Review: WWF-WWE Backlash 1999 DVD (Tagged Classic)

March 27, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF In Your House: Backlash 1999 Review:




“Where to Stephanie…hahaha”The Undertaker 





WWF Backlash 1999 took place on Sunday, April 25th 1999 at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island in front of 10,939 fans.

-This was the first annual Backlash PPV event.

-This PPV event scored a big buyrate of 1.06, the WWF was on top of popularity from the Spring to the Summer of 1999.

-Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler called the event.

-This was the final PPV Owen Hart wrestled in North America.

-This was the final PPV under the In Your House name. The first was Over the Edge 1999 which did not get released due to the death of Owen Hart, so besides the big five the first official, non-In Your House PPV was Fully Loaded 1999.

-On Heat before the PPV several matches took place.

Val Venis and Nicole Bass defeated D-Lo Broan and Ivory at 1:43 in a Mixed-Tag match.

Droz and Prince Albert defeated Too Much at 1:09.

Kane defeated the Big Bossman at 2:45.

And Finally Viscera defeated Test at 2:09.






Now onto the PPV…..







1) Opening Contest- Ministry of Darkness (Bradshaw, Farooq, Mideon) vs The Brood (Gangrel, Edge and Christian) in a Six Man Tag Match




The Attitude Era.

People often say it is because guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker, Sable, D-X that it went over as well as it did with these great PPV buyrates.

They would probably be correct because there was not very much else on the undercard. Pointless matches like this dead crowds were not for everybody, where as a Six Man tag back in the New Generation or Rock N wrestling would fire up a crowd for the PPV.

The booking was right…the fans who followed the popular wrestling fad could care less.

As evident here.


None the less we begin the show with three heels up against 3 tweeners…so I guess even the booking could definitely be called into question.

Who is the true dark side.

Good little intro we got with Austin and The Rock though coming into the PPV, Jim Ross and The King in their prime welcome us to Backlash.

The Brood comes out first, Ross points out they used to be members of the Ministry as Gangrel spits out the blood from his drink at ring-side.

Now out comes members of the Ministry, Mideon and The Acolytes.

Bell rings and Christian and Mideon both begin on all fours on the canvas. The eyeball Mideon carried around is taken away and now Mideon drops an elbow on Christian. Mideon corners Christian and delivers some quick strikes. Mideon chokes out Christian. A kick to the groin of Christian while Mideon argued with Referee Theodore Long. Christian rolls out of the offense from Mideon and he hit a spinning heel kick into an armbar.

Christian tags in Gangrel and now he hits a European upperrcut to Mideon. Gangrel with an over-head wristlock to Mideon. Gangrel headbutted back by Mideon.

Nice to see JR and King focus on the match, this is not Raw guys, you can talk about the PPV action, the fans listening are not going to turn the channel.

Mideon tags in Bradshaw and he over-powers Gangrel and then off the ropes Bradshaw could not get a clothesline on Gangrel but applied a fall away slam. Bradshaw with a chop to Gangrel but he hit a drop-toehold and a tag to Edge and then a tandem suplex by the Brood to Bradshaw. It did not take long for Bradshaw to get back on the offense on Edge.

Farooq tagged in and he takes it to Edge now and off the ropes Edge attempts a crucifix and Gangrel came in with a dropkick. Edge off the ropes reversed an irishwhip and hit a spinning kick to Farooq. He gets right back up and hits a big Spinebuster to Edge now isolating the Brood in their corner. Mideon now showing his power holding Edge in the air then dropping him to the canvas hard with a vertical suplex. Edge with a sunset flip to Mideon off the ropes and the official was distracted by one Acolyte in Farooq and the other in Bradshaw kicked him off.

Big collision as Bradshaw hit Edge and a save from Christian. Now Bradshaw beats on Gangrel and Christian in the corner while Farooq did a number on Edge outside the ring as the official lost control temporarily. Long does not count as Edge was to close to the ropes for Bradshaw and his pinning attempt. Bradshaw slammed the head of Edge to the mat hard and Farooq slams him down hard.

