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February 24, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF No Way Out 2000 Review:



“Thank you Mick…and Goodbye…” Jim Ross




-WWF No Way Out 2000 took place on Sunday, February 27th, 2000 in front of 12,551 fans at the Hartford Civic Centre in Hartford Connecticut. It was the first event produced under the sole No Way Out name, although it was preceded in 1998 by an event named No Way Out of Texas.


-This was released as a Tagged Classic on DVD.


-The Main Feud going into No Way Out was between HHH and Cactus Jack fighting over the WWF Title inside a Hell in a Cell. The feud started after Triple H defeated his father-in-law Mr. McMahon at Armageddon 99 and also winning the WWF Title from The Big Show on the first Raw of 2000 only a few weeks later. These events would start the McMahon-Hemesly Era with his wife Stephanie McMahon. Mankind would rebel against this new era and would receive attacks from D-X and Triple H. Mick Foley would drop the Mankind character to Cactus Jack. At the Royal Rumble 2000 Triple H and Cactus Jack would fight in a Street Fight Match for the WWF Championship, which was won by Triple H. The next night on Raw Triple H would grant Cactus another chance at the title at the PPV No Way Out and that the match can be any kind he wants. Cactus would later decide that the match will be a Hell in a Cell. Triple H said that it was deal only if he would put his career on the line, which he would agree to. Over the next few weeks Triple H would start predicting that he would end the fifteen year career of Mick Foley.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action.




-Now onto the PPV….





1) Opening Contest- Y2J Chris Jericho (c) (With Chyna) vs Kurt Angle for the Intercontinental Championship



Angle has the European title here and cuts a good promo on the Hartford Whalers, pretty hilarious.

Angle was so funny back in the day. Ever since he got vicious in 2004 he wasn’t the same.

Chyna gets her own entrance for some reason as a manager. Yeah she was really over but come on…

This bout opened the PPV that was a very good one.

Chris Jericho gets the POP everyone was waiting for and finally he was taking the right approach in the right company.



Jericho got on the mic and called KIRK ANGEL a jackass. (Who the hell didn’t have a mic before their match in the attitude era, Road Dogg, Jarrett, Godfather, everyone)

For some reason these two could never put on a classic. In my opinion the chemistry could of been there but I just never saw it with these two. This is arguably their best one on one match in North America.

Fans chant Y2J very loud. Angle scores with a shoulder block but it’s Jericho slamming Angle twice followed by a slap by Jericho. Jericho hit a reverse elbow and caught a series of chops by Jericho. Angle holds onto the top rope to avoid a collision and then hit a resourceful drop toe-hold to Jericho taking him out. Angle charged towards him and then he tripped Angle to the outside.

A nice springboard dropkick to Angle by Jericho.

Both men brawl on the outside. Angle’s face bounced off the steps and Jericho with a moonsault hit Angle right in the face catching him with a boot.

Both guys off the top rope and a belly to belly suplex from Angle to Jericho in this back and forth match.

Kickout by Jericho. Angle with a side headlock to Jericho. Jericho kicks Angle in the mid-section. A waistlock and a belly to belly suplex now by Angle on Jericho but Y2J kicks out. Kurt Angle keeps the hard right hands going.

Jericho gets out, Angle looks for a hurricanrana but Jericho powerbombs Kurt Angle and then the tork on the left arm hurt Jericho.

Angle follows up on the injured arm.

Great strategy trying to hyper-extend the elbow. Good solid wrestling. Jericho reached the ropes but the damage had been done. Jericho sent Angle sternum first into the corner and then ducked a running bulldog.

Angle hits the Angle-Olympic SLAM! Only a two.

Angle grabbed a belt but Tim White took the belt away. Jericho put the walls of Jericho on Angle now. Kurt Angle desperately tried to crawl to the topes and he got there.

Chyna got involved into the steel steps. Tim White checking on Chyna. Jericho hits a Lionsault but Angle got the belt up and Angle gets the three.

In the end at 10:14 Angle got the win over Jericho by cheating becoming the NEW IC Champion. Now he had both titles.

This match is a great opener, good length.




2) The New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Dudley Boyz for the WWF Tag Team Championship



The Outlaws were here to defend the titles against the #1 contenders back when tag wrestling meant something, the Dudleyz.

After a good opener it should be interesting to see how this one goes.

Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von make frequent tags isolating the D O double G in their corner.

Road Dogg is hilarious as always before the match on the mic.

D-Von with a reverse elbow to Road Dogg. Ross is right when saying the Dudleyz are operating like a well oiled machine. Bubba Ray Dudley slammed Road Dogg on the canvas, but Billy Gunn lowblowed Bubba up high.

