Review: WWE’s Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart DVD

December 9, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE’s “Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart” Review:


The Greatest Stories aren’t written….they have to be lived….” 







Disc 1 Documentary:


I’m GOING to do something a little bit different with this DVD.

So many people have reviewed this Documentary, they’ve either not spoiled it for people and just gave a basic plot or synopsis.

Some have told everything the guys have said.

So since there is so much of that available on the world-wide-web it would be essentially pointless for me to talk about everything the guys said.

I will however poke my opinion around certain areas of the Documentary since it is my review of course.
By the way everything said here is my own. If it sounds at all similar to another review that is merely by coincidence as I never steal what others say and use it as my own. Never has been my style and never will be. I am 100% original.
And with that being said, here we go:…..






-San Antonio vs Calgary:
As I said I’m not going to talk about everything the guys said and everything they went over because unlike most of my reviews, I am not typing this out as I watch it, I am basing this off my memory.

There is a ton of tremendous Documentary reviews of this DVD out there already if you really need one.

Personally I don’t even think you do because I bet most of you already own it, or are planning to own it.

Either way you have an opinion and that’s where I come in as well. With mine here.

Bret was born into wrestling royalty at Hart House in Calgary, Shawn coming from Texas like many other Greats………Von Erich’s, Funks, Undertaker, Booker T, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc.





-The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation:

We all know Bret of all his brothers stood out earliest until Owen also caught people’s eyes due to his aerial, athetic style.

Bret was the best and left Stampede in 84 with a tremendous reputation and went to the WWF with Jim Neidhart in the tag team, the Hart Foundation. This name would later be used for a Heel Stable representing Canada in 1997 in the WWF with three of the five members then now deceased. (Pillman, Davey Boy Smith, Owen dead, Jim and Bret the original still alive as of this writing on November the 21st 2011)

Shawn also broke in but they paired him up quickly in the AWA with Marty Jannetty.

They briefly went over how Shawn had a bad reputation right away and he doesen’t deny it at all. They kind of ignore the AWA stuff and typical WWE just talks as if they discovered them.

Anyway Shawn talks about how they did have bad attitude’s, Bret just said he loved how they looked and he needed a vast contrast in such a highly competitive tag division back then. Bret talks about Power and Glory, the Bulldog’s, Killer Bee’s, Rougeau’s, Muraco and Orton, Bushwhackers, LOD, Demolition, The Nasty Boys, so it was nice to see another fast tag team with skill like The Rockers in the WWF

These teams had some classic’s but they also go over a match that was a disaster in their mind which is interesting to hear because apparently I rated it high on a first watch. I’ll have to go back and re-live it thanks to a poster on this website pointing this out to me.






-Heartbreak Kid vs The Hit Man:

Two character’s completely different despite being fan favourites.

Bret discussed differences in putting shades on little kids rather then bringing them in for a strip-tease dance.

Both character’s were extremely over though and despite the obvoious contrast were very comparable and compelling to everybody alikew who followed the Federation.





-Intercontinental Champion vs WWE Champion:
The transition and the time period these two came in the WWF (now WWE) was a very familiar one where it was easy to be jealous of one another.

Who was the true sta of the 90’s?

Who was really stealing the show, who was really leading the New Generation?

Bret felt he was majorly over and stealing the show with Diesel and Bulldog in late 95 (2 of my 14 5 star matches right there so of course I’d agree) yet the company felt like Shawn was primed up and ready to carry the ball.

Bret said he didn’t get quite the fair run.

This whole argument is purely subjective and I don’t think anyone but the people themselves can truly judge here. But deserved their own time but the fans should stay out of this argument.

Bret however did get to rest in 96 for half the year for once in his career. (Until Owen’s death anyway)






-Showstopper vs Excellence of Execution:
They talked about some of their best battles amongst the years and how the other talent would wath their performances over others.

Bret gives credit to the late great Macho Man Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for opening the doors for smaller guys like him, Shawn, Jericho and others…




-Progressive vs Traditional:



Jim Ross talks about how both men’s lives, gimmicks, character’s, morals and directions went different.

Ross talked about HBK going more into the attitude era mode where Austin was.

Hart being more a traditional wrestler.

Both hanged well with the times as it moved on so did they…




-Fantasy vs Reality:



This now is where the Documentary takes a turn of the tide shall we say, it becomes personal. And it’s grab your popcorn from here on out.
For as much as it could be anyway…as we near the hour mark.
Bret discusses Shawn losing his smile.

Bret said Shawn did a back-flip and was dancing, leaping and hopping around quite well for a man that couldn’t wrestle.

Of course Shawn faked a knee injury to get out of jobbing the title back to Bret at WM 13. Shawn still says that his doctor told him he shouldn’t wrestle. (When he probably could)

You may think I am biased for Hart but this is a fact. Shawn backs it up by saying hey you guys tore the house down, you and Steve.

As if that’s supposed to make Michaels right…





-Respect vs Trust:



Of course what Shawn said about Bret is disussed here and that leads the infamous Screwjob topic we all knew we were getting towards…

Bret in front of Neidhart and Shamrock (two witnesses) said he’d be willing to do the job again for Michaels on his terms just not in Montreal on the way out…

Shawn said Alright, but I’m not willing to do the same for you.

Bret felt like he couldn’t trust Shawn with his fake injury and his respect for him as a worker and person went out the window now as he said to hell with him.

Vince wanted Bret to repeat the same story in front of Shawn this time and he did but Vince told Shawn in the meeting, we’re putting the belt on ya! Bret was hurt.

Bret was told they’d figure something else out, a double dq but obviiously that didn’t end up happening as we all know.

And everyone knows what it meant to Bret’s pride and dignty and loyalty and respect and never missing shows, and woring hurt for Vince and never even wanting to leave his company.

Hart said it was a dark day signing the contract to WCW. He isn’t greedy for money, but greedy for respect. The Hitman character said that in a pre-match promo against Austin at Survivor Series 1996 and how true those words turned out to be.

Hart gets over-emotional how hurt he was.





-Redemption vs Reconciliation:

Bret tears up and Ross talks about striking the chairman of the board.

Anger, Guilt, Heartbreak, so much dignity lost. Bret said he would never of screwed Shawn in that situation. Not taking anything away he said as he felt way more hurt by Vince.

We all know all of this but it’s still so interesting to see the guys sit next to each other not interupting with REAL emotion, talking about real situations.

Bret said he was so devistated that they might as well of cut his heart out and threw it to the ring.

He felt so sick after all he gave to the business.

Some people think he just didn`t want to give up the belt in his home town. First of all, Montreal is no where near Calgary and there was a lot more to it. A LOT MORE. This DVD doesen`t even cover it all but you should know it by now.

They talk about the tragedies and trumph for both men after the Screwjob.






-Hope vs Peace:




Two things most wrestling fans thought they`d never see. The most unlikely reunion of rivals they called it.


Bret Hart return to live WWE TV. I mean not only the screwjob and wHHHo runs the company, the fact Owen his brother died and they continued the show, or the fact he headlined the Hall of Fame and still refused to show up live at WM 22.

So he returned, and then it happened.

Bret found peace.

He got hate out of his heart and as in his words found joy and satisfaction by making up with HBK.

Credit to Michaels for going for a hug.

Such a touching moments for the man with a stroke, most of his family gone, lots of his career pissed on to see this kind of justice prevail.

Shows hope is out there and it’s always a good thing. Life is too short for grudges.









Disc 2 Matches:





1) The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation  -WWF Madison Square Garden – 25th November, 1989



It`s always great to see these teams lock up.

You could arguably say either team is the greatest of all time.
MSG is always a great atmosphere as well.

Monsoon calls Bret the Anvil, but anyway he locks up with Jannetty. No clear winner in a power strength and a nice clear break-up by Marty.

The next sequence is absolutely amazing.


Bret irishwhipped Jannetty to the ropes, he ducks undernearth, Bret goes for powerslam, he lands, on his feet, and another roll up.

Amazing stuff.

Very crisp and quick. But hey, it is BRET HART.
A variety of vicious elbow drops by Bret but Jannetty wants to weaken the arm putting him into an armbar. Another leapfrog by Bret but the Rockers double-team the Foundtion with a douple hipock to Bret.
The Anvil gets dropkicked to the outside.

Now it’s the Anvil and Michaels in. Michaels with a side headlock takeover, Anvil counters into a leg-scissors. A shoulder block off the ropes don’t send Michaels down and the Anvil drops him.

The Anvil begins to weardown Michaelsand then hits a thrust kick. Michaels with a leapfrog and an attepted slam, into a sunset flip and a two count. Michaels tags in Marty who comes crashing in off the top rope to the Anvil.

Jim Neidhart caught with a single drop toehold by Jannetty, into a front facelock. Jannetty set up high by the Anvil. Leaping off with an armdrag is Marty to Neidhart who needs a tag in a big way. The Anvil starts to come back powerslamming the opposition.