I thought I heard a this match sucks chant, but it is a Mideon sucks chant. Either way Farooq has a reverse chinlock to Edge and the match actually has a decent pace here. A jaw-breaker by Edge to Farooq. Mideon came in and the fans boo. Mideon soaks up the heel heat which I am not able to tell if it is X-Pac heat. Mideon with a snapmare to Edge. Then a handfull of hair to Edge slamming him to the mat. Nearfall for Mideon.

The Ministry now isolated Edge and Mideon ran into a kick to the head from Edge in the corner then a spear right from the corner. Only problem was Edge had the air knocked out of himself but he was able to tag Christian in going to work on Mideon. Christian then dropped Mideon down and the Brood with a back body-drop.

Referee lost control of everyone in the matchm, the Brood double-team Bradshaw. Action all over from all six men.

Christian hits a swinging ddt to Bradshaw and a long two count there. Bradshaw runs into the buckle and Christian gets up to the nine count before Bradshaw powerbombed Christian hard and Gangrel saved him. Edge with a missile dropkick fromt he top but a kick out. Edge dropkicked Faroow. Christian elevated himself up and over onto Farooq.

All of the sudden Viscera comes out and squashed Christian. In the ring the clothesline from hell from Bradshaw to Gangrel. That is it.

In the end at 11:38 the Ministry got the win.


This match worked well as an opener but could of done better with a lively crowd.







2) Hardcore Holly (c) vs Al Snow (with Head) for the WWF Hardcore Championship



Hardcore Holly the defending Champion had his share of wars with Snow over the past few months, one even went into the Missisipi River at St. Valentines Day Massacre.

Hardcore Holly took it to Snow at the beginning, these guys have a fast pace to begin this one and Snow threw Holly over the top rope to the floor. Snow was irishwhipped into the steel steps by Hardcore Holly. Hardcore Holly and Al Snow battling in the floor area around ring-side using anything for weapons.

Lawler calling them idiots is humerous. A moonsault by Snow. A hockey stick now used on Hardcore Holly. Al Snow broke off the blade to use it as a kendo stick and drop it on the top of Hardcore Holly and he kept slamming the stick on the bicep and tricep of Holly.

Hardcore Holly is down and Al Snow looking for more weapons and got a table as the crowd in Providence pop. Al set up the table and Hardcore Holly comes back with the stick using it on Snow.

Both guys have stood around the ring for quite some time considering how often they leave the ring-side during matches like this, especially around this time.

King asks why tables are even under the ring, Ross admits it is a good question. That is gold. A trash can lid is hit by Hardcore Holly to Snow and he then gets a vertical suplex onto the concrete by Hardcore Holly to Al Snow. He kicks out.

Now both guys battle up the entrance way. Snow hammers on his back, fans boo as they leave the live area. Fans do not like having to watch the action on the big screen. Hardcore Holly drove Snow into a Zamboni and then Hardcore Holly drops the kitchen sink he had as Al Snow had a hose and sprayed it on Hardcore Holly.

Hardcore Holly then drove Snow into some vehicles and they honked. Hardcore Holly slammed head first into many other cars.

Fun match thus far.

Al turned the ride and slammed Hardcore Holly on a parking barricade and broke a broom over his back. Hard moves which the crowd barely react to.

Both guys battle near the dumpster and near the tv production truck. Now both guys battle up the steps. Hardcore Holly pushed Al Snow off the edge of the steps wall into the Dumpster. Hardcore Holly covers Al Snow in the trash and even the official counted a two. Good stuff.

Now they are onto the hood of a truck wrestling. Snow has bladed by now and Holly slams his head right into a car. Al with a hiplock to Hardcore Holly onto the top of a car and he got just a two count. Hardcore Holly with a gut-shot by Snow.

Hardcore Holly dragging Snow back into the arena into a steel pallet. He tries covering him but Al kicks out and elbows Hardcore Holly back. Al Snow then drags Holly back into the arena.

