Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1992 DVD

May 8, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1992 Review:





“I am tellin you right now!…with a tear in my eye! This…is the GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE…”       –Nature Boy Ric Flair


-WWF Royal Rumble 1992 took place on Sunday, January 19th, 1992 at the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York in front of 17, 000 fans.

-This was the 5th Annual WWF Royal Rumble event.

-Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby The Brain Heenan do commentary for the event. (At every single Royal Rumble event from 1988 on there was never the same two people doing commentary at a Rumble. (In 88 Vince did it with Jesse, in 89 Gorilla did it with Jesse, in 90 Tony S did it with Jesse, in 91 Gorilla did it with Piper and now in 92 Gorilla is doing it with Heenan.)
-This was the first and only time the WWF/E Championship (or any other championship) was contested in the Royal Rumble. The championship was vacated in December 1991 after the controversial finish to the Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker match at the This Tuesday in Texas PPV event. According to the storyline resulting from the title controversy at This Tuesday in Texas, The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan were given “preferential treatment” for the Royal Rumble, as they both got to choose from the numbers 20 through 30 only.

-Ric Flair broke the record for longest lasting participant in a Royal Rumble, lasting 59:26, beating the previous record, held by Rick Martel the year before in 1991.

-Nikolai Volkoff and Haku replaced Marty Jannetty and Brian Knobbs in the Rumble match.

-Before the show went on the air Chris Walker defeated The Brooklyn Brawler by disqualification.



-Now onto the PPV……………





1) Opening Contest- The New Foundation (Owen Hart and Jim Neidhart) vs The Orient Express (Pat Tanaka and Kato) (w/Mr. Fuji)


The second straight year the Orient Express start off a Rumble PPV with a tag match. This time around they do it against the short lived “NEW FOUNDATION” who surprisingly had a lot of chemistry. Can’t stop laughing at Heenan calling the Anvil “Nuts” over and over throughout the match. Owen Hart was so gifted athletically and showed that skill early on with his leverage on the ropes and flipping around the ring. This match went long just like last years tag team match with the Rockers and Orient Express did, and that’s a VERY GOOD THING given the quality.

The New Foundation didn’t last very long but they were a perfect combination of speed, agility and power as Owen worked well with Jim just like Bret did. They came out dressed as the Karate Kids. They were undefeated in the WWF since forming this duo and the match is underway.

Owen begins the bout with Kato.

Owen Hart gets the fans into it by clapping to start and he begins with the masked member of the Orient Express, Kato.

Kato grabbed the arm of Owen Hart and he did his usual flips and then went into an armbar into a wrist lock. He torked the arm over of Kato and Owen asked the ref to ask him, Kato then with a go behind countering it, until Owen flipped over him and then went to roll-up Kato but he hung onto the ropes, then while telling how smart he was Owen had him scouted from behind and his a hiplock back into an armbar grounding Kato. He then went into the armbar and drove his knee into the side of Kato until he got up. Owen then was pressured back with a nice power move by Kato until Owen held onto Kato’s hand and then showed his agility bouncing off the ropes, over and backwards back into a wrist-lock into an armbar with Kato down.

Owen twists the arm of Kato and hits him with a chop and then tags in the Anvil who grabs onto the same arm.

I love how Heenan constantly calls Neidhart nuts in this match and you can just see it in The Anvil’s facial expressions. Awesome power by The Anvil to hit an armdrag takedown and then he pushed Kato down. Kato tagged in Tanaka.

Tanaka and The Anvil going toe to toe now.

Tanaka was pushed down by The Anvil and then he charged towards him but ran into a shoulder block. Neidhart with another shoulder block showing his power tagged in Owen and the two hit a double team move to Tanaka. Anvil scooped him up and slammed him until Owen flew off the top with a leg drop. Owen then hit a back breaker to Tanaka and got a two count.

Good action here and Owen then hits a head butt to Tanaka. The Orient Express then with there first REAL bit of offense as Tanaka hits a chop to Owen, irish whips him to the corner but Owen countered with a back drop and then a spinning heel kick. Nice moves by The Rocket. Owen then irish whipped Tanaka to the corner and then The Anvil irish whipped Owen into Tanaka. Kato came in but The Anvil double clotheslined both men. The Rocket came off from the top and hit both men with a high flying cross body.

