Review: WWE “You Think You Know Me? The Story of Edge” DVD

April 14, 2012 by Joe Israel

Following 2008’s Edge: Decade of Decadence match compilation, the WWE brings us the first full length documentary on recent Hall of Famer and 11-time World Champion Edge. 

It’s undisputed that Edge was one of the top performers in the past decade of the WWE, and after watching this DVD, I think you’ll know why…

“I See Clearly”: The Main Feature

Run Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes; Rated TV-14

At the start of this DVD, Edge points out that when he introduces himself to people, he always introduces himself as Adam, and not Edge.  I think this sums up Edge’s role in the documentary, and the documentary as a whole, quite well.  You come out of it feeling like you know not only about the highlights of the career of Edge, but also the highlights of the life of Adam Copeland.  That overall balance makes the feature a lot of fun to watch, and the overall structure of the documentary film is great.

Like many WWE DVD features, the strength of the main interview has a huge impact on the overall DVD.  Fortunately, Edge is an excellent interview.  Much like in the Steve Austin documentary, you always get the sense that Edge is being himself and being completely open about his career.  He also is very charismatic (part of the reason he was such a big success in the WWE), and I could have listened to him talk about his career for another hour after the feature ended.  I also really appreciated that the WWE went all-out to include interviews with as many different superstars/personalities from Edge’s past as possible, from his mom Judy to his college friends to his trainer Ron Hutchison to long-time friends Christian and Rhyno to former managers Lita and Vickie Guerrero to modern-day superstars like Cena, Punk, Hawkins, & Ryder (and many more).  I thought it was a nice touch that at the start of the DVD, when discussing their childhood, Edge referred to Christian by his real name Jay, but when discussing their time in the WWE, he refers to him as Christian.

The DVD opens with Edge being interviewed by a Toronto radio station on the day of the Edge Appreciation Night episode of Smackdown.  We return to this interview, as well as segments with Edge discussing his post-WWE life living in the “wilderness”, throughout the DVD.  I thought this overall structure was really nice, and helped keep the flow of the DVD going.  They also subtly tied the interview into the different stages of his career, which was nicely planned.  This is very similar to the interludes in the Randy Orton DVD feature, and I think structures like this help keep the DVD flowing and make it work well as a film.

I won’t give away the stories told throughout the DVD, but Edge’s career is highlighted pretty well.  The archival footage that Edge supplied from his early days is really awesome to see, and the interviews with his “pre-WWE” friends and family make this portion of the DVD stand out among the “childhood/training” segments seen on a lot of DVDs. His early days in the WWE, both with the Brood and as a tag team wrestler with Christian, are quickly, yet entertainingly, covered.  Part of me wishes they included a bit more highlights of Edge & Christian segments simply because they were so much fun, but we get some of that in the bonus features, and when you look at the run time, 45 minutes of the feature has already gone by when they get to Edge’s breakout as a singles wrestler.

My first question when getting into this documentary was how well they were going to handle the Edge/Lita/Hardy situation.  When they get to this part of the DVD, the voice-over announcer even refers to Lita by her real name, so they immediately let you know this was much more than a storyline. I thought it was handled perfectly.  Edge and Lita are both open when it comes to discussing it, and Edge even acknowledges that in the end, it probably helped his career in that it turned him into the most hated superstar in the WWE.

From here, we move through the rest of Edge’s career, with the major highlights being his first WWE title win (and the fact that he lost it so soon after, which Edge remains disappointment about to this day) and his feuds with John Cena, Mick Foley, and Undertaker.  I feel like these were the right feuds to spend the most time on; they were arguably the biggest feuds in Edge’s career.  They rush through 2009 and 2010 pretty quickly, which is understandable because outside of his Royal Rumble win, nothing particularly memorable happened during those years.  It creates a pacing issue, though, which is a shame because the feature had been so well paced up until this point. Casual fans may also become confused as to the timeline of his career leading up to his retirement.  The end of his career is covered nicely, and we get good footage from both his retirement speech and the Edge Appreciation Night celebration on Smackdown.  This serves as a nice coda to the DVD.

Like all WWE DVD features, it’s impossible to include every single aspect of a superstar’s career, and I usually don’t like to nitpick certain items that weren’t included.  There was one moment of Edge’s career that I feel like was a pretty glaring omission, though.  Edge’s strange 1 day Intercontinental Title run in 1999, while not a big highlight of his career, is a really odd blip on his overall rise to the top in the WWE.  Fortunately, this moment is discussed as a bonus feature on the Decade of Decadence DVD release from 2008, but I really would have liked to hear Edge speak in retrospect about this bizarre and short title run so early in his career.

