Review: WWF/WWE King of the Ring 1993 DVD

August 30, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF King of the Ring 1993 Review:



“Oh what an offensive exchange!” -Jim Ross  (On the Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart clinic)

-WWF King of the Ring 1993 took place on Sunday, June 13th, 1993 at the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio in front of 6,500 fans.

-This was the 1st Annual King of the Ring event.

-The central focus of this PPV event was the tournament itself. Wrestlers gained entry in to the tournament by participating in qualifying matches on WWF television programs, and the second, third and fourth rounds of the tournament were televised on the King of the Ring PPV broadcast.

-Jim Ross, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan did commentary for this event.

-The PPV buyrate, was the highest of any King of the Ring event until 1999.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Papa Shango defeated Owen Hart for the USWA Championship. These two were scheduled to meet during Over the Edge 1999 just six years later, the night Owen Hart fell to his tragic death, in different characters. (The Godfather and the Blue Blazer)

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Bret “Hitman” Hart vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

We open up the King of the Ring with the Hitman Bret Hart who gets a tremendous ovation.

Razor is still a heel here so he is not a favourite here obviously.

A good clash of styles to open the PPV part of this tournament.
These two had met at the Rumble for the Heavyweight title earlier in the year and it was a great attraction, lets see if they can put something else together here.

Fans met Razor with chants of “1-2-3” to remind the Bad Guy who upset him earlier in the year on Raw.

Bret has Savage on his side judging from Randy’s commentary. Fifteen minute time limit’s in the Quarter Final matches so no time to waste.
A tie-up and Razor Ramon sends Bret off and gives him a look as if to say, “That all you got Hitman?” The Bad Guy gets placed in a side headlock by The Hitman and Ramon with the advantage in leverage and strength pushes him off and the Hitman hits a shoulder block that doesen’t take Razor Ramon off his feet. Bret with momentum off the ropes lands rights to Razor and then twists his arm with an arm-ringer into an armdrag takedown. Bret then lifts the arm of Razor and drives his knee to his shoulder.
Expertly crafted by the Hitman who slaps on an armbar to the arm he is focusing on. Out of this Razor counters a hiplock from the Hitman off the ropes and drops a thunderous clothesline. Ramon drops the elbow and the Hitman moves out of the way, he utilizes his quickness and hits another armdrag takedown to the Bad Guy.
Hart slaps on an armbar again and then back to a vertical base hits an arm-ringer, back into an armbar. Ramon shoved Bret to the corner and as he charged in The Hitman showed his intelligence and quickness by moving out of the way making the Bad Guy crash and burn into the corner turnbuckle. Bret with another armdrag takedown into an armbar.
Razor gets out and goes for a powerslam, The Hitman counters in mid-air and lands on top of Razor Ramon back into an armbar. Impressive wrestling by Bret. In the armbar the Hitman gives Razor shots until Ramon gives Bret a thumb to the eye. Razor Ramon capitalizes on this sending Bret to the ropes and hitting a reverse elbow to Bret, and a nearfall. Razor Ramon tried to cover Bret but he reversed it back into the armbar on Razor Ramon, almost a hammerlock.

Razor Ramon elbows out of it in the corner and drops Bret down before he is reverse irishwhipped into the corner, Bret ran into a big knee by Razor Ramon. Ramon threw The Hitman into the steel shoulder first striking the ringpost. Ramon now capitalizes with a forerarm across the sternum and a kick to the head. Razor Ramon has Bret where he wants him now and sends him back inside the ring. Fans get on the Bad Guy’s case with more “1-2-3” chants.

Razor Ramon kicks at The Hitman who is trying to regain his vertical base. Razor Ramon slapped at Bret and once bac up Ramon hit a modified fallaway slam sending Bret hard crashing into the canvas, Ramon hooks the leg and gets a two. Savage applauds Razor Ramon’s ringsense to hook the leg. Razor Ramon scooped up the Hitman and had him over his shoulder and he slams Bret with a running powerslam. Bret kicks out and the crowd loves it. Another kick to the chest by Razor Ramon trying to drive the air out of the Hitman. Razor Ramon with another kick to the back of Bret and drops the elbow on Bret in the middle of the ring, not once but twice. Razor Ramon picks Bret up and sets him up for a sidewalk slam and hits it, more impact from the Bad Guy. Razor Ramon goes off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop and the Hitman uses his quickness to get out of it.

Bret up to a vertical base and the crowd loving his comeback attempt as he drops rights to Ramon and hits an inverted atomic drop. A clothesline off the ropes gets Bret a two. The Hitman then with a big righthand to the mid-section before a side russian legsweep and Razor Ramon kicks out. Bret picks up Razor and drops his back on the point of his knee hitting him with a solid backbreaker, getting another two. The Hitman seemingly out of desperation with move after move hits his signature elbow off the second turnbuckle and another nearfall. Headbutt by Hart then Ramon misses with a clothesline and an inside cradle by Bret gets him a two. Bret then reversed irishwhipped hard sternum first into the turnbuckle by Razor Ramon. Razor Ramon using his power sets up the Hitman for the Razor’s Edge having Bret on his shoulder but somehow he falls to his feet countering the Edge, Bret hooks the arms of Razor and attempts a backslide, when he can not do it he kicks the corner of the ring’s turnbuckle to flip himself over Razor Ramon. Bret with a modified sunsetflip gets him a long two count.
Razor scoops up the Hitman off the top rope for a side slam but Bret in mid-air pulls off the veteran move and counters landing on Razor Ramon.

