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December 22, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2006 Review:


The way I see it… tonight…D-X has NO CHANCE…NO CHANCE…IN HELLLL.”Mr. McMahon



-WWE Unforgiven 2006 took place on Sunday, September the 17th, 2006 from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in front of 16,105 fans.


-This was the ninth annual Unforgiven PPV.
-Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler did commentary for Raw PPV.
-The event marked Trish Status’s retirement match. Of course like most Pro-Wrestlers it wasn’t her last match ever in her career but it was for an extended period of time.

-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, the event unofficially began with a dark match between Super Crazy and Shelton Benjamin. Crazy pinned Benjamin for the win at 7:01.





-Now onto the PPV……………







1) Opening Contest- Johnny Nitro (c) (with Melina) vs Jeff Hardy for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



We all know Johnny Nitro now as John Morrison but this was back in the days of MNM.
A great opener here as we get two wrestlers often compared to Shawn Michaels going at it for the IC title in the mid-card!

Fans in Toronto were ready as most Canadian cities are, especially on PPV.

This one was given quite a bit of time which is good, a lot of time and room for a story to be told. Even if Jeff Hardy (Mr. Spot) is in the match.


They call Jeff Hardy’s absence mysterious. Hilarious.

They say he’s made quite an impact since coming back. Well he was on IMPACT if it even existed back then.

I remember Edge saying on a Raw “Where the hell have you been Jeff Hardy, didn’t you DIE!?” That was pretty funny.

Anyway Nitro and Hardy set to lock up for the IC title here.

Johnny Nitro took down Jeff with an arm-drag.

A loud Nitro Sucks chant.

A side headlock by Jeff then a shoulder block. Jeff with an armdrag take-down to Nitro sort of returning the favor.

Johnny Nitro again walks into armdrag after armdrag from Jeff Hardy.

Melina screams and then a back-slide by Hardy and then a double leg-drop to the abdomen. So other then the first move in this match it’s been all Jeff Hardy.

Johnny Nitro cmes in the ring while the fans chant Hardy. Jeff irish-whipped into the turnbuckle. Jeff with a low-dropkick to the sternum of Nitro and Jeff runs across the barricade and takes it to Jeff on the floor.

Nitro gains some momentum as works on the legs of Jeff Hardy. A spinning leg-lock. A dropkick from up to let Jeff fall on his head.

Jeff stuck in the corner and now goes for an enziguri but Nitro dodges it. Nitro then kicks Jeff and a leg-sweep to him. Morrison continued to work over the leg of Hardy.

Small Lets go Nitro chants are heard followed by Small Nitro Sucks.

A modified Indian Deathlock.

Nitro going for the blind cork-screw moonsault and Jeff dodged it buying him some time and he lnded a dropkick to Nitro. A dropick was blocked by Hardy and hits a Whisper in the Wind but Johnny Nitro kicks out.

Nitro was looking for a neck-breaker and couldn’t hit it. Jeff up high and Nitro tried a head-scissors off the top and it failed.

Jeff hits the Swnton Bomb but remembered his leg was hurt. It took him time to cover Nitro but he resourcefully got his foot on the ropes.

Nitro with a sun-set flip, Jeff bridged through, Nitro focusing on the injured leg.

Nitro goes back to the bad leg, then Hardy on one good leg gives him a heel kick.

Jeff went for a twist of fate, Nitro then slpped on a leg-lock again to the injured leg and dragged him to the center of the ring.

Nitro frustrated and kicked Nitro to the apron and Melina fell off the apron, an inside cradle and a two count.

Nitro looked for a double leg-drop off the top Jeff got a powerbomb.

Melina with a boot to Jeff’s face.

In the end at 17:36 Nitro put away Hardy to retain his title.
This opener was a tremmendous back and forth contest with a great story told.

Melina saves the gold.





*** 1/2


2) Kane vs Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada)

A battle of the beasts, sad that Umaga is no longer with us as he passed a couple of years ago.


Armando Alejndro Estrads had a Buffer like intro for himself and his agent Umaga.

Ross says this wont be the Jack Brisco-Dory Funk Classic’s

Umaga took it to Kane early on.

Kane about to get the Samoan Spike and before the Cuban could be smoked Kane countered with an uppercut.