Overall, the main feature is a very easy recommendation.  If I were to give it a rating, I would probably give it a 9 out of 10.  The only reason it doesn’t live up to the Austin or ECW documentaries is simply because Edge’s career didn’t have as many fascinating twists and turns as those did.  I feel like it is head and shoulders above the documentary on the recently released Rock DVD, which is itself a solid doc.  As I mentioned earlier, the feature is much more than just a “greatest hits” reel as I felt the Rock’s was; it really allows you to understand what Edge was thinking at different points in his career, and serves as an excellent retrospective.


“Everything Has Come to Light”: Matches & Extras

The Bonus Features

Simply put, you should definitely make sure you take the time to watch the bonus features.  You get some rare footage of a young Edge in WCW, some very funny Edge & Christian moments, and the promo that Edge feels was his breakthrough promo in the WWE.  They supplement the main feature very well.

The Bonus Matches

Adam Impact Vs. Christian Cage (South Indian Lake, 1995) – ** 1/4

I considered not even including a rating for this match, because that really isn’t the reason it’s found here. This match is really awesome to watch, and you can clearly see that Edge & Christian are bound to go on to great things even if they aren’t at that stage of their career yet.

Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardy Boyz Vs. T&A Vs. Too Cool (King of the Ring 2000) – ***

A fun match that allows each team to get their spots in.  A great spotlight for Edge & Christian as both in-ring performers and comedy wrestlers.

No-Disqualification Match: Edge Vs. Eddie Guerrero (Smackdown, 9/26/02) – ****

I think this is the match that really allowed Edge to break-out as a singles competitor, and I felt that way watching it back in 2002 as well.  Edge & Eddie tell a great story throughout the match, and the weapon spots are a lot of fun.  Still one of the best matches in Smackdown history.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Edge vs. Randy Orton (Raw, 7/19/04) – *** 1/4

A solid TV match between these two superstars as they both were rising to the top of the WWE ladder.

Loser Leaves Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Edge Vs. Matt Hardy (Raw, 10/3/05) – ** 3/4

At the time, this match was certainly a big deal, and looking at it through those eyes, it is still fun to watch.  A fairly standard ladder match, though, that relied a bit too much on the big “ladder match” spots that we’ve seen before.

TLC Match for the WWE Championship: Edge Vs. John Cena (Unforgiven 2006) – **** 1/4

One of the best matches in the careers of both Edge & John Cena, this match is an excellent piece of storytelling while still delivering the spots you’ve come to expect in a TLC match.  If you haven’t seen it already, this is a must-see.  Unfortunately, the commentary is muted out anytime the announcers refer to Cena’s finisher, the FU, even though the DVD is rated TV-14.  I was disappointed in this choice; I think most fans can understand that the move now has a different name.

Street Fight: Edge Vs. Shawn Michaels (Raw, 1/22/07) – *** 1/2

A very fun “garbage match” with weapons being used throughout almost the whole match.  It is strange to see a match involving the Rated RKO storyline included as a bonus match, though, when the team isn’t referenced in the documentary.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge Vs. Undertaker (Wrestlemania XXIV) – **** 1/2

A bonafide classic, and probably the best non-gimmick match of Edge’s entire career.

Pick Your Poison Match: Edge Vs. Christian (Raw, 5/17/10) – ***

I was happy to see another match between these two included on the set to compare to the match from 1995.  They have great chemistry and deliver in this match, even if it is fairly short.

TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge Vs. Kane Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Alberto Del Rio (TLC 2010) – *** 3/4

A very fun match between these four.  It does not nearly stand up to the storytelling of the Edge/Cena TLC match, but still has a lot of fun spots and showcases each competitor well.

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Big Show Vs. Kane Vs. Drew McIntyre Vs. Wade Barrett (Elimination Chamber 2011) – **** 1/2

One of the best Elimination Chamber matches in it’s short history.  Edge & Mysterio really steal the show, and the other four guys get their moments to shine.  Brilliantly paced, and there is never a dull moment.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge Vs. Alberto Del Rio (Wrestlemania XXVII) – *** 1/4

A solid match that, looking back, serves as a nice ending to Edge’s career.  Runs a little short, but good for the time it had.  The post match celebration with Edge & Christian is included as well, which is great way to end the DVD.