A fresh Bret Hart off the ropes leaped, ducked a leapfrog and then dropped Michaels with an inverted atmoic drop. Bret with a textbook back breaker. The Anvil comes in and dropkicks Michaels.

Now a bearhug from the Anvil. The Anvil clotheslined by Marty from the apron but still managed to isolate Michaels in his corner with spears.

Bret hits a European Uppercut to Michaels. A reverse flipping attempt off the ropes but Michaels gets a powerslam, the Anvil drops a standing double axehandle to the back of Michels tagged in and slaps a front face-lock on.

Bret tagged back in and both Michaels and Hart slug it out. Hart with a snapmare, and a back breaker. A slingshot from theAnvil onto Michaels but he moved in time. Hart dragged Michaels back and now the Hart Foundation take over.

Bret gets a nearfall. Hart slaps on a sleeper that reminds me of there Ironman at Mania 12 for some reason…

The Anvil in hits a back bodydrop to Michaels. Neidhart still with a two slams Michaels head into the boot of Bret. Monsoon let it known on commentary how Michaels needed a tag.

Bret ran into the post and had a single leg of Shawn until he made the hot tag to Marty sweeping out his legs. Bret irishwhipped to the ropes and is cradled from a bridge pinning attempt by Jannetty. A splash by Jannetty and a sunset flip out of the corner got him a nearfall.

Bret takes over and then Marty leaped over, Bret held onto the top rope for leverage. Jannetty flew to the outside as Bret avoided impact.

The Anvil came in and Marty rolled away, Michaels unloaded on the Anvil but with a tremendous amount of velcoity hit a shoulder block. Michaels hit a standing dropkick. Attempts a crosbody but is shoved out of the ring. A tag made into Bret, Michaels now spears Bret from the apron and hit a crossbody, Bret revered the pinning attempt and got a two.

Michaels and Bret roll each other back and Michaels eventually gets a two. Michaels with a snapshot vertical suplex to Bret and now off the ropes is reversed and Michaels reversed an abdominal stretch into one of his own.
All four guys run in as the bell rings.

In the end it’s ruled at a draw at the twenty minute mark.

This match is pretty incredible. If it had a better finish it would no doubt be an all time classic.

However it remains old-school fun. Glad we not only get it on My Journey (Michaels’ 2nd 3 Disc set) but the Shawn versus Bret Rivalry set as well.









2) Bret Hart (With Jim Neidhart) vs Shawn Michaels (With Marty Jannetty) -WWF Wrestling Challenge – 10th February, 1990


By now even though both men were not ready for complete singles runs, they still got tested and were clearly the better half of their tag team from an all-around stand point.
Bret Hart and Michaels tie up and Shawn backs Hart to the corner, a tie-up into a top wrist-lock by Bret Hart. A side head-lock takeover by Michaels.

Michaels with an arm-drag and then Bret reverses a wrist-lock then Shawn goes into a hammerlock, Hitman looked for a drop toe-hold in he chain wrestlng beginning.

The Hitman with a leapfrog, an atomic drop and a nice clothesline. Bret Hart with a snapmare and then missed an elbow. HBK popped up and applied a side headlock in mid-ring.
HBK slams Bret but as he climbs to the top the Hitman slams him off the top and lands a forearm blow. Michaels with a back-slide and then Hart drops an elbow to the head of Shawn.

The Hitman collides with Michaels off the ropes and then sets him up for a snap-shot vertical suplex but Shawn maintains his positioning in the ring. Both men push each other and Bret Hart drops Michaels with a right.

Marty drops Bret with a right. Jim the Anvil attacks HBK, the official calls for a double DQ around for minutes.

This match was so crisp and awesome for a four and a half minute bout.




** 1/4








3) The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation -Tokyo Dome –WWF 30th March, 1991

Talk about a rare tag. Excellent to see.

The Japanese culture also makes a great match better with two fast teams.

Japanese commentary doesen’t take anything away.

The fans applaud the quick beginning with Bret leap-frogging Jannetty and then Marty with an arm-bar, reversed by Bret into an arm-ringer, Shawn tagged in and both Rockers drop the elbow to Bret but then Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart comes in and double clotheslines both men.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart tagged in and goes one on one with Michaels.

Shawn with a side head-lock to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and then off the ropes he runs into the big man. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart scoops up Shawn with a powerslam but Michaels cradled the Anvil and got a nearfall, the respectful fans applaud again.

This time off the ropes Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart lands a shoulder block, Michaels then with a leap-frog a backslide and a nearfall. An arm-ringer to the Anvil and a tag with Jannetty. He drops a double-axehandle then tags back in Shawn as they isolate the big Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart in their corner.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart with some momentum though uses his body strength to out-power a smaller Jannetty to the outside. Back in the ring Jannetty hits a drop toe-hold to the Anvil and tags back in Shawn. Both apply a double arm-ringer and a double thrust kick to the head of Neidhart.

Jim clearly needed a hot tag to Bret.

Michaels with an arm-bar to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Anvil comes back with a slam and Bret’s finally tagged in.

The Hitman missed a leg-drop and is reversed to the ropes, a leap-frog by Shawn but Bret drops him with an atomic drop. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart tagged back in and applies a front facelock to Michaels then laughs in a cocky fashion as he usually did for about the fourth time in the match.

Bret with a BLIND tag from the Anvil hits a back-breaker to HBK. Hart now disects Michaels with a stiff european uppercut then another. Bret tried a third but Michaels turned the tide with a back-slide and a two count. Bret picks up Michaels as the momentum has shifted back and forth and holds him in a full nelson while tagging in Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart lays a blow on Shawn followed by an irish-whip and a back-body slam and a nearfall. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart scooped up Michaels with a bear-hug submission. Really gripping the back trying to wear down the quicker Michaels which was smart. A hard irish-whip by the Anvil to Michaels as he turns upside down falling to the mat outside the ring. Bret took it to Michaels a bit outside the ring and tossed him back in.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart slows things down a bit with a reverse chin-lock into a front facelock. Bret back in an drops blows to HBK. He goes for a back-breaker and Shawn gets out. Bret tags in the Anvil who pins Shawn and he kicks out. Anvil with a sleeper, more wearing down the quicker HBK which was by all means completely logical.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart had the luxury of Bret holding Micheals a bunch of times in the full nelson. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart slams Shawn’s head into Bret’s boot and now Bret does the dirty work on Michaels while the Anvil held him. Despite all this Michaels as he did all his career showed great resilience and came back with inside cradles and near pinning attempts. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart took HBK to the outside and ruthlessly chopped him.

Bret in the ring with a snapmare to Shawn and a headlock. Hart ttacked the back fo Michaels and then sent him to the corner but missed his second rope diving elbow drop. Jannetty gets the hot tag as the fans roar for the babyface Rockers and Jannetty hits a reverse elbow to Bret. Marty with a shot to the gut of the Hitman and then a high thrust kick, but hall of famer Bret Hart would have none of that and kick out. Jannetty off the corner of the buckle uses it for leverage for an inside cradle on the Hitman but he kicks out.

Off the ropes this time Jannetty with an inside cradle but still only a two. Bret falls to the outside but tags back in the Anvil. Michaels with a flying reverse elbow to Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart when he is tagged back in. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart catches Michaels off the top but he pins Jim with a crossbody but gets a nearfall. Bret back in and Michaels with a crossbody, Bret turns it into a pinning combination with an inside cradle and wins.


In the end at around fifteen minutes, this well balanced/rare tag-team attraction ended when Hart got Michaels.
This match was fast paced and highly enjoyable. A uniqut atmosphere in Japan as well.




*** 1/2






4) Bret Hart (c) vs Shawn Michaels (With Sensational Sherri)  in a Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -Portland, Oregon-WWF 21st July, 1992



Hart is a Babyface now and Michaels is the heel.


The “forgotten” Ladder match of course since Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon pretty much get all the credit for their innovative Mania X match and rightfully so.
While this bout didn’t incorporate the Ladder as a weapon quite as good, it’s still a nice little gem.

Hart was the IC Champion coming in and that’s the object, grab the belt and you’re the winner. Just like in Cage matches, escape and you win. Now in wrestling usually to suspend disbelief you have to throw logic right out the window.

But in gimmick matches like Cage and Ladder matches (ESPECIALLY back in these days) you REAAAALLLY have to do this. So not going to nit-pick here.

The two late broadcasters Gorilla Monsoon and “Lord” Alfred Hayes call the action.

HBK took it to the Hitman early but Bret responds with forearm shots and a back body-drop then more hard forearms and a vicious irish-whip to Shawn Michaels into the turnbuckle.
Bret lifts the legs of Michaels and stomps on his lower abdominal legion. Bret went to go get the Ladder apparently but Shawn stops him tryng to wear the Hitman down with right’s.

