Review: WWF/WWE King of the Ring 2000 DVD

September 8, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF King of the Ring 2000 Review:


“I hope that kiss was worth it Jericho. It cost you a chance of being a King!” -Jerry Lawler


-WWF King of the Ring 2000 took place on Sunday, June 25th, 2000 at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts in front of 17,651 fans.
-This was the 8th Annual King of the Ring event.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for this event.


-Now onto the PPV……………


 1) Opening Contest- Rikishi vs Chris Benoit in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

King of the Ring 2000 is underway.

Chris Benoit came out to a ton of heel heat. Rikishi was the reigning IC Champion at the time and was as over as ever.

So not only did this opener involve two guys with a lot of heat but the crowd are always into openers which helps things.
Quick pace to start out.

The Rabid Wolverine met Rikishi in the middle of the ring with quick strikes.

Rikishi fought back sending Benoit out to the floor and he bumped hard against the steps. Rikishi throws him back in the ring and Benoit ducks a clothesline going for a supler and eventually with amazing leverage was able to suplex Rikishi and get a two.

Benoit kicks at Rikishi in the corner trying to get the bigger man down. Now Benoit slaps on a modified crossface from a standing position to wear the bigger man down. This was a logical move.

I must also point out how much I miss watching Chris Benoit wrestle.

Benoit with hard chops on Rikishi in the corner until Rikishi charged at Benoit but he moved out of the way.

Benoit slaps on the Crossface.

Rikishi reached for the ropes and got it and Benoit released it eventually. Benoit struck Rikishi with a steel chair when the Crossface didn’t work.


Bennoit got some good heel heat after the match by not stopping the Crossface on Rikishi with a ton of officials throwing him off but the damage had been done to Rikishi as he would later advance.

So this match ended abruptly at 3:25 when Benoit was disqualified after attacking Rikishi with a steel chair.

This was of course to justify Benoit`s mean streak and still kept him looking strong since he didn`t exactly `do the job` for Kish.

For its time this was actually pretty decent regardless of the ending.

* 1/4 


2) Val Venis (W/Trish Stratus) vs Eddie Guerrero (W/Chyna) in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

Thankfully this was just one if Trish`s three stops of the night. She was insanely attractive in the year 2000.

Both men had their valet’s in Trish and Chyna who didn’t paticularly like one another.

Here we get a nice little match, Eddie Guerrero could work and so could Val.

Lets get things going.

Val Venis ties up with Eddie Guerrero and shoved him down. Venis struck with rights and sent Eddie into the corner unloading with rights and kicks grounding Eddie Guerrero in the corner.

Trish looks satisfied which I’m sure she has been many times in her life.

Eddie Guerrero off the ropes lands a spinning kick on Venis but he chops Eddie back twice before landing rights. Eddie Guerrero goes upstairs and elevated Venis all the way to the floor.

Eddie chopped Val on the floor. Eddie Guerrero is launched onto the security wall and Chyna now looks worried. Both men continue to brawl on the floor.

Val Venis gets Eddie Guerrero back in the ring but Eddie catches him up high. Eddie Guerrero lands shots and applies a front facelock. Eddie Guerrero from the top hits a Superplex on Venis off the top crashing hard to the canvas floor. Nice.

Eddie Guerrero momentarily in the driver’s seat here. Eddie Guerrero hits a European uppercut before a drop toehold off the ropes, Eddie Guerrero slaps on a surfboard subission hold torking back the head of Val Venis while choking him out, Eddie Guerrero also had the legs tied up.

Awesome submission wrestling.

This was what the Federation missed in 1999, guys like Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero hit a dropkick to Val in the corner and he was brought to his knees after the spine shot. A backslide by Eddie Guerrero gets him a two.
Unfortunately the fans chant for puppies when they’re being treated to a fantastic match.

Venis used Eddie Guerrero’s momentum to drive him into the canvas. Eddie Guerrero ran into a reverse elbow from Val off the ropes and he dropped the elbow again scoring him a two. Val

Venis hits a backbreaker on Eddie Guerrero.

The fans now chant “Trish is hot”, I’m glad they have an IQ.

