Review: WWF/WWE Fully Loaded 99: End of an Era PPV- Tagged Classic DVD

October 15, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Fully Loaded 99: End of an Era” Review:

“The Curtain Call was 5 years ago? Ya damn right it was 5 years ago and every single day since it’s eaten a whole in my side. There’s no one else in this company that eats, sleeps of breathes this business more then me! You talk about students of the Game, JR……? I Am the F***in Game!!!!!” -Triple H






“This one way or ANOTHER….WILL BE THE END…..OF AN ERA!!!”Vince McMahon









-WWF Fully Loaded was Live on PPv, Sunday Night, July the 25th at the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, New York in front of 16,605 fans (Sell Out) Unlike last years event, the WWF was on fire in 99 selling out the top bowl as wel as the lower and middle. The arena would change its name soon to the HSBC Arena, and now it’s the First Niagre Center (Or according to Sabre fans from the NHL) the F’n Arena. I know this as I’m a die-hard Buffalo Sabres fan.

-This was the 2nd Annual FUlly Loaded and the 2nd straight Fully Loaded with Hunter on the main poster, this time with Chyna.

-This Show had the storyline where if Steve Austin lost the main event to Undertaker in a first blood match, he would never get a WWF title shot again. If he won however, Vince McMahon would have to leave the WWF. Thus mang it called the “End of an Era” to the lengthy and highly successful Austin/McMahon feud.

-This PPV drew a 1.09 buyrate, the highest for a Fully Loaded event.

-This Show is available on DVD on Tagged Classics. As quoted above, Hunter stated his Game slogan before this show took place claiming it was “his time” for a big push, hence the theme “Our time-My time”.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the event.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, on the ever-popular Sunday Night Heat in 1999 (Where this show drew about 2 million more viewers then today’s RAW which is pretty sad to think about) there were 3 matches.


1) Val Venis defeated Joey Abs at 3:16. Ironic time for the match to end.


2) The Godfather defeated Meat at 2:06.


3) Christian defeated Big Viscera at 2:43 in the Main Event of Heat before they highlighted the night’s event.


-The Undertaker assaulted Austin before the show and busted his bald head open before there First Blood match on the night. Austin is mad while the McMahon’s are happy.


-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) vs Edge (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship




Great opening package to this PPV with Austin and McMahon being known as the Cult of Personalitie’s if you will showing almost every moment of their legendary feud in the video package in black and white to classical music, then transfer to a color with a great voice over about the end of an era and hype up music.

Fully Loaded is NOW! Pyro, goes off as usual!



Sad to see the tandem of Jarrett-Debra tandem with No Owen.

As we all know Owen was supposed to take the IC strap from Godfather at Over the Edge 99, so they made Edge a transitional champion to help elevate his younger, earlier career and then now he could drop it to Owen’s long time partner Jarrett who had a damn good run with the title in the Summer of 99.

Double J was damn sure on fire in ths time, he was even semi-feuding with Austin at the time but I heard rumors Steve didn’t want to work with Jeff long term. Be that as it may I’m not in the business and I have n right to judge.

Buffalo is ready as Edge comes in from the crowd.

They show clips of Edge winning his first title in the WWF and now he is not even an hour away from his home-town as the New IC Champion. As of this writing in 2011 it’s hard to believe this guy has retired.

Jeff Jarrett gets a pretty decent pop of course as Debra is with him. Debra is wearing revealing clothing of course.

Jeff Jarrett says on the mic that nobody will see the puppies because they’re his and Edge isn’t walking out of the arena the IC Champ because he’s the greatest IC Champ ever. Well at least that’s better then Honkytonk.

A go-behind waistlock by Jarrett then Edge into a head-scissors and both guys counter. Edge and Jarrett stand up to one another.

Edge with a dropkick.

A we want puppies chant begins and King nearly has an orgasm so I’m pretty sure it was one of the first times that happened as I seem to recal Road Dogg coning that term in the sprin of 99.

Jarrett tried a sunset flip on the outside to Edge but he only got a two.

Jeff Jarrett does the coward thing to do and begins to walk out with the IC title and now Edge slams Jeff Jarrett’s head to the top buckle. Edge sides under Jarrett and a great modified suplex by Edge and a leapfrog out f the corner as he twists his knee.

Jeff Jarrett spots the injured knee and takes Edge down with a leg chop.

Jeff Jarrett is also efficient with the figure-four so he may literally have a break here says Ross with the pun intended.