They tried to make this match I feel a lot like the match at the previous years Rumble and in instances it was a lot alike but The New Foundation were just not quite as good as The Rockers as far as chemistry and double team moves go but Owen and Jim did a fine job here.

Owen hit a side headlock to Kato who was now the legal man in the ring and then Kato rolled out to buy himself some time.

Tanaka got tagged in and behind the officials back Fuji hit Owen with his cane and then Tanaka worked over The Rocket while the crowd clapped for him.

Kato tagged in and hit Owen with a thrust kick. Kato scored a near fall and then irish whipped Owen and came off with a hard reverse elbow to Owen. Kato then set Owen up in the corner for Tanaka to get a cheap shot while the ref was distracted by The Anvil, and Tanaka choked Owen out. Kato legally tagged in Tanaka and then he irish- whipped Owen into the corner sternum first and got a nearfall. Tanaka tags in Kato and he hits some hard forearm shots to Owen before a snap takedown into a side headlock with Owen grounded.

The New Yorkers clapped in succession trying to cheer on The Rocket and it worked as he got up, dodged two clotheslines until he went for a go-behind crucifix nicely and then hit a backslide out of no where but couldn’t get him.

Kato realizing he was in trouble tagged in Tanaka and he hit a big kick to Owen. This pleased Fuji. Tanaka slapped on a headlock to Owen Hart. Tanaka with a huge chop taking all the steam out of Owen, then slams his head in the buckle. Tanaka cornered Owen but he fell down with him and with Monsoon unsure who got the worst of that move it conveniently bought Owen time to tag in the Anvil but the ref didn’t see it. Owen was then thrown into the corner hard shoulder first right into Fuji’s cane. Kato pinned Owen but got just a two count. Kato stomped on Owen in a vicious manner until grabbing his arm and putting it behind him and then hitting an armbar slam. Kato flipped Owen over and drove his knee into the weakened arm before tagging in Tanaka. Tanaka then went to work on the same arm Kato did and then bent it back and Owen grabbed onto Tanaka’s long hair with his one good hand and then irish whipped him for a beautiful belly to belly suplex and then Kato broke up the pinfall. Tanaka was able to tag in Kato and he clotheslined Owen and got a two count before going into a headlock, right into an armbar again. Owen desperately head butted Kato but it didn’t work as he tagged back in Tanaka. The Heels, The Orient Express were in complete control after the first five minutes of the match and had beaten on Owen for almost the last ten minutes. Great tags in succession by the Express between Kato and Tanaka which allowed them a ton of double team moves and when they both sent Owen to the ropes he came off with a double dropkick. Owen then tagged in Anvil FINALLY and the place went nuts, just like Heenan claimed The Anvil was! Neidhart finally came in all rested and showed his power by hitting the respress with shoulder blocks. Neidhart brilliantly slihg shotted Owen through the ropes to the outside on Kato. Neidhart then sling shotted Owen off the top and Owen came off with a cross body onto Tanaka in the ring!
In the end at 17:18, The New Foundation picked up the hard fought victory when Owen pinned Tanaka.

Awesome opener.

Such a great match with your typical HEEL dominates match but Faces pick up the victory formula. The New Foundation were in control for the first five, Orient Express the next ten until the Foundation got it back together and eventually won the match.

The tag chemistry by the Express mixed with Owen’s impressive athletic ability made this match very fun.


*** 1/2







2) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs The Mountie (c) (w/Jimmy Hart) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



Piper cuts a hilarious promo before the match about the Mountie wanting to seduce him (along the lines of it anyway) Piper was a substitute for Bret Hart, who was originally scheduled to face the Mountie for the belt. 2 days prior to the pay-per-view, the Mountie pinned Bret at a house show to win the title. This was explained by claiming Bret competed with a 104ºF fever at the house show he lost the belt at.

Heenan claimed it would be disgusting if a man who wore a skirt held the IC Title.

Monsoon said Roddy had more integrity in his finger then The Mountie did in his whole body, yet in the pre-match promo Piper talked about how he had no integrity and that’s why he got so far. Okay…..

Fans were going insane for Piper as he took off his shirt and belt and got things going with THe Mountie for the IC title.

Jimmy Hart screamed t Piper on the Mega Phone and Piper began the match by covering Mountie’s face with his skirt! Piper irish whipped Mountie to the ropes but he came off and ducked and went out of the ring and the fans booed. Piper chased him and hit a hard right hand to Mountie on the outside and the place went crazy.