Just as the fans sounded like they were chanting boring which is un-deserved they battled back through the entrance way and now Snow had a frying pan, two of them. Hardcore Holly kicks Al in the mid-section and Snow still gets a pan-shot to the head of Hardcore Holly. Al Snow with a hard right-hand and then placed him on the table.

A bloodied Al Snow climbs out to the corner of the top rope but Hardcore Holly got off the table and stopped Holly in his tracks. Hardcore Holly then met Snow at the top going for a Superplex through a table off the very top rope. He hooks the tights and got him. Snow is down and bloodied. Both men got equal punishment from that Superplex through a table.

Great spot.

Neither man can go for a cover.

Keota forgot there is no count to ten, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler make fun of him for countin. Snow gets a nearfall just barely.

Al Snow crawling over for Head and he got head in the corner of the ring. That sounds funny and then Al gave Holly head.


In the end at 15:27 Al Snow won the Hardcore title after defeating Hardcore Holly after a shot from head.

This match is definitely one of the better Hardcore PPV matches out there coming from two of the best in this field.








3) The Godfather (c) vs Goldust (with the Blue Meanie) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



Lets be honest, The Godfather did NOT make the IC title look good on him. He is a decent person and very over, even if just for his ladies but Goldust was better suited for the gold. This was around the time I could honestly say the IC title STARTED to lost prestige. It was only a matter of time Chyna would win the title in the year.

The Godfather actually got to defend his title at this PPV unlike the next at Over the Edge 99.

Bell rings and Goldust attacks The Godfather not wasting any time. Goldust hit with a back-body drop and then two clotheslines from The Godfather. The Godfather slams the head of Goldust into the mat hard and then The Godfather pulled the top rope down and Goldust falls hard to the floor.

The Godfather waiting in the ring while Goldust seemed to of had enough and the crowd boo. Meanie tried to remind him this is for the title. The Godfather scoop slammed Goldust and dropped the leg and got a two count. The Godfather off the ropes got tripped up by the Blue Meanie and then Goldust clotheslined him to the floor.

Meanie gave The Godfather some shots on the outside. So Goldust got the upperhand for a moment and then a clothesline to The Godfather. Goldust chokes out The Godfather on the second rope.

The Godfather is in the corner and Goldust has powder in his hand but The Godfather reversed it into Whitedust. It looks like Goldust took some Tony Montana trips if you catch my drift. Goldust is blinded and thinks the Meanie is The Godfather. Goldust as Ray Charles gave the Meanie shattered dreams then ran into a thrust kick by The Godfather and still only a two.

The Godfather handles Meanie in the corner. Godfather sent Blue Meanie into Goldust and hit the Ho-Train. Then a driver into the mat.


In the end at 5:21 The Godfather retained the IC title.

This match was basic and more importantly kept short.



* 3/4





4) Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs The New Age Outlaws to determine the Number One Contendrers for the Tag Team Titles



Beyond sad seeing Owen in the final few weeks of his life, but none the less here we go with some tag action now. The camera is not even bothered to look at Owen due to Debra being over exposed with her nudity.

Owen just never seemed to look in place in this era. Fans chant nugget. This is just too hard to watch, knowing Owen refused to do a sexual storyline with Debra so Vince Russo and McMahon punish him and make him the Blue Blazer and the rest is history.

As Gunn was about to moon Debra because she would not reveal, Owen jumped him. Owen Hart and Billy Gunn begin in the ring.

A big Nugget chant goes down. Gunn told Owen to S*ck it. The camera keeps exposing the puppies of Debra that the match is an after-thought here.

Thank god the tag division got better the following year, by Backlash 2000 it had came a long way. That would of made Owen proud.

Owen with a neck-breaker on Road Dogg. JJ in now as they isolate the D O Double G. Jarrett drops his body-weight onto Road Dogg as Jarrett begins to strut.

Show your puppies is chanted.

Road Dogg danced around and then shake, rattle and knee-drop onto Jarrett as Debra is angry on the outside of the ring.

Road Dogg slams Jarrett into Owen after a blind tag by Hart as Dogg out-smarted them both.

Owen sent Road Dogg into Jarett then a wonderful Inziguri by Owen. Owen drives Road Dogg into the canvas. More Nugget chants.