Jeff llets his weight drop on Edge, Jeff Jarrett tried to set up for the figure four and then Edge sent hm shoulder firsrt into the ring post but Jeff Jarrett is able to come back in the match and stomp on Edge and his bad leg, keeping Edge grounded. Jeff Jarrett then drops a leg on top of Edge on the middle rope.

Jeff Jarrett chokes out Edge clotheslining him on the middle rope on the floor. Edge then has his shoulder torked as Jeff Jarrett grabbed the arm.

Jeff Jarrett with a sleeper off the ropes.

Edge is fortunate and now sends Jeff Jarrett into the corner, but as soon as the momentum comes back to Double J he goes fr his frst pinning attemp. Jeff Jarrett eith a sleeoer locked on Edge.

A reverse chinlock by Jeff Jarrett to Edge.

Edge being worn down and grounded in this Ic title opener.

Austin is still being worked on backstage to tape up his stitches on his head in preperation for the First Blood Match.

Edge showing resilience back up to his eertical base and then leaps over with great agility landing on his feet into a suneset flip and then a tw. Jeff Jarrett sends Edge head-first into the top turnbuckle. Edge falls don on Jeff Jarrett from the corner of the ring.

Pace quickens as Edge with a swinging neck-breaker to Jeff Jarrett then off the top Edge lnded on his feet executed an nside crade and Jeff Jarrett kicks out. Edhge beating Jeff Jarrett to the punch so to speak hits a tornao ddt off the top and then leaped onto Jeff Jarrett for the Spear and got sent for the ride.

The light’s go out and Gangrel’s music hits in the darkness with vampire and goth like music.

Edge has Hangrel down n the floor.

Jeff Jarrettfrom behind goes for a crossbody, Edge retaliated and turned him over for one and got a two. Jarrett tried a crossbody and Edge countered it into a pinninb combo and still a two.

Anther nearfall by Edge.

Edge hit a spear on Jeff Jarrett.

Debra goes up on the apron and looks to get rid of Edge and then he side steps her and Debra falls, on the other side Gangrel catches Edge and Jeff Jarrett rolls up Edge and regains the IC title.
In the end Double J re-captures the IC title over Edge at 13:22 after Gangrel helped him, he no doubt dedicated this one to Owen Hart! Jarrett won via help and called him the greatest IC Champ of all time. Owen, Hennig and Savage all turn in their graves.
This match was quite frankly a tremendous opener.


All of the sudden The glass hit!!!

So you know what that means its someone’s ass.

The Rattlesnake is pissed off and says Undertaker listen up you big dead Son of a Bitch, if Austin is busted open going into the first blood match, then so is your sorry dead ass and that’s the bottom line cause Stone cold said so. Austin went to go hunt him down.

Amazing beginning to Fully Loaded 1999! These video packages, the crowd, the characters, the promo’s the matches, the star power made everythng worth it already and we have just seen the opener.




*** 1/4






2) Jeff and Matt Hardy (c) and Michael Hayes vs Bradshaw and Faarooq The Acolytes in a Handicap Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship.



The Hardyz were always seen as dare-devil risk takers for their size and aerial moves but it wasn’t until No Mercy 99 in the tag team Ladder against Edge and Christian that they really got over.

That match them so over that Terri their manager at the time was forgotten about, even Hayes their manager at this time as well.

People just wanted to see Jeff and Matt until Lita came along anyway but she was very unique and Matt’s girlfriend after-all.

Here we got a Handicap 3 on 2 match, Hardyz going to retain their gold was the objective here as they had the one an advantage but they were meeting a bigger, older and more powerful Acolyte tag team.

Ron Simmons aka Faarooq the forer leader of the Nation of Doination teming up with big stiff, tough-texan in his PRE JBL Days in Justin Bradshaw.

Faarooq and Bradshaw battle with the younger Hardyz with veteran Freebird Michael PS Hayes as the match has yet to get going in the ring as both teams have crashed into the steel steps on the outside of the ring. Hayes head goes right into the turnbuckle.

FINALLY the bell rings and with a silent crowd as the Hardyz didn’t get over until the Tag team ladder match at No Mercy 99 with Edge and Christian, Farooq takes on Jeff Hardy.

Fans still knew Matt and Jeff could take hish-risk aerial chances, they were dare-devil champions.

Jeff with a beautiful moonsault to the outside. Bradshaw with a fall away slam. Jeff with a dropkick from the top rope, Matt pins him only a two. Matt launches himself with a crossbody onto Bradshaw and then Bradshaw carried him until Hayes took out his leg and Matt layed on top of Bradshaw.

