Review: WWE Wrestlemania 27 DVD (2-Disc Event Only)

May 20, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s WWE Wrestlemania 27 Review:

“There can be only ONE…last OUTLAW……” -The Undertaker



– WrestleMania XXVII was the twenty-seventh annual Wrestlemania (PPV) event produced by the (WWE), held on Sunday Night, April the 3rd, 2011 in front of 71,617 fans at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was the first WrestleMania in the state of Georgia.

– Tickets for the event commenced sale to the public on November 13, 2010. According to WWE’s first-quarter earnings report, WrestleMania XXVII generated approximately 1.1 million PPV buys, up roughly 30% domestically and 15% internationally from the previous year. The event grossed US 6.6 million in revenue with 71,617 in attendance, making it the second highest grossing event in WWE behind Wrestlemania XXV.

– The Rock made his first WWE PPV appearance since Wrestlemania 20 in 2004, seven years prior by hosting this event boosting buyrates.

– This is the first Wrestlemania to open with a World Title match.

– Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews, Booker T and Jim Ross did commentary.

– In a Dark Match Sheamus (c) battled Daniel Bryan in a Lumberjack match for the US title, it ended in a No Contest at 4:18. The Great Khali won a 22 man battle royal by last eliminating Sheamus.

Keri Hilson sings America the Beautiful. Atlanta is jacked. A large American flag is spread out width size on the bottom of the entrance ramp. A nice shot of the nation on the tron in the background while thousands of WWE fans pay respect to the nation that would be just a month or two away from capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden.


After a great opening as always (although not as great this year, I like when they show past Mania footage) for Mania we see a voice-over saying the best from Raw and Smackdown!

And The Rock is introduced on the big screen.


The Guest Host of Wrestlemania 27 = The Rock

“If ya Smell” hits the *pa system and The Great One returns to Wrestlemania for the first time in seven years.

Fans pop loud as The Rock walks to both sides of the entrance ramp. He has an American colored Brahma Bull on the back of his black and white jacket. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson going by his original wrestling name goes towards the ring and the fans pop again, one sign reads “Team Bring It.”

The Ropes are all pure white for this event as Rock goes up on one side of the ring and does his one arm in the air pose. Wrestlemania has a unique set-up this year and you can hear the “Rocky” chants already.

This feels a bit different, starting Mania with a promo as if it was a Raw or Smackdown! but this is Wrestlemania and this is The Rock on the mic, so when you factor in those FACTS, I don’t think too many things can go wrong.

The Rock has his name chanted and he takes a little while as expected to deliver, finally he has came back to Atlanta and Wrestlemania. The star of Fast Five promises that this will be the most memorable Wrestlemania of all time…Ouch, maybe you shouldn’t set such high expectations there Dwayne. Rock asks if the fans can feel it, taste it and smell it?

“Cena Sucks” is chanted. Rock takes notice and lets it chanted. Rock says we are making history, and tells Atlanta they are going to have some fun. Rock controls the crowd like only he can, he said Wrestle, the fans said Mania. To all the stars, past and present, and to one in paticular deciding what rainbow, fruity pebble t-shirt he will wear tonight. Louder Cena sucks chants are heard as well as “Fruity Pebbles” as Rock smiles at this.

The Rock after a sip of water says this is gonna get good. Rock calls it the people’s water. Clever. The Rock now gets the crowd to say Dabba, and he says Yabba, another Dino reference. Rock gets the crowd to go Millions louder over and over.

The Rock takes off his shades and says this Mania is hosted by the Jabroni beatin, Pie eatin, can’t really keep up with the rest but says he is as big as Andre The Giant, it works good and results in a ton of “Rocky” chants so something went right.

Rock pauses on “If ya Smell what the Rock is Cookin'” and says how popular it is and how it belongs to the people so Rock says we are going to electrify the world. Rock and the PEOPLE all say “If ya SMELL what The Rock is Cookin’?” and he does the people’s eyebrow.

Standard Rock promo to get the fans jacked up for the night, as he leaves the ring.