Umaga gets a size 20 boot to Umaga’s face in the corner then Kane lets go of a ton of right’s and lefts.

Umaga out of no where gets a Samoan drop.

This is Toronto so some were cheering for Umaga of course. Canada likes heels more usually.

Kane then dodges a Samanoan Spike off the top and then a flying clothesline by Kane to Umaga.

Kane goes for a chokeslam and can Kane end his 5 month undefeated streak. Umaga battled out but Kane hit headbutts. Umaga chopped him back and both men are on the outsde.

Kane clotheslines Umagaout over the barricade onto the floor.

Both men exchange shots.


The two fought to a double-count out at 7:03. A decision obviously not popular with the Canadian fans. (No fans would of liked it these days)

It’s rare but it kept both “monsters” looking strong I guess.
Both guys didn’t stop brawling.

This match was very back and forth, didn’t make either men look weak.


** 1/4





3) Spirit Squad (Kenny Dykstra and Mikey) (c) (with Mitch, Johnny, and Nicky) vs The Highlanders (Robbie and Rory McAllister)



Oh look it’s Dolph Ziggler with short hair.

It looks like Jacob and ELi Blu from erly 1995 WWF, oh god don’t take me back but it’s the Highlanders.

Rory and Robbie.

Rory decides to begin in the ring with Mikey. A sun-set flip and then a nearfall.

This match had Raw Quality written all over it but lets see how far it goes and how much quality it can actually bring out.

No clean-break as Rory has an armbar on Mikey by Robbie.

Robbie tries to cover Mikey and now Kenny Dykstra the youngest member of the Sprit Squad.

Rory McAllister tags back in and then they begin to isolate Dykstra wth fequent tags cutting off their sdide of the ring.

Rory McAllister tags out, more work done, another tag in and a dropkick.

Another tag to Robbie, he and Rory McAllister double-team Mikey with a double clothesline.

Highlanders certainly have the team-work done.
Robbie dives to the outside and missed Mikey. The Spirit Squad work him over and clothesline him on the floor.


Springboard reverse flapjack by the Highlanders.


In the end Kenny and Mikey of the Spirit Squad retained their tag straps at 9:59 when Mikey took advantage of a modified X-Factor to Rory McAllister.

Actually a very solid tag match.


** 1/2








4) D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and The Big Show in a Handicap Hell in a Cell match



Now I’ve seen all sorts of ratings for this one from ** to **** 1/4.
That doesen’t mean others are wrong, it obviously just means a lot of people have different opinions about this match. As long as they can justify their opinion, then that’s good enough for me.
I will justify mine at the end of this match’s review and here and there throughout it.
First off everyone should know if they don’t already I was never a fan of DX in 06. I might of got a chuckle out of how HHH imperonated Vince when he said the names “Triplle HHHHHHHHH and SHaaaawwwwwn Michaaaaaels” in the loud Vince voice but that was about it.

Never found the piss, fecal or cock jokes funny.
ANYWAY, here we get a 3 on 2 Hell in a Cell to make it fair for the McMahon’s they get a Giant on their side to even things up.
Like most Cell matches are…this becomes brutal so respect for the McMahon’s there.

Usually though if you look at both men’s PPV match history, (Vince and especially Shane) the matches usually are brutal in that hardcore sense so that should come as no surprise here.

Shane and Vince take huge bumps they have no business taking and for that they have my respect.


Hunter and Shawn square-off with the McMahon’s in the dead center of the ring and they deliver a double low-blow to The Big Show early.

A ton of You Scewed Bret chants to begin but that was obvious.

Shane tossed to the outside.

Another double low-blow to The Big Show who is down in the corner and he looks to be in a ton of pain.

Shane and Michaels exchanging right’s on the apron until Michaels sling-shotted Shane O Mac right into the cage.

Shane is busted open already.

HHH sends Vince right into the Cell.

Vince after being busted open had his head grinded into the Cell Wall. Shane worked over by Michaels and HHH on Vince. The McMahon’s are having the holy hell beating out of them says Ross.

HHH now uses a screwdriver on Vince. Back in the ring HHH scoop-slams Vince. Shawn goes for an elbow drop to Vince but The Big Show scooped him up and dropped him to the mat.

The Game then took it to The Big Show and then the biggest athlete in the world tosses him over the steps.

