Review: WWF/WWE Wrestlemania 14 DVD

May 21, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Wrestlemania 14 Review:


“The Austin Era… Has Begun!” -Jim Ross


-WWF Wrestlemania 14 took place on Sunday, March 29th, 1998 at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts in front of 19,028 fans.

-This was the 14th Annual WWF Wrestlemania[/B] event.

-This was the first Wrestlemania that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary together by themselves.

-WWE Hall of Famer Pete Rose made his debut here as this was the first of three consecutive Wrestlemania’s where he got a beatdown from Kane.

-This pay-per-view event was notable for the involvement of boxer Mike Tyson, who acted as a ring enforcer for the main event. The main event also saw the start of Steve Austin’s first WWF Championship reign. The show is often cited as the “official” beginning of the Attitude Era.

-This is the first Wrestlemania without Bret Hart since the original as he had appeared at numbers 2-13 and then once again at 26 to date.

-During the Main Event Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin were both in a considerable amount of pain but despite that went on to put on a stellar main event through it all.

-Now onto the PPV……………











1) Opening Contest- 15 team Battle Royal with the winning team recieving a shot at the tag titles at the next month’s Unforgiven PPV

These were the two teams involved that are most noteable, as they were the final two.

The new and “improved” LOD (Hawk and Animal) with Sunny who looked insanely hot in that little costume.

And The New Midnight Express (Bob Holly & Bart Gunn) with Jim Cornette.

They might not of been “Sweet” Stan Lane and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton but Holly and Gunn got to re-live the roles here with Cornette as the manager.

Other teams such as DOA, The Godwinns and the Nation were here as well as several filler teams.

LOD obviously got the biggest pop and it was nice to see them again, Jim Ross screams “They’re back!” Lawler is just happy to see Sunny.

Thirty men in the ring all at the same time to start Wrestlemania 14 seemed appropriate.

The fans got into the action early.

The bell rings and action is everywhere, it looks like a full Royal Rumble in there. The first Wrestlemania of the Attitude Era was officially now underway. All the ring ropes red and the WWF logo blurred out on the Wrestlemania Anthology to remind me that it was infact the Era of Attitude. Ross and Lawler were gold in 1998 so this show should have some good audio along the way as I re-live this event.

They show a replay that Savio Vega and Miguel had infact both been eliminated, there was of course no reaction from Boston.

Kurgan is gone. I saw him in a preview to the Sherlock Holmes movie which is soon to be released as of this writing. (2009) Barry Windham who’s not even in the Battle Royal came in and started beating on members of the DOA, he threw Chainz over the top to the floor and now both Chainz and Bradshaw go to the back. Windham did this because he must of wanted revenge on Bradshaw for making the New Blackjacks team not work or something along those lines.

Anyways, back to the action which is constant and everywhere. Out goes Morton and the Rock n Roll Express is gone. Kama and Farooq are now gone. All remaining Boricua’s are gone. Just punching and kicking everywhere else. Brian Christopher elevated up and then down. The Headbangers are the next team gone. Henry Godwin tosses Mark Henry out of the ring.

Action clearing up with just a few teams remaining so things get a lot easier on the eye.

The Midnight Express, the Road Warriors, the DOA and the Godwinn’s remain. Skull or 8-Ball slams Holly to the mat, and then the opposite of those two beat on him in the corner. Four teams, eight men remain.

Road Warrior Hawk irishwhipped Henry to the ropes and then gave him a big shoulder block knocking him down which scores a good pop. DOA is gone. Now the Godwinn’s are eliminated by the DOA.

Two teams remain, the NEW Midnight Express and the returning Road Warriors aka LOD 2000.

Before the Godwinn’s were done they levelled Hawk with the slop bucket. Phineas targets Sunny outside the ring, he must remember when she used to bother him on WWF Superstars a couple years previous. I still remember the segment of her flashing him very fondly.

Midnight Express go to eliminate Road Warrior Hawk but he fights back. Hawk has his face raked and then the Midnight Express go to throw him out, Animal in with the save as he clotheslines both members of the Express. Road Warrior Hawk with a powerslam to Bart. Hawk with a boot to Holly. Hawk clotheslines Bart, Animal clotheslines Holly for good measure and the LOD 2000 are back!

In the end Hawk clotheslines Bob over to get the win for his team at 8:19.

This match was full of decent action but was probably the worst match of the entire night, still it was good in a sense it gave the crowd a reason to be happy. Oh and of course who could forget the fact it got a lot of jobbers on the Wrestlemania card.




* 3/4





2) Taka Michinoku (c) vs Aguila for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship


Aguila was the one who you’d later know as Essa Rios. (Remember the Spanish dude Lita first joined with when coming into the WWF) If you still don’t remember, it’s understandable.

In all seriousness the guy could work.

Taka Michinoku on the other hand was the WWF’s version of Rey Mysterio Jr at the time, he was there golden boy in this division (which was badly outplayed by the WCW at the time) but Taka was great as seen here.

Taka took on the Great Sasuke as a try-out at Canadian Stampede in the Summer of 97 and never looked back.

The bell rings and the action gets underway, this should be a good little match here.

Aguila the challenger got set to square off with Taka as the bell rings and both men show some appreciation for each other slapping hands as they begin.

A tie-up turns into Taka Michinoku running off the ropes landing a shoulder block. This time he is on the receiving end of an armdrag takedown by Aguila and then a flying headscissors. Aguila lands a spinning heel kick taking Taka Michinoku out of the ring. Aguila comes at him with a baseball slide to the floor. Aguila then springboards off the corner turnbuckle with a moonsault onto Taka Michinoku on the concrete.

Nice high flying action to begin which is just what you want in this type of match at this type of show.

