Review: WWE Vengeance 2006 DVD

December 2, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Vengeance 2006” Review:




“WELL SLICK RIC….THIS Glorified Stuntman is gonna wipe the Floor with you with….. Wrestlng Moves!” -Mick Foley








-WWE Vengeance 2006 took place Live on PPv, Sunday Night, June the 25th 2006 from the Charlotte Bobcats Arena in Flair Country,- Charlotte, North Carolina in front of 6,800 fans.

-Victim by Eighteen Visons was the events theme song.

-This was the 6th Annual Vengeance event.

-The Charlotte Bobcats Arena usually can accommodate 20,000, but the capacity was reduced for the event.

-This event grossed over $400,000 from an approximate attendance of 6,800 – the maximum allowed. It also received 320,000 pay-per-view buys. Vengeance helped WWE earn $21.6 million in revenue from pay-per-view events versus $19.9 million the previous year, which was later confirmed by Linda McMahon, the CEO of WWE, on August 31, 2006 in a quarterly result.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the event.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Val Venis defeated Rob Conway in a single’s dark match.





-Now onto the PPV……………










1) Opening Contest- “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton vs “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle



It’s rare to see two major stars like this open up a PPV like Vengeance but here we go and in a big way!
They also faced at ECW One Night Stand 2 where Angle got the victory.

WWECW was in full gear, D-X was back, Edge and Lita’s SEX Celebration in the year of 06, the Edge-Cena feud was hot, it kind of felt like the attitude era in certain ways.

Vengeance 06 is under-way the crowd is ready!

Orton represented Raw while Kurt Angle represented ECW and was the babyface in this match.

Bell rings, here we go!

Kurt Angle tries to out-wrestle Orton immeditately and he backs off and says HOLD ON…

Crowd not too pleased with Orton being a giant pussy. Okay.

Kurt Angle with a nice take-down riding Orton down on the mat then grabbed Orton by the ankle and Orton nearly fell to the floor.

Kurt Angle then tried to suplex Orton to the floor. Orton elbowing Angle off the apron after that awkward looking exchange. Angle with a belly to back suplex to Orton on the floor.

ECW chants in the crowd.

Angle with a front facelock to Orton and now he slaps Orton on top of him. Orton on the outside got back into things pushing Kurt Angle into the barricade and then he scored a nearfall on Angle. Kurt Angle in a headlock by Orton.

Angle turns a chinlock into a modified Samoan drop, or Olympic Slam. Orton with a reverse elbow off the ropes.

Fans chant Lets go Angle!

Orton with a side headlock to Angle.

Randy Orton maintains his reverse chinlock. Orton lifts a knee and catches Angle off the ropes and then drops a knee-drop and gets another nearfall on Angle, then back into a reverse chinlock.

Orton went up high and then Angle caught him up high with a suplex even though it looked botched.

Angle with two belly to belly suplexes, looked for the Angle slam and then Orton hits his inverted back-breaker and got a two. Randy Orton exposes the turnbuckle pad, Angle hits three belly to back suplexes with a waistlock, fourth then a fifth.

Kurt Angle hits a sixth, then a seventh. Now an 8th. Angle looked for an ankle lock and Orton got out of it and then Angle hit another suplex before taking off the straps. An Ankle Lock.

Orton shoved Angle head-first into the exposed buckle then hit an RKO for the win.

In the end at Orton gets the victory at 12:45 after he finally utilized the exposed top turnbuckle.
This match was pretty good, nothing more, nothing less.



** 3/4






2) Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs Eugene (with Jim Duggan, Doink the Clown, and Kamala)
Umaga does not seem happy with the guests of Eugene.

Either way Eugene gets in the ring with Umaga and a big USA chant starts up.

Eugene let loose with shots but Umaga shoved him down and kicked away before a big chop.

Eugene runs into an uppercut then Umaga with a big thrust kick to Eugene. Now in the corner Umaga splashed Eugene.

The Spike landed.
In the end at 0:45 Umaga squashes Eugene.
This match is….what it is.

No manager interefered.

No point.

Well that’s good use of PPV time…..moving on….










3) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Mick Foley in a best 2 out of 3 falls match


Great feud stemming of real life heat.
I’m a Foley supporter all the way whenever these two verbally battled.

Ric Flair certainly has his share of fans due to how the WWE presents him of course. Do not get me wrong, he would either way but the WWE has certainly built him a legacy others could only dream of. That is not my opinion, that is a fact.

Mick Foley has given us so, so much and it’s become often over-looked these days which is sad.


First one to two falls wins.

First fall, bell rings.

It is Ric Flair country, typical.

Foley begins with chain-wrestling which is hilarious and Naitch counters to a hammerlock.

Mick Foley then with a wrist-lock and Flair counters it with an over-head wristlock. Flair with a step toe-hold take-over. Foley utilized the ropes three times.

