Review: WWF-WWE Judgment Day 1998: In Your House 25 (Tagged Classic) DVD

July 10, 2011 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s WWF In Your House 25: “Judgment Day” 1998  Review:

“Austin…..SCREW YOU…..YOU`RE FIRED!“ –Vince McMahon

-This was the 25th annual In Your House PPV event.

-This is my first review in over a month here in July of 2011 as of this writing after I took a brief hiatus.

-18, 153 fans at the Rosemont Illinois packed in attendance for this event as there was always a loyal fanbase in Chi Town and it took place Sunday, October 18th 1998.

-This was the first PPV under the Judgment Day name.

-ON Sunday Night Heat before the event four matches took place involving the likes of Steve Blackman, Jeff Jarrett, The Godfather and Bradshaw.





1) Opening Contest- Al Snow (With Head) vs Marc Mero (With Jacqueline)



Marc Mero jumps Al Snow once Jeff Jarrett came out to distract Al Snow.

A little cheap trick by Marc Mero.

Mero ducks two clotheslines off the ropes but Al Snow powerslams Mero. Al Snow sends Mero to the turnbuckle and got a nearfall.

Mero kicked at Snow but he surprised him with a cradle but Mero surprised him with a hard clothesline on the right side.

Snow dodged some offense by Mero and slams him down. Al Snow lands a moonsault off the top catching him low. Mero with a low-blow behind referee Tim White then a ddt and a count of two. Mero choked out Snow on the middle rope. Jacqueline even did so on the middle rope behind the back of the official.

Mero with a running knee lift to a bent down Snow who Mero caught off the ropes. A corkscrew landing by Marc Mero and he got a two.

Snow ducked anything Marvellous Marc Mero had planned and hit an iniguri. A powerbomb. Al Snow then goes to the corner and hits a moonsault off the top and Mero got a nearfall.

Mero with a short irish-whip then a Samoan Drop. Mero missed the Marveoulisity moonsault and Snow moved over, putting his boot on the water.

Snow blocked the TKO and hit the SNOW PLOW!

In the end at 7:03 Al Snow got the win after his finisher.

This match had everything an opener should have.







2) L.O.D 2000 (Hawk and Animal- The Road Warriors and Droz) vs The Disciples of Apocalypse (with Paul Ellering) in a 6 Man Tag Team Match


Road Warrior Animal spots his former manager Paul Ellering now with the DOA, and teaming with them here in this match.

Of course this was just before Droz got paralyzed. Who knows what could of come from this kid.

Here he was with the LOD 2000 here.

A lot of great high impact moves here. Droz the rookie was worked over in the DOA end and yet to see Paul Ellering in the match in the early staged of the match.

Fans in the Chi Town (their hometown area) chanted LOD loud.

I`ve always found the DOA boring but that could be just me.

A side-walk slam by the DOA to Hawk. A big clothesline and a forearm shot to the head. THE DOA now softed up Droz, Ellering came in and gave him brief licks then went to the outside.

Out of no where the LOD gain back the momentum and the Devastation Device is hit when Road Warrior Hawk got the legal tag.

Droz got the cover but Hawk didn`t  look like he appreciated it.

In the end at 5:55 the LOD wins none the less.

This match was the 2nd in a row that made the fans happy.








3) Christian (with Gangrel) vs Taka Michinoku (c) (with Yamiguchi-san) for the WWF Light-heavyweight championship


Christian making his PPV debut in the ring and he went by Edge`s brother back then.

Taka Michinoku and Christian is a good match but obviously nothing cruiserweight or lightweight WCW could provide at the time.

Taka Michinoku with a high risk move to Christian from the top to the bottom.

Edge from the crowd stares in a distance. Christian sent Taka to the turnbuckle and a reverse ddt gets him a two. Crowd chant Edge.

Christian with a snap vertical suplex twice and then the third one was face-first but Taka Michinoku kicked out.

Christian slaps on a headlock but Taka punches back. Taka ran at Christin eh held down a rope and fell to the floor. Christian off the top with a clothesline to Taka Michinoku and throws him in the ring.

Taka Michinoku down for a nearfall, Christian then scoops up Taka and slams him down to the canvas. Christian misses a splash off the top and Taka gets up in the opposite corner. Taka Michinoku is planted with a couple of right`s. Taka Michinoku out of no where plants a dropkick and a baseball slide into Christian.