Monsoon calls her Scary Sherri, lets thank Bruti for that. I remember as a kid thinking that was her REAL NAME. Aanyway Michaels slams Bret and here we go.

It’s LADDER time. Bret though takes it to Shawn before he can do any damage at all. Bret slams him down and drops the elbow. Bret gets the small (compared to most) Ladder that is Red.

Sherri distracts Bret and Shawn starts to climb but Bret pulls the pants down only slightly (for once, thank god) on Michaels. Shawn Michaels rakes Bret’s face.

I find it humerous Monsoon is talking about how dangerouns this match is yet they are not using the Ladder as a weapon unlike Mania X with Ramon and Michaels which is why that match was so revolutionary.

Bret in the corner and Shawn Michaels rams it into the gut of Hart. Six minutes into the match and the Ladder is being used slightly. This time Shawn Michaels fails by ramming the Ladder into the buckle as Bret wisely moved. Shawn Michaels kicked at Bret and then Shawn Michaels dropped an elbow to the face of Bret. Shawn set the Ladder up diagnol in the corner with a bend.

Hart gaining momentum but is reverse-irishwhipped into the Ladder.

Shawn Michaels with Bret Hart down sets up the Ladder and stomps on Hart. Bret climbs as he re-gains momentum but couldn’t reach in time and Shawn Michaels knocks hm off the Ladder by pushing it.

Shawn Michaels kicks at the head of Hart to make sure he couldn’t interupt HBK if he elected to climb the Ladder.

Shawn Michaels lays out Hart and sets the ladder up in the opposite corner diagnol this time. Hart crashed like only he could hard into the buckle spine-first.

The Hitman comes out of the corner strong with a beautiful clothesline nailing Shawn Michaels in the face. Sherri rooting on Shawn Michaels but Bret flips him down and catapolts Michels into the Ladder.

A super thrust kick by Michaels and then a side suplex. Can Shawn Michaels take advantage and take his IC title? Shawn Michaels with a bit of strength grabs the Ladder as the fans scream here during the climax of the bout.

Shawn Michaels climbs but Bret pushed the Ladder and HBK fell to the outside.
In the end at aroung fourteen minutes Bret retained the title by grabbing his IC title belt after getting rid of Shawn Michaels.
This match was quite good for its time. Nothing amazing but fun considering there weren’t really matches like this back then.









5) Bret Hart (c) vs Shawn Michaels (With Sensational Sherri) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -WWF Syracuse, New York- 29th April, 1992  

Classic commentary tandem in the booth.

Ross and Monsoon.
Bret still the IC Champ babyface here. Bret puts shades on a youngster.
This one is under-way as the bell rings.

This took place a month before Bret-Bulldog at Wembley Stadium and about a month before he became WWF Champion for the first time by defeating Flair in Saskatoon.

Hart was very over and clearly ready. While Michaels was ready to take over the IC division with guys like Hennig to compete with there and of course former rocker Marty Jannetty.

Both guys chain-wrestle to begin and Hart uses his leverage to toss out Michaels out of the ring and Shawn Michaels is frustrated.

The New York fans cheer the beginning here and both men are quite small but Bret just stood up toss out Shawn.

Shawn Michaels distracted back in and Hart took it to him without hesitation and then a fast leg-drop. Bret storming out of the corner with a ton of impact drops Shawn with a clothesline.

HBK buried a knee to the Hitman off the ropes. Hart down now as Shawn Michaels stomps on him, Sherri roots him on from the outside. HBK gets his head slammed into the buckle but then he irish-whipped Bret hard to the buckle spine-first. They talk about the thud sound it makes and I still say nobody sells that move better then Hart.

He’s the best there is, was and ever will be for selling that move. That’s for sure.

Sherri like she did for Savage at Mania 7 against Warrior interferes and takes a shot at the throat of Bret behind the official the late great Joey Marella in the last couple years of his life here.

HBK with a headlock on Bret. Bret Hart though gets out and off the middle rope flies off with a hard clothesline. Another clothesline after a hard atomic drop by the Hitman Bret Hart. Now a back-breaer. A middle rope elbow to the sternum and Michaels kicks out.

Bret with a sleeper to Shawn Michaels and then he takes Bret to the outside. Both guys to the floor as they engage in a slug-fest. Sherri grabbed Bret by the Ankle and Shawn swung him off the apron and he crashed sternum first into the security rail and Shawn wins by count-out.

Fink announced the belt can’t change by count-out even though Shawn grabs the belt, Sherri acts as if she didn’t know the rules. Haha…..
In the end at 9 and a half minutes Shawn won by count-out.
This match was alright, Bret takes it to Shawn after the bout.




** 3/4





6) Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship -WWF Survivor Series 1992


Champion against Champion, Bret got used to that in 1992. Michaels was the IC Champ here.


Back in 92 Bret and Michaels tolerated one another, so this had the potential to be a Classic if given the tme.

It seems like the more they hated one another, the worse the matches got.

Here is a true underrated gem.

The match began with Bret Hart and Shawn showing they could ride each on the mat.

Michaels bickering to the official about Hart grabbing on in typical heel fashion.

Bret ahead of a young Shawn, it was almost like student vs teacher. Shawn took Bret down and he sprung up and applied a hammerlock into an overhead armbar.

As soon as Shawn Michaels has an advantage technically, Bret feels the need to one up him.

Good psychology.

I love the sequence right here when the two criss-cross and a leapfrog by Michaels surprises Bret. Shawn hits a drop toehold into a quick side headlock, Bret immediately knows a counter to the beautiful-textboon chain wrestling displayed by the two.

Bret now in control after winning that sequence.

The action so fast and frequent it`s difficult to keep up at times. This is absolutely terrific. Amazing pace from two of the best ever.

Hart then drove his knee into the abdomen of Michaels who in frustration slams his hands on the mat knowing he had Bret where he wanted him. The Hitman back to his vertical base keeps it locked on.

Michaels resorts to chain-wrestling counters with an armbar of his own. Hart using all he had ran Michaels out of the ring to the floor.

Bret once again out-smarted Shawn.

Michaels flipped back into the ring by Bret who utlizies an overhead armbar to the same damaged left arm of Michaels.

Both men hold the ropes for leverage in a sequence when they tried to roll the other guy for a pinfall.

Eventually Hart hits a crossbody on Shawn then rolls to the floor. Bret with a sunset flip from the outside apron into the ring then a nearfall. Back into armbar.
Perfect storytelling thus far with the Hitman in complete control.

Bret the reigning Champion at the time maintains the hold. Michaels tried a desperation arm-drag to Bret but he hit hiplock. Bret with an arm-ringer to Shawn and then he gave him a shot to the face.

Michaels flipped around off the ropess but Hart drops him with a clothesline then back to the arm. Back to his vertical base HBK caught Bret with stungun, or a hotshot and Bret is levelled as he drops to the mat. This bought Michaels time.

Shawn still selling the left arm went to drive Bret into the buckle but he blocked it and irish-whipped Shawn into the corner but as he charged towards him he rammed the ringpost shoulder first.

Two amazing sellers here. One selling the arm, the other the shoulder. A swinging neckbreaker by Shawn and then rakes Bret`s face with his boot. Michaels irishwhipped Hart to the corner sternum first and as I`ve said so many times nobody bumps better then Bret in that predicament.
Michaels with his one good arm, his right tried to ground Bret with a side headlock on the mat. Shawn hit a dropkick to Bret then a backbreaker and a two count. Bret is getting weared down now because of the desperation by Michaels who knew Bret had out-smarted him on all moves.

Bret fights back, off the ropes he puts on the breaks and Michaels finally out-smarts the Hitman with a swinging neckbreaker and he follows it up by kicking at his injured shoulder. Down goes the Hitman in a front facelock by Michaels. Shawn gets rammed into the post.
Hart begins to fight back but misses the elbow from up top which is one of his signature moves.

Michaels with momentum hit a flying forearm to Bret. A nearfall and then a front faclock on the canvas by Michaels. Shawn wanted to do with the warrior did and become both IC and Heavyweight Champion.

Bret has life as his arm doesen`t drop for three and you have the feeling were entering the climax. Bret gets an inside cradle and a two count. Shawn sends Bret Hart to the corner he leaps over him and hits a suplex.

Both men still selling their injuries but Bret catapolts Michaels into the corner. Both men down. Bret with a headbutt and off the ropes a back body-drop followed by a nearfall. A side russian legsweep then an elbow shot. Michaels kicks out.
Bret fatigued has Michaels set up for a Superplex putting him up high. Bret lands the Superplex.

The Hitman to fatigued he can`t make the cover. A collision made Bret check on Hebner and then a series of waist-lock go behinds takes Bret to the floor. Michaels sends him into the ring post.

Shawn can`t win the title by countout but he made sure the damage was done slamming Hart on the floor.

