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December 13, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF In Your House “Unforgiven 1998” Review:



“Vince McMahon wants to come and sit at ringside during this match, well he’s only done that at one other match recently and someone else ended up getting screwed out of the title! Austin better watch out…” -Jim Ross






-WWF Unforgiven 1998 (In Your House) took place on Sunday, April 26th 1998 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.


-This was the first annual Unforgiven PPV event. (The only to take place in April, the rest took place in September that followed)
-Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler did commentary for the PPV.

-This was the first WWF PPV that used the new “scratch” logo for promotional work, while WrestleMania XIV had featured the logo on the ring apron, the official graphic still featured the New Generation logo.
-Double J Jeff Jarrett sang a Country Song by Sawyer Brown with him in a tandem on stage, “Some girls do” during the PPV.
-This event saw the first ever Inferno Match and WWF’s first evening gown match.








-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Faarooq, Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman vs The Nation of Domination (The Rock, D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry) (with Kama Mustafa) in a Six-Man-Tag Team Match



A six-man tag here.

Rocky Sucks as usual chanted around this time but Rock was starting to gain some great heat around this time. A lot of people started to dig his new Nation-leader character and his comic ways.

Rock enters the IC Champion in the middle of his lengthy IC title reign.

Shamrock, Farooq and Blackman come out and salute the crowd the same way the Nation did.

D-Lo always was an underrated worker begins the match with Blackman going for an over-head wrist-lock on the man. D-Lo Brown has Steve Blackman and gets him n a side headlock. Steve Blackman hit with a shoulder block and D-Lo is all proud of himself. D-Lo punched at Steve Blackman and now JR and King admit D-Lo is underrated.

Ah what could of been.



Blackman kicked back but then caught a snap suplex. Steve Blackman with a dropkick and then an arm-drag takedown to D-Lo Brown with an arm-bar. Steve Blackman tags into Shamrock as the fans pop. D-Lo with a thumb to the eye then Shamrock with some unique take-down by the leg, sort of like a leg-bar if you can imagine that.

Now Farooq tagged in and Farooq wants some revenge on his former Nation members. D-Lo then slaps Farooq in the face a couple of times and Farooq spinebuster slams D-Lo and now he takes ooff his belt and whips D-Lo Brown and scoop slams him as he keeps whpping him behind the officials back and then slams him head-first into the boot of Blackman.

Steve Blackman with a big boot and an arm-drag. D-Lo desperately needed a tag and now he tags in Henry as Steve Blackman went back to the arm on D-Lo.

The world’s strongest man hits a back-breaker to Steve Blackman. Henry and the NOD want to cut the ring off in their half now. Henry with a power move and now an irishwip and he clobbers him up high.

D-Lo tagged back in. The Rock leading from the apron, still not having to come in the ring.

Steve Blackman with a crossbody, but then he runs into a running powerbomb by D-Lo Brown (I think this was the move that ended Droz) Steve Blackman off the ropes kicks at Brown while he was bent down. Farooq comes in to try and teach Brown a lesson but D-Lo kicks away at Farooq.

Now big heat happens when Rocky comes in.

The Rock with a big right to the jaw of Farooq, the new leader of the NOD on the former.

Fans chant Rocky Sucks.

Rock with a clothesline to Farooq. Rock then stomps on Farooq like only he does. Rock tags in Henry and he scoop slams Farooq and drops the elbow on him repeatedly. Mark Henry then works over Steve Blackman as he got a hot tag by Farooq but more isolation as D-Lo Brown is tagged in and we’re back where we started.

D-Lo’s quick striking style keeps Blackman off balance, a shot and then a splash off the top by D-Lo and then some chops in the corner. Black reversed the irishwhip and chops now going in Steve Blackman’s favor only for the moment though. Rock stomped away on Blackman in the corner one HE was tagged in.

Steve Blackman gains some pops by going at Rock as the two engage in a slug-fest but Rocky drops him. Farooq cheering on Blackman.