Then an impressive moonsault, springboard off the top rope onto Christian on the floor, very nice. Back in the ring Taka Michinoku chops the hell out of Christian in the corner, sends him to the corner but is back-dropped by Christian, Taka Michinoku lands on the apron then off the top applies a crossbody, Christian rolls through, hooks the leg and gets a two gaining slight leverage.

Pace picks up now.

Taka Michinoku tried to roll Christin down but he held onto the top rope, this time Taka Michinoku does the opposite on the other side and nails Christian with a huge dropkick. Taka Michinoku in control but is caught with a side russian legsweep into the lateral press by Christian and the challenger got a two count.

Taka Michinoku with so much balance and agility hits a tornado ddt off the top rope and he poses in front of Gangrel saying“That`s it`

`Taka Michinoku went for a driver, but it was reversed and Christian rolls him up with a surprise inside package due to Taka Michinoku`s stalling.

In the end at 8:34 we have a new Champion as Christian wins the title after his first match.

This match was a major upset and got WAY better as it went on.

I wanted more time near the end and it would of been rated higher, it was still great though.



*** 1/4



4) Val Venis (With Terri Runnels) vs Goldust



This one was very personal. Val`s mic got cut off in CM Punk-like fashion and Goldust said `HELLO VAL` instead of the Hello Ladies line while Terri stood next to Sean Morley at ring-side.

Goldust in a personal story with Brian Pillman last year involving Terri, now it`s Mr. Venis this year.

Gold rained down in Chicago and Goldust got a massive pop. Nothing says the attitude era like this match.

Val Venis gets caught with a reverse elbow right away. Val tosses Goldust out of the ring and King loves the puns on commentary, if you give him the chance he will get you.

Goldust dropped Val on the steel steps face-first.

Goldust down on the floor and Val off the top rope with a crossbody. Goldust buried his right hand right in the abdomen on Val Venis.

Goldust with an arm-ringer then stomps on the mat and throws him over with an arm-whip. Terri looking concerned on the outside.

Goldust with a snapmare, then a snapmare flip.

Some more offense and then Val gains some momentum with a side russian leg sweep. Goldust caught Val on the top rope and the fans pop as Goldust hits a SUPERPLEX off the top but still only a two count.

A belly to back suplex by Val Venis to Goldust and both men are down.

Not before long Terri gets on the apron saying she ruined his life, Goldust gets the family jewels and gets the three count.

In the end at 12:07 Goldust wins.

This match went a bit long but still was pretty solid.



** 1/2





5) D-Lo Brown (c) vs X-Pac (With Chyna) for the WWF European Championship


X-Pac is the fan favourite going for the European title.

`D-Lo Sucks` is the theme chanted here ll match. Brown with an arm-ringer and gets him down to the canvas. D-Lo Brown is kicked at with high ones by X-Pac.

X-Pac definitely with educated feet as Ross calls it.

Still, D-Lo Brown clothesliines Pac down. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but D-Lo Brown moves and everyone groans.

Ross calls into question if D-Lo is ever going to get rid of that vest he`s been wearing since June.

X-Pac down as Brown lands him with a powerbomb but only got a two count. A rear chinlock

X-Pac crushed into the corner by D-Lo Brown and he dropped a knee across the throat and a nearfall. D-Lo Brown with a Texas Cloverleaf into a modified Boston Crab putting more pressure on legs and lowerback which is smart because Pac loves using the legs.

A kick to D-Lo Brown`s face to get out of the submisssion move. X-Pac rolls down but loud “D-Lo Sucks“ chants are heard. D-Lo goes to the top looking for a cannon ball off the top but now both men lay down.

X-Pac then got an urge of wins and speeded it up and hit the Bronco Buster, Chyna hit a shot from behind the official. D-Lo kicked out and now D-Lo Brown knocked the official out.

X-Pac hit a side suplex.

Mark Henry then came out to ringside after Chyna. D-Lo Brown dropped X-Pac with the European title and somehow he kiked out.

D-Lo with a running powerbomb and sill just a nearfall.

D-Lo Brown leaped off the top but X-Pac hit the facebuster-X-Factor to win.

Big pop.

These two had a bunch of great 1998 PPV matches, this one could be the best.

In the end X-Pac became the NEW European Champion at 14:37 after he countered D-Lo Brown`s move in mid-air into an X-Factor.