Venis turned it into a submission but Eddie Guerrero fought out and landed back suplexes on Venis regaining the advantage.
Eddie Guerrero from up top goes for a frogsplash but misses. Venis then hit a Spinebuster on Eddie Guerrero. Val Venis goes up top for the Money Shot but Eddie Guerrero had it scouted pulling his knees up driving into Val.

Eddie Guerrero with a cradle from no where gets him another two count. Off the ropes Val counters a backdrop attempt with a backslide attempt, Eddie Guerrero counters, then Val counters with a side russian legsweep.

Awesome counters.

Irishwhip reversed by Eddie Guerrero and Val had his feed on the ropes in an attempt to get the two but couldn’t. Eddie Guerrero fights back blocking a vertical suplex attempt from Val. Eddie Guerrero sets him up high on the top turnbuckle.

Eddie from the top hits a hurricanrana off the top rope onto Venis.
The official is distracted by Trish on the apron. Chyna gets involved. Val goes to hit Chyna but Chyna hits Val and Eddie Guerrero rolls up Venis getting a long two. Eddie Guerrero goes for a suplex but Venis counters into a go-behind waistlock, Eddie Guerrero counters that as well with one of his own but Venis elbows out and kicks Eddie Guerrero in the mid-section before finishing Eddie Guerrero with a Fisherman’s suplex.

So in the end Val Venis pinned Eddie Guerrero with a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex at 8:04 to advance to face Rikishi in the Semi’s.
The WWF could of advanced both talents in Guerrero and Benoit but elected to push Rikishi and Val instead. Both those guys are fine but they`re no Benoit`s and Guerrero`s.

This match is tremendous.

In eight minutes there were NO weardown holds and the fast pace matches an awesome back and forth tilt well. Great match.

*** 1/2 


3) Crash Holly vs Bull Buchanan in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match 
Crash Holly was the “Cinderalla Story” in the tournament.

It’s a shame he had to go up against a guy like Bull Buchanan.

I never saw ANYTHING in Bull Buchanan as far as talent is concerned.

Crash Holly is beat on by Bull for the early stages.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on commentary speculate “King Crash” and both agree it doesen’t fit. Bull Buchanan takes down Crash some more and the fans are all over this match.

Crash driven into the corner as Bull unloads on Crash. Bull Buchanan irishwhips Crash to the buckle and chokes him out.

Crash fights back but is eventually dropped back down to the mat. Bull Buchanan hits a vertical suplex and a nearfall.

“Boring” chants break out.

It’s not terrible but it isn’t exactly compelling either.

Bull Buchanan drives Crash into the barricade after tossing him out in the ring. Back in the ring Crash Holly was brought up only to be dropped back down by Bull Buchanan.

Bull Buchanan holds of Crash who is fighting back. Crash hits an inside cradle on Bull out of no where but he kicks out. Bull Buchanan off the ropes using leverage slaps Crash facefirst into the canvas.

Bull Buchanan misses a scissors kick and a half-nelson into a cradle by Crash gets the job done.

In the end Crash pinned Buchanan with a roll-up at 4:07.

This match was slow but kept short and the fans liked the upset victory. Not very bad.


4) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle in a King of the Ring Quarter-Final match

Here we go, back to the great workers. The Federation was STACKED in the year 2000.

Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho were both extremely over so that blended with the fact both could work made this match interesting.

Kurt Angle cuts a great promo on Boston before the match.

Chris Jericho gets a tremendous ovation.

Chris Jericho also gets on the mic and a tremendous ovation comes when he calls Angle a royal pain in the ass.

Both men begin by brawling after some bad words and Angle drops Chris Jericho in the corner with a few shots.

Fans chant Y2J as he is very ober and out of the corner runs into a belly to belly suplex by Angle which gets him a two count. Angle irishwhips Jericho and he flies off the other side with a flying forerm. Jericho chopped Angle and while Kurt hit a backdrop Chris Jericho shows great agility landing on the apron.

Nice work by Chris, he also hits a missile dropkick to Angle off the top rope. He slams his head into the buckle. Jericho hits a running bulldog on Angle and he kicks out. Jericho springboards off the top rope landing a dropkick onto Angle.

Jericho with a blow to Angle on the outside of the ring until Kurt tosses him over the barricade. Angle’s chest looks to be bleeding from earlier chops from Jericho. The leg is hooked but Jericho kicks out.

