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August 18, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWE “Wrestlemania 26” Review:


“For thirteen years you have said Bret screwed Bret…well tonight…..Vince screwed Vince!”Bret Hart


-WWE Wrestlemania 26 took place on Sunday, March 28th 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, Arizona in front of 72,219 fans.
-This was the 26th Annual Wrestlemania event.


-This was the fourth WrestleMania to feature a non-title main event and the first since WrestleMania XI.

-The event was the first WrestleMania to be held in the state of Arizona and the third to be held in an open-air venue after Wrestlemania IX and Wrestlemania XXIV.

-Tickets for the event commenced sale to the public on November 7, 2000 Approximately 885,000 people ordered the event, grossing $39 million in revenue. This figure is down from WrestleMania XXV’s figure of 960,000 buys With an attendance of 72,219, the event grossed US$5.8 million in ticket sales, making the event the highest grossing and attended entertainment event held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, and the third highest grossing event in WWE history after WrestleMania XXV and WrestleMania XXIV.

-In a dark match before Mania began Yoshi Tatsu won by last eliminating Zack Ryder in a 26 man battle royal.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1)    Opening Contest- ShoMiz (The Miz and The Big Show) (c) vs  John Morrison and R-Truth  for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
So here is the deal (Not trying to sound like Randy Savage when I say that, although I do spend most of my time trying to sound like him, that is beside the point) Morrison and Miz used to be a tag team in the WWE.

In a time period where Tag division was well below average and has been for the better part of a decade the WWE had a solid team going, but of course they are broken up to see if they can push both guys as singles stars.

Here in this match they find themselves back in tag teams but on opposite sides of each other.

Both beginning in the ring together against each other as the bell rings and Mania 26 is underway from Arizona.

Morrison tries an arm-ringer into a hammerlock, Miz quickly turns things around and lays right hands to Morrison and off the ropes received a dropkick. John Morrison hits a scoop slam and then a tag to R-Truth.

R-Truth off the top hits a nice leg drop, Miz will kick out. R-Truth asks what is up, ducks a shot from Miz and lands a high kick. A desperate tag to the Big Show who comes in and blocks R-Truth and his offense. Big Show with a fall away slam to R-Truth. Show taunted Morrison and shoved him off the apron meanwhile holding R-Truth in a front facelock. Air Morrison goes high and knocks Show down and R-Truth almost got a three on the big man. 

R-Truth makes back the tag to Morrison, Miz tagged back in and both guys go at it once more. Morrison hits a few offensive moves, Miz attempts a sunset flip out of the corner but Morrison goes for his legsault and falls on the mat due to Show removing Miz from the ring. Show runs R-Truth into the post.

Miz held a full nelson on Morrison, Morrison got out of it with a unique counter and a nearfall. Holding onto the ropes Miz dodges Morrison and Big Show is tagged in. Big Show knocks Morrison out.

So in the end at 3:24, Big Show and Miz retained the title belts after a knockout punch.

A very quick moving tag team opener, a solid start 

* 1/2
2) Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase in a Triple Threat Match


Okay so we have another team breaking apart going at it this time, all members of Legacy.

 And now all of their fathers are WWE Hall Of Famers.

Randy Orton gets a huge pop.

 Randy Orton begins by almost taking the head of Dibiase off and then clotheslining Rhodes to the outside.

Now a double team begins as DiBiase holds Orton and Rhodes trade between who holds him as they work on Orton, fans chanting for Randy.

Micheal Cole reminds us it is a triple threat match and it never seems to appear that way until half-way through until Rhodes threw DiBiase to the outside and then Ted comes back in pissed off. DiBiase tosses down Rhodes.

Matt Striker says a potential Main Event for Wrestlemania perhaps one day as the two kids from Legacy go at it. I for one hope it’s not.

Orton now strikes Rhodes and DiBiase as he had time to rest as the two had gone at one another. Orton dodges a collision on the outside of the ring as DiBiase and Rhodes are down.

