Review: WWE Wrestlemania 25 DVD

August 17, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Wrestlemania 25” Review:

“You’ll never forget the night, the Austin era begun. And we’ll never forget the night,…that it ended…”Jim Ross



-WWE Wrestlemania 25 took place on Sunday, April 5th, 2009 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas in front of 72,744 fans.

-This was the 25th Annual Wrestlemania event.

-Tickets for the event commenced sale to the public on November 8, 2008. For the third consecutive year, WrestleMania broke the record for the highest-grossing pay-per-view in WWE history, grossing US$6.9 million in ticket sales, which included fans from all 50 U.S. states, 24 countries, and seven Canadian provinces.

-Approximately 960,000 people ordered WrestleMania XXV, grossing $21.0 million in revenue. This amount was less than the 1,058,000 buys that WrestleMania XXIV achieved.

-Before the event was aired live, the crowd in attendance were shown a match that would be exclusively aired on the company’s Web site which featured the WWE Tag Team Champions The Colons (Carlito and Primo) compete against the World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz in a Lumberjack match to unify the winners, which has a number of wrestlers surround the ring in order to keep any competitor from avoiding the match, to as said unify both sets of tag team championships. The Colons won the encounter after Primo forced his knees into Morrison’s back to execute his finisher, the Backstabber at 8:20.

-Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Micheal Cole did commentary for the event.

-Kid Rock held a lackluster concert on this event which has gotten mostly negative reviews.

-As the event went live on pay-per-view, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls sang “America the Beautiful”.


-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- CM Punk vs Kane vs Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston vs Christian vs Finlay (with Hornswoggle) in the 5th Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Before I get into this match I just want to say that I loved what the WWE did as there Pre-Mania video package for this particular year asking the WWE Superstars what they liked about Wrestlemania’s past.
I echo Jeff Hardy mentioning the Macho Man at Wrestlemania 4. I was glad to see that talked about, and that might be the only time I’d agree with Jeff Hardy about anything.

Now, to begin WM 25 its Money in the Bank 5.
“Lets go Christian!”
We heard that all throughout the match, and apart of me felt it was fitting seeing as Christian surely had to win this match, right?

We’re underway at Wrestlemania 25 and here comes the returning winner from last time around, its CM Punk. Punk won at Wrestlemania 24 arguably the best Bank match of all time, I definitely think it is, just phenominal that was.
It’s going to be hard to back that amazing performance up with a Money In the Bank Ladder match here just as impressive, that was a big reason I felt this one kind of felt flat. High expectations.

Mark Henry comes out with Tony Atlas, then MVP the United States Champion who is now a babyface this year runs to the ring. Finlay comes out with his favourite midget. The theme is STILL annoying.

Again, whenever Shelton Benjamin is here he can potentially be THE shining star in the match. Kingston making his first appearance and that’s special as he would work great in this environment, as we’re about to see. Christian gets a great pop. Kane comes out. When has cane been relevant in the last ten years? It’s depressing really.

The bell rings, Money in the Bank #5 is now officially underway and everyone is ready.

Action begins as Kane clears house with righthands and a throw to MVP clearing him to the outside. Henry gets Kane cornered and already we hear the chants for Christian.
Henry splashed Kane in the corner. Shelton and Christian use a Ladder on Henry, then Kane, Kofi leaps up above the ladder then plants it on both Shelton and Christian. Kingston gets to show his unique aerial offense early and now he had hurt himself and couldn’t take advantage. Finlay throwed Kingston out of the ring. Henry and Kane began to climb a Ladder after Kane dropped Finlay. Superstars climb and bring them down. Kane gets kicked to the outside.

Shelton climbed up and CM Punk met him, two ladders in the ring now and everyone was reaching for the top. 