NoW, this is the time to show past footage of Old Mania’s, so thank god we get this before the actual matches on the show take place. Here we go.

Some good music now to show the matches for the night.

Nice remix, good editing, here we go!






1) Opening Contest- Edge (With Christian) vs Alberto Del Rio (With Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay) for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship



Alberto Del Rio is the winner of the first ever 40 man Royal Rumble match in 2011 so he opens Mania in a World Title match.

Well hands down one of the greatest matches of all time opened a Wrestlemania 17 years ago in Bret vs Owen Hart so why not open this show with a World title match?


Here we go.


Alberto Del Rio gets a big time special Wrestlemania entrance with a unique background, the reigning Rumble winner has his associates at ring-side while Cole and Lawler argue on commentary. Matthews is kind of the man in-between.

Christian, the best friend of the Champion Edge comes out to a decent ovation and he is going to be in the Champion’s corner.

Cole has his own little booth with a slammy. Spanish announcers are introduced.

Edge comes out to a big pop and he brings his eleventh world title with him. Edge usually seen holding a case or chasing a title is actually defending it on this night, weird. He walks by Alberto Del Rio’s car and the Master Manipulator called the ultimate oppurtunist and now Edge says to Cole how he’s never successfully defended the World title at Mania and how he wants to tonight.

Still day-light in Atlanta from the top of the dome we see. A nice little tron-video screen placed just above the ring as a monitor of sorts for the people sitting far away.

Ring is completely white, now Wrestlemania 27 is kicking off officially, Edge versus Alberto Del Rio for the World Title on the Smackdown! brand.

Charles Robinson lifts the title, the bell rings.


Alberto Del Rio wants to target the weakness of Edge and its his arm. Both guys tangle up and Edge is pushed to the corner and Alberto Del Rio is backed off but still pushed Edge. Edge pushed back and lets go of some rights and slams Alberto Del Rio to the canvas. Alberto Del Rio with a kick to the arm of Edge where his weakness is and then a kick to the head.

Del Rio getting some chants and now he targets the vulnerable arm of Edge in the corner of th ering. Edge turns the tables by backdropping Alberto Del Rio over the top rope to the floor.

Alberto Del Rio sends Edge into the post, then right into the ring-steps arm-first. Alberto Del Rio showing poise and some desperation as he goes for the pinfall relatively soon, Christian slams on the mat waiting for support for Edge but Alberto Del Rio holds an arm-bar on Edge. Alberto Del Rio making his Mania debut and the International star is holding his own as the #1 contender for the Wortld title.

Alberto Del Rio choking out Edge on the ropes. Edge’s arm then slammed on the announce table. Right back into an armbar by Del Rio.

Del Rio sprung off the ropes went for a high knee but Edge lowered the middle rope and he fell to the floor.

Edge then from one side of the ring did a summersault over the top rope onto Alberto Del Rio. That seemed to have took as much out of Edge then it did the challenger Alberto Del Rio. Edge then rolls Alberto Del Rio back in the ring. Edge off the top gets a arm-drag takeover to the injured arm from Alberto Del Rio to Edge which has been the focal point to Edge during the match.

Alberto Del Rio oozing confidence as Cole says gets a two and then runs into a reverse elbow. Christian slams on the mat trying to get his old “brother” back in the match. Edge hit a dropkick but the damage had been done to his arm. Edge ducks a clothesline and hits a front-press slam and then gets a two count.

Now they’re calling Edge and Christian “friends”, as most of the world knoes Edge and Christian aren’t brothers. Edge with an excellent counter to one of Alberto Del Rio’s cross arm-breakers but Alberto Del Rio is still able to kick out. Edge with a front facelock to Alberto Del Rio. Edge rolls up Alberto Del Rio, then he locks on a cross arm-breaker down on the mat!

Cole wants Edge to tap!

Alberto Del Rio had to break as Edge got to the rope. A stun gun-jaw-breaker by Edge to Alberto Del Rio from the outside and now Edge from the top recieves a thrust kick to the head by Alberto Del Rio, yet Edge still kicks out. Alberto Del Rio doing everything but not winning the world title.