The Hitman covers him and gets the win.

What a fast paced match.

In the end at 10:25 the Hitman got the win and advanced to the Semi Finals.

This opener was not only paced well, but its structure was about as good as it ever could of been and the psychology was also in top form.

*** 1/4



2) Mr. Perfect vs Mr. Hughes (with Harvey Wippleman) in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

The winner of this match takes on Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the Semi Finals.

Perfect comes out to a great ovation while Mr. Hughes is introduced without an entrance as he stands in the ring.

Mr. Hughes is wearing a suit while he ties up with Hennig. Mr. Hughes pushed him back with a lot of power and Hennig knows he means business as he looks back. Mr. Perfec ties up with Mr. Hughes again and he is pushed off once more.

Savage points out Perfect had to go past Doink to get here.

Perfect hits an armdrag to Mr. Hughes wanting to wrestle a fast pace and then Perfect hits Mr. Hughes with a dropkick that doesen’t take the big Mr. Hughes off his feet. Perfect now knowing he needed to do some more ties up with Hughes once more and Mr. Hughes hits a big right that elevated Hennig all the way over the top rope to the floor.

Perfect a bit groggy now. Mr. Hughes lands a headbutt. Perfect fights off the ropes with a big right but Mr. Hughes clubs him with a forearm to the back taking him to the mat. Now Mr. Hughes tries to weardown Mr. Perfect with a chinlock to slow the pace down. Mr. Hughes`s strategy was to negate the speed advantage of Hennig and as he gets out of the chinlock Hennig runs off the ropes right into a big boot from Mr. Hughes.

Hughes doesen`t take advantage of his offense with no pinning attempt with the Macho Man wisely points out. Mr. Hughes kicks at Hennig and then drops him with a clothesline. Snapmare by Mr. Hughes and then he goes back to the neckvice on Hennig. Mr. Perfect grabs the tie of Mr. Hughes and gets out with an elbow, Mr. Hughes pulls the hair of Perfect and goes unwarned before burying the knee to his mid-section. Mr. Hughes irishwhipped Perfect hard back first to the corner turnbuckle as he flipped back. Mr. Hughes drops another forearm on Hennig. Perfect fought back in the corner but he was irishwhipped hard to the opposite side.

They interview Bret during the match and he says he`d rather wrestle Mr. Perfect. Hennig ducks a clothesline and then a sloppy takedown to Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes rakes the eyes of Hennig and has him on the middle rope. Mr. Hughes uses his mass to rob Hennig of oxygen choking him out on the middle rope. Mr. Hughes goes from one side to drop his bodyweight on Hennig but he moved and landed groin first to the middle rope. Hennig chopped back and hit a hiplock before a back bodydrop to the bigger Mr. Hughes. Fans on the side of the momentum gaining Mr. Perfect who hits his modified snapmare to Mr. Hughes. In the corner Perfect chops at him some more before dropping a couple of hard righthands.

Mr. Hughes grabs an Urn he stole from Taker in the bottom corner of the ring.

Mr. Hughes as a result is disqualified from the tournament.

So in the end at 6:02 Mr. Perfect won the match and would advance to meet Bret Hart later in the night

This is actually a pretty good attraction here. Mr. Perfect worked well with Mr. Hughes putting on a very solid match that never dragged.


** 1/4



3) Bam Bam Bigelow vs “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in a King of the Ring Quarter-Finals match

Another Quarter-Final match here, now we got the Beast from the East Bam Bam Bigelow against the man who carries the 2×4.
The bell rings and we`re underway.

Bam Bam Bigelow circled around Hacksaw as the fans were on his side. A side headlock by the big man and off the ropes Duggan hits him with a shoulder block.
This is going to be all about power. Bam Bam misses with a clothesline, Duggan hits Bam Bam Bigelow twice and it doesen`t take him off his feet, a third one will.

Duggan takes the Beast to the East to the outside as the fans chant USA as Duggan leads them on.

Duggan waited on Bam Bam who took his time coming back and a slugfest broke out. Bam Bam Bigelow sent Duggan to the corner but Bam Bam crashed as Duggan moved. Hacksaw tried to slam Bam Bam but his injured ribs prevented it and Bam Bam Bigelow drops him with a series of headbutts. Bam Bam Bigelow lands more shots and off the ropes Bigelow slaps a bearhug on Duggan and his injured ribs.

Duggan fights back but Bam Bam Bigelow hits a thumb to the eye. Bam Bam Bigelow slams him to the mat and goes for a headbutt but misses as Duggan moved. Duggan held his ribs still selling the injury as Bam Bam slaps back on a bearhug focusing on that injured mid-section of Hacksaw. Bigelow uses his strength on Duggan`s weakness.

Bam Bam Bigelow all of the sudden got powerslammed by Duggan injured ribs and all. Duggan crashed into the corner charging for Bam Bam and that proved to be his downfall as Bam Bam Bigelow drops the head from the top, hooks the leg and gets the win.

