Review: WWE Vengeance 2003 DVD

November 23, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Vengeance 2003” Review:




“Some punks like Cena gotta learn respect…THE HARD WAY.”The Undertaker






-WWE Vengeance 2003 took place Live, Sunday Night on PPV, on July the 27th 2003 from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado in front of 9,500 fans.
-This was the 3rd Annual Vengeance event.

-This Show was the first Smackdown! only PPV.

-“Price to Play” by Staind was the PPV’s theme song.

-Michael Cole and Tazz called the show.

-Since Vengeance had an attendance of approximately 9,500 and received about 322,000 pay-per-view buys;This event helped WWE increase its pay-per-view revenue by $6.2 million from the previous year.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Ultimo Dragon defeated the now deceased Chris Kanyon at 4:04 on Sunday Night Heat.

-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit in the Finals for the Vacant United States Championship


I had the pleasure of seeing these two a week and a half after this PPV open up Smackdown! with about a ** 3/4 match that got turned into a Rhyno and Eddie vs Tajiri and Benoit tag.

I’ll never forget sitting third row when Benoit chopped the living hell out of Eddie and he looked right at me and my buddy sitting right behind Cole mouthing the words…”OH MY GOD!” as the chops from Chris must of been painful as all hell.

Still makes me smile. I miss them both.

Here though we get arguably their greatest encounter together and Cole and Tazz do a terrific job caling it.

The crowd is loving it as well which is tremendous because sometimes with timely, mat-clinic’s some fans don’t respond very well.

Everything seemed to click here. Eddie Guerrero comes out in his red low-rider first to mixed reactions but mostly boo’s.

Benoit gets a good ovtation.

So Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero made the finals, (Eddie beat Ultimo Dragon and Billy Gunn, Benoit beat Rhyno and Matt Hardy) two friends battle it out to see who becomes the US Champion, surely the #2 title on the SD! Brand. Either man could of been World Champion in this time period but this put more prestige out there for the US Championship.


I’m ready for this classic, it’s been too long since I’ve seen it!

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero the two best friends ready to lock up now, and this Smackdown’s! first official PPv is underway!

Some “Eddie” chants, but mostly “Benoit” chants.

Mike Keota says this is for the US title and he explains the rules to keep the fists open, no pulling the hair and keeping it clean. Keota asks them for a handshake.

No shake and Eddie taunts Benoit about when he sprayed a substance in his eyes by pretending he was blind.

Benoit with a tie-up in the corner to Eddie but then Keota broke it off and “Eddie Sucks” chants were then heard some more  Crowd for both men as Eddie bought himself time and hit a hammerlock onn Benoit and then took him down to the canvas. Eddie Guerrero up to his base and Benoit elbowed him in the head before coming off the side ropes and hit Eddie with a huge shoulder block.

The Rabid Wolverine wanted more but Eddie rolled out to buy himself some time. Benoit waited for Eddie to get back in and he did. Both men circled around the ring and Eddie Guerrero hit another wrist-lock, and took down Benoit’s left  arm but he rolled out and twisted Eddie’s arm and then tried to work on the beginning of a crossface. Both men traded holds.

Exchange after exchange, shot after shot, Eddie came off the ropes with a shoulder block after some reversals and chain wrestling. Benoit looked at Eddie as if he knew he just got taken down by Latino Heat and he stared at Benoit with a cold look.

Eddie and Benoit then both went to tie up again mid-ring, feeling each other out, going hold for hold. Eddie then with a two on one in a test of power, stale mate, as Benoit and Eddie balanced power until Benoit got the strength advantage that brought Eddie to his knees and the crowd cheered!

Eddie up to his feet screaming in pain. I’d see the re-match on Smackdown between the two, just two weeks later.

Eddie then took Benoit off his feet sweeping his legs and then a top, overhead wristlock by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie kicked at Benoit’s mid-section and then twisted the arm of Benoit before hitting a hard chop followed by two more. Eddie hit with a strong forearm shot. Chris brought to his knees but reversed an irish whip with a leg scissors then a pinning attempt after a hurricanrauna by Eddie, both men rolled each other up with pinning attempts.