Now Angle with a leg grapevine into a reverse chinlock wearing down Chris Jericho on the mat.

Nice wrestling here.

Kurt Angle recieves shots as Chris Jericho fights his way back up, ducks underneath Angle and drops him with a backbreaker. Angle fights back.
A very back and forth confrontation. Jericho runs into a shoulder block by Kurt Angle. Jericho chopping Angle in the corner until he gets his feet up. Angle up top was going to dropkick from the top but Jericho hit one of his own. Jericho dropped Angle off the top with a hurricanrana.

Both men are down.

Jericho landed a dropkick after a few shots to regain some offensive momentum. Chris Jericho runs into Angle with a reverse elbow before a couple of more shots. Angle sends Jericho to the ropes and he hits Angle with a spinning heel kick.

Angle misses with an Olympic Slam and Jericho counters it into the Walls.

Out runs Stephanie McMahon. Angle tapped out but the official didn’t see.

Angle charged at Chris Jericho taking him down from behind.

Stephanie with her title went to hit Jericho but dropped Angle. Afterwards Jericho grabs Stephanie McMahon and kisses her. I always knew Jericho idolized Randy Savage but I didn`t know he had to do everything he did. Jericho could be one up on Randy as he DID beat Steamboat at Wrestlemania.

In the end Kurt Angle pinned Chris Jericho after an Angle Slam at 9:50.

As for THIS match, it`s the typical quality you`d figure when the likes of Jericho and Angle get in the ring and are given ten minutes on PPV to work.

It wasn’t the very best both were capable of, I’m sure. But it was definitely a great contest with some great closing moments. No real psychology or anything like that, just straight entertaining wrestling.

5) Edge and Christian vs Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) (c) vs The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) (w/Lita) vs T & A (Test and Albert) (w/Trish Stratus) in a Four Corners Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Our first NON-Tournament match of the night and it features eight different guys in a tag team single elimination match for the titles.

Even the tag division was stacked in the year 2000.

Edge and Christian rip on Boston before their five second pose for the crowd.

Edge puts on a Mets jersey and they replay the Curse of the Red Sox.

As of this writing the Sox have since won a World Series.

Out comes Trish again thankfully as T and A join Edge and Christian.

The Hardyz and Lita get a great pop as does Too Cool.

The bell rings and opening things is Jeff and Albert.

Jeff Hardy irishwhipped to the ropes and up high lands on his feet avoiding a gorilla slam but eventually rungs into a back bodydrop from Albert. Albert again slams him to the mat. Jeff counters with dropkick out of desperation and slides out of the ring. Jeff ducks a clothesline and Matt tags in.

Matt and Jeff drop a leg and Jeff leaves allowing Matt to go to work on Albert. Trish distracts Matt and Albert hits a clothesline. T and A slam Matt to the canvas. Matt swings back at Test who is tagged in. Test goes for a pumphandle slam on Matt but Trish distracts her again and this time Lita clotheslined Trish on the outside to the delight of the crowd.
After Test clotheslines Matt he goes for Lita but Matt hits a twist of fate on Test. Albert grabbed Lita but Matt hit a dropkick. Test then drops Matt with a pumphandle slam. Jeff flies off the top with a Swanton and he took Albert out of the ring.

The first elimination comes when Matt Hardy pinned Test after Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb at 3:41. T and A were gone, as was Trish unfortunately. Lawler seemed upset as well.

Three teams left.

Scotty with a side headlock on Jeff and off the ropes hits a running shoulder block. Scotty ducks a leapfrog and connects with some shots. Scotty dropped Jeff face first into the mat planting him as he came off the top rope.

Scotty does the moonwalk. Christian tags himself in and so does Matt.
Christian working on Matt in the corner and Hardy hits a powerslam. Matt comes off the top with a legdrop but a nearfall. Jeff tags in and the Hardyz double team Christian in the corner.

Edge runs in and tries a double clothesline but is hit with a vertical suplex from both Hardyz.
Jeff and Matt strip for the Ladies.

Christian throws Jeff back in and Edge covers him getting a long two. Jeff Hardy off the ropes clotheslined Edge but both men went down as Edge caught a piece of Jeff as well. Matt tosses Christian out of the ring.

Lita then wrapped her legs around Edge dropping him with a hurricanrana. I’m not even going to say anything as the irony speaks for itself.