On the outside Christian takes it to the company of Alberto Del Rio. A fall away slam by Clay to Christian.

Edge rolls up Alberto Del Rio by surprisee but only got a two. Edge then hits a ddt in mid-ring.

Fans chant SPEAR, Edge’s eyes go wide. Edge in the corner stalking Alberto Del Rio.

A cross arm-breaker on Edge again and in mid-ring somehow Edge is fighting this! Edge gets up and sets up for a Sharpshooter form but doesen’t turn all the way back and and now Edge slaps it in hard. Christian takes out everybody outside, Edge finds a way to spear Alberto Del Rio.

In the end at 11:08 Edge retained the World Title after a Spear.

This match worked as an opener, told a good story and Edge found a way to retain his title.

Great stuff to open Mania.











2) “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio


Good Grudge match upcoming here…



Rey Mysterio is booed a lot lately, and lately as in the last four or five years, ever since the Eddie stuff got passed down onto him.

Cody chants among the crowd.

Everyone knew Rey Mysterio didn’t need this win as much as Rhodes. Rey Mysterio dresses up as something new every Mania and Rey Mysterio wearing a knee brace, and focusing on that and at the same time Rhodes uses his mask,.

Rhodes with a shot down on the leg of Rey to ground him. Rey spearing from the apron on the outside but Rhodes once again meets Rey up high with the mask still in place.

Cody Rhodes lifts Rey up high for a Superplex and he shows his power for a good ten seconds.

Cody Rhodes has come a long way since looking like the default wrestler in the Smackdown! vs Raw videogames in 2008.

Rhodes kicks at Rey taking him off his vertical base. We get a slow, methodical, heel disection here.

Rhodes went for crossroads, a modified jaw-breaker but Rey used his legs to drag Cody out of tthe ring and Rey Mysterio hits a baseball slide. Rey goes to the floor and then sent Cody face-first into the apron, on his injured face. Rey Rey off the top and then a unique pinning combination leaning back. Rey Mysterio kicked at the leg of Cody, Rey is caught by Cody off the top and he hits a nice german suplex out of no where.

A long two count by Cody.

Rhodes stomps on Mysterio and now he goes for the 619 but Rhodes had it scouted and dropped him below the middle rope. He leaned back and then Rey Mysterio hits the middle rope with a clothesline version to the ropes, Cody gets a long nearfall.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes on the knee-brace to Rey Mysterio and now he tried to take the brace off and perhaps use it as a weapon. Rhodes takes it off and throws it out of the ring. Rey Mysterio with a moonsault off the top out of no where gets a quick two.

Cody Rhodes down and Mysterio takes off the mask but Cody gets a kick to the groin of Rey.

The mask and the brace are off.

Rey with a 619 to the exposed face thiss time, ouch….

Rey Mysterio with a leap off the ropes and he has his legs kicked out of him. Not his leg kicked out of his leg, a Rumble 94 Owen Hart infamous reference. Mysterio lands on top of Rhodes.

Mysterio dives out to the middle ropes and Rhodes uses the knee-brace and Cody hits the cross-roads.

In the end at 11:56 “Dashing” Cody Rhodes picks up the win after a knee-brace shot to the head behind the official.

This match also told a story, Cody went after the knee-brace taking out Rey Mysterio’s aerial offense, while Mysterio used his regular offense and tried to take off Cody’s mask away from him.

Cody picks up the much needed win.

Very solid match here.




** 3/4






3) The Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, and Kofi Kingston vs The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekial Jackson, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel) in an Eight Man Tag Team Match



Big Show and Kane once teamed up at a Mania 5 years before this at Wrestlemania 22 curtain jerking against Carlito and Chris Masters.

Vladamir Kozlov was originally set to fight against the Corre alongside Santino Marella, Kane, and Big Show in the 8-man tag team match, but was sidelined after receiving a shoulder injury on a WrestleMania Axxess tour, so he was replaced by Kofi Kingston.