Jarrett kicked away at Road Dogg and then Double J told Road Dogg to S*ck it. Bad Ass Billy Gunn came in for a brief moment and then Road Dogg with an inverted atomic drop which he did not get all of, and Jarrett sent him to the outside. Bad Ass Billy Gunn helped Dogg as Owen attacked him on the outside. Owen sent Road Dogg in the ring and Double J off the ropes missed Road Dogg and he hit groin first.

Owen re-gained the advantage for his team clotheslining the Dogg.

Road Dogg with a back-slide but Jarrett distracts the official. Owen kicks out with ease as Tim White was way too late. Owen hit a beautiful spinning heel kick to Road Dogg, but this time Bad Ass Billy Gunn interupted the count. Owen and Double J stomp on Road Dogg.

Jarrett in with a powerslam on Road Dogg who has been in essentially the whole match as Owen and Jarrett have isolated him.

Both Road Dogg and Jarrett collide into one another in a mid-air collision.

Owen tagged in and slaps on a sleeper.

I am now convinced Bad Ass Billy Gunn must be injured or something because Road Dogg has been in the match for virtually every second. Road Dogg gets the power from fans and the momentum comes his way as he reverses a sleeper on Owen. Owen missed a clothesline and then a double-clothesline from Owen and Road Dogg.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn with a hot-tag exploding wwith dropkicks then a powerslam to Jarrett but Owen Hart saved him in time. Gunn and Road Dogg both have Jarrett and Owen in the corner and lay down the law with strikes and get up to the ten count and tell them each to S*ck it. A double collision.

Gunn and Jarrett with a clothesline Foley-like to the outside of the ring and the floor.

Debra about to show Road Dogg her puppies but Owen got out of it and now Road Dogg doggy style hit a pumphandle slam to Owen, this time Jarrett saves him.

What a tag match, great pacing. Owen then slaps a Sharpshooter on Road Dogg, Bad Ass Billy Gunn was in a figure four briefly but then kicked Jarrett out of the ring, and hit a Fame Asser onto Owen!

Road Dogg covers Owen.

In the end at 10:33 the Outlaws got the win and are the #1 contenders for the tag straps now after Gunn assisted Dogg on his pin on Owen.

This match surprised me. I thought it would be your typical attitude era tag match but this was full of work-rate, team-work, psychology and everything good.

Could of done without seeing Mr. Ass in his thong after the match though.

Thanks Owen. We miss you.


*** 1/4



5) Mankind vs The Big Show Paul Wight in a Boiler Room Brawl


Here we go.

Mankind and Taker had a pretty innovative one back at Summerslam 96. Foley was beyond taking bumps at this point, his body had gone through so much carnage it became sad to see him subjected to any more.

The time Mick got off in 99 I had a sigh of relief, he is one of those special guys ya really care about in this business and Beyond the Mat proved that more then anything around this time period.

But here he is again in a Hardcore environment battling a Giant.

I have watched this once and it was over a decade ago so I forget it, but I remember some parts being brutal on Foley, we will see how it comes off this time around.

Paul Wight just got The Big Show name and went looking for Mankind in the Boiler Room Area.

Paul Wight and Mankind get things going as he slams a door on Show by the high voltage and electricity. Mankind no stranger to this kind of thing. If you recall the 99 Rumble electricity bump.

Mankind down crawling around backstage.

Ross wisely points out no mats here for protection. Big Show slams a table onto the head of Mankind. The Big Show has yet to be knocked off his feet as Mankind threw weapons at him and then The Big Show slammed a trash can into the head of Mankind as he reversed things.

Show took control.

The Big Show slammed Mankind spine-first on wood, then into some metal.

All of this stuff is beyond Hardcore.

Foley just bumping around like ONLY HE CAN. Maybe Terry Funk could sustain this kind of punishment, no….only Mick Foley can.

Teddy Long awaiting the winner to whoever walked out the door.

The Big Show is thinking about leaving the scene.