Michaels and HHH both work as a tem to send Big Show into one side of the cell, then into the steps. Shane McMahon chopped in the corner, HHH drives his knee right into the head of Vince.

Big Show with two headbutts to HHH, Vince, Shane and Show all stomped on Hunter. The Big Show laughs then as they send send Shanw into the cage by The Big Show upside down.

Vince and Shane both blooded working over the Game with kidney shots as he falls in the corner.

HBK is busted open now from the outside Cage shot and The Big Show sends him right in.

Fans know what’s about to come up, Vince directs him and he’s felt it before.

Shane with a nice coast to coast dive on the trash-can busted open Hunter’s ear and all bloodied he had Big Show there to add salt to the wound.

Vinne Mac unladed offense on HHH. A bloody Shane catapolted a bloody HHH into the Cage, they show Vince’s reaction on the tron and that gains a lot of laughs. Vince orders Big Show to squash Shawn with a Vader bomb.

HHH comes in with some offense, Shane then with Superstar Billy Graham’s back-breaker and Shane held a huge Hunter in the air above his shoulders for a good 10 seconds before slamming him.

HBK then hit an enziguri to Shane knocking him out of the ring.

Everyone bleeding in this bloody war but Show.

Vince is un-zipping.

HHH then stops Vince from pulling down Vince’s pants but unfortunately that’s not the only male Crack we’d see.

Big Show accidentally splashed Vince and Shawn grabbed Show by the legs and his mid-section was slammed into the buckle.

Shane kicks up after a flying forearm and then HHH hit a Double A Spinebuster to Shane. HHH put’s Shane’s neck in the chair and HBK hit an elbow. Shane gives out the internal injuries like a pro.

Extremely brutal.

Big Show pulls Michaels out of the ring.

Big Show picked up steps and Hunter stopped him with two chair-shots.

HBK with sweet-chin music on Big Show.

The Evil Chairman with blood all over his face had hs face buried in the ass of Show. Literally.
HHH with the Sledgehmmer breakin it on McMahon.

And it’s over.
In the end at 25:04 D-X obviously won after humiliating and almost killing the McMahon’s.


This match actually surprised me. I remmeber it being lack-luster compared to other Cell Matches but this was pretty well booked.

Good job to those involved.


*** 1/4





5) Trish Stratus vs Lita (c) for the WWE Women’s Championship

Trish going out in style in her home-town of Toronto.

Lillian is emotional…just a little bit. Wonder of the rumors of her and Trish are true…hmmm…

ANYWAY that is a different story for another day but speaking of style you’ve gotta love Trish’s attire for this match, at least I do.

But the best part of this lengthy Women’s match between two great rivals-workers is the finish. Definitely, and the pop of the Canadian crowd.
Will Trish win the title for 7th-and record time in her retirement match in her home-town?
Thank You Trish is chanted for Stratus.

Both ladies lock-up and then Lita shoved Trish until she bounced out of the corner with a clothesline.

Stratus gives Lita a huge head-scissors, then Air Canada a Thesz press to the outside.

Trish going all out.

Then a hurricanrana off the steps.

Lita was pressing on top of Trish trying to choke her out and then Trish comes back with some chops and a Stinger’s Splash and now Trish tries a third hurricanrana and both ladies fall to the floor.

Lita with a hiplock to Trish, a hard blow to lower-back and Lita misses a moonsault, Trish gets a two, and Lita took Trish outside to the floor after a missed Stratusfaction. Lita with a cover and Trish kicked out again.

Lita a snap veritcal suplex. Lita kicked Trish Stratus in the ribs and choked her out in the middle of her back.

Lita pushed Trish all the way around. Trish Stratus pounded Lita back and scored with a bunch of rights, Lita with a Side Russian Leg-Sweep. Lita slaps on a sleeper.

Trish Stratus out of no where with a modified neck-breaker to Lita a ladie who hd neck problems. A slug-fest breaks out here in mid-ring.

Stratus sends Lita to the corner but caught an elbow. Trish again for the third time with a head-scissors take-over. Trish with a chick kick and Lita kicked out.

Lita raked her face and went for a twist of fate and attempted it, Trish Stratus reversed it into a Stratusfaction but Lita countered that, Trish Stratus got a sunset flip out of it and held Lita’s legs.