Road Dogg suerplexed the bigger Bubba Ray Dudley straight to the canvas. Billy Gunn comes in and elevated Bubba back with a back-drop then a a Fame-Asser on D-Von.

Bubba Ray Dudley pulled Bas Ass out.

Road Dogg hits his shuffle on D-Von and Bubba dragged him out.

Bubba hit Gunn with a lead pipe on the outside. Ref down and now Dudleyz double team Road Dogg inside and D-Von covers Road Dogg with the 3-D.

New Champs.

Outlaws argue after the match.

In the end at 5:20 Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von take the titles.

This match was nice and short, simple and to the point. Good stuff.





3) Mark Henry vs Viscera



Oh this one should be good. Insert Sarcastic emotion here.

This was all about Henry sticking up for Mae Young who got splashed by big Viscera on Raw.

Viscera comes out and the two big black dudes are about to get it on, in this thrown together last minute PPV match.

Viscera and Henry slug it out and then a shoulder block followed by a clothesline from Viscera to Henry over the top rope to the floor.

Outside the ring Viscera is roughing up Henry in a SERIOUS way throwing him into the steel steps.

HUGE boring chant breaks out.


Viscera covers Henry and he kicks out. Viscera sent Henry to the corner and drops him with a Samoan Drop.

Mae Young runs to the ring but Viscera splashes Henry with a belly to belly suplex.

Mae Young got shoved down by Viscera as there is technical problems, you cant see the action. Nice. Infact I would of rathered they had the whole match this way.

Henry avoids a splash according to Ross and hits Viscera with one and pins him apparently.

In the end at 3:40 Henry wins.

BORING. Longest 3:40 seconds of my life….okay well maybe not but close.





4) Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz (With Terri)



Ahhh remember when there was a legit tag division. The titles were not even on the line as the Dudleyz and Outlaws already competed for that earlier in the night.

Both of these teams were getting over in a MAJOR way.

Hardyz as the Babyfaces and Edge and Christian with their recent heel turn so now they do not come through the crowd, they come down the entrance way for their safety.

Edge took it to Jeff Hardy and he leaped over onto the outside apron, gave a shot to Edge, a corkscrew moonsault missed by Jeff.

Edge tagged in Christian who then got hit by Jeff who tags in Matt.

Jeff holds Christian down and Matt screams off the top and hits a leg-drop. Tandem offense by the Hardyz followed by the them taking their shirts off followed by the scream of the ladies.

Matt Hardy and Christian going at it and Matt sends him into the corner with a hard chop.

Jeff making his presence felt on the outside of the ring. Matt stomped on Christian, Jeff in now and scoops up Christian and hits a side suplex. Jeff springboarded from the outside onto Christian and only gets a two count.

Jeff tags in Matt and both Hardyz slammed Christian face-first into the canvas hard. Matt covers Christian.

Frequent tags by both teams here. Edge dropkicked Matt out of the ring. Christian flies with a crossbody over the top, great agility to land on his feet. A stungun to Jeff by Christian and Edge rolled him up getting a long two count.

Edge now working over Jeff inside the ring slamming his head in the corner of the ring.

Lawler says one of these teams will be the # 1 contenders for the titles. Again back when there was a division,. Ross says these teams are the tag teams of the future, he was right.

Christian back in and dropped Jeff face-first into the mat hard.

A dead crowd unfortunately because this is a very solid match. Both Edge and Christian now double-team Jeff in the corner kicking away at him.

An innovative move by Christian as he drop-toe holded his own brother as he landed head-first into the groin of Jeff.

Terri watched on the outside.

Edge with a front facelock to Jeff, the APA is now out watching the match.

A great pinning combo by Jeff, a nice bridge by Edge, could not connect with a backslide but piledrives Jeff Hardy in the center of the ring.

Great match.

Jeff kicks out barely.

Matt Hardy trying to shout words of encouragment to his brother Jeff.

Edge wearing down Jeff on the mat with a side headlock. Edge then caught Jeff Hardy in mid-air and turned it into a huge powerbomb.

E and C with the momentum. Edge taggged in Christian who kicks the back of Jeff. Christian with a huge powerslam off the ropes.

Momentum has changed on several occasions despite Edge and Christian dominating a lot of the match. Jeff slams Edge down and pins him while he gets back in but Edge just manages to his get shoulders up.

Edge with another high risk move coming up and he hits a missile dropkick.

Both Edge and Jeff down.

Edge loses his momentum.

Jeff got shoved off the top turnbuckle by Terri! SWERVE! Heel turn by Terri and now Matt is slapped by Terri.