Back in the ring Shawn picked up Bret and sent him spine first into the buckle, another kickout. Shawn then hits a back-body drop to Bret and yet another nearfall. Bret withan inside cradle out of no where when Shawn argued with the official.

Then out of no where Michaels hits his signature move.

The soon to be headliner delivered his superkick to the Hitman.



Shawn Michaels flexes then instead of pinning Bret as he holds him up high until Bret had to resort to raking his face.

A classic slugfest in mid-ring until Shawn hit a side suplex. Michaels ran to the ropes but got tangled. Shawn moved as Bret charged but then he ran out of steam.

Hart seemed to be out of it.

Michaels goes up top for an elbow and Bret gets up out of desperation catching the legs of Michaels!

The Hitman held the Sharpshooter on Michaels.

In the end The Hitman retained his title at 26:40 after he made him tap.


Amazing match.

This match did more in under a half an hour then the Iron-Man did in more then half the time of this one. I have both Classic`s at the same rating but this is better quality here.

The X-Factor here was both guys were entering there prime and watching the chemistry together was a thing of beauty.

I have no idea why this wasn`t Bret`s DVD but either way it still holds up as a Classic and I’m glad it’s put here on Bret versus Shawn’s DVD.




**** 1/2







7) Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels in a Steel Cage Match -WWF Utica, New York – 1st December, 1993



Shawn Michaels wasted no time attacking Bret in the old school Blue cage with double axe-handle blows to the lower-back of Bret. Bret blocks a Cage shot and slamed Shawn Michaels into it.

Bret Hart then catapolted Michles into the Cage. Bret lays out Shawn with a big right. Hart chokes out Shawn Michaels and then lays out Shawn with a textbook back-breaer. The Hitman begins to climb.

Shawn grabs one leg preventing Hart to climb completely out.

The Hitman and Shawn both try and escape the Cage. Hart sells the leg as that would make sense as he’s not capable of beating Shawnoutside the ring.

HBK grabbed the hair though of Bret.

The Hitman had the momentum and now has lost it.

Both men straddling the top exchanging right’s on the top of the Cage.

A race to the end and Bret slams Shawn’s face into the blue Steel and Shawn Michaels’s leg gets caught in the ropes.

In the end at approximately 12 minutes Bret lands feet first winning the match.
This match was pretty slow and not very good at all. It wasn’t bad though because of who was involved obviously.












Disc 3 Match and Segments:





8 ) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (with Jose Lothario) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) in a “60 Minute Iron Man Match” for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 12


The two best workers from this era (no questions asked) and two of the very best in history competing in a 60 minute title match in the Main Event of Wrestlemania was a dream match for many.

Oh yeah and it gets better. These two don’t like each other at all.

Watching the build-up to this match gets me pumped up to go back and re-live it. Obviously its a controversial match at the end of the day as one could question the booking and structure of this match. A lot feel it could be quicker, more falls, while some appreciate its patience and love how everything played off.

Still its a Classic in its own right.

Bret says he just wanted to wake up the following morning with his title. We also get the story of Shawn’s dream.

Fink introduced who he could now say was the President of the WWF, Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon.

Shawn’s music hits and he looks older then usual. Oh, it’s Jose Lothario. Jose points to the rafters and Shawn dances from the roof and comes flying into the ring with style. A great Wrestlemania moment to look back on.

The Hitman comes in as the defending Champion in a less impressive fashion… (Infact Bret wasn’t satisfied how he was made to look the whole feud and build-up in this match as he mentions in his book)

Earl explained the rules while both men were more then ready for the match of there career`s, Bret gives us a wink.

Unfortunately, this w asn’t the last Hart-Michaels match Earl Hebner officated…

The anticipation has been built and now it was time to get it on.

The Main Event of Wrestlemania was truely back after a long stretch of time (Wrestlemania 8-11) where it was arguable it was even there at all.

Bret and Shawn tied up and this one was on!

These two will go at it for an hour and the person with the most decisions will be the winner and ultimately the World Wrestling Federation Champion. A decision can be earned by a Pinfall, Submission, Count-Out or DQ.

The bell rings, here we go…I’ve always had problems making it through this match in one sitting so this is going to be a true test for me disecting every portion of this match in form of a Review. I’m sure I’ll end up appreciating it much more that way, I always do with most matches that are lengthy.

Shawn Michaels locks up with the Hitman. Bret cornered and then Shawn is as Bret turns the tide and is instructed to back off by referee Hebner. Bret goes in and Shawn hits a belly to back suplex on the Hitman, Bret escapes this predicament with a waistlock go-behind on Shawn. Michals gets out of this escaping to the ropes. Michaels now asked for a test of strength by Bret and he doesen’t go for it. Bret with a side headlock on Shawn and Michaels takes down the Hitman shoving him off of him. Hart shrugs it off. Another tie-up and a side headlock takeover by Michaels.

McMahon suggests Shawn Michaels was giving the Hitman a wrestling lesson. I don’t know if I’d go that far but he was one step ahead thus far. Michaels with an arm-ringer and he stomps the mat wrenching down on his left arm. Michaels twisting the arm but Bret reverses it with a standing side headlock, Bret almost rolled to his back by Michaesl on the mat but Bret slaps a side headlock on Shawn down on the mat. Back to his vertical base Shawn gets grounded as he is stuck in a side headlock by the defending Champion, the Hitman Bret Hart. Bret keeps this locked on for a good minute until he drops Shawn with a side headlock takedown. Bret applied this move so crisp, immediately I think about his classics with Curt Hennig whenever I see a nice side headlock takedown by the Hitman.

The scoreclock is shown. and we are almost four minutes through when The Hitman expertly applied another side headlock takedown. Shawn rolled Bret to his back and got a two. Bret still with the side headlock wearing down a quicker Shawn which was by all means logical, just not the most exciting thing to watch as the start of the match.

Here we see a quicker exchange between the two men. Bret shoved to the ropes and Michaesl hits a hiplock, Bret kicks him from the canvas and drops Shawn with a side headlock takedown, Michaels counters with a headscissors onto Bret out of the sleeper, both men kick up and another takedown by Bret and back into the side headlock. This sequence is met with a bunch of applause from the audience. Shawn rolls Bret onto his back out of the sleeper for a two and now Bret regains control back into the sleeper.

Five minutes down, fifty five to go.

Bret at his vertical base grounds Shawn down some more and he attempts an overhead wristlock as a counterhold to Bret, as Michaels struggles to slap it on Bret tries to overpower him. Shawn drops Bret for a moment but then Hart immediately re-gains control with a front facelock. Hart standing up with Shawn Michaels in a front facelock. Hart with his favourite move so far in the match a side headlock takedown. Bret Hart back up gets a few shots by Michaels, Bret runs off the ropes jumping over Michaels twice, Shawn hits an armdrag takedown, and now he slaps an armbar on the Hitman which gets a positive response. Michaels drops his knee into the shoulder area of the Hitman and goes back into an armbar on Bret. Shawn Michaels drops his leg on Shawn’s arm and he slaps on a wristlock on Bret and then goes back into an armbar. Shawn Michaels gets a hiplock on Bret taking him down to the mat before re-applying an armbar. The Hitman trying to gain a counter on Shawn Michaels’s weardown hold. This was Shawn Michaels’s version of Bret’s side headlock from earlier. Shawn turns this into an overhead wristlock as Bret tried to get out at every chance he got. Bret shoves Shawn to the ropes and Michaels hit a shoulder block. Bret catches Shawn Michaels offgaurd and he drops him with a droptoe hold. Michaels then gets out of a Side headlock and goes into a hammerlock. Nice chain-wrestling sequence here. Michaels drives the knee into the bad shoulder-arm region of the Hitman which he had been earlier working on and goes back into an armbar. Shawn Michaels in control for the moment once again as he holds a hammerlock on the Hitman. Shawn Michaels pushed to the corner as the Hitman gets back to his feet.

This match starts slow for the same reason you walk before run on a treadmill.

Bret Hart with shots with his good shoulder into the chest of Shawn Michaels. Michaels turns Bret around and the intensity builds as Shawn unleashed shots to the Hitman. Shawn Michaels then drops Bret to the outside with a modified headscissors takeover. McMahon calls it a high flying Mexican Maneuver. We will leave it at that I guess.

Bret goes for a walk and then decideds to join Shawn Michaels again inside the ring. Shawn Michaels with a fire-man’s carry back into an arm-bar. Michaels with additional pressure to the injured shoulder of the Hitman. Shawn pushed off the ropes and Bret catches Shawn elevating him to the floor but he holds onto the ropes skinning the cat. This quickness of the Showstopper surprises the Hitman catching him off gaurd and right back into the armbar he goes. Off the ropes goes Shawn and he catches a knee shot to the abdomen. A headbutt by Bret now to the lower abdomen of Michaels, followed by a leg-drop. The Hitman with a couple of offensive moves before slapping a sleeper on Shawn.