Matt drops Edge and Christian.

Matt Hardy is caught all of the sudden by Christian but he counters it into a twist of fate. Jeff goes up to the top and Edge clotheslined him across the top rope. Matt went to hit the twist of fate on Edge but Christian countered dropping Matt.

So The second elimination comes when Christian pinned Matt after an Impaler at 7:55 to eliminate the Hardyz.
Boston was nothappy to see the Hardyz go.

Two teams remain.

Too Cool were the defending tag team champions and both went to work on Edge. Grand Master Sexay and Scotty both sent Edge backfirst to the mat and dropped an elbow on him.
Now they went to work on Christian. A little dancing followed by a double clothesline. Grand Master Sexay and Scotty dance around.

Scotty went for a Worm attempt on Edge but Christian hit him from the apron, Edge drops him. Christian tags in and drives Scotty 2 Hotty to the mat.
Christian dances in front of Grand Master Sexay and the fans laugh. Grand Master Sexay slaps him and Scotty then does more of the same as Christian turns around. Side Russian Legsweep from Scotty on Christian. Edge tags in and Christian slams Scotty to the mat. Edge gets a nearfall. Christian lays a chop into Scotty in the corner.

Christian runs into a reverse elbow by Scotty in the corner.

The crowd get into it as both men are down.

This has been a fast paced tag match.

Edge is tied up in the ropes and Grand Master Sexay does a dance before dropping rights to a vulnerable Edge. Grand Master Sexay catapolted Christian into Edge tied up in the ropes and with a roll-up scored a two.

Edge is sent hard into the corner and Grand Master Sexay irishwhipped Christian into Edge. Grand Master Sexay with Edge in position dropped him with a sitdown powerbomb scoring him a nearfall.

Grand Master Sexay bonks both Edge and Christian’s head together which fire them up.

Edge and Christian counter with a flapjack much like the NWA’s old Midnight Express.

Edge and Christian do their best worm attempt but Scotty runs them over and the fans love it.

Scotty now goes for the worm and he drops it on Edge. It may be one of the worst wrestling moves but it is entertaining.

Scotty 2 Hotty with more shots to Edge while Grand Master Sexay parked himself up top. Grand Master Sexay up high put on the goggles and dropped a leg onto Edge while Scotty held him. The official didn’t cover as he was busy getting Scotty out of the ring.

Behind the ref Christian is up to his usual tricks.

Very entertaining material here.

In the end Edge pinned Grand Master Sexay after Christian hit Grand Master Sexay with a tag title belt at 14:11 to become THE NEW Tag Team Champions.
This match is great. Wonderfully booked and each team got to show what they were capable of with a hot crowd.

*** 1/4 

6) Rikishi vs Val Venis (W/Trish Stratus) in a King of the Ring Semi-Finals match
This Semi-Finals match could of potentially been Benoit versus Eddie. As I mentioned before, the booking wasn’t exactly top notch but the show was still solid.

Val Venis and Rikishi had a solid feud around this time, they`d meet each other the following month in a great Cage match at Fully Loaded.

The winner of this advances to the finals.

Trish comes out for a third time but who`s complaining…

Rikishi and Val Venis engage in a slugfest to start things off.

Rikishi lands a thrust kick onto Venis.

The story here was Rikishi was not 100% due to Benoit’s vicious chairshots earlier in the night. Rikishi to get on par drived Val into the steps before a big legdrop. A lot of weight dropping down.

Rikishi backed Val into the corner but he doesen’t drop for the stinkface. Val hooks the arm of Rikishi and drops him to the mat.

Rkishi’s shoulder/arm region was the methodical focus of Venis since Rikishi had been brusised by Benoit.

The damage had been done slamming the arms and legs of Rikishi into the steps.

Rikishi looking fatigued battled back as the righthands were favouring Rikishi, until Val slammed him to the mat with the ddt.

Val Venis goes to the top rope and Val went for the money shot but Rikishi got back up and caught Val with a belly to belly out of no where getting the win.

In the end Rikishi pinned Venis after a Belly-to-Belly Suplex at 3:15.

After the match Val out of anger beat on Rikishi with the steel steps making Rikishi’s injury even worse as he headed off to the finals.