Henry then comes in and chops at Steve Blackman. Mark Henry drops on top of Blackman. Rock tags in and gets a nearfall on Steve Blackman but he turns it into an inside cradle. Rock scoop slams Blackman.

Now the People’s Elbow un-named and the fans give it a pop. Rock trying new things to get more over, give him props.

Rock slaps a sleeper on Steve Blackman.

Rock then tags in D-Lo who attempted a moonsault on Steve Blackman and Rock and Farooq are both tagged in. Farooq man-handles the Nation who all come in. Henry comes in, all six men are in the ring a ddt by Rock on Farooq but he still kcks out.

Rock with a shot to the legs of Farooq. Rock taunts him in the corner and then Farooq hits the Dominator.


In the end at 13:07 the team of Farooq, Shamrock and Blackman got the victory after Farooq pins The Rock but obviously his IC title wasn’t on the line.


I liked the match but as an opener but truth be told it did go on a little long. Good to see Farooq get some revenge on Rock and the Nation after they turned on him post-Mania 14.




** 3/4






-Stone Cold’s music hits the *pa and out walks the Texas Rattlesnake with the WWF title.


Unbelieveable ovation as you might expect.

Austin was paranoid that the time-keeper might screw Austin out of the title with Vince at ring-side and Austin threatens the time-keeper with threats and the fans eat it up.

Steve says if him or Vince get out of line they’ll get their ass whooped and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

Austin walks off in a Hell Yeah shirt with his gold to a good ovation.










2) Triple H (c) (with Chyna) vs Owen Hart for the WWF European Championship


Their Mania 14 match the month before was very well done.
Here is their re-match. Owen was promised a feud with Shawn but he had gone home with a bad back so he is Hunter’s bitch now.

Here was his last PPV ever as a Babyface.

Chyna had to be suspended in a Cage.

Owen said the European title means to much to him and he can’t afford another loss. Hilarious.

Slaughter chained her up in the Cage.

Owen Hart smiled.

Owen jumps Helmsley in the entrance way and delivered a headbutt. Owen goes after Hunter viciously. Hart sent Hunter hard into the Cage right in front of Chyna.

Owen now with a vertical suplex to HHH in the entrance way.

Owen said suck it to HHH, again, hilarious.

Owen then told Chyna to suck it! So not Owen-like but awesome none the less.

Owen then points up and says BYE BYE to Chyna…eeesh, just seemed very ironic.

Owen drops Helmsley on the steel barricade and it doesen’t seem like the bell has even gone yet but now Owen finally puts Hunter in the ring.

Owen hits a back-breaker on HHH.

King says Chyna could be afraid of heights like he is so it’s not fair. I’m not even going to comment on that one.

Owen Hart sent into the corner and finally the first bit of offense by HHH was a right to Owen and then he finally connected with a high knee to the head of Owen.

HHH started to choke out Owen and King says look how high Chyna is in the air, Helmsley picks up Owen Hart and King says look how high up OWEN WAS IN THE AIR. Jesus, it’s like these guys are trying to be creepy.

Either way a reverse choke by Hunter to Owen a reverse chinlock backwards, a backwards front facelock.
Chyna tried to break out of the Cage with some tooll and then Hunter ept going back to work on Owen. A Sunset flip attempt by Owen Hart to Hunter and a nearfall.

This bout here wasn’t as good as their Mania 14 match but still is a solid match.

HHH going for the cover at almost every oppurtunity, HHH hits a face-buster to Owen.

Hunter goes right back to the reverse headlock.

HHH I guess is trying to bore the crowd to death.

Owen Hart bridges out. and now HHH tried to flip Owen back, he counters and hits a German suplex with a bridge and almost won the Euopean title.

Owen Hart up and Chyna bends the steel bars!

Owen with an enziguri. Owen hit a piledriver to Hunter and then a flying elbow drop.