Definitely great.






6) Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn (The New Age Outlaws) (c) vs Mosh and Thrasher (The Headbangers) for the WWF Tag Team Championship




I can`t believe for the life of me what Headbanger Mosh was allowed to say in a Pre-Match interview here, even if it was the Attitude Era.

Everyone in the crowd still “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh`d“

Mosh said the only thing the Outlaws were tag-teaming, were each other….

Anyway, the Headbangers jumped the Headbangers from behind.

Mosh and Billy Gunn begin it out as Gunn hits a swinging neck-breaker.

Road Dogg and Thrasher then have a chance to go at it. Road Dogg clotheslines him in the corneer. Mosh tells Gunn to suck this.

I`m not sure if the Headbangers were supposed to be heel, but either way the WWF didn`t have much of a tag division at this time, soon in 99-00 they would.

Mosh got the hot tag as did Gunn after some tag action. Neither team really controlling the other.

After some more action goes by the Headbangers got their tag in preventing Gunn from tagging in the former Marine, the Road Dogg.

Fans chant DX while Thrasher clotheslines-hangs Gunn`s throat off the bottom rope and now he catches an elbow to the throat from Thrasher behind the official to the throat. Applying more pressure to Billy Gunn.

Mosh slaps Billy Gunn and tells him to suck it with an armbar. Fans crazy about the Outlaws.

Front facelock by Mosh, went for a suplex, Billy reversed it. Road Dogg can just taste getting in there.A headlock on Gunn down on the mat. Chicago making noise for the O«utlaws.

Road Dogg wanting in.

Thrasher with an irishwhip and then into a sleeper by Gunn. Thrasher with a nice counter, a side suplex to the painfully long headlock.

The Headbangers seem to be way more on their game but Gunn caught Mosh in mid-air and dropped him. Will the Outlawas be able to make their more then needed hot tag to Road Dogg….that`s the question here.

Headbangers took Road Dogg off the apron and a double-flapjack to Gunn.

Wow the bangers look credible here. Road Dogg took a weapon and nailed Mosh with a boom box.

It`s over folks.

In the end at 14:01 the Outlaws were DQ`d therefore despite losing the match they kept the belts after Road Dogg went psycho.

This match was good at the beginning and end, it ran slow in the middle.

** 3/4

7) Ken Shamrock (c) vs Mankind for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



Foley calls Shamrock`s interviews or promo`s or whatever the 2nd leading cause in Teenage suicide and I can`t stop laughing.

Ironic that it comes from the mouth of the best promo man ever in Mick Foley. Steve Blackman had some wicked promo`s as well back in 2000.

Mankind comes out to a great ovation, he`d be WWF Champion soon enough.

Ken Shamrock waits on Mankind still with his HEEL-NEUTRAL-Turned babyface theme where he leaned on his arm in the corner of the ring.

Ross says Ken Shamrock is sculpted conditionally while Mankind isn`t. Mick goes for the quad and Ross says Mankind has the power, leverage advantage.

Shamrock works on the ankle of Mankind he almost destroyed earlier on Raw is War.

Ken Shamrock almost with a crossface tries to hyper-extend the elbow. Fans chant Socko.

Lawler says Mankind enjoys pain and refers to HIAC KOTR 1998 and if you think about it Foley REALLY got over with the crowd at live events after that event and rightfully so.

Mankind slams Ken Shamrock down to the mat and drops the right leg getting him a one count.

Shamrock counters Mankind`s offense into a hammerlock and Mankind down on the mat screaming in pain.

Shamrock with a high Harley Race like knee (and I am saying that without Ross using it) which is kind of funny I guess. Or maybe I`ve just been watching a little much wrestling.

Just a little.

Mankind spears Shamrock down but he holds him down with a front facelock to Mankind.

Ken Shamrock wrestling this match like it`s BACKLASH 99! By that I mean as if he has over 20 minutes and wants to turn it straight MMA! Although I`m slightly exagerating.

Forearm shots to the temple by Mick, Shamrock countered with a hurricanrana take-over and now an irishwhip is reversed and a Mandible Claw to Shamrock to a Huge POP! But Shamrock rolled out of the ring.

Shamrock used this time-out to his advantage utilizing his quickness. Mankind with a back-headlock trying to get the Mandible claw but Shamrock turns his hips preventing the move. Both men fall to the floor.

