Review: WWF-WWE No Way Out 2001 DVD

February 26, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF No Way Out 2001 Review:


“The Rock has won the title! The Rock is going to Wrestlemania! Sixty plus thousand in the Astrodome to see The Rock and Stone Cold at Wrestlemania!” -Jim Ross


-This was released as a tagged classic on DVD.


-WWF No Way Out 2001 was the third such annual No Way Out event and took place on Sunday Night, February the 25th, 2001 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in front of 15,223 fans.


-On Sunday Night Heat Rikishi defeated Matt Hardy by DQ at 3:50.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the event. Lawler would quit the Company the next day after the WWF fired his wife at the time The Kat. He would return the night after Survivor Series in November of 2001.






-Now onto the PPV…..







1) Opening Contest- Raven (c) vs The Big Show for the WWF Hardcore Championship



We are live in Vegas! I love this City personally but No Way Out 2001 will take place here and one of the best shows in Wrestling History is now underway.

Ready to go.

Raven has his music hit first as he brings a cart full of weapons to the ring. The mystery Woman Ninja who you could clearly tell was Tori attacked Show. This angle went no where and they revealed it was Tori on Sunday Night Heat.

Raven defending the Hardcore title here. The Big Show headbutts Raven after he ran up the ramp to try and get to The Big Show. Show crashed into the ring-post from his own momentum.

Popcorn guy comes into the match.

There is a 24-7 rule still. Big Show plants Raven down. Blackman and Hardcore enter the ring.

Crash was the popcorn guy.

Hardcore action everywhere now. Blackman and Holly breaking sticks on Big Show, the One Billy Gunn covered Raven and won the Hardcore title.

Crash with a school-boy but Gunn kicks out. A side suplex by Holly to Gunn. Raven and The Big Show still down.

Hardcore Holly and Blackman use teamwork to take down Gunn but they interupt each others count. The Big Show threw Blackman out of the ring. Raven has beat Billy Gunn and is the Hardcore Champion again.

The Big Show launched Crash in the air high and slammed him down on the mat.

Tori as the Ninja gets attacked by Molly.Raven then runs into a chokeslam by the Big Show potentially and yes it is on the garbage can, The Big Show is the new Hardcore Champion.

So in the end at 4:20 Big Show defeated Raven to become the new Hardcore Champion after all this chaos.

Billy Gunn tries his best to take the Hardcore title off The Big Show after the match. Show takes the title and leaves with it after headbutting Gunn.

This match with the 24-7 rule might of been a bit ridiculous but it was a fun 4-5 minute ride.





2) Chris Jericho (c) vs Chris Benoit vs X-Pac vs Eddie Guerrero in a Fatal-Four-Way match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



All four men will be in the ring at the same time.

First guy to get the pin will be the new IC Champion. Jericho elevated X-Pac and then clotheslined Guerrero.

A ton of awesome workers in this underrated match.

Eddie and Benoit irishwhip Jericho tot he corner. Benoit and Eddie chop Jericho. Both Chris and Eddie made their WWF PPV debut at this event last year.

Jericho runs into a hard forearm by Benoit. Benoit sends Jericho to the buckle but he hits a spinning heel kick to Eddie. X-Pac then full of X-Pac heat hit a spin kick.

Benoit and Eddie double-teaming X-Pac. Benoit has the Crossface on X-Pac and now Jericho took Eddie off the top landing on his groin then broke up the Crossface.

Jericho and Benoit brawl on the outside of the ring. Eddie Guerrero in the corner hit a frog splash on Jericho but Benoit broke up the count.

Benoit reversed a clothesline and sent Jericho down hard.

Snap suplex by Benoit on X-Pac and then he hits Chris with a high spinning heel kick. X-Pac choked out Benoit and signalled for the X-Factor which did not come.

So many fast moved in this bout it is hard to keep up. Eddie with a nice hurricanrana to Benoit and now Jericho and X-Pac brawl on the outside. Eddie and Benoit actually wrestling now inside the ring.

Suplex on the outside from Jericho to X-Pac. They had many wars in WCW when X-Pac was Syxx. All four of these guys had wars in WCW come to think of it. X-Pac sent into the steps.