Instead of pinning Lita, Trish held the legs of Lita and Toronto popped as if the Leafs won the cup. Trish Stratus locks Lita in the SHARPSHOOTER!

Bret Hart’s SharpShooter!

Lillian Gardcia with tears in her eyes for Trish Stratus. The only Diva to ever become a 7 time Champion.

In the end Stratus won her retirement match and the Women’s title after making Lita to tap out to the Canadian Sharpshooter at 11:34 to please Toronto.

Great match, a real rivalry, a bit of psychology and a ton of emotion. That’s all you can say really.



*** 1/4



6) Randy Orton vs Carlito

Randy Orton with some funny words before the match to gain heel heat against Carlito, saying us Canadian’s have no lives, Trish is a bitch, etc.


Both guys tie-up, fans chanting for Calrito, some ladies for Orton obviously.

Carlito with a couple of moves until Orton with a thumb to the eye.

Moonsault by Carlito, he’s showing some vast, innovative offense. Randy Orton bleeding from the mouth.

Orton dropkicked Carlito off the apron and in the ring he took advantage of Carlito who was now down on the canvas.
Orton with a powerslam off the ropes despite recieving some Carlito kicks before. Now Orton with a reverse chinlock.

Randy Orton getting some boring chants with the side headlock laying down on the canvas.

Don’t piss off Canadians, they’ll piss on you.

Orton sends Carlito to the ropes he springboards with a reverse elbow and then a huge clothesline, then off the ropes running Millon Dollar knee-lift.

What a match.

So much great action here between these two upper-mid carder’s, well I guess you could call Orton a main eventer.

Orton with his modified back-breaker.

Certain fans at the ACC in T-Dot chant for the RKO. It’s nothing but Canada’s love for heels.

Carlito hit the back-stabber, Ross calls it the back-cracker so I’m guessing this was before they re-nmed the move.

Carlito reverse irishwhipped to the corner gets two boots to Orton charging in.


Carlito goes to jump onto Orton and he reversed it into an RKO in mid-air!


In the end at 8:41 Randy Orton defeated Carlto after he performed one of his most innovative wins.


*** 1/4



7) Main Event- Edge (c) vs John Cena in a TLC Match for the WWE Championship



The ovation Edge gets as a heel in his home-town of Toronto from all the smarks gives me goosebumps as a fellow Canadian and seeing how emotional Edge got.

Remember he was booed in this same venue as a Babyface at Summerslam 2004 so this had to feel extra good for him.

They like me, they really like me!

Cena had X-Pac heat here and what’s interesting is Cena goes over Edge in his home-town but at Summerslam 06 the month before Edge went over Cena in his.

The match is on.
If Cena loses he has signed a three year contract with Theodore Long’s Smackdown! Which pretty much means, you’re royally screwed.


A road game for Cena. JR couldn’t of put it any better.

Edge ties up with Cena and the second Cena has a side headlock on Edge the fans boo, a shoulder block by John Cena takes Edge down twice.

Cena’s never been in a TLC match, the Champion Edge had not lost one.

A third shoulder-block and a bitch slap to John Cena and the fans roar. Cena furiously takes down Edge and throws right’s and lefts to John Cena, Edge gets up and takes him down.

Edge gets out of the ring and grabs a chair to the abs of Cena.

Edge swings the chair into the ring-post and John Cena moved.

A fisherman’s suplex by John Cena to Edge in the corner. Cena charged into the corner and he got ddt’d by an impaler by Edge.

Ross wisely points out it’d be a good time to go for a pinfall if you could, but in this match type you can’t.

Edge sets up two chairs facing one another and tried to vertcal suplex John Cena through them, he counters and lifts Edge in the air.

Edge lands on his feet and with a rear choke he hit an impaler to Cena through two steel chair. Great pop.

Lawler was getting overly-annoying justifying how Canada was cheering for Edge.

Fans chant Can-A-Da the same say Owen did right after he broke Austin’s neck.

Edge sets up a Ladder into the face of Cena on the ropes and Edge jumps off the barricade and dropkicks in mid-air the Ladder into Cena’s face. Nice.

Lets go Edge is chanted.

Edge picks up another Ladder and Cena comes from behind him trying to FU him outside the ring through the tables, both exchange shots on the apron.