The Corre has Wade Barrett as the reigning Intercontinental Champion. The Tag Team Champions also in the group, Cole talks about how they respect one another and thrre is no leader.

Show and Kane come out together, then does Marella and Kingston afterwards.

Here we go.

Heath Slater begins by dominating Marella. Big Show tags in and takes it to Slater and into the corner, off the ropes he levels him out with the pressure.

Kane tags in and offf the top ropes.

Santino then took it to Slater and Big Show with a huge punch and all of the sudden Slater is pinned.

In the end at 1:33, the team of Kane, Show, Kingston and Marella got the win.

This match is incredibally basic. One of those lets get 8 more guys on the Mania card without doing anything matches.










4) “The Viper” Randy Orton vs CM Punk


CM Punk and Randall Orton as Punk would say had a great feud going into this one.

CM Punk of course had his fans here as he comes to the ringside area. Punk is universally liked on the IWC and by loyal smarks in attendance (if there’s any difference between the two) as Punk is an overall talent.

The best in the business see a lot in him, even Steve Austin for example.

I guess I should mention the Austin-Rock segment before this match.

A very cool, unique backstage moment with the two having a few words and shaking hands. Orton’s music hits and mostly it’s girls screaming.

Michael Cole says is the right leg of Randy Orton ready after CM Punk worked over it with a monkey wrench.

Orton and Punk give each other a cold stare.

Orton right away takes a shot at Punk then a stiff, European uppercut. A thunderous clothesline and then a knock off the apron to CM Punk. Orton with an uppercut and then another.

Orton could not wait to get his hands on Punk and since the Babyface is controlling the initial few minutes, I fully expect CM Punk to gain the upperhand through most of the nmiddle and end, but as for who wins, I’m really not sure, I’d go with Orton. As of this writing I completely forgot who they did make win and this will just naturally come as a shock.

It didn’t take long for the three time World Champ, the two time MITB winner to kick the steps into Orton as it drove right into Orton’s vulnerable leg.

Punk kept taking more nad more out of the leg of Orton as the fans booed.

Punk isolating and focusing on the right knee or Orton which is injured, a methodical breakdown while the fans chant for Orton,.

Punk continuing to utilize his kicks he may have learned from ROH but he dominated on Orton’s bad leg.

Punk used the Annaconda vice and Orton had no where to go until he broke the hold at the ropes and sent CM Punk into the exposed ring-post head first.

Vintage Orton with a ddt from the middle ropes.

Orton stalking and before he could go for a punt the leg gave out on Orton.

CM Punk smiles.

Orton tried an RKO out of despertion but tht might of been Orton’s last chance says Matthews on commentary.

Punk comes flying off the top.


In the end at 14:45 Randy Orton picks up the win after he hits an RKO out of no where as Punk flies off the top rope.


This match was another very solid Mania encounter.










5) Michael Cole (With Jack Swagger) vs Jerry “The King” Lawler with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Special Guest Referee


Interestingly enough, this is the King’s debut match at Wrestlemania after all those years of calling the event.

It is a bit surprising I guess because he is a Hall of Famer, (not that you have to participate at Mania to be one, but still) he competed in several consecutive King of the Ring events, Royal Rumbles, etc but never Mania.

Michael Cole taking on a new interesting role as the annoying heel and I quote, the two were headed into mayhem and Steve Austin of all people is going to officiate the Madness.

Anytime Stone Cold comes back, let alone at a Wrestlemania, it doesen’t matter what he’s doing, it’s more then welcome for me.

Cole comes out and gets on the mic drawing some great heat, Swagger follows with push-up’s.

Austin’s music hits and he ATV’s it past Swagger who dodges just in time and then he does his ritual.

King comes out and JR talks about what Mania means to him, Ross is finally on commentary thank god.

Fans chant Jerry and finally the Memphis legend has his first Wrestlemania match.

This is the kind of match that did not NEED as much time as it got. Cole got some help from Swagger and Austin was biased the whole match.

That was funny when Swagger threw in in the towel, Austin stunned him.