Christian hits his finisher on Matt.

In the end at 15:50 Edge and Christian pick up the win thanks to Terri.

This is an excellent tag match given a ton of time. Great pacing and double-team moved. Highly entertaining.


*** 1/2



5) The Big Bossman vs Tazz



The Big Bossman and Tazz go at it but Prince Albert attacks Tazz during the Tazzmission right in the middle of the ring after the entrance way brawling.

In the end at 1:50 Tazz wins by DQ. Fans boo.









6) X-Pac (With Tori) vs Kane (With Paul Bearer) in a No Holds Barred Match



Former tag Partners in 1999

Kane and X-Pac go at it here and it is NO HOLDS BARRED!

Kane and X-Pac had a long back-story.

They begin this battle in the entrance way and Kane slams X-Pac into the cage by the No Way Out Entrance as this match has hardcore rules.

Kane then hits X-Pac in the head with a trash can.

Kane stalks X-Pac through the crowd and continues to throw him over the barricade. Kane chases X-Pac and scoops him up dropping him chest first onto the barricade.

Kane picks up the Steel Steps and misses X-Pac and he hit the ring post.

X-Pac had the ring-bell and hit Kane between the eyes. Paul Bearer jumps on X-Pac and gets on him. Tori slaps Bearer and Paul chases Tori.

Ahh the Attitude Era.

Kane slams X-Pac into the ring steps then back into the ring. Kane clotheslines X-Pac avoiding a Bronco buster and kicks him in the mid-section. X-Pac ducked a big boot and dropkicked the knee-cap of Kane. X-Pac targets the Quadricep muscle taking out the leverage advantage of Kane.

A sound strategy and X-Pac sucks chants are heard beginning his own type of heat that you might of heard of. X-Pac heat. Kane slams X-Pac into the barricade some more.

A vicious match.

Kane throws him in the ring and now Kane got kicked into the face by X-Pac and his high spin-kicks he showed all the time as the 1-2-3 Kid.

Kane scooped up X-Pac coming off the top turnbuckle in mid-air. X-Pac then hit the X-Factor after a lowblow. Bearer knocked down by X-Pac and then Kane hit X-Pac with a high boot.

Ross wants Kane to tombstone Tori but instead he chokeslams X-Pac with one arm. Tori jumps on Kane from behind in a No Holds Barred match and now Kane goes for a Tombstone on Tori and he hits it.

Kane now distracted and X-Pac used the steps to knock down Kane and bury him under the steps and X-Pac wins! Ross calls it a upset.


In the end at 7:50 X-Pac got the victory.

This match was solid due to the booking and stipulation,.

** 1/2




7) Too Cool (Rikishi, GMS, S2H) vs The Radicalz (Benoit, Saturn, Malenko) in a Six Man Tag



Some good workers in this match to say the very least.


Grand Master Sexay chopped at in the corner as Saturn has him up top. Grand Master Sexay blocked an attempted suplex and hit a missile dropkick to Saturn from the top.

Too Cool were very over during this time period.

Benoit comes in and a hiplock takeover. A running bulldog by Grand Master Sexay to Chris but the Canadian Crippler kicks out.

Too Cool double reverse elbow to Benoit then Scotty started to taunt Chris.

Benoit with a stun gun of sorts to Scotty abdomen first on the ropes. Scotty then hit a big snapshot vertical suplex to Benoit and tagged in the big man Rikishi.

Rikishi clears the ring as the Radicalz go down.

Benoit gets the Stink Face from Rikishi. The Phatu driver about to be done on Benoit but Malenko dropkicked Chris Benoit. Malenko focused on the injured ankle of Rikishi.

Saturn tagged in and he drops his body weight on the bad ankle of Rikishi.

On one leg Rikishi hits Saturn and tags in Scotty 2 Hotty and then he drops Saturn down. Scotty going for the Worm but Malenko dropped him quickly. Grand Master Sexay went after Dean Malenko.

Benoit with a vicious knockdown on Scotty. Benoit with a side suplex and just a two.

Benoit with another quick snapshot vertical suplex like only he can apply to Scotty. A nice tandem offensive move by Benoit and Malenko as Chris tags in Dean but hits a drop toe-hold to Scotty and Dean off the ropes drops an elbow.

Malenko with a back-breaker to Scotty and Saturn with a big knee off the top.

Saturn with a reverse chinlock on Scotty 2 Hotty.

Benoit chops at Scotty but he countered with a roll-up, Scotty lands on Benoit but Malenko interefered. Saturn launched himself in but Scotty kicks out.

