Review: WWF-WWE Backlash 2001 DVD

April 9, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Backlash 2001 Review:



“Do you know who you are talking to Son, my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I aint gonna lose a damn thing. Done, interview is over…….” Steve Austin







-WWF Backlash 2001 was a wrestling (PPV) event produced by the Federation. (WWF). The event took place on Sunday, April the the 29th, 2001 in front of 15,592 fans at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. This was the 18th consecutive WWF sell-out at the Allstate Arena.


-This was the third annual Backlash PPV event by the Federation.


-The biggest storyline for Backlash 2001 revolved around the The main event which was a Tag Match for the WWF title, the WWF IC title, and the WWF Tag Team titles between the 2 Man Power Trip (Hunter and Austin) and The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane), in which the person to get the fall would win the Tag Team Championship as well as the championship of the wrestler who was pinned.


-Jerry Lynn defeated the late Crash Holly to win the Light Heavyweight title at 3:37 on Sunday Night Heat before the PPV. Lita also defeated Molly Holly at 2:40.



-Jim Ross and Paul Heyman did commentary.





Now onto the PPV…..





1) Opening Contest- X-Factor (X-Pac, Albert and Justin Credible) vs The Dudleyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike) in a Six-Man Tag Team Match



Lively crowd with the Dudleyz entrance until Uncle Cracker and his music hit.


X-Factor all had X-Pac heat by this time. Good times.

Someone in the crowd has a sign that reads Dork Factor, that is clever.

All six men begin to brawl because it is time for the PPV to get going with a high impact six man tag match. This is the kind of atmosphere Backlash 99 wished it had when they opened with a six man tag featuring the Ministry and The Brood.

Dudley Boyz double-team Albert with a double suplex. Spike then drove his foot into the chest of Albert and both Dudleyz launched hinm over the top rope onto X-Pac and Justin Credible.

Heyman likes calling this match with so many originals. Fans want tables. Spike keeps looking for three on Justin Credible. Albert off the ropes cant land a leg-drop and Spike Dudley goes for a Dudley god and instead Albert slams him hard to the canvas.

Justin Credible slams Spike hard to the mat. Credible slides into the ring-post groin first. Spike makes it to the corner and D-Von Dudley then works over X-Pac.

Fans were chanting X-Pac sucks before this match even started.

The action in this match is lightning quick.

X-Pac poses to a huge chorus of boos.

D-Von thrown out of the ring by Albert and Bubba Ray Dudley is not a big fan apparently as the official holds him back. X-Pac and Credible throw D-Von into the ring-post. Albert now stomping on D-Von as they begin to isolate the brother of Dudleyville, Albert clotheslines D-Von by catapolting him from the canvas up to the middle rope throat-first.

X-Pac called the leader of the trio (I wonder how this stable failed) comes in wearing down D-Von Dudley with a reverse chinlock.

This crowd is AMAZING and the wrestlers are definitely feeding off of it. A spinning heel kick by X-Pac to D-Von. X-Pac irishwhips D-Von into the corner and he hit a spear. Credible comes in and kicks D-Von in the corner keeping him isolated from his other Dudley brothers. Justin Credible hit a nice side-walk slam.

Fans still chanting for tables.

Albert kicking at D-Von and then a double-underhook suplex by Albert, Spike interupts the count. X-Pac tags back in and the fans boo loud, hilarious. He tags back out as Credible comes in and now D-Von counters a double-clothesline attempt by hitting the X-Factor with one. Bubba Ray Dudley makes the hot tag.

Bubba Ray Dudley slams X-Pac, then Credible. One man-wrecking crew. The Bubba Bomb to Credible, side-walk slam to X-Pac and then Albert missed Bubba Ray Dudley and got X-Pac by accident. Credible sent to the turnbuckle upside down. Bubba Ray Dudley splits the legs and D-Von goes for a Whats UP and hits him! Bubba Ray Dudley with the popular line.

D-Von….get the tables!

Albert though runs into D-Von with a boot to the face. Bubba Ray Dudley missed X-Pac in the corner, Albert splashes him and a double-thrust kick to Bubba Ray Dudley and X-Pac pins Bubba Ray Dudley.

In the end at 7:59 the X-Factor got the win.


To please the fans the Dudleyz gave X-Pac a 3D through the table after the match so everyone ends up looking strong.