Mankind has glass and broke it over The Big Shows face. Mankind cut his own hand, Show bladed. Mankind brought a ladder now for who knows what.

The Big Show grabbed him by the throat off the ladder, chokeslammed him like he did the Raw after St Valentines Day Massacre but instead of landing on a canvas, he broke through two tables and brokem glass.

Foley is Good.


The Big Show continues the onslaught of offensive punishment to Foley.

The Big Show scoops up Mick and slams his back on wood and a bloodied Big Show sends a bloodied Foley off a platform onto more metal and wood. Mankind bleeding all over.

Mankind hit a pipe and some kind of steam or gas is let out and hits The Big Show right in the eyes. Mankind with a pipe to the face, then a low-blow. Mankind sent Show into a stack of pipes.

Mankind just makes it out but the Bossman and Test give him a beating.


In the end at 7:40 Mankind escapes the match with the win.


This match blows Taker-Mankind Summerslam 96 out of the water. Unreal match. Just amazingly underrated.

*** 3/4





6) Triple H (with Chyna) vs X-Pac



So Hunter had turned heel at Wrestlemania 15 along-side Chyna and now it was the revenge of X-Pac before the term X-Pac heat had any meaning so this was a legit grudge match between the two.

Triple H still not fully over as main eventer but starting to bulk up now, he was gaining muscle mass and tanning a lot more that is for sure.

X-Pac got some round-house rights and a spinning heel kick to Hunter.

Triple H took a bit of time to roll out of the ring.

Both guys go back and forth until Hunter throws a thumb to the eye of X-Pac and thenhe kicks at Hunter in the corner and went for the Bronco Buster but HHH moves out of the way.


Chyna looks on thinking one day me and Waltman will make a Sex Tape. Or maybe not but it still happened.

If back when this event happened you would say HHH will take over the McMahon empire, and X-Pac would of made a sex tape with Chyna you would of thought both ideas were insane.

That is what I love about looking back on events like this.

Just how times and things ultimately have changed. Chyna gave X-Pac a big shot, Hunter covers X-Pac and he still kicks out. Hunter with a right-hand right to the neck of X-Pac. Triple H has a front facelock on X-Pac and he struggles to get out. X-Pac down on the mat and HHH drops the knee on X-Pac and the back of his neck where Hunter is clearly targetting.

Ross wants X-Pac to stop the match.

Helmsley then with a reverse front facelock to apply more pressure to the neck. Good strategic wrestling.

King kind of owned Ross on commentary about how this was smart.

Small boring chants start that really PISS ME OFF. I have tried the last couple years to not use any bad language but this is well deserved. Hunter is using awesome psychology in the match and attitude era fans in attendance who do not understand wrestling chant boring. F*** right off. I have been a life-long fan and have never been given the oppurtunity to see guys like Steve Austin and The Rock in person yet these guys did and they chant boring during a good match.

I have no respect for that.

Meanwhile after my mini-rant there which I apologize for Hunter continues working over the neck of X-Pac. An elbow to the neck of X-Pac ont he ring apron.

X-Pac out of no where got an inside cradle that surprised the soon to be Game and he got a nearfall.

HHH irishwhipped X-Pac to the ropes and holds a sleeper putting more pressure on the neck. If I was Hunter I would be extremely pissed at these live fans in attendance once again chanting boring at a well structured and booked match.

X-Pac with a counter out of desperation but Hunter drove him backwards into the corner. X-Pac still got a sleeper on the soon to be Game. Hunter AGAIN uses his size and strength advantage to force X-Pac back into the corner. Hunter hits a side suplex.

X-Pac hurt himself with a high risk move but still went up high and then he hits a tornado ddt off the top rope by X-Pac to HHH getting him a long two. Chyna gets on the apron.

An X-Factor by X-Pac making a comeback in this great match and no referee. Chyna comes in with a lowblow. Chyna dropped X-Pac right on his neck and placed Hunter over X-Pac and then the lights went out and the music of Kane hit.

Chyna like a dumb broad went after Kane but HHH saved her then Kane hit a chokeslam on Hunter. Kane then hit a chokeslam on Chyna. Jim Ross marks out and says Kane just drilled Chyna. Funny stuff.