Shamrock alliowed to hit Mick with a chairshot to the head but it`s Foley so it probably didn`t do much. Lawler says you could hit Mick with a Sledgehammer, and he`says Oh yeah, that already happened.

Shamrock follows it up with wrist-arm and head work in the ring.

None of the Champion`s of the night have retained their title, a little fun fact of the night.

Out of no where Mankind hits his double armed ddt. Both men down. Mankind sits up and pulls his hair out.

Mankind runs his knee into the head of Shamrock. Shamrock hung upside down and Mankind drops an elbow on Shamrock`s head. Mankind with an elbow to the heart of the champion right off the apron, he`s used to those sort of moves is Foley.

Mankind ran into Shamrock and he hit a belly to belly and powerslammed Foley leg-first on the steel steps. Ouch.

Shamrock rolls Mankind into the ring and kicks at the vulnerable ankles which are most definitely hurt now.

Shamrock applies the Ankle Lock and Mankind reached for the ropes and got there but he stomps on Mankind`s legs and applies the hold once again in the middle of the ring. Mankind hit himself in his own head and even applied the Mandible claw to himself and the ref called for the bell without Mankind actually quitting. Shamrock is mad that the winner was a result of the mandible claw announced by the Fink, but Shamrock is mad it wasn`t said that the Ankle Lock beat him. Shamrock went nuts after the match (Haven`t seen this before) and hit a belly to belly on the official and snapped on Mankind.

In the end at 14:36 Shamrock retained the IC title after he could not fight out of the Ankle lock.

This match was quite good. I like the psychology here, even for a Shamrock match. Foley is GOOD.


*** 1/4



8 ) Mark Henry (With D-Lo Brown although he is not there) vs The Rock

The Rock was gaining enourmous popularity as was the WWF and the two could thank each other. Rock would then gain all this heat and turn it BAD as in HEEL at the 1998 Survivor Series: Deadly Game Vacant title tournament.

At the time he became the youngest WWF Champion ever and turned heel mocking the Montreal Screwjob in the process joining the McMahon Corporation an evil new stable. Sort of like Sting against the nWo it was Austin versus them, but better.

Anyways here we have Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry against former Nation member and the very over Rock.

A short match before the Main Event.

Mark Henry gets on the MIC. He says he is dedicating this poem to Chyna. He said he loved her long before the implants. He goes on and on until the theme of The Rock hits to a big pop.

Rock and Henry go toe to toe and Rock hits a clothesline on Henry.

Never would of thought if they gave one of two of the men mic time it would be Mark Henry. Not one of his fine points compared to well…The Rock.

Henry uses Rock on the top of the table then chokes him out on the middle rope.

Henry to The Rock in the conner but runs into a clothesline and he tried to drop the leg and comes away with a left leg-drop to Rocky. A reverse chinlock to Rock.

Rock slams Henry down to an unreal pop.

The Peoples Elbow. He lands it. Now Rock wants a Rock Bottom perhaps but D-Lo comes out and then Rock took him down. Henry with a big splash on Rock and D-Lo held the feet and Henry upset Rock.

In the end at 5:02 Mark Henry for the surprise win over the up and coming Rock after D-Lo came out 5 minutes late.

This match was basic.







9) Main Event- The Undertaker vs Kane for the Vacant WWF Championship (With Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Special Ref) -With the Stipulation if Austin did not crown a new Champion he would then be fired.



Austin felt he deserved the title and was robbed at Breakdown the month before but McMahon drove off with it.

Just another chapter in the classic Austin-McMahon saga, I could go through it for an hour.

Either way we have Undertaker and Kane in another match. We have seen many between the two (matches that is) and not many have been exactly classics.

This one was given some quality time as it was the main event of a PPV and with Stone Cold as the official at least it made some elements interesting since Stone Cold was the John Lennon of the earth at that time.

Kane comes out first.

The Undertaker second and both BROTHERS knew they were fighting for the title. Undertaker had his credentials, Kane was earning his, it was time to get it on.

Austin then came out third as the official and obviously got the pop of the night with only The Rock coming close as a distant second.

Austin had a red Austin 3:16 shirt and jean shorts and Jim Ross talks about the reception Steve is getting. It is certainly underrated.

After all this is where Austin had his best match, and arguably the greatest match in the history of Wrestling againt Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13.