This opener was extremely impressive. Exactly what you want to open a PPV in 8 minutes and considering the talent in the match, even more-so….




*** 1/2





2) Rhyno (c) vs Raven for the WWF Hardcore Championship



Paul Heyman gets to enjoy another match with some of his boys at ring-side.

Rhyno, the 270 pound man-beast comes out first. Raven gets a good pop coming out with a load of weapons.

The match begins in pretty innovative fashion, Rhyno charges at Raven for a gore but Raven hit a drop-toe hold on him and he crashed face-first into the sign.

Raven with two quick nearfalls until Rhyno hits a nice shoulder block in the corner. Rhyno aggresively landed shots on Raven and of course some EC Dub chants are let out. Raven got the trash-can up and Rhyno ran right through it. Rhyno on the outside makes Raven take a seat.

Rhyno launched himself off the steel steps and then crashed into a chair that was set up on the outside. Raven scores with a clothesline on the floor by Rhyno kicks out.

Back in the ring not for long as Raven sends Rhyno to the outside then into the barricade. Raven tosses weapons into the ring. Rhyno sends Raven into the ring-post. Rhyno then smashed a trash-can lid on Raven, fans with a Holy Sh*t chant.

Rhyno sent a shopping cart full of weapons into Raven from the outside of the ring. Good stuff. Rhyno slams Raven down. Rhyno off the ropes hit with another drop toe-hold this time face-first into the shopping cart. Second time in the match Rhyno is drop toe-holded right into a weapon in a very violent fashion.

Raven smacks a sign into the head of Rhyno not once, but twice. Raven off the ropes kicks Rhyno hard then smacks Rhyno in the head with the sign again. Raven crashed into Rhyno in the corner then a bulldog, almost a new champioon.

Rhyno caught Raven in the jaw and hits him a couple times. Both men have a weapon in hand and Rhyno is hit with a trash-can and then the shopping-cart lands on him. Raven comes extremely close to becoming champion again.

Rhyno down and Raven in the corner. Raven drives it into the gut of Rhyno. Somehow Rhyno is not going down no matter what Raven is throwing at Rhyno.

Rhyno sent into the buckle but he had a sign in hand and he hit Raven in the head. This time it is turn for Raven to kick out. Rhyno with trash-can hits to the head of Raven.

Rhyno went for the gore and he hit a chopping cart. Raven hits Rhyno with the kitchen sink over, and over and over again!

Rhyno kicks out! Rhyno hits the GORE!

In the end at 8:10 Rhyno retained the Hardcore title after coming out of no where!


This match was ACE as far as Hardcore title matches go. They gave both these ECW originals a chance with a lot of time to show what they could do, and the result was a well-balanced, highly entertaining war.

Such a great start to this show.


*** 1/4






3) William Regal vs Y2J Chris Jericho in a Duchess of Queensbury Rules Match



Now we should be in for another treat.

At Wrestlemania X7 both these guys opened the show with a good match, Regal had a strategic plan in that match to focus on the bad shoulder of Regal, but Jericho retained the IC title in a good, solid match.

Now the feud continues and here at Backlash Regal meets Jerricho here again.


Earlier in the night the Duchess of Queensbury came out of a limo and Regal told the Limo drivers to take care of her because America is barbaric.

Jericho and Regal both get some good, solid mic time before the match.

Chris Jericho fighting back as Regal begins the match with a cheap-shot. Jericho hits a shoulder block twists the arm on Regal. A side head-lock and Jericho is sent off the ropes and a reverse arm-ringer by Jericho, into an over-head wristlock by Regal.

The first real WRESTLING we are seeing on the night. The first two matches were more of the FIGHTING nature.

Jericho with a missile dropkick to Regal off the top turnbuckle.

It is important to note Regal was the Commish in this time period and a major reason Jericho lost his IC title to HHH around this period.

Jericho throws William Regal to the barricade and then back in. Chris Jericho looks for another missile dropkick then lands on his bad arm.

Regal notices it then by hitting a snapshot vertical suplex, Regal gets a nearfall as Regal sucks is chanted. Regal with a stiff European uppercut. Another one to the jaw knocks down Y2J. Now a reverse chinlock slapped on.

Jericho catches the Commish up high as he went to the top rope and a hurricanrana off the top rope. The Duchess is a little worried. Chris Jericho hits two solid rights and then missed a clothesline so resorts to a chop. There is a flying forearm off the ropes to Regal.