Some double team tandem offense now by the Hardyz to Bradshaw. A senton splash by Jeff Hardy to Farooq. Jeff Hardu gt tossed to the outside.

Farooq hits a Spinebuster slam to Matt and now Bradshaw tagged in and the back-breaker to Matt applied well. Isolation to Matt now with Farooq and Bradshaw taking down Matt but Hayes gets a hot tag.

Bradshaw works hard on Hayes, Ross saying he may need Bam Bam Terry Gordy which culd be true. Farooq now off the rope Hayes lands a kick. Jeff Hardy runs into a powerslam from Farooq. So despite the toughness and isolation and being short-handed the entire match the Acolyted can’t put the Hardyz away.

Bradshaw flipped off Michael Hayes.

Farooq then pnned Hardy and got a two so he slapped on a sleeper.

Acolyte take it to the Hardyz sending them all to the floor.

JR has soething really against Mother-in-Law’s I’ve noticed rom his commentary. Bradshaw then goes to the to and now Brashaw the 300 pounder hit a side superplex off the top rope to Matt Hardy.

A clothesline from hell this time to Jeff by Bradshaw and Matt saves him. Both Acolyted double-team Hayes, a double dominator and now that’ll be it.

The Summer of 99 belonged to the Acolytes now as far as the straps go.

2 bad men beat three.

In the end at 9:32 we have new tag champs as the Acolytes.

Two matches, two title switches would this trend continue on the night?


This match was very physical and got over the point that the Acolytes have dominated this match.



** 1/4





3) Mideon (c) vs D’Lo Brown for the WWF European Championship


D’Lo Brown was amazingly over in the Summer of 99.

The Droz thing really klled his career, poor guys he wa on fre.

Mideon forally known in the Fed a Phinneas I Godwinn was Mideon here, a bizzarre, boring, one-dientional sloe borng brawler.

Lets see what a fast Brown can do here with over 7 mnutes to work.

You’re lookin at the REAL DEAL now. D’Lo Brown starting to get over as a big time single’s wrestler and babyface. It’s too bad the Droz injury stoped that.

Mideon who is one of the most boring PPv performer 99 had ever seen (still dread him vs Bossman from the Massacre) begn with D-Lo.

Mideon is actually defendng the title.

D’Lo Brown with a baseball slide, but he irishwipped into the steel ste nu dek

Ross speclates he could be the better wrestler but not the better brawler, and an unusual man to say the least.

No kidding An uppercut to Mideon. If I was watching this live with friends as I did around 99-2000 with PPV parties, I would ask what the hell is this match on the card for?

A sunset flip by D’Lo Brown to Mideon but he gets back up and clotheslines D’Lo Brown ddom. D-Lo go tthe bot up catching Mideon coming in.

Small Boring chants are heard.

D-Lo with the Lo-Down.
In the end at 7:11 D’Lo becomes the new Champ at 7:11 after he hits hs signature hold.
Three title matches, three new champs.

This match could of been paced a lot better, but hey it was a Mideon match on PPV over 7 minutes.





4) Al Snow (c) vs The Big Bossman for the WWF Hardcore champinship

Ray Traylor was pretty sick in 99 feeding Snow his dog pepper, making a poem about bugs eating Big Show’s dead dad, and of coursde wheeling his casket at the funeral.

A lot of these skits both wrestlecrap and hilarious.

One thing WWE, or then WWF liked doing in 99 was including Snow in a hardcore match that left the ring.

Here we go.

Al Snow with a hilarious Michael Cole promo before the match.

The Big Bossman the challenger.

Snow dros to his knees in the entrance way and Bossman uses the night stick on him before Snow tackles The Big Bossman in the entrance way. Falls count anywhere in the road or in the building, in a Cafe or in the Missisip River back when they were in Memphis at the Massacre in 99.

Al Snow chases Bossman with a sand bag and it knocked the challenger down.

Al Snow no doubt the king of the hardcore division in 99 with Bossman or Hardcore Holly the runner up, then Crash was the king in 2000 with Hardcore the runner up.

Bossman begins to punish the Hardcore chamion, they’re not going anywhere near the ring, they’re already backstage, looks a bit like the Blair Witch with the filming as the camera was upside down and that movie actually came out around that time.

Bossman calls him a piece of Sh** while both men exchange shots now as that made Al Snwo furious surely.

