Review: WWE Vengeance 2007: Night of Champions DVD

December 5, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Vengeace 2007: Night of Champion’s” Review:


“We WANT Benoit (Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap) We WANT BENOIT!”WWE Universe





-WWE Vengeance 2007: Night of Champions took place, Live on PPV, Sunday Night, June the 24th, 2007 from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas in front of 15,000 fans. (Impressive number due to poor attendance in 07)
-This was the 7th Annual Vengeance event and the last under that name as its tag-name for the night “Night of Champion’s” would take over from here on out.


-Chris Benoit was originally scheduled to wrestle CM Punk  for the vacant ECW World title, a title Benoit was booked to win. Chris cancelled his appearance that weekend and unfortunately this is when the Tragic Benoit Family Murders took place. No one in the audience knew anything of the sort or even the fact that Benoit was dead when the show was taking place obviously hence the chant from the quote above.


-The next night on Raw they played a tribute to him and cancelled the live event. The next two shows on ECW and Smackdown! Vince apologized for airing tribute’s to Benoit and pretty well said he’d neglect him from now on and almost a half a decade later he pretty much has. It’s unfortunate on so many levels but what’s done is done. This was a dark day, weekend and year in wrestling history.
-Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler, Joey Styles and Tazz, Michael Cole and JBL did commentary for show.


-Before the pay-per-view aired, Super Crazy defeated Carlito at 5:06.




-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (c)  The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) for the WWE Tag Team Championship


So while this was a dark day in wrestling history (no one at this point knew of course) it’s still going to be reviewed.


This was the first Night of Champions concept event.

Good tag team attraction to begin.
Matt begins in the ring with the late Cade and he corners him early and then backs off. Cade passed at age 29 unfortunately.

Matt with a low blow kick and a side headlock and then Trevor Murdoch gives him a little rub-down and both guys go for old-school heel heat as they re-group in the corner. Matt Hardy leapfrogs Cade, he does the same but straight right’s from Matt come down on Cade.

Jeff tags in and the Hardyz double-team Cade with a coule of tandem offensive moves. Tag made by Cade to Trevor Murdoch and he kicked Jeff up high. He was unaware until later. Off the ropes Jeff kicks Trevor Murdoch up hgh and then an inziguri and armbar and a tag to Matt who flies off the top with a Savage like double-axehandle.

Jeff tagged back in and Matt throw Trevor Murdoch to the buckle and Jeff flies up and then flips on him. Cade came in illegally and Matt got rid of him. Fans pop as Hardyz are in complete control and the fan chant their nme.

Champs need to re-group but they do the oldest trick in the book and walk to the back. Trevor Murdoch the legal man begging off Matt but then with an open-hand slap. Mattitude chases hm around the ring. A semi-blind tag to Cade and he took the leg out on Matt.

We now may see some isolation by the tag chammps, yes we do as Trevor Murdoch exploits the bad leg of Matt now and worked on it further twisting the foot, as the fans remain into this fast paced opener with Hardy chants.

Cutting off the ring and now Cade continues to focus on the bd leg. Trevor Murdoch back in gain remains fresh, tags every 20 seconds, sound tag-team strategy.

Matt up again though punches back, and Trevor Murdoch applies a half-crab, a smart move against a guy with a bad leg but can he tag in his brother Jeff?

Trevor Murdoch maintains the hold on Matt.

Matt with his good leg kicked off Trevor Murdoch eventually and Jeff got a hot-tag now taking it to the legal Cade tagging in and Trevor Murdoch is back-dropped with high elevation, Jeff takes down Cade and got a long two.

A well rested Jeff is sent to the corner but flies off with a corkscrew-moonsault to Cade. Jeff drops Cade on his Sstomach, face-first into the mat. Jeff kicks Trevor Murdoch off the apron. Trevor Murdoch then pushed Jeff off the top behind the official.

Cade with a modified Powerbomb to Jeff Hardy.
So in the end at 11:51 Murdoch and Cade put away the Hardyz and got the victory to retain their straps.

I really enjoyed this opener, fast-paced, old-school feel, told a good story, no dull moments, great opener for a PPV.


*** 1/4






2)  Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship


Chavo coming in the Champ since February of 07, Jimmy Wang Yang of course the challenger.

Let see if we’re gonna get some great Cruiserweight action to follow up a solid tag team opener.

Crowds are usually dead for these kind of matches but you usually see great action all the time, especially on PPV.

Chavo is very underrated.

Thumbs up for Mil Mascaras who I hear may be going into the 2012 HOF and Brian Pillman’s names being mentoned at the beginning.