Chyna is hanging and is trying to get down and Owen was there to break her fall probably.

Owen Hart iwith a ddt. Owen with a Sharpshooter. Chyna got down aand tries distracting Owen, Road Dogg lowered the Cage. HHH from behind sends Owen into both buckles.

Owen hits the Pedigree on Hunter, and X-Pac runs in the ring with a fire extingusher and HHH covers Owen.


In the end at 12:38 HHH retained the European title after help from DX.

Way too slow in the middle portion, otherwise nicely booked.

Doesen’t touch the Mania match.


** 3/4





3) The New Midnight Express (Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob) (c) (with Jim Cornette) vs The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship

Bob Holly and Bart Gunn are the NEW Midnight Express so we get the battle of the old Express’s battling for the NWA Tag title’s to please Cornette since the attitude era needed that 80’s NWA feel just for him.
Speaking of NWA feel this was in NWA or “FLAIR” Country, County or what have you.

So Cornette gets heat as always in this area and introduces the new Midnight Express, Bob Holly and Bart Gunn.

The Old Rock “N” Roll Express come out to a decent ovation given the fact that the new Austin fans in wrestling had NO idea who they were so of course the atmosphere to this match is dead.

This is where WCW still beat WWF in April of 98 with depth, while WWF would throw out a PPV match like this, WCW would give you a Malenko or a Jericho match for instance.

Ricky Morton and his mullet, speaking of him going after Bombastic Bob, speaking of Morton watch his Youshoot on Kevin Nash, hilarious.

King starts talking about Sable’s panties and what color they will be. Unfortuntely everyone cared more about that then this match.

I don’t know which team I feel sorry for more, the old Rock “N” Roll Express or this NEW Midnight Express facing these guys and getting thrown out of the ring by these dude’s.

Bodacious Bob now and Morton tie-up. Bob with an abdominal stretch and uses leverage by holding onto Bob Holly.

Jim Cornette trying to go one on one with the official like back int he NWA days and Cornette gets out of the ring to gain more heel heat as if he needed it.

I laughe because I remember him doing it in the 80’s but these fans jst thought it looked foolish because well…it did.

Morton tripped by Cornette, Cornette to Morton is like Heenan to Hogan, or Ventura to Hogan, both guys try and stop the other at any cost…forever.

Bart Gunn takes it to Morton with a drop-toe hold and then Holly comes in with  splash and a nearfall.

The Rock N ROll Express hit a signature dropkick. Cornette comes in with an elbow drop. Robert Gibson rolls up Bart but Bob with a bulldog and now Tim White counts the three.

No reaction.
In the end at 7:20, the new Midnight Express retained the NWA title’s..ugly.

JR calls it a piece of heritage.








4) Luna Vachon (with The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust) vs Sable in the first ever Evening Gown Match

Object is to strip the opponent.

Lets go Luna *clap clap clap clap clap*
May she rest in peace.


Luna Vachon and Sable went at it…sort of for a minute before Luna stripped Sable, then the two went under the ring after Luna won and Sable stripped her but she dressed in Goldust’s coat to leave naked.
So in the end Luna stripped Sable at 2:35.
Jim Ross gives a classic line at the end saying here is where you wanna press, pause, rewind on your VCR.
Well Sable looks good here anyway. Lucky Brock.



No Rating






5) The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) (c) vs LOD 2000 (Animal and Hawk) (with Sunny) for the WWF Tag Team Championship


Both these teams had a pretty good feud in 98, it made sense to pair the top two teams in the Federation together.
Road Warrior Animal begins with a shoulder block that doesen’t phase Gunn, or Mr. Ass.

Gunn pushed Animal and then with a big right. Animal off the ropes a shoulder block, then a hard clothesline. Road Warrior Animal then face-plant both Outlaws to the canvas.

The late Hawk is tagged in as the crowd chant LOD Hawk works over Road Dogg with an elbow drop.

Mr. Ass took a stiff back-drop.

