Review: WWF/WWE No Mercy 1999 Tagged Classic DVD

January 20, 2012 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s WWF No Mercy 1999 Review:








1) Opening Contest- The Godfather (With Whores) vs Mideon (With Viscera)
Godfather’s music hit to open the show and he has NO HOES but ahhh wait,  THEEEERE they are. That Godfather, isn’t he a prankster!
It’s worth noting that when I saw these two guys Wrestling on TV in October of 99 on a random Tuesday afternoon I flipped the channel because I thought it was METAL or something. Metal was an old show that had wrestlers like Mideon on it frequently.
Traditionally, Metal was a Show the WWF used to have on Saturday’s and would be worse then HEAT. (Taped usually before a Raw with jobbers and a mid-carder main eventing)
Until my cousin said to me, “No, Brett…that’s NO MERCY.”
You see he HAD one of those FREE PPV boxes that replayed this event for about a week. Needless to say I loved the news.

And it was the Tuesday after No Mercy and they had replayed this in the afternoon and I was stoked to watch No Mercy 99 for free I had not even realized this was on the card!

Although I still don’t know how this made it past being a dark match let alone the PPV opener.
Mideon got down on his knees and then The Godfather did it which was funny and the two looked face to face while Godfather spoke on a mic.
The Godfather said since he didn’t have any FARM Animals with him he wasn’t going to offer Mideon anything and just flat out kick his ass. Okay, sweet deal.
The Godfather pounded on the used-to-be Phinneas Godwin and the used-to-be-Papa Shango hit a power slam!
Ross billed it as a physical match. Godfather spinned Mideon’s left arm and hit a heel kick to the jaw and then Irish Whipped him hard to the other buckle. Godfather went for the Ho Train but Viscera was bugging his Ho’s on the outside so Mideon sneaked up from behind and pushed him out of the ring. Mideon then slammed The Godfather on the security rail throat first in the front row. Godfather’s lower back exploding into the ring apron by Vis behnd the officials back. Mideon with a jaw breaker and the crowd is completely dead. Nice Job by the booking team to not only have this on the card but to have it as an opener! Mideon even applies a choke hold. What the fuck? I don’t want to see Mideon, let alone Mideon with a choke hold, especially to open my night.
Godfather fought out of it and hit a sunset flip but Mideon kicked at the sides of his head to get out. Mideon then sent Godfather to a corner and then choked him out on the top rope in front of all of his Hoes and a Smilng Viscera who hits him in the head. Referee Tim White was probably thinking of Potato Chips so he doesen’t see.
The crowd is so bored by Mideon’s offense that they start chanting “We Want Puppies.”
Mideon then used his leg to choke out Godfather at the bottom of the ring.
Nothing scientific about Mideon. No sh*t.

Viscera then interfered for the 25th time in the match slamming on Fathers back.

Mideon with a scoop slam.
Mideon then missed a knee up high and The Godfather punched back with thunderous rights and then he clotheslined Mideon twice before hitting a scoop slam on him followed by a leg drop. Near fall.

King said The Ho’s had a smile on there face with Godfather back into the match and JR says something incredibally hillarious if you think about it…. “He’d be the only guy that would be able to bring a smile to there face I would think…”
Godfather irish whipped Mideon to the corner and hit the Ho-Train and then got a three for the victory.
Godfather beat Mideon at 7:31 in the end then Vis tried to get on the apron but he was knocked off.
Tim White then started dancing with the Ho’s.
As if the match wasn’t bad enough.
Should have been placed on Metal like I originally had thought it was.





2) The Fabulous Moolah vs Ivory (c) for the WWF Women’s Championship

Chyna couldn’t compete in this match for this title because look at that young talent ahead of her in Moolah.
Ah, certainly great in her day but I don’t call this great.
Absolutely terrible would be one way to describe this clusterf**k.

No move hit properly and the only thing good was checking out Ivory’s underrated ass.

Moolah and Mae both did take some bumps to the outside but even Ivory’s suicide dive to the outside failed. Terrible.
So awful, I mean if some of these moves connected it’d be passable but not a chance. Terrible in every way and I can’t stress it enough. Ivory was young enough to be the grand daughter or great grand daughter of either of the two ladies.
Ivory grabbed the belt but Mae on the apron made sure she couldn’t hit Moolah.
Moolah actually wins the Women’s title at 3:01 when she hit a roll-up on Ivory after she was distracted by Mae Young on the outside.
Oh dear god, may Moolah Rest in Peace but come on….you’d think the Hall of Famer who held the belt for 20 years wouldn’t beed another reign at over 70 years of age.
Maybe one of the worst executed matches of all time.

But Moolah is the greatest female North American wrestler of all time and may she rest in peace.




3) The Holly’s (Hardcore and Crash) vs The New Age Outlaws (Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Road Dogg)
The Outlaws as over as ever and got a nice ovation where Dogg and Gunn do there regular routine and no matter if it was old or not, it still worked and connected with audiences.
The Outlaws and The Holly Cousins met in a match that would decide who would move up in the tag team division.
A personal rivalry here and these four men brawled on the outside before the match.
Once in the ring the match was basic and consisted of the Outlaws entertaining the crowd by hitting a ton of offensive moves early and often.
Road Dogg got the better of the Holly cousins.
All of the sudden in mid-match Hardcore Holly held up Road Dogg for about 15 seconds, in an amazing spot with a standing 16 second vertical suplex, very impressive. Holly grounded Dogg with a choke then tagged in Crash, and the Holly Cousins double team Road Dogg with a reverse elbow. Crash then down on the mat choking out Road Dogg.