Taka Michinoku almost suplexed in the ring, both front facelock suplex attempts are countered a series of times until Aguila finally overpowers Taka and brings him over the ropes back into the ring. Taka lands though behind Aguila and Taka Michinoku then dropkicks Aguila to the outside. Taka Michinoku now with a chance to fly as he jumps up on the top rope and levels Aguila with a flying crossbody to the floor. Taka Michinoku poses to a good pop.

Aguila back in the ring irishwhipped to the corner and Taka lands a hard elbow with a few kicks to the head. Taka in unique fashion goes through the ropes on the outside apron and hits Aguila who was still sitting in the corner with a dropkick from outside the ring. Taka Michinoku lands a dropkick as Aguila sits on the canvas. Off the ropes Taka Michinoku is elevated to the floor this time by Aguila with a back bodydrop. Taka Michinoku spears Aguila on the apron getting back in, Taka Michinoku climbs to the top and Aguila hits a hiplock up high. Taka Michinoku hit with a springboard arm-drag by Aguila who then hits Taka with a waistlock into a headscissors.

Aguila runs off the ropes and hits Taka Michinoku with a corkscrew moonsault over the ropes to the floor twisting his body in and out.

Awesome lucha libre by two young men here making there Wrestlemania debut’s.

Taka Michinoku leveled aguila and then Taka looked for a moonsault from the top he missed, Aguila then scores with one on Taka and gets a nearfall. Taka Michinoku with a hard shot and goes up to the top again, Aguila meets him up there and Aguila proceeds to get shoved off the top turnbuckle by Taka. Taka Michinoku tried a splash on Aguila but he lifted the knees crushing Taka Michinoku’s abdomen region. Aguila with a hard slap and then a springboard hurricanrauna to Taka Michinoku off the top to the canvas floor. Taka Michinoku sends Aguila to the corner and hits him with a high dropkick. Taka Michinoku then applies a Missle Dropkick to Aguila off the top.

Taka Michinoku counters an Aguila jumping move with a running powerbomb. Taka Michinoku then misses a moonsault from the top and Aguila steps over with an armbar into an inside cradle pinning combo and gets a two. Aguila flies off the top after kicking Taka Michinoku in the head and Taka meets him with a dropkick in mid-air. Taka Michinoku then hits his driver and gets the three.

In the end Taka retained the title at 5:57 when he put Aguila away after a Michinoku driver.

Such a fast match, simple and to the point, showing off WWF’s version of lucha libre.

This match was quick, and a lot of fun.

Very good.






3) Triple H (c) (with Chyna) vs Owen Hart for the WWF European Championship

During this feud Owen Hart was meant to look weak despite having the fans on his side, but lets face it, Owen is a natural heel and he didn’t last long as a babyface despite it “semi-working” here.

Chyna was handcuffed to Sgt. Slaughter during the match to ensure she would not cost Owen a chance at the belt. Why not just ban her from ringside?

I always liked this match. I love how Jim Ross points out that we’ll never forget Wrestlemania ten when he defeated his brother. It’s only the greatest match of all time so it getting mentioned definitely works for me.

Owen with a big score to settle levelled Hunter and unloaded rights to him down on the mat as the fans were very much behind Owen making his seventh Wrestlemania appearance.

Owen Hart with big rights to Triple H and then he irishwhipped him hard to the buckle and dropped him with a back bodydrop, nice elevation. Owen Hart with a big clothesline to Hunter and then again in the corner taking it to the soon to be Game. Owen Hart was rumored to get that gimmick but I’m not sure how much I believe that one considering it basically sounded like it was made for Helmsley.

Owen Hart in control in the early stages of the match up high on Trips dropping ten blows to Hunter as the crowd cheer along. Owen Hart points at Chyna. Owen then applied a hurricanrana to Helmsley and a nearfall. Owen with another shot and he is reversed into the ropes and Hunter comes off with a reverse elbow shot. Hunter kicks Owen out to the floor outside the ring. Chyna tried to take a shot at Owen and Owen bugs her a bit asking her to hit him, Helmsley flies off the apron and lands on the security railing as Owen moves.

Owen slapped on a side headlock to Hunter outside the ring and fed him shots from that location.

Owen Hart back in the ring goes to slap on a Sharpshooter but Helmsley rakes the eye of Owen.

Owen Hart hits Hunter with a lowblow as he comes back towards him. Owen lowers his head and Hunter drops his knee into the face of Owen before running him over with a hard clothesline. Hunter gaining some momentum takes it to Owen now and drives his head into the buckle. Hunter with a big chop, and now Helmsley kicks at Owen in the corner and inbetween kicks gives Owen some crushing blows. Owen ducks a clothesline but runs into a high knee from Triple H which gets him a nearfall.

Hunter with a front facelock into a snapshot vertical suplex to Owen. Hunter poses in the corner and does the DX chop before driving his knee into Owen’s face. Owen Hart grabbed by Hunter as he throws him into the corner once more. Owen fights back in the corner with a series of kicks and righthands. Owen Hart runs into a high boot from Triple H and then he hits ddt on Owen but he just kicks out.

Great action here.

Owen from his knees dishes out blows to the abdomen of Helmsley but he rakes the eyes and kicks at Owen in the mid-section. Hunter beats on Owen and takes him down to the mat picking up his leg delivering a kick.

Triple H targets the leg of Owen now with kicks to the right leg, and now Triple H slaps on a leglock on Owen Hart. Owen gives Hunter a shot to get out and he now sells the leg limping around the ring. Hunter then kicks the leg of Owen again and drives the elbow down before twisting Owen’s leg with a half body scissors into a leglock, Hunter with additional leverage wrapping the body around.

