Review: WWF/WWE King of the Ring 1999 DVD

September 8, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF King of the Ring 1999 Review:

“Undertaker you think you impress The Rock by taking your eyes and rolling them into the back of your head. Well The Rock says, if you really want to impress him, then bring your ass to King of the Ring to go ONE, ON ONE, with the Great One.” -The Rock


-WWF King of the Ring 1999 took place on Sunday, June 27th, 1999 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina in front of 19,761 fans.
-This was the 7th Annual King of the Ring event.
-This King of the Ring had the highest buyrate of any King of the Ring.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary once again.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, Dark match: Meat defeated Kurt Angle who made his unofficial debut.

Also four Sunday Night Heat matches took place:

Sunday Night HEAT match 1: The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) fought Edge and Christian to a no-contest at 1:28.
Sunday Night HEAT match 2: Mideon and Viscera defeated The Big Boss Man in a Handicap match at 1:47 when Mideon pinned the Bossman.

Sunday Night HEAT match 3: Prince Albert defeated Val Venis when Albert scored the victory at 1:57.

Sunday Night HEAT match 4: Ken Shamrock defeated Shane McMahon at 0:43, McMahon was disqualified when Steve Blackman interfered and attacked Shamrock.
This was the first PPV since the death of Owen Hart



-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- X-Pac vs Hardcore Holly in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match


X-Pac and Bob Holly were one time tag partners and now under different gimmicks would face off here.

The Drama!

Hardcore hits some power moves on a very over X-Pac to start but Pac soon regains control using his high flying speed.

This makes Bob Holly angry because now he has to wrestle.

He decided he didn’t want to do that afterall.

In the end Hardcore Holly was disqualified after hitting X-Pac with a steel chair at 3:02.
This match was ultimately dissapointing as an opener but I don’t think anyone was expecting Steamboat vs Flair here.




2) Kane vs The Big Show in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

The Big Show and Kane go at it now.

A twenty minute staredown breaks up and now it’s time to get things going.

Kane slaps Show and delivers uppercuts sending him to the corner. Kane went to irishwhip Show but he stops him kicking Show in the abdomen.
Show tosses Kane to the mat and then in the corner dishes out some elbow shots. Show and Kane go back and forth for awhile until Kane slaps on a choke taking up a good few minutes.
Holly comes out and attacks Show but Kane doesen’t care as he takes out Holly behind the official.

In the end Kane pinned Big Show after attacking him with a steel chair at 6:36.

This match saw two giants go at it and it was pretty much everything I expected it to be.



3) Mr. Ass vs Ken Shamrock in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match 

Ken Shamrock was the returning King of the Ring putting his crown on the line here.

Ken Shamrock had already defeated Shane McMahon earlier in the night.

Shamrock had been beaten down by Steve Blackman following the match but refused medical attention because he is nuts.

Mr. Ass takes control right away beating down Shamrock’s injured ribs.

Shamrock tries to break free and slap on an Ankle lock but Gunn wasn’t having any of that and continues his attack. Gunn kept up a slow attack hitting some power moves.
Out of desperation, Shamrock fights back. A Shamrock hurricanrana attempt is reversed into a powerbomb and with Shamrock seemingly suffering internal bleeding, the ref call for the bell.
So the referee stopped the match after Shamrock started bleeding from the mouth at 3:37.

Gunn advanced.

This match was not as good as it could of been considering the two had dished out much better, but for three minutes it was what it was.

* 1/4


4) Chyna (w/Triple H) vs Road Dogg in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

Chyna was the first Woman to enter the 1999 Royal Rumble and now she is the first Woman to enter the King of the Ring. (Later in 99 She`d become the first Woman to win the IC title)

Chyna was just extremely over by this point.

Road Dogg and Chyna went one on one here. Chyna grounded Dogg choking him out in the corner of the ring.

Chyna powerslammed Road Dogg and got a two. Triple H tried to interfere time and time again.

The pace to this match was absolutely dreadful and it never seemed to end.

In the end Road Dogg pinned Chyna after a Pumphandle Drop at 13:19.


5) The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) (w/Michael Hayes) vs The Brood (Edge and Christian) (w/Gangrel) 

This match gave everybody a good preview of what was to come between the two teams, although there are very clear signs during the match that both teams were green. You can see this match on the tag team DVD, Greatest Allies. 

** 1/4


6) Mr. Ass vs Kane in a King of the Ring Semi-Finals match

Mr. Ass and Kane have advanced.

Billy Gunn began the match in control but Kane quickly took over using his power game.

Kane delivered an uppercut and more stiff shots to Gunn who then attempted to come back with some power of his own against the big man mixed with some Wrestling.
Kane held him off until Show came back down to the ring.

Show, Holly and Kane were all feuding by this point in time if you can’t tell.

In the end Mr. Ass pinned Kane after Big Show interefered and hit Kane with a steel chair at 5:25.

This actually surprised, was quite solid throughout.

** 1/2

7) X-Pac vs Road Dogg in a King of the Ring Semi-Finals match

Should be a quicker match here.

Road Dogg is hit with a series of blows from X-Pac with some quick strikes and high kicks.