Hardcore came back in and chokes out Road Dogg on the ropes area as the Outlaws look to be in trouble as The Dogg had been on the inside for a long while, Holly’s did a nice job isolating and the Holly’s were in complete control.
Jerry Lawler was pretty hilarious talking about how JR should of been praising the Holly Cousins and not the Outlaws when Ross said Road Dogg was charismatic. Outlaws got back in control of the match as Bad Ass Billy Gunn layed a right hand to Hardcore, where Road Dogg hit Crash with a shake, raddle and roll but got a near fall. Road Dogg with a hip toss and another near fall that forces the man that once went by The Roadie to go for a side headlock, but the got tossed to the outside by Harcore Holly, and then Bob who once went by Spark Plugg got tagged back in.
Holly’s did dictate the pace for a bit more as they have for the majority of the match, Holly hit another scoop slam to Road Dogg and Gunn hadn’t been tagged in for a long while but The Dogg got the foot up as Holly came off the top rope and then Crash bounced on the apron wanting a tag. The usual tag team match spot occurs where both members of both teams on the ring apron wants in but Crash gets in. Not Billy Gunn, just Crash. Crash then knocked Billy off the apron, LOL @ Lawler saying Crash moved so fast for a SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT. Crash is pretty underrated and it’s a shame he died. Hardcore back in and hit Road Dogg with some thunderous clotheslines and the crowd was enthusiastic when Jesse James showed he wasn’t fully out of the match by being his charismatic self and using some energy to get out of the sleeper. Road Dogg hit a shoulder block, came off the ropes again and Hardcore hits a GREAT dropkick. Tremendously executed and he shows off before Irish Whipping The Road Dogg and hitting a clothesline.

Road Dogg FINALLY came back in the match with a big superplex to Crash and then he hit him with a super offensive move, a Superplex from the top rope. Gunn FINALLY gets tagged in again and and he lays some right hands to both teams. Gunn displayed his strength and power by Gorilla Slamming Crash and then bouncing into both Holly cousins, Billy Gunn hit Crash with a Jackhammer but Road Dogg was being in a confrontation with the official. Hardcore Holly then threw a chair in the ring but Billy Gunn Fameassered Crash into it! Fans pop.
Ref rings for the bell.
After the match Road Dogg slams Hardcore on the chair with Dogg’s Pumphandle Slam, DOGGY STYLE.
The fans weren’t pleased by the result but this was solid tag wrestling.
The Holly’s won the tag match in the end at 10:01 when The Outlaws were Disqualified.








4) Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Chyna In a “Good Housekeeping” match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
  Na na na naaaa….Double J e double f J a double r e, double t
Leading up to their match at No Mercy, Jarrett would taunt Chyna and hit her with random household objects. He also began a gimmick where he would degrade women shortly before this.

Jarrett demanded 400,000$ US to wrestle Chyna since his contract had expired the night before.
The idea here was that Jarrett was going to abuse Chyna with household objects, because that’s where she belonged….the Kitchen.

After a 40 minute pre-match package (pretty close in all honesty) the match finally gets underway.

It begins on the outside with a brawl.
Big spots include Chyna jumping off the ring apron and Jarrett quickly moved out of the way and she crashed and burned through a table but Jarrett only got a near fall.
Double J with a big trash can shot on the outside.
Jarrett then picked up with some objects that were so unrecognizeable that even JR and King didn’t know what it was. Jarrett hit Chyna’s head off of a ironboard. Haha, what a degrading match. Jarrett threw Chyna over the top rope and then Miss Kitty and Jarrett start to make a CAKE and Jarrett goes to throw the powder in Chyna’s eyes but it backfired and goes in Double J’s.
Miss Kitty then gets slopped by Chyna, then Jarrett hit a Figure Four on Chyna.
Chyna got to the ropes though and Kitty gave Jarrett another object but Chyna caught him with a low blow coming off the top. She grabbed clamped Jarrett’s junk with a household item and Ross calls it Strategic. I’d rather see Flair/Steamboat as far as strategic goes but that’s another story. Chyna then grabbed the Kitchen SINK and hits Jarrett and he kicks out.
Lawler asked Miss Kitty if she was alright, stay away Jerry…stay away.
Jarrett countered the pedigree and threw Chyna into Teddy Long and he’s down. Jarrett lays Chyna out with the belt and wins the match. At least he thinks he did. Jarrett walked to the back with Kitty until Teddy Long said that he can’t win a match using the IC Title because it wasn’t a HOUSEHOLD Item. (The gimmick of the match)
With Jarrett having Long in the Figure Four, Chyna knocks out Jarrett with his Guitar.


Chyna is the first FEMALE Women’s IC Champion!
Chyna wins at 8:37 and Jarrett was out of the WWF.
Goodbye Woman Abusing Jarrett and Hello Slap Nuts VERSION 2000.

It only cost Vince half a million for this to happen. Not bad.
Also not nearly as good as the Unforgiven match with them two.