Modified Brain Buster by Eddie Guerrero to Chris Benoit. Eddie Guerrero goes up high but Chris catches him and then attempts a Superplex off the top and he hits it expertly like the Rabid Wolverine usually does. Benoit giving Jericho chop after chop.

Both Benoit and Jericho were no strangers they put on the best Ladder match of all time the month before this at Royal Rumble 2001, not too mention all their four star matches in the year 2000 on PPV alone.

Crowd chant Y2J to try and fire up the legit fan favourite. A waist-lock by Benoit, Jericho fighting out of it but Benoit hits a German Suplex with a bridge and almost a three.

Jericho counters a roll-up with the Walls of Jericho on Benoit but Chris tried to avoid it. Jericho has it locked in. Eddie Guerrero comes in and now Jericho is gonna put it on Eddie Guerrero.

X-Pac comes in now and Jericho has it on X-Pac. Justin Credible interferes, not enough for a DQ, almost a pinfall for Benoit.

Double thrust kick by X-Factor to Benoit. Jericho runs and takes Eddie Guerrero face-first into the canvas. X-Pac breaks it up. Jericho leaped up and then got caught in the X-Factor and Benoit broke up the count.

Unreal action.

Benoit knocks Credible off the apron. Benoit locks in the Crossface on X-Pac, then a snapmare by Eddie Guerrero off the ropes.

Carnage everywhere!

Unbelievable, hard to keep up. Not just fast action but everything was crisp.

Eddie Guerrero then hit with a side suplex by Benoit signalling for the end going to the top for a headbutt and he flies, hitting it. Benoit catches a high spinning heel kick high, Jericho rolled up X-Pac with a bridge backwards.

In the end at 12:17 Jericho retained the IC title after he got the best of X-Pac.

Jericho able to escape with the title!


This match is a CLASSIC.

Unreal action from some of the best talent the wrestling world had to produce.







3) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs Trish Stratus




Nobody, NOBODY thought this match had ANY potential to be good, let alone great.

This was the shocker of the night by a long shot and is still talked about today.

At this time Trish was not a wrestler, just eye candy and Stephanie was just the daughter of the Owner, certainly not a wrestler either.

So taking that into consideration here we go!

McMahon talks to Regal before the match saying he is confident he will know what to do. Regal says he does not know what to do as Vince leaves putting him in quite the predicament.

Trish looks amazing.

Stephanie is the babyface here.

This would all change the next month at Mania X7 where Trish would be the face and Daddys Girl is the heel.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley takes down Trish right away with hard slaps. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley lets Trish go off the ropes and she drops right on the canvas floor. Stephanie hits a clothesline.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley with another clothesline, down goes Trish.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley grabbed Trish by the hair and swung her around the ring. Trish doing a good job selling this offense. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley throws Stratus outside the ring. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley goes outside the ring.

Trish then took Steph over the barricade to the concrete. Stephanie with a hard slap to Trish. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley off the top of the barricade hit a nice clothesline to Trish.

If you were not impressed before, you were by now. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley picks up the panties of Trish trying to suplex her out of the ring and Trish has a wedgie and I am not complaining.

Trish grabs Steph by the hair. and now slaps her over and over and then over again.

Trish with a running bulldog to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Trish fixed her bottoms and the fans boo.


Trish Stratus gets a shot right to the face. Stratus hit a nice ddt.

This reminds me of Beulah vs Bill Alfonso from ECW where no one expected it to be so hectic or good.

This is VERY GOOD.

Trish choking Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley on the top rope. Trish with a headlock choking her out again. Stratus got a snapmare off the top rope by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley slamming hard into the mat. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley rams Trish by the head into the announce table.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then poured a cooler of water on Trish and her top. Fans like that. Trish grabs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by the hair and put her back in the ring. Stratus going for a hurricanrana but SMH gets a powerbomb, Trish got a shoulder up.

Stephanie SPANKS Trish. Not complaining. Her thong hanging out, and uh, yeah hard to concentrate on the match now. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley chokes Trish out in the corner. Steph smiled and Trish and her both grab each others hair and fall to the mat.

