Review: WWF/WWE Invasion 2001 DVD

January 6, 2012 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Invasion 2001 Review:









-WWF Invasion 2001 took place on Sunday, July the 22nd, 2001 in front of 17,964 fans at the Sold Out Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.


-This was the first and only Invasion and scored a huge buyrate for the WWF of well over 700,000 PPV buys.  (That’s three times the amount of today’s average PPV and just a few hundred thousand short of what Mania usually gets every year) This event was going to be Fully Loaded but they scrapped that name here and went with Invasion due to the WCW-ECW storyline.
-Jim Ross and Michael Cole (taking the place of Paul Heyman due to him being an Alliance leader) did commentary for Broadcast.
-The event had all WWF stars take on WCW-ECW (Alliance) stars all throughout the evening.


-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, Before the event officially began, Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (WCW) defeated Scotty 2 Hotty (WWF) in a match taped for Sunday Night HEAT at 6:53.








-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Edge and Christian (WWF) vs Lance Storm and Mike Awesome (Alliance)



I remember Edge calling the late Mike Awesome, Mike “totally not” Awesome on a Raw before this show, one if his funniest lines for sure.


Cole says off the get-go this is what fans have been dreaming about forever.

Not quite.

Where’s our dream match-up’s, like Sting versus the Undertaker.
You’re going to honestly tell me that while it starts with Mike Awesome against Christian.

It was bad enough that Mike Awesome was the first WCW-ECW Wrestler to show up and then win a title (the hardcore) on Raw at MSG but here he is beginning in this.

Ross says this match has a Canadian flavor, everyone is Canadian but Awesome.

A lot of high-risk aerial offense here. Edge and Storm going at it, fans boo Storm.

Christian comes in and attempted to monkey-flip Storm but he goes to the top to try and Superplex Christian. Mike Awesome make Christian stradle the top groin first. Awesome taking on Christian on the outside then rolls him in the ring.

Lance storm sends Christian into the bottom of the ring postcracking a rib as both men have isolated Christian. Awesome landing some, intense powerful power moves to the mat Christian kicking out.

The Alliance cutting the ring off and isolating Christian as Storm then hits a gut-buster. Storm wearing down a fatigued Christian who needed a hot tag. Some American fan yells Go Back to Canada EH! Well both guys in the ring are from Canada.

Mike Awesome with a powerslam, a front-flip with a bridge until Edge boke the pin to big pop. Awesome covering Christan. Edge again always breakking up thr count and Keota the unbiased WWF Official told Edge to back off.

Mike Awesome now from the top rope back-body dropped from the very top rope.

Ross says what I was just about to say, if nothing else and Christian can’t make the tag he at least bought himself some much needed time.

Edge does get the hot-tag though and Edge with a clothesline to Storm, a Spin kick to Mike Awesome and then a front face plant to Storm.

Edge tries a victory roll and now Stor hung onto Awesome. All of the sudden Storm had Edge rolled up, Christian reversed it but the official still counted to two.

Pretty entertaning tag we got here.

Christian and Edge with a double clothesline.

Edge spears Mike Awesome and Lance breaks it up. Christian elbowed out of the corner. A thrust kick to the face of Edge. Mike Awesome then covered Edge but again he kicked out, some-how even though Mike Awesome had a bridge and hooked the legs well.

A lot of false finishes here making this climax awesome.

Christian behind the official speared Awesomme backwards after dealng with Storm outside, Edge covered him
In the end, Edge and Christian representing the Federation won this opener ended at 10:10 after


Would the now known as WWE dominate this night? We shall see.
Vince after the match is hilarious saying that Edge and Christian REEK of Awesomeness!
Money. I don’t talk jive or what-have you very often but this was opener was tight ya’ll. Just sayin’









2) Earl Hebner (WWF) vs Nick Patrick (Alliance) with Mick Foley as Special Guest Referee

Now it’s the two companies officials going at it with a WRESTLER as the ref.
Nick Patrick slaps Earl and now he kicks back with kicks to the mid-secton and now both guys slugging it out.