In the end at 4:59 Bam Bam got the win.

This match was perfectly fine for what it was. Simple and to the point. Duggan`s injured ribs was the story and Bam Bam capitalized on it to score the victory and ultimately advance to the finals because of the following draw.

* 3/4



4) Lex Luger vs Tatanka in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

Here we get our final Quarter Final match between two guys that really didn`t like each other.

As Luger was posing in front of a mirror Tatanka hit him with a series of chops.

They remind us that he only has fifteen minutes to beat him, wink, wink…

Tatanka slammed Luger on the mat outside the ring, now back inside Luger begged Tatanka off and kicked him in the mid-section. Luger sent to the corner and high elevation as Tatanka hits him with a back bodydrop and then a clothesline. A nearfall for the Native American. Tatanka hits an arm-ringer on Luger and continues to twist while dropping chops down on Lex.

Tatanka wears down Luger now in an armbar. Luger attempts out but Tatanka slams him back down to the mat and goes right back into the armbar. Tatanka drops the leg on across the awesome bicep of Luger as his focus is the upperarm and shoulder of Luger.

Randy Savage says his blood is boiling watching this because he wishes HE could be the first official King of the Ring. (Despite winning one in 1987) Savage also goes further to put over the King of the Ring title saying it`s just as important as the Heavyweight title.

They cut to an interview with Bam Bam who says he wants to fight the INDIAN. Wow.

Back in the ring Tatanka lands a crossbody on Luger and gets a nearfall. Tatanka goes back into an arm-ringer and the pressure of the armbar takes Luger down to his knees. Tatanka with a hammerlock and now Luger counters it with one of his own. Tatanka counters it again into a hammerlock. Tatanka in control of the match as Luger elbows out by the ropes. Luger has some fans here. Lex drops a right on Tatanka. Luger`s knee found its mark off the rope to Tatanka and he drops the knee and gets a two count.

Luger measuring Tatanka with powermoves, dropping the elbow onto the sternum. Luger going for a pin any chance he got. Lex then with elevation jumps up and buries the elbow to Tatanka, taking his time he gets another nearfall. Luger has words with the official and Tatanka with a surprise inside cradle gets him a two. Luger kicks at Tatanka and takes his time as Tatanka roars back with right hands to the mid-section and unloads with chops to Luger into the corner until Luger hits a knee to the mid-section of Tatanka.

Lex with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Tatanka worked his way up to a vertical base and Luger used his hair to throw him back to the mat. Luger held a chinlock on Tatanka as the fans encouraged him on.

Luger dropped an elbow back on Tatanka and he got a two count.

An inside cradle by Tatanka proving he was still in the match but Luger got out of that in a hurry and kept up at kicking Tatanka. Luger just looked like he was trying to take as much time as possible with his offense, Tatanka hits a sunset flip off the ropes and he got another two. Luger drops a double axehandle to the back of Tatanka. Luger hits Tatanka with a big kick to the ribs. Luger drops a high knee to the face of Tatanka. Luger kicks at Tatanka in the corner and asks the crowd what they think of it. Luger slams his head into the corner and now Tatanka begins to feel some momentum, Luger tries to wear him down but the Native

American ducks a clothesline and chops Luger down.

Tatanka with momentum lands a chop off the ropes but gets a two count. Tatanka irishwhipped Luger and hits a powerslam and another nearfall is scored. Another powerslam and a high risk move which did not pay off as Luger moves out of the way, Tatanka crashed into the canvas.
Luger pulls himself up and stomps on Tatanka. Luger with a hard forearm and a nearfall. Luger had tried to put Tatanka away planting him with a powerslam but again Tatanka kicks out.

Lex Luger picks up Tatanka with one minute remaining. Tatanka gets hit with a backdrop. Luger with a front facelock into a vertical suplex to Tatanka and he takes his time to get the three and again Tatanka kicks out. Luger is frustrated and he scoops up Tatanka and drops him with a backbreaker. Luger took his time again for some reason and Tatanka kicks out.

The bell rings.

In the end at 15:00 the match went to a time limit draw.

As a result both guys were dq’d from the tournament.

This match would of been better if Luger didn`t take so much time inbetween offensive moves, anytime Tatanka was in control the match flowed well. They didn`t pace this one the best but there was still solid material here.


** 3/4



5) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Mr. Perfect in a King of the Ring Semi-Final match

Wrestling just doesen’t get much better then this.

Poetry in every crisp move in a match that features just about everything needed.

Both men’s second match of the night which only added to the story of two second generation wrestler’s wanting to up the other.

Crowd respected both men but Bret had them in the palms of their hand.

A very good promo happens backstage between Hennig and Hart just before this match.

Hennig hasn`t forgotten Summerslam 91, and this time Mr. Perfect`s back was in better condition, thus being able to put on a better match.

The Hitman and Hennig both with a lot to prove tie up. A clean break sends both guys back. Both men already with an impressive match earlier in the night.
Waistlock go-behind by Perfect and Bret reaches the top rope. Ross says both men are so technically sound its amazing. For my money, the best chemistry in Wrestling History.
The Hitman with a side headlock in mid-ring on his feet, Savage points out Bret beat Hennig with the Sharpshooter at Summerslam 91.

