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December 23, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Unforgiven 2007 Review:


“Lets go Orton, Lets go Cena, Lets go Orton, Lets go Cena…”WWE Universe



-WWE Unforgiven 2007 took place on Sunday, September the 16th in front of 12,000 fans at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. (King’s home-town)
-This was the tenth annual Unforgiven PPV.
-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for Raw, Michael Cole and JBL for Smackdown! and Joey Styles and Tazz for ECW.
-The event had 210,000 buys, down from the Unforgiven 2006 figure of 289,000 buys
-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, in a dark match Kane defeated Kenny Dykstra.




-Now onto the PPV……………







1) Opening Contest- CM Punk (c) vs Elijah Burke for the ECW Championship


Elijah Burke the last opponent in Chris Benoit’s life goes one on one with the man Chris Benoit was supposed to take on at Vengeance that tragic weekend.

Elijah Burke is the challenger for Punk’s ECW title here.

CM Punk after an hour long video package is ready to defend the title against Elijah Burke with Styles and Tazz on commentary, two men that at least know a thing or two about the initials ECW.
Elijah Burke ties up with Punk and is backed into a corner. Punk pushed Elijah Burke back.

A front facelock Punk and he tries to break down Elijah Burke but he counters by riding his back on the canvas and goes into a waist-lock. CM Punk chant as Punk breaks the grip with a standing drop-toe hold and wrenches back the neck of Elijah Burke.

Now an armbar, a unique submission to Burke on the canvas which gets some applause from the crowd who appreciate the wrestling skill. Some fine chain-wrestling to start.

Elijah Burke sling-shots Punk into the corner he leaps over Elijah Burke and delivers a high kick then a side russian leg-sweep by Punk. CM Punk then with a chop to the chest and now Punk with a high chop. Punk wth a kick to the legs of Elijah Burke and now Punk stalks the challenger and a huge thrust kick to the spine of Elijah Burke. CM Punk then picked up Elijah Burke and hit a back-breaker extending the knee out.


CM Punk in control and even reverse irish-whipped gets the boot up to Elijah Burke, he still maintains control and slams Punk’s head to the canvas like a basketball says Styles.

Now the momentum goes to Elijah Burke with a boot to the face and a nearfall. Elijah Burke with a cradle and now a snapmare to Punk, with another hard kick to the spine. Elijah Burke pulls the arms of CM Punk back focusing the point of his knee into the weakened Spine of Punk which he kicked. Elijah Burke tried to Hyper-Extend the arms.

Punk gets out, hits a high knee to Elijah Burke in the corner and then a running bulldog.

CM Punk with a springboard in and a clothesline to Elijah Burke but he still kicks out.

What action and psychology in this match!

Punk tries to get out to meet Elijah Burke on the floor and Elijah Burke leg-sweeps Punk and nothing is there to break his fall and on his bd back lands on the ground.

Elijah Burke follows up the back-work and focuses on CM Punk’s back by driving it right into the ring-apron. Very intelligent in-ring work.
What a match, I love the story-telling.

Loud CM Punk chants fill Memphis while Elijah Burke clobbers the spine of Punk.

Elijah Burke now grabs the legs going for a Boston Crab perhaps to put more pressure on the Spine and Punk sells it in all agony like a pro.

This match has been excellent.

Punk just makes it to the ropes.

Elijah Burke with a waist-lock into a German Suplex and then another one, he does not release with no bridge, and Punk tried to elbow out of the hattrick attempt and does.

Elijah Burke flattens CM Punk face-first to the canvas but Punk STILL kicked out.

Now Burke with all the leverage advantage in the world holding Punk’s legs backwards in a submission hold but Punk rolled through.

An uppercut and still Punk kicks out! What’s it going to take?

An inside cradle out of no where!

Elijah Burke had to of been upset as he had dominated the whole match.

But this inside cradle victory reminds me so much of Bret Hart on Diesel at WWF Survivor Series 1995, one of my all time favourite’s and one of the fourteen current matches I rate 5 stars so I guess you could say I’m a sucker for these babyface finishes.


In the end CM Punk retained the ECW title at 11:52 after he came out of no where with the cradle. Reason I love it with the explanation above.


Amazing chemistry and brilliant story-telling.

This opener is a classic. I don’t care what anybody says this is clearly either the best or one of the best ECW title matches in WWE history.




2) Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter (c) vs Deuce ‘n Domino (with Cherry) for the WWE Tag Team Championship



MVP says it’s all yours.

Matt Hardy and MVP were feuding in the Summer so a little awkward seeing them team up here.

Domino and MvP start as MVP tags in right away.

Nice take-down to Domino early. A waist-lock go behind and a tag into Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy gets a pretty good pop coming in and they tie up. An arm-drag and a scoop slam. Matt tags in MVP he took it to Deuce who was tagged in.

Deuce sent to the buckle and a bulldog to Duece.

MVP taunts Matt Hardy with his leg-drop and then Matt Hardy tags himself in.

Despite the bickering Matt Hardy and MVP are in complete control

How to bury a tag team 101.

Matt comes off the rope the proper way, that’s how it’s done.