X-Pac is still out as is the official.

Kane placed both Hunter and Chyna in the corners after chokeslamming both. X-Pac has a Bronco Buster potential on both. X-Pac hits it on HHH.

X-Pac then gives his groin to Chyna. PRE-VIDEO of course.

But then HHH hits the Pedigree as after that X-Pac walked right into it.

The horrible temporary theme for HHH before MY TIME hits and HHH wins a hell of a match.

In the end at 19:19 Hunter got the win.


This match had awesome psychology. Great war here.

Borderline classic.







7) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Ken Shamrock

The Undertaker at this point was incredibally dark, maybe his scariest version as the Lord of Darkness, the leader of the Ministry but he approached this match with a different strategy. Instead of inflicting pain on his opponents he knew he would face UFC legend Shamrock and tried to adapt to his style since the Deadman is a fan of the MMA style.

So here we go.

The bell rings.

Some YOU SCREWED Bret chants to Earl. Strange. Only because I did not think Americans chanted it to Earl until later on when it got blown up out of proportions in say 2003 when Jericho and Shawn talked about it on the Highlight Reel or on WWE Confidential in 2002 when Mean Gene and several stars talked about it.

Then again the IWC in 1999 was becoming even bigger so the dirt sheets were out.


The Undertaker was at his most evil here, but he did not have the best stamina, flexibility or endurance hence most of his matches SUCKING around this time.

Shamrock was never the best worker in the world but could still go.

Shamrock aims at The Undertaker and his hamstrings with some kicks. A side suplex by The Undertaker to Shamrock gets him a nearfall.

This was a long match from memory, a lot of people hate it. Some actually love it. It is funny how matches like that are out there. Bret-Shawn Ironman WM 12 is by far the best example in that category in my estimation,.

Shamrock with an ankle lock to try and hyper-extend the knee of The Undertaker. Shamrock kicking the hamstring of The Undertaker. Ken kept kicking away at Taker.

Shamrock grape-vining the leg of The Undertaker.

Ross says he does not think The Undertaker has been in any environment where anyone has focused on the legs of The Undertaker so expertly.

Uhhh perhaps he should watch some Bret Hart-Undertaker matches where that was the main focus of the Hitman, and he sure as hell did it better then Ken Shamrock.

The Undertaker with his one good leg got out of the grape-vine position. The Undertaker with a big European uppercut to Ken Shamrock then a big gut-shot to the ribs.

Shamrock has a big armbar on The Undertaker and the referee had no choice but to break the hold.

The Undertaker dropped Shamrock throat first on the top rope clotheslining him backwards. The Undertaker got a momentary break until Shamrock knocked him off the security railing.


The Undertaker hits Shamrock spine-first into the steel ring post. Undertaker slams Shamrock face-first into the steps.

Now The Undertaker stretches Shamrock all sorts of different ways.

Submission, counter, Submission, counter, that is the story of this one.

Much like the last match I just wish the crowd did not piss on all of this. It makes me pissed. Piss on The Undertaker and his Bossman Cell match at Mania by all means, but not this.

A leg-drop from The Undertaker off the ropes with high elevation but somehow Shamrock got an anklelock and now the knee is wrenched.

Fans hated watching these submission holds. The Undertaker reversed an irishwhip and Shamrock hits a flying reverse elbow, then the third time Shamrock got a boot to the face.

The Undertaker personified EVIL here and his look was most definitely bad ass.

This was booked very smart since Undertaker was not in the best shape here. He has mass but his conditioning was certainly not on Shamrock level so he controlled the pace by attacking the Hamstring muscles or the Ankle of The Undertaker.

I loved the story to the match.

The Undertaker sent Ken Shamrock to the corner and then he countered with a double-leg pickup and an ankle lock.

Bradshaw with a ball bat runs to the ring but The Undertaker gets Shamrock in a chokeslam but an amazing counter by Shamrock using an armbar. Bearer distracting Shamrock and then Shamrock hit a belly to belly on The Undertaker.