Pillman will be in one day inducted by Austin, I’d almost guarantee that.

These two men lock up and Chavo is physical early sending Jimmy Wang Yang hard into the buckle sternum-first then with a stiff european uppercut.

Jimmy Wang Yang coems back with a drop-kck off the ropes then a snap-shot vertical suplex. Yang is tossed to the outside and Chavo Guerrero hit a baseball slide then back to his resourceful uppercut. Jimmy Wang Yang with an inzguri like maneuver to Chavo Guererro then flies off the top turnbuckle with a vertical-cross body to Chavo the Champ.

Jimmy Wang Yang taking his high-risk aerial offensive risks, anything for a chance to become Champion.

Back in the ring Chavo becomes more vicious stomping on Jimmy Wang Yang and then hitting a side suplex. Jimmy Wang Yang scoop slammed by a confident Champion layng the pressure on the back of Jimmy Wang Yang and applied a reverse chinlock.

As Chavo goes for a back-breaker, Jimmy Wang Yang counters it into a quic victory roll pinning combination and the fans pop thinking he had won but a nearfall.

Chavo again targetted the back on Jimmy Wang Yang who went up top.

Frogsplash by Chavo.
In the end at Chavo retained his title on a night where everyone Champ defends, the two heel defendng champs on the night are 2-0 now as Chavo wins at 11:15 after he put away Jimmy Wang Yang with Eddie’s frogsplash, JBL references Eddie’s WWE title win over Brock Lesnar with the same move at WWE No Way Out 2004 from San Diego, Cal.
This match was a pretty good attraction.








3) CM Punk vs Johnny Nitro for the Vacant ECW Title
Tough match to watch would be an understatement for obvious reasons. Couldn’t imagine being Punk or Morrison now looking back at this, I’m sure both wouldn’t want to do so.
The “We Want Benoit” chants are just heart-breaking. This is the hardest match I’ve ever reviewed and I legit get choked up. I’ll try and concentrate on the match though because both guys do have good chemistry together.


Johnny Nitro as who we now know as John Morrison of course is Benoit’s replacement.
Punk comes out first and he had always dreamed about wrestling Benoit but this woulld have to make do.

Tazz calls it a golden oppurtunity for Nitro.

Some trash-talking to begin.

Bell rings. The chants start up. Sighhh.

Johnny Nitro pushed Punk away. Punk kicks at his leg. Punk with another kick and Johnny Nitro does a small flip. CM Punk dropped Johnny Nitro and then sling-shotted in, sending Johnny Nitro into the buckle hard and then a hard uppercut shot.

Punk now sent sternum first into the buckle and Nitro with a high elevation kick to the head of Punk.

Nasty forearm shots by Johnny Nitro to Punk and two. Johnny Nitro with a headlock now on Punk.

The flow goes back and forth here nd Nitro then hits a back-breaker to Punk and then snaps the spine and targets the forearm on PUnk drilling that part of him into the canvas first.

Punk out of no where gets himself some time with an inziguri. Punk went for a knee-lift, Nitro blocks it clotheslines Punk down.

As said it’s a back and forth match, Punk hit an elbow, went for the go to sleep, Nitro blocked it, Punk hooked the legs and got a nearfall with a jackknife-like cover. CM Punk lands a high knee shot and and then a running bulldog to Johnny Nitro.

Punk springboards in and Johnny Nitro scouted it and off the middle rope hit a swinging neck-breaker. Johnny Nitro pins him, it’s over.

In the end at 10:03 Nitro won the vacant ECW title after he put away Punk.

This match was another solid bout on the card.
** 3/4




4) Santino Marella (c) vs Umaga for the WWE InterContinental Championship


So this took place durng Santino’s god-awful babyface run where he was hated (before he became funny) and he’s taking on the late Umaga. Jeez, this how is only a few years old and there’s death surrounding every match.
A pretty un-deserving IC Champ was Santino, even worse when they referred to Savage-Steamboat before the match. Ugh.

Umaga with a high thrust kick to Santino Marella.

Umaga with a trapezius hold. Santino elbows out or attempts to but Umaga continues to hold it on.


Umaga lifts up Santino Marella and slams him down all the while kicking at the back, sending Santino Marella into the buckle and the late Umaga gave him countless right’s and the official DQ’d him and the fans boo.


Matches may of ended like this in the Federation in the 80’s.

Umaga with a Samoan Splash after the match. The Bulldozer.

In the end at 2:35 Santino got himself DQ’d therefore he retained his title when he wouldn’t stop unloading open fists on Santino Marella in the corner.

