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November 30, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Vengeance 2005” Review:



“Tonight!, in one of the most exciting cities in the world, we have the Device of Destruction amongst many other things, the HELL IN A CELL!”Jim Ross



WWE Vengeance 2005 is arguably the best Vengeance PPV and it took place Live on PPV, Sunday Night from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada in front of 9,850 fans on June the 26th, 2005.

-This was the 5th Annual Vengeance PPV event.
-During the show there was a segment with the returning for one night Godfather (since he works there as a bouncer now at clubs), his Las Vegas Ho Train (a couple of them are ridiculously hot), Big Viscera and Lillan Garcia.
-This show took place with-in two weeks of ECW ONS 05 which also was a PPV of the year candidate.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the show.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Rosey and The Hurricane (c) (with Super Stacy) defeated The HeartThrobs (Antonio and Romeo) at 5:06 on Sunday Night Heat in a Tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship retaining their titles.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Carlito (c) vs Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Champonship

Benjamin comes in here as the challenger to Carlito who had recently just won the IC title on Raw after being drafted from Smackdown! ending Shelton’s eight month reign since Taboo Tuesday 2004.

Benjammin looked to retain in this quick opener from Red Hot Vegas, and yes it’s THAT hot there in the Summer. I went twice in late August, came back pinker then Hart’s tights.

Here we go!

Carlto defending his new prize to someone very familiar with it.

Crowd should be into this one, a solid upper-card opener. Shelton obviously still upset about his long IC title reign to the man who made his RAW debut Carlito.

Shelton Benjamin had a 8 month reign, extremely rare for this age.

Also for trivia, Calito in his first WWE match beat John Cena for the US title in late 2004. Wow they had promise for this guy.

A side headlock take-over on Carlito and he begs Shelton off to some boo’s.

Shelton Benjamin gets a standing side headlock then into a take-over, Carlit counters with a head-scissors, an even more impressive take-over by Shelton into a pinninb combo but stil only a two.

The two men circle around one another after the feeling out stage ends abruptly. Shelton Benjamin bounced out of the ropes with a clothesline.

Carlito after some outside work irishwhipped Shelton Benjamin to the ropes and like a cat sshowing great agility leaped to the top rope and came off with a flying lariat clothesline and a nearfall.

Both men engage in a slug-fest. Carlito then grabs Shelton choking him out on the second rope.

Fans are on the side of Shelton.

Now small Shelton sucks chants, strange I don’t remember people dis-liking him but people did ride the Carlit wagon for awhile. Carlito chants.

Carlito with powerful scoop slams to Shelton Benjamin but he expanded more energy with a kick-out.

Now a reverse chinlock to Shelton Benjamin. Shelton out of no where with an inside cradle as Carlto argued a two count and got a two.

More Carlito chants while he has a reverse chinlock into Shelton Benjamin and now he has the knee towards the spine taking apart top to bottom.

Shelton off the ropes with a reverse elbow to Carlito.

Lawler makes a good point that Shelton can’t pin Carlito after his offense because of all the wearing down earlier in the bout by Carlito. Shelton still got a Samoan drop out of it and is firing back on the “Cool” Carlito.

Carlito spots Shelton going to the top and then Carlto dragged by Shelton Benjamin to the floor and Carlito got a lariat-clothesline sprung off the top rope to the canvas.

Good move. Shelton Benjamin now ooking to springboard behind Carlito and he can’t win his title back off the bulldog. Carlito with an inziguri. Out of no where. A stinger splash and the turnbuckle was exposed by Carlito as he crashed and burned did Shelton Benjamin.
In the end at 12:46 Carlito managed to keep the IC title by pulling the tights.
This match was a great opener.


*** 1/4





2) Victoria vs Christy Hemme



The only below average match of the night but at least Victoria can work a match and Christy is never bad to look at….looks-wise anyway.
Victoria and her transiton from heel to face to heel to face with her stupid body language and so over the top it’s literaly hilarious.

As you can tell I’m not going to waste my time with this one.
Unless there is something worth noting.

JR says she (Christy) has plenty of heart and spirit…aww isn’t that nice.

Christy means business judging by her entrance and body language.

That’s a nice set of….features….anyway, if you think the acting here is bad don’t even bother watching the clip of the intro into this match.

100% pure wrestle crap.

Hemme gets so mad by grabbing Grisham and then she acts like a total dork apologizing until Victoria breaks glass over her.

Grisham then screams OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOING like some 12 year old who sees you bullyiing somebody…..Gee I don’t know Todd. Maybe she attacked her?

Christy Hemme


King asks “What’s your favourite side of Christy Hemme?” which was about the only thing actually good here.

