Review: WWE Wrestlemania 24 DVD

August 16, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Wrestlemania 24 “Review:

“I’m Sorry….I Love You.” -Shawn Michaels

-As this WAS only the Second WrestleMania to be held entirely outdoors, WWE chairman Vince McMahon early on announced that the show will go on, regardless of the weather risks. In the March 2008 issue of WWE Magazine, WWE set designer Jason Robinson revealed that a steel rig with a tarpaulin roof would be built above the ring itself to prevent rain. In that same issue, an initial design of the ring setup was revealed showing a larger rig surrounding the tarpaulin rig, with lighting and two giant screens attached. The larger rig was dropped from the final design with the lighting and video screens now featuring on the tarpaulin rig as well as the sound system. During an interview, WWE production manager Brian Petree mentioned that video reinforcement should prevent anyone from being obstructed by the steel structure. Up to seven generators were used to power up the show.

-74, 635 people (a record crowd) packed the Sold Out Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida for Wrestlemania 24. The Best WM Design since WM 17 in my estimation.

-WrestleMania also led to an increase in sales for musical artists related to the event, including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ album Stadium Arcadium, John Legend’s album Live from Philadelphia, Rev Theory’s single “Light It Up”, and Fuel’s single “Leave the Memories Alone” (which was used in tribute to Ric Flair).

-During the Diva’s match the power went out and the WWE made up for this error quite well and it came back on during the WWE title match.

-Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Snoop Dogg were just a few of the guest Celebrities on the show.

-Coach and Cole did Smackdown’s commentary, Tazz and Styles for ECW and JR and King in there tux’s as usual for Raw.

-WrestleMania XXIV was the first WrestleMania event to be filmed in high-definition. It will also be the first WWE show and sports related title to be released on the Blu-ray Disc format by WWE Home Video.

-In a Dark Match before the event (you can see as an extra on the DVD) there was a match that was billed as “WWE.COM” match and it was a battle royal between all the rosters to see who would go on to face the ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero at Wrestlemania 24. Kane won the match by last eliminating Mark Henry at 6:50, here’s how it went down:

-Kane won a 24-man Interpromotional Battle Royal -Kane won by last eliminating Mark Henry at 6:50 to gain a ECW Championship match against Chavo Guerrero later that night.
The other participants were: Elijah Burke, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Duggan, Festus, The Great Khali, Hardcore Holly, Jesse, Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Shannon Moore, Trevor Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, Cody Rhodes, Snitsky, Stevie Richards, Val Venis and Jimmy Wang Yang.

Now onto the PPV….
1) Opening Contest- John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) in a Belfast Brawl
This match was going to be a brawl, everyone knew it. It was in the match TITLE. The fans were ready for Wrestlemania.

Leading up to this match JBL discovered Hornswoggle is Finlay’s son, not Mr. McMahon’s…glad we got that out of the way.
Finlay runs to the ring charging like a mad man and once on the apron is levelled by a knee from JBL.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield then followed Finlay to the outside and kept on him in rough fashion with stiff blows and kicks. Bradshaw got tossed into the steel steps by Finlay and he threw him inside.

The bell rings officially now.

Finlay lays more shots in and then begins to throw weapons in the ring. JBL picked up a can and levelled Finlay in the head. This was a big shot and Ross calls it vile which is of course something new.

JBL waited and proceeded to drop more on Finlay as he kept attempting to get up. JBL tosses in the steps and the crowd chant for Finlay. Bradshaw sets up Finlay for a piledriver on the steps inside the ring but Finlay counters into a backdrop. Finlay to his feet lands a kick to the jead of JBL and follows that up with a pan shot to the head of Bradshaw twice before dropping his palm on top of the pan onto his head. Finlay attempts the first pinfall of the match.

Off the ropes Finlay walks into a big boot from Bradshaw. Finlay gets thrown into the corner and JBL lands more hard shots.

Hornswoggle came in the ring and then hit Bradshaw with a kendo stick.
Finlay then drops Bradshaw with his favourite tool and Bradshaw falls outside the ring.

On the outside Finlay lifts JBL up and throws him back inside. Finlay drops a boot on JBL with a can places overtop of him, the crowd chant “Lets go Finlay” as he pulls out a table and throws it inside. Finlay sets it up in the corner. Bradshaw reverses an irishwhip into the table sending Finlay into the corner and he bounces out dropping JBL with a clothesline. Bradshaw on the outsdide grabbs Hornswoggle and throws him to the floor. Finlay jumps off the apron in defense of his “son” and slams Bradshaw’s face into the table several times. Finlay charged off the ropes diving throught he middle ropes on the other side and caught a trashcan shot directly to the head from Bradshaw while crashing to the floor. Good spot. Bradshaw throws Finlay back inside and attempts a pin and Finlay kicks out.

JBL pissed off he couldn’t pin Finlay threw a trashcan outside the ring hitting Hornswoggle. Obviously the best part of the match.

As Bradshaw ran off the ropes Finlay landed several shots to JBL’s head with the lid of a trashcan. Finlay dropped JBL on his back and then tossed him into the table in the corner. Still though JBL kicks out. Finlay grabs the steel steps and JBL reacts by hitting Finlay in the knee with a kendo stick while on his back.