Orton hits a slap to Ted and Cody and then a double ddt from the middle of the ropes. Orton kicks out Ted and now gets down and stalks Cody from the mat. Randy just simply looks at the crowd and instead of an RKO goes for a punt and kicks Cody.

DiBiase from behind goes for his version fo the Million Dollar Dream, Orton counters with a hiplock and then an RKO for the win.

In the end at 9:01 Randy Orton was victorious after defeating his fellow Legacy members.

  • 3/4


3)    Money in the Bank 6- Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler vs Shelton Benjamin vs Drew McIntyre vs Christian vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston vs Kane

KIND of a lot of people in this one.

Christian comes in as the favourite, as most thought he would of won at Mania 25. Guys like Ziggler, McIntyre and Swagger also had a shot one would think.

The match begins and most of the guys are taken to the outside, leaving the reigning IC Champion left to stand alone inside the ring. Drew McIntyre the current holder of that belt during this time period stood alone and set up a Ladder. He already had a distinct height advantage.

McIntyre with help from MVP had the ladder in his possession but Matt Hardy takes him off, Bourne gives him a shot and a twist of fate from Matt. MVP charged at Drew into the corner. Swagger and MVP were dragged of the Ladder. Bourne is close and Kane chokeslams him to the outside onto the opposition.

Swagger and Matt get taken off the Ladder by Kingston. Christian with a couple of shots to Kofi.

There is FAR too much sitting around by everyone else right now. Kofi takes a hard bump into the Ladder in the corner. Christian climbs and Ziggler takes him off and botches a zigzag but still gets enough. Dolph climbs but MVP takes him off. Kane slams MVP headfirst into the Ladder. Shelton moves a ladder out of the way, Kofi gets involved. Three men ram a Ladder into Kane in the corner. Kofi up high gets bent backwards off the top and drops onto the Ladder.

Shelton clear of the carnage sets up the Ladder. Swagger uses another Ladder to get Shelton off. Swagger using the Ladder on his shoulder as a weapon clearing Kane off the apron and then Evan Bourne came out of nowhere with an aerial assault to Swagger.

An innovative Ladder sandwich as Swagger is stuck in between. Swagger does some damage in between the Ladders knocking everyone off. Bourne was going to receive the unprettier on the ladder but, Air Bourne is hit on Christian. Bourne climbs on top of the Ladder but Matt is right behind him. Matt Hardy hits a hiplock from the top of the ladder dropping Bourne to the mat. Swagger tried to prevent Matt from the top of the Ladder but he is sent crashing into the Ladder set up horizontal on the Ladder and ropes and he crashed to the canvas. Matt should be as good as done now.
MVP and Shelton climb to the top of the ladder, Shelton slams him down. MVP comes back and tries powerbombing him and both men fall over the top rope to the outside. Kane grabs a ladder and runs into them on the floor.

Dolph begins to climb and Kane pushes him over. Kane threw a Ladder over the top rope and it almost hit the fans. Kane slams Ziggler spine first on the ladder before crushing him in between.

Another innovative spot from Kofi Kingston using broken Ladder bits as crutches and Drew then knocked Kofi off and the crowd give him X-Pac heat.

McIntyre and Hardy climb to the top and Matt falls. Matt pushed him off and he landed groin first on the top rope as this match begins to pick up.

Not the best start to this MITB match at Mania, but it definitely picks up. Matt at the top and his past rival Kane comes in with a Ladder attempting to drop him. Christian stops Kane. And Christian sees an old foe in Matt up top on a Ladder and both men are up there. Kane sets up a Ladder as well. Kane attempts a chokeslam on both, but Kane is dropped. Matt and Christian battling it out on the top of the Ladder.
Hardy from the top hits a Twist of Fate to Christian which should do him in. Christian for some reason doesen’t sell the move and climbs the Ladder as Swagger and him both go for the case. Swagger uses the case to hit Christian with. 

In the end at 13:44 Jack Swagger got the case and the victory.

He would soon cash it in and become Champion.

