn in the air but somehow landed on the apron then clotheslined Jericho into the ring. HBK gave Jericho a right hand and then sent him to the side but Jericho reversed the irishwhip and Shawn kicked up after a flying forearm. Shawn held onto his lower back and then HBK relentlessly choked out Jericho. Driven by rage was HBK due to the overwhelming emotion of the feud, the look on HBK even changed. HBK then leaped off the top and hit an elbow drop to Jericho. HBK played to the audience but his sole purpose was to inflict as much pain on Jericho as possible.
The Heartbreak Kid in the corner tuned up the band but Jericho fell to his knees before HBK could kick him. Shawn shook his head and said Jericho had not been punished enough. Michaels then gave him hard shots and forearm shots to the back, and side of the head. HBK slapped on the Crossface to Jericho. Jericho has been in this move before by the late great Chris Benoit and then while in the Crossface, Jericho resourcefully got out of it by sending Shawn and his injured eye right into the chair planted in the corner of the ring. Great stuff. Nice spot for sure and it was logical in a variety of ways.

Y2J had focused on the eye he had targetted the entire summer of 2008 and kept punching at HBK. Referee pleaded with Jericho to stop but the match was of course Unsanctioned. Jericho measured up Michaels and kept giving him head shots and slaps, Y2J just zeroed in on his eye until Shawn Michaels slapped Jericho back into the corner and the crowd got back into it. Jericho irishwhipped Shawn and his bad back into the corner and he flipped up and then met Jericho with a clothesline. Shawn Michaels with a physical assault went to piledrive Jericho but he landed on his feet and turned around and slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Would Michaels submit many wondered.

Jericho continued to punish Michaels and he did not have to break the hold but Michaels out of desperation was somehow able to conveniently grab a fire extinguisher right into the eyes of Y2J.
Michaels picked it up again and smacked Jericho in the head with it and Jericho layed down outside on the mat. Shawn kicked at Jericho on the outside.
The pace to this match was very slow for these two but at the same time it was a personal rivalry and when either man was in control they would pick apart the other as much as they could but without giving out all there energy.
Shawn Michaels sent Jericho into the fencing in the aisle way. Shawn then set up Jericho with a suplex on the steel ramp and got him.

The late Lance Cade came running out and HBK was able to see him coming and knocked him down. Shawn then hit Jericho down on the outside of the ring. Shawn Michaels kept kicking at Y2J and then grabbed Cade who gave him a thunderous clothesline right after a shot to the injured triceps of Shawn Michaels. Cade while he was still employed by the WWE was a hired hand by Jericho.

Nothing the ref could do about it as Cade sent HBK and his injured triceps right into the ring post on the outside.
Back in the ring Shawn Michaels was choked out by Cade. A front facelock by Cade and then Lance held HBK up so Jericho could give him a few slaps. Jericho then trashtalked Michaels and followed it up by a kick to Shawn and his injured and now beaten down triceps. Jericho stomped on HBK and Cade handed him a chair. Jericho had the chair while Cade held Michaels down. Chris hit Shawn with the chair and then smiled. Chris with a big chairshot to Michaels injured tricep and held the chair high as the fans booed.
Chris Jericho placed the chair onto the triceps and we can call this the Austin move.
Jericho went to the top in an attempt to shatter the triceps for good but HBK kicked Cade into the ropes which made Jericho fall down. HBK hit a sweet chin music to Cade and then grabbed a chair and hit Jericho off the top turnbuckle pad with the chair and he fell through the table. Part of the table was wrapped around Jericho. Shawn was feeding off emotion, passion and rage and felt forced to go to those levels.
The crowd was unusually dead until Shawn placed Cade onto the announce table on the outside and then climbed up top and then went down deciding not to go off the top. However he might not be done. Jericho was placed on top of Cade and then Michaels went back into the ring and up to the top of the turnbuckle.

Shawn Michaels flew off the top with an elbow drop to Jericho onto Cade, through the table. Awesome spot.
Michaels got up right away which was impressive and jumped around as it had to sting, HBK looked as if he was going to cry because of how emotional this feud was and how it took him to due the most extreme things possible to make things work. Shawn Michaels with a leather belt tore at the flesh of Jericho inside the ring as he whipped him a few times.
Shawn Michaels gave Shawn a bunch of blows into the head of Jericho and the referee stopped the match due to the excessive punishment at 26:53.
Shawn got his revenge.
Pretty poor ending, but Shawn went back on top of Jericho and gave him some more shots to the head.