X-Pac uses his speed and agility to make the pace to this one sound from the beginning.

Not over a minute in he slows it down though applying a side headlock on the Road Dogg.

Road Dogg fights out and goes to hit a Pumphandle slam on X-Pac but he counters it into the X-Factor.
It’s over.

Could of been a lot better but Road Dogg must of been fatigued from the Chyna match.

In the end X-Pac pinned Road Dogg after an X-Factor at 3:08.

* 3/4 

8) The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (c) vs The Rock for the WWF Championship 

The fans had taken a huge liking to The Rock by this point in time.

Chants of “Rocky” broke out from the opening bell and The Undertaker stared at the crowd as did Rocky taking in all of these chants.

Rock had came a long way since the last time the King of the Ring was on PPV.

Undertaker kicked Rock in the gut and then he took out the official.


Ministry Taker with an attitude.

Rock then hit the Rock Bottom early!

The fans exploded.

Rock had the pin but Paul Bearer dragged the official out of the ring. Rock connected with more rights on Taker. The Undertaker grabs Rock by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

The Undertaker gets a long two and The Undertaker looks mad. But Ministry Taker was always mad at something. Another hard righthand and the crowd get behind The Rock in a huge way with loud chants. I can’t stress enough how loud they were.

Rock fights back with a hard clothesline followed by another hard right to The Undertaker dropping him down. The Undertaker clotheslined over the top rope to the floor by The Rock. Rock chases The Undertaker up the entrance way and the two engage in a slugfest.

The Rock throws The Undertaker into the steel barricade to the left of the King of the Ring entrance. The Undertaker irishwhipped Rock into the steel and grabbed him by the throat but Rock kicked Taker back until be clotheslined to the concrete floor by Taker. The Undertaker picks up Rock tries to drop him again with some rights but Rocky fights back.
The Rock slams The Undertaker’s head into the steel before being reversed into the steel barricade and Rock bumps hard.

Rock hit the steel backfirst as The Undertaker reversed an irishwhip. The Undertaker blocked a suplex from Rock who scored with some desperation righthands in the entrance way.
The Undertaker with power and leverage used it to his advantage suplexing Rock on the floor near the ring. The Undertaker drives Rock headfirst into the steel. Taker scored with a kick to Rock. The Undertaker choked Rock out on the canvas. The Undertaker slaps on an arm-ringer and torks the arm as he stomps on the canvas floor. The Undertaker does so once again. The Undertaker goes up top for Old School but loses his balance as The Rock turns him over, Taker lands groinfirst on the top rope.

Rock gets some water in his mouth and spits it out on The Undertaker taking him off the apron. The Undertaker is hit with more rights from Rock who takes him into the opposite end of the crowd this time. The Undertaker knocked The Rock down when they got up high enough as the fans loved the fact they were getting so close to these guys. The Undertaker goes for a clothesline on Rock but he blocks a shot and throws The Undertaker to the floor by the steel steps over the barricade. The Undertaker is driven into the steps by Rock and he grabs Taker and sends him into the timekeeper’s bell.

Rock has a chair on the outside and he went to drive it into The Undertaker’s skull but he had the ring bell.

Rock went for a chairshot but The Undertaker blocked it using the time keeper’s bell and the chair went backwards striking Rock in the head.

The Undertaker set up Rock on the canvas and drove his elbow into the throat before choking him out.

The Undertaker distracted Keota while Paul Bearer struck The Rock with his shoe.

Back in the ring The Undertaker scored with an uppercut.

The Rock fought back with a series of shots but as he bent down going for a back bodydrop, The Undertaker countered with a huge ddt on Rock that Ross puts over in a major way.
The Undertaker covers Rock and gets a two. The Undertaker slaps on a reverse chinlock into a side headlock down on the mat to ground and weardown the People’s Champion. The Undertaker slapped on another headlock as Rock attempted to fight out of it after a clothesline drops him.

All of the sudden Rock gets a load of energy and brawls back. Rock his a Samoan Drop onto The Undertaker off the ropes and gets a nearfall. Rock in control is reversed to the ropes and he ducks a clothesline.

The two collide in the middle of the ring with a double clothesline dropping both men to the mat. At the nine count they get up and The Undertaker sits up. Rock is there waiting for him and he scores with another right back to his feet. The Rock unloaded with a series of shots beating The Undertaker down in the corner and Taker dropped down. The Undertaker threw a fist at Rock and then out of the buckle Rock countered a tombstone attempt with a ddt.

The Rock countered The Undertaker’s finisher with a ddt and The Undertaker kicks out at a long two. The Rock is reversed into the corner of the ring and the official is knocked down. Rock scoops up The Undertaker and slams him to the mat.

The fans rise to their feet as The Rock goes for the People’s Elbow and he hits it. Rock hooks the leg and the official was down. Rock is hit with a lowblow by The Undertaker. Bearer poors a substance on a cloth. The Undertaker grabs ahold of it and goes over to Rock but he fires out of the corner with a series of clotheslines bringing the Deadman down. Rock gets the cloth and he applies it on the face of The Undertaker.

The Rock had it on Taker’s face and The Undertaker drops to his knees.