* 1/2





5) The Rock vs Davey Boy Smith “The British Bulldog”
I remember hearing about how Vince McMahon gave Michael cole crap for yelling on SD!…..

“IN THE DOG POOP! IN THE DOG POOP! IN THE DOG POOP!” about a dozen times when Rock gave Bulldog The Rock Bottom into Dog Crab during the build up to this match.

This was replayed in the pre-match video package for more humor I imagine.
These are two of my brothers favourite wrestlers. Like that is relevant but it’s my review after-all.

This feud all started when Bulldog turned his back on Rock in a match on Smackdown! before Unforgiven 1999 to turn heel and ever since that match the two men had bad blood, and Bulldog cost The Rock the title a number of times.
Rock gets a great pop as his entrance theme is now changed to “IF YA SMELLL” rather then the “DO YOU SMELL” which I actually liked better.
Rock and Bulldog get it on and Ross says this match has WWF Title implications.
Aggressive beginning as Rock hits Davey Boy with some right hands to the outside, Ross pointed out how Rock was a multiple time WWF Champ and it’s the only title The Bulldog hasn’t won. Bulldog countered Rock’s offense and hit him with a steel chair to his head, and then he sent him to the post. Bulldog went to irish whip The Rock into the steel steps but Rock sent Bulldog into them.
Rock went to drop Davey Boy face first into the table but Bulldog dropped him there. Once back in the ring Bulldog hits a reverse chinlock with his huge arms. (Thanks to roids)

Rock gets out but Davey Boy remains in control with hard right blows in the corner, Rock counters and hits him with some right hands and threw Bulldog into the corner and he flipped UPSIDE down into the buckle.
The Rock was building up credibility at this time one guy at a time and hit a swinging neck braker off the far ropes and then got a near fall. Rocky then with more right hands and sent Davey Boy to the ride, and Bulldog countered with a huge standing vertical suplex. Vintage Bulldog but the Rock kicked out. Bulldog’s power is his game and he tried to keep Rock grounded with another chinlock while the fans chanted for the Rock in Cleveland.
It’s unfortunate that Bulldog used his power in this reverse chinlock for a good 2 minutes until the point it got flat out boring. Rock hit a SLOPPY back body drop which was Davey Boy’s fault.

See The Bulldog should of known it was Rock’s Samoan drop as Rock reached for Davey’s legs, instead Bulldog treated it as a back-drop.

Rock was clearly mad.

Perhaps this is why Bulldog never went further in his life then this.

Might as well remember his classic’s teaming with Owen or against Bret to remember Bulldog best.

Bulldog hit Rock with a low blow and then gave him some rights when he was tied up in the ropes.
Rock hits a DDT, but Bulldog soon there after gets up and hits a Power Slam. Bulldog almost got a three but Rock’s feet met the ropes and Rock was getting set up for a Power Slam but Rock countered into a Rock Bottom then went for the People’s Elbow which got a huge pop.

This is PROBABLY Bulldog’s LAST big time match but he still lost.
Rock went over at 6:20 after the People’s Elbow.
Pretty ugly overall but decent in parts.

* 1/4






6) Edge & Christian vs New Brood (Hardy Boyz) In the finals of the T.I.T. Series (Ladder Matcch)


Now this is an all-time classic for how innovative and revolutionairy it was.

Remember when Terri was hot, well here`s a reminder.



She was one of the man ingredients the winner would get, Lawler had hilarious commentary throughout the match but that’s to be expected as it was the late 90?s.

These two teams before getting fully over with the audience were involved in a ton of matches before this final match in the mini-series here. It was Fifth and Deciding match in THE FINALS of the Terri Invitational Tournament or simply TIT.

Matt looks insanely young.

I watched this one live (or the day after) and it was epic.

Both teams begin the match by pushing each other down and then brawl on the outside as Edge and Christian went for the ladders in the first tag team ladder match in history.

No one expected this match to steal the show and I think that’s the main reason it did.

Edge and Christian with great double team moves into both Hardyz who were placed in the corner and then The Hardyz stomped on both Edge and Christian. Tons of tandem moves by Matt and Jeff in the ring since you didn’t need to tag in a match like this obvioussly, just like you wouldn’t need to in a TLC.

Gangrel went to grab a ladder but he was thrown out of the match.

Edge flipped Jeff over the top rope and then Matt Clotheslined Edge to the outside and hit him with a lot of impact on the outside, then Christian with hang time from the top onto Matt.

The first time the Ladder was set up in the middle of the ring by Christian, but both teams knocked each other off. Edge went to climb the ladder but Matt Hardy pushed him down and he fell back with the ladder on top of him. Christian used the Ladder as a weapon on Matt and then cornered Jeff with it after they fought for it. Christian hit Jeff with a drop kick into the Ladder and the “Oooh’s and Ahhh’s” were out in Cleveland.

Edge went diving for Matt and he moved and he went head first into the Ladder.

Jeff then went to climb for the bag in mid-rin but Christian came up and hit his reverse DDT from the top of the ladder and that got a standing ovation. See, before TLC’s high risk moves were appreciated much more. Matt then climbed up behind Christian and hit a back body drop from the top of the ladder to the mat which must of hurt. Edge then caught Matt from the top of the ladder and hit a powerbomb, which must of hurt even more. Edge then climbed the Ladder and Jeff from the top rope caught him with a missile dropkick that took HIM OFF!