Matt just did MVP’s ballin and MVP wanted to come in. Duece came in and grabbed him down by the hair and Domino cut off the ring and isolate Matt.

JBL on commentary say that’s why they are effective.

Matt being worked over but he’s still being isolated by Deuce and Domino. I feel like Pizza and I don’t even like Domino’s but it’s just the name.

Matt Hardy fights back but Cherry on the outside grabs his leg. Matt Hardy hits a side effect. Matt Hardy tried to crawl MVP but a cheap-shot by Domino and then he knocks down Matt Hardy and he kicks out.

MVP now decdes to walk away from Matt Hardy but he runs back to the ring-apron.

Matt Hardy taking out both Deuce and Domino on his own but he needs the hot-tag to MVP and now MVP wants in badly and Matt tags in and MVP the US Champion clotheslines the opposition and then a back body-drop.

MVP with a face-buster and then a drop toe-hod. Matt Hardy hits ballin.

Matt hits MVP into Domino on the apron.

A twist of fate by Matt Hardy into Deuce and that’s it.

In the end at 9:19 Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Deuce ‘n Domino in this Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship to retain their title straps.
This tag match was actually pretty decent considering the story of MVP and Matt Hardy all throughout the match.











3) Triple H vs Carlito in a match where Carlito could not be Disqualified



Triple H gets attacked early as Carlito gains the early advantage with early right’s.

The Game wants to end this early as he turns the tide on HHH and put him in the corner.

Fans chant Triple H as he spears Carlito in the gut. A back-body drop to Carlito by the Game.

Carlito grabs a metal trash-can which is legal under the rules. HHH then comes over to Carlito and clotheslines him to the outside.

The Game spears Carlito kidney-first into the barricade, then the apron.

Now the Cerebral Assassin will exploit the injured spine. HHH drives his elbow into the spine of Carlito. HHH with a back-breaker to Carlito.

They call Carlito a Hall of Shamer and HHH a hall of famer. Who is writing the script here, Stephanie? We knew this already.

More pressure to the back of Carlito as Trips holds an abdominal stretch.

HHH is vicious with Carlito Carribe…oh yeah he doesen’t go by that anymore, he throws him across the table. Carlito hit HHH with a ring-bell.

Carlito chokes Helmsley on the rope.

He grabs a trash-can now and puts it in the middle of the turnbuckle and HHH is driven right into the corner.

Carlito grabbed a steel chair, missed and Hunter put Carlito away.

In the end at 10:40 HHH buries Carlito by winning just as he did versus Booker at Summerslam 07. Seriously what does he have to benefit from winning?
Great way to get talent over on PPV.



* 3/4






4) Candice Michelle (c) vs Beth Phoenix for the WWE Women’s Championship



I really can’t stand how all Diva’s who are Face dance to the ring and have a never ending-smle.

Maybe if they didn’t do a complete 180 to their heel character’s I wouldn’t mind as much.

Beth took it to Candice. Complete domination until Candice slightly won with a back-slide.
Candice retains the title aganst Beth at 7:17 after she gorilla pressed, hit with a back-breaker the works.







5) Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs The Great Khali (c) (with Ranjin Singh) in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship



Rey and Batista are “good friends” in this triple threat so they attack Khali but hit over-bearing strength strikes Tista.

Rey and Dave start to go at it so now it’s open season.
Rey Mysterio hits a hurricanrana then a West Coast Pop untl he runs into a boot from Khali.

Khali was gonna lock the vice-grip on Tista’s head he seperated his hands and got hit with a chop.

Now Khali has the vice grip. He lets go of Batista who rolls to the outside.
Rey Mysterio now is given a hard shot.

Khali comes back into the ring and spots Rey. Khali cornered Rey and he used his speed but ultimately ran into the Giant who stomped on him in the corner.

The Great Khali takes Rey by the head and slams him into the corner. Khali with a vice-grip to Mysterio. Rey starting to fade by the hold of The Great Khali.
The Great Khali in complete control as it was only a matter of time till Rey gave in but Batist re-joined the match and hit The Great Khali with a shoulder block.

Batista had The Great Khali tied up in the ropes and the fans loved it.

Batista is hit by a 619 and so is The Great Khali. Batista then picks up Rey with a Batista Bomb.

Now Batista waits for The Great Khali and he hits a bomb on him while pushing Rey away and he got him as the fans explode!

In the end Batista won the World title at 8:01.
This one was pretty typical.


* 1/2




6) Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (c) vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the World Tag Title’s


Cade and Kendrick tie-up and corner Brian to begin.

Cade now with a side headlock.

He’s really trying to wear him down very early. Kendrick with a leapfrog then a dropkick to Cade, Trevor Murdoch came in and he got dropkicked.

Cade got up tagged in Trevor Murdoch and he worked over Kendrick now.

Trevor Murdoch attempted a suplex but he got caught with an inside cradle. He got out, London came in and kicked at Trevor Murdoch, frequent tags by the babyfaces.

Isolation of Trevor Murdoch began as they kept him in their half of the ring.

Usually it’s the babyfaces isolated but here it’s the heel, which is a nice kind of pace really.