Foley is given a loud chant towards and now Earl Hebner wth an uppercut and then Patrick almsst does a fop then a low-blow, he clobbers the back and then a baseball slide.

WCW officials stop on Earl. Foley kicking out the WCW officials to the lockker-room.

Nick Patrick is mad at Foley while the crowd chants at WWF Legend Mick Foley.

Hebner slowly made it to his feet with a spear and he wins.
In the end Hebner got the win at 2:50 when Foley counted it.


That’s WWF 2 -Alliance 0.
Bowling shoe ugly, but Earl got it done. That’s right Ross.








3) The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) (WWF) vs Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo (Alliance)



This is not the most compelling match on the card to say the least.

Since it’s basically an all power-match, and not one in say tellng a well-deatiled story I will not do play by play.

Jim Ross said it best in mid-match, it’s about displaying dominance.

Bradshaw’s right’s in ths bouts were stiff. Sean O’Haire wasn’t very good.

Palumbo on the other hand was actually very decent with how he’d sell.

Sean O’Haire was a llttle slow, Bradshaw hit Palumbo with a powerslam and then a fall away slam and he wasn’t able to put away Chuck as Sean O’Haire interfered.

Farooq helped out and then Sean O’Haire distracted Bradshaw clotheslined THE HELL out of Chuck Palumbo.

In the end the APA wins at 7:17 in a fairly decent tag match here consisting of mainly power when Bradshaw pins Palumbo..


Federation with 3 wins to the Alliance that had none.


* 1/2





4) X-Pac (WWF) vs Billy Kidman (Alliance-WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Since X-Pac HEAT actually was still alive a lot of fans were going for Kidman of the Alliance.

He tells Shane, Steph and Heyman backstage why the crowd chants X-Pac SUCKS and the crowd cheer.


Seeing X-Pac come out to Uncle Kracker’s X-Factor theme with purple, pink glow, X-Pac dry humping the air and wearing a WWF Attitude shirt.

Kidman had one of the strangest theme’s I’ve ever heard.

JR is saying that since X-Pac is playing on Team WWF he may get cheered tonight, don’t worry Mister Ross, I doubt he’ll get cheered.
Kidman was fresh, new, exciting, innovative and a big name.

He went over Hogan in WCW at one point. Girls even loved him, he was banging Torrie Wilson.

X-Pac actually with nice chain-wrestling moves on Kidman as he rode him and slapped him on the back and then an elbow off the ropes. X-Pac goes for a hplock and then a high kick, Kidman rolled over X-Pac and slaped back at him.

Kidman with a drop toe-hold.

Some funny fans chanting “1, 2, 3”, Kidan with an enziguri taking X-Pac out of the ring then a baseball slide and he applied a modifed hurricanran.

Ross points out X-Pac has the ability to strike any time with those feet.

Crowd is very split here actually. Every move is booed it seems. X-Pac then takes Kidman out of the ring. Kdmn then with a sunset fliip in but doesen’t bridge X-Pac down, now X-Pac holds a reverse chinock.

When you have two aerial wrestlers, usually the first guy to ground the other has huge advantage as Ross says. Kidman gets out but runs right back into a sleeper by X-Pac as the fans continue to boo.

This gives the two a breather and now this time Kidman leaps on the back of X-Pac and hits a sleeper. Kidman suplexed to the ground. Boo’s everywhere.

Who the hell are they going for?

Kidm with a suplex then another one then a running poweeerbomb. X-Pac used the ropes to pull himself up and put his boots on the ropes for a leverage attempt of winning.

Kidman with an amazing face-buster countering an X-Factor. Kidmn counters a series of X-Pac moves including the X-Factor.

Shooting star press.
Kidman in the end won the match at 7:12 and scored the first Alliance victory of Invasion in the fourth match.


WWF in the lead 3-1. The WCW’s on the board.