Hardyz stomped on Edge and Christian while Jeff layed the ladder flat on the mat, then Matt slammed Edge on the ladder and Jeff hit the Senton Bomb onto Edge. Matt then set up the Ladder in the corner and both Hardyz sent Christian to the turnbuckle and against the Ladder! Matt then held the ladder on one side with Jeff on the other and the two rammed it into the head of Christian as some of the fans were clearly going for The Hardyz. Big impact with every move.

A Ladder set up in the corner and Jeff with a leap drog over the top of the ladder and hit a leg drop onto Christian and the fans rose to there feet. This is getting really good.


Just goes to show you how much this was appreciated even more at the time. Matt with a slam from the top rope onto Christian which also hurt him. Edge then hit Matt with a Ladder and then he took Jeff off the top with a 2nd Ladder. Edge then just threw a Ladder into Matt’s face.

Edge catapolted Jeff into Matt who was behind a Ladder in the corner so they both hit one.

Nice spot.

Edge climbed but Matt threw a Ladder right into Edge’s Kidney’s. Matt and Jeff with both of one side of the Ladder went for Edge, he ducked, then Christian with a cross-body hitting the Hardyz down with a ladder but at the same time it hurt him. Edge then hitting Matt in the corner in the groin section with a Ladder, before both of them baseball slid into the ladder into his Groin!

Then a Sandwich to Jeff by Edge and Christian. Amazing.


Jeff now placed back first on one edge of the Ladder while Edge and Christian slammed him 6 times and then sacrificed Christian to land on top of him on top of the ladder.

All four men hurting and Matt sent to the outside by Edge.

What a match.

Jeff hurt some more by some double team offense by both E and C.

Edge with a huge slam to the mat to Jeff Hardy.

The crowd appreciating this stuff as Jeff landed head first to the canvas.

Edge then climbed to the top and Matt caught him and both guys were both at he top and Matt hit a neck braker from the top of a ladder to Edge. The fans in the front rows were applauding after every big spot and the thing that makes this match better then some is the fact it wasn’t just spots, the wrestling and creativity was unbelievable. Completely enthralling and brilliantly creative!

Christian and Jeff then climbed to the top and Christian with a hip toss from the top of a ladder down to the canvas and the crowd is going nuts while Edge throws Matt out of the ring with a Ladder shot to the head and Christian then set Jeff up high in the corner while Edge grabbed a ladder set it horizontal on top of another Ladder. Christian and Edge went for an amazing double team move but Jeff flew off the tope and used the Ladder as a See Saw which caught both Matt and Christian RIGHT in the heads.

The fans are giving this a standing ovation. You really need to appreciate the creativity rather then the SHOCK and OMG factors of most TLC matches. That’s why this was so innovative and creative. King says he’s sore from watching this.

Lawler hilarious saying he doesen’t know if either team can capitalize on Terri’s services tonight, or for a week.

BOTH TEAMS then on top of the Ladder’s and they both go flying to the sides of the ring to the outside and the fans continue to give this wreck/magnificent match a standing ovation.

Edge and Jeff set both Ladder’s in the middle of the ring.

Edge in arms reach of the money as both teams on two ladders, all four up there again and brawling on the top of the ladder, Matt falls off and pushes them all off. Jeff then at the top of the Ladder all on his own goes for it and grabs it to win the match. The Hardyz have done it.

In the end The Hardyz won the match at 16:30.

To compare this to TLC matches just isn’t fair. Those rely on SPOTS where this is just flat out creative wrestling, creative double team moves, spot after spot and not in a huge way but in a way where every move consits of great, great stuff.

The match that not only built a reputation for four men but perhaps built a reputation in these types of matches.

I knew watching it live it was something very special. These four men made their names on this night.

The true definition of a breakthrough performance, and an incredibally innovative Classic that still even holds up today.



**** 1/4




7) Val Venis vs Mankind


Val Venis who was a tremendous talent was looking for a big time push here as a heel in a high profile match with Mick Foley in a late 1999 PPV.

Not a bad way to do it.
Both guys great workers obviously, Foley is even better but that goes without saying considering Foley’s one of the best all around talents of all time and to this day is criminally underrated by so many people.
Mick and Val both exchanged offense throughout the match and that’s what was fun about this one, not so one sided.
Mankind would sustain a ton of punishment throughout the match by Val Venis and Mankind gave us all he had in the tank throughout the match but a knee driver to the back of Foley’s skull was a tough blow, especially considering the type of guy Foley is and his history.
Mankind tried to catch Val on top but Val hit a running bulldog on Foley.
Val Venis then went to the top with a big time elbow drop to Foley’s skull.
That was the storyline here and it was brilliant because Foley had his brains just bashed in. Val then went up top for the Money Shot but Mankind rolled to the corner to avoid the contact. Val then rolled in pain while Foley then got up in the corner to try and re-group.
Foley then kicked Val to the mid-section and hit a double armed ddt. Foley got a near fall on Val Venis. Foley then with his first bit of momentum in the match and King and JR put over Val Big time.
They were going for a Monster HEEL Run for Val to take the spot of the failed Mr. Ass spot but neither worked although Val had more talent then Gunn.
Socko to Venis, the Mandible claw on Val in the center of the ring as both guys went down but Venis had his arm over Venis at the end.
Val got the go over Mankind 9:26 they just didn’t go very far with him as said.
Very, very strange ending to what was a pretty good match in parts.
Told a good story.
** 1/2



8 ) Four Corners Elimination match: X-Pac vs Bradshaw vs Kane vs Farooq


Any excuse to NOT call this a tag match I guess when it features two teams.