JBL off the ropes drops Finlay with a clothesline from hell.

In the end JBL defeated Finlay after a hard-fought, all-out war.

Bradshaw scored the victory at 8:35.

Just a fun and very rough opener.

  2) CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin vs Y2J Chris Jericho vs Carlito vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs Mr. Kennedy vs John Morrison in the [I]4th[/I] Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Originally Jeff Hardy was supposed to be a participant in this match but due to his violation of the Wellness Program he was removed from the match. This match might have even been better if he participated, that’s a scary thought.

This match probably has the best bumps of any Bank match to date.

I enjoyed every entrance here, they all felt a bit special in this unique atmosphere. Morrison first making his Mania debut then Carlito who gets a good pop. Hey, Shelton Benjamin is back in this match, that’s ONLY a good thing. Punk gets a great pop as goes Kennedy who ducks undearneath both Ladder’s on his way to the ring. Kennedy hopes that if he wins this time he’ll actually get to cash it in.

Kennedy tells Punk he has his eye on him. MVP comes down to the ring and then out last is the man who through the magic world of kayfabe invented the match, Chris Jericho. Jericho is also the IC Champion at the time so this of course means the belt wont be defended yet another year at Mania. (The last time was WM 18, but this is the last year to end that streak as it was defended the following year at WM 25, and even that is a stretch)

MVP clears house with a Ladder as the bell rings and then knocks Shelton Benjamin and Carlito off the apron.

Jericho brings a Ladder in and drives it into MVP. Morrison tosses a Ladder into Jericho in the corner. Morrison goes up top with the Ladder and applies the “Laddersault” to Carlito, Shelton and Punk on the outside.

Kennedy sets up a Ladder and Jericho knocks him off. Jericho goes to catapolt Kennedy into the Ladder but he hangs on and begins to climb. Morrison comes back in the ring in a unqiue way using the Ladder to springboard him on the ladder, and once up meets Kennedy with rights. Shelton sets up a Ladder and joins them. Kennedy up high applies a front facelock to

Morrison as if he was going to suplex him off the top of the ladder but the star shines through yet again as Shelton Benjamin hits a sunsetflip in mid-air off a Ladder onto Kennedy who hung from Another Ladder and then still had Morrison set up for a suplex which he lands. Insane.

Of course not every spot can be perfect on live tv as Carlito bounced Shelton off a Ladder and showing amazing agility lands with his two feet across the top rope. Shelton then threw the Ladder back into Carlito and coming back on the Ladder it gave out and Shelton Benjamin crashed into the ropes. Hardly a botch though.

It goes without saying the crowd are loving this.

Punk climbs and Kennedy stops him. Shelton Benjamin takes Punk off who goes to climb again and he tosses him headfirst into the buckle. Punk catches Shelton off the Ladder this time and scoops him up delivering him with a Go to Sleep. Kennedy grabbed Punk off the Ladder and flipped over nailing Punk backfirst onto another one. MVP cleans house and then lifts his leg as he attempts to take out Carlito in the corner, he moves and smashed MVP in his remaining leg with a Ladder as he drops to the canvas.

This match is packed with a spot every moment which is why it is insanely good.

Shelton dragged Carlito off a Ladder and as he got up levelled him with a spinning heel kick. Shelton climbs and Kennedy and Carlito from behind push the ladder which sends Shelton off the Ladder in the middle of the ring and he does a flip in mid-air crashing into a Ladder set up on the barricade. Shelton Benjamin lands backfirst and it must of hurt.
Everyone climbs the ladder and MVP clears them off, Morrison then takes him out and sets up a Ladder. Morrison takes his time getting to the top as has everyone else in Wrestling history when climbing a Ladder as that’s just part of the job. Jericho meets him up there and in reference to Royal Rumble 01 slaps on a modified version of the walls on Morrison. Of course this is the first time its EVER happened now as that match is no longer in the WWE’s history books.

Kennedy meanwhile sets up a Ladder and climbs.

 Jericho up there alone with Kennedy level one another and Punk springboards from one side of the ropes onto the ladder meeting Kennedy, all this while Carlito also impressively at the same time joins Jericho on the other Ladder. How do these guys NOT screw this up? All four guys hit each other, Punk drops Kennedy, Jericho shoves Carlito off but he catches him on the other side and off the Ladder Carlito hit a backstabber on Jericho. MVP sneaks back in with no one around he smiles. MVP climbs the Ladder and a returning Matt Hardy drops MVP off the top a Ladder with a twist of fate. Punk kicks a Ladder into Morrison holding one and then Jericho with a Ladder clears the area until Carlito jumps him. Jericho puts a Ladder into another one in the corner. Now the ladders are making an X sign and Jericho throws a charging Carlito into one. Jericho also falls down and Morrison climbs the Ladder which Jericho was still holding up, Morrison goes flying over landing on the top rope groin first as Jericho tosses him aside. Jericho cleans the house and then climbs up the Ladder until Carlito takes a bite out of an apple and spits it in his face. Kennedy meets Carlito on top and pushes him into the corner landing backfirst. Punk drops Kennedy off a Ladder with another one. Punk turns into a Codebreaker by Jericho into a ladder.