Lawler went Vinatage and dropped a blow from the top and then a dropkick. King tried to make Cole submit, Cole tapped out and Austin jokingly asked if he was going to tap out? Hilariously after about 30 seconds Austin gives the decision to Lawler.

Booker T comes in the ring and calls for the Spinnerooni and then gets stunnered after the beer.

The GM of Raw gives the victory to Michael Cole and Matthews read it on the computer.

Austin then stunned Josh Matthews.



In the end 13:45 Cole is the winner by DQ.

What’s there to really say about this match, it’s always nice to see Austin, it’s not so nice seeing a match go almost to the minute Savage-Steamboat did between Cole and Lawler at Wrestlemania.











6) The Undertaker vs Triple H (The Streak versus The Game) in a No Holds Barred Match

Everyone knows Taker is never losing at Wrestlemania but still they do a good enough job at building up his opponent for most people, at least entertaining enough to watch.

Although some of his matches are a tad overrated at this event (Catching the Shawn Michaels Syndrome) he is still a cornerstone of this event.

What really bothers me though is, people think (and I’m basing this on internet message forum polls) that Taker is going to be defeated every year, at least 30% people think the opposition is going to win. Not should win. They actually think the opposite is going to win.

The ONLY time the streak would ever end is if it was Undertaker’s last match but even then I still see Undertaker going out on top.
Still, as I said a nice build.

Triple H comes out first just when we think it’s an Undertaker remix – “For whom the bell tolls” by Metallica, or WWE’s own version on the DVD. Taker’s theme is back to his normal one on the DVD.

Lawler and Ross back together on commentary for this match.

That is ONE reason some said this match is very good.

Hunter does his usual entrance technique that we’ve seen for well over a decade at every major PPV event but it feels a tad more special at Wrestlemania for all of those significant reasons.

If The Undertaker had competed at Wrestlemania X and Wrestlemania 2000 he would be going for 21-0 right here.

Instead he is 18-0 going for 19-0.

Some are HHH fans, most chant “Let’s go Taker”.

Match must be won in the ring but anything goes, no DQ’s, no count-out’s.

King and Lawler do their absolute best to make this thing seem big.

Hunter with a right-handed onslaught to the Deadman but he tossed Hunter to the floor.

Big time right’s by HHH to The Undertaker and then he irishwhipped Triple H into the steps. The Undertaker then tossed the Spanish announce table top off and then the monitor’s, this is already feeling like their WM X7 battle but a bit more brutal.

Hunter then speared The Undertaker through the glass that is usually set up for Michael Cole at ring-side.

The Undertaker with an evil, demonic stare down on the floor to HHH standing in the ring with a cocky swagger, and grin on his face.

A slug-fest until The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and comes flying off with a missile launching clothesline at 6’10. The Undertaker torked the arm, one fan chants old school but he brings HHH into the center of his body. The Undertaker then tried out his agility for old school and Hunter with a hiplock off the top!

HHH gets the best of that situation. Hunter clotheslines The Undertaker over the top rope to the floor. Hunter with another high impact irishwhip to The Undertaker and he went crashing hard into the WM 27 signed bartricade and you could see the impact.

Hunter takes the monitor’s off the English speaking announce table. HHH smacks The Undertaker’s head on the table. HHH then about to Pedigree Taker, The Undertaker counters with a chokeslam attempt, HHH then counters having The Undertaker but he at the last second backdrops HHH off the table onto the floor.

HHH goes back-crashing first into the mat from on top of the announce table.

Ouch, good big spot there.

Now The Undertaker takes his time getting back in the ring.

Fans chant 19-0.

The Undertaker does his annual Wrestlemania launch as he delivered his near 300 pounds over the top rope onto HHH diving over the top rope but what made this one special is because it happened right in front of the Glass and in front of the announcer’s table. The Undertaker slams HHH’s head into the steel steps. The Undertaker caught a headbutt but charged towards the Game who spinebustered the Deadman through the table turning him around on the steel steps at the last second.