Both men so evenly matches, Denver applauded that offensive exchange. Guerrero started to build some momentum so Benoit took a walk on the outside.

Eddie Guerrero felt a bit cocky as he played off the crowd so well. That was a great back and forth exchange though with roll-up’s and both men trying to one up the other. Eddie back in the ring with a side headlock and tried to put all his bodyweight on top of Benoit for a power attempt. Benoit with a shot to the ribs but Eddie with a shoulderblock off the side ropes and then back into the side headlock.

Guerrero kept it locked in until Benoit hit a suplex but Eddie made it a flip and landed on his feet and Latino Heat went back into the side headlock. Guerrero with a side headlock on the mat and some idiots in Denver chanted boring, it surely wasn’t. Benoit flipped Eddie over and then Eddie went for a tombstone, Benoit reversed it and hit a shoulder breaker.

Benoit went into the Crossface!

Benoit locked it in after a high impact shoulder breaker, and this right after Eddie was wearing him down. Great mat sense by Eddie Guerrero to get out of the predicament and land his feet on the bottom ropes.

I’ve always said it helps a match’s quality when you have a Climax spot in the middle of a match, where they tease a finisher. What does this do? Well it gets the crowd who weren’t following the story back in the match and for the fans not wanting a long match they can think “well it’s almost over” so it turns there attention back on. Then they just get sucked into the dramatic folding of the later stages of the match and treat it better then they would have if that Climax spot originally wasn’t there to begin with. That’s my theory anyway and this match had that right here.

Eddie Guerrero flipped to the outside and then Benoit dove through the 2nd rope onto Eddie. Benoit pulled out all the stop’s with a suicide dive, fully realizing this is the finals. A splashing forearm to the jaw!

Benoit rammed Eddie’s shoulder into the corner, first a shoulder breaker and then a relentless attack. Benoit snapped him over and grabbed Eddie by the head and powerslammed him on to the shoulder.

Benoit in control going to work on the weakened left shoulder of Eddie and slapped on a half nelson in attempt to pull the AC joint out of his shoulder, and to weaken Eddie for a possible future Crossface. Good psychology and mat instinct by Benoit.

Guerrero reversed an irishwhip by Benoit using the ropes and then he chopped Eddie who chopped Benoit back and he took over. Eddie desperately planted Benoit on the top turnbuckle and hit a leg scissors from the top rope! Eddie then with a cover to Benoit and he kicked out! Eddie Guerrero thinking on his feet grabbed Benoit by the arm and kicked at Benoit’s ribs while the fans chanted for Benoit. Eddie Guerrero picked up Benoit and hit a back suplex to Benoit and then he gets a two count. Keota turned red like he usually did when telling a guy he only got two.

Eddie stomped on Benoit some more as he kicked into another gear as he worked on Benoit’s lower back. Eddie started to build confidence as he hopped around the ring. Eddie held the left arm of Benoit, held an armbar, stamina played a big part for Benoit here to try and stay in as Eddie Guerrero was now in control of this back and forth match. Eddie got chopped back after he threw one out and then chopping wars took place while the crowd was wooing away. Eddie slapped Benoit in the face and the place booed. Eddie irish whipped Benoit but he reversed it and hit a backbody drop followed by a shoulder block. Benoit one step ahead of Eddie and hit him with chop’s in the corner.

A switch after a german attempt by Benoit but he still hit Eddie Guerrero with a suplex from the top rope! Awesome!

I loved how Benoit was one step ahead of Eddie and even if he wasn’t, Eddie Guerrero would get back in the match by cheating. Awesome story telling for sure here

Both men down.

The fans were vocal in counting while both men were down and Eddie Guerrero just snuck a shoulder up after Benoit was at two. Benoit would of been the new US Champ!

Race, Austin, Steamboat, Sting, Goldberg were named as previous US Champion’s by Cole!

Benoit with two German suplexes and then went to follow it up with the hattrick, Eddie got out of it with a waistlock into a switch but Benoit countered it!

Is Eddie Guerrero going to tap! Eddie got out of it for it for a second time in the match with a foot on the rope.