Chyna still neutralized on the outside but she hasn’t been a factor just yet. Owen fights out but Hunter still lands hard shots to the cranium of the Sole Surviving Hart which is what they called him at the time. (Depressing to hear)

Owen fights back in the corner of the ring and he spears Triple H. Owen Hart with an irishwhip sending Hunter to the corner, Owen with a baseball slide and Hunter tried a dropkick on a charging Owen but it didn’t work. Down on the floor Owen dragged Helmsley’s legs and pulled him groin first into the ring post. Owen with a nice missile dropkick off the top down to the canvas on Hunter, off the ropes Owen with a textbook picture perfect belly to belly suplex. Owen with another nearfall and then hits Hunter with a spinning heel kick, and another two. Owen Hart in control of the match now sends Hunter hard into the buckle and he flips upside down and Owen with an inziguri on Hunter, Owen though sold his ankle coming down and this took a lot out of him as well.

Not only incredible action but a nice story to go along with it.

A nearfall as Chyna on the outside tried to seperate herself from Slaughter. Hunter with a desperation powerbomb to Owen Hart. Ross said both men were pulling out all the stops and they really were. Hunter with a solid chop to Owen up high and he fights back with a headbutt dropping Hunter back down. Owen from up high hits a flying crossbody on Hunter and gets a nearfall. Owen Hart reversed into the corner and HHH goes for the Pedigree, Owen flips around and counters it into a sharpshooter. HHH kicks Owen off to the corner but he lands headfirst into the groin of Helmsley.


Owen with another nearfall. Hunter kicks at Owen twice off the ropes and goes for a Pedigree but again countered by Owen Hart with a back bodydrop to Helmsley, HHH with a sunset flip, but Owen counters back on top of Hunter and slaps on the Sharpshooter to a huge pop.

Hunter tried his best to crawl towards the ropes and with Chyna’s help Hunter got to the bottom rope and the place boo’s. Owen delivered more vicious righthands to Hunter down on the mat.

Chyna with white powder threw it in Slaughter’s eyes and Helmsley ran at Owen driving his knee into his lowerback. Behind the official’s back Chyna was able to lowblow Owen through the ropes.

Hunter hits his Pedigree after the low-blow and that’s all for Owen Hart.

In the end Triple H retained the European title at 11:29 after he defeated Owen Hart by applying his finisher.

This match was excellent and pretty underrated by Mania standards.

It was by far the best the two men ever produced together and it didn’t just feature nice crisp action, it told a tremendous story and was very compelling.

Just awesome all around.

*** 3/4




4) Marc Mero and Sable vs The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and Luna in a Mixed tag team match

The third Mixed-Tag in Mania history.

Testing my memory, Randy Savage and Sherri against Rhodes and Saphire at Mania 6, and Doink and Dink versus Bam Bam and Luna at Mania 10. Who am I kidding though, I wouldn’t forget something like that. I’m good with dates.

Sable by this point was as popular if not more then Trish Stratus ever was in her absolute peak.

So obviously everything she did got a reaction, and the crowd was extremely vocal in this one. Sable was of course still with Mero who didn’t treat her right (but not for long) sort of like Liz would stick with Savage after he treated her wrong on a number of occasions.

That’s the one element to this match that I remember the most, the crowd in Boston is insanely hot throughout which makes the Mixed Tag very enjoyable.

The bell rings and Goldust begins with Marc Mero. This was Mero’s first ever MATCH at a Mania. Mero comes back with a series of shots and then Goldust tagged in Luna. Mero allows Sable the spotlight for once seemingly and the crowd in Boston can’t wait.

Sable runs after Luna but she goes all the way around the ring. Luna back in and no contact is made after she tags back in Goldust. The crowd didn’t like that, and back in comes Mero who recieves an uppercut. Mero with a big backbody drop to Goldust and then off the ropes Mero allows Sable to come in and give Goldust a martial arts kick. Mero still gets mad at Sable.

Sable calls on Luna and she doesen’t budge as the place boo and Mero comes back in once more. Marc Mero lands a few boxing punches at Goldust in the corner. Mero with an uppercut and then Goldust drives his knee into Mero who came crashing into him in the corner. Goldust slams Mero down and lifts him up and basically drops him on the top rope so his neck swings clotheslining him back to the mat. Goldust choked out Mero and Luna with an extra cheapshot from the outside ring apron which frustrated Sable and the fans.

Goldust goes for a clothesline, Mero ducks and then met Goldust in a mid-air collision with a crossbody off the ropes getting him a two count. Goldust drops to his knees off the ropes and delivered Mero an uppercut. This time off the ropes both men bump into one another and both guys are out. Fans chant for Sable. Luna teases coming into the match. Both men start to regain there vertical base. Mero tags in Sable and Luna is tagged in as well.

Sable takes down Luna to a huge roar, finally and Boston explodes. Sable dishing out a ton of slaps and blows. She grabs Luna by the hair and places her in the corner delivering high kicks. Sable drags Luna by the hair and tosses her to the opposite side of the ring. Sable nails Goldust and then drives Luna to the floor. Ross screams that Sable came to fight! Mero on the apron doesen’t quite like Sable is getting all the attention. Sable dishes another right to Goldust who comes in and then Mero outside the ring threw Goldust hard into the steel steps, then back inside the ring. Mero springboards over the ropes but Goldust had the presence of mind to lift the knees up slowing Marc down. Goldust wasn’t able to capitalize on that offensive move because on the apron Sable distracted him with her cheeky ways. Mero with a shot to Goldust from behind and looking for the TKO is then hit with a DDT by Goldust.

Goldust scored a two. Goldust off the ropes throws Mero into the corner and now he set him up for the Curtain Call but Mero landed on his feet and kicked Goldust in the mid-section and lands a running kick to the head of Goldust. Mero from up high hit a moonsault off the top and got another two. Mero drived Goldust into the corner but he hit him with a reverse elbow shot. Goldust climbs to his vertical base but Mero drives his back into the ropes taking Goldust off balance and he drops to his groin on the top turnbuckle. Marc Mero up top hit a hurricanrauna to Goldust from the top rope but Goldust still kicked out.

What action here.

