Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1994 DVD

May 9, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1994 Review:



“I don’t need you with a bad leg doin’ it Bret! You’re too damn selfish, & that’s why you’re sittin’ there with a bad leg, & that’s why I kicked your leg out of your leg!”         -“The Rocket” Owen Hart

-WWF Royal Rumble 1994 took place on Sunday, January 22nd, 1994 at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island in front of 14, 500 fans.

-This was the 4th Annual WWF Royal Rumble event.
-This was the first and only (as of this wring) Rumble where two guys won at the end.

-This was the first Rumble to not have Gorilla Monsoon do commentary since 1988 when Vince McMahon did it then as well.

-Diesel broke the record at the time with most eliminations in a Rumble match with 7.

-Several of the events during the Royal Rumble match led to feuds and pay-per-view matches later in 1994. The uncertainty surrounding Shawn Michaels’ assistance in eliminating Diesel from the Royal Rumble foreshadowed the split between the two at Survivor Series 1994. Diesel’s performance in the Royal Rumble, however, played a large role in helping him become the first wrestler to win the WWF’s Triple Crown in one calendar year. Meanwhile, Crush and Randy Savage faced each other in a Falls Count Anywhere match at WrestleMania X to settle their feud, and Doink and his midget sidekick Dink faced Bigelow and his kayfabe girlfriend Luna Vachon in a mixed tag match.

The Undertaker did not appear in the WWF for several months after his loss to Yokozuna. In reality, he was given time off to allow a back injury to heal. During his absence, the WWF promoted his return by showing video clips of people who claimed to have seen The Undertaker. Ted DiBiase claimed to have brought The Undertaker back to the WWF, but Paul Bearer informed him that DiBiase’s Undertaker was an impostor. Paul Bearer claimed to have located the true Undertaker, which led to a match at SummerSlam 1994 between DiBiase’s Undertaker (portrayed by Brian Lee) and Paul Bearer’s original Undertaker. After defeating the fake Undertaker, Bearer’s Undertaker got revenge against Yokozuna by winning a Casket match at Survivor Series 1994. To help prevent outside interference, Chuck Norris was brought in as a guest referee.

-The first televised match of the pay per view was supposed to be Ludvig Borga vs Tatanka.

-Vince McMahon and The “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase do commentary for the event. Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon only broadcasted the IC Title match.
-The Brooklyn Brawler defeated Jim Powers in a dark match before the show began on PPV.

-Now onto the PPV……………
1) Opening Contest- Tatanka vs Bam Bam Bigelow (with his Main Squeeze Luna Vachon)

I remember this being a decent contest the last time I saw it. As pointed out, Ludvig Borga to this day has pissed away (who hasn`t) and even though he wasn`t dead at the time he still didn`t wrestle Tatanka and the feud was never resolved. Bam Bam took his spot.

Okay by me, Bam Bam is always entertaining.
Bam Bam Bigelow gets attacked in the early going in the corner by the Native American, Tatanka.

Both men in The Rumble match later on tonight so they didn`t try and go ALL out in this single`s match, but the pacing was still really good for this one.

The match began as mentioned when Bigelow went to drive his power into Tatanka in the corner but Tatanka moved out of the way and met a few upper cuts from the native american. Tatanka then got hit back and Bam Bam hit a drop kick to the corner before irish whipping Tatanka to the buckle but he fought off the pressure with some quick drop kick`s to Bam Bam. Tatanka with an arm drag takedown and then a side headlock to wear the big man down.

Tatanka had Bam Bam in am armbar till Bam Ban pushed him to the ropes but Tatanka still came back with a DDT! DDT followed by going to the top and coming off with a cross body but Bam Bam Bigelow moved out of the way obvioussly knowing his way around the ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow in the driver`s seat for the first time and kicks at Tatanka on the canvas before sending him to the corner and gave Tatanka some hard forearms. Bam Bam went to splash him in the corner but Tatanka moved out of the way, he went to the top rope did Tatanka and went for a sunset flip but Bam Bam wouldn`t go down, he eventually did go down to drop his body weight on Tatanka but he had moved out of the way in time. Bam Bam Bigelow then kicks at Tatanka at the side of the ring. Bam Bam Bigelow went for a right but it was blocked by Tatanka who battled back with of his own right`s until Bam Bam gave him a spinning kick to the head. Bam Bam went for a three but got a near fall.

Bam Bam Bigelow dropped the forearm yet again to Tatanka before slapping a bear hug on him! Tatanka had injured his lower ribs before this match so Bam Bam was following that story up and he continued to wear down Tatanka in that fashion. Bam Bam squeezed away on Tatanka in mid-ring for a good chunk of time to damage the ribs badly of Tatanka until eventually he got out of it and ran right into a shoulder block by Bam Bam. Didn`t see that one coming….has to be one of the most repeated spots in any match but this was a good match thus far so no real complaints.

Tatanka bounced off the ropes but Bam Bam and Tatanka both collided in mid-air as they tried for a cross body but both hit. Back to his feet first was Bam Bam and he slammed Tatanka head first into the corner. Tatanka tried to do that hop he does to get back in the match but Bam Bam hit him down. Bam Bam then went to the top rope and hit a moonsault. Bam Bam was very agile and not many big guys could even hit a moonsault from the top and Tatanka though got to his feet now after that mistake by Bam Bam.

Tatanka came splashing off the top!

The finish came at 8:12 when Tatanka defeated Bam Bam Bigelow when he pinned him after a crossbody from the top.