Regal reverses a Jericho blow but still a running bulldog by Jericho and then a Lionsault! Jericho went for the cover but the Duchess rang the bell.

The Fink says the time limit of Round 1 has expired.

This gave Regal a chance to come back and he curled up Jericho and got a nearfall. Jericho clotheslines Regal. Jericho catapolted to the ropes, then Regal with a double-underhook suplex, Jericho then landed on his forehead.

One of the best suplexes I have ever seen, truly.

Regal then goes for a Regal stretch, which is a modified STF. Jericho in the hold and was so close to the ropes. Y2J got to the ropes and Regal stomped on Y2J and hit another uppercut. Regal turned over and Jericho now starting to turn Commish Regal over and Regal taps out to the Walls.

All of the sudden the Fink gets on the mic and says you can not win by submission.

Hilarious stuff despite the boos.

Heyman and his commentary is just GOLD as he pretends he knew the rules. All of the sudden Jericho goes over to the royalty but Regal follows. Jericho then hit with her sceptor, and the bell rings for a DQ.

And the Fink says there is NO DQ. I am laughing writing this.

Regal then covers Jericho in the ring but Jericho kicks out. William Regal then with another stiff European uppercut. Regal with a double-underhook suplex to Y2J and still some-how Jericho kicks out. Regal goes for a side suplex and Jericho hits an inziguri to Regal as he caught the initial boot.

Owen Hart was very good at that move.

Jericho fighting back kicking at Regal in the mid-section and hits a clothesline in the corner. Jericho could not win by submission so he did not elect to go for the walls, and rememebered there is no dq so Jericho hit him in the groin.

Jericho then sent Regal into the lower-section lets say of the Duchess and now Jericho threw herr into the ring.

Jericho with the walls and Regal hits him in the back with a chair three times and he gets the victory.


In the end at 12:11 Regal got the victory after his own rules.


This match was very entertaining. Solid wrestling, creativity and hilarious at times.


*** 1/2



4) Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle in a 30 Minute Ultimate Submission Match



The competitor who scores the most submissions in thirty minutes wins.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit both around this time competed in so many Classic matches, they just had to add another to their resume. It did not matter if it was a tv match or PPV.

Angle with a hilarious anti-Chicago promo.

Benoit comes out and was not extremely over as a babyface outside the smarks.

Crossface versus the Ankle lock.


Chris Benoit and Angle with a stare-off now as they are feeling one another out as they so often did in their many classic battles.


Both men tie-up in the corner. Angle learned his submission skill in the Amateurs, Benoit in the Dungeon and Japan.

Paul E talks about Japan knowing what Benoit had to endure do to his experiences with him.

Angle with a single-leg sweep on Benoit and Benoit targets the elbow as both men roll around on the mat and then the crowd applaud. I love when the attitude era crowds have appreciation for some fine technical wrestling.

Both men set to go here Angle could not wrap his arms around Benoit as he grabbed the bottom rope. Benoit taken down by Angle and then Benoit grabbed Angle by the head. Angle goes for an Ankle Lock and then Benoit grabbed the knee back of Angle.

The two roll around on one another on the mat, Benoit almost slaps on the Crossface. Angle rolls out and goes for a quick little walk, a breather. Both men upped their cardio-vascular conditioning for this match apparently. Benoit wanted to exploit Kurt Angle and his weaknesses and he tried with a hiplock but Angle rolled out.

Both men look intense.

Now in mid-ring Angle took down Benoit but Benoit got the Crossface almost, once more Angle rolled to the ropes.

Keota outside the ring warning both guys to get back on both sides. I LOVE with the methodical pace how the whole front row stood up for that last sequence. Benoit with a nice waist-lock take-down. Benoit wont let go, both guys countered each others waist locks.

A crippler crossface on the mat-floor, Angle taps but the submission had to be in the ring obviously so it does not count.

Still 0-0, five minutes and a half into the match. Angle goes for a chair, Keota tells him to put it down and Angle tells him to shut up. Angle is a bit intimidated by Benoit as Benoit seemed to exploit Angle and his shoulder as Chris was a technical expert and knew where to go.

Now a right by Angle and a take-down, Angle with a leg-lock and Benoit taps out.

Angle is up 1-0 at 7:07 of the match.


30 second rest period.


Angle with a chop-block then took Benoit down and targetted the leg of Benoit. Benoit was smart in tapping out quickly so he could be durable for the rest of the bout.