Mero grabbed Luna on the apron and went to punch her but Goldust came running in when Mero ducks and it knocks Luna off the apron. Mero with an inside cradle and just a two count. Mero picked up Goldust and lands the TKO. Mero would of got it all but Luna broke up the count. Luna on the back of Mero goes to the corner and Sable tagged in.

Sable covers Goldust but the official is distracted by the action between Mero and Luna in the corner. Luna comes splashing off the top aiming for Sable but she moves and she hit her own partner in Goldust. Sable then hits the Sable Bomb on Luna but still only a two count.

Everyone standing.

Sable on the ropes has her face raked by Luna and now is choked out. Everyone in Boston chanting Sable’s name. Luna drives her knee into the back of Sable and chokes her out some more. Luna drives her knees into the ropes as Sable dodged that charge. Sable reverses an arm-ringer and scooped up Luna dropping her with a TKO which ironically is essentially an F-5. And Sable is now married to one Brock Lesnar.

So in the end Mero and Sable defeated Goldust and Luna at 9:11 after Sable put away Luna with a TKO.

This match deserves a lot more credit, it’s actually very underrated just like the last one and was helped by an insanely hot crowd.

Everything these four did in the match was over and it was a ton of fun, they got the most bang for there buck here.

Great and even though I knew this was quite good coming in, I completely forgot how well it was booked and played off. Very impressive. This is what every Mixed Tag Match SHOULD BE like. Sable competed in another at Summerslam 98 teaming with rookie Edge and it wasn’t quite as good as this but it was still solid.

This is the golden standard for this match type.






5) The Rock (c) (with Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown) vs Ken Shamrock for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



Fun Fact: The Rock used his “If ya smell what the Rock is cookin” line here at this event for the first time in a taped interview earlier on in the night.

The Rock’s thoughts on the homeless are also entertaining during that special sitdown with the Great One.

The Rock was truely coming into his own here and was getting more and more over with “The People”, I know my brother absolutely loved The Rock even by the time the 1998 Royal Rumble had come around. Then again, his name is Rocky afterall.

Either way you could see Dwayne’s natural charisma shining through, even here.

Ken Shamrock was still over as a babyface so a ton of people wanted to see him take the IC title off The Rock, especially after the 98 Rumble when he was outsmarted by the Great One.

Most thought he would surely do it here at Mania, even me. We were wrong. Which helped make Rock’s IC Reign that much better at the time and helped him establish some credibility as a future star.

Ken Shamrock wasted little time getting this one going as he runs in and meets The Rock with some initial shots, Rock is ready to go as well so he makes sure to fire back on Ken Shamrock and a slugfest has broke out mid-ring as the bell rings. Shamrock drops Rock a couple of times and he ducks a clothesline before dropping Rock with a high thrust kick. Shamrock with a thunderous clothesline takes Rock out to the floor.

It’s amazing seeing how far the Rock came in just one year when you compare the smiling Maivia kid to this cocky, natural heel you see before you here. Shamrock continued to take it to Rock in the entrance way slamming him into the barricade before breaking the count. The World’s Most Dangerous Man made it back to The Great One and he raked the face of Ken Shamrock. Shamrock though re-gained control and sent Rocky back inside the ring. Ken Shamrock hits Rock with a right, Shamrock reversed into the corner but he comes charging at Rock with two clotheslines. Shamrock dominating Rock here levelling him with another thrust kick.

Nothing but solid action here, no dull moments at all.

Shamrock then hesitates for a moment which proves costly as Rock grabbed ahold of his tights and elevated him out to the floor. Rock throws Shamrock into the steel steps. The Rock then shakes his boots as he drops Shamrock with a series of kicks like only he could. Some loyal WWF fans chant “Rocky Sucks” while The Rock hits the People’s Elbow, which wasn’t really a finisher back then and Shamrock kicks out.

Ken Shamrock back up drops rights and Rock ducks a clothesline attempt. Rock is however elevated to the outside over the top rope by Shamrock who catches Rock by the head off the second charge from the ropes. Shamrock rolls Rocky back inside and grabbed a Steel Folding Chair.

Shamrock warned by the official. Shamrock threw the official down and Rock then swung at Shamrock levelling him directly in the head and the official counted, Shamrock was able to kick out as Rock went flying up in an awkward way. Shamrock drops Rock with a kick off the ropes and this time a powerslam to Rock down on the mat. Ken Shamrock now with a belly to belly suplex to The Rock and into the Ankle Lock.

Shamrock with an Ankle Lock to Rock and he taps out, Shamrock is Champion! Or so we think yet again for the second straight major ppv from the Federation. Ken Shamrock cleans house on all members of the Nation and then he doesen’t let go of the Ankle Lock on The Rock who is bleeding internally.

Farooq runs out and elects not to save The Rock from this pain and he gets a big face pop as he walks to the back. This of course led to The Rock brilliantly turning on him the next night on Raw is War by simply lifting the People’s eyebrow on the ramp while other Nation members dropped Farooq. One of the more forgotten moments in Raw history that I enjoyed.

Shamrock started to snap and suplexed every official and now the decision was reversed as a result.

In the end The Rock once again retained the IC title over Shamrock at 4:49 after Shamrock commited career suicide in the ring yet again. Someone needs to give this guy a Benzo.

Ken Shamrock couldn’t believe this and he continued to take it to the “Still Champ” Rock by the entrance where the live DX band played.

Officials eventually FINALLY take the man away.

This match was a good brawl, and very much to the point which is always a good thing. No dull spots, much shorter then the bout together the two had at the Rumble but this was pretty much just as effective if not quite as good.

Overall it still a fun little ride, not a lot of substance but just a fun little battle between to guys who hated each other.



** 1/4




6) Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs The New Age Outlaws (c) (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) in a Dumpster match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

The Outlaws were insanely over in 98 as the WWF’s fanbase was growing, but here they were heels taking on the loony, bumping, crazy bastards who are Mick Foley and Terry Funk.