Chris Jericho then climbing has his ladder shaken by Punk, he tries to kick him off but Punk stil hangs on. CM Punk from the top of the Ladder has a tugging war with Jericho until he knees him in the face. Jericho then gets his boot caught in the Ladder and Punk grabs the case as everyone in attendance rises up.

Punk won in the end by taking the briefcase suspended above the ring at 13:55. The fans pop as most are happy and they just witnessed a Classic match that deserved a standing ovation!
An amazing way to start this show with a Classic right here following an already great opener.

This is arguably the best spot-filled encounter of all time and without a doubt the best Money in the Bank match passing the original.

**** 1/2

3) Dave Batista vs Umaga in an InterPromotional Match

Theodore Long is announced as the “Co-GM” of the Smackdown! Brand, while William Regal gets announced as the RAW GM before Batista and Umaga enter the ring.

The fans booed this match in the “slower” area’s, but any match that doesen’t make you come out of your seat arguably would of gotten the same treatment considering the match this one had to follow.
Michael Cole says Batista’s entrance is bone-chilling but clearly he’s just excited to call Mania again as there was absolutely NOTHING “bone-chilling” about it.

Batista and Umaga stare each other down as if this has been some huge rivalry when we all know it hasn’t and things get going with a slugfest mid-ring. Batista cornered Umaga and he rolled out of the ring, advantage Batista early.

Umaga then decides to get back in and Batista jumps over to deliver shots and Umaga lands a shot to his face. Batista kicks Umaga off the ropes but then the Samoan Bulldozer shows some athleticism landing a spinning heel kick followed by a kick to the jaw of Batista dropping him to the floor off the apron. Umaga has some fans in the crowd, actually its moreso that Dave always has his haters in every crowd. Umaga irishwhipped Batista hard into the corner.

Umaga with a jab to the throat and then a trapezius grab. Fans get a unique “Umaga” chant going in a unique way. With Batista down Umaga goes for a flying headbutt off the top rope but Batista moves, Batista went to pick up Umaga but the bad back gave out and Umaga scores a nearfall. Batista is planted with another kick to the back. Umaga goes back into the nerve hold wearing Batista down. Batista fights back but off the ropes falls into a Samoan Drop from Umaga. Batista back up is thrown into the corner and he gets a boot up on a charging Umaga. Umaga grabs Batista by the throat and he goes for the Samoan Spike but Batista blocks it. Batista shoved into the corner and skull first into the ringpost goes Umaga who charged in on Batista.

Batista shakes the ropes in Sycho Sid-like fashion and drops Umaga with a Batista Bomb.

Batista then pinned Umaga after a Batista Bomb at 7:06, Smackdown! gets the victory.

Pretty decent in areas but I wasn’t really expecting much to begin with.
* 3/4

4) Kane vs Chavo Guerrero (c) for the ECW Championship
Kane “earned” this right, earlier on.

I hate the idea of having three world champions, and seeing them treated like this furthermore backs that opinion up.

Chavo comes out for which seems like an hour.

He runs into Kane who is waiting behind him and it’s Bart Gunn all over again.

Kane becomes the new ECW Champion at 0:08 and I believe this beats the WM 1 Bundy-SD Jones match for fastest match in Mania history.

Probably the best dud of all time or at least the most entertaining.

The crowd was thrilled with the finish as well. But obviously that’s because who on earth wants to watch “Kane vs Chavo Guerrero?” at Wrestlemania?

5) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a Career Threatening Match

Well here we are.

Based on pure “Emotion” it is definitely one of the most emotion-filled matches ever between two great friends.

I’m not even huge on both these guys but you can definitely make an argument to both being the two best ever to lace them up, and that statement is huge. They’d both be in my top 5. I can recognize talent and I’ve followed this business for two decades. I watched some of Flair in his prime, I watched ALL of Shawn’s career.

Lets start from the beginning.

The Video Package of the feud and highlighting Flair’s career was phenominal. A nice touch with his family in the front row and they basically covered 35 years in 3 plus minutes in that video, very impressive indeed. The WWE video team always has been considered as some of the best in the world at what they do, and that’s always remained constant.

Anyways, the stage is set and out walks Michaels as he usually is at Mania in almost every one of his matches, a tweener.

Flair takes off his robe for what he knows will be the last time and you can see it in his face. Shawn Michaels drops Flair with a shoulder breaker to start. Shawn with a waistlock, Flair counters into a hammerlock and Shawn does the same. Flair goes into a drop toehold to break Michaels’s hammerlock. Shawn gets up and lands an elbow but off the ropes gets a hiplock from Flair who struts to a chorus of Woo’s from the crowd. Michaels ties up with Flair again and backs him into a corner. Flair slaps Michaels and then Shawn lets a slap out at Flair and he begins to bleed. The two engage in a vicious staredown that implies the match will take a turn to the nasty side.