This match was simple and to the point. Val focused on Rikishi’s injured shoulder from Benoit earlier in the night and continued to gain more heat by destroying Rikishi some more softening him up for the finals.

* 1/4

7) Crash Holly vs Kurt Angle in a King of the Ring Semi-Finals match
This was quite the shocker, I wasn’t really expecting a solid match between these two.

But in under four minutes they brought it.

Angle is very over obviously here.

Crash Holly seemed to out-wrestle the Olympian catching him offguard initially and off the ropes Angle applies a beautiful cradle.

Crash slammed Kurt Angle to the mat as he went for the upset once more. Crash went for a hiplock but Angle countered with a belly to belly suplex. Angle stomped on Crash. Angle choked out Crash in the corner of the ring. Angle got kicked at by Crash and now Angle layed some hard rights to Crash in the corner.
A hard clothesline by Kurt Angle to Crash in the corner and then he posed mid-ring scoring mixed reactions. Angle sets up Crash for a snapshot vertical suplex. He hooks the leg and gets a two.

Angle goes into a headlock. Crash fights out and drops Angle in the corner with a series of kicks. Angle runs into a reverse elbow. Crash with a backdrop.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are talking about everything BUT the match which doesen’t help.

Crash with a clothesline to Angle sending him to the buckle. Crash lands a missile dropkick and Angle kicks out. Kurt Angle catches Crash with a hotshot and then an Olympic Slam.

In the end Angle pinned Crash after an Angle Slam at 3:58 to move onto the finals to meet the injured Rikishi.

Nice and crisp.

This match could be Crash’s most impressive work of his entire career.

** 1/4

8) Pat Patterson (c) vs Gerald Brisco in an Evening Gown match for the WWF Hardcore Championship

This isn’t Wrestling so there is nothing to say.

The match ended when Crash Holly pinned Patterson to win the Hardcore Championship at 3:07. Crash actually got a great pop because he was an actualy wrestler.

That’s how bad it was.

Wrestlecrap 2000 next to Mae Young’s hand.

Lawler’s forced laughter on commentary was painfully obvious and the fans got on the match in a hurry.

It’s hands down one of the worst matches in Wrestling history.

9) D-Generation X (Road Dogg and X-Pac) and Tori vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) in a Handicap Tables Dumpster match

Now back to some REAL action.
I forgot all about the RUN DMC version of DX’s theme. I was a huge fan of that back in the day, it’s got a nice beat.

Interesting stipulation here with the Dumpster being involved.

Road Dogg and Bubba Ray Dudley were set to go one on one here.

Bubba Ray Dudley is slammed hard into the corner by Road Dogg who is reversed into the corner. Bubba Ray Dudley hits a thrust kick on Dogg after he got a big too cocky. Bubba Ray Dudley clotheslines him and tags in D-Von.

D-Von irishwhipped Dogg and caught him with a spinning heel kick. Road Dogg tags in X-Pac who the fans were not taking a huge liking to by now. D-Von with a shoulder block and while avoiding a hiplock drops X-Pac with a clothesline.

X-Pac ducks a clothesline and as D-Von drops Dogg off the apron he runs into a spinning heel kick from X-Pac. X-Pac slams D-Von’s head into the dumpster set up by the ring through the ropes.

Tori tags in as D-Vo is in the corner. Tori lands kicks to the groin of D-Von as Tori tells D-Von to “Suck It.”

Both Dogg and X-Pac isolate D-Von until he fires back with a double clothesline off the ropes.

D-Von makes the hot tag to Bubba Ray Dudley and he cleans house planting Dogg down with an atomic drop. X-Pac is then swung off the ropes and hit with a back breaker by Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba Ray Dudley slams Road Dogg to the canvas and D-Von flies of “What’s Up” style.

They repeat the same to X-Pac.

Now Bubba Ray Dudley grabs Tori and they do the same to her! D-Von drops to the top on Tori and the fans absolutely love it.
On the outside both Road Dogg and X-Pac slam Dudleyz into the Dumpster while the fans want tables. X-Pac and Road Dogg lift the lid of the Dumpster and their is a Dumpster Cam.

Road Dogg and X-Pac close the lids and the match should be over but Tori distracted the official.

The Dudleyz escaped.

Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von climbed under the ring and came from behind dropping DX with chairshots.
The fans loved the Dudleyz despite them being heels. Bubba and D-Von set up tables outside the ring and D-Von handed Road Dogg to Bubba Ray Dudley who drove Road Dogg through two tables on the floor.

Good spot.

Bubba had that look in his eye.

The Dudleyz suplexed X-Pac through a table.

Tori had no where to go and she tried to put herself in the Dumpster to hide from Bubba and D-Von. They open the lids and DX answer back with chairshots.

Dudleyz are locked in the Dumpster and they close the lids.

In the end at DX and Tori won when both Dudleyz were put in the dumpster at 9:45.

This was fairly entertaining with some good spots.

** 1/4 

10) Kurt Angle vs Rikishi in the 2000 King of the Ring Finals
Angle and Rikishi both deliver some pre-match promo’s.

You could really feel they tried to add Prestige back to the King of the Ring title with their video package.

Nicely done.

The story here is Rikishi had been battered by Benoit and Venis and was already hurt beforehand to Angle was going to focus on Rikishi’s injury which was logical.

A determined Angle brawled with Kurt Angle outside the ring to start.

Back inside Angle rakes the eyes of Rikishi and Kurt Angle attempted to scoop up Rikishi but his back gave out. Rikishi planted Kurt Angle down and sent him into both corners dropping him.

Rikishi thought about a Stinkface as Angle was in the corner but he hit him with a low blow. Lawler pointed out Angle’s intelligence. Angle drops Rikish with a clothesline.

I love how they mention Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Triple H as the King of the Ring winners but neglect the next. Lawler also gave a good shout to Owen as well.

Angle irishwhipped Rikishi into the steps and the damage had been done some more. Rikishi thrown back inside and Angle drops more shots at Rikishi in the corner of the ring. Angle sent

Rikishi hard to the buckle and met him with a clothesline.


Rikishi fights back out of desperation with some shots but the damage had been done and all Angle had to do was rake the eyes of Rikishi. Angle continues the punishment in the corner. Rikishi reversed Angle to both corners and then a clothesline.

Rikishi with a Samoan drop with one good arm. Rikishi selling the ribs went over to Angle attempting a snapmare but turns it into a neckbreaker. Rikishi drives his weight into Angle again and in the corner was once again in vulnerable position.

Rikishi hits the Stinkface on Angle for just a few seconds. I guess that’s the price you pay for becoming King.

Angle out of no where hit an Olympic Slam on Rikishi but he still kicked out.

Angle up to his feet throws out shots and while Rikishi went for a backdrop, Angle hit a sunsetflip but Rikishi dropped his weight down onto Angle.
The count was close. Rikishi still selling his previous inury steps outside on the apron and climbs to the top rope taking his timer knowing how badly he had been hurt. Angle dropped Rikishi up top. Angle shooting his forearms into the injured shoulder of Rikishi.

Angle from up top hit a crazy belly to belly superplex to Rikishi all the way to the mat. Nicely done.

This put him away and the place pops for the Angle fans in attendance.

In the end Angle pinned Rikishi after a Super Belly-to-Belly Suplex at 5:56 to become the year 2000’s “King of the Ring.”

Everyone seemed happy with this decision despite Rikishi being well over.
A slower start to this one due to fatigue but it picked up in a hurry and was a pretty good showing here.


11) Main Event- 6 Man Tag- One Fall for the WWF Championship- The Rock, Kane, and The Undertaker vs Triple H (c) Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon

The second King of the Ring in a row where the McMahon’s are in the Main Event. Must be the Attitude Era.

If Kane, Taker or The Rock score a pin over any of the opposite side they would become Champion.

Doesen’t look very good for the Game.

Everyone gets good heat here and the bell rings and the Main Event is underway.

Undertaker and Kane were extremely over as babyfaces but “Rocky” is the name everybody chanted.

Kane and Shane McMahon begin. Remember, if Kane pins Shane he would then become Champion. Shane tried with initial shots but they weren’t doing anything.
Shane fired back at Kane but he grabbed his fist and turned it. Kane showed some great strength because that’s about all he has. He attempted a chokeslam but Vince broke it up. Now Kane attempted to chokeslam both but HHH breaks it up.

Off the ropes Kane drops them with clotheslines.