Regal runs down to the ring taking the official out. Regal puts Trish on top of Steph and Stephanie kicks out.

Regal then got a slap from Trish and then dropped her. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley goes to cover Trish.

In the end at 8:29 Steph got the win over Trish after Regal interfered.

This match blew everyones mind.


*** 1/4



4) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H in a 3 Stages of Hell Match



Austin said he knew he’d need a lot in the tank to keep up for this match but it would go down as one of his all time favourites when it was all said and done. So it should.


It’s arguably the match of this decade still to this day.

The first fall was a basic wrestling match where Triple H said he’d out wrestle the Rattlesnake to break his spirit.

The next fall would be a Street Fight.

Then if it got that far (and we all knew it would) the third and deciding fall would be in a steel cage!
This feud to this point was amazingly intense.

Triple H was in his absolute prime and Austin was getting his game back, this match apparently ressurected him because it stold Steve he could still go. Stone Cold still had enough in his shape, at his age, in this stage of his career to go on a run, and after this match he would own the year of 2001 just like the man he was facing owned the year 2000.

Stone Cold dominated the first 5-7 minutes and although The Game had his supporters there were loud “Austin” chants throughout this match and time period as a whole. It kind of makes you double-think his heel turn the next month at Mania X7.
Austin mostly brawling with Triple H despite it being a “Wrestling Match in the first fall.” Triple H countered Austin’s attempt at working on his elbow with a hammerlock and applied a neck braker. Smart psychology by the Cerebral Assasin because everyone knows Austin was out for a year because of his neck.

Everyone also knows how well Austin did in the year 2001 despite all of this and this was his last 5 star match in my estimation. The Main Event at Wrestlemania the next month would be the closest he came to matching that, plus a couple of matches against Angle and Benoit in 2001 as well.

The match began when Austin met Trips in the middle of the ring with a series of right hands that connected between both of them. We’ve seen this before but you can truely feel from the beginning of this one that it’s something amazingly special this time around!

Stone Cold Steve Austin then hit Helmsley with some more right hands as Las vegas ate it right up and bought into Stone Cold waiting to finally get his hands on the Game and then when he finally did all hell broke loose. Having this kind of a match is one thing but after injuries that the two have had is something else. It was a pre-match storyline that neither men could attack the other until this match so when the bell finally rang all hell brooke loose!

Stone Cold Steve Austin then got hit with some hard right hands from The Game himself who came to battle. This wasn’t going to be one of those Austin squashes, Trips definately had credibility and who would win this match was the question on everyone’s mind the entire time. Neither man wanted to and it would hurt whoever lost but at the same time it would make the winner look incredibally strong.

Stone Cold Steve Austin caught The Game with a reverse elbow and then gave him vicious right hands before stomping him down in the corner. Excellent start to this match. Austin being called just a brawler by King was funny and Ross has said Austin can do more. Stone Cold then on top of Triple H with hard right hands and the fans heavily in his favor. King and JR brought there A game to this match which helped it.
Austin then irishwhipped HHH to the ropes and then he tried to get out of the ring but Steve caught him and then hammered him back before catching a semi-Lou Thesz press near the ropes and HHH countered it in mid-air as it was a half ass attempt to begin with and dropped Stone Cold head first onto the ropes. Stone Cold retaliated when he gave HHH an armbreaker when countering a pedigree attempt. It may have hyper extended the elbow of Trips and then Austin sent HHH hard into the ring steps. Following up on the arm breaker a vicious Texas Rattlesnake irishwhipped Hunter hard into the ring post arm first.
Good psychology by Austin who sent him back in the ring but The Game met him with a kick to the mid-section. Austin then grabbed the injured left arm of Hunter and kept striking it with hard right hands and then kept an armbar locked on Hunter. The elbow was feeling the force and then Austin dropped his boots to the canvas for more tork on the elbow into the armbar. Austin had enough in him to irish whip Hunter to the ropes and come off with the Lou Thesz press and an elbow to the sternum. A latteral press and then somehow Hunter kicked out. Hunter was supposed to break the spirit of Austin in this first fall but all Austin early. A Spinebuster by the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold from the second turnbuckle went for an elbow drop but the Cerebral Assassin Triple H had it well scouted and let him meet hit boot to the jaw.