Benoit then with a back breaker to Eddie Guerrero and only a two.

Chris went for a second back breaker but Eddie with another switch after a flip and then a quick knee to the ribs of Benoit.

Eddie with a spin and then the three-amigo’s by Eddie to Benoit but on the third he set Benoit up to the top rope looking for a superplex and he hit it! Both men down again in the center of the ring.

Guerrero hit hard as did Benoit and both men breathed hard.

Eddie down and looked dazed after a textbook, top-rope superplex! Eddie then to his feet smiled and went to the top rope as the fans booed! Eddie Guerrero goes for a frog splash but Benoit moved out of the way!

Benoit just got out of the way even though Eddie Guerrero’s forearm caught a bit of Benoit on the way down!

Chris Benoit hit a powerbomb to Eddie Guerrero and then somehow Eddie kicked out after all of Benoit’s bodyweight was on top of Eddie. Benoit again with a Crossface and Eddie struggled to make it to the bottom rope but he did. Third time Eddie had done that as any time Benoit saw an opening he went for it.

Eddie Guerrero drove Benoit into referee Mike Keota.


Benoit was down and Eddie knew it.



Eddie went to the outside and grabbed the new US title and hit Benoit in the head with it.

Eddie Guerrero went up high and hit a frogsplash! Eddie got a two but Benoit kicked out!

Eddie’s face was priceless after this. Guerrero grabbed the belt again and then hit the referee with it and then put the title on top of Benoit and the fans laughed. Eddie Guerrero was called Marlon Brando by Cole for his acting skills and then he pushed over Keota to wake him up and shook him again as the crowd laughed. Awesome stuff. Eddie yelled and he shook the ref some more. Benoit got up from behind and locked on a 4th Crossface to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tapped out but there is no official. Benoit then got up and did something I love in matches. He slapped the ref and said what the hell’s the matter with you (maybe someone should of asked Chris this time to time) then Eddie went for a title shot to Benoit’s head (who didn’t?) but he reversed with a german suplex after a waist-lock. Benoit signalled the end and then went to go up high for a diving headbutt. Benoit landed on Keota though as Eddie pulled him to the ring.

Rhyno came in the ring and signalled a GORE to Eddie but hit Benoit! Eddie pinned him for the three after a Frogsplash!

This is perhaps the greatest match they ever had together, at least from North America.

A Classic by all means as expected.

In the end at 22:13 Eddie Guerrero Cheated and stole the US title after a Classic encounter.

What stamina and endurance. But of course, it’s Eddie and Benoit.

What a match! Can’t stress it enough.


This match is for my money the best match these two legends ever put on, just ahead of their best Japan bout.

So awesome. I could watch this every week, one of the best opener’s of all time! The company knew after this match these two could be the World Champion’s by the next year just like when Randy Savage stole the show at Wrestlemania 3 he became the Champion the very next year at Mania 4.

You steal the show…good things follow in your career!
**** 1/4







2) Jamie Noble (with Nidia) vs Billy Gunn (with Torrie Wilson)


One of the dumber storylines going on in Wrestling, Torrie has been subjected to many the poor girl, her best ones usually involved bikini contests.

Noble is very good at short PPV matches or even longer ones as he proved at the last Vengeance against Kidman.

So basially Torrie said she’d sleep with Nobe even Billy Gunn loses.

Does she know who Billy Gunn is? Noble is incredibally underrated and while Billy Gunn gets a lot of hate he is not derserving of half f it.

Billy Gunn starts off with a press slam.

Either way here we go.

Bell rings afte the move.

Billy Gunn comes out and elevates himsef to the floor.

Nidia walks to the ring ever so slowly.

Billy Gunn’s knee buckle onto the outside.

Billy Gunn dwn and very smart, being resourceful takng out the hamstring of Billy Gunn, kicking at his leg trying to score his excellent psychology.

Gunn liping as his hamstring is hurt and he hits a neck-breaker, but Noble kicks out. Noble climbs to the top with a ddt focusing on the injured leg.

Nidia turns her back on Noble robaby because she can’t understand Noble sleeping around.

Noble kisses Torrie on the outside an then he came back in the ring and grabbed the tights.