Mountie though, got in control and hit some hard rights of his own and then threw him back in the ring. Mountie leap frogged over Piper twice until Piper outsmarted Mountie on the third attempt then rammed Mountie’s head into the top of the turnbuckle. Piper then hit a bulldog to Mountie. Piper had a Rumble match later in the night so he had the oppurtunity to become the IC Champion and WWF Champion in the same night.

A Double Axehandle by Mountie in the back to the Hot Rod and then it turned into somewhat of a slugfest.

Piper went for a dropkick but Mountie dodged it, then hooked the leg but he didn’t have enough effort to pin the Hot Rod.

Piper had his head slammed into the top of the turnbuckle and Mountie came off with a huge reverse elbow. Mountie tossed Piper to the outside and then Piper hit a shoulder block to Mountie followed by a sunset flip from the outside back into the ring. Piper then punched away on The Mountie before irish whipping him then delivering a hard forearm shot! Piper with a back body drop and the fans very behind Piper as he hit a shot in the gut followed by a go behind and an atomic drop. Mountie then flipped over the ropes showing great strength and went charging towards Piper but he hit Jimmy Hart off the apron and then got caught in a Sleeper by The Hot Rod!

We got a New IC CHAMPION!

In the end Piper won by TKO when he applied the sleeper hold on Mountie at 5:22 to win his first Intercontinental title.

Just like last year they don’t follow up a hot tag match with one of the best singles matches but it still is decent. Piper was great as was the commentary as always by Heenan and Monsoon and that can always help a mediocre match look great!

Good fun.


* 3/4



3) The Beverly Brothers (Blake and Beau) (w/The Genius) vs The Bushwhackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) (w/Jamison)


For the mother of all things motherly is this “Jamison” manager of the Whackers the most annoying face character of all time? VERY CLOSE.

Hell scratch that, HE IS.

I don’t even want to talk about him anymore though. The Beverly’s have done better jobs then they do in this one (especially the next year against the Steiners, more on that next review) And once again with the Whackers, it’s to be expected. A decent tag match at the very best highlighted by Heenan’s quotes about how you need Special attention after you touch the Whackers. Hysterical.

Savage’s brother The Genius gave one of his pointless poem’s before the match. The story here was Jamison wanted to get his hands on The Genius. But I think that more people would of wanted to see Jamison get his ass kicked. I know I did.

Heenan said that Jamison would go home from school to found out his parents had moved, hillarious. Truely a pathetic character he was, not sure why he was invented so its a good thing he didn’t last terribly long.

This match however did.

The first five minues consisted basically of The Heavenly Bodies stomping on Butch and then when the ref broke it up Butch would get up and play to the crowd while the Heavenly Bodies just stood there. Boring as all hell.

Eventually the Whackers double teamed the Bodies and irish whipped them into each other in the middle ring.

Beau and Blake predictably got back in the match and the only thing worse then watching this shit is watching Jamison’s reactions on the outside chewing on his tie. Thankfully Heenan provided some hillarious commentary or else this would be beyond painful.

The Genius smacked Jamison on the outside of the ring which is one of the only bright spots of the match.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to stop this match from completely sucking the life from the entire crowd.

Way too long!

In the end The Beverlies ended up winning when Blake pinned Butch after a Double Axe Handle from Beau at 14:56. After the match, The Bushwhackers held down The Genius while Jamison kicked him. Yeah he kicked him while he tried to make a fist for a good minute, the crowd hated it…I’m glad this character was short lived, unfortunately the match wasn’t.

That was the biggest flaw.

A complete waste of time.






4) The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) (with Jimmy Hart) vs The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team championship


The Legion Of Doom came out to a great ovation as expected as they were on top of another tag team division in another company, trying to cement there legacy.

Road Warrior Hawk and Typhoon started the match and he came off with a shoulder block did Typhoon.

Hawk nailed him with a forearm to the side of the head and jumped off the top with a diving clothesline. Earthquake got tagged in and a dropkick by Hawk didn’t phase him at all. Earthquake went for a dropkick and Hawk moved out of the way and the fans cheered as Earthquake hit nobody. Hawk tags in Animal and Animal and Quake size each other up and down and slug it out.