Benoit works on Scotty until RIkishi got the tag and he ran over all the Radicalz.

Benoit sent to the corner and Rikishi took both guys down. The Phatu driver to Saturn.

Grand Master Sexay pointed to Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty comes in and applies the wor to Saturn. Malenko takes out the leg of Rikishi with a chop block. Benoit takes Scotty to the outside.

Rikishi with a belly to belly on Benoit. Malenko again with another chop block to Rikishi.

Grand Master Sexay up on top hit the hip hop drop to Saturn but Benoit from behind hit a headbutt. Scotty and Benoit slug it out.

All four men go over the ropes to the outside. Malenko forcing the one legged Rikishi to the corner but his back goes out. Malenko still works on the leg of Rikishi in the corner. Malenko shoulder first into the ring post and Rikishi drops Malenko with the Phatu driver.

Rikishi pulls Malenko to the corner.

Rikishi drops down on Malenko.

In the end at 13:30 Too Cool win the match.


This match delivered a great story and was never dull.

*** 1/2





8 ) The Big Show vs The Rock in a Singles Match to determine who goes to Wrestlemania 2000 and fight the Champion



Big time feud here and Big Show rakes the eyes of Rocky after a side russian leg-sweep attempt fails.

Rock gets a ddt off Big Show as he bounced off gthe ropes.

The Peoples palm smacked Show but The Big Show elbowed Rock out of the ring with scary power.

The Big Show worked over Rock outside the ring right now.

Rocky reverses an irishwhip and sent Big Show into the steel steps. Rock slams Big Show head-first on the time-keepers table.

Attitude Era brawl spot.

Both men fight through the crowd.

Big Show headbutts Rocky outside the ring but Rock hits back with a series of shots until Show brings Rock in closer and clotheslines him down to the concrete.

Back inside the ring Big Show is dominating The Rock. Rock is fighting back and this time hits the leg-sweep. Rock though threw some rights at Show and another big ddt. Big Show catches Rock running off the ropes and plants him down with a side-walk slam.

The Big Show yells at Hebner out of frustration that he can not seem to put the Peoples Champion away.

The Big Show grabs a steel chair outside the ring and brings it in.

Rock avoids the chair-shot and Rock punches back.

The Big Show reverses an irish-whip and the official is taken out. Show with a giant boot to the head of Rocky.

The Big Show signalled for the Chokeslam. Big Show covered Rock no official until Tim White ran down.

Shane McMahons music hits and Rock, Rock bottoms the Big Show and then Shane hits Rock with a chair.

Big Show pins Rocky.


In the end at 9:33 Big Show got the victory over The Rock to earn a spot in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 2000.


This match was mediocre with a nice swerve at the end.







9) Main Event- Triple H (c) (With Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs Cactus Jack in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWF Championship and if Cactus loses he must retire



Cactus Jack is back after the amazing Street Fight in the Garden at the Rumble. This time his career is on the line going for the title against the #1 heel in the Wrestling world Triple H inside of a Cell where Foley thrives on pain.

This definitely had me sold at the time and going back re-watching it will be just as fun.

One of the best Cell matches ever and it ranks high on my all time list.

Here we go.

The Game comes out with his Wife.

Cactus Jack and Triple H begin to brawl, the title and the career of Cactus Jack is on the line! Cactus Jack slams Hunter over and over on the mat. Cactus Jack drops The Game again with another shot. Cactus Jack off the ropes hits a flying forearm.

Helmsley flies off the ring apron and Cactus Jack kicks at the gut of HHH. Cactus sends Hunter into the Cell and grates his face, Hunter though tries to block the Cell and elbows Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack looking for weapons from under the ring but HHH hit slammed Cactus Jack head-first on the apron.

HHH pounds heavy and hard on Cactus Jack in the corner. Cactus Jack then kicks at the Game and he hits a face-buster on Foley, he still back-drops HHH on the floor. Cactus Jack with a chair gets elbowed by HHH.

Hunter runs off the ropes and he drives his knee into the face of Foley who with a chair flies off the outside of the ring apron into the side of the steel, of the hell in a cell.

Hunter throws Cactus Jack into the steel steps.

HHH sends Foley hard into the ring-post this time. HHH wants Cactus Jack to stand as he follows Cactus Jack around with the steps and he smacks Cactus Jack in the head aas the steel steps flied in the air. HHH picks up a chair and slams it on Foley over and over.

HHH lifts a chair in the air to a chorus of boos.

HHH drives a chair into Foley. HHH then with a shot to the face but Cactus Jack kicks out as Stephanie looks on concerned on the outside.