Seems like a good idea on paper.

Foley and Funk will bump any day, every day so of course they would at the biggest show of the year.

But like most things at this show, even THIS seemed to out-do expectations.

Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad  Ass Billy Gunn don’t waste any time to get brawlin with the old men outside the ring. Like the Chicago Street Fight at Wrestlemania 13 the action in this match takes place all at once with no tags, but should be easier to follow with four men, not six plus. Foley slams Road Dogg into the dumpster bumping hard. Cactus Jack making his Mania debut with this persona goes to put Road Dogg inside the Dumpster. Gunn takes off his shirt and some females scream. Road Dogg gets a pan and drops it on Foley’s skull.

Gunn choked Funk in the ring while Cactus elevated himself off the apron and came crashing into the Dumpster. Just an idiotic move from Foley and you’d expect nothing less from the crazy bastard. Gunn threw Funk hard into the barricade and then Road Dogg threw Funk into Gunn who backdropped the Funker into the Dumpster.

Now of Road Dogg and Gunn can put Foley in the Dumpster and shut the lid, its over, it works like a Casket Match. Road Dogg with a drop toehold to Cactus Jack crashing into the floor. Gunn and Road Dogg rough up Foley and Funk as they place both mens heads in the Dumpster and both Outlaws proceed to drop the lids viciously on the back of there skulls.

Ross suggests as crazy as it sounds that both Funk and Foley must be liking this a little bit. Gunn with chops to Funk as Road Dogg held him up and they place the old man back inside the Dumpster. Gunn shuts the lid on his side. Foley blocks Road Dogg’s attempt to shut the second and A claw on Road Dogg and then Gunn who turned around shocked to find Road Dogg didn’t finish the match off. Gunn drops a pan on the head of Foley, Funk inside the Dumpster pops up with a pan and nails Gunn in the head with it now. Gunn now nailed again, Foley and Funk throw Road Dogg back inside the squared circle and Mick drops Road Dogg with a swinging neckbreaker.

Funk drives Road Dogg to the mat with a jawbreaker. Foley tosses Gunn who came in out of the ring. Foley drops off the outside apron with a Pan on top of Gunn. Funk then goes to DDT Road Dogg on a pan inside the ring and he does so.

Great bumping throughout, pretty entertaining material here.

A huge pop for a Ladder Cactus pulls from under the ring. Funk and Foley set up a Ladder at the side of the ring. Cactus climbs to the top, Gunn with a low-blow to Funk.

Billy Gunn climbs to the other side of the Ladder with Foley. Road Dogg swings at Funk with a pan in hand and nails Funk in the head, Terry Funk is sent crashing into the Ladder that has both Gunn and Foley slugging away at one another at the top.

You know what this means.

Both Foley and Gunn fall from the top of the Ladder inside the ring into the Dumpster. Good stuff.

Gunn comes out of it and sets up Funk for a double powerbomb as Road Dogg helps him out with the drop. Funk at fifty three powerbombed into a Dumpster. Road Dogg and Gunn take Cactus by the hair to the backstage area. The Outlaws with a gameplan but we`re just not sure what exactly it was at the time being.

A camera FINALLY shows us what is going on after they replay the big Ladder bump into the Dumpster which was pretty impressive for 1998, it`d even be a great bump today.

Foley crashes into a bunch of trays backstage as the Outlaws continue to rough him up. Foley comes fighting back swinging a chair into the face of Road Dogg. Funk meets them all backstage. Funk lifts up Gunn with a forklift, Cactus placed Road Dogg on top of Gunn. Both Outlaws are dropped into another Dumpster backstage (The Outlaws knew this was back here which is why they brought Foley) and Funk proceeds to drop both men inside. Cactus shuts the lid and its over.

In the end we had new tag champs at 10:01 when Jack and Charlier defeated the Outlaws as the Dumpster shuts.

Boston pops.

This match served its purpose. It was pretty violent as well as it was entertaining.

Just another good match on a good show.

The bumping was good but the crazy attitudes were even better.


** 3/4





7) The Undertaker vs Kane (with Paul Bearer)

Now we get to the main events of the evening.

A lot on the line here. The first ever meeting between the two brothers, and this feud had been building for a year so this one was hugely anticipated at the time.

Bearer used to be Taker’s voice and manager for years so there was that element including many of the others such as Taker’s streak at the event which was arguably just NOW being noticed by many on the Internet and perhaps even by the Federation themselves through commentary.

A strong build to say the very least for this match.

Pete Rose came out and ripped on Boston for a bit, bringing up bad memories gone by in Red Sox history.

Kane then dropped Pete Rose! Ross loves it clearly…

Was a great Wrestlemania moment.

I`m not certain its enough to put one in the Hall of Fame but that`s a different story for another day.

The Druids come out next and the Spectacle of Wrestlemania is now glorified in the ultimate way with epic music and torches hung at a 45 degree angle above there heads creating a unique walkway for the Deadman.

The glowing lights flick to purple and with the Flames in the air, a gong hits the pa system.

The Undertaker gets a very memorable entrance at this event with the Druids and Fire. Again a lot of build, this felt like it could of main evented the show with how special it felt.

The Prince of Darkness, the Demon of Death Valley, the Phenom, whatever you want to call him, it is The Undertaker and he was on his path to destruction to finally face his little brother Kane.

One shouldn`t expect a Bret versus Owen type match here but for a big man`s match, it definitely served its purpose.

The Undertaker lands hard shots on Kane when the bell rings.