** 3/4









5) William Regal (WWF) vs Raven (Alliance)


A lot of fans loved Raven the same way they like RVD or say Kidman. Raven is an underrated dark kind of worker.

Regal still got support from the WWF loving crowd who’d cheer for the Commish of course over X-Pac because well…he’s not X-Pac.

William Regal tried to take the match-up with Raven to the mat early but he rolls out of the ring and does things the way RAVEN is more used too, and he goes to the outside.

William Regal followed him out of the ring and goes to clobber him on the back early in the bout and he caught him with right’s, Regal then rolled Raven back in the ring knowing full well that mat-wrestling is his fortay. Regal now

Regal the south paw from Blackpool, England. Whenever Regal covers his opponent he has a forearm crossface. He did it several time and then on the Raven with a baseball slide out to Regal.

Raven speared William Regal in the corner and delivered shoulders into him and then with a clothesline. Raven with a nearll and now a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Raven a former 2 time ECW CHamp.

Raven with a shoulder to the mid-section continuing to work on the bad ribs of Regal. Raven launched himself with a headbutt. Now William Regal gets up and with a side kick to the head with an inside cradle and got a two. Regal’s lefts relentless.

Raven with a running bulldog and Regal again kicked out. Regal down had a sunset flip against, all of the sudden William Regal with a unique pinnng comb and then another unique cover. Raven gets out.

Crowd seems to be chanting something.

Almost a northern-light suplex by Regal and a ickout by Raven.

Tazz uns in and now with the official down, Tazz with a gut-wrench suplex and now the Raven effect to William Regal and the Alliance wins.

Commish Regal screwed by Tazz.

In the end Raven got the win at 6:34 giving the Alliance a big boost, getting them back with-in one of the WWF.
Solid stuff.

Truth be told when discussing X-Pac if you watch his shoots on youtube, Sean Waltman’s personality is so layed back and wicked. His tribute to Savage gained him my eternal respect. 

** 1/4






6) Chris Kanyon, Shawn Stasiak and Hugh Morrus (Alliance) vs  Billy Gunn, The Big Show and Albert (WWF)

The late Chris Kanyon teaming with former WWF Champion Stan Stasiak’s son Shawn Stasiak, you remember the goofy Alliance member who ran into everything trying to impress Austin. Yeah, that’s about as far as he made it in the WWF.
With Hugh Morrus. What? Is that funny? What? Is that HUUUUMEROUS. Loved that Austin line. Awesome. So brilliant and subtle.

Taking on Bad Ass, Mr. Ass, The One, whatever the hell you wanna call him Billy Smoking Gunn, The Big Show and Albert, going to be another big man, power tag match.


This was kept relatively shorter then the others, thank god.

When the ONE was being beaten dwwn b Stadiak in the corner god knows what they were chanting as Gunn hit a reverse neck-breaker. Albert tagged in, now everyone comes in. The one sends Chris Kanyon over to the floor.

Big Albert got a boot to the hed of Stasiak measurng him. Hugh Morrus and Chris Kanyon break up a three count surely as the Baldo Bomb was felt by Stasiak from Albert.

Hugh Morrus working on Albert. Gunn with a shot to Morrus and hit the Fameasser. I’ve never liked Hugh Morrus, he’s a bully and wishes he was a pro. I felt sorry for Kanyon, he was a closet homosexual who killed himself.

Despite the Alliance getting the win some-how choke-slamed everyone ater the match.

In the end The Alliance won their third straight match at 4:23.
We’re all tied up folks, at Invasion!








7) Tajiri (WWF) vs Tazz (Alliance)


Tajiri a unique competitor with many kicks at Tazz. Tazz countered a kick and hit a snapmare with a body-scissors to Tajiri.

Forearm shots by Tazz.

The human wrecking machine let go then slapped Tajiri in the corner. Tajiri wanted to counter an irish-whp fro the corner with a head-scissors but Tazz threw Tajiri by the egs to the left.