This match took place during No Way Out 2001 mid-show and it was the greatest match in the middle of any show ever.

HHH with a swinging neck breaker to Austin who had well documented neck problems as illustrated before. HHH with another one, as Hunter focused on that and he had to use his already damaged left arm.

Brilliant pacing to this one given the booking of each fall and the psychology that would incorprate into each one. The fans reacted accordingly and it’s just another reason this is such a classic match!

Hunter cornered Austin and kicked away until Austin fired back with shots and went for an armbar, until HHH intelligently went from upstairs to downstairs and tried to take out the knee of Austin. HHH showing his mastered technician skills as he slammed Austin’s injured knee into the ring post. That knee brace has been focused on by Hunter in matches previous but it was clearly being the focus point of Hunter here in this match. Austin had injured that leg from a match a few years back when Steve got his knee caught in the turnbuckle padding. Austin then with his one good leg dragged HHH into the ring post.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had boughten himself some time as HHH got sent into the ring post but HHH got right back in the ring and took out the knee of Austin. Triple H expertly dropped the elbow right into the knee of Austin on the ropes. So little time, in this “Wrestling” fall has so many body parts from both guys been targetted which is a brilliant quality of this classic.

Austin fought back a little but it wasn’t enough and Triple H slapped on a figure four leglock to Steve Austin.

Stone Cold in pain due to the figure four being slapped on Austin’s already injured legs. Steve doing a good job at selling, and Triple H doing a great job with his facial expressions to further illustrate what a psychotic SOB he is as well. Hunter used the top rope for more leverage to drop the pain on Austin’s knees. By taking a brawling figure like Steve off the time, off his vertical base it would then make it easier for Hunter to craft an intelligent disection with his scientific skills on the mat game.

Austin though would not quit and turned HHH over and Trips managed to reach the ropes. Las Vegas had not left this match for one minute. More damage done to Austin’s knee as HHH went charging towards it and then grabbed it to the side and dropped the elbow to Austin’s knee. Hebner knew this one had a gruelling pace to it. Austin though grabbed HHH and took his head to the side and used his one good right leg to drop the knee brace to HHH’s head. This bought Stone Cold time to come back into the match.

Austin limped up and sent HHH’s head into the top turnbuckle in successioin many times by Steve Austin as the crowd counted along, Steve irish whipped him. HHH ducked, and then he caught him again with the Lou Thesz Press and then dropped the elbow to the heart of Helmsley and then HHH kicked out. Austin went for a Stunner attempt, HHH turned him around and then Austin hit a charging clothesline. Austin signalled for yet another stunner if HHH could turn around and he did but he pushed Austin into the ring post and hit a neck breaker! What a counter, and great logic as well! Austin had been in control in a predicament where he could slap on a Stone Cold Stunner, but intelligently Triple H being the ring general he is not only countered it but followed up with good psychology buy hurting Austin’s neck as he pushed him neck first into the corner.

The two men rolled back with near falls after cradle attempts. Austin cornered the Game and as he jumped off Stone Cold hit the stunner and got the three count! King’s “WHAAAT!?|” when Austin beat HHH in the first fall was priceless.

Despite Triple H doing well in this first fall, Austin eventually won it with a Stone Cold Stunner at 12:20 and the place pops.

Barely no rest time inbetween falls.

The Second Fall was about to begin and both men had already put on a fast paced, intense wrestling match so the “Street Fight” should only be better and it was.
They used the steel steps, chairs, barbedwire bat (Which got “Foley Chants” and he’d return a few weeks after this) among other things in the Street Fight. Extremely violent and the blood came out at every direction.

The intensity level went up and from this point on they just went ALL Out.
Steve tossed HHH out through the ring ropes and then suplexed him on the solid steel not once, but twice on the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Both men had gone all out and Austin viciously with two back suplexes onto the ramp showed how Austin was willing to turn up the pace to this match. Austin sent HHH head first into the steps. Austin grabbed him by the hair and then slammed him onto the announce table with the crowd cheering.