Rock and Triple H had a huge feud by this time and finally the two were about to go one on one. Rock tells Hunter to Just Bring it and Hunter took his time.
Triple H distracted Rock only for Shane to clobber him from behind. Shane speared Rock in the corner targetting the ribs followed by a slap. Rock fought back to the delight of the crowd and tossed Shane over the top rope.

The Undertaker comes in and hs no problem giving Shane some punishment before sending him to the corner and hitting a high chokeslam. Hunter tags in and shoves Hebner because he liked doing that back then.

Hunter and The Undertaker battle in the corner with Taker getting most of the shots and sending Hunter for the ride with a back bodydrop. Serious impact by the Deadman with a clothesline to Hunter before a kick to the face. The Undertaker gets a nearfall and htis a tornado ddt on Hunter the same way he did on Rock at King of the Ring 99.

The Undertaker looks at Kane and the two have words.

Rock tags himself in and there seems to be some problems with team babyface as to whether they can co-exist. This is their biggest problem because each man wanted to become champion.
Rock comes in and scoop slams the boy wonder before slapping both Hunter and Vince off the apron. The ropes are pulled and Rock falls to the floor.

All six men begin to brawl outside the ring because it is of course, still the attitude era.

The official has lost control. Rock slams HHH into the table and is nice enough to remove the tv monitor’s. Triple H has a Pedigree on Rock.

The Game hit the Rock with the Pedigree and he desperately attempted to retain the title but The Undertaker broke up the count and drove the Champion directly into the ring post.
Shane kicked at Rock and danced around before dropping more. The fans got up when Rock fought back but Shane eventually grounded him. Vince tagged in and stomped on Rock until Hunter got the tag. Triple H and The Rock went toe to toe and HHH hit a swinging neckbreaker.

Hunter pinned Rock but he kicked out at two.

McMahon taunted Kane and Taker on the outside. Rock fought back now with a series of shots to HHH hitting a Samoan Drop.
Kane looked strong beating on their team on the outside as well.

The action picked up as the Climax drew near. Rock was dominating until Kane chokeslams him because Kane wanted the title the same way he did two years previous at this event.
Hunter thinks Kane was on his side but Kane chokeslammed HHH to a great ovation.

Undertaker tossed Shane from the top of the ring through an announce table. Which is the most memorable spot of the match.
Everyone in attendance loved the action.

Inside the ring it was back and forth between Rock and Hunter mostly until Vince gets the tag. The McMahon Helmsley Regime looked to be on top of things until The People’s Champion with the crowd behind him fought back.

In the end at The Rock won this match for his team when he pinned Vince after a Rock Bottom to win the WWF Championship at 17:54.

This match served its purpose. It wasn’t asn’t very exciting until the mid-way point but solid none the less.

** 1/4

Final Rating for WWF King of the Ring 2000  = 6/10

This show was pretty average as far as these events go. It had a lot of bad with a few solid bouts inbetween and nothing really noteworthy so it’s ultimately forgettable when looking back.
An average event which left a lot to be desired outside a few bright spots. In conclusion it’s safe to say it’s simply AVERAGE.




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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The only 1 good match in my opinion was the main event.

    • Deepthroat Ghoul says:

      After Backlash and Judgment Day, I would have been fine with Rock/HHH one last time, as well as Taker & Kane/Vince & Shane as a separate tag match.

      On a side note, because HHH lost his belt thanks to Vince getting pinned by Rock, it was probably done to tease a HHH babyface turn, but as we would see later in the year, that didn’t happen.

  2. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    Save for the iffy ending at WrestleMania 16, every WWF PPV from the first half of 2000 (that even includes Insurrextion) had been superb, with good in-ring action, logical booking, and great main events. But then, we get to this show, and everything that worked from Royal Rumble to Judgment Day didn’t work here. The workrate was average, the booking was stupid, and the main event was a catastrophe.

    Why is it that every year, King of the Ring kills any momentum the WWF has after WrestleMania? At least since the advent of monthly PPV’s in 1995, the only year where a KOTR show actually advanced storylines was Steve Austin’s win in 1996. The main event between Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith was awesome, and Austin winning the 1996 KOTR tournament started a legacy. Other than that, King of the Ring hadn’t really been good since Owen Hart’s win in 1994.

    Luckily, Fully Loaded would undo all the damage done by this poorly-booked show.

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