Overall Thoughts on the Bonus Matches:

In my star ratings, I only had two matches clock in below *** (and one features two very young wrestlers), so clearly you are getting some great matches.  At the same time, these matches sum up Edge’s career perfectly.  It’s impressive to think that this DVD does not include any repeats from the Decade of Decadence DVD set, yet still includes 2 of the 3 best singles matches in Edge’s career (in my opinion) in the Cena and Undertaker matches (the other being Edge/Foley from ‘Mania 22).  Even if the set is missing some of Edge’s other classics, I still appreciate the WWE for not repeating any matches from the past Edge set.  There definitely are a lot of gimmick matches included, but thinking back on Edge’s career, most of his best matches were gimmick matches, so this does make sense.  The matches never get repetitive, though, and I had no trouble breezing through the matches over these two discs.


“Leave It All Behind”: Closing Thoughts

Although we are still very early in the year, this DVD has definitely set itself up as the DVD to beat for 2012.  The documentary is great, and reminds you just how great Edge was during his time in the WWE.  In response to his theme music, yes, I definitely think I know him after watching this.  The bonus matches are pretty much all great, and some are modern classics.  This shows just how good Edge was in the ring.  Add in all of the great matches on the Decade of Decadence set, and this becomes even more true.  Admittedly, I would call myself an Edge-head, so I was bound to enjoy this set. Removing this bias and looking at it objectively, this is still in the upper echelon of WWE DVD releases.  Highly, highly recommended!


Buy The Story of Edge DVD in the USA.   Buy The Story of Edge DVD in the UK.

What did everyone else think? How does this set stack up to past WWE superstar features? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Alfonso Frausto says:

    Hey guys what is the songs name in the Unforgiven promo between him and john cena
    i know one for sure is Run by Days of Fire but on the DVD its a different song

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    a few repeats on this dvd set, i would’ve rather seen the Edge/Cena Last Man Standing Match over their TLC Match and because Edge came out the victor and champion too.

  3. EL says:

    the documentary might be good but all his best matches or the majority of them were on his first dvd set so i dont see the point of getting this one. i really wish wwe could’ve added his King of the Ring 2001 victory and his Rated RKO tag team championship win here as opposed to a few repeated matches.

  4. Jonathan says:

    does anybody know what is the song at the end of the movie ? It’s a good song.. Please answer..
    Anyway, It’s a great movie.. I really love this movie..

  5. Anan says:

    This was definitely a great set. Aside from the matches & documentary, my favorite parts of the set are the Edge/Christian/Foley extra as well as the promo that in Adam;s own mind made Edge’s career.

  6. Roaster says:

    Great review man!! Easy to read, no typos and didn’t put me to sleep. Looking forward to your reviews of the upcoming WCW and ECW sets. The Edge set was great. The content seemed a little off on paper but after watching the bluray it was awesome. Although there some topics missing it’s a great compliment to the Decade of Decadence.

  7. Jesse says:

    The “Powerful person” that they refer to in the DVD is none other than Triple H. Triple H didn’t believe Edge was a main eventer and was reportedly behind the decision for the WWE title change at the Royal Rumble. He wanted the WrestleMania 22 main event to be Cena vs HHH and didn’t want Edge to be involved. As a result of this, there was a lot of backstage heat between Edge and Triple H in 2006.

    The one thing I absolutely hated about this DVD is that there was no coverage of the Edge-Kurt Angle feud in 2002. No matches, no segments, no mention of it at all in the documentary. It was this feud that really kick started Edge’s singles career in my opinion not to mention that it was an entertaining rivalry. So I was disappointed that it got no love.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more about the pacing. They highlighted the good stuff and glossed over the crap.

    That’s what makes this one of the all time great Superstar documentaries! The Austin doc was almost 3 hours and felt like 5 or 6. Edge’s was a little over 2 and I didn’t want it to end.

  9. Marty says:

    Fine review, and I agree about how shockingly good the documentary was. The things that stood out for me were how far back Edge’s friendship with Rhyno went (I had no idea they worked together in the indies until I saw the doc) as well as how only Vince and Cena had faith in Edge winning his first WWE title in 2006. Fascinating stuff. I don’t know if it was as great a doc as Austin’s or Rock’s, but I found myself learning more from it, therefore probably enjoying it more. One of the better documentary efforts from the WWE, as I agree with the poster who says they often produce some bad ones (the Horsemen one is possibly the worst for me, for example).

  10. Nick paulson says:

    I agree on every point made on this review. Its up there in top 5 of my favorite doc dvds, number one being stone cold. The only thing i was missing was some stuff with randy orton. I personally felt that was a decent enough angle to at least briefly mention and get some insight on. Other than that, this is a great blu rau

  11. Charlie1185 says:

    Hey Daniel, have u thought about adding an option on the site where we can start our own forum on a topic? I noticed this past week a lot of people were posting about their TLC blu rays not working and they had to do it on off topic articles. Just a thought. Also what’s your email? I wanted to send u something

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Over the 2 years we’ve actually had two forums. They didn’t really take off, though I was always busy over here so not putting much time into making them work. They were also not the greatest of forum types.