Hennig shoved Bret to the ropes and he hit Hennig with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes Bret leaps over Perfect and then counters a hiplock from Hennig to Perfect hitting him with a hiplock. Bret then hits a beautiful side headlock takedown.

Mr. Perfect counters into a headscissors with the leg, and Heenan says `This is Wrestling!` Couldn`t of been more right.

Bret with Hennig in a headlock cornered by Perfect who unleashed a huge chop. Bret reverses an irishwhip sending Hennig to the corner, both men tried to go for a slam, Bret lands his, Mr. Perfect counters with a dropkick from his back to the mat sending Bret down quickly. Mr. Perfect slams Bret to the mat and Bret kicks up at Hennig and hits him with a side headlock takedown so expertly.

Ross with his great timely call, Oh What an Offensive Exchange!

Savage and Heenan love it as well, as do I. I love that paticular piece of the match because it is so crisp and defines the chemistry between one another.
Bret on the mat continues to ride Mr. Perfect and he battled out with some shots, off the ropes Bret hits a crucifix hooking Hennig by the arms getting another nearfall, back up Hennig goes back into a side headlock takedown and Bret had it slapped on again on the mat.

Parts of the crowd chant for the Hitman. Bret Hart now back up to his vertical base is pushed off by Mr. Perfect who drops stiff forearms to the lowerback of the Hitman. A crossbody press by Bret off the ropes and Hennig elevated him to the outside. Bret came in quickly and landed a spear-gutshot to mid-section of Hennig as he buried the shoulder. The Hitman with a sunset flip over the top rope and a nearfall.

As Hennig comes charging for Bret he utilizes the side headlock to perfection dropping Mr. Perfect AGAIN with ANOTHER side headlock takedown. By this point Ross puts it over huge.

Mr. Perfect gets back up but Bret is controlling the pace to the match. Bret is caught on the ropes as Perfect resorts to dropping Bret with a cheap shot. Perfect with a kick to the groin and a kick to the lowerback where he earlier landed forearm shots. An outstanding dropkick by Mr. Perfect to Bret and the impact takes the Hitman all the way to the outside on the floor. Mr. Perfect goes as far as to sit on the middle rope allowing Bret back in.

Mr. Perfect turns dirty now as he kicks Bret in the mid-section and then drives him headfirst to the top turnbuckle padding. Perfect held a sleeper on Bret.

Perfect gets Bret back up and hits him with huge chops and a clubbing forearm followed by stiff kicks to the head. Mr. Perfect drops Bret with a big time knee lift which found its mark, Mr. Perfect gets another nearfall. Bret is kicked to the outside by Hennig. Mr. Perfect now in control of the pace as he chops Bret hard once more outside the ring. Mr. Perfect drives Hart facefirst into the top of the ring apron. The Hitman wobbly on the apron was then elevated off by Mr. Perfect who slingshot him off the apron to the floor.

The Hitman went flying and crashed into the barricade.

Now the story had carried to the bad leg of Bret. Everyone speculated it was the knee which got the most damage gained. Hart held it and sold it like a pro.
Mr. Perfect was relentless in his attack dropping him with another headshot with a big high knee.

Hart stood up and fought back with big righthands but Mr. Perfect dropped him with another right. Mr. Perfect goes to the top for a high risk move and upon coming down lands a textbook dropkick to Bret from the top. Hart with his good leg reached the ropes breaking the fall. Mr. Perfect irishwhipped Bret sternum first hard into the corner and another nearfall, this was becoming a war. Perfect up top takes another chance and Bret drops h€im with a gutshot.

Bret and Perfect battled on the top rope now.
A front facelock by the Hitman and a desperation toprope superplex, Hennig kicked out.

Savage claims its unbelievable and Ross points out the fatigue factor.

A limping Bret Hart takes the leg out of Hennig. A single leg takedown, Bret slaps on a figure-four in mid-ring to Mr. Perfect.

Perfect was inches away from the rope and finally got to the bottom rope but the damage has been done to Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect in a bad way and Bret was as well, the Hitman drops Perfect with another single leg takedown, seperates the leg and grapevines it. Awesome stuff.

Hennig manages out and is in a bad way limping up. A fatigued, groggy Hitman gets up at the same time. Hennig grabs Bret by the hair and Hart goes up and over as Hennig slams him with a hairtoss. Bret lands hard to the canvas. Bret Hart down and Perfect limps over.

Savage puts over both men in a major way for going this far. Bret Hart gets caught in a sleeperhold off the ropes in mid-ring. Bret on the mat knew he had to resort to some desperation tactics and Hart grabs ahold of the hair of Hennig out of desperation, resorting to his level.

That is good storytelling right there. The Hitman reached for the ropes and Hennig held the sleeper until the very last second. A limping Curt comes over to Bret who regains his vertical base and he slaps Bret with a hard chop. Bret Hart caught in a sleeper and Perfect had an unfair advantage with his feet on the ropes for a split-second behind the official.
The match has gone fifteen minutes and at an unbelievable pace. Bret gets back up and took Hennig facefirst to the top turnbuckle padding as a resourceful move out of a sleeper.