Bret then forced a reverse chinlock on Shawn Michaels.

Bret Hart held this until Shawn hit a jawbreaker. Michaels with a legdrop to Bret. Michaels with a nice armbar into a bridge trying to hyper-extend the elbow of the Hitman, all this on the same arm Shawn had been working on all match. McMahon points out that its surprising how Shawn has been Wrestling thus far as it’d been “Bret Like…” in so many words.

The Hitman down on the mat in a bad way as Michaels holds the armbar until The Hitman turned every which way attempting to get out. Bret kicks up and twists the armo of Shawn into a headlock, Bret sent to the ropes and he leapfrogs Shawn before catching him in mid-air dropping him with an inverted atomic drop. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Shawn grabs the ropes. The Hitman dropkicks Shawn to the floor. Bret with a forearm shot outside the ring. Shawn then shoved Bret to the ring post. Bret lands on the timekeeper. Shawn Michaels goes for a running sweetchin music but he nailed the timekeeper as Bret moves at the last second.

A little drama all of the sudden. Shawn throws a fit (In the 90’s? No Way…) and Bret dishes out more forearm shots before throwing the Heartbreak Kid back into the ring and slapping on another reverse chinlock. Bret Hart back on the neck of Michaels following up where HE last left off. Both guys have stayed true to there gameplan throughout the first fifteen minutes of this clinic. Bret re-applies this headlock on Shawn with additional leverage as Michaels tried to gain some form of leverage out of the hold by the Hitman. Bret to his vertical base and Shawn attempted to elbow out but Bret goes back to the mat and slaps it on even harder. They roll the timekeeper out on a stretcher right in front of Stu Hart who is sitting in the front row.

All of the sudden Shawn hits a desperation arm-drag takedown as his move to get out of the dreaded minute long Sleeper from the Hitman which I’m sure sent more then one or two people into a Coma. Michaels follows this move up with a running clothesline and still meanwhile remembers to sell the neck that has been worked on all match by Bret as he attempts to crack his neck. Nice.

Shawn Michaels eighteen minutes into the match sends Bret to the ropes or attempts to but Bret reverses the irishwhip and regains the momentum clotheslining Shawn Michaels back down to the mat and re-applying the sleeperhold. Bret Hart back to his vertical base recieves some elbows and fists by Shawn. Off the ropes Michaels leaps behind Bret, until Bret hooks the rope, Shawn lands a dropkick and then Bret got up straight away and Michaels slaps the armbar back on Bret taking him down and favoring that same weakened left shoulder of Bret. Shawn Michaels knees Bret directly back into the shoulder he has focused on although McMahon tells us its the rib area when logic and the tape says it isn’t. Michaels torks the arm back as he is in a unique sit-down armbar formation. Bret gets up and attempts to put all his weight on Shawn’s injured upper-region but Michaels regains momentum sending Bret back down to the mat back first. Michaels extending Bret’s arm but Bret teases a get-out but Shawn grounds Bret some more showing some nice amateur-mat work. Shawn grounding the Hitman on the canvas with the armbar locked in the deepest way. Shawn Michaels has Bret in a world of pain and the Hitman slowly rises up but Shawn has it locked in well. Shawn Michaels slapped by Bret and he attempted a jawbreaker but did not have the momentum to pull it off. Hart backs Michaels into the corner and knocks Shawn off with two elbow shots. A stiff uppercut by Hart three times into Shawn in the corner, then a fourth. Hart irishwhipped Shawn Michaels but Shawn stops in mid-flight then twists Bret’s injured shoulder with an arm-ringer, Shawn throws Bret shoulder first into the ringpost. Shawn drops Bret’s arm over the top rope and then cusses out the camera man.

Gotta love 90’s Michaels, McMahon even points out his temper.

Shawn Michaels drops a leg onto Bret’s bad arm and he sells it getting up. Michaels from the corner drops the double axehandle to Bret on the same shoulder. Shawn locks the bad arm behind him and throws Bret to the mat with a hammerlock slam. Shawn Michaels throws Bret with his arm held in front of him directly into the turnbuckle, not once but twice. Shawn Michaels drops the double axehandle to the bruised shoulder region of Hart Twenty Five minutes exactly into the Iron-Man Match. Shawn twists the arm, Bret reverses it out of desperation, Shawn re-reverses that but Bret lands some righthands. Bret off the ropes had some momentum built up but Shawn off the ropes lands a hammerlock drop again on the Hitman with focus on his bad arm. More damage to the shoulder region as he hyper-extends the elbow of Bret and drops more kneeshots on top of him. Back into his laydown armbar is Michaels. Shawn now has the leverage he needs to tork the arm of the Hitman but Bret rolls out. Hart grabs ahold of anything he can and he gets out for the moment. Shawn cornered Bret and hits him with a high elbow shot to the head. Shawn with a snapmare takeover on Bret back into the same armbar. Michaels stretching Hart with this same hold he has been slapping on the last ten minutes of the match, inbetween sequences of this hold Michaels drops his bodyweight onto the spine of Bret for additional punishment. Hart in desperation lands rights and somehow drops Shawn Michaels with an inverted atomic drop off the ropes goes Shawn swinging back.

Bret signals for perhaps a Sharpshooter but instead slingshots Michaels with a catapolt from mid-ring directly into the corner. Since most of the work in the match had been on Bret it was only logical for him to continue selling the shoulder and this prevented him from pinning Shawn. Smart stuff.

Michaels sends Bret to the buckle hard, bad-shoulder first. Michaels opening the match up a bit flies towards Bret in the corner and he landed up top. Bret booted Shawn from beneath the top rope and he flew around like only Shawn can. An inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline from Bret scores him a two, the first nearfall in awhile. Bret with a running bulldog. Hart unlike himself goes up high but Shawn Michaels catches him, Bret fights back. Shawn trying to reach up is caught by Bret and he drives the knee into the back of the head of Shawn, they collide into the official. This was logical although unchracteristic from Bret because whenever Hart had been on the offense during the match, he targetted the upper region of Michaels which he did again here. Shawn though lands a powerslam on Bret getting him a two count. Half-way through the match. Bret off the ropes nails Shawn Michaels with a piledriver after reversing a back bodydrop attempt from Michaels. The Hitman was to fatigued to hook the leg of Michaels and gain additional leverage thus he only scores a two count. Hart again unlike himself goes up to the top but it backfired as Shawn pulls him off hitting a hiplock from the top and Bret lands on his bad shoulder. Michaels with a hurricanrauna followed by additional righthands to Bret. Shawn sends Bret to the ropes and he hangs on hooking the ropes, scouting Shawn and he lands righthands before dropping Bret with a backbreaker, a kickout by Bret. Bret catches an elbow from Shawn. Shawn goes for a Superkick and Bret grabs ahold of the bottom rope and rolls to the outside. Bret goes for a walk which gets boo’s, Michaels caught him from upstairs onto the floor!

Shawn Michaels with a flying crossbody from the top rope to the floor. In Vince’s own words, “Unbeeeeelieeeeevable!”

McMahon speculated Shawn would get the first decision as Hart was down and seemingly out, outside the ring. Shawn elects to not get a decision and broke the count throwing Hart back in. Michaels from the top hit another crossbody but on the mat, Bret uses his bodyweight to roll on top of Shawn getting a two count. Shawn goes for a hiplock and can’t do it, Shawn goes for a backslide, then Bret, Shawn rolls out of this into a small package getting a two. Faster action now. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped Bret to the ropes and lands a forearm shot to the abdomen. Shawn with a Perfect Plex to Bret and a two. Shawn Michaels sent Bret to the ropes and slapped on a Sleeper. Bret backs him off to the corner and Shawn goes right back into the Sleeper. Shawn Michaels giving the Hitman a taste of his own medicine given what Bret had done earlier to Shawn all match. Hebner testing Bret’s awareness and Bret lifts before the three. Hart back up yanks on the long hair of Shawn. Michaels though pushed Bret to the corner and goes directly back into the sleeper. Bret reverses it and Shawn flips out behind him hitting him with an elbow, Shawn lifts himself up using the corner and hits Bret with a dropkick. Bret sent backfirst to the buckle and Shawn moving in on Bret gets backdropped out to the floor over the top rope.

The Hitman has bought himself some time, thirty seven minutes exactly into the match with a back bodydrop to Shawn Michaels who lands violently onto the floor!

The Hitman continues his violent onslaught of attack as he finds himself in desperate times which of course called for desperate acts, Bret picks up Shawn on the mat and drives him into the security railing. Hart forced Michaels back inside the ring now as he had not only boughten himself some time, but was now arguably in control after that big spot went in his favor, Bret needed this badly as Shawn had been dictating the pace for the better part of the last twenty minutes.