Cena runs into a flying elbow. Cena wanted to desperately put Edge through a table. Edge goes up to the very top and Cena drops him on his groin up top, not a smooth landing. Amy Dumas might be upset.

Cena throws a table in the ring. Cena sets up a table in the middle of the ring.

Sort of a botched powerbomb off the top rope from Edge to Cena.

Not everything can be perfect.

Edge irishwhips Cena to the corner and he hits a powerslam through the table. Fans pop and the fans chant how much he sucks as if we didn’t know earlier in the match.

Edge climbs the ladder Spider-Man like (BOOOOONESAAAAW RIP RANDY) and then flies off the top Shelton-like and clotheslines Cena to the outside.

The Champ, Edge in the driver’s seat this entire match thus far.

How both men are moving around is amazing Jim Ross says and it’s very true.

Edge then hits John Cena in the back with a steel chair. Cena’s head is placed on a steel chair and Cena leg-sweeps Edge’s leg.

Some Cena chants and then off the ropes a neck-breaker but driving Edge face-first into the steel chair buying himself some time.

See this was when he was a 2 time Champion, not like 12…today. Ugh.

“You can’t wrestle chants” while Cena placed Edge in-between a Ladder and shut it on him applyng further pressure on Edge to wear him down.

Cena puts Edge in the STFU and Edge taps out. It doesen’t matter as you have to grab the gold to win. Or as Bret Hart and Macho said (still on youtube) you have to be gold to wear the gold.

Cena drives a Ladder into the head of Edge and now he puts the Ladder on his own shoulders. Cena drops the Ladder right on top of Edge as they boo the hell out of Cena.

John Cena with a suplex, a modified powerbomb slam and now John Cena goes for the five-knuckle shuffle and insted Cena stops and climbs to the top of the ldder and hit it from the top.

Cena places a table inside the ring. Edge grabbed a chair from behind him and lays out John Cena with a chair.

Edge does his hilarious head-taunt where he shakes his head and hair. Edge picks up John Cena slowly and sets him up on the table.

Edge goes under the ring for another table.

Cena is in-between two table’s and Edge is up top. Cena gets out of the way and knocks Edge off the top as Edge goes flying to the floor.

But what’s key is that there are two tables still set-up in the ring and they are on top of one another, this will come back in the finish of the match.

John Cena grabs a huge Ladder from the other side of the ring and now this is also key to the finish of this match and he puts him in the middle of the ring. Cena and Edge both on a ladder.

With both men on the ladder Edge has memories of Mania X7 where he speared Jeff Hardy off of a ladder and he spears Cena off of one.

Enough time passes and Cena gets up and lifts Edge up but he begins to climb. Cena powerbombs Edge into a another Ladder set up in the ring.

JR says the strength of Cena is frightening. Edge rolls out of the ring and has a chair in-hand outside of the ring waiting for Edge to turn around he hits him pretty softly given the graphic violence we’ve seen thus far in the match-up.

Cena now alone in the ring begins to climb the Ladder.

Cena at the top of the Ladder and Lita pushed Cena off the top of the Ladder and Cena crashed through a table on the floor.

King calls Lita a bitch! Ahhh to be a WWE Diva, what a life. You’re either a talent-less whore or a bitch. Fun. Oh well they probably get payed a lot more then we do combined.

Edge pulls himself on the Ladder and Lita hit Cena with a chair and Edge knocked off the Ladder to the outside falling through a table.

Now JR calls her an evil bitch.

Cena picks up Lita and FU’s her. Cena sets the table back on another.

Cena knows he can win the match if he just climbs the Ladder.

Edge climbs back in the ring knowing his title is on the line.

Cena picks up Edge and FU’s him through two table’s from the top of the Ladder.



In the end Cena FU’d (Attitude Adjustment) Edge over the Ladder then over above himself through two stacks of tables and grabbed the WWE title at 25:28 to a mixed-reaction.

Sick finish.




Cena would then go on to hold the title for a year making his haters hate him that much more.

This TLC match was booked perfectly.

This match is a borderline classic for sure. I’m usually not a fan of spotty matches but this one told a pretty nice story to say the least.









Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2006 = 8/10


This show was one of the better Unforgiven events, an argument can be made it is the very best which is impressive for WWE in 2006, a year that besides Mania didn’t really impress me. So many matches above three stars capped off by a Classic. Definitely get this show.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The hell in a cell match and the TLC match were the best 2 off the,whole PPV in my opinion.