Torrie and Nidia looks like they’ve seen a ghost.

In the end at 5:00 Noble gets the victory over Gunn.
This match is very solid for a five minute bout.


** 1/2







3) Bradshaw vs Shannon Moore, Doink the Clown, Faarooq, Brother Love, Nunzio, Matt Hardy, Chris Kanyon, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, The Easter Bunny, Sean O’Haire, John Hennigan, Orlando Jordan, Funaki, Los Conquistadores (Rob Conway and Johnny Jeter), The Brooklyn Brawler, Johnny Stamboli, Chuck Palumbo, Matt Cappotelli, and Spanky in a APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl


A very unique style match here.

It sees attitude era like but it’s a bunch of jobbers, past stars and mid carders all in one match..

Doink gets a great pop.

The APA invitational is underway and there is so much action in this match it legitiately hard to keep up with everything.

I’ll mention most things  that were note-worthy here.

Brother Love talks (what else is new) and all men get it going on smashing bottles on the oppositons end.

The Bralwer took it to Doink. O’Haire breaks a kendo stick and sashes it over Moore.

Brother ofe sends Moore into the glss. Nunzio smashed into the glass. This is definitely hardcore.

In the end at 4:33 Bradshaw won this highly chaotic Bar Room Brawl.
This match was actually pretty fun with all the names, especially like Doink making an appearance.

Gives variety to the ppv.


** 1/4




4) The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (c) vs Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman for the WWE Tag Team Championship


This should be a classic, a battle of aerial and mat technique, two of my favourite styles.

Plus both teams now strategy, psychology and how to isolate the opposition. Four tremendous workers in the same right at once. Gotta love it.


Formally known as Team Angle, the World’s Greatest Tag Team are now two time tag team champion’s and the current reigning ones going against two aerial specialist’s in Rey and Kidman.

Should be an exciting match here on Vengeance 2003.

Shelton Benjamin and Rey Mysterio begin, Shelton likes the amateur ranks working on the mat, begins to ride Rey taking out the leg does Shelton, but Rey reaches the ropes, ducks a clothesline.

A crucifix, into a standing leg-sissors by Rey getting out of ny predicament from the co-tag champ in Shelton Benjamin and now Kidman tags in and takes Shelton down with a head-scissors. Shelton comes back in.

Benjamin with a knee to the gut.

Haas tags in an now ties to wear down the quicker Kidman with a standng side headlock. Kidman though off the ropes with a shoulder block. Haas though trips up Kidman chokes him out on the ropes.

Kidman is able to tag Rey in. Mysterio comes off the top and hits a moonsault, then Haas catches Rey and throws him sternum first into the buckle.

Both teams going back and forth.

Just when it looks like Rey was gonna hit a hurricanrana Haas slams Rey down. Haas trying to islolate Rey tagging in Shelton Benjamin maybe the best pure athlete in the company performing a reverse chinlock. Fans on his side as he tries to battle out hitting a charging Shelton wth a dropkick as he flps over.

Mysterio is dynamite. Kidman and Haas both recieve hit tags. Kidman wth a dropkick to Shelton then one to Haas, all four in the ring.

Mysterio was gong to do aa 619 on Haas but Shelton tripped him and falls back. Mysterio jumps over with a Springboard senton by Mysterio to Shelton Benjamin. Then Kidman from the top rope with a Shoting staar press to TWGTT n the floor.

Kidman in the ring just barely able to put Haas away and then Shelton is thrown. Haas retaliates and then slams Kidman scoring a nearfall. Shelton Benjamin then tagged in hit a lower back-breaker to Kidman who has pain there and got a two.

Haas back in keeps working over Kidman and then Billy the kid who needed a hot tag to Rey Rey crawled but his lower-back kept preventing him to get to Rey.

Mysterio never saw it.

Blind tag.

Fans boo.

Feels old schoool. Haas and Benjemin with frequent tags and they continue to break apart Billy Kidman move ater move.

Fand chant Shelton Benjamin sucks and now Shelton Benjamin sets up Kidman for a powerbomb to put extra tork on his lower back and he hits an x-factor of sorts.