Kane and Mark Henry (the big men) shoved one ladder each to the opposite sides taking everyone off a Ladder.
Kane clears everything to set up one Giant Ladder for himself. Kane climbs slow until Henry takes Kane off the Ladder and he dropped into the top rope. Henry missed Finlay with a Ladder throw. Finlay dropkicked Mark Henry in a sloppy fashion, Finlay hits a sucide dive out of the ring landing on two stars. Christian elevated himself off the top onto everyone else. MVP now wanted to be a star and he did a flip off the apron landing on everyone.

Kingston and CM Punk were left in the ring together. Both guys threw caution to the wind and landed a suicide dive onto everyone else.
Now for the spot of the match from you guessed it, Shelton Benjamin. Shelton dives off a ladder with a summersault onto everyone. Mark Henry of all people attempted to go upstairs this time Finlay made sure he wouldn’t jump from there.

Slow action in the corner as Finlay puts Hornswoggle on Henry so he can jump off of him onto the wrestler’s on the floor. The less I see of Hornswoggle the better off I’ll be.
Kofi dropped a Ladder on Finlay with some great athleticism, also some nice innovation scores him some Kofi chants. He goes to attack Finlay but he throws a Ladder at him as he came near him. Finlay dropped a small ladder off everyone who attempted to come back in the ring off the apron.

Finlay stood alone with a giant ladder, he kicked Kofi off of him. Henry now pushed a Ladder with Kingston on it down.

Henry holding a Ladder and Kofi jumped up on it but Henry picked Kingston up in mid-air and slammed him on it. Good stuff there. Henry tried to climb but MVP stopped him with a Ladder. MVP dropped Henry with stomps and punches. Shelton stops MVP and then he is thrown into the corner. MVP set up a Ladder on the top rope and went to suplex Shelton on it but he moved.

Shelton then flies off the ladder and flew to MVP but he countered in mid-air dropping Benjamin with a powerbomb. MVP climbs. CM Punk who we hadn’t seen in years joins him up there.
Christian drops MVP. Punk kicks Christian off. Christian then takes Punk off and gets above him, with Punk below he tried the go to sleep from up top, Christian countered it into an Unprettier on Punk falling all the way to the mat. MVP climbed the Ladder and Shelton met him up there. They both fall as it was a noticeable botch when Shelton attempted a sunsetflip to MVP but he wouldn’t budge.

I’m not a fan of the match already and when they attempt a big spot they still can’t even make it work.

Shelton and Christian both climb the Ladder at the same time. Shelton falls off but Christian holds his balance with a foot on the top rope. He had experience from previous TLC matches. Christian couldn’t get thtere as Punk stopped him. Punk had a boot stuck but Kane came from behind and grabbed Christian. Kane chokeslams Christian off the top to the canvas. Punk with Kane up top fell in a chokeslam but Punk kicked Kane off of him. Punk all alone and he was booed by many as he won.
For the first time CM Punk has won Money in the Bank 2 years in a row.

In the end at 14:24 CM Punk won his second straight Money in the Bank Ladder match.

This match is pretty decent for its kind AT best, what makes it miserable for me was that it was hardly entertaining. As I said the expectations set from the previous year may have had a part in the overall dissapointment many felt when seeing this match.

I’m not low on this because of who won, I’m rather low on this for the fact it is the worst of the five Bank matches to date as far as I’m concerned, in a big way.
Everything was a mess, it was slow, and it without a doubt had the worst structure to any Bank match. Without the botches it still looked ugly, it seemed as if nothing wanted to work.
Still, it gives the fans a reason to cheer at the beginning of a show and it served its purpose. What is most disgusting is hearing Lawler say this match lived up to high expectations, when it did anything but.

I’ll still give it a fair rating for the effort of some men in the match, but I’d definitely go lower before ever going higher, this is definitely not my cup of tea here.
** 1/2

2) 25-Diva battle royal to crown “Miss WrestleMania”

This sounded good on paper.

So we get what we assume to be 25 Diva’s going at it. Since Kid Rock’s performance was so bad they had to take it off of the DVD and now we don’t get entrances.
Not only that they don’t even zoom in on the returning diva’s such as Sunny or Molly.