A lot of double-team tandem offense.

A lot of frequent back and forth action despite London and Kendrck showing what they can do.

Cade superplexed Kendrick and got a nearfall but Paul London broke it up.

Tagging in was Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch then with a neck vice. Kendrick is attacked by Trevor Murdoch now as they begin to isolate Kendrick and now it’s London awaiting the hot tag.

He run into a high boot but he stops the tag to London. Trevor Murdoch leaps off the top but right into Kendrick’s boot t the head.

London jumping on the apron wanting the crowd’s support and help a sunset flip from London taking on Cade and then an atomic drop and a dropkick. London cleaning house and a springboard drop on the spine of Cade, standing right on him the same way Spike Dudley used too.

Lance Cade in this back and forth bout jumps from the second rope and misses an elbow.

Trevor Murdoch breaks up the count. Kendrick gets a hot tag and a crossbody to Cade.

An arm-inger and then a boot to the head of Kendrick, Trevor Murdoch covers him but still only a two.
Never seen a tag this back and forth, every one seems to be and forth as far as moves are concerned.
The late Lance Cade teaming with Trevor Murdoch retained the title’s in the end at 11:48.
Awesome match.


*** 1/4




7) John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton

John Cena had been WWE Champion one year exactly now from Unforgiven 06 to 07 and so many were tired of it.
Just like at Summerslam half the crowd if not more, going for Orton here against the HATED John Cena.
Cena wasted no time going to work on Orton as they was obvious bad blood between the two stemming from their Summerslam rivalry.

Cena slams Orton’s head into the top turnbuckle and then into the corner. Cena clotheslines him on the ground. Cena throws Orton into the ring.

Cena with a big right to Orton who looked like he wanted to leave the brutality until he caught Cena with a big uppercut on the apron. Orton had Cena lined up for a ddt on the middle rope and now he covers him but only a two count.

Cena takes down Orton and then after an irishwhip he runs into nobody and Orton wears down Cena with a headlock.

For a match that isnt very long Orton doesen’t really need to do this kind of hold tht lasts two full minutes, Cena tries to get out of it with a suplex but he falls right back into it.
Cena with suplexes and clotheslines then right’s and lefts on Orton, he’s gong crazy on Randy Orton. Cena wouldn’t stop beating on Orton therefore he is DQ’d.

Fans are pissed.

They had every right to be.


In the end end Orton won by DQ and Cena remained Champion at 7:22 after the decision.

Even though Cena was Champion he wrestled until October first where he injured a Pectorial tendon and was forced to give up the title and McMahon declared the title Vacant.

After that Orton and HHH feuded over it.








8 ) Main Event- The Undertaker vs Mark Henry



The Undertaker unloads on Henry in his return with big right’s and lefts.

I’m pretty sure every single person who ordered this show (and probably want their money back) knew who was going over here.

The slugfest continued.

Mark Henry meets Undertaker on the top turnbuckle and slugs it out up-top with him.

Mark Henry then superplexed The Undertaker off the top rope.

Henry continues the offense for a little while until Undertaker fought back and slugged him in the corner wth more rights.

A reverse irish-whip and Now The Undertaker takes Henry over the top rope to the floor.

Henry now utlizes his size to take advantage of the Deadman nd he splashes him in the middle of the ring.

Henr off the ropes with a big splash to The Undertaker. This time off the ropes the Deadman moves out of the way when when Mark Henry goes for a splash, he does connect by driving The Undertaker to the canvas.

All of the sudden Mark Henry got over-confident and Undertaker splashes him in the corner.

The Undertaker goes for a chokeslam, and then Mark Henry kicks out.

The Undertaker then tried a Last Ride but Henry was too big.

Henry caught The Undertaker in a bear-hug.

The Undertaker choked Henry but he cornered him and layed down a few shots.

Fans knew it was a matter of time before he could put Henry away and now Undertaker had hit the Stinger’s Splash and the Last Ride from the top rope for the finish.


In the end Taker beat Henry at 11:25.







Final Rating for WWE Unforgiven 2007  = 4/10


This show was so lack-luster and is THE worst Unforgiven hands down. Infact it’s one of the worst PPV’s they’ve done in this decade. The opener was great, the main events were brutal, the mid-card wasn’t even tv quality. Just a show with a couple of good matches and that’s about all that was GOOD unfortunately.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I agree, this was the worst unforgiven. I also agree that the 1st match was the best one with a rating of 4*. Everything else was poor.

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    elijah burke vs. cm punk should be given more credit than it was given for especially for an opening match.

  3. Jesse says:

    its sad that orton never defeated cena (by pin or submission, btw) in their 2007 feud. i wonder what were the original plans for no mercy’s last man standing match b/w orton & cena?

    in my opinion, orton should have won the strap at summerslam itself.

  4. Stacey says:

    they put so much effort into promoting the Undertakers return they forgot about the other matches.The triple threat wouldn’t be good,how they decided that was PPV worthy.The WWE shouldn’t of signed Khali anyway

  5. William says:

    Wow both main event title matches only went for 7 and 8 minutes that’s horrible

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