The Hitman now lifts up Hennig and lands an amazing forearm undercut. Bret slams Hennig head first into the top turnbuckle and now resorts to his low dragging him by the hair tossing him aside, and Hennig slides groin first into the post.

Bret now drops him with an inverted atmoic drop, a side russian legsweep and STILL Bret Hart could not put away Hennig. Bret with his good leg drops it on Perfect before he picks him up and drops him with a backbreaker. The Hitman goes up to the top rope and drives the elbow into the face of Hennig.

Still just a two!

Mr. Perfect down and now it was time for the Hitman Bret Hart to go for the Sharpshooter he attempted to lock it in, Hennig had it scouted as he grabbed the damaged hands of Bret Hart to break the Sharpshooter. Amazing strategy and psychology from Curt Hennig as a counter to the finishing move of the Hitman.
Bret down and Mr. Perfect stomps on his head before picking him up and attempting his Perfectplex, Hart backs off on his bad leg, Hennig could not execute it and Bret suplexes him over the top rope all the way to the floor. Amazing counter by Bret Hart who avoided the Perfectplex and ended up taking Hennig to the ground.
Both men countering the other mans finisher in awesome form.

Both men limp back in, Hennig goes for an inside cradle, it is countered by the Hitman and he gets the three. Ross screams WHAT A MATCH!
The Hitman got him!

In the end at 18:56 Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect and advanced to the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament to the delight of the crowd.

From bell to bell, there are few matches as captivating as this one due to the unbelievable chemistry from both second generation superstars.

The work here is absolute perfection.

But I would expect nothing less from my favourite match of all time.







6) Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) vs Hulk Hogan (c) (with Jimmy Hart) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

You have to love the Fink’s ability to get you interested in a match, or make a big time match feel that important.

Yokozuna lost the belt in record time at Wrestlemania 9 when Hogan “challenged” him after he defeated Bret.

This was the big re-match.

Hogan was to go up against Big Yokozuna for the title here.

Yokozuna was ready as were all the Hulkamaniacs in attendance.

Hulk Hogan ties up with Yoko and both men fail to gain any advantage. Hogan is shoved down by Yoko as he shows his strength, Hogan looks shocked. Yokozuna with a karate thrust to the throat of Hulk Hogan. Yokozuna lands a chop on a Hulkster who does not look the least bit motivated to wrestle.

Yokozuna with a scoop slam.

All of the sudden out of no where Hogan fights back dropping some righthands on Yoko. He sends him hard to the buckle and hits him with a clothesline.
Hogan tries to slam Yokozuna but he could not get him up. Yoko drops Hogan with forearm shots. Yokozuna chops Hogan and slams a bearhug on.

Yoko keeps this one for awhile until its Hulk Up time.

Fans get involved and Hogan lands shots on Yoko until a big boot hits Yoko and he still remains on his feet. Hogan lands more righthands to Yoko and off the ropes another boot hits Yoko for the third time and he falls.

Hogan hits the leg drop, Yoko kicks out and Ross screams OH MY GOD! Hogan drops Fuji off the apron and then a camera man gets on the apron and takes a picture of Hogan which ends up shooting a fireball into Hogan.

Yoko drops the leg on Hogan and that does him in.

In the end at 13:09 Yokozuna won the WWF title.

This match was very slow and predictable until the unique ending.

Yoko was now the Champion of the Federation.

As for Hogan, he would then leave for WCW.





7) The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart) and The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) vs The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu) (with Afa) and Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) in an Eight Man Tag Team Match


Some Eight-Man Tag Team action now. I wasn’t paticularly looking forward to this on paper but wow did it pay off.

Ted DiBiase begins with Scott Steiner. Two fine workers here who begin this tag with some wonderful exchanges.

DiBiase and Steiner lock up and Ted DiBiase hits an armdrag takedown to Steiner. Ted DiBiase circles around the man with an amateur background and the Million Dollar Man hits another armdrag takedown. Another lock up and Steiner with a single leg takedown into a waistlock, and an armringer.

A hammerlock reversal and off the ropes Ted DiBiase hits a shoulder block, a leapfrog by Steiner followed by a dropkick. Steinerline to Ted DiBiase over the top to the floor.

Awesome chain wrestling to begin this match.

Steiner hits Ted DiBiase with another Steinerline out to the floor, the Dog Face Rick beat on DiBiase outside the ring while Scott waited inside.

Fatu comes in and Steiner holds the arm until Bart Gunn tags in and hits an arm-ringer and then off the ropes both guys counter a hiplock, a good drop toehold to Fatu by Bart. Off the ropes Bart grabs Fatu and plants him into the mat, Fatu gets back up and lands a thrust kick. Headshrinkers doubleteam Bart with a clothesline.

Samu comes in and drops a headbutt to Bart. IRS tags in and he lands a blow to Bart after Samu hits him with a leaving chop. IRS with a reverse elbow shot to Bart Gunn, then a legdrop.

Ted DiBiase tags in.

Fast action here, very well done.