Helmsley with a quick ddt and another nearfall.

Quickly Cactus Jack picks up the chair and hits a low-blow to HHH but Hunter kicks out. A side russian leg-sweep by Foley to Hunter onto a steel chair and almsot a new Champion.

HHH and Cactus Jack had great chemistry obviously around this time.

Cactus Jack with hard-rights to HHH in the corner who sat in a chair. Cactus Jack charged towards HHH but the Game moved out of the way and hit him with a drop toe-hold into a Steel Chair.

On the outside things get more rough and physical as HHH slammed Foley into the Cell head-first over and over again. The Game with a solid right and HHH looked for a piledrive onto the steps but Foley reversed it catapolting Hunter into the steel cell.

Hunter is busted open. The Game has bladed and now Hunter with his face full of blood has his face raked viciously like a Savage by Cactus Jack.

Cactus Jack then grabbed HHH by the head and threw him against the Cell again. From the second turnbuckle Cactus Jack leaped onto HHH on the floor with a chair!

Fans chant Foley!

Mick threw the Steps at HHH but it broke the Cage.

Cactus Jack tossed HHH through the steel! A bloodied Hunter is set up on the announce table and Cactus Jack piledrives him on top of a table that does not break. Foley chants are loud and often for Cactus Jack.

Cactus Jack begins to climb up the Cell and the fans love it. SMH pulled Cactus down. Cactus Jack followed her then HHH to sent into the Cell once more.

Cactus Jack gets the barbed wire 2 X 4.

HHH says no and Cactus Jack follows him and a bloodied Game gets hit in the face with the barbed wire.

HHH is starting to climb the Cell and the fans love that. Foley climbs behind him.

Here we go.

HHH shattered the face raking it with the barbed wire and he went crashing through the table. Another hard Foley bump off the side-top of the Cell.

HHH gets an A$$hole chant bloodied and battered at the top of the Cell.

Both guys FULL of blood as Hunter is waiting on top of the Hell in a Cell. Cactus Jack grabs a chair. Cactus Jack tried to throw a chair on top of the cell. He fails three times.

Cactus Jack has HHH on top of the Cell in the corner.

Triple H with the barbed wire knocks Cactus and it stuck to his vest.

Another hard shot to the spine of Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack with right hands to The Game and he fell on top of the Cell. HHH almost fell through the top of the Cell.

Both guys bloodied and hurt badly.

Cactus Jack with a snap suplex to HHH on top of the Cell, which is dangerous given the amount of weight that is up there.

A double-armed DDT by Cactus Jack showing raw emotion planting Hunter into the top of the Cell.

Cactus Jack now picks up the 2 X 4 with barbed wire covered in fire.

Cactus Jack hits Hunter once with the fire. He sets it down and now Hunter has other plans!


HHH back-body dropped Cactus through the top of the Cell and he crashed into the mat!

Epic bump by Foley, again!



Cactus Jack went through the ring as it broke. Stephanie smiled on the outside of the ring.

Cactus Jack is still breathing after this bump, he was not WITH IT after taking a similar bump in the infamous cell match with Taker at King of the Ring 98.

Hunter climbs down the Cell and Mick has not moved one inch.

Triple H has Cactus set for the Pedigree and he hits it.


In the end at 23:59 Hunter retains the title and retires Cactus Jack.

This match was not quite on par with the Street Fight but damn close. Props to Hunter and Foley.

One of the best Cells ever.



**** 3/4











Final Rating for WWF No Way Out 2000 = 7.5/10

This show had a lot of good tag matches, a very solid opener with Angle and Jericho, a couple of pointless matches and an unforgettable Hell in a Cell to end the show. The Rock and Big Show was also an interesting story. The Goodbye for Foley at the end was nice. Overall a solid PPV in the year 2000 like most were.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I have the Triple H/Cactus Jack hell in a cell match in my Greatest hell in a cell matches’ DVD and this was my favourite match from this PPV.

  2. gBrett Mix says:

    Yes the first image you see if from the Jericho DVD because of the high quality and you can tell from the sides.

  3. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I liked the PPV when I saw it LIVE on PPV. I like the Triple H and Foley Hell in a Cell match which kind of reminded me to KOTR 98 (which was my first PPV to feature a Hell in a Cell match). Is the first image from the Chris Jericho DVD from last year? I even have the WWF No Way Out shirt which was the FREE OFFER.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Vince says a lot of things…

  5. wiilliam says:

    its weid cause vince told mick that the wwf would never do a match like kotr 98 agian but yet they kinda did but the cage breaking was intended and the ring giving way made it a safer landing

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