Austin flipped off both brothers then rang the bell.

The Undertaker then took a couple shots at Kane. Undertaker continued to tork the arm and then hit Old School with amazing agility. The Undertaker sent Kane into the buckle but he hit an elbow and then fired rights on The Undertaker.

Fans chant Austin.

The Undertaker is powerslammed by Kane off the ropes and then sits up. Kane clotheslines him down again. Kane slams The Undertaker into the turnbuckle head-first. Kane with a stiff uppercut.

Kane runs into tue buckle and The Undertaker hit a boot to the face and then a clothesline by Taker to Austin.

Austin with a slow count. Fans cheer.

Kane covered Taker and Austin counted extremely fast two count.

The crowd reacted amd Taker is deservingly mad. The Undertaker dragged Kane out of the ring and The Undertaker hit a headbutt on Kane and then onto the apron. The Undertaker sent Kane into the ring steps.

Austin was going to hand The Undertaker the cable to choke out Kane and the fans laughed. The Undertaker hit a chair against the post but Kane moved his head in time. Kane slammed The Undertaker head-first into the table as the two walk around the ring. Kane them slammed The Undertaker head-first into the ring-post and now finally Kane rolls The Undertaker back into the ring.

The Undertaker kicks Kane and then a huge snap suplex to Kane, but Kane sits up faster then The Undertaker somehow. The Undertaker sits up fast.

Both guys with some power somehow.

The Undertaker blocked a move while some EC Dub fans chant the YOU F***** up chant. Fans chant Austin while the two brothers go at it. Kane then with a body-scissors on Kane.

Undertaker slides out of the ring  and hits Kane from below.

Now in the ring some slow-down moves as The Undertaker holds a leg submission down on a taller Kane to cut him down to size.

Kane remembers to sell the leg getting up but is in control somehow. Kane drops an elbow off the ropes.

Kane then tries to work on The Undertaker and his legs since both men are tall.

Both men try and neutralize the ankle, slowing things down. Austin asks if they would have enough of it yet.

The Undertaker ties Kane up in the corner and applies a sleeper in the corner. A little bit of a boring chant comes out.

The Undertaker grabs Kane by the throat, Austin says Kane is good. Austin tries to get in this as much as possible for entertainments sake.

Kane and Taker look pretty fatigured signalling the end of the match. The Undertaker caught in the arms of Kane and he hit a spinebuster. Kane hit a clothesline, Taker selling his sore ankles and now Kane has his older bro in the corner slapping right hands onto him.

Kane irishwhipped The Undertaker right into Austin, but back into Kane.

Kane chokeslams Austin.

The Undertaker then stomps Austin.


How is Austin going to count the three now, as if he was ever going to do it!

Kane attacks Austin more. The Undertaker and Kane both are heels for now getting on Austin and his bad side. Kane chokeslams The Undertaker on one leg.

Paul Bearer walks from the back with a chair. Kane signals for a Tombstone. Bearer hands Kane the chair and says let me do it.

Bearer hit Kane and Kane turned around. The Undertaker drops Kane with a chairshot, he covers Kane and Bearer laughs.

Undertaker pins Kane and looks up at Austin!




Austin hit the Stunner on The Undertaker. Austin lays him out with a chair, Undertaker and Kane are down and Austin counted himself the Champion as Chi Town pops.

Austin says he is the winner on the mic to an enourmous pop.

In the end at 17:41 Austin declares himself the winner.

This match is one of the best in the Undertaker-Kane saga, very underrated.

Vince fired Austin and in the long-run Shane re-hired him only to screw him at the Survivor Series in a semi-finals match with Mankind.




*** 1/4






Final Rating for WWF In Your House 25: Judgment Day 1998 = 7.5/10



Hey, I really liked this show. Attitude Era PPV events are not generally known for workrate or undercard matches but this one delivered, we saw a great cruiser match, we saw a great european match, a great IC title match, a decent tag match, a below average tag match, a nice grudge match between two good workers, a nice little Rock match that was short but nice to see the pop. Also a main event that saw a nice storyline at the end with a memorable quote. Entertaining enough for the night to get a score of over 7 out of 10. I would get the show if you can, one of the better of 1998 for certain. Also one of the only PPVs to run exactly at 3 hours, worth the money. Judgment Day opens with a bang!

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