Both men countering each other’s next move as they new each other well from ECW.

Tajiri with a beautiful handspring reverse elbow to Tazz on the outside, he couldn’t leap from the apron as Tazz tripped him and sent him into the steps.

Interesting little match here.

Tazz taunting on Tajiri.

Tajiri gets back in and now Tazz in control with an irishwhip he charged at him but got caught in the Tarantula by Tajiri which is an illegal move so he let go.

Tazz then kicked out of a thrust kick, recieved two more.

Tazz hooked the leg of Tajiri blocking another thrust kick and hit a suplex.

Tajiri with green mist and then another thrust kick this time for the win.
Fun little back and forth contest here.


In the end at 5:43, the WWF re-took the lead 4-3 after Tajiri beat Tazz. (Even though Shane said it was 4-3 Alliance before this counting Chavo’s win over Scotty on Heat for the Allance)



** 1/2









8 ) Rob Van Dam (Alliance) vs Jeff Hardy (c) (WWF) for the WWF Hardcore Championship


Split crowd as other then Tazz-Kidman-Stacy/Torrie and Austin, no one got ovations in the Alliance quite like RVD. He was the loudest for sure.


Van Dam`s popularity by this time couldn`t be ignored, simply put. Him and Steve Austin as stated just now seemed to be the only heels getting positive ovations as members of the Alliance. When Austin “WAS” a member of the Alliance that is of course…

This match is great.

Both unorthadox style`s meeting one another.

Rob Van Dam and Jeff waste no time getting things going.

I love the opening bit, a split-legged dropdown, Hardy tried an improv a leg-drop, RVD dodges that and kicks Jeff Hardy in the face.

The little things that made this bout so effecient were the counter moves, we knew both men had un-orthadox styles but it was the counters that they through right in your face that made you say WOW, not only was that possbible, but that was scouted and reversed! Amazing.

I love that.


Jeff hit a dropkick to RVD who was posing at the time. A reverse elbow, then a backflip from Van Dam on Jeff. RVD hit a rolling thunder on Jeff Hardy.

Cole and Ross call this an unorthadox Hardcore match.
Cole comapres RVD to the Matrix…okay. With Trish it’s alright I suppose.
RVD off the top but Hardy countered and pushed him out of the ring. RVD took Hardy off the barricade.

Both guys battle into the crowd. RVD hit a splash on the concrete onto RVD with a springboard moonsault. RVD shoved Jeff over the barricade and back near the ring. RVD set up Jeff on the barricade and poses, coming off with a spinning heel kick to Hardy on the barricade falling to the floor.

RVD covering him on the mat padding ground and got a two. Van Dam has people chant his initials while he bows. Jeff with a springboard moonsault over the top rope powerbombing RVD to the floor. Amazing impact.

Tremendous pace here.

Jeff Hardy grabs a tall Ladder. Jeff Hardy sets up what looks like a twenty foot Ladder, Van Dam ran into the ring trying to shove Hardy off the Ladder. RVD pushed the Ladder and it sent Jeff flying onto the concrete.

Jim Ross says his famous How do you learn to fall off a 20 foot Ladder, that we DVD buyers always here. Jeff Hardy fights back bringing the extreme to RVD with a chair. RVD hit the Van Daminator which is the spinning heel kick in the air, into the chair, into the face of Jeff Hardy and he goes flying off the stage at the top of the unique Invasion entrance ramp.


You want to talk about a spot.

RVD down on the concete tossed Jeff back on the stage. Van Dam hits a spinning leg drop and Jeff kicked out.

RVD back in the ring clobbers Jeff with a series of forearms.

Jeff down in the corner and RVD runs from one side of the ring to the other and hits the Van Daminator, then a split-legged moonsault was scouted. Again it was that material that seemed subtle, the un-orthdaox reversals or counters that made you say “WOW!”

Jeff hit a desperation tornado DDT and RVD kicks out. A unique suplex by Jeff Hardy to RVD with a bridge but only a two count.