As of this writing the WWE has made a PPV with this match type as the general idea, taking away some prestige from this match type reserved for Wrestlemania which is a real shame.

A bit all over the place but still solid fun.

 ** 3/4

4)    Triple H vs Sheamus

They have built Sheamus up as a guy who could go over Orton and Cena so why not Hunter would be the question here.

Sheamus and Hunter are about to square off and HHH attempts an early Pedigree. Sheamus out of the corner gets hit with a clothesline and then another suplex. Hunter hits a knee drop to Sheamus.

Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Hunter from behind drives him into the barricade.

Sheamus rolled back into the ring and Hunter takes him down, HHH slaps on Ric Flair’s figure four leglock as the crowd WOOO.

Sheamus gets a good shot on Hunter taking him into the steps and breaking the count.

A spinebuster by Sheamus to HHH giving him some of his own medicine and he kicks Hunter down in the corner wearing him down. HHH fires back with shots out of the corner and Sheamus gets a nearfall as he drops back down on HHH. Sheamus with a stf or modified crossface into a side headlock, a slam on Hunter into a two count.

Sheamus with an armbar on Hunter. Broadcasters shocked at how much of the match he is able to control. Hunter hits a back suplex on Sheamus to get back in the match.

Helmsley (I haven’t called him that in about a decade) hits a ddt and a high running knee. HHH hits a facebuster and even the crowd saw that one coming as a guy clearly yells it out before it happens. HHH goes for the Pedigree, Sheamus counters but is plunged into the corner.

A neckbreaker of his own by Hunter. HHH up top gets dropped and missed a Pedigree attempt. Sheamus hits a big boot to the head of Hunter. HHH drops but kicks out. Hunter elbows out of a potential slam but Sheamus kicks out of a Spinebuster. HHH hits the Pedigree out of no where.

In the end at 12:09, Triple H got the victory after putting away Sheamus.

** 1/2

5)    Cm Punk vs Rey Mysterio –If Rey loses he joins Straight Edge.

CM Punk cuts a promo on his way to the ring.

A lot of fans going for Punk here, Rey is dressed up as always here at Mania. Punk sends Rey to the corner but he hits a nice drop toehold and is hung upside down. Punk stomps on the ask of Rey and he is choked out on the outside by the Straight Edge faction.

On the outside Rey is dropped skull first on the steels steps. Punk controls the pace now holding a sleeper on Mysterio.

CM Punk getting the better of Rey Mysterio inside the ring and he goes to execute a move on Rey but a boot to the face can’t put him away.

Silent CM Punk chants are heard. It’s not that Rey is bad, it’s just his character has gotten stale and Punk is something fresh.

Mysterio countered in the corner with a tornado ddt but got a two count.

Mysterio goes for the 619 and Punk dodges it foing for a go to sleep but counter after counter and Rey goes to the top. Mysterio signaled for an Eddie Guerrero frogsplash but he missed Punk in the middle of the ring. Punk lands a high knee in the corner. Punk then goes for a go to sleep but Rey wanted a 619, it was blocked by a member of Straight Edge.

Mysterio hit a hurricanrana and a 619 for the win.

In the end at 6:09 Rey got the victory.

** ¼

6)    Bret “HITMAN”  Hart vs Mr. McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match with Bruce Hart as the Special Referee

When I wrote a Wrestlemania 13 Review and talked about how this was unfortunately Bret’s last appearance at the event…..Never would I ever, EVER imagine he’d be back.

But they needed the Vince versus Bret match and and all is right in the world.

Bret gets a good ovation, but is not suited up in tights as this is a Street Fight.

Good build video as expected.

Vince comes out with a mic. He says Bret is going to get a WRESTLEMANIA Screwing and a whole bunch of Lumberjacks.

Vince APPARENTLY has the Hart Family on his side. Watching Diana come down to No Chance in Hell is something I never thought I would see again either.

Bret tells Vince that he will screw Vince, and a double-cross is the greatest act of revenge of thirteen years past the Montreal Screwjob.