Road Warrior Animal and Earthquake went back at it in the middle of the ring and Earthquake caught Animal in the “bread basket” and then both guys came off with the same idea and the two hit a double clothesline. Animal then went to pick up Earthquake but he fell back as Quake landed on him and there were almost new champions but Animal got out. Earthquake tagged in Typhoon and he hit Road Warrior Animal with an avalanche.

Typhoon ran into the corner and ran into a big boot by Animal who was waiting in the corner.

Animal tagged in Hawk and he jumped off the top and dropped a vicious blow to Typhoon, Hawk ran off the side ropes and him and Typhoon both clothesline each other but neither man went down. Typhoon then hit a back breaker to Hawk. He dropped a big time elbow right in the kidney area then went for a pin and got a nearfall. He picked up Hawk like a little child and then dropped his entire body weight into the lower back of Hawk. Blow after blow in that rib/kidney area made it hard for them to breathe. Typhoon with a bear hug putting more punishment to Hawk makng it harder for him to breathe. Hawk then climbed to the top and jumped into Quake in the middle of the ring and he slapped on a bear hug yet again.

Earthquake stomped away on Road Warrior Hawk who was down on the canvas unable to tag in Road Warrior Animal and he was rolling in pain. Earthquake just took his time WALKING over him and on top of him before slapping on another bear hug. Typhoon charged towards Hawk in the corner after he was tagged in but Hawk moved out of the way and he ended up running into the turnbuckle and then Hawk finally had boughten enough time to tag in Animal. Road Warrior Animal with a running shoulder block to both Quake and Typhoon. Animal exposing his quickness and came running off the ropes knocking the Natural Disasters with a double clothesline putting them out of the ring. Earthquake with a big slam to Animal outside on the concrete and the bell rang.

Fans booed as the Fink says that the LOD is counted out.
SO the result was that the LOD were counted out so the Disasters won the match but not the titles at 9:24.
Not bad, but nothing truely GOOD. Just your usual filler before The Rumble match.







5) Main Event- The 1992 Royal Rumble Match for the VACANT World Wrestling Federation Championship



This edition (The 1992 Rumble) is often called the most star filled and best overall Rumble of all time.

Well for one the WWF Title was on the line this time around so that always helps, and two, the BOOKING was top notch as was the performance of Nature Boy Ric Flair in his first Royal Rumble.

There was of course a ton of other qualities that made this edition so good but I will get to that in this review.
HBK talked about what he did on the Barber Shop with Sean Mooney about eliminating Marty Jannetty out of the Rumble Match after throwing him through a glass window.

Ric Flair said coming out at #3 could be looked at as a disadvantage but when your the Nature Boy you have to be ready for things like this, and when you claim to be the REAL WORLD’S Champion, you have to be ready for anything.

Macho Man Randy Savage said this is the single greatest wrestling match ever and with a ton of competition he will go back to the top of the Mountain, he said one thing is he’s going to get the Snake Man. Savage also said he’ll also become the WWF Champion, threw off his shades so you could see his crazy eyes then said DIG IT!?

Sid said just open your eyes and you will see that he is the man that is superior to all. Sid Justice said he is the next World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Repo Man said one of the greatest thrills in life is when you get to TAKE SOMETHING and he said tonight it’s going to be a thrill when he takes the WWF Title away from 29 other men.

Bulldog said the last time he was in a match like this he won and how great it’s going to be to win tonight.

Roberts said that for 29 men it’s going to be a big dissapointment. He told Savage that he’ll be waiting for him but he’ll have enough left in the tank to win the WWF Title.

Flair again with Perfect talked about how he was going to be the man.

Taker was next.
Paul Bearer said there will be 29 caskets, and Taker said that once more he will be crowned World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Hogan then said in one given afternoon he would prove the power of Hulkamania. I love Hogan promo’s, especially back then but by 1992 he got so corny and repetitive that it was just plain ridiculous. It was no wonder he started to get booed around this time.
The match begins and Rick Martel holds the record for logetivity in a Rumble Match last year.

Fink said this is for the WWF Title.

Bulldog’s music hit and Heenan said “Thank God!” because he was Flair’s business associate.

Dibiase then come at entrant #2.

The Million Dollar Man came out to meet the Bulldog.

The Rumble began! What was to become, the Ric Flair SHOW…..