Bret Hart with the advantage elects to drop a hard forearm shot to the lower back of Michaels. This apart of his gameplan to disect the entire body of Shawn, with the top-half in the beginning half, and now the lower-end. Smart methodical pacing by Bret and you’d expect nothing less. Hart drives Shawn Michaels into the corner focusing on the lower back. Bret drives his elbow from the top onto Shawn’s lowerback which he now begins to sell. Bret with Shawn irishwhips him to the ropes, Shawn blocks what looks as if was going to be a bodyslam and Bret adapts to his environment hitting Michaels with an equally vicious weardown move in Shawn’s condition, the backbreaker. Bret drives his knee into the lower back of Shawn relentlessly in the corner of the ring now. Hart then drops his entire bodyweight on top of Michaels and his bad lowerback in the corner of the ring near the turnbuckle. The Hitman Bret Hart sends Michaels hard with momentum into the corner and he swings upside down. Hart then superplexes Shawn from the top landing on his lowerback. Surely this would score a fall for Bret but Michaels kicks out! Hart goes into the Camel Clutch which was quite the brilliant move for a guy in Bret’s shoes considering it focuses on the neck and the lower back, the two regions Bret had methodically been disecting Shawn Michaels with during the entire duration of this match. Forty two minutes in and Shawn kicks away at the mat still locked in tightly with Bret’s camelclutch. Shawn grabs ahold for anything at all and then drives a forearm into the abodmen of Bret, Shawn with a sunset flip off the ropes and Bret squeezed his legs together knocking the head down of Shawn. Bret then not letting Shawn go for an instant drives more pressure into the lower back. Michaels set up on top of the ropes yet again by the Hitman. Shawn drops a hard righthand, he flies off from the corner and Bret jabs him with a shot to the gut falling down. Hart lands Michaels with a Side Russian Legsweep which McMahon points out is a signature move in Bret’s offense. Bret slams Shawn’s head into the buckle, Bret irishwhipped Shawn into the corner of the ring and he swings upside down bumping like only Michaels can. Shawn falls down to the floor knocking out Jose Lothario in the process. Shawn then thrown into the steel steps by Bret and this nails down Jose again.

An ultimate victory for Bret knocking Lothario out twice with Shawn in the process outside the ring. Hart tosses a down and out Michaels back inside the ring. Bret Hart now in total control forty five minutes into the IronMan match. Lawler keeps bringing up why Bret hasn’t slapped on the Sharpshooter which could be a mistake. Hart lands a belly to belly suplex on Michaels still working on the lowerback. Lawler points out that once the Sharpshooter is slapped on the pain is centered on the lowerback which is why he should go for it. The fans get more into it as a slugfest breaks out but Bret gets the better of that as he was the one in control and Shawn’s lowerback gives out. Bret with a hard forearm uppercut into the corner of the ring on Michaels, nice impact from Bret landing his mark. Hart with a front facelock in mid-ring into a vertical suplex attempt, Michaels lands on his feet with great agility shown and then a roll-up by Shawn scores a two. Bret elevated Shawn to the outside with some power. Bret on one knee caching his breath then runs off the side ropes and charges towards Shawn outside the ring flying through the middle ropes. The heads of both men colliding in the process, a nice spot in the match.

The pace picks up from this point on, forty seven and a half minutes into the match.

Bret broke the count himself (Something both men have done a few times each for some reason) and Shawn is allowed a breather to build up suspense for the climax of this clinic, in the Main Event of Wrestlemania! Shawn Michaels coming back in hooked up by Bret from inside, Michaels lands on his feet and grabs ahold of Bret, Hart with a standing switch applied a back suplex to Shawn hooking the legs into a bridge and a two count. Shawn with a forearm to the mid-section on Bret but he overpowers Shawn down on his knees due to Hart being the aggressor. Hart lands a kick to the face on the Challenger. Shawn Michaels asking for some more grabs ahold of the tights of Bret but he is on the recieving end of another hard shot from the Hitman.

Hart goes into a reverse chinlock.

Fifty minutes in.

The Hitman wearing down Michaels some more as his legs kick to the mat trying to re-gain anything at all which could count as leverage to get out of this hold and try and re-gain some momentum back to his own side. Michaels trying to make a move on Bret Hart but he has been in the hold for over a minute and a half now, Michaels began to pull Bret’s hands down just to get oxygen back to his head.

Eight and a half minutes remain in the time limit, the score still tied at zero. Bret Hart with the pressure still applied but at least Michaels’s lowerback had gotten a break. Michaels grabs Bret with anything possible and re-gained his vertical base. Finally Shawn Michaels elbows out, ducks a clothesline then collides with Bret as they take each other out with a double clothesline.

Lawler hilariously says Shawn doesen’t look like the 12 year old kid with a dream right now.

Bret Hart kicked at but he slaps on a front facelock hooking Shawn up top. All the way up on the top rope Bret Hart drops Shawn Michaels with a Superplex off the very top rope.

This takes it out of both men and Bret couldn’t hook the leg in time, but Bret goes for his trusty Sharpshooter for the first real time, Michaels kicks at Bret not allowing it.

Hart then attempts a figure-four leglock, Shawn blocks it, Bret does slap on a leglock and its the Boston Crab! Shawn Michaels reaching for the ropes, eventually gets there. Bret lets go at four as Hebner gets in his face. Bret Hart coming close to a DQ then drives Shawn’s lowerback into his knee with a nicely applied backbreaker. Hart climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for an elbow drop but Michaels gets the boot up kicking Hart directly in the face. Shawn Michaels with an oppurtunity now fifty five minutes and a half into the IronMan match!

Shawn Michaels lands a high dropkick sending Bret crashing into the corner. Bret holding himself up in the corner gets met with a forearm as Shawn charged into him. Michaels sends Bret Hart crashing sternum first into the turnbuckle pad, I always felt Bret bumps sternum first into the padding better then any other wrestler has ever done. Shawn Michaels lands a flying forearm off the ropes, and does he have enough to kick up, he does and it gets a roar from the crowd. Michaels drops a boot on Bret. Shawn Michaels irishwhips Hart and flies into him with a flying reverse elbow drop. Shawn Michaels scoops Bret up and slams him down to the canvas. A lot of action now. Shawn Michaels with another high-risk move and drops the double-axe handle to the Hitman Bret Hart who kicks out at two. Shawn Michaels slaps on a front facelock into a vertical suplex and now the Challenger is full of desperation offense going for it all. Michaels drops an elbow drop onto Hart from the top rope and this gains him another two count. Shawn Michaels with more offense as he sends Bret to the ropes and hits him with a boot to the mid-section, and a gutwrench suplex with exactly two minutes left. Shawn Michaels drops onto Bret with a moonsault landing on the Hitman getting a two. Bret back up with a reversal and from the corner Shawn lands a boot to the jaw of Bret. Off the top Shawn rolls an inside cradle on Bret and gets a two.

Exciting times here.

Shawn Michaels scoops Bret back up and slams him down to the mat with one minute and change remaining. Shawn Michaels has Bret where he wants him and now begins to climb the corner turnbuckle, but Bret begins to get up. Shawn Michaels from the top comes flying off and Bret catches him in mid-air and Hart goes for the Sharpshooter and has it finally slapped on.

Bret held Shawn in the Sharpshooter as everyone in the building stands up.

The time-limit expires and a hush of silence is heard. Bret gets his title as a lot of the Pond boo. Monsoon and Hebner have some words. Where was Monsoon when we needed him at the Survivor Series, I would of liked him to have a word with Hebner during that one.

The ring announcer Howard Finkel says that the 60 minute time limit has expired, however this match has been ordered to continue under Sudden Death Rules. Bret Hart gets in the ring and Bret argues with Gorilla Monsoon who is on the outside of the ring.

The match continues and Bret isn’t very pleased with this, and the match continued under “Sudden Death” Rules, we are noted that there must be a winner. We’re in overtime screams Lawler.

Shawn Michaels is down and Bret comes in and argues a bit with Monsoon questioning this call, this obviously gives Michaels a moment to re-group in the corner of the ring knowing he has a second chance here to realize his dream.

The bell rings and Hart goes back on top of Shawn, Bret grabs ahold of the tights and drops a forearm to the injured lower back. Hart viciously drives his knee into the lowerback of Michaels and then hits him with a nice back bodydrop off the ropes. Bret grabs Shawn and drops him with a backbreaker which of course puts more stress to the lowerback of Michaels which had been worked on for an hour.

Out of now where Michaels caught Bret in the corner and landed a superkick. Shawn Michaels totally fatigued was not able to cover him. Hart down and now Shawn had a chance after the Superkick to regain some momentum and get back to his feet.

Michaels awaits Bret to get up again and gets all of a second Superkick.