Jeff dropped down with a jaw-breaker to RVD. Jeff from the top missed a Swanton and RVD gets up spotting an opening and hits a five star drog splash.

The Hardcore title hit the sternum of Hardy as RVD came down with tremendous impact.





A hell of a match.

Jim Ross asks how many stars you`d give it at home. Four Jim. Four.

In the end at 12:24 RVD is the Winner and Hardcore Champion to a great ovation after he hit the 5 star splash into Jeff with tremendous Impact!
A lot of quality, bang for your buck in this one.


This match is short and sweet, I love it. A hardcore gem.
In the end at 12:24 RVD won the Hardcore title tying the night’s score a four a piece for both companie’s.


This match s still talked about all the time whenever somebody bring’s up the events name or a tremendous match in either man’s career.

Very memorable but still underrated in a way!














9)  Trish Stratus and Lita vs (WWF) Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler (Alliance) in a Bra and Panties match with Mick Foley as special guest referee



Foley pulling double duties tonight but I’m sure he won’t complain about having to do this match.
Losers are the ones who get stripped.
Trish almost fell off the ramp in or after I suppose this match.
JR said he studies tapes of the Brisco’s and Funk’s, why are those names always the names out of JR’s mouth? Never Sammartino, Morales, Rodgers, Savage, Bockwinkel, Von Erich, Freebirds, etc.

WCW ladies went to clothesline Trish but the Dubya See Dubya ladies argued.

Lita stripped Stacy’s top off and then a clotheslne and she goes running. Doesen’t look like she’s carrying an awful lot.

Stacy Keibler takes off Lita’s top, some boo’s. Lita takes down Stacy Keibler with a snapmare.

Lita woman-handling Stacy Keibler to the corner.

Stacy’s booty looks damn ine in those black pants.

Torrie with confdence comes in to work on Stratus now who tags in.

Wilson takes down Trish stomps on her hair.

Torrie goes to take the top of Trish and Trish reversed it by taking the bottoms of Torrrie.

Poetry in motion by Lita and Trish and her top is off. Trish with her top off center’s Stacy and after the Litasault they take off Stacy Keibler’s pants.

Ding, Ding, Ding.
In the end at 5:04 (Wow for a B and A match this lasted awhile) Trish and Torrie won when they finally show skin to win. (off the other diva’s that is)

This match was pretty good for this kind off stuff.





* 3/4








10) Main Event- Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno and The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and Kane in an Inaugural Brawl match



In an ideal world if this storyline was booked better we’d see Rock and HHH on team WWF as well if they were both healthy and not filming a movie, and WCW would have guys like pick one of Goldberg, Hall, Sting, Savage, Nash, Hogan, Flair, etc DDP was arguably the only BIG time name or Booker that really belonged here so of course they had to make Austin re-turn heel here. The Alliance was not well balanced.


So not counting Sunday Night Heat, If the WWF wins they win the night 6-4, if the Alliance wins it’s a 5-5 tie and they won the Main Event meaning they were the dominant brand. It’s all on the line here at the Main Event of Invasion!!!
Everyone gets a decent ovation obviously, Stone Cold gets the best ovation obviously as he comes out last and he comes out running and as everyone is brawling with everyone going at it to begin, Stone Cold takes his vest off and stomps on the competition. Steve Austin trhew in Rhyno.



Stone Cold Steve Austin with a back-wards low-blow kick to Rhyno and now Stone Cold Steve Austin stomps on Rhno n the corner and threw a right at D-von knocking him o the apron.

The Chaamp with a Lou Thesz press to Rhyno then dropped the elbow and Rhyno kicks out. Austin chops RHyno time and time again about six times as Rhyno layed back and now an un-orthadox Austin goes to the very top rope and Stone Cold Steve Austin hits a Superplex on Rhyno, looking like a vintage Bob Orton there.