Kane is cornered and just kind of watched The Undertaker bring the intensity. Kane fights back throwing Taker to the corner, Undertaker then left the corner and swung at Kane once more. Kane charging at Taker met a boot in the corner. Kane lands a clothesline to the Deadman. Taker with more right`s and an irishwhip to Kane, off the ropes Kane scooped up The Undertaker and then drove his back against the buckle as The Undertaker was held upside down. It looked as if Kane was maybe even going to hit the Tombstone there. Kane chokes out the Deadman in the corner of the ring with a tight grasp around the The Undertaker`s throat. Kane lands with a couple of stiff uppercut`s.

Kane with a hard irishwhip to The Undertaker into the corner, and another one in the opposite corner as he then lands a clothesline. Kane with a hard uppercut dropping the Deadman to the canvas floor. Kane with forearm`s to the Deadman who was half inside the ring. Kane showing great agility dropped from the top down on top of the Deadman hanging above the top rope, and Taker fell to the floor. Kane with another hard shot to Taker. Kane continues to throw hard shots at the Deadman in each corner The Undertaker would temporarily escape to.

Kane far ahead of the Deadman in the early going despite the initial quick attack from The Undertaker. Kane with a high knee shot to Taker and off the ropes The Undertaker ducked a clothesline and lands on top of Kane`s shoulders showing great agility, Taker landed right hands to Kane but he drops him on his back crashing hard to the canvas. Kane kicked The Undertaker out of the ring. With great reach Kane steps over the top to the floor. Kane drops The Undertaker on his chest over the security railing. It was not long after this they replaced the fence with a black solid barricade to protect the Wrestler`s.

Kane picked up the steps as Bearer distracted the official and Kane drops them on Taker. The ref must be deaf to apparently.

Kane continues to drop the Steps on The Undertaker.

The Undertaker down on the floor in a considerable amount of pain. Paul Bearer kicked at Undertaker outside the ring. Kane waited on the inside as the Deadman layed out on the floor. Kane picks up Taker by the hair as the two are on opposite ends of the apron. Kane with a front facelock to his brother and suplexed him back into the ring showing great strength. Kane drops Taker into the corner and lands with a hard righthand. Kane kicks at The Undertaker in the corner and irishwhipped him back first to the buckle. The Undertaker came charging out with a desperation clothesline which didn`t move Kane at all. Charging off the ropes came The Undertaker but he was grabbed by the throat from Kane.

Kane lands a chokeslam on The Undertaker. Kane then goes into a reverse chinlock on The Undertaker wearing him down after the Chokeslam wasn`t enough to put The Undertaker away. Kane now grounds The Undertaker even more by laying on his chest applying more bodyweight on top of his chokehold. Kane getting nailed with shots from The Undertaker who got up with everything he had unloading rights and lefts, but Kane just gets a bit of a charge and drops The Undertaker back down with a hard clothesline. Kane then drops the elbow to the Deadman. Kane back into a headlock after two hard blows to the Deadman continuing the weardown hold.

Ross and Lawler strongly put over Kane`s awesome presence and how no one had ever took it to The Undertaker like this before as the match gets slow for a moment. They had said the same stuff about Mankind that they`re saying about Kane here for the last couple years at every big Foley-Taker match.

Either way The Undertaker regained his vertical base and countered the headlock by dropping Kane over the rope to the floor buying himself a moment. The Undertaker with hard shots to Kane but he still stood up on the apron. The Undertaker came charging at Kane off the side ropes and Kane re-directed Taker into the table as he crashed and burned flying over the top rope and through the Spanish announce table to the floor.

Surely The Undertaker`s time is now up as Kane was the dominant monster who felt no pain, a considerable advantage now that the Deadman seemingly has took himself out of the game.

The Undertaker down and Kane goes after him to throw him back in breaking the count. Kane from the top rope comes off with a flying clothesline to Taker exactly the way The Undertaker would hit that move. Kane covers The Undertaker but he gets only a two as The Undertaker got the left shoulder up. Kane is frustrated at the count which looked humerous back then from a man with no emotion. Kane with hard strikes at the Deadman and on the side ropes he delivered even more. The Undertaker tries to walk it off but he kicks at Kane and a slugfest between the brothers breaks out in mid-ring. Kane feeling the hard strikes of the Deadman.

Off the ropes The Undertaker ducks a clothesline and scoops up Kane but Kane overpowers The Undertaker as he lands back on his feet countering The Undertaker`s own move and Kane nails The Undertaker with a Tombstone!

The Undertaker kicks out and Kane can`t believe it. Kane nails The Undertaker hard with more shots relentless in the corner. The Undertaker desperately drops a few rights of his own as he needed to just to stay alive in the match. The Undertaker lands jabs on Kane, and now Kane looks as if he feels these shots now, and as Taker charged off the ropes he drops Kane with another right as the Big Red Machine finally fell down. Undertaker grabbed Kane by the throat after ducking a clothesline and The Undertaker hits a big chokeslam.

Paul Bearer says “Damn you to hell!“ to Undertaker who signals for the end. The Undertaker hits a Tombstone but Kane kicks out and Boston reacts just as they should. Ross says no one has ever kicked out of the Tombstone. The Undertaker looking shocked lands a legdrop on Kane for good measure before scooping him up again and dropping him with the Tombstone.

Lawler says The Undertaker is trying to kill his own brother. Kane kicks out yet again. Ross puts over that he has done it twice, and Kane looks legitimately tough now and truely like a Monster.

Kane sits up. The Undertaker goes to the top corner and Kane then recieved a flying clothesline from the Deadman. Kane sits up again. The Undertaker is waiting for him as he scooped him up and for a third time The Undertaker drives Kane to the canvas.

In the end The Undertaker put Kane away finally at 16:58 after a Tombstone Piledriver for the third time. This helped protect Kane`s monster image for the time being, the Federation clearly didn`t care about protecting it for very long after this judging by his entire career.

This is a clear example of how a Storyline can add to a basic Wrestling match through the persona`s and drama unfolding throughout.

The best match Kane and The Undertaker would ever have together.

This match’s significance helps its overall rating, but it was definitely quite good for the two not having met before.