In a play to there match at Survivor Series 2000, Austin grabbed a TV monitor and busted it over HHH’s face! Austin then grabbed a steel chair and threw it in the ring. Austin was going all out here and grabbed a couple more chairs right under staff and threw them in the ring.

Helmsley had tried to escape up the crowd but Austin in this street fight tackled him in the crowd. HHH was layed out on the steps and Austin grabbed him up and hit him with hard righ hands back towards the ringside area. Austin grabbed him by the long hair and catapolted him over the barricade and then threw him in the ring.

This is the street fight portion and Austin hit the Game right across the spine with steel chair shots over and over to HHH and he got to about eight. Austin then continued at the knees and got to twelve and the fans went insane for Austin!

Stone Cold had absolutely disected HHH with a chair, 13 times! it wore him down and drove the air right out of him. Austin though went for the cover and somehow the Game managed to kick out.

Austin rolled out of the ring and went for the ring bell. Perhaps a possible play to the WM 13 Submission Match. Austin grabbed the ringbell and then put it nearby as he continued his brawl with The Game outside the ring. Austin sent HHH head first into the boxes by the timekeeper! Austin then grabbed a barbedwire 2 X 4 and then avoided disaster as he kicked Austin to the mid-secton. Foley chants in the crowd as I elluded to previously and HHH hit Austin with the 2 X 4 with barbedwire which cut Austin open as Lawler checked on him on the outside. The fans cheered for Austin but he was a bloody mess as his blood was going all over the announce table.

Austin had gone to hell and back.


Steve got pushed over the announce table to the back and the fans booed because they legitimately felt bad for Austin.

A bloodied Steve Austin was on the recieving end of a series of right hands by Triple H.

Triple H had Austin set up for a Pedgiree in this street fight on the announce table but


Austin was able to backdrop HHH onto the other announce table (Espanol) right beside JR and King’s.

Jim Ross did his usual “for the love of god!” line because of the carnage and what both men were doing to there bodies at the time. This was absolutely incredible.

Has there ever been a full throttle match like this with this type of violence from start to finish? I don’t know.

Austin opened up a beer, took a sip and then smashed it to his head. Both men bloodied and Austin hit him with a series of right hands on the outside of the ring!

JR said this is beyond anything he has ever witnessed and I might have to agree. HHH with the ring bell in the ring turned the tide of the match and slammed Austin right in the head with it!s Austin somehow kicked out! Amazing!

Steve would not stay down!

Austin was battered and bloodied but still managed to kick out from guts and heart. Both men had been to beyond hell and back! Triple H with yet another neck breaker in this match, a swinging neck breaker to a chair in the middle of the ring! Beyond amazing that Steve COULD even kick out at this point.

Austin down, and HHH went for another cover but still only got a two as Steve refused to stay down.

This is magical story telling in an epic confrontation, so far everything in this match has been absolutely perfect. Austin irish whipped HHH but he caught a suplex from HHH onto the side of the chair but still Austin kicked out! HHH can’t believe it. The look of frustration on the face of the Game was evident and he had, HAD ENOUGH.
HHH then went for a pedgiree onto a steel chair in the ring but Stone Cold had elevated the game with a backdrop yet again, this time not crashing through a table but to the outside which still hurts. It bought Austin time regardless. Austin then tattooed Triple H with a shot right between the eyes. What a war. What a war!

Beyond amazing!

This is just the 2nd fall! Austin hit Trips in the side of the head with the steel steps. Both men literally had nothing or no breathing breaks, just brutality after brutality. Steel on skull, Trips tried to avoid the chair shot with his hands but Austin caught him! Both men bloodied right in front of the booth!

It was a warzone!

HHH went behind Ross and grabbed a Sledgehammer! King hillariously accused JR of planting it there for Austin!

Triple H went to take apart Austin with it but he caught him with a gut shot to avoid his skull being cracked open by The Game’s favourite weapon of choice.

Austin threw HHH back in the ring and grabbed a Sledgehammer. Austin then cornered Hunter and stomped on him many times, and how either men could literally move is beyond me. It’s a wrestling cliche to speculate that, or say that but I actually mean it. I’ve never seen a pace like this EVER.