The Big Bossman caught a couple f right’s and lefts from Snow. Al grabs a baking sheet.

Snow they dumped Hot coffee on Bossman and caught himself in the process as he yells out Sh**! Fans laugh.

Bossman blocks a shot and drops something with tin on Snow. Bossman with a fourth down sign levels Snow nby the entrance gate. The Big Bossman with his Snow with belt I didn’t remebeer that part.
In the end at 10:11 Bossman put Snow away after the rec called for the match to be done.
FOUR MATCHES so far TONIGHT to begin the show, all for titles will switch hands, all four in a row to boot!

I wonder if that’s ever happened before? Unbelievable.

I was loving this….


*** 1/4




5) The Big Show vs Kane with Hardcore Holly as special guest referee



A battle of the giants here at Fully Loaded 99.


Not sure why Holly who was known here as “The Big Shot” was always involved in the feud between these two and not in the hardcore division.

The Big Show dropped Kane on the flr from inside the ring.

The Big Show then bounces Kane off the ropes.

the firstm match of the night up for a title. Big Show runs over Kane with a clothesline.

Bg Show’s in-ring skill was definitely not a high point for him here.

Biig Shw just delivers clotheslines and headbutt. Kane reversed int the ropes and runs ino a big boot.

Holly told The Big Show to hook the leg.

Kane buys himself tim as Big Show misses

Kane with a fying clothesline and now the Big Sht tripped Kane with a chop bock, The Big Show with a chokeslam from hell and the Big Show counted quick.
In the end at 8:13 Big Show put the other monster Kane away after Holly screwed Kane. X-Pac attacked Holly and Show with spin-kicks, Undertaker and Show attack Kane.

Thsis would set up their Summerslam feud.



* 1/4



6) Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman in an Iron Circle Match



Before this match we see backstage Austin attacked The Undertaker and busted him open and it’s all tied up.

Surely everyone remember Steve Blackman’s oscar winning promo’s around this time in his feud with Shamrock.

I think to his hilarious on on youtube where he’s yelling at Terry Taylor as if he’s Shamrock rather then looking into the camera.

The only time the Red Rooster looked superior to anybody on WWF tv.

Then Blackmman finishes it with a hilarious and very forced…”This thing’s gotta end ONE WAY…..OR ANOtHER!!!!!!!!!!”

Just hysterical, find it by searching for a “Great Steve Blackman” promo, you won’t regret it.

Anyway here’s a match between the two.

Ken Shamrock would only be with the WWF for another couple of months before leaving. He was only there for 2 1/2 years but it always seemed longer to me.


Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock woud brawl in a a parking lot.

This is the second match  the night not held in the ring and somewhere else.

People are banging on the hoods and honking horns to add the the exciement or make it more ghetto I guess.

Blackman slams Shamrock on the hood but despite that he was knocked down as Shamrock made Blackman choke out with a chain.
In the end at 4;19 Shamrock beat Blackman by submssion.
This match was rough while it lasted.

Very meh.







7) Road Dogg and X-Pac vs Mr. Ass and Chyna in a Tag team match for the rights to D-Generation X name



A tag match to the right’s of a group that got cool two years ago. Wow. At least ratings were at an all time high anyway…

Chyna in another match with men. This was the same year she competed in the Rumble and King of the Ring. It’d also be the year she’d be the 1st woman to ever hold the IC title.

So seeing her in a match with men, one of whom she later made a porn tape with “1 night in Chyna” is no surprise.

Winner of this match gets the right’s to the DX name.

A re-match from the 1999 King of the Ring as Chyna puts Road Dogg in a side headlock. Chyna with a side headlock again in mid-ring. Road Dogg went for a pump handle slam on n Chyna but she tagged in Gunn.

Mr. Ass with a boot to the face of Road Dogg and then he hit a splash n the corner, ad stomped on Road Dogg down on he mat.

Road Dogg has been in the whole match needs the hot tag into Pac soon, Chyna back in and she has a headlock then drops an elbow on Road Dogg.

Chyna isolating Dogg now as Gunn is nce again tagged in. Gunn wth a high kick to Road Doggy Dogg as again X-Pac has yet to come in.

The 1999 King of the Ring winner, Mr. ss from the top says Suck It but comes off the o and hit the boot of Road Dogg.

X-Pac fnally n the ring makes a hot tag and hits high heel kicks to Chyna and Gunn as the crowd love it.