*** 1/2







8 ) Main Event- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs “The HeartBreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (with Triple H and Chyna) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship with Mike Tyson as special outside enforcer

Such a great build-up video to this match…

Boston roars as they show the image of Austin. Tyson. Michaels.

The buyrate for the event was good, the main-stream media got involved and Vince never looked back when it came to ratings. Oh yeah and merchandise was flying off the shelf whether it was from DX or Austin, but especially anything Austin related.

It was fairly obvious since Steve Austin had arguably one of the most popular people on the entire planet for at least for a full year that this was going to be his crowning moment, this was going to be his night. After all if you watched the 1998 Royal Rumble you`d know there was only one guy who could of won that thing.

This was just the process of getting to that time when Austin would officially become Champion. Rumors have it Michaels didn`t want to drop the gold and if he didn`t do just that, one Undertaker would be taping his fists waiting for him. Several WWFers weren`t trusting one another after events like the Screwjob it seems.

Ross says with a dramatic tone “This…is…it!”

Tyson is introduced first and he comes out doing some ridiculous looking crotch chops, however Tyson`s influence on the company was huge, he would no doubt make a great Celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame one day.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler gets a kick out of Tyson as he smiles and poses for the camera.

Now Austin with one of his best walks backstage that they show during his 2009 Hall of Fame induction goes for what is the biggest walk to the ring of his life. The glass breaks and out comes Austin to a god like ovation.

Austin poses on all turnbuckle`s while Tyson just shakes his head knowing that this thing is on. Austin gets in Tyson`s face as the two trashtalk one another, Mike Keota tried to get a word in but neither Austin or Tyson cared. Yeah good luck with that one Keota.

Now we see DX backstage and Hunter flips off the camera. He`s a cool individual but the Attitude just flowed everywhere during this age, with every wrestler. Michaels comes out with this unique entrance style.

Triple H’s brother played the DX theme live as Shawn walked to the aisle and the camera cut in and out from there titan-tron video to the live footage of them walking down to the ring.

Michaels posed with the title in all his glory.

Shawn Michaels dances to some pyro and Michaels was a legitimately hated man by this point with the whole Screwjob and all, plus he`s Shawn Michaels taking on Steve Austin…in 1998. Anyone would get booed.

Crazy loud Àustin chants break out.

The bell rings and the Wrestlemania Main Event for the WWF title is on.

Austin circles around Shawn.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had arrived, bad neck and all he knew this was the big one and with Mike Tyson outside the ring, Stone Cold wasn`t going to be intimdated, just like he wasn`t intimidated by the presence of Ken Shamrock in his match the year before with Bret.

Austin and Michaels eye each other as Ross says this is what the business is all about, it don`t get no bigger then this.

Austin flips off Michaels who mocks Steve. Shawn Michaels lands jabs to the Rattlesnake as he looks up at Shawn pissed off. Austin then ties up again with Michaels but he landed another jab beating him to the punch. Shawn moves around the ring and slides out, Austin begins the chase but back inside Shawn Michaels ducks a clothesline then Steve connects with a hard forearm shot. Austin slams Shawn Michaels face first into the turnbuckle as Austin is on a roll now and the crowd love it.

Shawn Michaels like a coward goes to leave the ring and Austin pulls on his tights exposing Shawn`s ass for the 800th time in his career as the ladies scream. Austin backdrops Michaels over the top to the floor, quite the bump for an injured individual as Shawn falls onto DX on the floor.

HHH and Chyna then get ordered to leave ringside. Michaels is visually upset with this decision. Shawn though drops a double axehandle to Austin out on the floor. Michaels with a hard chop on Steve and then he gets a sip of water. Stone Cold chases Hunter as he`s leaving and he roughs him up a bit until Shawn Michaels charged at Steve and dropped him with a clothesline in the entrance way. Shawn then grabbed ahold of a Drumset and ran it into Austin`s head.

The Rattlesnake fights back.

Steve lands right`s but charged into the Dumpster as Shawn Michaels moved out of the way just in time. Shawn Michaels dragged Austin back towards the ring and gave him a hard shot to the head, crowd continue the Austin chant.

Stone Cold rolled back inside the ring and Shawn Michaels flies off the top and Austin levels him with a forearm shot to the abdomen. Austin irishwhipped Shawn Michaels to the corner and he swings upside down. Austin levels Shawn Michaels off the ropes with an inverted atomic drop and a nearfall. Stone Cold with an overhead wristlock. Stone Cold twists the arm of Michaels as he torks on that wristlock, into an arm-ringer until Shawn rakes his face.

Shawn Michaels regaining control ducks a forearm shot by Austin but Steve carried him and dropped Michaels over the top rope as he clotheslines back to the mat. Shawn Michaels ducks a clothesline and then gets out of the predicament as Steve wanted a Stunner there. Shawn Michaels pushed off the apron face first crashing into Ross`s announce table. Shawn Michaels slammed face first into the steps by Austin now. Austin drives his elbow right into the throat of Michaels who`s head layed over the apron.

Austin off the ropes with tremendous intensity drives an elbow into the throat of Michaels once more which scored him another two. Stone Cold goes for the weardown hold on Michaels into a reverse chinlock down on the mat.

Austin dropped by Michaels who countered with a jawbreaker and Steve falls to the mat. Michaels rolls out of the ring and grabs ahold of Austin`s legs. Steve dragged by the knee brace into the ring post and as Michaels attempted to wrap Steve`s leg around the steel ring post, Austin beat him to the punch and kicked Michaels off towards the barricade. Austin dropping Shawn with rights and now as Austin came running into Michaels he hit Steve with a back bodydrop to the floor over the barricade. A good bump for Austin to take considering his bad neck-spine region as well.

Both men bumping more then they should as it is afterall, the main event of Wrestlemania.