In the end Shawn Michaels gives Bret Hart two super kicks and then pins him to win the WWE Championship for the first time at 61:52.

The Hitman was pinned after a tremendous duration of taking it to the limit endurance wise by his foe, Shawn Michaels.

The crowd seem satisfied.

Shawn Michaels has now won the big one.

Now not taking away anything from Shawn`s big moment, I`m certainly not a fan of Shawn telling Bret to leave so he could have his moment. I wasn’t there so obviously I don’t know what he said exactly but I’m pretty sure he told Bret to “Get the F out of his ring” or something along those lines.

Oh well, it is what it is. If THEY can get over it by now in 2010, so can I.

This match could of been booked better, I don`t think there`s any denying that, however it still stands as a technical clinic and one of the defining moments of the 1990`s, the good in this match simply can`t be ignored.

When factoring in all that matters its an All-Time Classic.



**** 1/2







Segment 1: WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony -Bret Hart’s Induction
 Chicago, Illinois – 1st April, 2006


-Lets be honest this was such a mark out moment to see Bret on WWE TV for the very first time LIVE since Survivor Series 1997. Austin inducted Bret, Austin took a shot at Hogan then praised Bret and talked about their matches together most notably the Greatest match of all time from Chicago at Mania 13.

Hart thanks all the old-schoolers, tells Owen stories, sets the record clear and he had everyone from Natich, to Hunter, to Booker, to Austin cracking up. Bret thanks his fans and overall gives a tremendous speech. Always love watching this one.

Even the biggest dreams, can still come true!



Segment 2: Bret Hart Returns to Raw
WWE Raw – 4th January, 2010


-Bret’s first appearance on Raw in 12 years. Maybe not the pop he should of got because it’s been so long, it’s in the States, it’s the PG era but Bret and Shawn do the right thing and FINALLY bury the hatchet. They cap it off with a hand-shake and a hug. Another strong, feel-good segment.




Segment 3: WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony -Shawn Michaels’ Induction
 Atlanta, Georgia – 2nd April, 2011


-Another good Hall of Fame segment, Michaels getting top billing of course, I’d of loved to see Savage in this class but it is what it is. Shawn deserved his moment in the sun like everyone else, and is very sincere when thanking his fans, peers and family. Nice little touch with the Clique at the end.









Final Rating for WWE Greatest Rivalries: Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels = 8/10


This DVD was a fantastic final look on a subject we thought we may never get the full story out of. We all knew tidbits here and there but to see these guys sit with each other discussing these extremely emotional topics is amazing. Considering the long-term hate or grudges over the many years that transpired and everything else it is just fabulous to see these men move on and discuss these things side by side.

Fans should appreciate that this kind of stuff is available. I like the rare gems on the set, sure the repeats were necessary but it is what it is. Real Emotion. Real Hatred. Real love. In wrestling…a world full of fiction…..a real story comes to life. Pick it up.

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  1. Luke Jordan says:

    Great DVD and Blu-ray a must buy for every WWE fan, but I can’t believe there was no Bret/Bulldog or Owen vs DX HBK and The Game Tripke H in 1997 on RAW.

  2. Harry Faversham says:

    There was never any beef here. I was making a point about the Hart Foundation and the times changing in those days. I’m not going to get into montreal if I can help it, but it was a valid point about the dancing/sunglasses thing and why they are different. If Bret had gone up to the kids and put sunglasses on THEN started pulling his tights down in front of a little Jimmy then it would be about the same. I was asked what my opinion was and I gave it. Everyone is entitled to respectfully disagree I think. I agree that they have made peace and the fans shouldnt worry about it too much. Thats what I was getting at when I said that Shawn has changed and I didnt need to add to it because its all on the DVD.

  3. Brad Attitude says:

    Great review. this has to be the dvd of the year.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    I have no beef’s with either men. If my review seemed biased towards Bret it might be because I figured he was right for most of the time. In my actual review I say it’s tremendous how both have settled it. Its just fans will find anything to argue over. I reviewed the Big Show set and that was longer then this DVD that has 0 comments to this 32, because no one argues over Big Show, but I definitely would of liked feedback there.

  5. Brady12 says:

    Hate to say it but Patriots83 is right and I’m ready to drop the beef if Brett Mix and Harry Faversham are what do you all say peace on the HBK Bret feud.

  6. Patriots83 says:

    Wow seems like the beef is fully not over with some Shawn Michaels Bret Hart fans, but I think if they made peace and then the rest of fans should do also. Both of them were great and one thing I see from this is that both HBK fans and Hitman fans would go to war with them because we were fans of their’s and they were idols to us, like Macho Man was to me, he needs another DVD by the way.

  7. Logan James says:

    Not saying Bret wasn’t a great wrestler but the Attitude Era was right they had to get more wild which DX was doing. Bret is in my top 50 favorite wrestler but he lacked chrismia like Shawn has Jeff Hardy and many others have but I never liked Bret’s mic skills he was putting a sleeper hold on the crowd when he would try to comeback after Shawn talked crap about Stu Hart. When Shawn was talking shit about Bret everyone hated him from Canda and maybe some American people but when King did it in 1995, everyone didn’t hate on him and King was hilirious owning Bret and Stu.

  8. Harry Faversham says:

    I thought it was a great review Brett. I read in an interview with Bret Hart that the reason he didn’t choose the ladder match or Survivor Series 1992 match with Shawn on his DVD was because he wanted to portray the chemistry he had with other wrestlers at its best. From a Hitman history point of view otherwise I’m sure you would have picked King of the Ring against Bam Bam Bigelow instead of the Barcelona Match, SNME against DiBiase instead of the untelevised match, Summerslam 1997 instead of the One Night Only match and he wanted to include the Iron Man match but it was just too long. He based it on technical in ring skill only I think so thats why he chose those matches even if they werent his biggest moments. I think its because until that point his legacy had been buried somewhat and he wanted to ensure people knew what he was really all about. As a fan I might have made a few different choices but when I got that DVD it blew my mind. Also, Ii you think about it then it shows how much he loved working with Perfect, Owen and Davey by going with 2 matches with each of them.

  9. Logan James says:

    I agree so much with Dave, if he (Bret) had a problem with the Attitude era he should’ve went to Vince instead of burying the company and forcing Vince’s hand in Screwing him at Survivor Series 97.

  10. Dave says:

    The fact is that Bret Hart was completely AGAINST the Attitude movement in the WWF at the time. On Brets’ “Wrestling with Shadows” documentary, he went on a Candian wrestling TV show (OTR with Michael Landsberg) and completely buried the direction the WWF was going in. Bret had been very vocal for awhile at that point that he didn’t agree with the Attitude era.

    It’s fine if he didn’t like the direction the WWF was going in, but it was very unprofessional for Bret to be so vocal about the direction that the company that was paying his salary was going in. He should talked to Vince privately about this, not go on TV and put the company on blast.

    The thing is Vince wanted to get rid of Bret. Vince himself admitted that he made a mistake (and how often does Vince ever admit to making a mistake?) signing Bret in 1996 when Bret was a free agent. He knew if Bret stayed in the WWF that he was going to have to constantly deal with Bret criticizing the company and its’ new direction.

    Combine that with Vince seeing that Bret wasn’t drawing good ratings (even with his heel turn and new Hart Foundation), and Vince wanted to cut bait. So, you have a guy who isn’t drawing well AND critcizing the company PUBLICALLY and that made Vince decide it was time to get rid of Bret. This review is really one-sided. Bret was no angel back then, either.

  11. Harry Faversham says:

    That was me (Harry Faversham) with the anonymous comment below.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It was the fact that after he danced with the little kids, he started pulling his tights down. I think he even says that on this DVD. Thats a bit different to giving someone a pair of sunglasses. Also, the Hart Foundation WERE HATED in America because they beat down Austin and Michaels etc every week ‘like a pack of dogs’ because Vince McMahon wanted to do capture some of what the nWo was doing on the other channel. They were less prominent when Shawn Michaels turned heel and the D-Generation concept came onto television, which just added to the tensions between them. To be honest it made people in other countries love the Harts more when America turned against them. But in America they were the WWF’s answer to the nWo except it made more sense because they were family and after years of feuding blood was thicker than water and they united against the American fans. I watched both shows every week and it had a similar feel to it long before DX took over that role. Its quite obvious from this DVD that Shawn has changed a lot since those days too. I don’t need to add to that really, its all on the DVD.

  13. Anonymous says:


    The Hart Foundation were both hated and liked as heels. That was sort of the point of the whole Border Wars storyline. Loved abroad, but hated in America. Bret viewed Shawn’s dancing as borderline stripteases, and that’s why he had a problem with it.