I can’t believe they went ahead and did this, not only did they not get Trish or Lita but they went ahead and gotten these ladies only for them not to be shown. Absolutely brutal, there’s no other words to use here.

In the end at 5:57 Santina Marella won the match by last eliminating Beth Phoenix and Melina.

This was a complete mess, from the entrances, to the production, to the filming, to the wrestling, to the winner, I call this a DUD but it may be up there as one of the very worst for every reason possible.


3) Y2J Chris Jericho vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka (with Ric Flair) in a Handicap elimination match

Now we get something from Wrestlemania that makes us smile, a Legend and now Hall of Famer in “The Dragon” Ricky Steamboat coming back at a Wrestlemania. We all know his classic with Randy Savage at this event and that’s relevant because the man he is facing Chris Jericho grew up idolizing that match.

But this had more to do then just with Steamboat and Jericho, it also had to do with Ric Flair, Snuka, Piper, other Legends and Mickey Rourke.

Chris Jericho had done a brilliant job in his role coming in to this match.

Everyone was out and ready, Jericho looked at the Legends as if they were nothing. Jericho jumped by the Hot Rod who does what only he can do and that is punch. Piper took Jericho out. Piper has his arm caught in the ropes but it gets it free for a moment and kicked at Chris.

Back in the ring Jericho irishwhipped Piper and he goes for a sunset flip and he kicks out. Piper throws a sloppy dropkick at Jericho. All of his moves are cringe worthy. Snuka wants in, from bad to worse.

Snuka came in the ring and his skills are about as good as Moolah’s right now, and I mean absolutely no disrespect by it, it’s just the truth. Snuka lands a terrible clothesline, Steamboat gets a good pop coming in

Steamboat elevated himself off the top rope and came crashing down into Jericho with a hard chop.

Cole obviously says Vintage straight away, and he goes to work on Chris Jericho with the Dragon’s favourite arm-drag’s. Ricky unfortunately tagged back in Snuka and the two drop Jericho with a chop.
Jericho gets Snuka in the Walls of Jericho. Snuka taps out and now it’s 2 on 1.

Piper kicks Jericho hanging up on the top rope in the mid-section. Cole asks how good Piper looks, yeah, lets see him ask that with his t-shirt off. Piper gets a sleeper on Jericho and he countered with a running inziguri that took Piper’s head off.

Down to Steamboat and Chris Jericho.

Steamboat with a flying crossbody but a two. This is going to be good and really make the match here.
Chris Jericho drops Steamboat with a clothesline. Jericho with a high kick.

Steamboat answers with stiff chops but Chris lifts a boot and then hits a snapmare, followed by a kick to the spine. Chris Jericho poses while the fans chant “Lets go Ricky”.
Steamboat is a true “Good Guy.”

Jericho down on the mat puts a headlock on Steamboat wearing him down. Steamboat skinned the cat as Jericho threw him out, Jericho to the outside and Steamboat elevated himself over the top rope to the floor on Jericho with a crossbody. JR loves this, and who doesen’t.

Ricky Steamboat again leaped behind Jericho and hit a roll-up on Chris taking him offguard. Chris answered back with another chop. Jericho landed a running bulldog to the Dragon. Jericho smiles as he is entering his zone. Jericho went for a Lionsault and Steamboat had it scouted as he moved. Veteran instinct even at this age. Jericho pushed Steamboat away but Ricky got a powerslam on Jericho and a two count. Chris goes for the Walls now.

The Dragon rolled out of it into an inside cradle on Jericho, and a nearfall. Steamboat hangs in this thing flipping behind Jericho until Chris hit the codebreaker on Steamboat and he got the three.

In the end at 8:53 Jericho won the match after defeating Steamboat with his Codebreaker.

After the match Mickey Rourke knocked Jericho down after months of hype.

This match was the Ricky Steamboat show, which scored him a singles bout on the next PPV and chants of “You’ve still got it” in the future on Raw.
It was great to see the Legend and now Hall of Famer look so good at his age, and it had to of been special for Jericho who grew up loving his matches at this very event.