      I think the idea of forum directly built into this site somehow would be good. Thought about this a few times but didn’t see how to implement it. Like you say, sometimes people want to bring up another topic. Though not having a forum has done well in encouraging people to use the comments section here, plus the Twitter and Facebook pages. Gonna keep it in mind.

      To contact me use the form at, then I’ll reply to your email so you get my direct address.

  12. Roger Palmer says:

    Great Review… Edge seems to be in a great place and seems to have taken the forced retirement well… I Just watched the documentary myself last night so it’ll be in next weeks top 3 downloads! in the Digital Digest.

  13. Dave says:

    Yeah no Wal-Mart’s had the BD version just the dvd. but i was lucky that Best Buy had 4 copies of the BD version so i was lucky enough to get mine the day it came out. but i was there before the doors opened. Same thing with Royal Rumble on BD no stores had it not Wal Mart or Best Buy i was lucky enough to get one cuz i got it at FYE and they only got one copy. WWE needs to up there BD cuz this is getting pathetic. WWE says there all about change and the future well BD is the future but they still seem to push dvd more then BD.

  14. james says:

    Finally picked up the Bluray today, really enjoy it. On Tuesday I went to five stores and all they had was DVD, no Bluray. It was hard for me to resist buying the DVD as I wanted this to be a first day purchase, but somehow I managed. Finally found it, had to drive 45 minutes to get it though (and even then had to check three stores). Does anybody else have problems finding WWE Blurays? WWE DVD distribution is great around here, but unless it’s a huge release like Austin or Rock, BD distribition is almost non-existent.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Only certain blurays I have troubles with… the Austin set was an issue for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can’t find Best PPV 2011 or Royal Rumble 2012 on blu and usually only find one copy of the blu rays when I do find them

  15. indyfan says:

    i would of picked it up on day 1 if it had a better match listing. I will also wait until it drops down to 10.00 – 15.00 on amazon. Ahh the biggest problem of owning all WWE releases… eventually they run out of content it seems.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is an AMAZING documentary! I hate (and I do mean HATE) 90% of WWE docs but this one was fantastic. At the end I was a bigger fan of Edge then ever. Compare that with the new Rock and Austin discs, I couldn’t even finish them.

  17. SRB says:

    Very nice review. For some reason this is the 1st DVD in a few years that I have let sit on the shelf without purchase. I will be picking it up likely after a little price drop. Seems like a solid piece on a wonderful performer.

  18. TNAJason says:

    Actually on the Blu-Ray one of the exclusives talks his Achilies Heel injury in 2009,and return to win the Rumble in 2010.

    And MegaLink,I actually found this documentary to be just as good as Jericho’s mostly because Jericho’s was missing ALOT more information than Edge’s was. Edge’s missed the Rated RKO,and on the DVD version the Achilies Heel Injury,and some minor stuff,while Jericho’s is missing the entire Jericho-Benoit story,with the entire 2000-2001 feud & eventual team which was a MAJOR part of his early WWF/E career. I know there was a reason why it was missing,but I think that was alot more important in the untouched things in Edge’s.

  19. MegaLink says:

    I loved this DVD, I don’t think it trumps the Jericho set because I feel there’s some untouched things that they just didn’t talk about on the Edge set. Aside from that it’ll be hard to top this set this year.

  20. nightmare says:

    Great review I just got my Blu ray of this is the mail yesterday and I watch it this week .For everyone out that I would say get the blu ray because of all the extras on it that the dvd didn’t have .

  21. Evan says:

    YES, now THAT’s what a call a good review. In depth documentary review WITH star ratings too, just concise, not like Brett’s long winding play-by-plays, great job

  22. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Also, I think this DVD maybe should have been released this summer, rather than now. Simply because I would have really enjoyed, and it would have really been a closed book, if they waited and included his Hall of Fame induction.

    I like the fact that Austins bio had his Hall of Fame on the blu-ray version, and think this one (Edges) and future Superstar bios should be the same. Career retros dont seem complete without their Hall of Fame chapters included, in my opinion….

    • tnawwejosh says:

      I think there will be a 3rd Edge DVD in a few years with more promos and matches. HOF included in there.

  23. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Good review. I plan on buying the blu-ray next week when I get some money. I think I took Edge a little for granted during his career, as I always enjoyed his matches fully, but I didn’t realize how good he was until after he was gone.

    His “Rated R Superstar” character with Lita as his manager was my favorite Edge “period” during his career.

  24. Great review, enjoyed reading it.

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