A chopping war breaks out between both guys in the corner who clearly have the objective to land the most vicious chops in their career’s in this very corner, right now. Flair shoves Michaels to the opposite corner and Shawn Michaels hits Flair with a reverse elbow. Shawn climbs to the top rope and Flair catches him slamming him backfirst into the middle of the ring. Flair usually gets caught in that spot, and when Flair goes up to the top rope this time it works for only the first time in his career. That old saying “If it doesen’t work the first 5,000 times, try a 5000,1st time” is really true. Flair lands a flying crossbody of all moves.

Flair picks a leg up of Michaels focusing on a knee of Shawn but he takes him to the outside.
“Flair was now outside the ring, and Michaels in WM 21 fashion did his springboard moonsault off the middle rope to the table and crashed right through it in an insane bump which looked like it would make any stomach explode, or break any ribs. Congrats to Michaels for this bump, the expression on his face afterwards says it all as JR says.” I’d agree with Ross.
Shawn Michaels exploded into the table. Ric Flair now obviously has boughten himself some time breaks the count. Slick Ric throws Shawn into the corner targetting his back and then Flair does it again to the opposite side before finally backslamming Shawn hard to the canvas. Flair scored a nearfall. Ric Flair then hits a gutwrench suplex on Shawn, hooked the leg and got a two count. Flair busting out some in his prime moves and why not since its last match. (At least I had hoped it was)

Flair then scoops up Shawn Michaels and holds him in the air before slamming Shawn Michaels hard backfirst yet again, this gets a good ovation and for good reason. Shawn in the corner begins to fight back but Flair is right there with him. Flair shoved Shawn Michaels to the ropes and Shawn comes off with a swinging neckbreaker. Flair comes at Michaels by the ropes and he hits a backdrop to Flair over the ropes and he falls to the floor. Michaels then climbs up to the top rope and from the same turnbuckle John Morrison earlier in the night hit a Laddersault on a number of guys, Shawn Michaels lands a moonsault on Flair out to the floor.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair both down for the count outside the ring, again, these guys both pulling out everything for this match. Ric Flair up inside the ring lands stomps Shawn, he gets up and the two break out in another chopping war yet again. Flair reverses an irishwhip and Shawn Michaels flies at Flair with a flying forearm. Shawn kicks up and then lands an inverted atomic drop on Flair, Shawn Michaels sells the injured mid-section. Flair flops down after a righthand, Shawn Michaels lands a bodyslam. Shawn holding the ribs climbs to the top rope with Flair down, Shawn lands an elbow drop. Shawn Michaels doesen’t connect with any offense now because of his bruised ribs and then begins to tune up the band in the corner.
Shawn Michaels doesen’t kick Flair as he hesitates and Flair then slapped on a Figure Four out of desperation in mid-ring of all places. Shawn rolls out and both guys struggle to get up, once up they shop each other and Flair hits a side headlock, Shawn Michaels then goes into a headscissors with the legs and both guys go to bridge out but it fails. This can be justified to the story of the match though, with Shawn’s bruised mid-section, so “No Problem.”

Flair up lifts the knee of Michaels again but he goes for a sunset flip on Flair and eventually gets him down but Flair squeezes both legs at Shawn’s head as a way of breaking up the pin. Shawn Michaels chops Flair again in the corner, Flair reverses an irishwhip to Shawn who swings upside down in the corner, with Shawn bouncing back to his feet Flair from the corner targets the leg and chops Shawn Michaels down to the mat. Flair goes for the Figure Four again, Shawn Michaels counters it into an inside cradle and he gets a two.
Shawn then goes for an inziguri on Flair and he ducks it and then slaps on another Figure Four. Shawn got to the ropes and Ric Flair didn’t hesitate to kick away at Shawn’s injured ribs to stay in control. Flair struts and Shawn Michaels lands a superkick out of no where at the side of the ropes. Michaels then hesitates to cover Flair and he finally does, Flair kicks out! Shawn Michaels struggles to get up again and once up in the corner starts to tune up the band again.

Michaels stops as he is impatient with Flair. Obviously its going to take a few moments considering this is as hard Flair has ever gone in a match in twenty years.
Flair out of desperation landed a lowblow on Shawn Michaels. Flair covered Shawn but he managed to kickout. Shawn Michaels drops Flair down and slaps on a Figure Four himself on the man he idolized his whole life, it was only a matter of time. Flair screaming in agony manages to reach the ropes to a great ovation. Flair lands a thumb to the eye on Shawn Michaels proving he’s still the dirtiest player in the game. Flair rolled up Shawn for a surprise inside cradle and got a two. The two chop each other again until Shawn lands a second superkick. Shawn Michaels hesitated to put Flair away as he knew he’d be ending his Idol’s career.

A sad Shawn Michaels expresses all his emotion on his face.

Shawn then in the final moments of Flair’s career tells Ric he’s sorry and that he loves him.

Shawn hits the final superkick.

The final blow to The Nature Boy after 35 years of bumps.

Perfect way to go out.

Shawn Michaels wins the match and ends Flair’s amazing career and legacy at 20:35 after executing The Sweet Chin Music three times.