Michaels then superkicked the official.
Shawn then dropped to his knees to say a prayer? I don’t know.
Here’s the deal, Quantity does NOT always equal Quality.
Did we get Quality here, sure.
But just because it was nearly half an hour with some good spots, some great story telling and some good wrestling does not automatically make it a top match, however I did enjoy it. Just no where near the level of quality of there Judgment Day match which of course is much different in comparison.
I love this feud, I love these two and there chemistry but I am calling this like I see it. This was a great match which had a pacing that could of been a lot better, and if they would of gone all out in a shorter time it probably could of benefitted the bout.
Still, this was definately great….just very strange.


*** 1/4


4) Triple H (c) vs Jeff Hardy vs The Brian Kendrick vs Shelton Benjamin vs MVP in a Championship Scramble for the WWE Championship


Triple H had to be looked at as the odds on favourite to win this Championship scramble match with all these Smackdown competitors with him.
Finally, JIM ROSS gets to call a match on the night.
Jeff Hardy entered first and out at #2 was Shelton Benjamin. Of course Hardy got a good pop but Shelton didn’t, there was a time he’d get a good ovation, he has so much potential back in say 2004/5. I hope he can come around still. Shelton was the reigning US Champion and no man had ever been US and WWE Champion at the same time.
This arena in Cleveland saw the first ever boiler room brawl at Summerslam 1996, the first tag ladder match which Hardy won at No Mercy 99. Both classics.

Match began with Shelton and Jeff.
Jeff tied up with Benjamin and Shelton hit a quick cradle and got a two, both men got to there feet again. Jeff then tried a cradle and both men got to there feet again and both men’s attempt to one up the other failed but that was how it started. Shelton hit a side headlock to Jeff Hardy and then Jeff threw him to the side ropes and Benjamin came off with a shoulder block. Shelton then irishwhipped Jeff Hardy to the ropes and he leapfrogged over Benjamin and hit a roll-up to Shelton but got a two. Jeff then threw Shelton head first into the top turnbuckle, but Shelton whipped Jeff into the corner and he hit a sunsetflip to Shelton out of the corner. Great action! Two count for Jeff Hardy and then Shelton hit a side headlock takedown to Jeff Hardy, wearing him down. Good action sequences just before this headlock. Jeff Hardy battled out and gave Shelton an uppercut, Shelton went for a kick hardy dodged the bullet but Shelton still powerbombed Jeff Hardy showing leverage and power into the corner. Shelton Benjamin got a nearfall and then stomped away on Jeff Hardy`s back. Shelton with a snap suplex to Jeff and this also got a two, in this Scramble matches they use a lot of nearfalls. A rear choke by Shelton to Jeff and this would take the speedy Hardy off his game which is based around quickness, which is great sound strategic wrestling from a guy with great mat instincts and natural athleticism like Shelton Benjamin. Shelton then went for a backsuplex but Hardy countered in mid-air and got a nearfall. Shelton sprung off the side ropes and Jeff hit Shelton with a clothesline as he was one step ahead. Jeff hit a powerslam to Shelton and then a leg drop which scored him a two count. Neither man to get a pinfall yet in this match but it has been paced wonderfully. Both men slugged it out and then Jeff took Shelton down with a clothesline after a failed irishwhip attempt.
The Brian Kendrick came out to the ring as the third guy in the scramble match. Jeff kept working over Shelton and as said the pace has been fantastic in this one to this point. Benjamin elevated by Jeff Hardy and he landed on the apron. Jeff met him there and the two went for right hand shots that landed, Shelton then tried to suplex Jeff off the apron, and Kendrick charged at Shelton who got knocked off the apron. The Brian Kendrick then knocked Jeff Hardy down and got a nearfall on him. Kendrick with a high kick to Hardy and then with a high impact flying forearm got a nearfall. The sense of urgency was amazing by Kendrick and the pace to this match for the third time can`t be stressed enough, it was phenominal. Kendrick speared Hardy into the corner and then charged towards Jeff but caught the buckle as he moved out of the way. Jeff then hit a powerbomb on Kendrick and got a nearfall. Jeff Hardy is temporarily the unofficial WWE champion but he was the current one, will he be at the end of the match though was the question. Jeff Hardy stayed on the offensive and suplexed Shelton Benjamin. Jeff then got taken down by Benjamin and Jeff Hardy tried to maintain his current status as the WWE Champion and kicked out of Shelton`s move. Jeff Hardy kept going at Shelton, missed a nearfall, went for the twist of fate but Shelton took him down, and Kendrick was oppurtunistic as he interupted the count, a sharp kick to the head by Kendrick to Shelton. THE KENDRICK hit to Jeff which was impressive and can you believe it, Brian Kendrick is the current Champion. Only in a match like this you`d have to say.