Ted DiBiase irishwhipped Bart Gunn and hits him with a reverse elbow shot. A front facelock by the Million Dollar Man into a perfectly executed snapshot vertical suplex. He holds Bart while Fatu tags in and chops Bart. Headshrinkers double team Bart some more with tremendous elevation dropping Bart with a back bodydrop. Samu with a headbutt to the lower abdomen and he gets a two.

Samu bites a bit on Bart. IRS gets the tag and drops a righthand to Bart off the top. IRS hits a legdrop, hooks the leg and scores a nearfall. Some fine teamwork by the Heels. A Sunset flip from Bart off the ropes gets him a two. Bart has been isolated the whole match and IRS drops him again with a clothesline off the ropes. Fans get behind Bart as Billy wants in on the ring apron in a bad way, pacing back and forth.

Bart makes the hottag to Bully and now Ted DiBiase begs him off. Billy Gunn irishwhipped Ted DiBiase hard into the corner and he hit him with a great back bodydrop followed by a series of clotheslines to the Million Dollar Man. Off the ropes Ted DiBiase picked up Gunn and hit him with a Stun Gun. DiBiase then slaps on the Million Dollar Dream to Billy Gunn in mid-ring.
Great action!

Ted DiBiase with Billy in the Million Dollar Dream as the fans get behind the team of the Gunn’s and Steiner’s, somehow Ted DiBiase let go of Gunn for no paticular reason. Ted DiBiase was all smiles as he grabbed Billy and went for a suplex and Gunn surprises him with an inside cradle getting the victory.

In the end at 6:49, the team of the Gunns and Steiners got the win.

This match is terrific, it didn’t go as long as I would of liked and the finish was slightly ridiculous but it consisted of AMAZING action.


*** 1/2 



8) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (with Diesel) vs Crush for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The late Bryan Adams challenging here for the IC title held by Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels does his dance routine and he eyes the bigger physical challenger. Shawn knew he also had a big guy on his side outside the ring in Diesel.

Crush with a standing side headlock to Shawn. Crush off the ropes runs into Shawn with a hard shoulderblock and Michaels bumps well as usual sliding under the bottom rope to the floor putting over the power of Crush. Crush waits as HBK comes back in the ring.

Shawn Michaels ties up with Crush and he puts him back into a side headlock. Crush holds it and Michaels attempts to elbow out with shots to the back. Shawn sends Crush to the ropes and he leaps over him, ducks a clothesline and lands a jab on Crush making him mad. Michaels has the edge in quickness.

The Brain points out Shawn Michaels needs Crush to make a mistake. Shawn Michaels with an arm-ringer into a standing armbar on the big man. Shawn Michaels all smiles as he has it held in well, Crush sends him to the ropes Shawn goes for a shoulderblock and it doesen’t take Crush off his feet. Two leapfrogs by Michaels over Crush off the ropes and Crush hits Shawn with a tremendous dropkick, not once but twice.

All this after Crush avoided a superkick by Michaels. Crush dropkicked the Champion out of the ring and now Michaels was worried on the outside. Diesel looked on angry. Shawn Michaels gets back in and Crush was ready waiting on him. Michaels back inside with a single leg pickup, Crush comes back with a single leg pickup, of his own. Crush with a military press on Michaels as he held him in the air for a good ten seconds before slamming him hard to the canvas as the fans approve.

Crush turned Michaels in mid-air and slammed him hard to the mat after a backbreaker. Diesel took Shawn out of the ring as he knew Michaels was in trouble.

Shawn Michaels sold the back on the outside. Shawn dropped a desperation double axehandle to the back of Crush as he went chasing Diesel on the outside.
A vicious Michaels slammed Crush’s head into the ringpost while Big Daddy Cool distracted the official. Shawn Michaels walked around in the ring knowing he had done what he had to, to ensure his title defense. Michaels breaks the count and picks up Crush with everything he had, Michaels is considerably smaller then Crush. Shawn Michaels slides him back in which took a lot out of Shawn to begin with. Shawn Michaels dragged Crush to mid-ring and now Shawn Michaels goes for a cover but somehow Crush kicks out still showing life, Michaels can’t believe it.

Shawn Michaels goes to the top rope and goes for high risk move and drops the double axehandle to Crush who was just getting up.

Michaels with another shot to the head of Crush, the same head he rammed into the ring post several times, nice follow up wrestling from the Champion who continued to go for a cover at every chance he got. Michaels goes into a front facelock on Crush. Michaels wears down Crush on the mat slowing down the pace taking out the oxygen but Crush starts to regain his vertical base as the fans applaud along. Crush in the front facelock shows amazing strength to throw Michaels off of him, but Shawn Michaels goes right back into a front facelock, Crush throws him off again.

Shawn Michaels goes RIGHT back into the facelock again but Crush scoops up Michaels and drops him over the top rope to the floor. Michaels’s face and chest region dropped and clotheslined the top rope on his way down. Shawn Michaels climbs to the top and attempts a high risk move on Crush but he threw him away. Crush landed a back bodydrop to Michaels. Crush fought back on Shawn with a hard irishwhip to the corner into a high impact back breaker to Michaels, following up on the back. Somehow Shawn Michaels kicks out. Crush with a big boot to the face of Shawn. Crush with all the momentum drops a leg on Michaels. Crush scoops up Shawn but he lands on his feet behind him, Crush hangs onto the rope so Michaels can’t pull off an inside cradle. Shawn is clotheslined hard by Crush over the top rope to the floor.