Angle charged towards Benoit and he slapped on the Crossface. Benoit has a cross arm-ringer and Angle had no choice but to tap out.

Tied at one nearing the nine minute mark and another rest period.


All tied up, here we go again.

Chris Benoit still limping, doing a fabulous job at selling the leg. Over-head wristlock take-down and both men roll to the ropes to the official calls for the break. Angle is scooped up and a beautiful shoulder-breaker to Kurt Angle. Benoit sends Angle into the turnbuckle sternum first then hits a chop, then sternum first Angle goes again.

Benoit hit with a chair as the official was down. Angle had to make Benoit submit and at 10:10 he makes Benoit tap.

2-1 Angle.


Rest period again.

Angle stomping on Benoit. Benoit still doing an excellent job at selling the leg as both of his submissions were during the Ankle lock.

Angle made Benoit tap out to the Crippler Crossface.

Benoit limping up and Angle is choking out the head of Benoit on the middle ropes applying a front facelock. Angle slams Benoit into the steps.

Back in the ring a charging Angle was back-dropped to the floor over the top rope. Benoit still targetting the shoulder of one Kurt Angle and slams him hard into the post. Outside the ring Benoit continued to clobber Angle and hit him with a chop.

Angle reversed an irish-whip and sent Benoit into the steps. Kurt Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Benoit on the floor, Benoit taps but it does not count.

We are at the official mid-way point.

Both guys back in the ring and Angle goes for an arm-breaker trying to hyper-extend the elbow. Benoit trying to get out holding the arm, and all in the meanwhile has had time to rest that injured leg.

Some solid story-telling here.

Angle stomps on Benoit although he grabbed the ropes and got the break. Kurt Angle in control still with a 3-1 advantage. Angle then locks on an abdominal stretch as he tries taking more of Benoit out and not just the leg of Benoit. 13:30 left.

Benoit counters with a hiplock and now he has a cross arm-breaker on Kurt Angle but he reached out to the ropes, despite the extra tork from Benoit. Angle selling the arm still but picks Benoit up and makes him drop with a straight right hand. Benoit now quick as a cat going for the Sharpshooter.

Benoit in mid-ring has the Sharpshooter but Angle got to the ropes as the fans boo because they obviously wanted to see Kurt Angle tap to the Sharpshooter.

At 12:00 minutes left Benoit reversed a suplex into a half-crab and Angle tapped out. Benoit has drawn with-in one.
Angle leading 3-2 as Benoit scored a victory with the half crab.


Rest period.

Benoit now in control still limping, Benoit was a top notch seller. The sky is blue.

Benoit does not get to capitalize on the oppurtunity after the rest period as Angle goes for a walk limping around the ring, despite Benoit following him, Angle still walks. A charging Benoit sent Angle near the barricade and then Angle got sent hard into the steel steps. Angle runs around the ring and rolls in and catches Benoit up 3-2 with ten minutes left.

Both guys slug it out, twenty minutes in, I could watch these guys go for two hours. Angle kicking at Benoit each time he comes close to the apron and he knees him out, then stomping away at Benoit.

I really liked how they paced this match here. You can tell with every spot, it was all apart of the story.

The coward and the hero.

Obviously now in 2011 I think more people would call Angle a hero and Benoit a coward but that could be just my opinion.

Angle charged into Benoit in the corner and Angle went for an Ankle Lock after a quick drop toe-hold but Benoit grabbed to the ropes.

Ross points out Benoit has two enemies. (No, dont go there….) Angle and the clock. Angle with a hard suplex on the mat taking Benoit down. Angle with a headlock and a grape-vine, back into a basic sleeper. Angle running down the clock.

Benoit with a jaw-breaker, a modified stunner. Benoit then gets hit with a clothesline by Angle.

Some USA chants.

Angle stomping on Benoit driving the air out of Benoit…

Benoit with a belly to back suplex, he holds on to make them consecutive germans. Angle blocks them and now Benoit went for a Sharpshooter, Angle went for an Ankle Lock, all these moves are countered and Benoit with an Ankle Lock, Angle taps out.

We are tied at three!

2 minute warning!


Rest period. Kurt Angle taps out to his own submission hold. Benoit strikes the leg of Angle. A waist-lock into a German by Benoit then Angle held onto the top rope for additional leverage and a low blow.