Bulldog with a hard irishwhip to DiBiase and then DiBiase threw Bulldog by the hair into the corner and hit him with some hard chops. Ted Dibiase then hit Bulldog with a clothesline and then a snapshot vertical suplex. DiBiase with a gut-wrench suplex. DiBiase drops the elbow on Davey Boy Smith and then he picks him up again and hits another Vertical Suplex. DiBiase then threw Bulldog out of the ring but he landed on the apron little did he know. DiBiase celebrated a bit to early and Bulldog came from behind shocking him and clotheslined him out of the ring and the fans went insane! Bulldog eliminated Dibiase!

Out at #3 is Flair and Heenan goes nuts which is just hysterical. Flair then came out in his robe with Mr. Perfect and then Hennig gave Flair a big high five as Flair let out a WOO. Flair then strutted around the ring and Davey Boy Smith shoved Flair down. Flair and Bulldog tie up but Bulldog then lifts Flair in the air and he hits him with a power press slam after lifting him in the air several times. Flair gets cornered by Bulldog and Davey Boy Smith hit him with a charging clothesline. Bulldog almost eliminated Flair but a new entrant came out.

Saggs of the Nasty Boys is #4 and he runs to the ring and attacks Davey Boy Smith from behind while Bulldog was working on Flair in the corner of the ring. Flair chops Bulldog down and now its a double team with Flair and The Nasty Boy stomp away at Bulldog. Flair chopped Bulldog down and then Saggs and Flair both irishwhipped him to the turnbuckle but he came back and hit a double clothesline. Bulldog threw Saggs out of the ring! Fans popped as Davey Boy Smith had eliminated two men now and had cornered Flair and Heenan kept saying “This isn’t FAIR TO FLAIR!” and he would do that many times throughout the match.

Flair begged for some mercy even at the start of the match, I always get a kick out of Naitch doing this, a lot of heels do it obviously but it always comes off looking the best when he did it.

Haku then came out as the fifth entrant and he immediately attacked Bulldog and helped out Flair. Haku then went to work on Flair, and Flair hit some chops on HAKU. Haku stared at Flair and then Ric backed off saying “COME ON NOW…” and backed off hilariously in the same fashion he did earlier with Davey Boy. A reverse chop by Haku and then Bulldog eliminated Haku. Davey Boy had eliminated three men now and it was back down to him and Flair, and it wasn’t fair to Flair apparently from the mouth of a concerned Bobby the Brain Heenan.

Shawn Michaels came jogging out in cocky fashion at #6 and by now all the fans were against him due to what he did to his former Rocker partnery Jannetty. Marty couldn’t compete in the match as a result to further put that feud over. Shawn and Flair went at it a bit previewing a retirement match that would happen over 16 years later in Flair’s last match in the WWE. Bulldog almost threw HBK over but he kicked back up and then Shawn went at Flair in the corner. Shawn then kicked at Davey Boy but he irish whipped Shawn hard into the corner and then with HBK up top he kicked at his stomach and then shook the ropes and Shawn bounced up and down.

Another entry emerged and at lucky #7 it was Tito Santana. Flair then chopped the former IC Champion in the corner but Santana the more rested of the two immediately went to work on a vulnerable Ric Flair. Shawn kicked at Davey Boy who then went to throw out Santana but he didn’t go out. Davey Boy came from behind and nearly had eliminated Shawn Michaels but he stayed in the ring after rolling under the bottom rope to stay in the match. Flair with a desperate move to lowblow Bulldog and then he almost got him out until Santana saved him. Santana with a flying forearm found the mark on Flair and Heenan called it a flying Jalapeno.

#8 was The Barbarian. Heenan said while he managed The Barbarian he barely liked him. Hilarious from Heenan, expect nothing less during this match. Either way Bobby The Brain didn’t like how the men who were coming into the ring didn’t get any smaller because he was worried about how Flair of course who would do just fine. Five men still in the Rumble match in HBK, Bulldog, Barbarian, Flair and Tito Santana. Three men were eliminated all by the Bulldog.

The countdown went again and out at the number nine spot was none other then Kerry Von Erich, the Texas Tornado. Von Erich and Flair eyed each other up and I loved it knowing the history they had together. Von Erich then pounded on Flair in the corner with a ton of huge shots and then Flair went for a walk and collapsed in mid-ring with his typical face-flop. Hillarious. Bulldog catapolted Shawn into the buckle. Santana hit Barbarian with a face buster. Flair then got Von Erich down and kicked away at the head of him to try and weaken The Texas Tornado. Flair hit him with a big chop!