Austin right a stunner attempt while Helmsley had the Sledgehammer in hands. HHH pushed to the ropes and caught him in the head. That had to be it! Austin got hit with the pedigree!

And Finally!

HHH pinned Austin in a Street Fight after a Pedigree at 27:11. Some of the place cheers and it’s all tied up at 1-1.

FINALLY! HHH tied the falls up finally, Austin was done. After all that, Steve managed to kick out after move after move, after move and it was exhausting to even try and keep up with, but HHH finally tied the score.

The suspensful music hit and the cage lowered!

The Final Fall is about to begin and both men are tired after going through hell for a half an hour and the cage is lowering! A truely unbelievable match.

I am reviewing it and even now this match is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is probably the biggest war I’ve ever seen. The best way to finish the Stone Cold-Triple H saga was this way and what a way to go out in style.

The bell rang!

Both men had been to beyond hell and back as mentioned and HHH got Austin up and both men slugged it out inside the Cage!

Both men beyond fatigued, beyond exhausted.

HHH threw Austin into the side of the cage!

The Game punishing Stone Cold Steve Austin with a series of right hands. Stone Cold’s head violently, viciously crushed into the side of the steel cage by the Game.
HHH then picked up the 2 X 4 wrapped in barbedwire and then began to grate the Face of Austin. Steve Austin who was already bloodied was then grated as JR called it sadistic.

The feud was so emotional and the match was viciously intesnse. Vegas chanted for Austin and then he relied on a chair shot to buy himself some time. Austin dripping blood everywhere.

Stone Cold was able to toss Hunter’s head into the side of the cage and then he himself came back with the 2X4 wrapped in wire and he talked trash while he did it. HHH ducked a clothesline attempt by Austin with the bat the 2X4 and then he eventually got him as he got up and continued to tear flesh.

Austin got a nearfall inside the cage and continued to choke him out with the barbedwire bat, punishing the game. The crowd is stunned silent. They had seen it all.
The whole match had such a furious pace that the whole thing literally felt like one giant climax. Austin then in the real climax cornered HHH hit him with right hands.


HHH tried to escape the Cage and then Austin caught him up there.

Stone Cold then back and forth with Hunter on the top of the ropes sending the other guy’s face into the side of the cage at the top of the cage!

HHH had an oppurtunity to pin the rattlesnake and stop the carnage. Austin flipped the Game off the top rope in desperation and he got a nearfall out of it! HHH kicked out of Austin’s desperation moves. Austin slowly climbed on top of Hunter and hit him with everything he had left.

HHH got to his feet and then when Austin went for a Stunner HHH reversed it and hit a Pedigree in the middle of the ring, in the middle of the cage but Austin kicked out! Wow.

HHH with a shot to the side of Austin and went for another pedigree attempt, but Steve Austin actually had enough left in the tank to catapolt him to the side of the cage. Austin hit a Stunner with everything he had left and King couldn’t believe it. Austin was down as well so he couldn’t pin him in time and HHH kicked out.
A marathon of brutality, HHH kicked out of the Stunner.

Beyond amazing here.

Austin picked up a 2X4 and HHH his sledgehammer, they both scored but HHH landed on Austin and got the three count!
One of my dozen North American matches at 5 Stars.

High up there.

So in the end HHH pinned Austin in a Steel cage match after they both hit each other with a sledgehammer and a barbed wire 2×4 at the same time and HHH fell on top of Austin and ref counted the three at 39:27.

The Game wins and beats the #1 contender, huge Hunter victory.


40 minutes of fast paced hell!
5 Star Classic ; The match of the Decade!




5) Steven Richards (With Ivory) vs Jerry Lawler (With the Kat)



The last night for the King in the Federation until the night after Survivor Series 2001.

The last night for the Kat ever in the Federation.

This was all about the right to nudity and what-not.

Lawler and Richards about to get it on. Richards dominated early. King gets his shots in as the crowd in Vegas count to ten.

Fans want puppies. Another suplex by Richards to Lawler.