  2. m.woods says:

    One of the best unforgiven ppv’s

  3. Bob22 says:

    I would put the Cena vs Edge TLC match in the top 10 TLC matches ever, also DX is 2-0 in tag team Hell in the Cell matches. TLC matches are my favorite along with Hell in the Cell.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thank you Harry F. Little kids no nothing of Pillman’s brillance. Pillman deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more then 75% of the current in there, maybe more.

  5. Outsiders4life says:

    I have two of these matches, the TLC match on Ladder Match 1 set and the Hell in the Cell match on DX new and improved, like Brett said this Unforgiven is a must get because of great matches and good story telling in the ring.

  6. Harry Faversham says:

    I am so disgusted to read these comments about Brian Pillman. He was one of the most innovative people in the history of wrestling and had one of the most interesting character’s we’ve ever seen. I never found even Stone Cold to be more cutting edge. No one was. Ever.

  7. Outsiders4life says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone and excellent review and that was a sick finish to the TLC match, I thought DX’s time with Cocky was funny but the DX of 97-98 is my favorite. Hope Brett Mix has a good Christmas and Santa saids HO HO HO Tiger Woods saids where where where lol.

  8. Jason36 says:

    Glad to see Brett and Jesse to remember that Edge lost a TLC match and that TLC match between Edge and Cena is in my top 10 matches of all time, great review too and I think Steven knows wrestling is a scripted, maybe he just likes annoying you but he made a good point about Jeff being a top star.

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Good point Jesse, had I remembered that I wouldn’t of wrote that down.

  10. Jesse says:

    i always hated how they claimed that edge was undefeated in tlc matches when he and christian (along with the hardyz and the dudleyz) lost the 3rd tlc match to benoit and jericho in may 2001 on smackdown. benoit was still “alive” at that time so i don’t understand why they completely ignored that match.

  11. William says:

    No matter what you say they won’t get it through their heads Brett I completely agree with you about mike work and being a future hall of famer and this dumbass’s have no wrestling knowledge.

  12. Brett Mix says:

    Steven you know wrestling is scripted and he didn’t actually try and kill Austin, right? -_-, also if you asked guys like Ryder and Styles I have no doubt they’d say they looked up to Pillman more since there older then when Jeff waa doing his thing. Pillman inspired the Jeff Hardy’s, and it doesen’t matter how many titles you win in a scripted company

  13. Steven says:

    Jeff Hardy is the man, he’s turned his life around and most of his matches are showstealers and 5 star matches also Hardy has won many titles in WWE and TNA but I think Hardy is a major player in wrestling but Pillman was nowhere near the status and legend of other stars, do you think people like Zach Ryder or AJ Styles even remember a Brain Pillman hell no, and he tried to shoot Stone Cold that’s attempted murder some hero Pillman is to you.

  14. Brett Mix says:

    You guys are starting to make me ill. You thiink he had a raspy voice frm drugs? He had a raspy voice from the many throat surgeries he had as a child. He needed those to beathe properly as his esophagus was plugged up. He over-came adversity his entire life. He was a star in the War Gaames 91 match which is near 5 stars, he got four star matches out out of a kid names Alex Wright, he wrestles Steamboat, Douglas, Austin, Liger, Flair, Morton, Luger to a number of classic’s. Even Guerrero and Malenko as well. He pushed the envelope on a live Nitro, it seems some of you need to watch his DVD. If not for his 1995 car accident he would of been feuding for the WWF title, and Pillman hated walking around on crutches. It’s embarassing that Larry45 or Bob22 think he’s never going in the Hall of Fame, Pillman is was such a great innovator to the main-stream cruiserweights in North America, he will go in one day and well deserveed. One of the best all around wrestlers of all time, Jeff Hardy couldn’t lace his boots. Pllman and Liger’s match at Superbrawl 92 is something every Cruiserweight should study. Brian overcame aadversity his entire life and is an inspiration to all. So do some re-search before you bad-mouth one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

  15. Bob22 says:

    How come he had all those throat surgeries pal? I just never cared for his raspy voice he might of been good but never reach the level of Austin, HBK, Bret Hart, Rock, Nash, Hall, Hogan, Macho Man, Undertaker, Kane, Cena, Zach Ryder, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Syxx-pac, Buff Bagwell, Mick Foley, Edge, Randy Orton, or Triple H.