No matter how much Victoria tried to make this match, the crowd saw right through it.

Her efforts were about as good as Trish at Mania of this year in 05.
In the end at 5:05 thankfully Victoria won ending the train-wreck that is Hemme wrestling.









3) Kane vs Edge (With Lita)


This went on a little too long.

Longer then it should of.

Of course playing the Matt Hardy role in this feud.
Chants to Lita like slut and we Want Matt were definitely heard.

Thhis was more of a brawl.

Edge spears Kane outside the ring.

Edge in control. This match went slow like usual between the two.


You Screwed Matt chanted loud. Lita doesen’t care and she takes it all in, something she’s used to doing. Catch that? Ah I crack myself up.


Edge has a lot of momentum but Kane himself fires back. Both men going at it but these right-hands aren’t seeming to much damage.

Kane lands a clotheslne. Kane looks for a flying clothesline off the top but Edge caught Kane exposing himself with a dropkick in mid-air.

Snitsky then runs out after Kane boots Edge.

Kane goes for a chokeslam on Edge then Lita drops the chair. Kane then choked Lita for a bit down to the mat. Kane then uts Lita’s head.( get your mnd out of the gutter ) in a chair but Snitsky behind the ref hits Kane.

Edge covers Kane and only a two again.

Kane tosses Edge to the mat. Snitsky off the top and Kane goes for a chokeslam and dodged a shot from Edge to Snitsky with the MITB case.

Kane wins.


In the end at 11:11 Kane got the victory which was a shock due to the Edge push after a chokeslam by Kane despite Snitsky’s efforts.
This match was very good for the time it got.
Not boring as once feared.







4) Wrestlemania 21 Re-Match: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle -Vengeance 2005

After a Classic Mania 21 encounter, everyone needed a re-match.


Mr. Mania already lost to Angle by tapping out.

Here is his chance for redemption.

This is a classic PPV from recent memory.

Shawn and Angle no doubt have great chemistry. This took place in Vegas.

Shawn Michaels and Angle get set to lock-up, “You Screwed Bret” is even chanted by a small group of fans.


Angle is hell bent on taking Michaels to the mat with a waistlock go-behind but Shawn quickly counters it into a side headlock takeover on the mat like he did at Mania.

Angle cornered Shawn and was backed off, Angle with a single leg take-down.


Michaels gets up as the feeling out stage is ready and here. Angle with a side headlock and a shoulder block. Off the ropes a hiplock into an armdrag takedown on Angle.

An armbar by Michaels. Angle now slaps an armbar on Michaels, the right knee on Michaels head well placed. Good stuff. Angle drives his knee into Michaels’s shoulder, Shawn walks it off. Angle full of himself in the ring.

Angle goes for a clothesline but Michaels chops him in the corner. Angle out on the floor comes back in taking his time.

Despite the early attacks, both guys were focused to feel each other out as Coachman on commentary points out. Angle tries to take out the leg. Lawler said Angle caught Michaels by surprise, Angle looked to take out the leg of the aerial Michaels with a half crab but Michaels got to the ropes to break the hold.

Michaels with a hard chop to Angle in the corner. Michaels irishwhipped into the corner, Angle ran into a boot, a sunset flip by Michaels, Angle gets an Ankle Lock with a counter roll-up, Shawn flips out and clotheslined Angle to the floor over the top rope.

Great exchange.

HBK chants now after initial booing at the beginning of the contest. Angle chopped by Michaels outside the ring, Angle going for an Angle Slam on the table to Michaels but he countered trying to throw Angle into the steel post. Angle countered by slamming Michaels onto the announce table.

Angle back in the ring, Doan counting to ten, currently at four. Angle broke the count as he didn’t want the victory that way. Coach once again right, on commentary.

Michaels kicked out. Angle pulled Michaels by the hair and dished out a high knee. Angle hit a neckbreaker on Michaels. Continuous nearfalls by Angle. Angle choked out Shawn on the top rope. Michaels down in the corner is choked out by Angle who stomps on Michaels. Angle drags Michaels back towards him. Kurt lands a nice forearm shift in the form of a European uppercut to Michaels in the corner and he becomes bloodied under the left eye region does Michaels.

Angle and Shawn go back and forth and Angle powerbombed Shawn right into the turnbuckle focusing on his injured lowerback.

Unbelievable punishment.

Great call by Ross, really putting that move over as this was a follow up to Shawn’s back being injured on the table bump previously in the match, Angle gets another nearfall. Angle holding Michaels with a sleeper.