Richards brings in a chair. Lawler hit a lowblow. King hit a ddt on Richards. A second ddt and now King with a large round-house right to Richards but Richards got a cheapshot and the three.

In the end at 5:32 Stevie wins.

Every dog his his day. Every great event has its sour apple.








6) The Dudley Boyz (c) vs Edge and Christian vs Undertaker and Kane in a Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship



All teams brawling to begin this one.

Purpose to put the teams through the tables!

Dudleyz enter this fast moving match as the defending Champions.

Tandem offense by all three teams. Dudleyz work over the BOD and then they work over Edge and Christian.

Haku and Rikishi run to the ring and interfere in this NO DQ match.

Four teams battling it out here.

Well at least there was a strong tag division back then.

Bubba Ray Dudley and Edge going at it. Bubba slams Edge through and at 12:04 the Dudleyz retain!


This match was solid in the fact it was very fast paced, hart to keep up and entertaining.






7) Main Event- Kurt Angle (c) vs The Rock for the WWF Championship

Angle has held the title since October of 2000 when he defeated his same opponent here The Rock.

Rock wanted to go to Mania to face Austin so he BROUGHT it for this one.


Kurt Angle and The Rock get it on here, who is going to Wrestlemania as the Champion.

Rock kicks Angle in the gut went for a double-armed ddt and got it.

Angle fights back after some dirty heel tactics and hit an Angle Slam. Rock kicked out.

Angle took his time going to the top rope and then Rock caught him with a couple of big shots to Angle.


Big Show interefered for some reason.

Rock levels Angle with the title belt in a fast paced Main Event! The Rock down and Angle exposed the top turnbuckle as Hebner yells at him.

Rock shoots back with a hard-right.

Angle elbows out of a Rock Bottom. Angle hits the Slam and Rock kicks out again!

Tazz and Jim Ross now on commentary go nuts as does the crowd in Vegas!

Angle looks to be near tears as the crowd chant Rocky.

Kurt Angle then grabs Rock and dropped him down to one knee with continuous shots. A rake to the face, Rock rolls back.

Angle charged into Rock but he sent Angle into the exposed turnbuckle.

Rock stalks Angle and hits the Rock Bottom! A nearfall even though Angle did not kick out. Hebner screwed up.

Rock hits the Rock Bottom and gets it this time.

In the end at 16:53 The Rock became the NEW WWF Champion after TWO Rock Bottoms. TWO, when I heard it should of been one and that was a You F**ked up tiype moment.


This match is arguably better then the No Mercy 2000 title match.

What a No Way Out!








Final Rating for WWF No Way Out 2001 = 9/10

This show is full of so much quality. A Five Star Match at mid-show is always a pleasent surprise and everything else delivered in a big way. The Tag Team Tables match was very entertaining, the fatal four-way with some of the best wrestlers ever, Trish and Steph shocked the Wrestling World, and the other couple of matches were short and to the point. The Main Event also delivered in a big way, a borderline classic. Blend it all together and you have one of the greatest shows of all time.



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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The 3 stages of hell match is truly a 5* match. I have got this DVD along with Armageddon 2000 as part of the tagged classics DVD set and the whole event itself is awesome.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    The Mid-Late 80s era was my favourite. Not everyone thinks Attitude was the best, attitude was never really deep enough it just had the main event talent, at least until 2000 where there became a legit tag division and the bringing in of guys like Eddie, Benoit, Malenko, Jericho, Angle, etc. As far as attitude years go I enjoyed 97 and 2000 the most. The first four PPVS in 2001 are incredible though, yes.

  3. Bryan says:

    yeah really 2001 as a whole was probably the best WWE year ever and the start to my favorite era (if this isn’t an official era screw it) 2001-2003 the post WCW era was the best WWE stretch in my opinion yes folks even better than the always brought up Attitude era which I always think many just like to say is the best era.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, and the Rumble before this PPV was also one of the best Rumble events, ever I actually consider it the very best as a whole.

  5. wiilliam says:

    i think this was the best no way out of all time followed by the best mania followd by the best backlash and judgement day of all time in my opion

  6. gavinotts says:

    nice one brett u pulled out all the stops on this one 1