With Shawn Michaels on the floor, out comes Doink the Clown.

Doink distracts Crush as there is two Doink’s.

Doink had a Cigar in mouth. Crush signalled for them to come in the ring. Michaels hit a superkick to the back of Crush’s head.

Both Doink’s bow as Shawn Michaels retains the title. Crush chases after Doink.

Shawn has won it.

In the end at 11:14, Michaels retained the title.

This was a great match here for the IC title, loved the contrast in styles and bumping of Shawn Michaels.



9) Main Event- Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow in the King of the Ring Final

On Bret Hart’s DVD he included a match with Bam Bam Bigelow from Spain. While that match was great, this match due to the story was far better.
Bret had already had the harder road then Bam Bam so despite being a bigger star in the Wrestling Industry, he was still the underdog, Heenan, Savage and Ross all made this point clear during the match, if Bam Bam’s hard offense didn’t do the job itself.

The story going in and told throughout was that of Class.

So here were are in the finals of the tournament.

Bret comes out fatigued knowing he had a huge task ahead of him.

Bam Bam came out as cocky as ever ready to dominate the Hitman and become the first “OFFICIAL” WWF King of the Ring.

Hart was desperate and knew he had to bring everything do he dropped righthands to Bam Bam. Bigelow fought back with a double axehandle drop the lowerback of Bret.

Bret had a bruised lowerback, knee, and hands.

Bigelow could be methodical as well as agile for a big man.

Bam Bam Bigelow misses a clothesline and scoops up the Hitman who drops on Bam Bam and gets a two count. Hart grabs Bam Bam Bigelow by the arm and drops blows on the big man while slapping on a standing armbar.

Hart elbowed out by Bam Bam. Bam Bam Bigelow drops Hart with a hard clothesline.

Bam Bam Bigelow lifted up the Hitman and tossed him over the top rope to the floor. Savage and Heenan claimed it was now over. Bam Bam Bigelow walked around the ring as if it was infact over but Bam Bam Bigelow broke up the count and threw Bret back in. Bam Bam Bigelow drops a headbutt on the Hitman.

Bam Bam Bigelow follows it up with more headbutts to the kidneys, the bad-bruised lower mid-section of the Hitman. With Bret in the corner a hard irishwhip by Bam Bam sends Bret back first to the corner as he drops to the mat. Bret Hart bumps into the corner so well. Bam Bam Bigelow with another devistating headbutt to the kidneys of Bret.

Smart move by Hart as he puts a boot on the ropes as Bam Bam covers. Bam Bam Bigelow grabs the Hitman by the tights and clubs some hard forearms into the lowerback of the Hitman who drops to his knees. Bret had a tought time standing, let alone the fatigue he had faced. A suplex by Bam Bam dropping Bret hard on his back on the canvas and the Hitman kicked out.
Randy Savage did a great job at putting over Hart’s “Guts and Heart.” Bret fought back with hard rights to Bam Bam Bigelow knewing he had to fight but Bigelow irishwhipped Hart backfirst hard into the turnbuckle once more and Bret collapses. Everyone gets behind Bret in attendance as Bam Bam drops him with another headbutt. Bam Bam Bigelow off the ropes drops another headbutt, Bam Bam methodically disected the Hitman working on his back, his chest, his head and still the Hitman kicked out!
Bret relying on instinct now and since Bigelow could not put him away, Bam Bam Bigelow followed up the kidney work by slapping on a huge bearhug in mid-ring focusing on the lowerback even more. Ross points out how small Hart looks in comparison. Bigelow with a neckvice into a side suplex and still HART gets a shoulder up. Ross does such a great job showing emotion in his call as Hart kicks out.

Bam Bam Bigelow tosses Bret to the floor through the middle ropes. Bret resourcefully reversed an irishwhip on the outside and got a much needed offensive moe on Bam Bam. Bret irishwhipped Bam Bam Bigelow into the steel barricade. Bret lands hard rights. Bret jumps off the apron dropping to Bam Bam. Hart rolls back in the ring and is still selling the fatigue and injury limping around. Bret breaks the count and goes to jump off the apron onto Bam Bam on the outside, Bam Bam Bigelow caught him in mid-air and drove his bad back right into the steel ringpost.

Awesome psychology.

It has become beyond a war when Bam Bam Bigelow slams Hart on his bad back directly onto the concrete with no padding. Luna out of no where comes from behind and hits Bret Hart in the back with a chair, the official did not see it as Bam Bam was having a word with the late official, Joey Marella.

Bam Bam Bigelow breaks the count as he knew the back work had took its toll so it was only a matter of time. Bam Bam Bigelow picks Bret up and scoops him up and slams him viciously to the mat. Bam Bam Bigelow climbs to the top rope and goes for his finishing headbutt from the top and he drives it right into Bret.
Bam Bam Bigelow gets the three. Bigelow has won it.