Mysterio wth the hot tag officially now and a baseballl slide with an inzguri. Haas ges flying. Shelton Benjamin off the ropes hit with a sunset flip by Mysterio.

Rey almost pins Shelton wth a ddt and then Haas tagged back in and now Kidman kneed to the back on Haas. Mysterio with a 69 and now shoulders are down but the official was payin attenton to KIdman.

Shelton Benjamin comes in with a kick to the side of the heaad of Mysterio. Shelton Benjamin clotheslines Kidman to the floor.

Haas pins Rey only a two!


Rey launched by Kidman to pin Haas. 1…2..and no!

Nobody can believe Rey and Kidman didn’t get the. Rey on top of Haas and Bejnamin from the top leaps and clothesline’s Rey and with the action fast and furious, with illegal tacics gives TWGTT the win.

In the end Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas retained the tag title’s at 14:53 after Sort of a Dooms Day Device modified by Shelton coming off the top with a blind tag clotheslne. Officials sort of missing that who is legal an who wasn’t.

Either way you slice it, a terrific match!


This match was one of the many resons Vengeance 2003 was such a great PPV.





5) Sable vs Stephanie McMahon in a NO Count Out Match


Hmmmm, a No Count Out match between two non-wrestlers….could be worse.

Both aren’t bad to look at….

Stephanie McMahon in soe fine looking black gear, we can say the same for Sable.

Stephanie formally known as “daddy’s little girl” always seems t ohave problems with whatever Mistress McMahon has at the tinem if we think back to Trish in 00 and 01.

I like to think of Trish then, her absolute peak as far looks goes.

The problem with this match is Sable is not a wrestler by any means.

Neither is Stephanie, the business might be in her blood, but she’s a horrdid wrestler.

Sable taunts Stephane while shes down doing the grind circa 1999, ahh the good old times.


Steph has her head slammed into the top buckle but this time connects with a reverse elbow on Sable. Steph remembers to sell her ribs.

A lot of choking and swinging the ladies by the hair, hey it’s a Diva’s match after-all.


Steph slams Sable into the apron and grabs a chair.

Steph argues with the official on the outside.



Sable coming up from behind her gets met with forearm by the Billion or Million we could say now dollar princess.

Steph hold the leg of Sable up and drops her.

Gotta love Sable’s cheeky attire.

Sable showed some ruthless agression by her daddy’s terms or viciousness and it elluded to a cat-fight in the corner.

Steph said it wasn’t going to be this easy for Sable.

This was a very personal feud. I went to the SD 2 weeks after this, we were treated to a horrible Sable promo that didn’t even make the TV broadcast and Stephanie the acting GM wasn’t even there.

Sable sells her arm and young Hebner pushed her off until Sable is fixing her malfunction in the corner.

A-Train meanwhile runs over Steph then runs away.
In the end at 6:25 Sable put Steph away after help from A-Train.
This match was about what you’d expect, but the fact that it got more time then a couple of matches on the card already is kind of disturbing.






6) John Cena vs The Undertaker



The Undertaker had been teaching rookies a lesson for well, his entire career.

But John Cena known here as the Doctor of Thuganomics was not your every day rookie. This guy has the package, the gimmick and was headed straight to the top.

Also with kayfabe being relatively dead by 2003 the heels like Cena were very over with the crowd. He was when I wen’t live.

At that Smackdown! I attended I also got to see this re-match where A-Train interfered on Cena got the win, it’s on Cena’s “Word Life” DVD released in 2004.

That set up A-Train versus The Undertaker at Summerslam 2003.

But here is the Vengeance encounter between Cena and Taker, enough about my experience. I always felt that match was better it was longer in length and I felt it was booked a lot better.

This match here was nothing to shrug your shoulders about.

Despite Cena being over in Denver, Undertaker always has the crowd behind him regardless so he is far and away the babyface in this match.

The Undertaker seemed to be taking it to John Cena in the early stages in the match both in the ring and outside it.

Cena then with a smart move spitting a drink into The Undertaker’s eyes but it only worked momentarily and it fired the Deamn up sending him ribs first into the barricade. The Undertaker then smashed his spine into the ribs.