After wearing Michaels down he goes for the Angle Slam, Michaels ducks it with an arm-drag and Angle runs into him with a clothesline. Both guys up on the top rope now and Michaels pushed Angle off the top rope. Angle hit a belly to belly overhead superplex off the top. Shawn kicks out. Angle has Michaels in a headlock to try and wear him down some more.

Angle grounding Michaels on the mat. Angle gets it back now as Michaels gets some energy out of his resilience and despertion hitting him with a flying forearm. Both men down.

Although Angle is up first, however HBK nipped up again and levelled Angle with three right hands, a clothesline, an inverted atomic drop, a righthand and bad back and all Michaels goes to the top for a flying elbow and hits it.

I don’t like how he is forgetting to sell the back and legs. Michaels tuned up the band and then Angle took him down again and went for an Angle Slam but Michaels turned it around into a swinging tornado ddt. A series of nearfalls.

Angle is bleeding from the mouth. Angle hit a German suplex. Random suplexes seem to be Angle’s fortay but nearing the climax there what he seems to need.
Angle hit an Angle Slam after catching a stiff elbow from Michaels and it’s still not a three. Angle goes back to the Ankle Lock but an inside cradle and a two, back into the Ankle Lock by Angle. Kurt to his feet pushed into the official by Michaels as he kicked off with his available leg.

Michaels charged at Angle and was backdropped over the top rope to the floor. Michaels selling the knee and back now. Michaels gets assistance on the outside but Angle pushed them off and got Michaels in the ring. Angle takes off the straps meaning business to a mixed reaction. Angle counters but Angle still held on.

A bloody mouth screaming for Michaels to tap. Shawn trying every counter he could think of. Angle went flying into the ringpost. HBK chants fill the arena. HBK out of no where hit a Superkick.

Both men down, Michaels without enough power to cover Angle but both men are down. At the count of nine Michaels covers Angle and got a two to add to the drama. Michaels got another Sweet Chin Music in on Angle coming off the top.

So in the end at 26:11 Michaels defeats Angle after he caught Angle in mid-air.

This match I feel is slightly better then the Mania 21 encounter. I believe that match at Mania 21 had the more “false-finish” style while this one relied more on workrate.

It’s a bit ahead and one to be remembered. The lack of selling by Michaels brings it down a tad but still a classic by all means.





**** 1/4







5) John Cena (c) vs Christian (With the “Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko) vs Y2Js Chris Jericho in Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship


I would like to think that the company had confidence in Christian a main eventer.

It kind of sickened me that they threw in Jericho when Christian-Cena was the proposed match the whole year, it’s almost as if they didn’t trust dong it (Despite the rest of the card being incredble) and this is nothing against Jericho.

I just feel Christian deserved that one on one at the time he was red-hot in 05 against Cena for the title.

This was just before Cena would get X-pac heat but even here he had a few haters, me being one of them.

For the time being since Cena was drafted to Raw, the brand had to Champion’s (this is before Batista moved to SD) therefore two title matches (world title) were held on Vengeance 05.
So the first of the two title main events underway as the bell rings in Vegas at Vengeance 05.

Chris Jericho and Christian get in Cena’s face and then Chris Jericho slaps him in the face, Cena takes him down.

All of the sudden the former team of Christian and Jercho double-team Cena until they push each other out of the way. All of the sudden the typical three-way dance routine where the two heels are jealous of the other fails and they start going at it.

Not just yet as Chris Jericho connects with a hard irishwhip to Cena hitting hard in the corner.

Cena then gets on the offense until Tomko behind the official levels him down. Earl Hebner then spotted he did something and Tomko is gone. Tomko freaks out.

Sooner or later he’d end up in TNA if he keeps this up. Oh wait…

A small NA NA NA NA chant begins. Ross wisely ponts out Chris Jericho won the undisuted title at this event.

Cena FU’s Christian to the floor.

Chris Jericho and Cena at it and Jericho lands a suplex before a baseball slide dropkick.

Also Jericho and Cena have met at this event before, Cena as a rookie defeated Jericho in just over six minutes. Yeah that was a bad move.

Chris Jericho hits Cena with a running bulldog. Jercho removes the monitor’s from the Spanish table. How nice.

Cena counters with a ddt driving Chris Jericho head-first to the floor.

No Count-Out’s as a reminder. Christian back in the mix of things and slams Cena head-first on the top of the steel steps.

Cena gets back in the ring, Coach on commentary calls Christian C squared, hilarious. Cena fired back at Christian and went for the five knuckle how is this a move shuffle.

And Jericho sweeps the legs.

Meanwhle an inside cradle by Captain Charisma on Chris Jericho and Y2J kicks out. Christian off the top gets chopped by Jericho. Jericho fighting his way up and hooks Christian on top and then Cena from below hits a powerbomb to Jericho from the top who hit a Superplex at the same time.