HHH and Undertaker are pretty broken by the time they get back in the ring.

The Undertaker hits HHH with a chokeslam and he kicks out.

Undertaker going for a last ride but HHH countered by spearing Taker in his weak abdomen after that devistating spinebuster into the corner.

Hunter with some rights on top of The Undertaker in the corner and he went for the last ride, HHH escaped going for the Pedigree, The Undertaker hits snake Eyes goes for the boot but runs rights into another Spinebuster with high impact.

Ross yells the streak was a half a count away from ending tonight.

Both men are brutally breaking the other apart, nice scouting on that last move by HHH. Both with veteran-like instincs though so to no surprise.

Triple H grabs a chair and then The Undertaker with a boot to the face hitting the chair to Hunter’s face and he falls. The Undertaker with a huge chair shot to HHH’s back.

The Undertaker goes for another chairshot and HHH hits the Pedigree and The Undertaker kicks out. No one was buying that.

I know it’s always nice to hit your finishers in mid-match to make it seem like you’ve been in an all-out war by the time the actual climax hits, which should be about now until the end which is smart booking but come on….? No one thought The Undertaker was going to lose there.

HHH had The Undertaker on the top rope. The Undertaker hits a Last Ride on HHH going for right’s and HHH kicked out.

The Undertaker signals for the END now with the throat gesture/taunt. The Undertaker goes for the Tombstone and Triple H kicks out.

The Undertaker did his usual tongue out-signalling the end but when HHH kicked out some screamed and it might of been shocking to some, but not for me. I’ve come to expect these two to kick out of each other’s finishers if not once, maybe twice, so…it did take a little away from the moment, the kick-out.

However it still does add to the match and its overall suspense.

HHH drops down from The Undertaker and plants him head-first into the chair with a huge ddt. Nice move by the Game.

Triple H hits another Pedigree!


The Undertaker kicks out! Fans go crazy in Hotlanta.

Hunter then hits again and The Undertaker kicks out, JR says he can not believe what he’s seeing.

Chants go back and forth. The Undertaker has survived three Pedigree’s.

He has Ultimate Warrior power from Wrestlemania 12 I guess.

HHH snake-like with a chair gets up slowly and goes to hit the Deadman and does in the spine.

Hunter telling The Undertaker to stay down and is beating the hell out of The Undertaker with the chair but The Undertaker is still down.

JR talks about nominating the chair into the Hall of Fame…well Koko….you know the rest.

HHH with a JimRossian vile chairshot now to the cranium of The Deadman! HHH awaits the Deadman to get up and he signals for the end of the Streak and goes for a Tombstone.

Hunter hits it.

The Undertaker kicks out and HHH backs off as if he’s not human. A nice touch. They found out at Wrestlemania 25 and 26 that the expressions after the kick-out’s really worked.

Hunter finds the SledgeHammer. HHH gets caught in the hells gate. Hunter fading. Triple H is right beside the ropes.

Triple H grabbed the SledgeHammer but couldn’t hold on and he dropped it. HHH still not tapping and then he finally does.

In the end at 32:25, Undertaker gets the win and goes 19-0 after defeating HHH once again at Wrestlemania. He does it this time by Hells Gate.

What a match! An obvious Show-Stealer potential comes through.

Sure some might say this match is all about kicking out of finishers, and spots and blah, blah, infact I’m usually the first one to point that stuff out when grading a match.

However it just works here. THAT is the match. That’s the stories purpose here and these two performed it perfectly. It was executed with no faults and was applied expertly.

This match is a Classic for today and all time.

**** 1/4

7) Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Trish Stratus, and John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler and LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool) (with Vickie Guerrero) in a 6 person mixed tag-team match

Vickie gets on the mic and gets her usual X-Pac heat.

Ziggler and LayCool follow.


Trish’s first Mania in 5 years.


John Morrison comes out next. Stratus…then…Snooki.

This has Wrestlecrap written all over it.

If people are going to piss on McMahon-Bret when that actually had one of the most compelling storylines, although a bit played out. Why would they not piss on this?