As soon as he did this, He kissed Flair’s head who was already a bucket full of tears as expected. As were his kids at ringside.

This was indeed a great match. Truely historic and the inevitable Flair moment was great as we all knew it would be, great crowd, great moment. Great goodbye, maybe the very best.
Fantastic and very fitting Wrestlemania Classic for Flair’s age.

It’s unfortunate Flair is wrestling again in TNA thus I have lowered my rating to the same as Meltzer. (Meltz actually had this rating for the match when it happened live) The same rating he gave the midget tag match from Royal Rumble 1998 if we are keeping score.

*** 1/2

-Fireworks go off for half-time!
6) Beth Phoenix and Melina (w/Santino Marella) vs Maria and Ashley in a Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjack match

Snoop Dogg served as the Master of Ceremonies for the match.

Candice Michelle was originally scheduled to be Maria’s partner, but suffered a legit clavicle injury and was replaced by Ashley, which is of course just what Wrestlemania needed once more, Ashley in the ring.

The Power went out in this match, that seems fitting.

The ladies worked through it but the crowd was dead and the pace was pretty dreadful but hey, I’ve seen worse. Especially at Mania with ladies, this was decent in comparison to some of the other dreadful ones from the past.

Maria acts like a complete Whore around Snoop Dogg.
He likes Maria’s broncobuster though.
Ashley attempts to wrestle dropping Melina with a headscissors takedown. Melina shoves her outside the ring and all the Ladie’s take acception to beating on the Punk Rocker. Melina catapolts Ashley into Beth Phoenix who slaps on a bearhug. Melina on top of Beth Phoenix flips back on Ashley but Maria interupts the count.

Beth Phoenix hit with a crossbody from Maria off the toprope as the lights go out. A double-arm chicken wing by Beth Phoenix is countered by Maria into a bulldog but Melina breaks up the count.

I love how Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross both “Up” their commentary as the light’s went out as they know this particular part of the show would be watched closely. Lawler for some reason leaves the booth and drops Santino with a righthand.

Beth Phoenix drops Maria.

In the end Beth Phoenix pinned Maria after a fisherman suplex at 5:56 in the end. Snoop didn’t look to impressed with the match.
1/4* for Santino and Snoop’s face after Maria’s bronco buster.
1/4* for Melina and Beth’s attempts with Ashley.
1/4* for Kelly Kelly.

Here were the “Lumberjacks” incase anyone care’s: (should be Jills) Cherry, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool, Victoria, Mickie James, Jillian Hall, Katie Lea Burchill, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Maryse.
What happened to Maria’s looks?


7) Randy Orton (c) vs “The Game”  Triple H vs John Cena in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship 

A lot of good action in this one, the sky is now completely dark.
Nice storyline heading into this one, made this match feel important.
John Cena once again arrives at Wrestlemania in “Spectacular” fashion as a marching band plays a version of “My time is now” and Cena comes out in football gear.

Randy Orton gets just 8% of the vote from the WWE Universe in regards to who they think will win the match. Interesting.

Hunter comes out and thirty-five years later so does Randy Orton.

The bell rings and the triple-threat is on.

The action begins.

Hunter throws Cena out of the ring and that gets a good ovation, Triple H lands shots to Orton before tossing him out as well. Orton dropped on the ECW table. Why is that table even at this show?

Orton ducks a clothesline and falls into a sleeper. Cena comes in and scoops up Orton, Triple H falls and then drops Cena with a shot to the jewels. Orton catches Triple H and hits his modified version of an inverted atomic drop. Orton lands blows to both John Cena and Triple H both.

The fans then do their Wrestlemania tradition of both cheering and booing Cena while Orton drops a knee on Triple H. Cena catches Orton on the top turnbuckle and the two land shots on one another. Triple H picks up Cena and Orton flies off with a crossbody to Cena who is on Triple H’s shoulders. Orton covers Cena and then he does what he did to Shawn Michaels the year before and shows great strength lifting Orton up. Orton gets out with a sunset flip on Cena he kicks out and Orton drops both Cena and Triple H with clotheslines. Orton the defending Champion then lands stomps on both men again. Orton gets both Cena and Triple H in a front facelock as they hang there feet on the middle ropes and Orton drops them both headfirst to the canvas with a double ddt, Orton gets two nearfalls. Randy Orton then goes down and stalks his competition from his stomach.
Cena gets up first and then shoves Orton off of him. Cena now waits behind Orton, hits an arm-ringer and then flips Orton over and drives his head into the canvas. Cena drops off the top turnbuckle and hits a legdrop on Orton. Cena went for an STFU on Orton but he rolled under the bottom rope to the outside, Orton ran away from Cena and then turned around suckering Cena in and dropped him into the ringpost which was rather clever. Orton gets back into the ring and Triple H was waiting for him. Triple H hooked Orton’s leg on the middle rope and used the top rope to elevated himself up and drop his entire bodyweight on the left knee of Orton. No Cena in sight which is a good thing if you’re Triple H or half of WWE’s audience I guess. Orton drops an RKO out of no where on Triple H. Cena is till down as he got dropped by Orton as he came in. Orton still sells the knee Triple H earlier worked on as he gets up and Cena hits a drop toehold into an STFU.