All of the sudden Hebner (of all people to defend Hart) comes in and argued with the official buying Bret Hart a break. Savage was right in the sense where he said afterall Bret had been through it`d be ridiculous to have it end this way.

Fink announces the official has reversed the decision, and then clarifies his statement as he orders it to continue.

This was a smart move as it bought Bret a breather and a second wind, and it also put over Bam Bam Bigelow`s toughness and ability to take apart the Hitman. Bam Bam Bigelow dropped hard shots to the back of Bret and kicked away at Hart who has had a bit of time to recover. Bam Bam Bigelow with a hard headbutt to the back followed by an irishwhip to the corner, Hart could barely stand and Bam Bam Bigelow dropped another headbutt to Bret. Bam Bam stomped on Hart at the side ropes.

Bam Bam Bigelow takes his time this time to slap a move on Bret and when he does he catches Hart again with a vicious bearhug. Bam Bam Bigelow with another headbutt and this time scoops Bret up over his shoulder focusing on Bret`s back some more with a backbreaker submission hold. The lowerback of Bret was beyond hurt now, and the courage and pride of Bret was put over on commentary even more. Ross says Hart has endured so much and Bret reached over and landed on his feet.

Somehow Hart hits Bam Bam Bigelow with a side suplex. Nobody could believe that Bret was not only remaining in the match, but he could hit an offensive move on Bam Bam Bigelow. Bret Hart still down as Bam Bam gets up first, Bam Bam goes for a legdrop off the ropes and Bret rolls out of the way as the crowd become more vocal for the Hitman and his comeback attempt nearing the climax of the King of the Ring. Bam Bam Bigelow goes over to Bret who lands aa gutshot to Bam Bam. Bret Hart still unable to stand is thrown hard backfirst into the corner yet another time. The fifth or sixth time in the match to the injured back of Bret.

Bam Bam with a front facelock to Bret into a jackknife position as Bam Bam Bigelow goes for another backbreaker, Hitman rakes the face as a resourceful way out, Bret counters it into a sleeper as he hangs on his back. Bam Bam Bigelow may be fading now as Hart is building back some momentum, crowd chant for Bret as Bam Bam Bigelow tosses him off. Bret attempted a snapmare, could not apply it but hit the big man with a dropkick taking him out to the floor. Somehow Bret leaped over the top rope landing a crossbody on Bam Bam Bigelow out to the floor.

Hart landed righthands on Bam Bam while Savage continues to talk about respect for Bret which is what he was all about. Hart drops off the top with an elbow to Bam Bam Bigelow and he gets a two. Hart hits a side russian legsweep to Bigelow and now Hart goes to the top yet again as Bam Bam gets up. Hart with a running bulldog from the top and now the Hitman limping goes to set up the Sharpshooter in mid-ring.

Bigelow powered out sending Bret over due to the size of his legs. Hart off the ropes gets caught in a bearhug and Hart bites him, Bigelow drops Hart on his back and he still KICKS OUT.


Bam Bam Bigelow irishwhipped Hart backfirst again into the corner and he caught Bam Bam with a boot to the face. Hart was on Bam Bam`s shoulders and he flipped him over with a victory roll, and he got him!

Everyone in attendance has popped.

Macho Man Randy Savage runs in the ring to shake the hand of Bret Hart.

In the end at 18:11 The Hitman got the victory over Bam Bam!

The place exploded!

Hart is the King of the Ring as Ross screams over and over.


This match is a Classic.

A fitting way to end a tremendous show with one of the best underdog victories of all time as far as storytelling goes.

Hart goes on to complete the best single night performance in Pro-Wrestling history.






Final Rating for WWF King of the Ring 1993  = 9/10

This show was brilliant.

From the Hennig-Hart match and everywhere else there is a solid flow and a unique feeling to this “original”.

I’d suggest this to anyone as it’s quite possibly one of the most enjoyable broadcasts let alone King of the Ring shows of all time.

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  1. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Two things of note:

    1.On the original PPV broadcast, while Hogan was helped out of the ring after losing to Yoko, and Jim Ross was saying “That youngster, he is so heartbroken”, the camera cut to a little girl smiling and waving, before cutting back to Hogan and the road agents. Unfortunately, that shot was replaced on the VHS and DVD releases, as well as the WWE Network version, with a stock shot of a little blond boy staring blankly into space.

    2.The Coliseum Video release included two bonus interviews, both conducted by the former Red Rooster himself, Terry Taylor; the first one was the Steiners and the Smoking Gunns on their upcoming eight-man tag match, and the second one was Perfect feeling pretty disgruntled after losing to Bret.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Just watched this tonight. Such a good show.

  3. Efrain says:

    This event should be now called “The Bret Hart Event 1993”

  4. Brett Mix says:

    That says it all pretty much lemo…nicely put

  5. lemo says:

    I’m 100% behind you in yor statement about Bret’s performance is the best one night performance in pro wrestling history. It is brilliant to have 3 great matches in 1 night with different oppenents , Razor as a brawler and physical wrestler , Hennig technical wrestler and Bam Bam is a big size wrestler. What is more amazing that those 3 matches are totally different from each others and yet they are excellent. This soldified Bret as the best in ring performer of all time.

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