Hart lays out Vince with a few right hands and then choked out. The Hart Dynasty let Vince have it outside the ring. Natalya Neidhart gives Vince a good slap. Shades of the old Hart Foundation as the son of Davey Boy holds McMahon up.

Inside the ring Bret drops his bodyweight on Vince. Bret drops an elbow into Vince. McMahon tries to crawl under the ring and grabs a weapon. Vince missed a shot on Bret and he fired back with rights. Hart with another elbow to the head of Vince. Hart uses the wrench looking object on the back of Vince.

Bret yelled for Vince to get up. A throat shot from Bret to Vince. Hart signalled for the Sharpshooter. Bret lets it go. Hart jammed McMahon with the weapon a bit more. Hart has him set up and he gives him a kick to the grapefruits and Bret picks up the legs once more of Vince and continues to drop kicks on McMahon.

Bret with a huge chair shot to the back of McMahon and then again. Fans chant one more time. Bret lets Vince have it, and then a fourth and a fifth. A sixth and a seventh.

Bret hits McMahon eleven times and then gets to number thirteen, and keeps going to number eighteen. Bret drags Vince to the middle of the ring.

Fans and Harts outside the ring are happy to see Bret lock on the Sharpshooter which got the biggest pop as expected.

Just for the Bret mark in me I will give this a star. Not too mention the fact Bret did the right thing and made peace with the WWE. A true Wrestlemania moment even if the match was terrible.


7)    Chris Jericho © vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship

Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear…..if I could live without hearing that word again I would die a happy man.

Anyways this was the obvious and logical feud for Mania after Edge got injured in July of 2009 when both were the tag champs. As soon as Jericho cut a promo ripping on Edge you knew they would perhaps lock it up at some point, possibly Mania.

Edge in the early going here looking for his tenth world championship reign, goes for a spear but Y2J thankfully has it scouted.

Because lets be honest, Edge does not deserve to be a ten time WWE Champion.

Striker on commentary pointing out both these men are Canadian’s and they know each others styles well. Chris Jericho sends Edge to the outside of the ring.

Jericho leans back choking out Edge on the canvas as his throat got caught on the bottom rope. Chris Jericho hooks the leg and then slaps on a sleeper. Edge regains some lost momentum knocking Jericho off the apron into the announce table. Edge takes Jericho down on the mat. Edge throws Jericho back in the ring. Edge is stopped on the top rope and Jericho and Edge go back and forth,

Chris tried for the Walls, but Edge rolled back countering Chris Jericho’s hold and Lawler wisely points out it took a ton out of Edge to do that with his current leg-strength due to his injury.

Jericho went for the codebreaker. Edge stalks him in the corner and begins to pull his hair and signal for the spear, Jericho counters into a roll-up into the Walls. Jericho locks it in on Edge.

Edge gets a small package out of nothing, and a nearfall. Edge counters a Lionsault and both men kick out.

A spot for spot match with no real story thus far, Lawler calls it great, I wouldn’t really agree but to each their own.

Jericho went for a running bulldog but Edge hits a ddt and Y2J still kicks out.

Edge runs towards Jericho and Chris from up top hits a forearm to the back of the head of Edge. Chris Jericho now stalking Edge for the spear. Edge hits a boot to the head of Jericho.

Edge now limping to the corner wants to hit the Spear. Jericho slowly rises up and Edge charges up to Jericho but he hit the codebreaker.

Chris Jericho takes out the injured leg of Edge. Edge battles back but Jericho goes for the walls. Edge tried to get to the ropes but now Jericho with a single leg crab. Jericho couldn’t get Edge to tap because he finally grabbed the bottom rope, some noticeable boo’s. Edge rolls up Jericho and he kicks out. Jericho hit with a clothesline taking both men over the top to the outside.

Jericho grabbed his title belt but Edge slams Jericho headfirst into the apron. Edge elbows the official by accident. Jericho hit him in the head with a title. Jericho goes to pin Edge but he kicked out. Jericho hits a codebreaker!

In the end Jericho retained the title at 15:48.