** 1/2


 4) Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match 

Lets be honest……
Matt and Jeff are not going to be able to pull off what Bret and Owen did at Wrestlemania as far as sibling matches at the Grandest Spectacle go.

Infact if they did something even HALF as good I’d be shocked.
However this was an Extreme Rules match and under those circumstances these two can really bring out the best in each other and the match shouldn’t be bad at all.

Here we go, Matt is of course the villian.

Jeff Hardy slaps Matt to begin.

Jeff wastes no time taking down his brother to the outside. Now its time to grab the weapons. Jeff sent Matt into the ringpost after slapping a poster to the head of Matt Hardy. Jeff goes over with a trashcan but Matt kicks it away. Jeff catapolts himself off the steel steps as he drops the legs at Matt’s sternum across the barricade.
Jeff grabs a chair into the ring, jumps off of it and crashed and burned as Matt moved from the corner. Matt Hardy with the chair interupted Jeff’s corkscrew moonsault off the top rope. Nice. Matt chokes out Jeff on the side ropes and then goes underneath the apron for more tools. Matt Hardy gets back inside and drops some more right’s on Jeff before placing him in the corner.

Matt Hardy runs into Jeff’s boot.

Matt still was able to hit a Side Effect on the steel chair on Jeff. Good stuff.

Matt now brings his brother to the ring post and stretches his arm and leg back while the mid-section of Jeff was crushed by the post. Awesome.

Matt gets a table which got a good pop from Texas. Matt Hardy suplexed Jeff or attempted to and he landed on the apron as he fought back with the table still there. Jeff ran off the apron and hit a clothesline on Matt. Matt got sent spine first into the steps by Jeff.

Jeff was relentless in his attack now dropping crutches on the back of Matt.

Jeff brought a can inside the ring and placed it over his head. Jeff swung with a crutch which grounded Matt. Jeff then dropkicked the trashcan over Matt’s head, only a two count out of that. Jeff now picked up Matt and slammed him headfirst into the mat. Jeff from the top goes for it all and crashed as Matt Hardy moved out of the way.

Matt hit a twist of fate.

Matt Hardy is surprised that Jeff kicks out. Matt drops more solid right hands to Jeff before going to the outside, he climbs to the top rope this time. Matt takes his time getting up there which proves costly as Jeff lands a shot at Matt Hardy and meets him up top.

Jeff Hardy with a Superplex to his brother Matt from the top, crashing down into the mat below with big impact. Jeff knocks Matt out of the ring with a chairshot to the face. Matt on the floor now by that table that was still set up and Jeff places Matt overtop of it.

Jeff then put a chair on top of Matt’s stomach. Jeff looked under the ring for even more and found another table.

Matt Hardy was stuck between two tables now, and Jeff takes himself out in the process as he crashes through all sorts of tables.

Matt Hardy’s advantage is that Jeff commits suicide in half of his offense if not more.

Jeff is somehow up first and pulls up Matt taking him into the ring. Jeff gets a two as Matt Hardy found a boot on the rope.

Jeff dropped his leg down on his brother from the top of the Ladder to the canvas.

Jeff again took out more in himself then the other person, the story of his life.

Matt hits a side effect to Jeff on a chair.

So in the end at 13:13 Matt beat Jeff after putting him away with the Side Effect.

This was probably the best match of the night to this point which isn’t saying much, but even here the action was all over the place, sloppy and somewhat slow. These two just can’t get it done one on one.
** 1/2

5) Rey Mysterio vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield (c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Wait, so the IC title is FINALLY back at Wrestlemania for the first time in seven years and its defended like this.

Rey is taking this match, sO sErIoUs, I guess…

Bradshaw comes out to some good heat.
Rey Mysterio walks right into a big boot from JBL. JBL beats on Rey in the corner like a bully. Mysterio gets up slowly and hits an inziguri, a 619 and then a splash. Rey wins the title.