Out runs The Repo Man at Number 10! tons of action all over the ring as double team moves help out every man in there as friend partnered with friend, foe with foe. Flair hit Von Erich with some chops.

Speaking of Chops, one hell of a stiff worker comes out at Number eleven. Greg The Hammer Valentine who lasted 44 minutes in the 1991 Rumble came running out, it seemed like everyone who was in the ring was a former IC Champion. As of right now in 2010, the only two of the seven in the ring who weren’t an IC Champion was Repo Man and Barbarian. The other five in the ring were Davey Boy, Santana, Michaels, Flair, Von Erich and Valentine. Volkoff then attacked Von Erich, and then listening to Valentine chop the hell out of Flair was quite the noise. Flair collapsed due to the fatigue. Davey Boy who began the match even became fatigued of course. The Hammer`s shots certainly didn`t help. Valentine’s chops could be heard from a mile away. Monsoon thinks it was fair, Heenan replied not to Flair. Valentine then went for the figure four on Ric Flair! Volkoff then got thrown out of the ring while Valentine had the figure four on Flair. Valentine picked up Flair and hit him with some more chops in the corner.

Out next was The Big Bossman to a good ovation. Bossman then gave Flair some right hands and Repo Man eliminated Greg The Hammer Valentine. Kind of a shocker right there. Repo Man hammered on Bossman’s gut and Shawn Michaels was almost eliminated but stayed in the ring. Bossman got a hold of Repo Man and threw him out of the ring. Ric Flair then chopped Santana in the corner. Heenan was so nervous he said he wanted to leave for ringside!

The countdown continued and Nikolai Volkoff came out. A 320 pound man wasn’t going to make things any easier.

More chopping all over the ring, and Flair spotted a tired Davey Boy Smith. Ric Flair then back dropped Bulldog over the top rope to the outside! Fans reacted appropriately.

Flair then eliminated Kerry Von Erich and the fans booed. Naitch on a roll! Santana and Michaels both eliminated each other and out comes Hercules at unlucky #13. What action seen already though. The Barbarian and Flair both high fived and then Flair hit him with a big chop. Barbarian looked pissed off and Flair begged for mercy again which was hilarious. Barbarian eliminated Hercules, Bossman eliminated the Barbarian. It was now just down to Bossman and Flair. Flair needed oxygen and it was already a great performance in the Rumble match and it made it seem even greater due to the great commentary of Heenan. Bossman was eliminated as he charged towards Flair and he fell over the top rope and the fans booed. Flair collapsed in the ring.

Not even at the halfway point and Flair was exhausted and out ran the new IC Champion, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Flair looked like he was going to cry and Piper with a ton of energy hit a big clothesline to Flair on the outside of the ring. Piper threw Flair back inside the ring and then got headbutted by Piper. Piper cornered Flair and then pounded him up high with a ton of right hands and got to 6 until Flair hit an atomic drop, but Piper hit a thumb to the eye, taking a page out of the Dirtiest Player in the Game’s book and then Piper hit a fire man’s carry into an airplane spin and Flair turned around and got caught in a sleeper! This is the same move Piper used in almost all of his matches and the same move he won the IC title earlier in the night over The Mountie with. Piper could of easily eliminated Flair but he made a mistake by slapping on a sleeper because he became grounded.
Out at the middle entry was Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts broke up Piper’s sleeper hold on Flair. Roberts cornered Piper and then was about to hit a big time DDT to Flair after he was tanked from the sleeper but Piper saved him and Heenan then bagan to suck up to Piper which was beyond hilarious once more. Jake the Snake Roberts then went to eliminate Piper and Flair got some rest in the corner while Heenan claimed Flair had probably lost 6 or 7 pounds already.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out at #16 and Heenan yelled “OH NO” and then he went after Flair like all the new BABYFACE entrants did and he irishwhipped him hard into the turnbuckle. USA chants and Duggan speared Piper. Duggan unloaded shots on Ric Flair. Heenan then came up with more brilliant stuff and said Hulk Hogan had something to do with Flair drawing number three. Four men in the ring were Flair, Piper, Roberts and Duggan. Flair’s conditioning was top notch due to him going this length of time in the 1980’s (In the NWA regularly) so this was difficult, yet possible.