Triple H breaks Cena’s favourite Wrestlemania submission hold up after it was locked in for a good minute, Hunter made sure Orton reached the bottom rope. Triple H sends Cena shoulderfirst into the steel steps. The Game comes back in the ring and slaps on a figure-four on Orton to take advantage of Orton’s bruised knee, and to obviously pay a tribute to Ric Flair.
Ross refers to it as an Indian Deathlock now and tells us he hasn’t seen it applied in years, the same thing he says five years ago at Wrestlemania X9 in Triple H’s match with Booker T. Cena comes in and slaps his favourite hold on Orton again, the stfu.

Triple H comes in and slaps on the crossface which gets a good pop from the first Wrestlemania since the Benoit tragedy. Cena and Triple H in a familiar replay to their Wrestlemania 22 Classic engage in a slugfest and the fan’s say how they feel. Cena lands a shoulderblocker on Triple H and then hits a suplex driving him to the mat. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle and lands it. Triple H reverses an FU into a pedigree attempt, and Cena then counters that into an STFU attempt, and Cena is kicked off to the corner. Triple H lands a right and is reversed to the ropes, Triple H plants Cena with a facebuster and then a hard clothesline. Cena missed with a shot off the ropes and Triple H dropped Cena with a Spinebuster. Triple H looks to the outside to see where Orton is, he comes back to the apron and Triple H takes out his bruised leg.

Cena goes for the FU again and Triple H drops Cena with a Pedigree. Orton breaks it up with a kick to Triple H’s head, Orton still limping covers Cena now resourcefully.
And it’s over, Lawler questions if Orton has actually won!?

Even he (who elects not to know who wins and loses) sounded shocked.

So in the end Triple H pedigreed Cena and then Orton knocked the Game to the outside and covered Cena for the 1-2-3 at 14:09 to retain the WWE Title. Shocking everyone.
Orton wins.

Good for him.

He deserves it after the damage they did to his character in 2004 as a babyface.

This was another great match.

A highlight during this match was the Crossface used by Triple H to John Cena.
*** 1/4

8) Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. vs The Big Show in a No Disqualification match

The WWE did a great job promoting this special attraction.

I Loved Mayweather’s cooperation as he is a great talent despite some repetitive promo’s about Big Show’s jaw.

This was a lot better than I expected.

Loved the entrances and this didn’t even feel overbooked, it had an appropriate pace and place on the card.
Big Show worked well with him and he did with the Giant likewise.

Floyd Mayweather gets set to go with Show and he lands a couple of shots.

Show charged at Floyd Mayweather and dropped one of his handlers off the apron. Show flips him in the ring and he beats on him with a lot of rage since he knows he can’t keep up with Floyd Mayweather.

One of the WWE’s worst when it comes to endurance would be the Big Show, which is exactly what Floyd “Money” Mayweather specializes in.

Big Show grabbed Floyd Mayweather and had his back to the mat, but the speedy Mayweather got out of that predicament.
He soon found himself in the air though.

Show grabbed Mayweather by the neck and held him in the air.
Floyd Mayweather got out of it with a few shots and now he tried to choke Big Show out as a nice counter. Big Show then attempted to flip him over the top rope but Mayweather held on.

Floyd Mayweather held a sleeper on the big man bringing him down to his knees, Big Show then stood up and hit a snapmare on Mayweather and then dropped his boot to the mid-section of Mayweather.

Big Show cornered Mayweather and landed a chop on his chest. Props to “Money” for taking it, the crowd chanted for it to be hit another time. Show stepped on Mayweather and the crowd ate it up.

Big Show got hit with a couple of kicks as Floyd Mayweather got up, Show turned it into a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring. Show has a look of satisfacion on his face and then he rops his leg on Floyd Mayweather’s left arm. The size difference between Show’s leg and Floyd Mayweather’s arm is frightening. Show then walked over him. Big Show hit a headbutt on

Mayweather as he attempted some shots at Show out of desperation. Show slammed an elbow on Mayweather and then asked the fans if he should do another. Floyd Mayweather’s boys dragged him out of the ring.

They attempted to leave. Big Show chased them. Show dragged Mayweather back to the ring and clobbered him in the back while putting him in a front facelock. Big Show grabbed Floyd

Mayweather by the throat but one of his men slammed Show in the back with a chair. Show dropped him with a chokeslam. With Show turned around Floyd Mayweather grabbed a chair and landed a shot to the mid-section on Show, then the back. Floyd Mayweather goes for a head shot with the chair but Show grabbed him by the throat. Floyd Mayweather kicked him with a lowblow. Floyd Mayweather drops Show to one knee as Floyd Mayweather bends a chair on Show with headshots.

Floyd Mayweather then takes off his gloves and grabs knucks from one of his boys. Floyd Mayweather knocks out Big Show.

So Mayweather finished off The Big Show after finally knocking him out.

Entertainment is the key right here.