  14. Brett Mix says:

    Miz47, he wasn’t a “Good Christian Man” back in 97 where he lied about the Screwjob and doing lines of Coke ever day. He even admitted he lied in 97 when he said to Brett I swear to god. So even though hey may of found Jesus now he WAS a liar and that’s a fact. People have wrestled through worse injuries then Shawn had, look at Austin as an example. Also Bret was right, if HBK had such a bad knee why was he doing back-flips and the like. The truth is Shawn never wanted to drop the title to Bret and because of that Bret never wanted to drop it to Shawn again after WM 12 and I don’t blame him.

  15. Miz47 says:

    I would’ve loved to see an TLC match between them two for the WWE championship, it would’ve been a great match. I think Bret received a fair shot at the IC title and then the WWE Championship and he had a great run as champion but when Shawn won his first WWE championship in March of 1996 and held the title till November and then won it back in January and he vacated the title due to injury and he was really hurt, he doesn’t lie he’s a good Christian man.

  16. Brady12 says:

    I believe the Hitman Bret Hart was wrong in his own words about the Hart Foundation being the WWF/E’s version of the NWO, no way where they hated and likable as heels, only DX and NWO can say that because it WORKED. Correct me if I’m wrong but why wasn’t Shawn at the Hall of Fame induction for Bret, they should’ve buried the beef at the Hall of Fame Ceremony that year. I would love to hear Harry Faversham and Brett Mix’s opinion on what Bret had a problem with Shawn dancing with little girls in the ring and him giving away sunglasses to the Little Jimmy’s?

  17. Harry Faversham says:

    Bret Hart’s feuds with Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels were the start of the attitude era. They played off of Bret’s character and it worked perfectly. They needed more real storylines to compete with the nWo and Nitro. The Hart Foundation was essentially the WWF’s version of the nWo (Bret’s own words)until Shawn and D-Generation X took over the top bad guy roles. They were slowly turning up the ‘attitude’. Once Bret was gone the transition was complete. But quite frankly I preferred it when the Harts were still around. Also I don’t think ECW had as much to do with it as some have claimed. They pinched a lot of ideas from ECW when the change was already in full flow, but the change itself had more to do with the times changing and needing to match the nWo. But for me this set is a massive piece of wrestling history. Their rivalry was an important part in the transition of how wrestling was presented. That’s always fascinated me. And for the same reason Hart vs. Austin at Wrestlemania 13 is my favourite match.

  18. Brett Mix says:

    Logan James, you don’t have to think Bret-Austin WM 13 is the greatest match ever, however in my opinion it still is worlds ahead of Undertaker-Micheals WM 25 from where I sit. Shawn-Taker (Both much past their prime) match started its Climax half-way through to consist of false finishes and dramatic kick-out’s. (That’s all it really relied on other then hype) No one in their right mind ACTUALLY thought HBK stood the smallest chance of winning. It’s still a classic though. On my justification for Bret and Steve, – Give me Hart and Austin both in their absolute prime in a full-throttle bloody war that goes inside the ring and out, tells a perfect story, and made Austin a mega star and the significance of the bout is un-matched. Even an amazing double-turn that changed the business forever takes place during it. It added to Austin’s tough SOB character how he wouldn’t quit. It enhanced character development where-as your match didn’t enhance anything really other then the Streak. You could write a novel about what was so great about Austin-Bret. It’s the precise reason so many rank it #1 ever or at least one of them. So even though I partially did here, I hardly feel the need to defend it again. If you want to rank Shawn-Taker 25 or 26 high though, that’s fine by me I have no problem with it. But do get on me for ranking Austin-Bret from WM 13, come on…that’s a little insane. NO wrestling fans are going to agree with ya on that one.

  19. Brett Mix says:

    Steven what exactly are you implying, care to elaborate? I’m missing something here, I don’t follow what you mean, point me to what you’re referring to and I’ll give you my explanation.

  20. Steven says:

    I think that statement is false from Brett Mix that Shawn was going into the Attitude mode like Stone Cold was, both Shawn and Austin was already bringing the Attitude in, it just got started in late 97. But Shawn would have a 5 star match and go Follow That to the entire locker room.

  21. Logan James says:

    No disrespect but no way is the greatest match of all time Bret vs Stone Cold at Mania 13, for me it’s HBK vs Undertaker Mania 25, that is a lot of people’s greatest match of all time.

  22. HBK2762 says:

    I think before Randy’s death they sorta of made peace but who fully knows Brett, Macho Man is way overdue to be inducted into the Hall of Fame should’ve went in this year but I’m hoping he goes in next year. To hear JR say bullshit is awesome but don’t have a blu-ray player, but it should’ve been included on the DVD also.

  23. Brett Mix says:

    The reason this set is a winner is because everyone likes Bret or Shawn. At least one if not both, and they can respect the other man as well even if they don’t like the actions the others did in the 90’s. But what makes it work is now that they have found peace, the rivalry is over and now we can reflect and look back on something legendary. Their feud. We can’t do that with feuds like Savage-Hogan due to Randy’s death and whether or not lets say they settled personal beefs. That’s what makes this rivalry set so special.

  24. Dennis says:

    & Bret talking about his stroke gets me choked up EVERY time! & i’ve already watched the interview 5 times!

  25. Dennis says:

    @anonymous: totally agree! i bought the dvd version on release day after not finding the blu-ray anywhere. i would’ve waited until i found the blu-ray but i just got impatient bc i really wanted to see that ground breaking interview & knowing it’s the “incomplete” version, just bought the dvd anyway. & just a week ago I finally got the blu-ray from best buy & gave the dvd to a buddy of mine 🙂

  26. Anonymous says:

    If anyone here hasn’t by now and can, I suggest you buy the Blu-Ray. The extras are totally worth it.

  27. Logan James says:

    Good review and what does everyone think about the real reason people in Canada hate Shawn for what he did to their flag. I thought Sherri was hot not Scary Sherri as so many announcers thought but I thought the Heartbreak Kid for Shawn was a better character than Bret’s was also remember where Shawn said Stu Hart is walking around like he’s alive but he’s really dead lol.

  28. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks Straight Edge, fixed

  29. straightedge47 says:

    It doesn’t really matter but the dates for the ladder match and the following match are the wrong way round as well as the places they are held in.

    But still, nice review.

  30. Harry Faversham says:

    Kevin, Bret tore the house down with most of those guys too. A lot of parallels with the two of them, which is another thing that made their relationship very interesting.

  31. Harry Faversham says:

    I would give the blu ray 10/10. Its that good in my opinion.

  32. Bad Booking says:

    Although its a good review, the Blu-ray is a much better release. It has some promos (like the anti-Americans one from RAW and the horrible rant from 1997), the Montreal Screwjob match in its entirety, and outtakes from the main feature which are funny as hell. Watching Jim Ross say bullshit (although it was bleeped) belongs in highlight botch reels for ages to come. I think if the BD was reviewed, it would be at least 8.5/10 if not a 9.

  33. Kevin Fisher says:

    I thought that was hilarious on the DVD, that Bret was the one who told HBK that he was doing the sharpshooter wrong and told him how to do it, ring the bell Earl lol. Bret should’ve felt honored to be included in Shawn’s title picture because Shawn was going to tear the house down with Nash, Hall, X-pac, Triple H, Undertaker, Bret, Owen, Bulldog, Goldust maybe, Foley, and Stone Cold.

    • hitman fan says:

      @Kevin Fisher :

      should’ve felt honored to be included in “the playgirl guys” title picture? !!! yeah sure lol

      and what houses did he tear down ? … the only thing he tear down was his back lol
      name one 5 star match for shawn in 97 ? “except bad blood.. thanks to undertaker lol”
      and one thing ..shawn is a superstar ..bret hart is a legend

  34. Matt Cake says:

    I thought that was ironic where in the early 90’s both of them thought of Hogan, Warrior, maybe Savage, and all of the veterans as dinosaurs and then come 96 and 97, WCW was killing them in the ratings but when DX and Austin was the top 2 generating money and selling out arenas that WCW didn’t sell out because of the Attitude stuff they were doing and Bret didn’t like that and he was becoming one of the dinosaurs like HBK and Bret said about Hogan and them, shame on Bret for not changing with the times, he was stuck in the Cena era giving the kids a good time when it should’ve been telling off authority figures, anarchy,and other craziness. Look at the popular DX, you couldn’t help but like them with their antics, how many fan signs I remember can I join DX, did any fans do that for the Hart Foundation Hell no. I also agree with HBK2672 that Shawn was dancing with little girls not little boys, Bret must’ve been high or something to see little boys.

  35. HBK2672 says:

    One thing I didn’t like that Bret Hart thought Shawn was dancing in the ring with little boys they were little girls, there must be something wrong with Bret to think they were little boys. Bret was kinda of like the first John Cena with the little Jimmy’s giving them his sunglasses, I just can’t believe the DVD didn’t get the Screwjob match and I also can’t believe there was no tag-team matches of HBK and Triple H against any combo of the Hart Foundation during 1997.

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