A straight right by Mick. Mick Foley unloading on Flair in the corner and now Foley struts and runs his knee into Flair in the corner.

A double armed-ddt by Mick Foley.


Foley got a Mr. Flair-O instead of Sock-O.
Foley takes Flair off the top and goes for the legs of Flair. Mick drops an elbow onto Naitch. Mick went for a figure four and Flair countered it with an inside cradle and got the three.
Flair tries for lightning to strike twice. Mick tosses Flair out of the ring.

The Match is all Foley but Flair is up 1-0.

Mick Foley reverse irishwhipped into the steps by Naitch. Ric Flair and Foley brawl around the ring-side area. FOLEY SUCKS is chanted.

Foley tosses weapons into the ring and with a trash can is lifted up by Flair who locks the Figure Four on Mick Foley untll he hits him with a can to the head DQing himself.
In the end at Flair wins the second fall, in total 2-0 a clean sweep over the legend in Foley at just 6:57 after the
This match was decent for the time it standed.








4) Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Johnny Nitro (with Melina) vs Carlito in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



Johnny Nitro now known as Morrison was just as good of an athlete as Shelton which should make this match really interesting.

Don’t forget Carlito as the former IC Champion, a darkhorse or wild-card if you will.

Three very good athletes, this could be an aerial war, and it is a triple threat!

Carlito and Shelton meet yet again at Vengeance for the same title they battled for the last Vengeance in 05, and this time with Johnny Nitro added in to make some spots better.

The match began relatively quickly when the reigning Champion Shelton Benjamin tried to catch Carlito off guard by rolling him up and scoring a nearfall.

Shelton then knocks down Carlito with a clothesline and scores a nearfall. Carlito counters an offensive move from Shelton and gets a two from a roll-up. Carlito tries yet another roll-up because that is how he beat Shelton the year before for the IC title. Carlito with a side headlock takedown and then Nitro came back in the ring and Shelton backdropped Carlito who backdropped Nitro.

Nitro came back in the ring and Shelton kicked Carlito by mistake. Johnny Nitro kicked Shelton in the corner. Nitro got kicked by Benjamin and Carlito clotheslined Shelton over. Carlito catapolted Johnny Nitro over the top rope to the outside and Melina screamed. Carlito pulled Nitro out of the way when Carlito went to flip off the apron. Nitro rammed Carlito into the post and said, now that is cool, Now that is funny. Shelton kicked Johnny Nitro and slammed him on the mat. Melina’s screaming is beyond annoying although I’m sure that’s the idea.

Nitro and Benjamin were slugging it out and Carlito jumped off the top rope with a springboard moonsault to nail both of them. Awesome move. Small “Carlito” chants broke out. Carlito covered Johnny Nitro and he was barely able to kick out. Both up to there feet Carlito hit a chop on Nitro. Nitro with a counter into a Russian Legsweep onto Carlito. Nitro covered Carlito a couple of times and got nearfalls, and made sure Benjamin stayed on the outside.

Nitro irish-whipped Carlito to the ropes. Carlito came off though and hit a hurricanrana to Nitro and the fans applaud.

Carlito bounced off the ropes and Shelton launched him in the air and Carlito’s face smacked into the canvas. Shelton hit a backdrop to Nitro over the top to the outside. Shelton landed shots to Carlito and then after a suplex got a two count.

A double axehandle from Nitro to Shelton and then he threw him to the corner. Shelton picked up Nitro and slammed his head in the corner with Snake Eyes. Melina put Nitro’s foot on the bottom rope which stopped Shelton’s pinning attempt.

 Carlito with a victory roll on Shelton but he only got a two. Carlito showing great aerial moves in this match. Johnny Nitro was sent into the corner by Carlito and he flipped Shelton over for Carlito to dropkick him. Nice move.

Some good stuff in this match and Nitro speared Carlito in the corner after that Monkey Flip dropkick.

Nitro went to superplex Carlito but Benjamin shook the ropes. Carlito slapped Johnny Nitro, then Johnny Nitro scooped Shelton who scooped Carlito and it was a triple superplex from the top and the fans went crazy! Johnny Nitro got a two on Carlito.

Johnny Nitro with a right hand to Shelton and then a hard irishwhip to Shelton in the corner who got a boot up on Carlito. Carlito with an inside cradle on Nitro but Shelton broke it up. A double reverse elbow by Carlito to both Shelton and Nitro who double irishwhipped him to the ropes. Carlito was the star of this match.

Nitro hit Carlito but he eliminated him over the top rope. Shelton hit an enziguri to Carlito but only got a two count.

Carlito was able to get up and hit the Backstabber to Shelton. Nitro pulled Carlito out of the ring though and covered Shelton and we got a new Champion.

Very solid and entertaining, gets a good amount of time to work with as well.