In the end at 0:21 Rey became the new IC Champion after defeating JBL and “retiring” him in the process as he quit shortly afterwards.

This match is only not a DUD because of the comedy.

6) The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
Finally, something that might make Wrestlemania feel like, Wrestlemania.

Here we go, the streak versus Mr. Wrestlemania at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, which seems only fitting.
The two WWE veterans meeting at the grandest stage of them all, you don’t really need to hype up a match like this.

Shawn came from Heaven. Undertaker came from hell.
Nice, unique Wrestlemania style entrances for both men here.

We’re on, the bell rings.

Undertaker looked to land a big strike early but Shawn Michaels used his speed to move away from Taker. Shawn dropped a chest on Taker and then he is irishwhipped but Shawn goes for a punch, Taker blocks it and grabs him by the throat as he threw him over to the top rope.

Shawn Michaels does a crotch chop, pretends he is sore and catches Taker offguard landing more shots. Shawn Michaels sent into the corner again and Taker lands hard right hands on the Showstopper. Michaels is thrown back first into the corner of the ring. Taker with a big right, then a headbutt.
Undertaker goes for an irishwhip but Shawn kicks him in the mid-section. Both men chop one another in the corner. Shawn Michaels thrown to the corner and he flips upside down, he turns around and Undertaker elevates him up and slams him back first to the canvas. Shawn Michaels is lifted in the air by Taker and he slams him down. Taker drives an elbow into Shawn. Shawn Michaels is now getting ready to go to school but will he have it scouted like Edge did the years previous, no he doesen’t.

The Deadman walks the top rope with amazing agility at his age landing old School on Mr. Wrestlemania. The Phenom charged into the corner and missed Shawn. Shawn then focused on Taker’s knee as he collided with the buckle hard. Shawn lifts Taker’s leg up and drops him on it. Michaels goes for a Figure Four Leglock to slap on more pressure to Undertaker’s leg. Shawn dropkicks the kneecap after Taker rolls out, a brilliant move. Shawn Michaels up but Taker catches him in a bearhug and drives him to the corner of the ring before delivering another hard shot. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped back first to the buckle and Taker splashed him, not once but twice.

Taker lifted up Shawn and dropped him with Snake Eyes. Off the ropes, Shawn Michaels ran in to a boot to the face from Taker. Undertaker drops a leg on Shawn Michaels and he kicks out. Undertaker back up lifts up his hand signalling for a chokeslam.

Taker slapped it on and Shawn countered this move with the Crossface. I always love seeing this move still used by the WWE, whether it’s Trips, Shawn or anyone else.
Shawn maintained control of the Crossface wearing the Deadman down.

Shawn and Taker both up to a vertical base exchange blows until a flying forearm drops the Deadman. Shawn kicks up and then goes straight for Taker dropping him with an inverted atomic drop, a chop and then a second atomic drop. A flying clothesline by Shawn Michaels to Taker.

Shawn doubling his offense in order to beat the streak, sounded logical.

Michaels perhaps is going to elevate himself off the top rope with his signature elbow drop, but the Deadman sits up. Taker catches Shawn in mid-air by the throat and now Taker lifts up Shawn for a chokeslam attempt, Shawn gets out goes for a superkick, Taker drops him and then Shawn goes for a figure four, now Undertaker counters this again into the move he made Edge tapout last year at Mania with.

Awesome reversals and exchange from the two WWE veterans.

The crowd are loving this now. Taker slams Shawn’s head into the steps and now hangs Shawn’s head on the apron before giving a simple kick followed by Taker’s usual legdrop to the chest off the apron, Shawn Michaels sat up.

The bruised leg of the Deadman had now been further exposed. Shawn hit a baseball slide to the Deadman knocking him to the floor. Michaels who likes to steal the show climbs to the top rope and goes for a Moonsault on the Deadman but he got up in time to throw Shawn away.

So despite Undertaker having to limp, he bought himself a few moments as Shawn crashed and burned into the floor, since the Phenom had Shawn Michaels’s moonsault from the top rope well scouted.