Kane of course being in a tag team with X-Pac in 1999 while the Acolytes before they were the APA were already well established.

At least it’s a unique match and interesting, I forget how good it is though and that’s what ultimately matters. Whether it’s great, or good, or filler, or terrible, it seems appropriate placed before the Main Event with Austin and H, so good booking here. Kane came out first, then X-Pac, but oh, the Acolytes come out at the same time. X-Pac and Kane with there different personalities get seperate entrances of course….. Acolytes double teamed the Big Red Machine even though there was just to be two guys in the ring at one point in the match as that were the rules. Ref got Farooq out as Bradshaw had Kane in the corner and Bradshaw tagged in Farooq, and anyone can tag in anyone, Kane with a spinning heel kick to Farooq showing his great agility. Kane then had to go one on one with X-Pac as those were the rules. X-Pac kept shoving kane away until Kane throwed a show but he missed him twice. Kane had to look like a pussy as he took a spinning heel kick in the corner by a much smaller Waltman. Kane clotheslined.

X-Pac hard which got a good pop out of the corner. Farooq and Bradshaw then got tagged in and this was unique as the Acolytes went at it! Farooq hit Bradshaw with a hard shoulder block. Farooq tagged in X-Pac but he got a clothesline from hell from Bradshaw. Bradshaw kicked at X-Pac in the ring and just hit him with hard right hands.
X-Pac took a lot of punishment including Bradshaw throwing him to the outside floor and then Farooq hitting him head first into the steel steps. Kane looked in rage as The Acolytes had there way in and outside of the ring with his FRIEND X-Pac. Waltman ducked a clothesline but Bradshaw scooped up Pac in mid-air after he failed a cross-body attempt, then when he was in the air in Bradshaw’s hands, Kane came in and gave Bradshaw a big boot. Bradshaw eventually got up and tagged in Farooq who came in the ring and held a sleeper on Waltman until he fought back up to a vertical base, but he caught a powerslam from Farooq. Near fall as Kane broke up the pinning combo, okay so why is this NOT a tag match again? X-Pac caught in mid-air in a bear hug from Bradshaw. Bradshaw slammed Waltman down and X-Pac got up before they got near the three and Bradshaw viciously irish whipped Pac to the buckle, but X-Pac caught him with a boot to the face. Waltman went for a spinning heel kick but Bradshaw held him high on the top bbuckle, X-pac elbowed out of it and hit a nice tornado DDT to Bradshaw from the top rope. Both men down.

X-Pac didn’t want to tag in Kane, but the Big Red Machine flew off the top and clotheslined Bradshaw and then stomped on both Acolytes. Kane clotheslined Farooq out of the ring but he caught Bradshaw with a chokeslam and then got the three and Bradshaw is eliminated. X-Pac then hit a spinning heel kick to Kane from the top and Kane is out. The fans were dead so kind of confused but this has been a pretty good match.

This leaves X-Pac and Farooq as the final two in the match and Farooq then threw out X-Pac out of the ring like he was nothing and after a dominator attempt onto the table, X-Pac reversed it into a DDT to the mat.
X-Pac stomped away on Farooq in the corner, went for the Bronco Buster but Farooq retailiated for a Spine Buster Slam and then he picked up Waltman and held him high as he went to the top rope but X-Pac battled out by falling to the canvas and caught Farooq with an x-Factor!
X-Pac wins the match at 10:08 with an upstairs X-Factor to Farooq.
X-Pac is the sole survior of a pretty good match!


** 1/2



9) Main Event- Anything Goes Match- Stone Cold Steve Austin vs “The Game” Triple H (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship


All throughout the night after each match they showed build up to the Mega Match between Austin and Helmsley for the title.

A No Holds Barred match was set in stone and JR thinks it favored Austin more as it’s his specialty.

Triple H cut a great promo before the PPV on Heat about Steve Austin, and they showed a bunch of flashbacks throughout the night of Austin using a rattlesnake to attack HHH (Roberts on Savage like) and HHH fakes having scars on Smackdown! He said he deserved an Oscar for that performance.
Truly a great build to a great rivalry that would only get better when Austin returned from injury in late 2000.
This was Austin’s best effort before he went out to injury, and a match that really put Helmsley over, he (HHH) put this match on his King of King’s DVD.
Such an awesome pre-match package with awesome music, almost made you forget how good of a feud these two had before even 2001. So fucking awesome, they played Austin’s “Oh Hell Yeah” song in the video before they showed clips from Raw’s and Smackdown’s and that just owned. Helmsley’s mic work as well as in-ring work was getting so good at this point.
Austin came out first, then HHH which is kind of strange considering the times but they sticked to tradition with the challenger coming out first.
Good start to the match with McMahon stopping HHH when entering then Hunter hitting down Vince.
Austin ran down the entrance way and clothesline The Game.
Stone Cold with a ton of fists for the first couple of minutes and then jumped off a security wall nailing the game down then posed for the audience who loved it. No rules here.
Stone Cold irish-whipped Hunter into the steel railing, before picking it up and hitting him in the head with it! Fans going wild as Austin destroys the Champion on the outside and this is complete chaos.