Stratus was always a bit overrated as a Wrestler, she was good, not overly tremendous or anything. She just had flash and now seeing her with McCool is about the only refreshing thing in this match.

Trish has got a crack problem and I’m not complaining and both her and Michelle fall to the floor, Michelle is sent to the wall. Layla comes to Trish she sends her down.

Stratus dives off the apron clotheslining both ladies.

Trish with a chick kick to Michelle but Dolph broke up the count and Morrison clotheslines him out.

Morrison with starship-pain inside to the outside on Ziggler.

Now Snooki gets in the ring and the crowd hates her but she gives a ton of flips with an elbow to finish.


Snooki pinned McCool and Morrison guarded her

This match is not as terrible as I would of thought. Kept at perfect length.

This is the Heenan-Rooster match from Mania 5 before Randy Savage and Hogan. Or the Torrie-Candice from Mania 22 before Cena-HHH.




8 ) Main Event- The Miz (c) (With Alex Riley) vs John Cena in a No DQ match for the WWE Championship




Now we’re set for the Main Event.


I never, EVER thought I’d see the day The Miz would headline Wrestlemania. It’s something just to be apart of the Legacy of Mania, but being in the main event is something nobody can ever take away from you. Not even if you’re Chris Benoit.

Especially not this soon.

This was sort of Story # 2 as Cena versus The Rock was story # 1 and now we know Cena will meet The Rock at Wrestlemania 28, at least those are the plans as of this writing in the spring of 2011.

The Miz of course is extremely frustrated with things being that way and that’s why it works as a story because the main guy in the company with the title headlining the biggest show of the year is not in the spotlight and he uses that.

The Video package before this match angers me.

They show the top stars on the road for Miz to go on and they show Hogan, Austin, Flair, Rock.

Sorry but when did Ric Flair become a bigger star in WWE or Wrestling then the Macho Man Randy Savage? He didn’t. He may have more 5 star matches but he is not a bigger name and I am sick of WWE bias. I’m a huge Randy Savage mark but this just pisses me off. Even when Flair spits on WWE’s farewell and goes to TNA they still use this guy as the legend of all legends. Triple H must have screamed into Vince’s head at every Family meal. Savage had such a rich history at Mania, they could of showed him stealing the show with Steamboat or Hogan as the Mega Powers exploded, or winning the title in the tournament at 4, or Flair at 8, or the retirement match with Warrior. Anything really….

So here we go, forgetting all that and getting to the match.

The Miz looks and seems emotional.

Miz walks to the ring and he’s all settled in.

Cena has a large and I mean leage choir playing his theme.

It just gets more and more strange by the year for Cena and his Wrestlemania entrance but they keep things fresh.

We hear a prayer and see clips of Cena as a kid. After five boring minutes we are in Church.

Cena all dressed in red comes running to the ring to “My Time is Now” and both are ready for the match.

The bell rings.

The Miz and Cena lock up. Miz with a side headlock and Cena threw him over using his powerful body weight. Cena with a headlock and now the boo’s come out for John Cena.

A dead crowd here for a Wrestlemania main event. Miz calculated with a high impact shot.

It’s funny how you can see how the Miz wants this to be his moment. Fans chant Miz is awesome, some do..

Cena with a gut-wrench powering off his strength and some fans boo. The boo’s are definitely more evident whenever John Cena is in power. Cena hits a leg-drop off the top and The Miz kicks out.

Cena runs to the corner and Miz gets in control slowly disecting the back of Cena, going to the floor but Cena moves.

A five knuckle shuffle attempt fails and The Miz drills John Cena with a ddt but Cena kicks out. Cena hit with a neckbreaker and a nearfall.

Miz takes off the guarding turnbuckle middle pad in the corner.

Cena dodges it and then uses the ropes as a tag partner and locks on the STF.

Miz is far away from the ropes.

Cena gets sent to the buckle and slammed face-first into the canvas.

Cena hit the attitude adjustment out of no where but the official is down.