MVP came out next at number four. MVP was obvioussly freshest cleaned house tossing Jeff and the current Champ Kendrick out of the ring. Anyone could pin anyone though to win the match and become the current champ, so it was irrelevant if Kendrick was in the ring or not as far as MVP was concerned. MVP then waited for Shelton to get to his feet and as he charged towards him the Kendrick gave him a thunderous kick out of no where. Insane spot! Great action. Jeff then threw The Kendrick outside of the ring. Jeff Hardy then kicked Shelton into MVP as both men were stacked up in the corner, Jeff used the top rope for leverage and dropkicked both guys. The Brian Kendrick stomped on MVP, and then on Shelton. Kendrick hit Shelton and then gave him a kick to the chest. Kendrick then choked out Shelton on the botom rope with his boot. Shelton caught THE Brian Kendrick off the ropes with a great Samoan drop, and then MVP interupted the count. MVP sent Kendrick to the corner and he bounced off with a beautiful twisting high cross body. Kendrick showing great resilience after his lower back had been hurt, Kendrick was being dominant, the shining star of this match until he ran into a hard clothesline by the reigning US Champion in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton set up Kendrick for a powerbomb but Kendrick met him up top with some right hands into a hurricanrauna. Nice. A timely counter by Kendrick who was still the current interim Champion. MVP then gave Kendrick some shots and irishwhipped him and then MVP caught a high kick from Kendrick. Wow, Kendrick has impressed me in this one.

The last entrant WAS the official WWE Champion coming in, Triple H. HHH went straight for MVP with big right hands and then a facebuster, then a gut buster to Kendrick and then tossed out MVP out of the ring. HHH hit the pedigree to the current champion, The Brian Kendrick and now HHH won back his gold. A lot of time left though, four minutes. This match just flew by in comparison to the ECW Scramble. Shelton on the outside irishwhipped Hunter (the champion) into the steel steps.
3:20 to go in the match and MVP got a shot from Jeff Hardy back in the ring. Jeff hit a twist of fate on MVP and got the three count! Jeff got the three count for the second time in the match and Jeff is now a two time interim Champion. Under three minutes left, Kendrick didn`t get all of The Kendrick but Hardy got all of his slam. Jeff Hardy stayed on the offense as the Champion and went up for a high Swanton Bomb but couldn`t hit it as HHH pushed him off balance and then HHH got in the ring and pedigreed Kendrick and won the fall. Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb on Kendrick and then he got the three count. Jeff now for the third time was the current Champ.
HHH then went for a Pedigree to Jeff Hardy but he backdropped him over the rope, and then Jeff Hardy flipped over the top rope onto HHH. 60 seconds left and Jef and HHH are both layed out on the mat. MVP then up high gave Kendrick some shots and it was anybody`s ball game. Shelton leaped up on top and then with an electric chair slammed Kendrick off the top and MVP held him from below. That was amazing. Jeff hit a whisper in the wind and then a Swanton to Shelton.
Jeff Hardy the current Champ was down and HHH pedigreed MVP! HHH covered MVP and got the three count with one second left.
In the end The Game retained his WWE title with the win at an official time of apparently 20:16. 

HHH has done it!