Yeah, this match is pretty horrible.








5) Montel Vontavious Porter (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair for the WWE United States Championship

A preview of the 08 Rumble opener from the Garden.
Both guys talk smack and when they do tie-up, Flair takes Montel Vontavious Porter to school so to speak with a single-leg takedown.

Montel Vontavious Porter then takes Flair to the floor after a high boot to the face.

MVP with covers and kickout’s follow by Naitch.

A reverse chinlock by MVP. We’re told no one has held the US title more times then Flair, JBL on commentary puts over how innovative Flair has been to wrestlng as if we haven’t heard it enough. We’re also told Harley Race was the first Champ in 1975.

MVP sends Flair to the corner and then a back-body drop by MVP. Montel Vontavious Porter then with a clubbing forearm to the head of Naitch and then another reverse chinlock.

Flair comes chopping back, Flair trying to win the US title for a record sixth time.

Flair unloads right’s to MVP but he left under him and Flair connects face first into the buckle. MVP goes for a high boot but Montel Vontavious Porter ran into nobody.

Flair took out the leg of MVP and strutted. Montel Vontavious Porter continued to have his leg worked on.

Flair locks the Figure Four on MVP.
Montel Vontavious Porter made it to the bottom rope. Flair with a right and a chop.

MVP with a thumb to the eye and a play-maker.
In the end at 8:49 MVP retains the title. A play right out of Naitch’s book.

This match was executed pretty well.
** 1/2





6) Deuce ‘n Domino (c) (with Cherry) vs Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Snuka for the WWE Tag Team Championship 
Two Hall of Famers teamiing for the first time here going after tag gold tonight.
So this is a little strange as Snuka and Slaughter suck but so do Deuce and Domino…at least to my knowledge.

So we see twi kid timers handling these young guys.

Well that`s smart booking. (Insert sarcastic emotion here) Sgt. Slaughter with an elbow to Domino.

The Cobra Clutch to Domino in the middle of the ring.

Sgt. Slaughter has his eyes raked and Deuce slams him down and Cherry seems happy. She pops. Oh did I just say that….don`t re-read that for my sake please.

Deuce missed a Superfly attempt and now Sgt. Slaughter tags in Snuka, the first opponenent to Taker`s current 19-0 (As of this writing) streak at Mania.

Snuka takes down Deuce very sloppy but he actually looks better here then he would in 2009 at Mania 25. Then again anyone could look better sleeping then he did there.

Snuka then goes to the top and lands a crossbody but Deuce rolled through.

In the end at 6:29 Deuce n’ Doino retain the straps after Deuce counters Snuka`s crossbody.

This match is about what you`d expect.





7) Edge (c) vs Batsta in a Last Chance match for Dave Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship match

These two had a better match at the Night of Champions 2008 event, but here we get a decent match.

Batista says hello to Hall of Famer, Harley Race outside the ring before the match.

Batista’s last chance here.

Batista pushed Edge to the corner and proceeded to level him head-first into the turnbuckle pad on the other side of the ring.

Batista with some hard shots and then he spears Edge in the gut a series of times. Batista irishwhipped Edge off the ropes and he hits a hard shoulderblock. Batists twists the arm of Edge and slaps on an armbar.

Batista swings Edge’s arm and the fans chant “You Can’t Wrestle” at Big Dave. I love it.

Batista with another armbar to Edge. Batista then with a wrist-lock and he stomped on the mat for additional pain, he then went into an upper armbar on Edge, and applying tork on the wrist as he twisted it and at the very same time, added additional leverage with his knee on top of the shoulder/neck region of Edge.

Batista sent Edge back first into the buckle. Edge out of desperation landed a couple of hard right’s to Big Dave and then hit yet another in the corner to Batista. Edge grabbed Batista but he reversed an irishwhip and showed great strength hitting a sidewalk slam on Edge.

Batista charged towards Edge and he pulled the top rope down and Batista fell over the top rope to the outside floor. Edge crawled out of the ring but took his time and leaping off the apron Batista caught him in mid-air driving his back into the post. Batista went to ram Edge in again and Edge landed resourcefully on his feet and drove Batista head first into the post buying himself some time.

Edge’s back still sore so he took his time getting to his vertical base inside the ring. Edge quickly on the offense not allowing Batista to re-establish himself. Edge kicks at Batista on the outside apron and Edge sent him shoulder first into the steel.