IRS came out next. Irwin slowly walked to the ring not wasting any energy as the fans booed. Flair went to throw out Duggan but he didn’t go over. Duggan then grabbed a hold of IRS’s tie in the corner. Flair and Roberts double teaming The Hot Rod trying to eliminate him but Hacksaw ran up from behind and gave Flair and Roberts a double noggen-knocker. Every time the buzzer rings, Roberts got paranoid to the Macho Man Randy Savage coming out at any moment. The Roberts/Savage feud was so big it should of been on a Wrestlemania card and probably would of been at WM 8 but Savage vs Flair was pushed over that.

Out next was Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Snuka came out and and gave a headbutt to Flair. Piper chopped Flair in the corner and then raked the eyes of Flair and almost eliminated him. Snuka pounded on IRS in one corner. Jake Roberts almost eliminated Flair once again. Ric Flair caught those headbutt`s from the Superfly. Snuka chopped Slick Ric off the ropes, Duggan caught him with rights down on his knees. Monsoon reminds us we haven`t seen Slaughter, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker among others. Talk about a stacked Rumble match. In the ring Piper continued chops on a man he had a big history with, in Ric Flair. Flair then backed off by Jake the Snake and he attempted to toss out Naitch.

#20 was The Undertaker. Taker came out slowly with Paul Bearer and in 1991 he had an impressive showing eliminating a few people, and a couple of months before this match he won his first WWF Championship. Everyone in the front section stood up to see Taker live in person LIKELY for the first time. Taker then hit Snuka with a big shot and he eliminated the man he defeated at Wrestlemania 7 via the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker hit Hacksaw Jim Duggan with a right hand and Taker grabbed Flair by the throat. Flair then chopped at Taker and he grabbed both Flair and Piper by the throat. Taker eliminated Snuka by a shot from the throat.

Savage came running out next at #21. The Macho man came in but Taker choked him out and Flair collapsed in the corner. Savage found Roberts and the two went at it in the corner. Savage found Jake the Snake Roberts because he was a little bit upset….a little bit oveeerr the edge….maybe a little bit INSAAAAANE if ya know what I mean. Savage clotheslined Roberts out of the ring and then Savage eliminated HIMSELF proving what this feud meant to him. Savage and Roberts were going crazy, however the rule at the time was you need to be THROWN out by someone else so Savage was allowed back in. Taker raked on Savage’s face. What star power in this Rumble, one of the reasons it was so awesome. IRS, Piper, Flair, Savage, Taker, Duggan are the six men in the ring right now.

The 22nd entrant and the seventh man in the ring was The Bezerker. It wasn’t often when a jobber would come to the ring in this Rumble but it happened right now. He came in for some STAR RELIEF after the Macho Man and hit on the head of Taker. Flair worked on Savage in the corner and Heenan questioned if he was NUTS because he needed to take it easy, since Flair was approaching 45 minutes of the match and was in no need to go after someone like the Macho Man. Heenan then hilariously said he never thought he’d say this but Flair needs to try and WEASEL his way out. Monsoon of course questioned it. Savage turned the offensive momentum against Flair and suplexed him back into the ring. Taker choked on Piper and Flair at the same time. Piper and Taker originally were choking on a fatigued Nature Boy Ric Flair. Then Taker took it easy on Flair and used his other glove for the throat of the Hot Rod.

Virgil came out next and he was fresh obviously and went right to work on IRS due to the history with Dibiase. One of the funniest things of the entire Rumble was then said when Heenan said Virgil just came out right? WHO KNOWS HOW MANY BAGS he was going through in the back, then Monsoon said his usual “WILL YOU STOP!” Undertaker had Flair over the top rope but he didn’t go to the outside. Flair had been in there for 47 minutes and was just five minutes from setting the record. Piper and Virgil were now going at it and they were friends from the year before for further proof that its every man for himself.

Out comes Moustafa at entrant #24. IRS hanging in there and Randy Savage raked the eyes of Undertaker. Randy Savage choking out Taker on the side ropes until The Bezerker grabbed him and threw him in the corner.

The current record holder comes out at #25 as Rick Martel lasted 52:34 last year. Hogan and Sid as well as Sgt. Slaughter have yet to still arrive and we’ve seen so many big names already. Flair has been in there for 50 minutes. Martel attempted to eliminate Flair but couldn’t get him out. Savage eliminated Moustafa. Taker then choked down Savage while Martel attempted to get Flair out of there.