Other then Jericho targeting the legs of Edge I would of liked a better story and action throughout. The first half was amazingly boring and the second half was just the two kicking out of the other man’s spots.

Still, they got the winner right.

** 1/2

8)    Michelle McCool, Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox, Layla and Maryse vs Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Gail Kim and Eve Torres in a 10 Diva Tag Match

It is now time for the yearly Mania piss break.

Kelly Kelly drops a leg on Vickie.

Michelle McCool hits Kelly now. Layla, Gail, Maryse, Eve come in. Alicia Fox, then Beth picks her up and drops her on her face.

Great division this is.

Beth looks over at Vickie. Michelle McCool from behind hit Beth and saved Vickie.

I am almost asleep. Vickie is launched off the top and pays tribute to her late husband which is kind of nice.

The match and move wasn’t.

In the end at 3:26 the Laycool team got the win.


9)    Batista © vs John Cena for the WWE Championship

John Cena and Batista, arguably the two biggest stars or new faces of this generation.

Both men at Mania five years before this won their brands main title and were pushed as the stars of this new generation.

Dave had recently turned heel and was sick of how Cena seemed to be the poster boy of the company and not him.

This was a good storyline heading into a Championship match at Wrestlemania. Certainly a lot stronger then Edge and Jericho.

Cena has his special entrance.

A large Cena Sucks sign in front of the ring. It is Wrestlemania of course.

John Cena tries to gain the upperhand on Batista in the early going but Dave uses his power driving his forearm into his back, and then on the throat region.

Cena fights out of Dave Batista’s in-ring punishment. Batista stands over a hurt Cena. Batista hits a neckbreaker on Cena, and the fans remain on the side of the Animal.

Cena came back with a suplex and tried a submission move, but Dave Batista hits a spear on Cena and he kicks out. Cena knocks Batista off the top rope and then goes for a five knuckle shuffle from the top rope, Batista ghrabs the top rope and counters it into a Batista Bomb.

Cena kicked out and Batista can’t believe it!

Dave Batista was in position for the Attitude Adjustment and he gets only a two. Dave Batista kicked out, Lawler lets out a WHAT!?

John Cena gets slammed into the middle of the canvas by Batista but Cena rolls through and locks the STF on Dave Batista.

In the end Cena became the NEW Champion at 13:31.

This match told NO STORY and was not even close to the best they could produce. Cena is a nine time Champion.






10)  Main Event- Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker in no DQ, NO COUNTOUT, Streak vs Career Match

Here we go.

Talking is over, it’s either 18-0 for the Deadman or 17-1. A re-match from the Classic they had at Mania 25, and this time it’s the main event of the show. I feel that Mania 25 match is highly overrated by some but it is still excellent.

Also this time if Michaels loses, his career is over.

Adds a more compelling element to the match, assuming Shawn stays retired.

Shawn Michaels stares down the Undertaker and the bell rings. The Main Event of Wrestlemania is not for the Championship for just the fourth time in Wrestlemania history.

Bell rings.

Shawn Michaels taunts Undertaker with the throat gesture and chops the Deadman until he gave Michaels a boot. Undertaker hits an early snake eyes, an arm-ringer. Undertaker climbs to the top rope going for Old School and hits it.

Undertaker hitting his move set early. Undertaker tried a chokeslam. Michaels scores with a right kick to the legs of Taker. Undertaker limped a bit but threw Michaels into the corner. Undertaker looking for a tombstone but Shawn grabbed the arm of Undertaker and put him in a headlock.

Michaels wants the knee of Undertaker as he spots a weakness. Michaels kicks at the weakened knee of Undertaker and stomps on it in the corner. Taker clotheslines Michaels over the top rope and went for a suicide dive but Michaels had it scouted and came charging in taking out the knee of Undertaker. Michaels going for a figure four but Taker countered taking him to the outside of the ring.