Mayweather won via knockout when Big Show failed to answer a ten-count after being hit with brass knuckles at 11:36.
Yet again…good stuff, a theme for the night.
Just as LT in 1995 turned out better than we thought, so did Floyd Mayweather in 2008.
** 3/4

9) Main Event- The Undertaker vs Edge (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship
The Main Event of Wrestlemania! Not many times of year feel more important then this. Edge finally earned his spot here, as for his seventy-six World title reigns, that’s a whole other story.

Edge did deliver a fantastic promo mid-way through the show with Todd Grisham. Very powerful, convincing and moving.

Now did I or anyone else in their “right” mind think that Edge was going to beat Taker or even have a 10% chance? No way.

I didn’t watch much of the build up to this match but obviously I still knew that he didn’t stand a shot.

If this match took place in 2001, maybe. Once Undertaker built it up long enough it became painfully obvious he wouldn’t lose at this event. Still they do seem to find a way to make his matches feel special.

This is the Coach’s last Wrestlemania before leaving for ESPN and he gets to broadcast the match.

The atmosphere and anticipation helped how this Main Event felt in the Bowl.

Edge looked more than ready for this moment coming to the ring.

The Undertaker did his throat gesture and Edge slapped him. The Undertaker answered back with some shots followed by a clothesline and took him to the outside. Coming back in Edge jumped on Taker and The Undertaker responded by dropping him with a jawbreaker elevating him back from the top rope. The Undertaker back inside drives Edge headfirst into the turnbuckle and meets him with elbow shots. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge to the corner and he lifts a boot meeting the Deadman in the face. The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and lands one of his own on Edge. The Undertaker goes for a nearfall and Edge kicks out. The Undertaker slaps on an arm-ringer on Edge and brings him in closer landing shoulder blocks. The Undertaker goes Old School and walks the top rope, Edge has it scouted countered it, but as The Undertaker falls to the mat he counters as well landing an armdrag takedown on Edge. The Undertaker chokes out Edge in the corner. The Undertaker drops a running knee into the head of Edge but as he meets Edge in the corner he falls outside the ring.
It appears The Undertaker may have injured his arm as he falls. Edge buys himself a breather, The Undertaker’s quickness in matches these days compared to how he used to be is mind-boggling.

Edge shocks The Undertaker by levelling him off the apron knocking him down to the floor crashing into the barricade first. Edge knocks him of the apron again and then drives the Deadman kidney first into the apron. Edge drags him by the hair closer to the top rope and Edge drops a neckbreaker to The Undertaker on the top rope and he falls to the floor. Edge poses for everyone as they boo him.

The Undertaker in some pain on the outside is grabbed by the hair by Edge who brings him back inside the ring and he lands a shot to the mid-section of Taker. Edge drives The Undertaker’s head into the corner and then charged at him in the corner landing a spear to that same battered mid-section. Edge drops the elbow a couple of times into the kidney’s of Taker and then proceeds to stomp on him. Edge clobbers the Phenom in the back.
Finally, The Undertaker begins to fight back for the first time in awhile as he lands a righthand on Edge. The Undertaker hits a headbutt and then scoops up Edge but the back gives out and

Edge lands on Taker scoring a two count. Edge drops a hard forearm shot to the head of the Deadman before landing a standing dropkick taking Taker off his feet. Edge climbs to the top rope and The Undertaker gets up and shoves him to the floor.

The Undertaker then flies over the top rope charging off the side ropes onto Edge on the floor. Always impressive when The Undertaker lands this move. Obviously the Deadman is going to pull it out at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker then breaks the count as he can’t win the title by countout, he then kicks Edge and makes sure his head hangs over the apron. The Undertaker drops the leg on Edge. The Undertaker kicks Edge in the mid-section and now goes for the Last Ride and the back doesen’t follow through. The Undertaker runs off the ropes and Edge catches him with a boot and gets a two. Edge with momentum again kicks Taker in the kidneys taking him back outside to the floor.

Edge dropped Taker on his bruised lowerback over the top of the barricade. Edge breaks the count.

Edge covers Undertaker again at any chance he gets bringing him back in. Edge goes for the leg now as he wants to methodically take down the Deadman, plus its always a great move against a big man like The Undertaker knocking him off his feet. Edge twists the knee of The Undertaker back while he drives his knee into the bruised tailbone of the Deadman. Edge puts on one of his hilarious, vicious facial expressions. The Undertaker counters after a long while somehow rolling Edge over. Edge goes back into the leglock after a nearfall from Taker. Edge grabs the second leg of The Undertaker and puts all his body pressure again on the injured lowerback of The Undertaker. Edge drags him to the center of the ring but The Undertaker kicks him away. The Undertaker slowly limping up is beat on again by Edge with forearms to the sore back. Off the ropes The Undertaker lands a righthand to Edge.

A slugfest breaks out and the crowd have some fun. Edge is irishwhipped to the corner and The Undertaker lands a clothesline and still sells the back. The Undertaker picks up Edge and hits Snake Eyes, off the ropes Edge drops The Undertaker with a dropkick. Edge gets a two count. Edge had the potential big boot after the Snake Eyes scouted and he countered it nicely. Edge counters a chokeslam attempt and then he runs into another one, again Edge counters it into a ddt. Edge gets a long two.