Seven pinfalls, but it could of even done without those the match was still fantastic and just flew by.
Amazing booking, tremendous excitement, such a great match.
Excellent really.
Blew me away.
Definitely the Match of the Night!
*** 3/4





5) Michelle McCool (c) vs Maryse for the WWE Diva’s Championship
Maryse is Canadian, wow. Another reason to like her, plus I`ve always had a thing for blondes.
McCool comes out as the defending Champion.
This is Maryse`s first ever title match and Michelle McCool`s first ever title defense.

Maryse went for a pinning attempt over and over as did Michelle McCool. McCool kicked at her and then went for a hiplock which didn`t work and then she hit a side russian legsweep.

Maryse grabbed the wrist of McCool but she flipped over and then dragged her by the arm across the ring.
The crowd had been dead to this point for most of the night and a Ladie`s match doesen`t help that. Michelle McCool was thrown into the railing and then Maryse got knocked down with a modified clothesline off the security wall. Michelle McCool hit an uppercut back inside the ring. Maryse with a good takedown to Michelle McCool. Maryse then threw McCool over and took a leg of Michelle McCool and slammed it to the mat. Maryse then stretched the leg back. Maryse with a very unique submission hold tarhetting the legs of Michelle McCool, as she continued to exploit the injured knee.
Maryse on top of her giving her some right hands and then she went for perhaps a figure four but Michelle McCool countered and took out the leg of Maryse. Maryse`s leg was slammed to the mat as she got a taste of her own medicine. Michelle McCool then stretched out her heal and then both ladies sold the legs that have been worked over. Both ladies working over the other ladie`s mobility. Maryse threw Michelle McCool into the ropes and then choked her out. Michelle McCool gave Maryse a big kick and then got a two count. Michelle McCool irishwhipped Maryse but she sunsetflipped and Michelle McCool hit a dropkick to Maryse. Michelle McCool then locked in a suplex attempt which Maryse got out of. Michelle McCool kicked at Maryse and then locked on a suplex and hit Maryse face first into the canvas.
Michelle McCool defeated Maryse at 5:42 for her first title defense.
Not bad at all, I liked the leg work.
It just wasn`t anything really all that good, nothing stood out.

* 1/4

6) Main Event- Chris Jericho vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane in a Championship Scramble for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jericho replaced CM Punk after Orton had already attacked him backstage. Of course Jericho had already lost to HBK earlier on in an Unsanctioned Match.

Everybody knows the rules to these matches.
Out came The Aninmal Batista at the number one guy in the ring.
JBL came in 2nd.
Batista and JBL starting out the Raw World Title Scramble. Batista speared JBL into the corner of the ring and then hit him with a clothesline. JBL caught a sleeper on Batista and then he dropped JBL down with his power. Batista then taking out the knee of JBL when he went back on the offense. Batista`s mentor Ric Flair must have taught him the Figure Four because he uses it and that gets woo`s from the audience. JBL knocked Batista out of the ring which bought him some time, the crowd started to chant Batista. I`ve never been a fan of JBL and Batista going at it personally, never liked the chemistry. Outside the ring JBL took his physical game to a high level with big right hand shots until Batista irishwhipped JBL into the steel steps.