That’s the veteran leadership by the Undertaker that gets him by. Shawn Michaels on the outside had a hard time getting up, Taker sat up in dramatic fashion. Undertaker going to the limit runs off the ropes and flies over the top rope on the other side for a flying clothesline, Shawn had shoved the cameraman there who he has now taken out.

Shawn Michaels and Taker both out of it on the floor.
Undertaker back inside stops a Sweet Chin Music and hits Shawn with a chokeslam. Michaels kicked out. Undertaker now brought Shawn up for a tombstone but Shawn landed again and went for a superkick. Taker stopped it by a grab to the throat, but Shawn lands the superkick.

Shawn Michaels can’t capitalize as the damage had been done but Taker kicks out once he does cover him. Undertaker went for a Last Ride but Shawn countered it into a sunset flip, Taker then countered it back into a Last Ride and Shawn kicks out.

Now Shawn Michaels is down and Taker goes to the top rope as he attempted an elbow drop which bombed. Undertaker hit a Tombstone on Shawn Michaels but he kicked out still.

Shawn Michaels is Super Man and Undertaker’s eyes told the story.

Undertaker finally up went for another but Shawn hit an inside cradle and a kickout. Shawn had to pull himself up using the ropes. Michaels took his time because he had to went for the flying elbow drop. Shawn Michaels elbow does hit.

Shawn Michaels tuned up the Band, Undertaker got up slowly and turned around. Once Taker met Shawn he went down to a Superkick.
Taker kicked out.

A slugfest in mid-ring now.

More slow and sluggish shots connect, and then Taker grabbed Shawn.

In the end at 30:41 Taker remained undefeated at Mania going 17-0, putting away “Mr. Wrestlemania” after he beat him with the Tombstone.

Taker gets better with Age.

Forget the awesome chemistry between both men, I loved the little things like Shawn hitting two of each move to make sure he had the Deadman down as he knew Taker was a different person at Mania. Great storytelling here.

I really respected the legwork Shawn did on Taker here, made it such a smart match as all of his offense seemed to be revolving that, which is what made Taker’s matches with Hart so phenominal.

Only one thing I didn’t like was the Climax, I felt the match was more about who will kick out of who’s finisher next, rather than the great story it had going for it until.
This match is a Classic in modern times between two well respected veteran’s at the biggest show of the year. It will be best remembered when thinking of this PPV for years to come.


7)  John Cena vs Edge (c) vs The Big Show in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship
“Word Life” Basic Thuganomics hits as Cena once again gets his special Mania entrance.

Like the Real Slim Shady a bunch of Wannabe Cena’s come out, then Cena comes out to his “My time is now” theme with Edge and Show waiting in the ring already.
Edge the defending Champion just like he was at Wrestlemania 24.
This time he didn’t need to be pinned to lose the title as the odds didn’t favor him in there with a 500 pounder and of course John Cena.

The bell rings.

Cena goes for Edge right away then Show, he planted Edge but then ran into a huge shoulder block by The Big Show. Edge tells Show the two should team up on Cena.
Show then agrees or so we thought and dropped Edge on the top rope. He shook the ropes and Edge went flying.

It’s Cena at Mania and again the crowd is split. I think putting John in triple-threat’s sort of takes away the spotlight on Cena at this event which is a good thing but the boo’s still remain.

Show goes to work on Cena in the corner. Cena got Show to the outside, Edge dropkicked the steps hitting Show’s knees. Cena then with a high risk move jumped off the top rope to the floor on Big Show dropping the leg.
The Champion, Edge is up. Edge throws Cena inside the ring.

Pretty slow pace here for a triple threat match. Edge stomps on Cena a bit before he hesitated and Cena went for the attitude adjustment, Edge countered planting Cena’s face to the mat. Edge got a two. Edge up high and Cena knocks him off. Meanwhile The Big Show is right behind John and he drops him with a sidewalk slam. Show got a nearfall out of it.
Cena fights back and is booed. Chavo got an Attitude Adjustment by Cena outside the ring. Cena hit shoulderblocks to Show and Edge. With Show tied up Cena was all smiles as he warms up for the most ridiculous move in Sports Entertainment.