Cole intelligently mentions that when you take out the shoulder and the arm you take out Batista’s power which is his main source of offense. Edge with a clothesline to Batista off the apron and he hits the barricade by the floor. Edge with an arrogant smirk and the fans boo.

Edge taking his time with Dave outside the ring. Edge levels a forearm shot to Batista a series of times and he rolls back in the ring. Edge dragged Batista to mid-ring, the fans chant something and it’s a shame I can’t make it out. Edge with an armbar.

Batista swings Edge with his good arm and the fans cheer, and Batista goes for a spear on Edge and for the third time in the match Batista hit his shoulder on the ring post.

Batista is then delivered more punishment by Edge as he kept sending him shoulder/arm first into the post. Edge did take his time getting over to Batista at the opposite side of the ring and Dave hit a series of uppercuts and forearms. Edge hit a drop toehold on Batista and right back to the injured shoulder went Edge.

The Champion was a veteran so moves like this weren’t exactly shocking. A small “lets go Edge” chant broke out.

Edge is carried up by Batista as he shows his strength, Batista drops Edge with a Samoan drop but Edge continued to apply pressure on Batista down on the mat. JBL points out Edge countered the Samoan drop and he twisted the upper region of Batista as he put him in a modified bodyscissors focusing on the injured shoulder.

Edge kept it on but Batista with his power battled back to his vertical base. Batista with hard forearm shots is booed by some of the crowd. Charging into Edge he runs into a boot from the Champ.

Edge climbs to the top but Batista takes him off, Edge though gets the better of Batista on this exchange and drops his injured shoulder on the top rope. But Batista out of no where hits a clothesline with his good arm on Edge out of desperation as it IS HIS last chance.

Both men down answer the eight count.

Edge with a side headlock is sent to the ropes and Batista hits a back bodydrop but sells the shoulder still. Batista drives into Edge with his power, he went for it a second time and Edge hit a high elbow. Batista hit a backslam and Edge kicked out.

Edge blocks Batista’s offense and hits a DDT.

Batista kicked out to a big pop.

Edge gets caught by Batista who hits an inside cradle and he gets only a two. A counter by Edge as Batista tried to drive Edge into the mat once more.

Edge waits for Batista in the corner of the ring to get up as he stalks him from the corner and Batista hit a spear on Edge in mid-ring out of no where. The fans going for him out-voiced the ones who weren’t as he shook the ropes.

Edge hit a lowblow on Batista and the bell rings.

Theodore Long comes out and orders to re-start the match after an original fifteen match.

Long says if Edge DQ’s himself again he will lose the title this time.

Batista in the corner was attacked by Edge as he charged at him with hard forearm shots at the back of Batista. Edge signalled for the Spear and with Tista turned around he hit a Spear mid-ring, but somehow Batista still kicked out. Edge is shocked and the crowd explodes.

Edge grabbed a chair but then dropped it immediately knowing he can’t DQ himself. Batista with a small package gets a two. Batista sets up Edge with the Batista Bomb perhaps but Edge counters it in mid-air and drops by the rope, Batista elevated Edge to the outside and then smacked into the steel steps by Edge who grabbed onto his tights outside the ring.

Edge charged at Batista and he kicked Edge up high and then hit a Batista Bomb hard on the floor.

Edge is rolled back in the ring and Batista didn’t answer the ten count at 16:50. I liked the finish for and it’s great to see it on PPV in days like these, a very old school move.

This was a very good match, some nice story-telling.










8 ) Melina (c) vs Candice Michelle for the WWE Women’s Championship
Melina defending against Candice.
Here we go.
Melina wants a test of strength but fakes out Candice Michelle.

A kick and then Candice Michelle trips her down before throwing her to the turnbuckle. Candice with a headlock before Melina kicked Candice out to the floor.

Melina utilizing her legs to wrench the neck of Candice Michelle.

Back in the ring Melina kicks at Candice Michelle up high.

King calls Melina a screaer as Candice Michelle was taking it to her and then Melina took a nasty spill over the top. Candice Michelle hung Melina on the top rope and then Candice Michelle levelled her with a powerslam and a go-daddy elbow.

Melina with a shoulder up and now Candice with a running bulldog. Melina again kicked out. Candice Michelle gets a shot to the face and now a back-breaker from Melina, Candice Michelle`s feet were on the ropes then she kicks out. Candice Michelle ducks a clothesline and hits a reverse heel-kick and Candice Michelle beats Melina for the title.
In the end at 4:21 WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION. On the night where 9 titles were up for grabs only two people grabbed the gold, and only one person (Candice) grabbed it off somebody that already had it.
This match was a typical Ladies PPV encounter.





9) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs Mick Foley vs Bobby Lashley vs Randy Orton vs King Booker (with Queen Sharmell) in a 5-Pack Challenge match for the WWE Championship
You don’t see very many “Five-Pack” challenges, in-fact I can’t even re-calll one before this.

Anyway John Cena comes in as Champ, it’s nearly been a year for him as Champion.


Cena comes out last to loud boo`s of course and his usual mixed-reaction but the crowd was most definitely harsher against him in the years 06-07.

The Champ is Here.

All Five men go at it at once.

It`s not a battle royal stipulation but it`s battled like one in the ring.

Odds stacked against the Champ.

Bobby Lashley, Cena and then a clothesline by Foley took Orton over the top to begin.
King Booker then took Cena down and now Lashley and Booker go at it. Bobby Lashley in the corner comes firing out of the opposite corner taking King Booker down and then he drills him over the top rope with a clothesline.

Lashley with speed soared into the air and landed on all four opponents. Undertaker at Mania style. Very impressive by Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley impressive thus-far with a modified back-breaker to King Booker an Cena saved his title over Lashley`s pin and the fans boo. Hilarious.

Lashley knew he couldn`t be DQ`d, he removes tv monitor`s and Orton goes after him. Mick attacks Orton.

King Booker then takes it to Mick Foley. Foley fires back with right`s outside the ring.

Fun match thus far.

Foley bit Booker T outside the ring and King says the only thing good about that is Foley doesen`t have all his teeth. Good stuff.

Foley irishwhipped into the steel steps for the 92th time in his career.

Orton with a neck-breaker to Lashley on the floor!

Action everywhere.

Orton goes for a flying RKO on the ground and missed on Bobby Lashley.

Cena then picked up the powerful Bobby Lashley and FU`d (Attitude Adjustment) him through the announce table.

King Booker now has Cena in the ring and the twoo battle it out. Sharmell on the outside cheers on her king as Booker with a royal heel, thrust kick to Cena`s head. Booker with a high knee to Cena and now Booker irishwhipped John Cena hard back-spine first into the corner. Fans boo his blows to King Booker.

Fans cheer a scissors-kick to Cena. Nearfall.

Cena goes for a five-knuckle shuffle but Orton hit an RKO and on Cena and then Foley kicked him from out of no where. Mick with Cactus like shots to Orton before a huge knee to the head. Foley with the double-armed ddt, the same move he pinned Austin with at Summerslam 99 to win the title. That was shocking.

Socko is out but so is Foley of the ring that is, as Booker kicks him with a thrust-kick. Foley grabs a chair and levels out Lashley off the apron as Booker moved but he still connects with King Booker. The chair is dented.

Foley now cracks Cena with it. Orton from behind clubbed Foley in the head. Orton only man standing.

Randy Orton with a running kick and then Lashley with a spear, Booker kicks Bobby Lashley out and then Cena goes for an FU to Booker he ands on the apron and Cena hits his lariat he falsl to the outside.

Cena with an FU to Foley and wins.

In the end at 14:07 Super Cena keeps his long reign going strong as he over-comes the odds once again after he pinned Mick.

This match was a ton of fun truth be told. Non-stop action.




*** 1/2









 Final Rating for WWE Vengeance 2007: Night of Champions = 6/10

This show was a dark day for the WWE knowing what we now know obviously and it just seemd like everything had a dark atmosphere to it or maybe that was just in my mind, at least to me. It felt off way too often despite not everything on the card being bad. There’s still enough quality to pick it up once again if you’re a collector or find it for a good price. Not much you’re missing but entirely your call here. Main events were fun.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This was a strong PPV. The Edge/Batista match and the 5 pack challenge for the WWE championship were of a high quality.

  2. Jesse says:

    i remember watching the ‘edited’ version of vengeance 2007 weeks later after the tradegy. wwe removed all chris benoit mentions from the event but for some odd reason they left the ‘we want benoit’ chants. listening to them broke my heart considering that benoit was already dead by that point.

  3. SRB says:

    @Anonymous. Batista looking dumb is nothing new. Botched moves, missed entrances, in-ring injuries and wrong cues would make a best of compilation from this guy. Hacksaw Jim Duggan had better matches than that clown. @Brett, i absolutly agree with this review. This card seemed like a sad attempt to just fill match slots. Not too much to see here. But, i thought this was a great idea for a PPV and even thought they should do something like this at WM.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I saw the batista vs edge match on edge’s dvd and thought it made dave look really dumb, i mean how do you get counted out standing right next to the ring?