In the end Nitro pinned Benjamin after a Back-cracker by Carlito at 12:09 to become the NEW IC Champion.

Though his reigns would mean more if he could hold onto the title for a good amount of time as I seem to recall him losing this IC title back and forth with Jeff on Raw or MNM losing/winning the tag titles every 2nd Smackdown back in 05/06 as well.

Great stuff in the match for sure, but WWE titles are tossed around more then whores in Las Vegas these days.









5) Rob Van Dam (c) vs “The Rated R Superstar” Edge (with Lita) for the WWE Championship -Van Dam’s ECW World Heavyweight Championship was not on the line.

RVD not defending his ECW title against Edge but the WWE title, he certainly is at the mid-mark of the show.

Edge with an early waist-lock takedown on RVD the Champion who the fans are clearly behind.

Edge with a side headlock take-ver and then mocked RVD with his thumb taunt and a high kick. I love Edge and the way he is cocky as a heel with his side to side head-shake.

Both men tie-up and Rob Van Dam is backed into the corner. Edge with hard rights, reversed into the buckle, a monkey flip to Edge then Edge landed on his feet, Edge leaped over Rob Van Dam then Ducked a kick but RVD cradles him still and got a two.

Edge looks a tad frustrated and quite frankly surprised. Edge forced RVD in the corner. RVD with forearm shows and both guys land on their feet off from the corner and RVD with a modified rolling thunder moonsault on Edge scoring a two.

Beautiful spinning kick and then thinking Rolling Thunder, Edge goes for a walk to gain a breather beside Lita.

Edge with a baseball slide against him from Rob Van Dam. RVD with a moonsault off the barricade to Edge. Fans chant RVD in union.

One of the moves of the match takes place next when Rob Van Dam is on the apron, Edge launched himself off the ropes and sun-set flips RVD hard back-spine first to the floor. Ouch.

Edge gets a two.

What a move though.

Edge in control temporarily as he keeps the aerial RVD grounded. Edge with another hard forearm clubbing blow. Edge with a hard irish-whip to RVD in the buckle and then a surfboard arm extentsion.

King comments on Lita like usual and Ross hlariously replies IS EVERYTHTING IN YOUR LIFE ABOUT SEX…..

Edge on the apron and Rob Van Dam put his body at risk (What else is new) with a tremendous crossbody. RVD with a spinning leg-drop to Edge on the barricade but Edge was able to avoid the contact and RVD may of injured his hamstring.

Edge lifts Rob Van Dam in the air and powerbombs him on the barricade and RVD favors the lower-back. Edge in the ring focuses on Rob and his injured lower-back.
Fans with an un-flattering chant against Lita as Edge with a back-breaker submission and RVD lifts his knee up against Edge to break the hold. RVD and Edge are still engaged in a brawl exchanging right-hands.

Edge takes it to RVD with a waist-lock suplex and now the action is engaging as the climax has approached and the official is knocked down by Van Dam accidentally with a spinning heel kick.

Lita handed RVD’s title to Edge and the Van Daminator to Edge with the title in hand. Rob Van Dam goes for the 5 star frog-splash but Lita makes him trip and fall and now Edge plants Rob Van Dam with a ddt from the second rope Randy Orton style.

Rob Van Dam hits the splash and it is over.


In the end at 17:55 RVD retained the title after Rob Van Dam was proven reselient.
This match is tremendous. Just awesome all around.







6) Kane vs Imposter Kane


Ugh, why am I getting flashbacks of Undertaker vs Undertaker and that match also followed the WWE title match in Bret-Owen inside the Cage which Meltzer rated five stars.

Kane clotheslines the Imposter Kane. Kane clotheslnes him to the floor and he lands on his feet.

Is it wrong I am cheering for Imposter Kane….just checking.
This is PPV so the fans should get their moneys worth but they start chanting boring. Imposter Kane with a powerslam and a headlock.

The Real Kane with a European upercut in the corner and a clothesline and then another hard one in the corner. Kane with a side-walk slam.

Fans chant take the mask off.

Kane runs into a big right boot by the Imposter Kane.

Imposter Kane caught up top. Imposter Kane is superplexed off the top rope by Kane.

Kane signals for a chokeslam. Imposter Kane elbows out anf then runs into a big right boot. Kane goes to the top maybe for a trademark clothesline but runs into a chokeslam.

Imposter Kane wins.


In the end at a way too long 7:07 The Imposter Kane wins for no reason at all. Dead silence.
This match sucked obviously.

Kane jobs to everyone, even the imposter Kane.
Wrestlecrap 101.








7) Sabu vs John Cena in an Extrenme Lumberjack Match


ECW Lumberjacks come out then Sabu does.