Shamrock tried to Tombstone the bigger Undertaker, not sure why, The Undertaker counters and wins.


In the end at 18:50 The Undertaker won the war.


This match was not for everybody due to the methodical pacing. I loved it. Some fans were not used to this type of stlye in the attitude era chanting to END THIS MATCH, END THIS MATCH. I shake my head at them. This was some great stuff. Two guys who love MMA putting on a twenty minute showing.


Underrated, like most of this show actually.




*** 1/4




8 ) Main Event- Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs The Rock for the WWF Championship in a No Holds Barred Match (With Shane McMahon as the Special Referee)



There was a lot better about this match then there was at Wrestlemania 15.

For one Austin remembered his vest. That is always nice.

Two, they brought more out in each other in the battle of a classic attitude era brawl.

The fans were more into The Rock more and more each week in 1999 and by this point he was practically a Face, the only reason he was not completely cheered for is because how god-like Austin was over.

For fun, The Rock would turn Face turning his back on Shane and the Corporation the next night on Raw, if you did not know. Enter, the peoples champion.

Anyways here we go with this one!

Austin and The Rock is always a good time!

Shane-O-Mac walks to the ring as the active Chairman of the Federation and Special Ref of the match to No Chance in Hell.

Rock comes out to a mixed-reaction, remembering he would turn babyface the next night on Raw. WCW was dying around this time…why….look no further then these two guys.

Something which everybody knows.

Rock came out with the Smoking Skull Belt and got a big ovation, thankfully the company knew they could capitalize on this with Rocky as a BABYFACE and they did this RIGHT by not changing his character like they did with say Randy Orton in 2004. If Orton had remained his COCKY self, dare I say his face run may of worked.

The glass hit and the crowd explodes and Austin REMEMBERED his vest.

Austin ran to the ring threw the title and the place explodes in a No Holds Barred match.

The reaction from the crowd was so electrifying compared to any other match on the night and Shane McMahon had a tough job ahead of him. The vest is off and Austin hit the Lou Thesz Press to Rocky early, flipped him off and drove the elbow into The Rock.


Rocky however came off the ropes and hit a swinging neck-breaker. Rocky stomps on Austin in the corner but Stone Cold Steve Austin fought out of the corner with hard rights, it did not take this Attitude Era main event style brawl to go to the outside of the ring as Rocky sent Stone Cold Steve Austin to the outside landing on the mat.

Rock trasht-talks the crowd as he stomps on Steve Austin. Rock slammed Austin into the security railing and then with a fire extinguisher hits Austin right in the head. This match was not No Holds Barred until Shane made it that way on Heat before the show.

Austin kicked Rock in the gut until Austin bumped hard into the Backlash entrance fence, Rocky with a hard irishwhip sending Austin crashing into all steel. Big bump.

Rock then did not let Austin go as he layed the Smackdown on Austin, fans kept chanting his name despite Rock gaining massive popularity. That is how you know Steve Austin is over. I heard he made anywhere from 9-11 million (not counting merchandise) in 1999 the most any wrestler in any year ever.

His popularity was more over then anyone in 98-99. Not even Hogan in 87 could out-pop this guy.

Steve lifted his middle fingers as he fought back on Rocky on the fence and he clotheslined him on top of the fence!

Awesome action thus far!

If Austin gets DQd he would lose the title, or layed hands on Shane, those were the rules. Austin throws Rock into a bunch of steel boxes. Austin jumps on Rock and the hatred these men had for one another was clearly evident. Austin throws Rock into the security railing. Austin then drove a metal box into the head of Rocky.

Austin climbed on top and dropped an elbow to the head of The Rock.

This match is worked a lot like the Over the Edge 1998 match Austin had with Dude Love, another classic Austin match. Also one of the best matches in the career of Mick Foley.

Rocky fought back when it mattered still on the concrete near the entrance way and then Rock sent Austin into the camera and a hard clothesline knocked down Stone Cold Steve Austin on the concrete. The Rattlesnake was down as Rock choked Austin some more. Rock hits his signature move or one of them.