Pac before he sends one night in Chyna takes it to her in a different way.

Gunn then clotheslnes X-pac over the top rope which was smart considering earler in the night Undertaker ht him with a chokeslam.

Chyna working as a team ith Gunn quie foodrojCjums

Road Dogg and Chna jive and dance around and King says Chyna is exposed.
In the end at 11:44 Road Dogg and X-Pac (always thought this tandem was underrated as a team) got the win and the right’s to DX the name after Road Dogg hits a pump handle-slm to Gunn,
This match was exciting from bell o bell and the pace was tremendous.
*** 1/4










8 ) Triple H (With Chyna) vs The Rock in a Strap match for a #1 contender to a WWF Championship match at SummerSlam 1999



For the second straight Fully Loaded Rocky and Hunter are going at it. This time it was to see who was going to Summmer Slam!

This year things are different and both men are main event level for sure on Austin’s level or almost JUST there, by Survivor Series they were!

Also this time the allignents have changed, Hunter is now the more physical, powerful GAME and a heel, while Rocky has turned FUNNY and is amazingly over as a BABYFACE and improved drastically in the ring from the year before.

Rock cut a hilarious promo on HHH about how he is the Game, and they kept him down because he absolutely SUCKED.

This match was also put on the Greatest Stars of the 90’s DVD.

Re-watching this reminds me of how much I miss the entrance theme’s to both these guys who had there absolute best during this time period. Hunter’s “My Time” and The Rock’s 1999 “Do you Smell what The Rock is Cookin’?”

Hunter comes out first ready for a big push in the Summer of 1999. Hunter grabs the strap.

Rock comes out to a huge pop.

The Rock layed out shots to Hunter in the corner and he takes in the Rocky chants. Hunter runs into the ring post charging shoulder first.

The Rock dishes out shots to Hunter punching the Game outside the ring.

Rock grabs the strap and now it’s connected to both fists.

Rock tapes the strap to his hand and Hunter’s as well.

Hilariously Rock take’s a ladie’s camera and a picture of Hunter and gives it right back to the blonde at ringside.

Helmsley gets fired up and is full of rage firing away The Rock. Hunter lets go of a hard right. Rock dropped Hunter headfirst into the announce table. Rock is thrown into the barricade by Hunter.

Typical Attitude Era brawling outside the ring, but hey, at least it’s a gimmick match so there’s an excuse.

I love how Lawler says Rock’s popularity is sinking when in turn it was doing the exact opposite and he knew damn well which is why Heel Lawler is tremendous.

Hunter back in the ring lets Rock walk into a high knee. Hunter choked out Rock on the bottom rope. King gives us his insight into what a strap match is like. Fans chanting for The Rock and with his head hanging over the apron Hunter drives his elbow into the Great One’s throat. Rock reversed an irishwhip and sent Hunter into the steel steps.

Rocky opening up on Trips outside the ring driving his head into the steps now.

Rock and Hunter begin to brawl throughout the crowd, the leather strap still in hand of the Game who nails Rock right on the railing.

Outside a steel barricade by the entrance way Rock drops Hunter. Now dropped onto the concrete Rock is beaten on. Hunter straps Rock but Rock reverses a vertical suplex onto the floor. Hunter drives Rock onto the steps and FINALLY, they’re back in the ring.

HHH choked Rock out in the corner with the strap.


Vicious strap shots by the Game but Rock fights back.

Out comes Chyna to get a closer view. Rock hits a Rock Bottom with the official distracted but then Hunter hits a lowblow and begins choking out The Rock.

Hunter walks into a ddt and a nearfall.

Mr. Ass runs from the outside hit Rocky with a club while Chyna distracted the official but Rock kicks out. HHH can’t believe it.

HHH sets up a Pedigree on Rock but he hits a lowblow and from both sides drops a People’s elbow. Rock takes down Gunn and turns around into a Pedigree.

Helmsley is going to Summerslam!

In the end at 19:21 Triple H pinned Rock after a Pedigree to earn a WWF Championship match at SummerSlam 99…


This match was very solid. A great showing from both.



*** 1/4







9) Main Event- Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs The Undertaker in a First Blood: End of an Era match. -If Austin wins, McMahon must leave TV, if Taker win, Austin never gets a title shot again.




The WWF didn’t live up to what they said and Vince was back on the air come September of 1999 to confront Triple H as a babyface on Raw.


The WWF did stay true to it’s word and this was the end of an era.

How so?