Vickie got on the apron and Edge accidentally speared Vickie. Cena with an inside cradle, then Cena and Edge drop each other with a double clothesline. Big Show could only watch as he was still tied up in the ropes. The Big Show frees himself finally and is the first one to his feet.

The Big Show runs over Edge and Cena with a double shoulder block. Show delivered a headbutt to Cena then a Splash into Edge after Cena. The Big Show throws Edge into Cena and backs up his weight. Show grabs both men by the throat, a chokeslam on Edge.

Cena countered into an attitude adjustment attempt but Show dropped him. Outside of the ring Edge was grabbed by The Big Show by the throat, and he countered it into a ddt on the floor.
Action spread out everywhere here. Edge charged at Show jumping off the steps hitting a shoulder block on The Big Show through the barricade.

Edge signalled for the Spear, Cena countered it into the STFU. Cena dragged Edge further to the middle of the ring. Big Show grabbed Cena by the throat and broke up the submission. Show then went to squash Edge and he moved.

Cena had Show with a front facelock but couldn’t lift the big man.

Edge helped on the other side.

Edge and Cena both vertical suplex the 500 pounder.
The Big Show down and now Cena and Edge look at each other and take the big man out of the ring. Edge drops Cena with a righthand and he kicks out.

Edge with a waistlock go-behind on Cena attempting to take him down, Cena came back and drove Edge’s face into the canvas with high impact. Again Cena goes up high but The Big Show pushed Cena off the top and Edge speared Cena in mid-air.

Edge rolls over to Cena and now he hooks the leg, but Show dragged Edge out of the ring and landed a hard chop on the chest. Show with a headbutt to Edge. From the corner Edge got a boot up on The Big Show and then jumped on top for a sleeperhold until The Big Show drives Edge back first to the corner.

Cena picked up Show with Edge on top of him and dropped Show with an Attitude Adjustment, then Edge.
In the end at 14:42 Cena became the New World Champion after he beat both men with his Attitude Adjustment.

This match was pretty decent, well booked throughout.

However for as spotty as triple-threat’s are, this one lacked in a big way. It was slow and the truly good moments were every once in a blue moon. Refer to the Mania 24 triple threat with Cena to see a spotty three way match done right. Even that wasn’t spectacular but it was considerably better than this.

** 3/4


Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Goodbye: 


-Here we had the Annual Class of Hall of Fame Inductee’s come out on the stage, but none were more important or as significant as that of one Stone Cold Steve Austin who came out in his vintage Austin 3:16 shirt for one more ovation.

Sad to see him go, but only one word goes through your mind when seeing this, and that is “Legend.”
You had your time, you inspired Millions and they will never forget you….3:16…..
8) Main Event- Triple H (c) vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

Well, this feud had good build at least.

It’s a shame these two usually don’t deliver great material together, especially in the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton was booked very well leading up to this match, and even if he had other bright moments in 09 this here at Mania was certainly not one of them.

Triple H and Randy Orton come to the ring for what feels like at least six years.

The match is on.

Randy Orton was on a roll and would like nothing more than to go over Helmsley in the Wrestlemania 25 Main Event here and now. The stage was set, why he didn’t? I still don’t know.
Both guys stay still after the opening bell, which spells out confusion. Don’t these guys hate each other. Oh now they go. Hunter tackles Randy down and delivers a series of right hands. Now

Trips stomps on Orton in the corner.

Orton in a bad way here. Triple H comes over for more but out of no where, Orton struck with an RKO.

So Orton instead of going for a nearfall stalks Hunter and is contemplating the kick, Triple H countered it into a Pedigree.

Both these guys knock each other out from there finisher in the early going, this was something different.

Hunter attacked Orton outside the ring slamming Randy into the announce table. Triple H blocked a shot and then sent Orton headfirst to the ringpost.
Fans are rather dead here.