Triple H then gets hammered away by Steve’s rights and lefts in the crowd area now and you can barely see, but you just know that it’s a personal feud and rivalry, and this looks like a typical Attitude Era War. Stone Cold Steve Austin dragged Helmsley by the hair and Helmsley got nailed by someone Crutch in the audience! Hilarious. Fans going apeshit no matter where these two go and Steve Austin ripped at the face of Helmsley.
Stone Cold throws Helmsley face first on the hard floor and then gave him the double finger. Stone Cold then with a hard right hand to Triple H’s head. Stone Cold sees the sliding and loooooong camera, and he lowered the boom as a Camera caught him “right between the eyes.” Original for it’s time but it was done again at Armageddon 2000 and I might be wrong but maybe including these two.
Steve then hit Triple H with a Vertical Suplex on the hard floor in the entrance way while Trips has a hard time standing and Stone Cold who got hurt himself from that suplex on the floor kicked away at Helmsley. Steve waited for Triple H to get up and he caught him with a hard clothesline.

Awesome brawling here, completely brutal.
Steve then dropped HHH groin first on the front row rail, then backed up and charged hard towards Helmsley hitting him hard with a clothesline. The two now go to the other outside part of the ring. Falls count anywhere in the match obvioussly and the two haven’t been near the ring.
Steve looked for a Piledriver to Triple H but he gave him a back drop on the concrete floor. Austin bumping hard just before his break, a true Warrior. He had no right taking bumps like that in that sort of condition. Austin catapolted Helmsley from the outside to the inside and knocked referee Mike Keota down in the process.
Trips now gets in control as Steve is still feeling the effects of that back drop on the concrete by Trips.
Helmsley then slammed Austin’s head into the steps, then the announce table.
THEY FINALLY get in the ring and Trips stomped on the Rattlesnake and the Challenger in Austin was choked by the Champion in Austin.
Triple H then irish-whipped Austin to the ropes but Steve hit the Stunner!
The place goes crazy!

The Stunner! The Stunner! No Ref!
Austin drags a “hurt” Keota into the ring but in the process HHH gets up after 30-40 seconds and Austin went for a second stunner but HHH pushed him into Keota on the apron and Helmsley hit the Pedigree!
Trips is going to win now!?

Earl Hebner ran from the back and counted a two and the place popped!
Both guys beat the living shit out of each other on the outside of the ring and now have hit there finishers on the other without a ref.
HHH and Earl get into there regular pushing war.
Austin then with a Lou Thesz press after Helmsley ducked a clothesline and Austin dropped an elbow and the place is going wild but it’s a near fall.
Entertaining stuff.
HHH ducked a clothesline but then got sent to the outside by Steve Austin and he looks tired as all hell, in need of a break while HHH bumped to the mat. Austin this time hit HHH face first into the ring steps then threw him over the table to the back security wall. Austin then slammed Trips’s head into the table from behind it and he didn’t stop as this personal rivalry was going to turn into a war sooner or later. Hard right hands bu Austin and HHH is bleeding, he’s busted open. Austin choked out Hunter with cords as he is all bloodied in the forehead region.
Steve threw him back in the ring.
Stone Cold then waited for Helmsley to get to his feet then he knocked him down and gave him more rights as the fans chanted to 10 as Austin hit him with 11! This has been enthralling from bell to where we are now. Completely entertaining, huge crowd involvment, excellent booking.
Stone Cold tossed a bloody, battered WWF Champion in Helmsley to the outside before hitting him once more in the head with the steel steps.
Both guys on the outside of the ring as Steve showed “No Mercy” Irish Whipping Hunter into the Steel Steps and he hit shoulder first. Stone Cold then with no rules in the match choked out Helmsley by the announce table.