Finally a new superstar about to enter and it`s Kane, another big man. Kane then came to the ring and Batista was waiting for him. Kane with an uppercut to Batista and then a hard irishwhip to Batista into the corner but he bounced off with a clothesline. Batista then got hit with a boot from Kane. Kane picked up Tista and snapped him over. Kane then dropkicked Batista to the mat. Kane grabbed Batista and tried to change the complection of the match. The Big Red Machine hit an uppercut to Batista and then he kicked at Tista`s throat region. Kane sent Batista into the corner but Batista hit a reverse elbow. Batista built some momentum as he irishwhipped Kane into the corner and then choked him out with his big boot. Batista got sent to the ropes and Kane hit a sidewalk slam, basic stuff here and it was back and forth. Kane then went up high for a high risk move and jumped off and met Batista in the middle but Batista dodged it, and as he charged to Kane with a spear attempt Kane blocked it, Kane had a possible chokeslam in mind but Batista battled out of it and then JBL knocked Batista down. All three men still involved and no pinfall as of yet. Kane grabbed JBL by the throat, and Kane ducked a clothesline from hell and then Kane chokeslammed JBL and Kane is the current World Champion. Kane hit an uppercut to Batista in the corner and stayed on the offense even as the current interim Champion.
CM Punk was still believed to be in the match as Lawler speculated if he was the enxt entrant. Rey Mysterio is a former World Champion and he came into the ring and was taken down by Kane. Mysterio hit dropkicks to Kane and then met him with a high shot by a big kick to Kane. Mysterio got a nearfall. Mysterio then springboarded off the top rope and knocked the big Kane off his feet to the outside. JBL then sent Rey to the ropes and came off the other side with a hurricanrauna, and then a bulldog to JBL. Mysterio with a baseball slide to Kane on the apron, went for a 619 and Kane kocked Mysterio down. Batista came back in the picture and hit a back slam to Kane and then a boot to JBL`s head. Mysterio grabbed onto Batista`s arms and then slammed down front first to Kane. Batista looked to take advantage on the current Champion Kane despite him not having to pin him to be the current champ. For a second time Mysterio went for a move off Batista but he fooled him and hit a sunset flip and then Batista got mad. JBL then took down both men. JBL got up and hit Mysterio with a throw away slam backwards of course on top of Batista, nearfall as JBL couldn;t become champion. JBL on a tear took out Kane with a boot to the chin area. JBL kicked Batista in the head.
Jericho holding his ribs was the surprise replacement. JBL went for another cover and a kickout by Mysterio. Jericho took his time getting to the ring and with 4:30 left in the match Kane was the current Champion. Jericho came out and then Kane sent Batista into the buckle. Batista kicked at the then Champion Kane and threw him into the corner. Mysterio went for a 619 but speared him. Jericho was vulnerable coming in and Batista was Goldberg like and speared Jericho and his injured ribs. Batista then speared JBL as he was on a rampage.
Everyone had entered, who would win the world title was the question.
Kane was the current champion with 3:20 to go and a 619 from Mysterio to Kane, Batista pinned Kane but got a two as Mysterio broke up the count. Pretty good action here but nothing like the Smackdown! Scramble match earlier. Mysertio, Batista, JBL, Kane who was the current champ stood up, Jericho was out of the picture hurt. Mysterio caught Batista with a shot and then a 619 to JBL.
Batista clotheslined Mysterio in mid-air as he jumped up using the top ropes for leverage.
2:10 left as JBL connected with a clothesline from hell to Kane, but then Big Dave hit a spinebuster on JBL! Batista threw Kane into the corner of the ring. Kane hit Tista with a shot and then Kane slammed Batista down. Kane from up high hit a flying clothesline that this time worked to Batista but he only got a two. I have no idea why Kane would cover Batista as he was the Champion, perhaps a slip up.

Batista out of no where speared Kane! Batista stalked Kane from behind with 40 seconds left he hit a spinebuster and he got him. Batista was the current Champion with 30 seconds left.

All of the sudden Batista was the only man standing in the ring and Mysterio came from the top and jumped on Tista distracting him, meanwhile Jericho snuck in the ring and covered a down and out Kane and got the pinfall! Jericho is Champion!
In the end Chris Jericho became the NEW World Champion at 17:15.
Pretty sloppy but it got its point across and I liked the end.
No where near the quality of the SD Scramble, but better then the ECW one for sure.

 And just like that, Unforgiven is over.






** 1/4 
Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2008 = 6.5/10


This show was different. The whole Scramble thing was fun but half the time it was not very impressive. Other then a great scramble, a pretty decent one, a mediocre at best one, we got a decent ladies match, a good tag match and a great Jericho-Shawn match. That would get a 6.5 rating for me but it is definitely not on par with some of the better events of the year, however it is still good. Not a bad show to own but definitely not tremendous. The last Unforgiven.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The unsanctioned street fight, in my opinion, deserved at least 4*.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Agreed. A decent show though. I like shows with few matches and longer stories or gimmicks.

  3. Jesse says:

    the line-up for the smackdown wwe title scramble match was hilarious. except for the wwe champion triple h and jeff hardy, the other participants had 0% chance of winning. and why the f*** was brian kendrick in the match?

    jericho winning the champonship was the only memorable moment of this ppv. he and hbk would have a great ladder match at next month’s no mercy.