Austin and Rock continued to battle as if this was there last match. Both guys closer to their prime and that is why this match worked so well. As both men get closer to the ring Austin sent Rock into the steel steps.

This is getting your moneys worth. What an awesome ride this is. Stone Cold stomped on Rock in the corner.

Shane taunted Austin by pushing him, Austin could not hit him back, Rock charged at Austin and he back-dropped him to the floor. Austin with a vicious clothesline to the Brahma Bull off the apron! Austin got Rock on the Spanish announce table and but Rock low-blowed the Rattlesnake and hit The Rock Bottom through the table to Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Rock bottom through the table!

The Great One Flips off the Rattlesnake. God, these guys were good.


This would take some steam and momentum out of Stone Cold Steve Austin and his plans. Austin was so dominant in the match up until this point.

Rock gets on the Spanish headset and calls Austin a piece of trash, King says Rock speaks great Spanish.

Austin in the corner threw a chair out of desperation and Rock back-dropped Austin over the barricade onto the concrete floor.

The Rock in control now.

Rock uses the announce table as a tag team partner as Jim Ross says.

This is the most memorable spot of the match. The Rock got a headset on and filmed Austin down, soon enough he would get a Stunner while he filmed it as Austin flipped him off.

The table did not fully break but still an awesome moment none the less.

The feed was still strong despite the cables and cameras all over the place. Thankfully everything worked out. Great work.

Austin threw Rock in the ring. Oh yeah there is a ring!

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock down after both have went to hell and back, both guys barely back to their feet. Austin waited for Rock to turn around and instead of the Stunner Rock pushed Austin into Shane.

Rock hit the Rock Bottom to Austin.

Shane put Rock and his arm over Austin but only counted to two. Shane grabbed the title belt and now he was looking to hit Austin and as he went for Austin he ducked and he hit The Rock. Austin covered Rock but Shane flipped him off and ran out of the ring and Austin was beyond pissed off.

All of the sudden Vince McMahon came to the ring with the real title, Shane turned him around and Vince hit Shane in the head with the title. Of course all of this made no sense in the long run, revolving the higher power storyline.

Hebner comes back to officiate. Stunner!

Austin then hit Rock with the belt and won the match.

Ross yells, Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

So in the end at 17:07 Austin got the win.

This match is one of the very best matches in the Austin-Rock rivalry which says a great deal. A classic ride, perhaps the second or third best match they ever had together.

That is something special.

Great way to close the event!



**** 1/4








Final Rating for WWF Backlash 1999 = 8/10



Most PPV events in the attitude era scored big buyrates. Infact this event scored a 1.06 buyrate which was very impressive for just an average card and a non big five-ppv. This event had some decent matches, some fair ones, and some great ones so it definitely passes. The entertainment and the main event push this event to a 8. Worth owning. One of the better attitude era PPVS of all time.



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  1. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    when rock grabbed the camera and filmed austin, then austin gets up and stuns rock, all while this camera is in rocks hands was GREAT action. Loved it.

  2. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    whats an “attitude era tag match”?!? I don’t think tag matches were any different from any other time. Nice review though, thanks.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for the Feedback!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Undertaker/Shamrock match surprised me at the time. It really stood out because of the way they wrestled. Fans at the time were used to all the attitude era crap like ‘puppies’ etc which really doesnt hold up too well today in my opinion. That match has always been poorly received and I never understood why. They hadnt got the formula right with the fans of how to showcase the style of wrestling and I think you’d have to credit Kurt Angle for getting fans to accept a more legit style of wrestling after the attitude era didnt exactly embrace wrestling traditions. But personally I loved it at the time and it was honestly the first time you’d seen the Undertaker work like that. You’d never seen that side of him even in his matches with Bret and Shawn. I liked the review there Brett.

  5. Biger tiger says:

    sad to see owen used that way

  6. Dave says:

    @ Efrain

    Around 425,000 buys…1.0 roughly equals 400,000

  7. william says:

    Great review man keep them comin.
    Snow gave Holly head lmao

  8. Efrain says:

    By 1.6, What exact number is that?

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