Hunter then out of desperation hit a bell to his head WM 13 style. Very resourceful and a nice play to the past. Steve now down, but HHH is a bloody mess. Helmsley grabbed Austin and slammed him into the Spanish Announce Table. Hunter thn with a Veritcal Suplex to Austin onto the Spanish Announce Table. Second straight HARD back drop Steve has taken and you can see why he’d be out of action not long after this No Holds Barred match up. Helmsley with hard right hands not letting up and then threw him back in the ring.
Hunter then kicked at Austin in the corner of the ring. Both these guys at one time could be extremely great in-ring technicians which I find interesting because this one was a complete BRAWL and these two do it as good as anyone and it showed there dynamic. Both among the greatest of ALL TIME.
Austin fought back with right hands but ran into a reverse elbow by HHH. Hunter with a knee drop but he missed, avoided the contact but Austin threw HHH to the ropes but HHH re-grouped and hit down Austin’s left knee. He took the injured knee of Steve showing good psychology and slammed it into the ring post.
Triple H then went for a figure four but Austin kicked him with his one good leg to the corner, but Trips came off and then dropped an elbow to Austin’s injured knee.
We saw some awesome fu**ing brawling early on and now we’re getting some AMAZING in-ring technical work by Triple H on Steve Austin doing anything he possible can to wear down the challenger and it’s STEVE AUSTIN. Such a task and the crowd was into the whole thing, what a war, I love it!
Austin kicked at The Game and the fans explode, both men to there feet, Austin strikes but he caught a face buster by The Game and then Austin kicked out, not once, not twice, but three times. AWESOME.
This is brilliantly worked. Bell to now, once again this is pretty incredible.
Triple H with rights and lefts then goes and grabs a chair, a Bloody Champion has the chair and sets up to hit Austin but he hits Trips in the stomach with a heel kick. Austin grabbed the chair but Helmsley this time kicked it out of his hand and he hit Steve with a Clothesline. Thunderous blow to the Challenger. What a night, what an awesome match here. Helmsley on the top rope and Steve catches him with a right hand so he falls. Stone Cold with a chop to the Bloody Game and then goes to the top rope and steps on the top turnbuckle and hits a vertical superplex from the top! Austin then goes for a count to try and become the Champion but no! HHH kicked out!
Austin then went ape sh*t and returned the favor from Summerslam and went after Helmsley’s leg with the chair WM 17 style and the place fucking exploded.
WOW, what a reaction from the crowd.
HHH hit a low blow to Austin though.
Rock came out injured ribs and all and went for a shot on Helmsley with the Sledge Hammer but he moved out of the way just barely and he hit Austin instead. Helmsley then pushed Rock out of the ring after his Pedigree to him and he covered Austin who had just recieved that devistating shot.
In the end Triple H beat Austin in a terrific war at 21:53 to retain the WWF Title.
Kind of a shocking result for a lot of people but it was a good one for The Game and the Company with Austin’s condition.
HHH carries the gold out in a great win that adds more to the credibility he’d have for his run in 2000.

Austin attacked HHH after the match but Chyna helped Helmsley escape with the belt in a Limo.
You REALLY, REALLY have to give it to Austin for taking those suplexes on the concrete, and table in that condition and both men worked a brilliantly booked, creative war. This helped the feud to Survivor Series for what we THOUGHT was going to be a triple-threat match between Rock, Austin and HHH but either way this was booked wonderfully.


**** 1/4


Final Rating for WWF No Mercy 1999 = 7/10


This show was pretty interesting. On the surface a 7/10 looks pretty high for a 1999 PPV that isn’t exactly huge but taking all things into account it was pretty INTERESTING which is the key word. First we had Chyna become the first lady to win a IC Title. We had a senior citizen win the Women’s title. We had a Rock promo with an interesting match to build his credibility. We saw Val get pushed over Foley in an interesting story. We saw X-Pac as the sole survivor with two teams going at it. We saw a great Main Event with Helmsley building a ton of credibility with a huge title defense over Austin in an epic encounter for the WWF Title, a WAR. Most importantly we saw the match of the night in the Hardyz vs Edge and Christian which was incredible. Sure some bad moments but all things considered, it was defintely a good show. Good enough for its rating, one of the better events of 1999. Two **** 1/4 matches definitely helps that claim.

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  1. NWO4Life says:

    NWO 4 Life and WWE needs to release an history of the NWO set with their best moments and matches plus matches from NWO Souled Out.

  2. GhostRider27 says:

    I was thought Dianna was very hot but not Sable or Trish hot. All family’s has drama seems like more with the Harts, I still don’t understand why Owen Hart’s wife doesn’t want WWE to feature him in their DVD’s, it’s like she doesn’t want fans to remember his legacy. This one YouTube video of Bulldog beating a young Rikishi had Dianna coming to the ring with him and damn she was looking hot like Sable. They (WWE) could’ve had a bigger storyline of suppose Shawn trying to steal Dianna from Bulldog. Any word on a final HBK DVD for 2012 Brett?

  3. Harry Faversham says:

    Respectfully Brett, perhaps you don’t know that he ‘did’ anyhting. If you are referring to Diana Hart’s book then both Bret Hart and Martha Hart have both said its full of lies and Bret has often said Diana was essentially a drama queen. My understanding is they didn’t talk for years and that Owen Hart’s death was the main reason for the falling outs throughout the Hart family. Diana herself was apparanlty suicidal. I’m not saying anything is fact or fiction and I’m not disrespecting you, but I think you should reserve judgment thats all. Unless of course you’re referring to something else in which case I have no idea what you’re getting at. Fair enough you dont want to say it on here though. And yes, this is very off topic for the ppv review but I felt that needed to be said. Other than that, triffic review Brett. My favourite No Mercy was 2001 with the Triple threat main event. I was into RVD’s push at the time.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Wait, when did I ever leave this conversation? And I never brought up domestic violence once. Other people did. That’s not even what I was talking about. Bulldog did other things to her that I will not say on this website. It shouldn’t really matter either, that’s not what this review is about.

  5. Larry says:

    I’m a huge DX fan but I always liked the British Bulldog, I thought he was a good worker and always had incredible matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Kevin Nash, and others but it was sad to see all the problems he had.