Hawk botched a scoop slam. King said he lost his grip, the fans “AWWW”…

Very sloppy wrestlng here.

Hawk chops Billy Gunn and this match has been bowling shoe ugly thus far. Unforgiven has many of these types of matches, you will see coming up.

Animal comes in and slaps a neck-vice on Mr. Ass.

Road Dogg gets tagged in and taes over control as he and Mr. Ass completely isolate the ring.

The crowd is 100% dead so the match almost becomes un-watchable.

Hawk later in the match starts a come-back of sorts and Road Warrior Animal is finally bac up and slammed Road Dogg down.

A Splash by Hawk from up top and then Gunn smacked Road Warrior Hawk in the head, but he kicks out.

A suplex with a bridge by Road Warrior Hawk and a three count.
However Fink announces that the Outlaws have won the match because their shoulders were down at the same time. HHH and X-Pac come out and say congrats.
So in the end at 12:13 The Outlaws defeated the LOD 2000 and retained their WWF tag title’s by




* 1/4






6) The Undertaker vs Kane (With Paul Bearer) in the first ever Inferno Match



The first ever Inferno match! A night of first’s.

The Undertaker comes to the ring after Kane and Bearer did.

Now that they’re both in the ring, the flames come up. It’s go time!

Ross says the ring is going to be up to 200 degrees while King in full heel mode asks if he likes his Undertaker crispy, Ross says it’s not even funny.

Undertaker didn’t want to do another one of these. You could just tell.

Here they go.

The Undertaker tried to gain the early advantage as he did at Mania 14 on Kane in the corner but he turns the tide on him and pounds away on Taker. Undertaker with big rights to Kane then a big splash to Kane. An Arm-Ringer to Kane and then he tries Old-School walking the ropes and hits it!

The flames exploded bigger then they did in 89 (NHL reference to non-hockey fans) in the ring as they shot up high!

Kane then got an advtanage as Kane dropped The Undertaker face-first into the corner, almost into the fire. Might of been a scary moment.

Kane and Taker exchange rights and then a power slam by Kane. The dominant big red monster when he still had credibility slammed The Undertaker down to the mat hard.

The Undertaker sweating trying to battle back in this match.

Both men try and fight there way back up.

Kane slams Taker to the mat and the flames fire up some more!

The Undertaker ducks the clothesline and he missed the Flame just barely.


The Undertaker chokeslammed Kane just before this move then Kane hits a sidewalk slam and the fire has made both men sweat to the max.





Kane above the fire goes up top, The Undertaker brings him down and hits a headbutt.

A right hand.

The Undertaker goes to the top to Superplex Kane off the top rope. A front facelock and a superplex off the top rope surrounded by fire.

Kane gets up first amazingly! The Undertaker though strikes at him and threw him to the outside.

Vader attacked Kane.

Undertaker launched over the fire and top rope onto Kane.

Absolutely incredible.

Undertaker turns to Paul Bearer and busts him open where Double J performed a country concert on the stage earlier in the night and this was after Bearer desperately tried to ground The Undertaker.

In the end at 15:57 Taker got the victory over his brother once again as Kane’s arm was set on fire and he made sure he showed us quite a bit which was rather funny on his way out.

This match was a bit like the Mania one, but we had seen these two go at it so not QUITE as special as far as originality goes. And not of course at a Wrestlemania. It was however more impressive then I originally remembered and pretty great in certain areas.

Huge Taker chants.

The concept was quite innovative and unique.





*** 1/4




7) Main Event- Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Dude Love for the World Wrestling Federation Championship




The Austin aka Attitude era in full gear and the Texas Rattlesnake makes his first PPV title defense against Mick Foley under his Dude Love persona here.
This was about a week or two after Raw beat Nitro in the ratings for the first time in two years.