Stone Cold Steve Austin takes a well deserved break and tags in Y2J.
Chris Jericho would take on Rhyno at Summerslam 01 the PPV after this in a tremendous four star encouneter. Rhyno works back against Y2J and now Rhyno who was once being isolated tags in the WCW Champion, the Booker Man irish-whipping Y2J but he takes Booker over with arm-drag’s and then a running bulldog.

RHyno broke up a pinall and Jericho springboarded with a dropkick to Rhyno.

Jericho then with a missile dropkick to Booker and a tag to Angle.

Angle with a HOT TAG as everyone chants Angle upon Kurt Angle entering the ring.

Off the ropes Booker caught a bit of Angle with a dropkick and a tag to D-Von Dudley. D-Von then took it to Angle with an elbow and an irish-whip that Angle hits back to D-von.

Angle tags in Kane. Kane then goes to work on D-von Dudley and hts a side suplex. D-von then ducked a clothesline but ran into a chokeslam predicament. Bubba Ray illegally ran in but Kane then legally hit a side suplex to D-von.

D-von gets some momentum and they hit a modified 3-D to Kane and now Bubba stays on KKane who needs the hot tag. Kane from the top hits the lying clothesline and in comes The Undertaker. The Bad Ass the last of the babyaces to come in and works over Bubba.

Who The Undertaker really waanted was likely DDP the only man not to enter this match yet who had stalked his wife. After The Undertaker knocked Bubba down he knocked DDP off the apron to a good ovation.

The Undertaker goes for Old Schol and hits it cleaning house. The Undertaker cleared the Allince until DDP hit a lariat-clothesline to The Undertaker sending him backwards. Bubba dropped him and tagged in Rhyno.

Rhyno took it to Taker viciously. DDP finally the legal man and everybody had come in now and he took t to The Undertaker. The Undertaker fought back until DDP hit The Undertaker with a spin-o-rama clothesline. DDP drops The Undertaker and then tags in Booker T who drops rght’s to The Undertaker.

A scissors kick to the Deadman of the ropes.

Austin gets a hot tag from one Texan to another as The Undertaker tags in the Rattlesnake and Austin with an arm-ringer to Booker T and stomps on the mat ting to wind up Booker. Austin with a chop to Booker then took him to the floor.

Stone Cold took Booker T to the corner. Jericho taged in and now runs into an elbow by DDP and then a springboard as Booker was tagged in again and he took Jericho down.

D-von and Jericho going at it again. A tag to Bubba Ray and he wears down Jericho clobbering his back and dropping an elbow to Jericho’ neck. D-von back in as the Dudleyz irishwhipped Jericho into the corner.

He got a hot tag into Angle and now Angle double-teamed the Dudleyz, a future TNA match a decade later. Angle suplexed D-Von and Bubba would break it up. Angle hen hits Bubba with a slam, Bubba comes back and tags in D-von who takes it to Angle, Taker then breaks up the count.

Fans chant Paul E sucks to get to Heyman.

Rhyno tagged in and working over Angle.

Austin flips off Keota and the and the fans give it the pop o the match. Fans chant Austin because they couldn’r wait to see the OLD Stone Cold back.

Oh how they’d be dissapointed.
In now is Booker T working over Kurt Angle and hits a scissors kick then perfectly does his Spinnerooni, Undertaker domes in trying to intimdate the others. DDP tags in and with a sit-down powerbomb to Angle.
Austin then keeps interfering in the match and the crowd keeps chanting his name even if he’s doing nothing.

DDP with a front-face slam to Kurt Angle driving him head-irst to the canvas. Austin got tagged in by Angle but Keota didn’t see it so it was a blind tag.

Angle hit with a Diamond Cutter but the BOD work over DDP in the corner and the Dudleyz are taken out by Y2J and Austn. Rhyno accidentally goes Booker.

Undertaker chokeslams DDP.

The Undertker signs or the Last Ride.

Now Taker hits the last rde to Charles obinson, Austin seems hurt on the outside.

The Dudleyz double-team Kane outide the ring.