  16. Larry45 says:

    Shawn Michaels was doing moonsaults and other top rope moves that was getting more attention then Pillman. The people that contribute to the Attitude Era are DX,Austin, Rock, Taker Mick Foley Hell in the cell, sable and the other divas,but in no way did Brain Pillman do anything in the Attiude Era. He was a role player in the Hart Foundation, never the main event status or ICON status like HBK. He was overshawdow by Bulldog, Owen, Bret, and Jim Neidhart in the Hart Foundation it happens but maybe Luke Jordan was not a fan of the tag team Austin and Pillman was in. You can like whoever you want, I know that he did drugs but Jeff Hardy never had a raspy voice like that from drugs, Macho Man deserves to be Hall of Fame before Pillman but Pillman should never be in the Hall of Fame.

  17. Brett Mix says:

    Luke, whaat are you talking about? You obbviously never watched the Holllywood Blondes, the reason he never won those major titles was because of his car accident in 95, he was very limited after that, much like Magnum TA in the 80’s. Your two lack of wrestling knowledge almost makes me sick because Brian Pillman was a pioneer to North American wrestling, he introduced the aerial wrestling in North America, springboarding off top ropes, battlng Morton for the TV title carryng Luger, having four star classic’s with Ric Flair. Pillman was just as entertaining if not more then Austin as a blonde. Ask Austin, Brian is the first guy he credits. Seems you two need to watch his DVD. The ignorance for Pillman here is worrying me. Regal and Heyman call him the innovator for guys like Mysterioo, there’s a reason he’s called Flyin Brian.

  18. Luke Jordan says:

    What did he (Brain Pillman) do never won a major title, WWE, or World title, IC or European or Hardcore, Stone Cold carried Pillman’s ass in that tag team they were in.

  19. Brett Mix says:

    Bob22, Brian Pillman was one of the best ever on a mic. I have no idea what you’re talking about. He had over 40 throat surgeries so that’s why he has a raspy voice but his promo’s are legendary. His attitude helped kick-start Austin’s attitude and the attitude era. Had he been alive he would of been a major player. The man knew his vocabulary and is one of the best on a stic of all time. I literally can’t believe you put him in the bottom ten when he deserves to be in the top ten with Foley, Piper, Austin, Savage, Roberts, Rock, Bockwinkel, Flair and Hogan

  20. Bob22 says:

    John Laryngitis hahaa that’s a good one, both Punk and Steven are right about Johnny Ace/Laryngitis being the most boring person on the mic, Bret Hart was that for years in the WWF. Top 10 most boring people on the mic, 1. John Laryngitis, 2. Jake Roberts 3. Brain Pillman very strange also, 4. Ricardo Rodergiez, 5. Ultimate Warrior what the fuck is he saying and talking about not boring but just fucking wild, 6. Tony Schivaone, 7. Chris Masters, 8. The Uso’s 9. Rikishi I did it for the Rock about the only thing he said besides all the stinkfaces lol and 10. Arn Anderson the only thing he did was suck down KFC and Krispy Kreme’s.

  21. Steven says:

    That FU/AA don’t know what to call it because I don’t want Johnny Ace to do something to me, was sick off the ladder threw 2 tables, it was a great match. I believe the label of Bret Hart being the most boring person on the mic now belongs to John Laryngitis lol.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The 2006 Hell in a Cell is weird. It’s pretty violent but at the same time has the elements of a comedy match. I like it though, and the sledgehammer breaking on Vince’s head is a sick finish, even if it was gimmicked.

  23. Bryan says:

    thanks as always for all the great Unforgiven reviews so far Brett

  24. Brad Attitude says:

    the image or mr. mcmahon’s face being planted in big show’s ass pretty much says it all for this ppv.

  25. Brett Mix says:

    nWo 96 compared to DX of 97, Hell I’d argue DX of 98 and Austin of 97-99 compare to DX of 97 but all were bad ass.

  26. Luke Jordan says:

    The TLC match and Hell in the Cell match was the showstealers, some of the stuff dX 06 did was funny some was bad but nothing compares to DX of 97 no matter what Mr. Mix saids or other DX haters.

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