It was when Austin and McMahon were going to battle on Raw and then Dude Love came out and attacked Steve Austin to set up an opponent for Austin’s first PPV title defense, but in reality the real feud of the company was between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

Austin was paranoid during the match about being screwed during the match by Mr. McMahon for the title. (Especially since they played the whole screwjob up with this)

Steve Austin when he came out still got an amazing pop as expected in 1998 as Champion, and this was his second appearance on the night in front of the crowd as he cut a promo earlier in the night in the ring.



The match begins and Stone Cold Steve Austin got attacked by Dude Love from behind as he was posing with the title but Steve turned the ride and hammered him with some rights and then slammed him into the corner. Austin then slammed Dude’s back/neck into the mat a bunch of times. Austin warned the time-keeper not to ring the bell early like in the Bret match at Survivor Series 97.

Austin with a vicious elbow into the collar bone of Dude Love and then choked him out on the middle rope before dropping the leg on Dude’s back! Austin then outside the ring apron dropped an elbow to Dude Love’s face! Austin slammed Dude onto the steel gaurd rail head first and then threw him back in the ring. Dude roleld out and went for a walk and Austin then chased him up the aisle and clotheslined him hard as he went for a roll and the fans went wild as Austin flipped him off.

Good start to this match for sure. Austin is amazing JR says, popularity is unmatched.

Steve then scooped Dude up and slammed him hard on a stage by the entrance.

Jim Ross did such a good job portraying how hard some attitude era bumps were with his emotion.

Austin then threw Dude Love off the stage to the CONCRETE FLOOR!


His back literally cracked the floor (just a month or two before the Cell match with Taker) and JR did his usual “you can’t break that fall!” type comment.

Austin then moved the mat and slammed Dude on the floor again this time by the ring. Then Austin dropped Dude Love on the gaurd rail head first. Austin just kicking the living hell out of Dude Love so far in this match which kept the crowd loud and lively during the match.

Stone Cold then choked out Dude Love on the ropes and went to drop his leg on his back and landed on the middle ropes as Foley moved out of the way. Dude Love then in control and irish whipped Austin to the corner and drove his head hard into the mat. Steve then down on the mat and Dude Love went off the ropes and dropped the elbow hard into Austin!

Dude Love then hammered Austin in the corner with some right hands and then stomped on him in the corner and choked him out while the crowd chanted for Austin! Austin got up and then hit a huge clothesline on the Dude! Austin then irish whipped to the ropes by Dude and he hit him with a knee to the gut!

Dude targetted the injured neck of the Rattlesnake and then drove his elbow into it as it hung off the ring apron.

Dude snapped Austin over and crossed his legs around Steve’s waist and choked him out laying down on the mat.

Vince McMahon then walked out with the Stooges and the place booed.

Gerald Brisco grabbed a chair and made sure Mr. MacMan could sit down and then he looked at the timekeeper and gave him a nod. (all a play from Montreal)

Austin then got out of it and was all fired up as he saw Vince at ringside and got up on Dude and then stomped on him and then fingered Vince and the place went crazy.

Austin then knocked down Dude Love and then grabbed him by the leg right in front of Vince and slammed his leg on the ring post. Austin then kept ramming Dude’s leg on the post and Austin kept stomping on Dude Love’s mid-section. Austin then hammered Dude Love with a series of right hands and then kicked him to the outside and the place went crazy as Mr. McMahon shook his head as he didn’t like what he saw. Austin then got ready to piledrive Dude Love on the concrete floor and Austin pointed to Vince and said this is for him, and then Dude Love back dropped Austin to the floor.

Austin taking a big bump in this match like he would at the match at Over the Edge the next month. King said JR could be replaced and Ross said the ratings had never been this good for what that’s worth.

Austin then chased McMahon up the aisle after he taunted him on his back. Dude then chased Austin up the aisle way and hit him from behind with a forearm shot. Dude Love raked the back of Austin near the entrance way and then Austin limped towards the ring still selling his back.