Triple impact.


Fun match thus far.

Cena slowly covers Chris Jericho and he kicks out.

Cena taing control and drops Jericho, then a drop toe-hold to Christian before a double five-knuckle shuffle and he rolls up Jercho, Chrstan counters Cena, then Chris Jericho rolls up both guys. Cena and Christian take over Chris Jericho.

Cena and Christian with a double clothesline. This is top notch.

Brilliant climax to follow as well.

Cena handles Christian until Tomko runs out and attacs Cena, Jericho has Cena in the walls, not once but twice.

Cena in pain wont tap. Cena picks up Jericho and knocks him into Christian.

Cena then in his first offical Raw PPV retains the WWE title in a triple threat in Sin City as Ross puts it.
Big pop. He celebrates with the Vegas Chain Gang.

In the end at 15:08 Cena retains the Chamionship after he hit the FU now known as the attitude adjustment on Chris Jericho.
This match was an epic main event. I usually don’t like Jericho and Cena together but the addition of Christian really made this a non-stop exciting match.







6) Main Event- Dave Batista (c) vs “The Game” Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship


HUGE build up to this Cell match, Hunter had his re-match at Backlash and knew this was his last shot to get the title back, a match he excels in, the Cell against a younger and perhaps in-experienced Batsta, a man he’s wanted revenge on.

The motivation was there but could the Game stop the Animal? Especially in this HELL-like environment?

Everybody was excited for the climmax, the closing match to a terrfic show.


Hunter in a pre-match interview locked up with Big Dave before saying NOBODY beats him in the Cell.

Bell rings and it’s time for Batista’s best match and even one of Hunter’s.

Hunter starts with quick right’s, Dave uses his leverage advantage to irishwhip The Game to the buckle and then hitting a side slam. Batista follows HHH and slams him into the Cage.

Batista back in the ring hit a running shoulder block on HHH then a clothesline over the top rope to the floor. Batista smacked HHH’s head to the back of the cell not once but twice! Batista then with a hard irishwhip on the outside floor sends Trips into the Cell again with his massive back hitting first.

Batista yells Come on Hunter!
Hunter reverses an irishwhip and focuses on the shoulder of Big Dave Batista and his shoulder hits the ring-post. Fans chant for Batista.

Batista finds himself on the apron and he is elbowed off by Hunter with extra tork bouncing off the ropes. HHH now sends Batista into the steel giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Trips more used to this environment despite not having the size advantage.

But it’s not like Hunter is exactly small so…

Hunter then slides Batista in the ring and it’s weapon time.


HHH grabs a chain from a tool box.
The pacing to this match is so great, it’s giving you so much but not everything, sort of like John Carpenter’s excellently directed 1978 horror Classic Halloween. Yes it was recently that day so I watched the flick. Appreciate it more and more each time. (When I reviewed this show)
No but really…masterful story-telling.

Hunter whips the back of Batista with the Chain.

Now Hunter chokes out the Animal with the Chain hanging him, until Batista can drop to the floor with a lariat take-over clotheslining and swinging the Game back.

Batista grabs the weapon that is the chain and he retaliates by smashing it against the Spine!
We got a war in Vegas baby!
This isn’t Bret Hart vs Steve Austin from Wrestlemania 13 (as far as everything you want in a match goes) but it’s definitely more violent and a classic in its own right.

Nobody expected this match to be this good.


On the outside the vulnerable and out of it at the time HHH got drilled into the steel by Batista, side to side to side of the structure.


A nasty out-look as the Champ establishes his dominance sending HHH into the steel again and now the Challenger is busted open already.
Batista in what many thought was the Game’s last oppurtunity sends Hunter to the ropes and out of desperation hit a Spinebuster.


HHH grabs a barbed-wire Steel Chair and smacks the back of the Animal.

The Bloodied Game is relentless and that’s why they call him the Cerebral Assasin as he hits him again and Batista is in serious pain and his back is bloody.

HHH sends Batista to the side and hits a face-buster. Off the ropes again this time Batista takes the game’s head off with a thunderous clothesline.

Both men lie down in pain already.

Batista grabs the Chair!

Batista then knocks HHH in the face with the chair and barbed-wire. JR’s cal is so epic, for the love of god!!!


Batista grating the head of The Game with the barbed-wire weapon in mid-ring, he’s already busted up so this is releasing more and more blood to stain the white canvas and make the challenger more and more out of it both mentally and physically.




Batista continues to grate but he sends HHH’s face to the Cage.