Taker drives Michaels spine first into the steel on the outside. Michaels’s spine has a history as Lawler points out. Taker limping on the outside and then from the apron and he drops a leg drop off the apron. Michaels takes the leg of Taker out and then now locks in the Figure Four. Undertaker sat up and looked across the ring at Michaels viciously.

A great view of 72,219 fans watching the main event of Mania on a now dark Arizona night. Cole calls it the most anticipated match in the history of Mania. I would say that is certainly is arguable, given the Andre-Hogan, Savage-Steamboat, Savage-Hogan, Austin-Bret, Austin-Rock rivalries but still this one was up there.

A slugfest leads to a kick up by Michaels, a chokeslam by the Deadman and Shawn Michaels kicks out!

The Undertaker flips his hair back and picks up Shawn going for a Tombstone, Michaels grabs the leg of Taker and slaps on an Ankle Lock.

A figure four now to apply more pressure to the legs of the deadman by Michaels.

Taker finds his way out.

Michaels goes for a moonsault of sorts off the apron, Taker caught him and instead of ramming Shawn into the post he hits a tombstone to Shawn on the floor. Shades of Jake Roberts at Mania 8 when he was going 2-0.

This one was done a lot better.

Fans in the front row chant HBK.

Taker finally gets to pin Michaels but he kicks out! Undertaker went for the last ride but his leg buckles and Michaels falls in a unique way and he pins Taker and gets a two. Michaels then goes to the top rope and hells gate is locked on, Michaels counters.

A bridge to break the hold and Michaels hits a Superkick out of no where. Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker hits the last ride on Michaels and he kicks out.

A bit predictable with the kick outs but they still seem to feel special. Undertaker limping to the outside and takes the monitor’s off. Shawn Michaels knocks Taker onto the table.

Shawn hits a moonsault off the top rope onto Taker through the table.

Michaels back in the ring hits the Sweet Chin Music. Undertaker kicks out. Everyone acts shocked and I still have no idea why. I mean this man is NEVER losing at this event. Ever. I will eat these words if he ever does.

Still this is a fantastic climax to a fantastic match. Michaels goes for another superkick and gets a chokeslam.

Undertaker hits the Tombstone on Michaels and he kicks out. Same deal as last year. Undertaker hits a HUGE tombstone this time and that puts away Shawn Michaels.

In the end at 23:59 The Undertaker remained undefeated by ending the long and historic career of Shawn Michaels in a terrific Main Event at Wrestlemania.

 An upgrade on the year before and a Classic in every sense of the word.

The handshake from Taker at the end of the match and the standing ovation an emotional Shawn gets after the match is a defining Wrestlemania moment that will live forever.

**** 1/2




Final Rating for WWE Wrestlemania 26 = 5.5/10

This Mania when looking back was pretty average but the main event helped it much like the previous year. Not one of the better Mania’s but certainly not one of the worst either. Get it for the Main Event if anything.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I missed the PPV but I finally bought the DVD today. The Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker match is a classic.

  2. Mike says:

    In complete honesty I think you underrated the WHC a bit and overrated Taker-Michaels by about a star.

  3. Mike says:

    Edge deserves to be a champion more than Triple H

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Star ratings are purely subjective Frank, and what you consider *** 1/2 might be just ** to the other person. Either way I never mind negative feedback because if everyone agreed it would be boring. I welcome all opinions.

  5. Frank perez says:

    Wow, You Underrated Plenty Of Incredible Matches

    Cena v Batista **? Atleast *** 1/2.. ATLEAST

    Y2J and Edge ** 1/2? Are you kidding me? ****

    HHH and Sheamus Should be Atleast ***

    MITB Should Be *** 1/4

    This WM Should Be 8/10. Really Dissapointed with this review, Bad review.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Ya go for it!

  7. Shaun Blackford says:

    great idea id do one next. hogan?

  8. Brett Mix says:

    King of the Rings, then Summerslams, and I may do individual sets inbetween, working on Steamboat now.

  9. Shaun Blackford says:

    so then brett summerslams next?

  10. Mike says:

    Good review, but I do think that last year’s Taker-HBK match was much better than this year’s.

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