Dudleyz bring out the wood now and set it up on the barricade. Kane choke-slams D-Von through a table.

Shane O Mac is directing traffic outside the ring, Bubba and Rhyno double suplex Kane throughh an announce table.

Both announce tables are broken.

Jericho then with a tornado ddt to Rhyno threw the table set up on the barricade.


Vince looks on at the carnage.

Austin still getting his knees looked at outside the ring.

No one knew who the legal man was all the action was everywhere and every man seemed splattered at ring-side!

Back in the ring Bubba and Booker double-team Angle in the corner, mean-while Taker and DDP are brawling out of sight.

Angle then suplexes Booker and hits an Angle slam on Booker. Angle gets an Ankle Lock on Booker then the official is knocked out o the ring.

Booker and Angle just lay there.
Shane and Vince get in the ring, Shane O Mac hits Vince in the head wth the title, Angle cleans house and now Angle hits the Angle Slam on Booker T and Booker Taps.

Austin gets a ref in the match.

Austin stuns Kurt Angle. Booker covers him with thanks to Austin, Austin theme plays and everone is in shock.

Great match, great swerve, even if Austin as Face always worked better.
In the end The Alliance won at 29:03 when Austin screwed over Team WWF to turn heel once again in 2001 to everyone’s shock when he
The night ends 5-5 but Austin screwed the WWF and made the Alliance the superior BRAND with Bragging rights in winning the main event, as Shane, Steph, Austin and Heyman celebrate in the ring afterwards!















Final Rating for WWF Invasion 2001  = 5/10







This show was a massive hit buyrates wise, but the Invasion angle was a complete flop, this event as a whole was a let-down despite their being two classic matches and a watchable bra and panties tag. (Only for the sex appeal of course) Everything else was merely filler and this could of been so, so much better it`s not even worth thinking about. Thinking of all the WCW stars that could stilll of gone….Goldberg, Hogan, Macho Man, Nash, Hall, Sting, Flair, ugh…

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The main event was awesome.

  2. Robert hall says:

    I just want say that wwf invasion 2001 was awesome. They had wwf vs. Wcw & ecw. I would like to see another invasion of tna vS ecw.

  3. lee says:

    good review, but its not really a dvd review is it, its a ppv review. i thought you would review the match and the extras.
    but i have fond memories of those days – the height of my enjoyment was 2000-2001. we shall never see those days again. unless they can persuade lita to walk around in just her bra while doing moonsaults.

  4. Nate says:

    I have to say i liked dvd i didnt start to watch wrestling untill 2004 and i just got this dvd 3 weeks ago and i thought it was a good ppv but i am missing a lot of the 2001 yr i only have this, mania 17,unforgiven and rebellion so im missing some good action but Brett u do a awesome job with these reviews i read these before i buy dvds keep up the awesome job!!

  5. kevin lester says:

    Why are we reviewing a DVD that is this old?? It wasn’t a good ppv. And chances are, anyone who seriously wanted it has probably already bought it in the near 12yrs since it’s release.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Take in mind that when I reiewed this event, I took into account the reviews the show got at the time. (Horrible, a dream angle-let down etc) Sure Time-Warner and their contracts had something to do with it. Well then I ask why rush the Invasion? You really want Hugh Morrus to be the first one to invade? You really want Mike Awesome the first one to win a title? You want to headline Invasion with Rhyno, Booker and DDP as the brand’s biggest stars? Sorry I just can’t buy it. Then when you take into account how each match help up individually, it just doesen’t hold up. Sure it’s “Cool” because compared to now it looks that way, but back then…it just…felt off.

  7. Thomas says:

    InVasIon 2001 was a fantastic event in my books

  8. jgreeds says:

    This was the first ppv I ever attended live, and it was pretty awesome. Being in cleveland, it had a pretty decent ECW following there. The majority of the crowd wasn’t aware of RVD at the beginning but everyone knew him by the end. Also, Tazz vs. Tajiri was a lot better than this reviewer puts on.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinion but on a card with this many matches only two were really great and most were use-less so a 5/10 makes sense. Also the fact that it’s commonly known the WWE botched and rushed the Invasion angle deduting more pointss of course.