Triple H runs out and hits the Pedigree on The Rock while Jim Ross calls him a Son of a Bitch.

The Undertaker and Rock are both down as was the official now.
Keota finally wakes up from his nap and the fans are chanting for The Rock.

As both men rise up The Undertaker hits a Tombstone.

That puts The Rock away.

So in the end The Undertaker pinned The Rock after a Tombstone Piledriver at 19:10 to retain the WWF Title.

Great stuff here.

You definitely need to know what you’re getting yourself into watching this, but once you know what to expect, it’s done very well.
This was a very solid atttitude era brawl. This is also on the Tombstone Undertaker DVD released in 2005.
 Match of the night.



*** 1/4


9) Mr. Ass vs X-Pac in the Finals of the 1999 King of the Ring tournament


X-Pac against Billy Gunn doesen’t exactly spell out the most compelling King of the Ring match ever.

Then again, neither did Mabel and Savio Vega.

Credibility hasn’t always been prestigous in the King of the Ring tournament.

X-Pac and Gunn actually begin this one at a good pace, especially considering Pac had been in a series of matches throughout the night.

X-Pac’s neck was the target of Gunn early on which he states.

X-Pac attempts some high risk moves to balance an attack but isn’t successful.

Gunn continues a methodical attack on the injured neck of X-Pac who had taken his share of bumps throughout this night. Out of no where X-Pac battled back hitting an X-Factor.

X-Pac follows it up with a Bronco buster and as he attempted a suplex was shoved out of the way by Gunn who acted quickly with a counter.

Billy Gunn hit his Fameasser from the top rope.


In the end Mr. Ass pinned X-Pac at 5:33 to become King of the Ring.

The worst King of the Ring winner since Mabel.


* 3/4


10) Main Event- Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Handicap Ladder Match for Full Ownership of the WWF

Stone Cold Steve Austin was recently named the CEO of the company not long before this.

This was for it all.

Stone Cold Steve Austin gets a great ovation as expected and was taking on both McMahon’s here.

Shane had already competed in a match on heat with Ken Shamrock so he was already a bit fatigued.

And then there’s of course one of the greatest rivalries of all time with Mr. McMahon against Steve Austin.

Stone Cold Steve Austin wasted little time striking the McMahon’s in the entrance way.

Like the last match, this was surely going to be a brawl with the McMahon’s bumping like crazy as the fans ate up Austin’s offense on the owners of the company.

Austin had the crowd with him and he took down both McMahon’s with ease.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had his way with Shane slamming his leg into the ring post.

Shane by the ring is choking Stone Cold after the double team on Austin. Vince grabbed a Ladder and Austin fought back slamming Shane into the steps. Austin shoved Vince on his back with a ladder in hand and stomped away on his boss.

Stone Cold with Vince flipped him off and dragged him under the ladders near the King of the Ring stage and slammed him into the fence.

Austin pulled the Ladders down on the McMahon’s as carnage broke out and this brawl had taken a turn for the worst.

Austin sent Shane into the announce table. Austin with Shane set up on the Spanish announce table began to climb a ladder. Austin drove his elbow through Shane into th Spanish table breaking it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin climbed the Ladder once more and this time McMahon pushed him off and he went through the table.

Vince set up a Ladder in the middle of the ring. Austin almost suplexed him off but definitely dropped him to the canvas. Shane-O-Mac ran in and Austin took exception to kicking on Shane in the corner. Steve drove a Ladder repeatedly into Shane in the corner.

Austin sent father into son with a ladder inbetween. Austin clotheslines Vince and picks up the Ladder. Stone Cold Steve Austin catapolted Shane into the Ladder. Austin dropped the Ladder again on Shane. Austin kicked at Vince in the opposite corner.

The Rattlesnake felt like it was time to climb up high and grab the case.

Stone Cold Steve Austin climbed but Vince shoved him off. Vince held Shane up in an attempt to grab the case without the Ladder but it failed to the delight of the crowd. Shane from the corner then hung on his father’s shoulders and Austin was stalking them from behind. Austin flipped them off and the boy wonder fll to the mat.

Stone Cold hit the Stunner on Vince.

Austin hit the Stunner on Shane.

Austin had it won, or did he?

Austin went for the Case but somebody was raising it from the back.


This didn`t sit well with the audience or Austin.

Stone Cold Steve Austin grabbed the timekeeper asking to know what was going on. Austin then grabbed Fink and he didn’t know either. Austinm climbed up to the top meeting Vince up high.

Shane pushed the Ladder over taking his own father and Austin down to the mat.

Shane climbed the Ladder on his own and he gets the Case.

In the end The McMahons won when Shane grabbed the briefcase, winning back Austin’s 50% ownership of WWF at 17:11.

This match was alright in parts but you couldn’t expect a five star classic here.

As for who raised the case, that still remains a mystery a decade later…





This show was not booked well at all.

Final Rating for WWF King of the Ring 1999 = 4/10 

It is the poorest King of the Ring event since the very worst one in 1995.  Like most 1999 PPV events it was pretty average but scored a huge buyrate. There`s nothing much to see here outside the Heavyweight title match.

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