Alex Riley hits Cena with a briefcase and Miz covers Cena and he kicks out at a long two.

Veteran official Mike Keota getting another Mania main event (He’s been doing it for decades) thought I’d give him a shout out sees John Cena hitting an attitude adjustment but Miz kicked out at two.

Fans really seemed to dig that part as a lot of the fans cheered thinking he got the three.

Cena charged towards Miz with a clothesline taking him over the barricade to the floor. Cena then crushed Miz to the concrete. Miz wanted to perhaps get purposely counted out to retain the title. and now Cena and Miz are down.

Keota counts to ten. They announce this match as a draw.

The fans are so dead they don’t know what to say. Everyone knew what was coming. The Rock would come out.

Rock finally does come out…finally.

Rock says he doesen’t want the GM of Raw to announce something, Rock says it doesen’t matter what the GM thinks.

Rock says give the fans what they want, it’s time.

Cena goes for the attitude adjustment on Miz as they re-start the match.

Rock stalks from behind. NO DQ’s.

The Rock hit The Rock Bottom on John Cena! It happened…


In the end at 16:12 The Miz retained the WWE title in the Main Event of Mania. Now that’s a credibility builder. Not many heels retain their titles at Mania, especially if it’s the Main Event. But I guess it’s a rare exception if The Rock is there, right? Anyway it worked.

No matter if it was predictable, it kind of had to happen this way. Cena still gets his reigns, Miz got his big win, Rock-Cena was built more permanent and set a date anyway the night after on WWE Monday Night Raw.


This match was incredibly mediocre and dull, but I give it some points for the ending. Matches like this should never headline the show. I think of Main Events like Hunter and Jericho at WM X8 and HHH-Orton WM 25 when I see a Main Event like this.








Final Rating for Wrestlemania 27 = 5/10

This Wrestlemania unfortunately seemed like a one-trick pony. A one card show with Undertaker and HHH and even with that match some found faults, and it can definitely be argued it was just over-done, but I felt that part of the story worked and they did a terrific job. Rock as Guest Host could of been so much more and that’s where I deduct at least one point off this Wrestlemania. It could of easily been a 6 out of ten. They did fuel the fire for a Cena-Rock program but I just didn’t feel “it” from this Mania. Even Steve Austin’s appearance while always welcome, felt a little dry.

This was the first time since WM 20, Rock, Austin, Trish all appeared but the magic didn’t feel all there. Orton-Punk was good as was Edge and Del Rio, Cole and Lawler was way too long, the Snooki was Snooki and the Main Event was highly dissapointing. It’s by no means one of the worst Wrestlemania’s of all time but it’s not going to make a top ten list any time soon either. This one will always be stuck in the middle I assume.


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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The undertaker/Triple H match was THEE match. 5* in my personal opinion.

  2. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right.

    This submit actually made my day. You cann’t believe simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  3. billy says:

    rating: 8/10

    Edge vs. Del Rio ***1/4
    Cody vs. Rey ***1/4
    8 Man Tag Match 3/4*
    Orton vs. Punk ***
    Lawler vs. Cole *3/4
    Taker vs. HHH ****1/2
    6 Person Tag Match *
    Miz vs. Cena ***1/2

    Idk why the hell you rated the main event so low.

  4. m.blier says:

    no shawn michaels ,no chris jericho ,no batista next year no edge the wwe is losing star power.hhh undertaker saved this years wrestlemania

  5. Anonymous says:

    6.5/10. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio (***1/2), Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes (***1/4), 8 Man Tag (*), CM Punk vs. Randy Orton (***3/4), Cole vs. Lawler (*3/4), HHH vs. Undertaker (****1/4), Mixed Tag w/ Snooki (**) & Cena vs. Miz (***). What REALLY hurt the show, was the cold open w/ the Rock, his promo seemed way off, to the point he promoted a water bottle!?. Backstage stuff was actually OK for the most part. The main-event had potential, but had a WM IX level of crap finish.

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    i went 6 out of 10 i really thought the first 3 matches were really good and taker hhh but ehh

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