Batista spears Trips in the corner.
Batista goes for a running spear and HHH moves out of the way and Batista crashes shoulder first.

HHH insanely bloodied went to Pedigree Batista on the barbed-wire chair but Batista hit a backdrop to HHH slamming the canvas.

Batista with a powerslam on the barbed-wire chair!


The Game kicks out!

Batista was about to deliver the knock-out blow to Hunter with the chain but he slowed it down with a ddt face-first on the chair with the wire.

Tista blades and both are bloodied.

HHH sends Batista into side of the Cell. Now The Game has his chance to grate Batista into the side of the cage.
HHH now grabs the Sledge Hammer.

Batista stopped in him in his tracks.

Both men slug it out.
HHH back-body drops Batista.

HHH connects with a Sledgehamer shot.

Batista hits a low-blow on HHH out of the corner after the Animal kicked out of the Hammer shot.

Batista now with the Sledgehammer. As Batista came charging with the hammer HHH hit him with the chain. HHH flies off the top with the chain and then Batista put his boot up on the Game and he did a long and blooded Flair Flop.

The Champ is building momentum with big shots. Batista takes of HHH’s head with the steps on the outside and now inside sends Hunter face-first into them over and over and then irishwhips him there. A low-blow by the Game and he hits the Pedigree.

Somehow Batista kicks out.

Batista slowly picks up Hunter and he has Sledge in hand but Batista drops him.
In the end at 26:52 (And it only felt like 10-15 of a barbaric match with an enthralling pace) Batista retains the title with a bloody, brutal Batista bomb.
This match is definitely one of the best Hell in a Cell matches of all time and probably the best Vengeance match ever just ahead of 02’s triple-threat main event.

It takes two to tango they say, and they’re right.

A lot of people praised Hunter for making Dave look like a god and he hould get praise as he did get a standing ovation after the match leavng the Cell beatren down as a heel. (Maybe fans were also happy with the fact he was losing finally as well.)
Batista though broke through during this performance. Sure he won the 05 Rumble, and the World title at WM 21 but this was his birth.

He’s had other terrific matches like with Taker at Mania 23 but I donk’t know if anything will ever top this Classic for him, hell it’s even in Triple H’s top matches which says a WHOLE LOT.


With all due respect to the Michaels-Angle series, MITB 1, Awesome-Tanaka, THIS in my opinion, WAS the match of the year. And that says a lot…as 2005 was amazing.






**** 1/2








 Final Rating for WWE Vengeance 2005  = 9/10


This show was UNBELIEVABLE. Only six matches but every one outside the diva’s match that was sill kept short and had the right lady winning was great. Some of them like the last three were classics, the  other two were very good. It’s awesome when the crowd is into a PPV like this, the action is great, the suspense and drama is there, the brutality, the characters, the commentary, you name it and Vengeace 05 likely had it. One of the top PPV events of the Decade. Two thumbs way up. A MUST OWN.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I didn’t watch this event on PPV but I bought it a few months later from HMV when it was released, the HBK/Angle match, the WWE championship match and the hell in a cell match were classics.

  2. m.woods says:

    love this ppv

  3. K-mac says:

    Great review of a great show. I always seem to be in the minority that thought this match was better than Angle/HBK at WM 21. Glad to see I am not the only one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is Brett just haven’t signed in and Yes I will get to the No Mercy reviews, I know you’re looking forward to them but as you can see I am going in chronoligical order.

  5. Bryan says:

    Great review Bret I really loved the triple threat match, and I usually don’t like triple threat matches but it was awesome! I know you said you will get to the Unforgiven series will you be doing the No Mercy series as well?

  6. Jesse says:

    …and then Batista got drafted to SmackDown and wrestled JBL at The Great American Bash in perhaps the worst main event match of the year 2005.

  7. XxmadforwwexX says:

    What an event… This is on my top 10 WWF/WWE PPVs!

  8. CMPunkFAN#1 says:

    almost every match was 5 stars to me! (except divas)

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Yes, but I believe it could be an X-Mas gift so not for another month…or I’d do it right now. I will post other reviews in the mean time, Big Show’s DVD, The Rock’s 2008 DVD, Best Cage Matches, Ladder Matches, then perhaps go into the Unforgiven series before the new Austin set.

  10. FingFangGockCoblin says:

    Brett will you be providing us with your own take on the new Austin set?

    …Coach ruined this PPV for me.

    Taken individuality I can handle the matches but listening to him for 3 hours is just pure, unadulterated torture.

  11. SRB says:

    Great review. I loved this event as well and i can still remember when HHH picked up the sledge hammer right at the end. The suspense was amazing and it was a classic finish.

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