Small Cena chants break out.

Undertaer then lays Cena on the canvas and goes for one of his trademark offensive moves hitting the leg-drop on his throat.

Cena got told by The Undertaker what bad would be and drops the elbow twice followed by a boot. The Undertaker rolls Cena into the ring and gets a two.

The Undertaker trying to get an MMA Submssion onto Cena to gain leveage and keep Cena to the mat. The Undertaker then tossed Cena to the floor.

The Undertaker goes to the top rope and hits Old school and now goes or the chokeslam and hits it but broke the two count himself saying the punishment wasn’t over.

The Undertaker went for a Last Ride, Cena landed on his feet and hit a desperation ddt.

Cena exposed the top turbucke padding and stomed away at the Deadman and his shoulder region and choked him out a little. Cena now had the momentum.

Cole and Tazz go over how it might of been a mistake not to pn Cena after the chokeslam.

The pad is still there it has yet t fall off but The Undertaker then splashed and clotheslined Cena into that same corner and now Cena pulls the padding down and The Undertaker crashed and burned into the exposed steel.

Smart, strategic wrestling by Cena there. Very resourceful opening up the rbss on the Old Deadman. The Undertaker gves some rib shots but Cena knocks him off the apron and then crashes him into the barricade.

Both men in a slugfest and Taker with busted ribs counters Cena’s offense with a Dragon Sleeper as Cena begins to fade but the Deadman had to release the hod before the five seconds.

A ton of reversals, Cena goes for the FU and Taker hits a boot to the face. Cena hit with a leg-drop by The Undertaker.

Undertaker spitting out blood, seems to be internally bleeding.

Cena then grabbed a chain and hit the ribs of an already vulnerable Deadman stitting out more blood.

Cena then hits and FU but The Undertaker kicked out.

Cena is frustrated as he figured he had him just where he wanted.

Cena with shots up high then a Last Ride out of the corner.
In the end at 16:01 The Undertaker got the victory over Cena after he was a bit too cocky and The Undertaker took advantage of where he was in the ring.
This match was terrific, this and the match with Lesnar at Backlash 03 were pobably Cena’s best two in his career up until this pont.



*** 1/2





7) Vince McMahon (With Sable) vs Zach Gowen



So now the Chairman takes on a one-legged man.

So a great PPv is side-lined by this storyline.

14 minutes, that’s thirty seconds less then Savage and Steaboat got at Wrestlemania 3.

This match should of been 3-5 minutes tops.

Either way here we go after an “inspiratonal video”

Zach Gowen is cornered by a ripped Vince in both corner’s.

Vince with a go-behnd take-down and chain-wrestles him about slapping him in humilation.

Vince with a hiptoss.

Zach Gowen with more shots until vince gets angry and slaps on the one good leg Zach Gowen has.

Not a bad strategy but obviously cheap and gains good heel heat.

Fans in Denver booing McMahon and he loves it.

Cole is hilarious on commentry sticking up for Gowen.

Zach Gowen caught in a Boston Crab or a HALF CRAB obviously beause he only has one leg.

Zach Gowen resilient as ever comes off the top with a one-legged drop kick to Vinnie Mac and now Gowen smashed Vince’s billionaire grapefruits into the ring post.

Zach Gowen taking out the left leg.

Zach Gowen botches a bulldog from the top. Some fan boo the both. After all the kid only has one leg, come on.

Zach Gowen with a moonsault off the top and Vince gets his leg on the ropes to break the count.

Zach Gowen with a kick to the chair of McMahon and then a huge hai shot busting him open.

Gowen on his bad leg misses a move and a boodied McMahon takes advantage of a missed summersault.
In the end at 14:02 McMahon wins in a pool of his own blood.
Gowen gets a standing ovation after the match.
* 3/4







8 ) Brock Lesnar (c) vs Kurt Angle vs The Big Show in a No Disqualification Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship





Angle’s second year in a row he is a challenger in a triple threat match for the WWE title at Vengeance.

The Big Show comes out first to some good heel heat.

Angle gets a great pop.

Lesnar does as well.