  6. Harry Faversham says:

    Well I’ve never heard about that story and I don’t know if its true or not. I think its a pretty shitty thing to say if you don’t know if its true or not. I do agree that people get overrated because they are no longer with us. But I’m a lifelong Bulldog fan so that has nothing to do with it in my case. I consider him to be one of the most underrated perfomers personally, along with Bam Bam Bigelow. He’s dead too but no one ever talks about him.

    Chyna on the other hand was fucking awful, regardless of her sex. It was just a novelty that she was stronger than most of the blokes, but that got old quickly from where I was sitting. If a different diva had won the IC championship I think it might have been better if they had put a meaningful storyline to it. That match was shite in its purest form. Its no wonder Jarrett left. As Steve Austin said, you are what you eat and they fed him nothing but crap. They did let him win the IC belt every other week though. Just nonsensical rubbish. People seem to view the ‘attitude era’ with rose tinted spectacles.

  7. CmCultRatedRko says:

    umm really stupid ?but how do u create a review

  8. GhostRider27 says:

    I witness history that night, Chyna being the first female to win the IC championship and I think she has one last WWE run in her, maybe even become the first woman to hold the WWE championship. Concerning Bulldog beating Dianna, she should’ve left for Shawn.

  9. NYGiants1 says:

    Wonder how come Brett Mix hasn’t commented back on this because someone said an unflattering comment about Davey Boy Smith aka British Bulldog.

  10. Jesse says:

    british bulldog was a decent wrestler at best. he could’ve done a whole lot better in his career had he stayed away from drugs and alcohol. when a wrestler dies, people tend to look back at them with sympathy and end up overrating them. eg: eddie guerrero. though no disrespect to the dead.

  11. Logan23 says:

    What kind of man can beat a woman, come on Bulldog, like Tebow15 said she should’ve left him for Shawn. He knows how to treat women and he (Shawn) is a true role model.

  12. SRB says:

    Agreed Harry. Well said.

  13. Tebow15 says:

    Diana should’ve left Bulldog for Shawn lol.

  14. Harry Faversham says:

    I disagree. I think Davey was a great athlete and in particular I am thinking of his days in the British Bulldogs. His personal problems slowed him down and got the better of him eventually obviously. But its true that certain performers made him elevate his game and get his act together. On those occasions I would say he was a great wrestler. As much as people say they could ‘work with a broom’ or things like that it takes two people to wrestle even if one carries the other. Michaels and the Bulldog were both on a lot of drugs but usually had good matches nonetheless. I think Shawn was able to incorporate being wasted into his routine much better though by selling to bigger guys and being speedier and more high flying. So it didnt really show as much. But with Bulldog he just seemed to slow down. I share the same sentiments as SRB. Owen, Pillman, Davey Boy, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig are my favourite wrestlers along with Shawn, Bret and RVD.

  15. SRB says:

    I wish these guys didn’t go so soon. Elizabeth, Eddie Guerrero, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude and the list goes on and on and unfortunately… on…

  16. Brett Mix says:

    I don’t like talking bad of the dead but The Bulldog wasn’t that great of an athlete and was on more drugs and steroids then probably anybody….says Hart’s book and judging by his early death. Just look at the guy. It’s a sad story though (And I’ve heard horrific things he used to do to Dianna but we won’t go there)

  17. Brett Mix says:

    Well, the Bulldog was never that great of a wrestler, only when he was in the ring with a Hart brother did he pull off something amazing, but he definitely was only 1/10th of what he was once returning. As for Austin at SS 99 I heard that back then as well, who knows….There was never beef between them and it was clear HHH was talented enough so I doubt that’s the whole story.

  18. SRB says:

    When Davey Boy returned with the jeans look it was awful and it was like he had never been in a ring before. It was horrible to see such talent go from professional to amateur. RIP, respect to such a tremendous athlete

  19. Jesse says:

    I only remember the Austin vs HHH match from this. As you said, it was an entertaining mainevent, with Stone Cold putting over Triple H when he “reportedly” refused to do that at SummerSlam ’99. Is that rumor true?

  20. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah Harry, you could see it. I also didn’t like the jeans look, his old attire was wicked. (When he teamed with Owen)

  21. Harry Faversham says:

    I dread to think how much pain Bulldog was wrestling in during that last run. It was only a year before this that he suffered the injury that almost paralysed him. Its no surprise he wasn’t at his best, but dammit I think you have to give him credit for bouncing back the way he did. Even though he really should have stayed away and sorted himself out proper job. I heard that he wanted to come back to keep that promise to Owen, but Bret was rather unhappy about it at the time. Its an annoying match to watch because you know a younger Bulldog would give Rock a tremendous athletic match. I remember watching some of his last WWF matches and thinking that he looked very ill. In this match he looks pretty good, but things were obviously starting to catch up to him. He should obviously have handled his lifestyle better, but I think its clear that he was in a great deal of pain and that is probably the main reason why he is no longer with us. He is sorely missed. I’m British by the way. I hope Barrett gets to be wwe champion one day.

  22. Anonymous says:

    That ladder match is intense & one of the best matches of 1999. The crowd didn’t know how to respond for the first couple of mins. but once they realized what they where watching the arena became un-glued. Great main event as well, I think you could have underrated the Good House Keeping match. It was a ton of fun & one of the better things Chyna did durring her push. 6.5/10