The Undertaker now slowly gets up as Edge signals for the Spear. The Undertaker countered with a kick to the head and now he lands a chokeslam on Edge. The Undertaker gets a two as Edge kicks out. The Undertaker with another arm-ringer into Old School which he still hasn’t landed, Edge counters it for the second time dropping The Undertaker on groin first on the top turnbuckle. Edge drops a couple of right’s and then climbs to the top rope meeting the Deadman up top. Edge from the top then goes for a Suerplex to the big man and he lands it slamming The Undertaker down to the canvas. This took a lot out of both men so Edge didn’t have what it took to cover The Undertaker right away and when he did The Undertaker kicked out. Edge then corners Taker and drops righthands on the Deadman yet again, Edge poses and The Undertaker picks him up for the Last Ride, Edge counters it into a neckbreaker as he landed on his feet. The Undertaker kicks out. Edge sends Taker to the ropes and with Edge bent down he answers back with a hard shot to the back. The Undertaker finally hits the Last Ride on Edge. The

Undertaker again only gets a two count as Edge kicks out.

The Undertaker signals for the Tombstone to finish the job. The Undertaker picks up Edge but he lands on his feet and drops The Undertaker backfirst to the mat. Edge waiting behind The Undertaker is reverse irishwhipped to the ropes and both men collide. The Undertaker drags Edge by the arm and now for his third attempt at Old School. The Undertaker this time lands it and he still sells the back. Undertaker runs off the ropes goes for a boot and Edge rolls out of the way as Taker drops the official with the boot. Edge plants The Undertaker to the mat yet again. Edge talks trash and The Undertaker grabs him by the throat, Edge hits a lowblow with the official down. Edge then rolls out of the ring and shoves down a camera man. Edge grabs a Camera.

Edge drops The Undertaker with a Camera. Edge goes for the official and accidentally shoves him off the apron, that’s different. The Undertaker sits up and Edge pulls out his hair in frustration. Edge kicks him in the mid-section, Edge scooped up The Undertaker and he counters it into a tombstone attempt on Edge. The Undertaker drops Edge.
The Undertaker covers Edge and running to the ring is Charles Robinson at an incredible rate. He’s had a big night getting to officiate his favourite wrestler’s last match and then getting to show off his cardiovascular conditioning here.

This bought Edge enough time to kick out.

Cue Hawkins and Ryder as they run to the ring at the perfect time for Edge. The Undertaker elbows one off the apron, and chokeslams the other onto his friend on the floor.
Edge lands a spear on The Undertaker and Cole is certain the streak is over, The Undertaker kicks out.

Everyone stands up for the climax as Edge lands a second spear on The Undertaker, as he goes to cover The Undertaker he counters with his favourite submission hold.

In the end The Undertaker forced Edge to submit with the gogoplata at 23:50 to win the WWE TITLE!

Taker goes 16-0 at Wrestlemania!
Felt like 10 minutes, but it was 24 which speaks volumes on how well it flowed.

A Classic MAIN EVENT here to end an Amazing Wrestlemania.


**** 1/4
Final Rating for WWE Wrestlemania 24 = 9 /10

This is without a doubt one of The BEST SHOWS/WRESTLEMANIA’S of all time. Going into this event the card looked pretty good but at the same time I had my doubts because of the boxing match, the title matches seemed rather average, and Flair-Michaels I knew would be sort of “overhyped” regardless. Well, let me just say I’m eating my words, this event shocked me in a good way, I had no idea the company was this capable of putting on a show like this still. When I originally saw the show I was blown away and even still looking back, it’s just as impressive.
This is a show to remember, the best recent show as of this writing in the Summer of 2010.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The main event was awesome. The MITB ladder match and the Flair/Michaels matches were also very good.

  2. Mike says:

    I loved this WM. It was great, despite the bad match(es). I really thought Flair-Michaels was overrated, even before he went to TNA. I’m glad you agree that Taker-Edge was a better match.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Great to hear that story, I imagine seeing that in person would be a moment for me. If I got to see one induction it would be the one for Randy Savage, so THAT still potentially could happen.

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    I was there live and I’d probably give it an 8. Looking back almost the whole show was fun.

    The MITB match is probably one of my fav ones they’ve done and the atmosphere was great during HBK/Flair & Show/Mayweather. Taker/Edge was very good, but I wanted to see a showdown in the main event where you had no clue which way it was going to go.

    Still, I think the night before at the Hall of Fame topped the actual Wrestlemania event. Hours and hours of great stories, Rock’s return and Flair’s induction. That’s the night I remember most about the weekend.

  5. I don’t agree at all, but loved the shock of orton going over . If it was flairs last match then it may get a 8 but 9 is nuts, I do respect everyones views mind. I will watch this again then do a video review

  6. Brett Mix says:

    I said best recent show. If you saw my WM X7 review you would see I rated that 10 out of 10 thus meaning this is not on par.

  7. Dennis says:

    Better than WM X-7? Cause if u think so..i gotta disagree

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