An ankle lock by Kurt Angle And Benoit is trying not to tap and he does not.

Sudden death and Angle is not happy about it. He almost cries.



Overtime. 3-3.

Kurt Angle going right back to work on the Ankle and knee on Chris Benoit. Angle with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Benoit drives Angle into the turnbuckle and hit a hiplock. Angle then wiuth a body-scissors, and a vertical abdominal stretch down on the mat. A unique submission hold for sure.

Benoit rolls Kurt Angle over and has the Crossface! Fans pop.

In the end at 31:31 Chris Benoit made Angle submit and won the match after he applied the Crossface to complete the come-back!


This match was clearly the match of the night and probably their second or third best match together ever which says A LOT.



**** 1/2






5) Shane McMahon vs The Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match



Loser is the first one who can not answer the ten count.

Earlier in the night Vince and Big Show shared an over-the-top evil laugh about what Big Show will do to Shane because he is the son of Vince.

The Big Show chases Shane around but he goes under the ring. And he hits The Big Show with kendo stick shots.

Shane-O-Mac using a stick on Big Show from the barricade onto the bigger man.

Shane McMahon then with a book to the head of The Big Show. Shane-O-Mac chants fill the arena.

Shane jumps off the barricade again into the throat grab of Show and he runs over Shane with a huge clothesline.

The Big Show clotheslining Shane takes him to the mat.

Shane then put The Big Show down with a cloth but Vince comes out and flattens him with a chair.

The Big Show is up.

The Big Show still chops at the chest of Shane in the corner then drives his knee in the corner to Shane. The Big Show slams Shane off the top rope to the mat hard. Big Show clobbers Shane down to the mat hard. Shane gets up after a chokeslam, Test then comes and helps out.

Test thrown into the steps by The Big Show.

The Big Show hit with road signs and now Big Show has a pipe and hits the Backlash stage with it. Big Show does not connect, rather he climbs the stage. The Big Show climbs up as well. Test grabs The Big Show.

Fans chant Holy Sh*t! Nothing has happened yet but they can imagine what is coming. The Big Show was going to chokeslam Test but he puts Show down.

Shane JUMPS off the top of the titan-tron.

Awesome moment, but with Owen Hart happening just two years before…I wonder how they would of handled this say Shane of died.

Either way…


In the end at 11:53 Shane-O-Mac won the match with the help of Test after the long dive onto the Big Show near the bottom of the entrance way.

It still stands today as one of the most impressive bumps of all time.


This match gets a star and a half for one of those bumps of a life time by Shane. The rest is the rest.


** 1/4





6) Matt Hardy (c) vs Christian vs Eddie Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match for the WWF European Championship



Here is a mid-card match to get the fans all ready for the Main Event, they throw some fillers in but this is by no means a jobber match. Especially when you have the likes of Eddie Guerrero here.

Eddie Guerrero and Christian go to attack Matt and they have him down. A double reverse-elbow to Matt.

Both Christian and Eddie Guerrero slide Matt to the outside. Christian hits a powerslam on Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero with a phenominal adjustment in mid-air to Christian with a hurricanrana.

Matt Hardy back up takes Eddie Guerrero off Christian.

And Matt goes for a superplex on Christian.

Eddie Guerrero grabs Matt and Christian tries the LOD move and Matt rolls him up after he ducks, and got a two on a school boy.

Eddie Guerrero takes out Christian with a clothesline after he dropped Matt to the mat.

Eddie Guerrero with a drop toe-hold to Christian and now Eddie wanted to go for his heritage-unique submission hold by locking the kneees and holding the guy abdomen first to the sky. Matt runs into Christian with a clothesline.

Matt interupted Eddie Guerrero and his offense as well. Eddie Guerrero holds Matt and brings him to the outside. Christian with a baseball slide got both guys. Christian then sent into the apron and his lower back exposed.

Eddie Guerrero sprung Matt into Christian who sent him up high and then bounced off the ropes and hit a tornado ddt to the floor on Christian. Innovative offense.

Two brain-busters by Eddie Guerrero to Matt and he scored a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero off the ropes hit with a back-body slam. Matt takes his shirt off and the ladies scream and the guys do not. Eddie Guerrero meets Matt up high. Christian following, Eddie Guerrero went for a hurricanrana and Christian now tries for a superplex but Matt dropped Christian on Eddie.