Stone Cold Steve Austin got on the ring apron and Dude Love tried to suplex him back into the ring and then Dude with a neck breaker along the top rope from Foley to Austin showing some good psychology following up on his injured neck, and making the most out of a situation which saw a series of counters as both men tried to suplex each other either in or out of the ring.

McMahon told Austin to be a man and get back in the ring.

Dude Love irish whipped Austin and he locked on an abdominal stretch.

Vince told the timekeeper to ring the bell!

JR freaks out.

Austin reverses the abdominal stretch and hit a hiplock and Vince looks furious that the match didn’t end.

I almost forgot that this match was pretty good afterall!

Dude rammed Steve into the steps. Crowd chanted for Austin some more and then Dude Love with a front facelock outside the ring went for a suplex and Austin suplexed Dude Love legs first into the steel steps!

Huge SPOT!

Dude then got flipped over the gaurd rail and Austin hammered him with big rights and lefts, more and more of the same in succession. Austin then with a ton of fuel in the tank and he threw him over the gaurd rail and back into the ring.

Dude came off the ropes with a neck breaker which bought him some time. Dude Love had been tossed off a stage, and landed on metal stairs and he could take pain time and time again.

Dude then in the corner tried to tune up the band being a heart throb and all. Dude then went for it and hit the ref as Austin ducked.

Stone Cold went for a Stunner but Dude pushed him to the ropes and caught him with the mandible claw, and then as Austin faded he fought out of it but Austin fell to the mat.

Great action!

Austin was down and out and McMahon came into the ring to try and wake up Keota. Dude signalled for the mandible claw again and then Austin back dropped him from inside the ring over the top rope to the outside. Physical Match!

Austin and Vince fought for the chair on the outside of the ring. Dude then grabbed the chair and went for Austin but he hit him with an elbow. McMahon tried to help Dude up and then Austin cracked McMahon in the head with a chair and flipped him off and the fans went crazy. They would play with this angle as “Did he mean to do it!?”

Austin then stunnered Dude Love in the ring and counted his own three.

He’d later be DQ’d but he kept the title. Fans went crazy, good ending.

A match that was way better then I had originally thought, awesome booking with McMahon at ringside, good crowd, insane bumping by Foley as usual, even some from Austin and good action throughout. Obviously over a full star lower then the classic the next month at Over the Edge 98 (Far and away Foley and Austin’s best encounter together) but still a Great Match!





*** 1/4












Final Rating for WWF In Your House “Unforgiven” 1998  = 7/10




This show was a pretty solid attitude era ppv. It was carried by the two main events, in the Inferno match between Taker and Kane, and Austin-Dude Love with the whole McMahon saga and the fans loved seeing other great tag action on the night, and of course Sable. Thumbs up here, pretty solid all around.

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  1. indyfan says:

    Thanks for the answers. I haven’t seen the opener but if its slow then i understand your opinion. And i agree the Over The Edge match is sick. Its funny looking back at Attitude Era ppvs, they are fun and just that nostalgic but most of the matches are crap except the main events. Not all shows but most

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for the feedback, I can definitely answer your two questions easily for you. If you’ve seen ths event you’ll know it represents a good overall FEEL of nostalgia when the WWF started to pick up stream in the Monday Night War. Crowds were larger, Lawler and Ross were in their commentary prime. A solid 1.5-2 points for that alone in my overall PPV grade. Even solid country song performed by Jarrett went better then anyone expected. Austin owned the company and him at the top of his game could of wrestled anyne and gotten the sane response. His re-match with Dude Love at OTE 98 is even miles better. There were no real bad matches so that’s what kept the event in a passing grade. The 13 minute opener was slow because the crowd was dead, and way too many rest-holds. If you open wth a tag it should be Quick. Look at Summerslam 2011’s Six Man I gave four stars too in comparison to this six man. Thans for reading.

  3. indyfan says:

    based on your individual match rating.. this show looks bad. like way below 7/10. Also i don’t understand why you think 13 min is too long for an opener. Either way thanks for the review!!

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