Raw Lumberjacks come out then John Cena does to of course a mixed-reaction, mostly boo’s.
John Cena and Sabu begin with some rights back and forth and then a nice Fisherman’s suplex to Sabu before putting him to the outside.
Sabu with a legal lowblow shot and then springboards off a chair and the top rope to land on Cena.

A back and forth no-rules envronment brawl.

Sabu with the Arabian face-buster to Cena.

Cena got thrown a chair into his face by Sabu. Cena takes another hard chair-shot.

Cena on the table gets u and attacks Sabu. Cena then get hardcore and FU’s Sabu through the table off the outside.

Crowd chants that he screwed up for lack of a better term and Sbu taps.


In the end at 6:46 Cena goes over as he wins via submission. Did not see that coming…
This match was definitely lackluster.


* 1/4





8 ) Main Event- D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) vs the Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey) in a 5 on 2 Handicap match
It’s 5 on 2, doesen’t this just blow your mind.

Isn’t this exciting.

We get to see two past there prime superstars kick the ass of 5 young guys trying to make it in the business but hey, they’re headlining a PPV right?

None of this spells excitement to me.
To this say I still can’t believe this headlined the show….

Anyways here we go.

Shawn Michaels with Ric Flair like chops to begin and then the SS isolate Michaels in their corner in a 5 on 1 predicament but DX is Super-Human of course so HBK corners one SS member.

Michaels and The Game take-over as the crowd go crazy and god knows why.

Honestly am I the only one in the world that does not find this exciting? Just curious.

A ton of filler in the moddle with the Spirit Squad dominant and isolating DX because it is 5 on 2 after-all.

HBK makes the hot tag to the Game.

Hunter takes it to Kenny and everyone else ho comes in the ring. A big Harley Race like knee then a Spine Buster then another.

Ross calls HHH physically emposing and a face-buster to Kenny, Shawn Michaels down but HHH looked for the Pedigree, Nicky broke it up.

Spirit Squad jumps off an outside trampoline, Shawn Michaels moves and they land on one another.

Kenny Dykstra in alone and it’s two on one. Shawn Michaels with a superkick and HHH hits the Pedigree on Kenny.

A double-pin and double win.


In the end at a long 17:48 it was finally over and SURPRISE SURPRISE DX WINS!
This match was way too long and predictable.













 Final Rating for WWE Vengeance 2006  = 5/10


This show was for the most part lackluster. It failed in a lot of different areas and I really started to lose interest in the company around this time and you can really tell why just from how all these matches were booked and turned out. I don’t suggest picking it up unless you get it for a very, very cheap price or of course, you love to collect as I do.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I personally thought that this was an excellent PPV. The triple threat match for the intercontinental championship was especially brilliant in my opinion. Overall, I would give this whole event 9 out of 10.

  2. Charlie1185 says:

    this ppv is a perfect example of why I stopped watching wrestling In 2006.

  3. Jesse says:

    u didn’t that this was kurt angle’s last appearance on wwe ppv.

    i think the match order sucked which why the ppv felt lackluster. rvd vs edge or cena vs sabu could have easily main evented the show with proper alloted time instead of dx beating up vince’s five jobbers.

  4. I agree with Brian says:

    I agree with Brian. The reviews really add to the experience of the site. I’m not sure why someone would stop coming to the site but the reviews are a great added attraction.

    I’d like to see reviews of older events, Great American Bash ’92 was reviewed once and I’d like to see some other shows like that done. I think it drums up interest in these older shows and might push WWE to release some of them on DVD?

    I’d also like to see some reviews of older WWE DVDs, those that are OOP now, etc.

  5. Bryan says:

    Daniel I think we all love the site it’s just many wrestling fans are nostalgic and talking about old events brings back good memories, and good conversation. Bretts reviews are always a fun read and trip down memory lane to a lot of us. For me right now I’d love to watch Vengeance 2005 again more than I’d like to talk about what matches could be on The Rock’s upcoming DVD. That being said we all love getting the match lists for upcoming DVDs and pre release pics, but for me personally Bretts reviews are why I come to this site as well.

  6. Luke Jordan says:

    The match that was the showstearler was Jericho vs Cena vs Christain I thought.

  7. Thomas says:

    Vengeance 2006 was a 50 / 50 event so it was & WWE titles are tossed around more than whores in Las Vegas these days but yeah good review

  8. CMPunkFAN#1 says:

    “WWE titles are tossed around more then whores in Las Vegas these days” XD but yeah good review and I got it new for $3.97 @ so I think that’s great price to pick it up!

  9. HHHruinedwrestling says:

    Wow, RVD, a very popular wrestler wins the WWE title …and defends it 4th from the top?

    And I thought Benoit had it bad in ’04.

  10. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for that, they will come soon

  11. William says:

    Keep your reviews a coming. I actually stopped coming to this site but your reviews brought me back btw can’t wait to see some no mercy reviews

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