Matt jumps off with a double clothesline to both men. Christian jumped onto Eddie and Matt threw Christian out of the ring over the top rope. Matt slammed Eddie Guerrero. Matt from the top goes for his leg-drop.

Eddie Guerrero kicks out just barely.

Christian slams Matt head-first into the apron. All of the sudden Edge ran to the ring and speared Matt Hardy. Christian spots Matt and then Eddie Guerrero pushed him out of the ring. Eddie Guerrero pinned Matt but he STILL managed to kick out.

Now Jeff Hardy comes in the ring but Edge throws him out.

All hell has broken loose. Christian with an un-prettier to Eddie Guerrero. Jeff hits a Swanton and boots Edge from the ring. Eddie Guerrero down, a twist of fate onto Christian from Matt.


In the end Matt Hardy retained the European title at 6:52 after he got the pinfall.

This match was fast paced and a lot of fun, quick and to the point. Good stuff.








7) Main Event- The Two Man Power Trip (WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin c and WWF IC Champion Triple H c) vs The Brothers of Destruction (WWF Tag Team Champions Kane and The Undertaker c) for the WWF, IC and Tag Team Championship.-The Winning fall would get the team the tag titles, and depending on which wrestler was pinned that paticular title belt.



2001 had such a good start to PPVs…after such a strong year in 2000. We had the Rumble in 2001 which was amazing, No Way Out 01, same thing…and Wrestlemania X7 which I consider the greatest show of all time.

Now this PPV which has been more then solid followed Mania…

Obviously not on par with Mania or No Way Out but still very, very good.

Now it is main event time.


Interesting stipulations entering this one with all four titles on the line. The four biggest stars in the company heading into this one outside of The Rock who I believe went on to film either the second Mummy or The Scorpion Returns, or both. Either way…

HHH came out first, he would only be the second man to hold the European, IC, World and Tag titles in WWF history at this point if the Power Trip wins. Other man is Shawn Michaels.

The Brothers of Destruction against the new Two-Man Power Trip in Austin and The Game.

Half the crowd cheered Austin as he came out. Kane comes out then Taker on his bike as the fans in Chicago on their feet.

Here we go! It is PPV! All the major titles, all the major stars!

Show time.

The Undertaker punched The Game, the man he met at Mania X7 the night before off the ring apron.

Austin checks on him in heel-fashion checking on the eye of Hunter. Both guys walk to the back so the crowd gets on their case.

The patience of the BOD has run out and now they hammer Austin and The Game in the entrance way. Undertaker working over Austin the man he would be feuding with leading into Judgment Day 2001 and Kane on Triple H the man he would be feuding with.

All hell breaks loose as this one begins. Undertaker and Austin had many wars over the years and Kane chokeslams Hunter and then lifts up Austin and drops him.

Undertaker and Austin brawling with each other. Ross says every time Austin is in there the WWF title is on the line which is true. Austin being sent into both corners hard. These men would meet at Backlash the next year in a less then stellar match.

Austin pulling out a hilarious heel tactic and he wants to be friends and Taker booted him in the face. Kane with a right-hand and then Undertaker with an arm-ringer tags in Kane despite fans chanting old school. Kane irishwhips Austin but he kicks him in the gut. Stone Cold Steve Austin runs into a clothesline as he looked to target the injured arm of Kane.
Triple H got the tag but he ran into a right hand by Taker. Crowd in Chicago remains red hot.

Kane and Hunter battle into the entrance way. Kane throws Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the ring so the Undertaker could give Austin the last ride.

Hunter then off the ropes delivered a clothesline and then the 2 Man Power Trip double-stomp on Taker.

Ohhhh what if the two man power trip stayed healthy. They were pretty awesome despite it not making any storyline sense, with how Austin and Hunter tried to murder each other the year and two before.

Hunter smacking Takers face on the announce table.

Austin dropped his body-weight onto Taker holding himself up on the middle ropes.


Taker down and Austin with a snapmare to Undertaker. Austin drove his knee into the throat of Undertaker. Hunter now in and a re-match of Mania X7 and then Stone Cold Steve Austin with a cheap-shot on the outside apron, Ross calls him the back-stabbing Rattlesnake.

The 2 man power trip knock down Taker cutting him down to size.

Undertaker fighting with all he has got knocking Stone Cold Steve Austin down on the apron, trying to re-gain the advantage against The Game but the face-buster caught him. Taker hit a tornado ddt out of no where off the ropes though.