Nine people in the ring, and the tenth man and 26th entrant in the ring is The Hulk! Great pop for the Immortal Hulk Hogan. The man who had won the last two rumbles and the odds on favourite comes out and then he goes right after Flair. Hogan then went after his current rival The Undertaker until Bezerker grabbed him and Taker took some shots against Hogan. Taker kicked at Hogan in the middle of the ring, then Hogan clotheslined Taker from the side of the ropes and he eliminated him! Hogan then back dropped the Bezerker out of the ring and the place goes crazy, some fans boo though, they’re just not CENA BOO’s. Virgil went out with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Savage, Flair and Hogan, as well as Piper still in the ring.

Out runs Skinner. The A list cast continues to come out, but I’m only joking about this one.

Hogan hit Flair with a knee to the gut in the corner!
In the other corner Savage was hanging onto the top of the tunbuckle while Rick Martel was below him trying to eliminate him. Piper then chopped Flair. Skinner threw Hogan in the corner. Flair and Piper continued to chop each other. IRS grabbed onto Savage while Martel took a breather in the other corner. Flair then got away from Piper and ran into Hogan who irishwhipped him into the corner. Heenan said it wasn’t fair to Flair that he was still in there.

Sgt. Slaughter then came out. Skinner was thrown out by The Macho Man. Hogan and Piper then are squaring off like it was the War to Settle the Score! Only not 1985, and two more entrants to come out and seven men are in the ring. Savage, IRS, Hogan, Slaughter, Piper, Flair and Martel. Flair just broke the record at 55 minutes. Heenan said they should just give him the title. Any time the camera went off Flair Heenan said that’s where the camera should be.

Sid came out to a huge reaction. Sid with a big right hand to IRS. Sid then cornered Ric Flair and laughed sadistically while he choked out Flair who had gone near an hour.

Warlord came out as the last entrant.

On the outside of the ring Ric Flair got suplexed by Hulk Hogan. Slaughter got sent by Sid Justice into the corner and he went flying out! Flair caught a big boot by Hulk Hogan.

Warlord, Piper, and Martel were all eliminated by Justice.

Sid scooped up The Macho Man Randy Savage.

Flair bumped into Sid and Savage was eliminated and Heenan said “OH MY GOD!”

I love it.

Hogan sent Flair into the corner and he went upside down. Sid then eliminated Hogan and the place popped!
I often hear about how the WWF dropped the ball by not putting Flair vs Hogan at Wrestlemania 8. I can`t see the logic on that. You mean to tell me if it was Savage vs Sid, and Hogan vs Flair it would of been better….I really could NOT see that happening. Savage and Flair put on an all time classic and who knows if Hogan would of been able to do the same. Just my two cents because whenever the 92 Rumble or WM 8 gets brougth up, that seems to be a popular topic with people and still is today.
The Hulkster was eliminated! A lot of people were shocked seeing as he was a favourite to win for the third time in a row, and it has been HEAVILY rumored that the WWF editted out cheers when Hulk got eliminated because the fans were so sick of him by that point.

In the end of the marathon of a Rumble, Flair lifted up Sid and eliminated him with help from Hulk who wanted revenge on Sid.

The Nature Boy has done it! From the territories of the NWA to the big league up North.

Ric Flair is the World Wrestling Federation Champion! Finally!….

Heenan had an orgasm and Flair won the WWF title for the first time at 1:02:02.

Flair did it.

Probably the best booked Rumble ever with arguably one of the best performances of all time in a Rumble match by Naitch. Flair is the new WWF Champion and he said it was the greatest moment in his entire life.

The Best Royal Rumble match of all time.


**** 3/4






Final Rating for WWF Royal Rumble 1992 = 7.5/10



This show featured an epic rumble, a great opener, hilarious commentary, a couple of decent matches and only one thing that was really god awful. This is the best Rumble PPV to date as they just kept getting better and this would be the best Rumble PPV probably in the first decade for the company, thanks in large part to the actual Rumble match itself!

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The royal rumble match itself was absolutely brilliant. There were also other good matches. I have it on DVD as part of the tagged classics DVD along with Royal Rumble 1991.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    SO many stars, only Rumble match for the title, excellent story-telling, booking and workrate. Best Rumble match ever.

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