Orton asks Hunter to wait. Triple H doesen’t budge and kicks at Orton before he strikes with fury with righthands. Hunter sprung up holding Orton’s boots and Orton went up and got clotheslined by the middle rope. Triple H just going to work on Randy Orton using his knees. Hunter lands a neckbreaker on Orton as he limps outsde the ring.

Orton throws Hunter into the steel steps out of desperation.

The Action if you could call it that, is painfully slow, and the crowd is painfully dead as Orton sends the Game across the barricade on the outside. Orton got back in the ring and told the official to start counting.

Orton stomped on Hunter and now punished Triple H with righthands. Ross calls it a mentally dominant position. Orton lands a powerslam off the ropes and now Hunter kicks out again. Now

Randy wanted to go into the weardown hold to make sure the Game would not be coming back.

Orton slaps the chinlock in on Hunter. Twenty minutes later we have movement from Triple H.

Triple H fights back out of the corner, Orton and Triple H in a slugfest. Orton ducks the initial shot but then runs into a high knee from Hunter. Triple H plants Orton in mid-ring with a facebuster.

Triple H went for the second Pedigree but Orton countered it by catapolting Hunter face first to the buckle, but bouncing out was Triple H and he clotheslined Orton down and got a nearfall out of it.

Some good action in this part of the match.

Orton drops Huner head first on the top turnbuckle. Randy goes up high as he may now have an oppurtunity, but HHH lifted a boot.

Orton went for an RKO but HHH pushed him off and got an inside cradle. Triple H hit a nice Spinebuster on Orton. HHH went for a Pedigree but Orton countered it into an atomic drop of his own. A nearfall as a result.

HHH catches a dropkick in mid-air by Orton coming off the top ropes. Now Orton realizing its his time stalked Hunter for the boot but Hunter caught him. HHH threw Randy outside the ring giving him some shots.

Triple H went to Pedigree Orton on the table but Orton backdropped HHH onto Ross’s table instead. Randy Orton knowing he had to act now had HHH ready and ddt’d him to the floor from the table.

A limping Orton waited in the ring for Triple H who had just been ddt’d to the floor. Finally Hunter came back and he is met by a series of stomps from Randy Orton. Orton in control beats on Triple H in the corner with slow righthands.
Orton threw HHH into the official and now with Hunter down Orton slid under the bottom rope and looked for a tool. Orton found the Sledgehammer. HHH got it back from Orton and now as

Orton turned around HHH hit him in the head with it behind the official.

Triple H then hit a Pedigree on Orton and that was it, just like that. Wow, talk about anti-climatic.
In the end at 23:34 Triple H retained the WWE title after pinning Orton with a

This match was a major dissapointment and it just ended out of no where. Surely just another bad decision on a night more then full of them.
Insanely boring and a slap in the face to everyone involved.
* 3/4




Final Rating for WWE Wrestlemania 25 = 4/10
This Mania was not as significant as one would of hoped, a let-down in comparison to the shows from the last few years. When looking back though, outside of the let-down’s, there was still Steve Austin’s goodbye, Steamboat’s performance, some good spotfests, and a Classic match between two veteran’s which is ultimately what the show will be remembered for. The only problem is this was the “25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania” and we should of gotten much more…it still is an okay event that you should buy if you collect these, if not, I wouldn’t bother.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I think that the HBK/Undertaker match deserved the full 5*.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got their 26 bout at four and a half, and thught this was mostly hype, hype, hype. Some claim it is 5 stars mate, some do not. I think four is more thenf air.

  3. Craig says:

    Taker/HBK ****? Think you are missing a star there mate

  4. Jesse Lanning says:

    I gotta agree with u. If not for Undertaker-Shawn(which should have gone on last by the way),It would probably be on par with 11 as the worst of all time. For 25 years, it should have been better than what it was. Was so looking forward to seeing Sunny again and hardly got to see her. Very disappointing Mania

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