Both men down for the ten count.

Kane and Austin both awaiting in opposite corners with a lot on the line! The Big Red Machine gets the hot tag and takes Hunter to the outside and he hits a side-walk slam to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kane off the top going to fly and he hits a flying clothesline.

The Game is taken down off the top by Kane. Kane grabs Austin by the throat but the Game got a shot on the injured elbow.

Austin and HHH exploiting the only weakness they can find on Kane. Austin runs into a reverse elbow from Austin. Kane clotheslines HHH tough.

Stone Cold Steve Austin with a smart, modified arm-bar take-down. Austin with a smart move there. Austin chokes out Kane. Austin slammed a steel chair right into Kane and his injured elbow on the announce table.

Undertaker runs after Austin who like a coward goes away. Anything to gain heat. Like a Shark that smells blood the Game slammed the injured arm of Kane onto the steps. Hunter then with an arm-bar, torking the arm, trying to hyper-extend the elbow by using his knee.

HHH with leverage and positioning on Kane but he fought back with his good arm and Chi-Town loved it. Austin stomping on Kane. Austin with hard rights to Kane and that held him down. Austin then with an arm-bar, a solid follow up move. HHH comes back in to work over Kane.

Austin tagged back in and tried the sleeper and with a good arm dropped down Austin. Austin tagged in Hunter.

HHH take Kane with a single leg pick-up. HHH slams Kane by the head into the buckle.

HHH hits the Pedigree.

HHH does not cover, he tags in Austin but Undertaker breaks the count. Stone Cold Steve Austin chokeslammed by Undertaker. Stephanie on the apron distracting Hebner and he shoved Stephanie off the apron.

Kane covered Austin and Stone Cold barely kicked out. HHH tags in. Kane with an inziguri on HHH. Kane needs to tag Taker and does. Undertaker opens up on Austin and Hunter and then Undertaker let go rights and lefts. Austin in the corner gets his body shots as well and a clothesline in both corners.

Taker with a boot to Austin and HHH, sending Stone Cold Steve Austin to the outside. Undertaker with the Last Ride to HHH. No count because Undertaker is not the legal man because the ref did not see the tag. Austin with a low-blow then a Stunner on Kane.

Austin covers Kane and Undertaker threw Stone Cold Steve Austin to the outside. Kane and HHH are the legal men. Stone Cold Steve Austin being beaten on by Taker on the outside. Stephanie handed Hunter a tag team belt.

HHH and Kane both rise up and Hunter runs right into a boot from Kane. Kane boots Stephanie in the face as he let go of HHH.

Vince runs in with a Sledgehammer and then HHH grabbed it and hit Kane in the injured elbow. Helmsley with a shot right into the head of Kane. HHH covers Kane.

HHH is a tag team champion for the first time ever.

In the end at 27:11, Austin and The Game got the victory after McMahon helped them.

This match was a thrill-ride for certain. A borderline classic from the 2 man power trip to end the show.











Final Rating for WWF Backlash 2001 = 8.5/10

This show gets an 8.5-10 rating for the fact the lowest rated match was still entertaining enough for the average person to get some enjoyment out of, and I am referring to Shane and The Big Show and that fabulous bump by the dare-devil Shane McMahon. If you look at this seven match card we had the match of the night in the sudden death submission match between Angle and Benoit. The very entertaining Power Trip-Brothers of Destruction tag which obviously got a lot of heat for the Main Event. Some solid matches for the European title, Hardcore title and of course Jericho and Regal. The opener was exciting and the crowd was hot all night long. Very, very good event. You could even call it great. One of the better Backlash events for certain.



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  1. Adzley says:

    I have a question about fight between william regal and chris jericho, after chris jericho hit william regal groin. Why william regal feel shaking? I just want to know why he shaking like that?

  2. Jay Karia says:

    The main event and the submission matches were absolutely brilliant.

  3. bryan says:

    if anyone has a DVD copy of this they would be willing to part w for like 15 bucks please let me know

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, such an underrated show.

  5. john says:

    that was the best out-of-nowhere crippler crossface of all time. i remember watching the match. i still have the vhs. great memories.

  6. CJ says:

    Shane already fell off the titantron at Summerslam 2000. But they made good safety precautions for these bumps.

  7. william says:

    Great review this was a great show i was 6 and i marked out for the shane bump he may not be the best wrestler but he sure could entertian us

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