Steve Austin and Vince McMahon’s on-going feud from September of 1997 officially ended on this night, or the night after when Vince “officially” left on Raw if you want to get technical.

Never again after that, would that rivalry be the same no matter how hard they tried, so they were right in that respect.

This match was fun. Simply put. You wont see many brawls like it, due to the stipulation.

The Federation peaked here in popularity.

Stone Cold Steve Austin began the match firing right`s in the entrance aisle not even making it to the ring yet.

Like a lot of attitude era brawls this one gets going on the outside, near the entrance staging.

Austin attacked an on-coming Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin went to strike Taker with the smoking skull belt. Fink couldn’t even properly introduce Austin.

First one to bleed loses. Austin up against the security barricade and Taker kept unloading shots. Austin knocked over the steel onto the concrete by a thunderous right-hand from Taker.

Stone Cold Steve Austin tried blocking his face as Undertaker raked the face of the Rattlesnake and Vince is biased as hell on commentary. Taker couldn’t send Stone Cold Steve Austin into the steps. Undertaker with another hard right and Austin flipped over the railing onto the concrete.

Undertaker went for Austin’s head with the steps but Stone Cold got up and then Undertaker unloads shots on Austin near the boards in Buffalo at the HSBC Arena where my favourite NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres play. This was one month after they were screwed out of the Stanley Cup to the Dallas Stars and the controversial Brett Hull goal.

Taker had Austin in control slamming his head on the announce table, McMahon said to finish him damn it.

A headbutt and then a shot to the jaw. Undertaker looking for those stitches but Austin rakes the eyes. Stone Cold Steve Austin with rights to Undertaker who answered back with a shot.

Stone Cold Steve Austin slams Undertaker’s vulnerable legs into the ring-post. Stone Cold Steve Austin reverse irishwhipped from the barricade by the table. Undertaker went for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head with a chair. Austin slammed Taker’s head onto the steps.

Referee Hebner looking close to see if there’s blood loss. Austin is choking out Taker with cord by ring-side.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had Taker tied up in the ropes and grabbed a chair.

Shane-O-Mac ran into the ring and Austin cracked him open with a steel chair. This bought Taker time to hit Stone Cold Steve Austin with a high boot. Austin down and The Undertaker, hit a low-blow with a kick.

Undertaker hammering Austin with a kick to the ribs and choking him out with a boot.

This match is better constructed then their Highway to Hell match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin hit with a chair.

X-Pac came out and hit a spinning heel kick to Taker’s face. Undertaker busted open.. Stone Cold Steve Austin grabbed a tv camera, and actually this made Undertaker open or blade up. Stone Cold Steve Austin sent Shane-O-Mac down.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker slug it out in mid-ring and Vince can’t believe it.

Undertaker about to Tombstone Austin but Hebner sees Undertaker and and calls for the bell.

Taker strikes the official. Austin stuns Taker, Vince comes in and Stone Cold Steve Austin stuns McMahon.

HHH attacks Austin to set up Summerslam’s build, The Rock then layed the Smack down on Helsmley.

Ahhh the attitude era. RIP.


In the end Austin won after hitting the Undertaker with a television camera following interference from X-Pac at 15:31.

This was truly edge of your seat action!

A bloody atmosphere and brawl..

I really love this match, just felt like the peak of the era for me.

t’s a classic in the Taker-Austin saga where most matches are around four stars for them.

Classic Attitude!










 Final Rating for WWF Fully Loaded 1999  = 7/10



This show was fairly entertaining with the main events, some solid under-card bouts, and then of course some filler like the year before. It’s an improvement on that show but still it has nothing on the 2000 Fully Loaded which is one of the greatest WWF PPV’s ever. This show is worth a pick-up if you can find it but definitely not a must-own like the following year.

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  1. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Booking-wise, the D’Lo vs. Mideon European Title match felt exactly like the Roddy Piper vs. The Mountie Intercontinental Title match from the 1992 Royal Rumble: mega over babyface midcard challenger squashes comedy heel jobber transitional champion to win the title.

  2. Thomas says:

    All of three Fully Loaded events were fantastic from 1998 to 2000

  3. Mac says:

    Its Unforgiven 99 that comes with this, my older brother brought the dvd when he came to stay. I remember watching the Taker-Austin match here and the infamous Kennel from Hell match.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    The whole in you get this DVD with another I beleve either Backlash 99 (Since OTE 99 was never released) or Unforgiven 99.

  5. BANE says:

    So what is the tagged classic part?

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