Steve Austin crawls back toward Shawn who looked to be in pain as well with his lowerback. Shawn dropped the double axehandle on Steve and goes for more righthands to the Rattlesnake. You can see the pain spilling out of Shawn on his face as he got up. Shawn slammed Austin`s head into the corner of the ring. Fans were chanting Holyfield and Lawler and King couldn`t make it out. Shawn with more shots to the Rattlesnake in the corner before dropping him in mid-ring with a snapmare.

Shawn Michaels dropped down on Austin as he got the foot up to the abdomen of Michaels who seemed to be in a bit of pain, as Steve re-gained the momentum for a moment.

Shawn Michaels regained control though as he drops a kick to the groin of Austin and then he proceeds to flips off Boston in the process.

Austin comes back up and takes down Michaels with a series of hard righthands. Austin flips off Michaels and elevated him over the top rope crashing hard down to the floor. Austin grabbed by Michaels and he swings Steve`s bad knee into the ring post with every ounce of strength the Showstopper had left. Shawn then again took out Austin`s bad left leg with a ringpost shot.

Crowd back to chanting Austin`s name. Michaels grabbed ahold of the leg of Steve and just slammed it hard into the mat as Austin rolled over in a considerable amount of pain. Austin limping to his vertical base similar to the year previous with Bret Hart, and Michaels the veteran instinct to go back to the bad leg of Austin kicking it out. Michaels now with a single-leg pickup and Austin countered by kicking him shoulder first into the ring post, Austin with a quick inside cradle and a two count. Michaels quickly back up slams the bad leg of Austin into the mat once more. Shawn with more pressure to Steve and his bad knee driving his bodyweight into his leg by the side ropes. Michaels awaiting Austin who was in a bad way limping outside the ring. Michaels hits Steve with a baseball slide and Austin falls into Ross and Lawler inbetween both men.

Tyson puts his hands on the Rattlesnake sending him back in the ring. Austin talks a bit of trash but Shawn comes with a chop from behind and Shawn continued to take out the bad knee. Shawn Michaels drags Austin to mid-ring and goes for a Figure Four Leglock for additional leverage and its applied. Michaels holds onto the botom rope for even more leverage behind Keota.

Michaels lifts himself back up with the top rope and Austin had his back to the mat, Keota counts a two.

Shawn with the Figure Four in the middle of the ring as the pressure keeps adding up on Austin and his bad knee. Somehow the Rattlesnake rolls out and Michaels quickly went to the ropes. Austin in a lot of pain struggled to get up. Michaels meanwhile did the righ thing and kept on him, Austin fought back with right hands. Stone Cold catapolted Shawn to the turnbuckle, he pinned Michaels and got a two. Austin irishwhipped into the ropes as a reverse irishwhip by Shawn and he caught Steve with a standing side headlock.

Austin started to lose his balance once more but he was backed into the corner knocking out Keota twice and then a third time as Steve backed into Michaels. Austin waiting in the corner sent Shawn face first into the top turnbuckle with some Snake Eyes. Austin then dropped Michaels hard face first into the opposite corner and he bumps like usual. Shawn sent back first, bad back and all into the buckle and Austins tomps a mudhole on him.

Steve with a back bodydrop to the injured back of Michaels. Austin choked out Michaels on the middle rope, Shawn ducks a clothesline and comes crashing into Austin with a flying forearm. Does Michaels have enough to get up with his bad back, he does as the place continues to boo him.

Shawn Michaels took a chance up high now.

Shawn Michaels dropped the elbow into the heart of the Rattlensnake but elects not to go for a cover.

Shawn Michaels starts to tune up the band in the corner of the ring as Tyson held onto the ropes from the outside on the floor. Austin slowly rises up and Shawn Michaels goes for his superkick, Austin ducks. Austin goes for the Stunner but it is fought off by Michaels who pushed him into the ropes, Austin eventually gets a Stunner as he spins Michaels around and then plants him hard down to the canvas to a major pop.

Austin gets the win, and the place erupts.

In the end Steve Austin spun Shawn around after he went to give Steve a Superkick and instead Austin landed the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin got the three on a fast count from Mike Tyson at 20:02.

The crowd exploded as Ross screamed “Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold!”

Austin posed with the title and Ross screams that the Austin Era had begun. I don’t think he even knew how true those words would be.

Everyone was satisfied with the event.

After the match Tyson is bothered by Michaels so he drops him, Ross screams for Tyson!

Obviously this doesen`t hold up well in comparison to the match at King of the Ring 1997 between the two, but this still was rather excellent all things considered.

This match’s rating is greatly increased due to the overall health of both individuals performing to make it happen, not to mention the significance of the event and what it would help the WWF do.

A terrific way to end a tremendous show.



*** 3/4



Final Rating for WWF Wrestlemania 14 = 8/10

This is perhaps the most underrated Wrestlemania of all time.

This show featured nothing but quality matches that helped bring in the new “Attitude Era” nicely. The flow to the event was magnificent as it seemed to get better as the night progressed, the anticipation to the main event was huge and you had a little bit of everything all throughout the evening.

The Mania that defined the term “attitude” is one of the best and most significant of all time. Great show, pick it up.

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  1. Denniswinship says:

    I hope there’s another wrestle mania in boston some day. Dennis winship lynn Massachusetts

  2. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    As we already know, after dropping the gold to Austin here, the next time HBK would pop up on TV is in a brief summer stint as a guest commentator on Raw four months later, before becoming the WWF Commissioner at the end of the year.

    It was nice of WWF to try and find things for HBK to do, but it’s kind of similar to what happened with Daniel Bryan during his two years away from the ring when he became SmackDown General Manager in 2016.

  3. m.woods says:

    Great wrestlemania top 10 list

  4. Brett Mix says:

    One of the most underrated events of all time as far as I’m concerned. I still enjoy this quite a bit as you could tell the company was turning around.

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