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    I absolutely agree… In fact, I think it was even better how WWE brought in the bigger name WCW stars one by one. The way the nWo came in was very good, the way Ric Flair came in was very good. At the end of the day it made a bigger impact than if they all came in together at the time of the original invasion.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Your final rating after everything you said about the show does not make sense. Also, The invasion angle did not go down how everyone wanted it to, however a lot of people look back on it fondly now. Its also a lot of peoples favorite year from the wwf. Guys like Nash, Hogan, Goldberg etc.. were waiting out their time/warner contracts so they could not be there. Even still I think it was very unique to see and it was still a first for the time, sorry, but this review just does not count..

    • Allen Collins says:

      This Invasion Was Very Cheap & Overall Small In Quality. Instead Of The WWE Bringing In The Top WCW Stars While The ECW Stars Were Already With WCW & WWE,They Bring In 3 ECW Guys: Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer & Justin Credible. There Was Nothing Better About It How It Really Happened Compared To What All Fans Fantasized & Dreamed Of What WCW vs WWE Would Really Be Like. All The Top WCW Stars Are Bigger Than Those 3 ECW Wrestlers. Hell, They’re Bigger Than All The ECW Wrestlers. The Dudley Boyz Have Fat On Them. Rhyno Is In Between Fat & Somewhat Muscular. Taz Is Short & Not Too Muscular. Raven Isn’t That Muscular. Except Ric Flair, All The Other Top WCW Stars To Have Came Over Are Built & Muscular. Some Have Some Of The Best Physiques In Wrestling History. They Are All Bigger Than Those 3 ECW Wrestlers. Heck, They’re Bigger & Stronger Than All The ECW Wrestlers. They Had No One To Compete With The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show Nor The Rock. Hell, Not Even Steve Austin. No One Cares About Just Faces vs Heels Concept Without The Best From Both Sides In An Invasion. They Want To See The Real Best Of Both Sides. Then Maybe Heels vs Faces Can Come. With The Top Stars From Both Sides, You Don’t Even Care About The Face vs Heel Concept. You Just Want To See The Best Of Both Sides Go At It To The Fullest. Face vs Heel Concept Is Good, But Not When It’s One-sided & Fans Are Being Cheated Out Of The Best Of Each Company Giving Their Best With Their Best. Each Pay Per View During The Invasion Storyline Could Have Drawn 1,000,000 Buys.

  12. SRB says:

    I loved this pay per view hands down. I felt this storyline was one of the strongest WWE has ever put together, not necessairly as much with Shane buying WCW and so on, but more how we got to see matches that were once not possible. Booker/Rock, DDP/Undertaker, RVD/Hardy. I felt WWE did a great job also extending this storyline for pay per views like No Mercy, Unforgiven, Survivor Series and then debuting NWO at No Way Out. I still look back at it as one of the best times in wrestling. It was for sure changing.

  13. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I could be wrong, but I think there was a reason why the bigger name WCW stars weren’t under contract at this time during the invasion. Either way it was fun to watch. Wrestling fans have always wanted to see WWE vs WCW vs ECW in some shape or form.

    I have to re-buy this DVD just for historical purposes. Good show.

  14. Jeff Copeland says:

    seams like most invasion angles fail cause either a dont got the right people or b they over think it and it fails this could of worked KEYWORD COULD but with out big names like sting hogan hall nash goldberg ect and wwf wise they just lost rock hhh was injured same with benoit so with wat they had it was ehh but ppv wise fav matches main event hardcore title opener tag and even regal raven some odd reason good job on the review

  15. indyfan says:

    I respect your opinion but i still love this show!! ROH vs CZW was a much better invasion angle. And if you haven’t seen that, do it!!!