Last year at Vengeance it might of been the best triple threat match up  to that point in time in 2002.

The belt can switch hands even if Lesnar isn’t pinned and in this match you have to be pinned in the ring but there is NO DQ.

Angle is sent out of the ring and The Big Show headbuts Lesnar and got a two. Lesnar hit with a shokeslam and takes him to the outside.

Lesnar comes back in the ring nd breaks up Show covering Angle and he ggot a two.

The Big Show took it to Lesnar and then all of the sudden Lesnar and Angle ti a double suplex on the trash can to The Big Show and Brock pushed Angle out of the ring as the two off them got off their game-plans.

On the Outside Ange pulled Brock off Show pinning him and Brock threw Angle into the steps.

Meanwhile Show got his breath back.

Brock with a spot of the math Superplexed Powerbombed The Big Show off the top all the way from the turnbuckle taking him to the other side.


Ange knocks Brock with a steel chhair, both men split with a chair open.

Ange then Olympic Slams Show throgh the announce table.

Both bloodied Brock and Angle go toe to toe, rope to rope, bloodied and eyes loed and Brock exchnaged hare forearms to smal boo’s.

Back in the ring Angle wth a German.

Now a waistlock and shades of Wrestlemania and Angle tried to hit Brock with another German and this time he did as Brock flipped right over.


The Big Show finally comes bak in the ring as he covers both men while Angle held a rear choke to the Champ.

Giant screas and no sets up Lesnar and Angle for a one hand chokeslam at the same time which was impressive. Angle then moved out of the corner after being irishwhipped, Brock hits shoulder first.

Ankle lock to Brock by Angle, The Big Show then comes from no where and Angle hits the Angle Slam onto Big Show!

Angle then with an Angle Slam to the Champion!
In the end at 17:29 Angle once again became WWE Champion to a huge pop after he hit two Angle Slam’s to Brock and Show after finally pinning the Champion Brock Lesnar.
This match while not as good as last years is still a Classic and these three incredibe athletes still pulled it off extremely well.

Just excellent.








 Final Rating for WWE Vengeance 2003 = 8/10




This show is so underrated. Sure, it has its matches that were a bit long (Vince and Zach) or didn’t belong (Noble-Gunn, Sable-Steph) but everything else was not only quality, but HIGH QUALITY. Cena and The Undertaker put on a clinic, the tag match was off the charts, the main event triple threat was as well and who could forget the match of the night being the opener between Eddie and Benoit. Even the hardcore brawl was fun. So much variety. A must-own show. Definitely get it!

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I have just bought this DVD today and I am looking forward to watching it.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    The tag team title match, the Undertaker/Cena match and the main event were the best matches of the night.

    I also have to rank the United States championship in a paragraph of it’s own because it was just simply phenomenal.

  3. Desean Jackson Phan 10 says:

    Now hold on there M.Woods RAW has had some awesome PPVs…..Like Bad Blood 2004 that had Kane and Chris Beniot battling for the World Heavyweight Title….Triple H and HBK in the longest Hell in a Cell match ever something like 47:24 match was awesome….On to Vengeance 2003….First off I love the theme song Price To Play….Eddie and Beniot kick off the show and wrestle for like 22 minutes…..The Bar Room Brawl…..Cena vs Taker…..The Triple Threat Match for the WWE title Show vs Angle vs Lesnar

  4. m.woods says:

    Smackdown always had the better ppv’s

  5. jeff copeland says:

    this no way out 06 no mercy 04 i think are the best sd ppvs vengeance wise this is uptop with 02 01 and 05 nice review

  6. SRB says:

    Show/Mr. America huh? Not bad… I wouldve liked to have seen that

  7. jesse says:

    big show was originally suppose to face mr. america at ths ppv, but hulk hogan quit wwe weeks before the event and show was added to the triple threat main event.

    from what i remember watching, this was a pretty solid smackdown ppv (much better than raw’s bad blood a month earlier)

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Arguably the greatest Smackdown! PPV ever. Judgment Day 05 is another, but this was better.

  9. Bryan says:

    agreed great show Brett best 4 bucks at the used DVD store I ever spent back in the day