Good single’s opener here!
** 1/2





2) The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) (c) (with Johnny Polo) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart and “The Rocket” Owen Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champonship



What a great match this is.

First we get a big look into the feud going in and there`s a long history with Bret and Owen and Owen was feeling he was in the shadow of his brother (because he was) and it made all sense in the world after there interaction at Survivor Series 1993. Owen came out to celebrate with Bret and the other Hart brothers it appeared when they won but Owen took Bret down and pushed him. Owen then challenged Bret to a match, Bret said NO and then over the holiday`s (in kayfabe world) they got back together and cut a promo about patching things up.

Then they showed clips of the Quebecers winning the tag title`s on Raw and they showed two seperate promo`s from the team of Bret and Owen. (One from the holiday`s and one from before the match)

Dibiase kept saying on commentary that Owen was the shadow of Bret, shadow being the key word as he kept foreshadowing it. It was a brilliant storyline but if it happened today you wouldn`t think it to be so magnificent because the same thing has been repeated but not in the WWF had it been done and with guys like Owen and Bret, it just made it flat out money.

Bret and Owen get a great pop, the Quebecers and Johnny Polo there manager (aka Raven) do not get a good one as expected. Raven gives us a sadistic smile before the match. I think these might have been around the times he was partying it up with Shane O Mac and Vince wasn`t too happy….hmmm…wonder why he never was around after awhile.

Four Canadian`s about to get it on for the tag title`s in a very fast match at a very good event.

Todd Pettingill kept callimng them the “COCKY QUEBECERS” yet Bret and Owen said if they thought (themselves) were confident, it`d be an understatement. Sounds like BOTH teams were cocky and Pettingill is jus being biased.

Bret and Pierre of the Quebecers start things out.

Pierre tied up with Bret and Pierre won the tests of strength early and then slammed him down, Bret got back by kicking Pierre in the abdominal area until tagging in Owen and he came in the ring and tied up with Pierre and did his usual 4-5 flips back and forward like he usually did while Dibiase credits him and Vince is amazed by Owen`s speed. Owen then with an armdrag takedown to Pierre before he tags in Jacques.

Jacques applauds and the fans boo as Owen stands there looking at a possible weakness to take him down. The Harts could of been one of the greatest tag teams of all time if they stood around longer given Owen bringing the aerial and Bret bringing the technical, plus the chemistry of being HART brothers as well as how good they were as individual`s already.

Owen irish whipped Jacques and then dropkicked him before Jacques took a breather in the corner and the fans booed. Bret gave The Rocket some words of encouragment as he re-grouped in his corner and then tied up with Jacques again and went for a spinning heel kick but Jacques held Owen`s leg and slapped at him until Owen did eventually hit the kick to a big pop! Owen gets a nearfall on Jacques! Owen then tagged in Bret before he lifted up Jacques`s head and slammed it on Bret`s boot from the outside. Bret went up high and dropped an elbow to Jacques and got a two. Jacques with a small package and another two before an irish whip, a hip toss and a sunset flip and still got a two. Jacques then got up and slammed Bret`s head into the corner while Pierre got in the ring and slammed Owen`s head in the corner. Both Quebecer`s irish whipped Bret and Owen from both corners together but they avoided the collision in a great spot and Owen ended up rolling Pierre but he wasn`t the legal man!

The Hitman in the ring with The Rocket as they looked at The Quebecers on the outside and the fans clap as this has been a great match, but the Quebecer`s needed a break.

The Hitman was tenacious in his attack and flipped Pierre in the hard way. Pierre got a headbutt and then slammed his head on Owen`s boot in the corner. Owen then irish whipped Pierre and caught a flying clothesline from The Rocket! Near fall then Owen with a brilliant gutwrench suplex to Pierre followed by another nearfall and then a legdrop! Owen picked up Pierre and tagged in Bret and he went right back to work on the mid-section of Pierre, ducks a clothesline but still caught a Powerslam! Pierre in the uperhand on Bret now and tagged in Jacques. Jacques then kicked at Bret`s abdomen while Pierre held him up.

Dibiase from commentary said Bret was overconfident and a little too cocky as Owen looked on in frustration. This would all come into play later in the match. Jacques then sent Bret to the corner hard, then irish whipped him to the ropes, a clothesline and a covrer on Bret. Jacques tagged back in Pierre and the fans chanted “GO BRET GO!“

The Quebecer`s took apart the Hitman as Jacques then choked out Bret on the middle rope, then come off the other ropes and dropped his body weight onto Bret before Owen tried coming in to help Bret but couldn`t. Jacques then with an elbow to the chops of The Hitman! The Quebecer`s showing good teamwork. Jacques turned around and jumped from the top and caught a boot from Bret! Bret tagged in Owen since he bought himself some time and the fans went crazy. Owen then double teamed The Quebecer`s with a beautiful belly to belly suplex, and a back drop, followed by a spinning heel kick to Pierre before he locked in the Sharpshooter but Jacques ran with Owen`s hair behind the ref`s back and planted him face first in the canvas.

Jacques then with frequent tags with Pierre in the ring and slammed Owen`s head into the corner before tagging in Pierre. Pierre then irish whipped Owen and he went off the ropes, ducked a clothesline from the Quebecer`s and then tagged in Bret to a huge pop!

Bret came in and levelled both Quebecer`s with a right hand and then a dropkick to Jacques. Pierre got a back breaker as it looked to be a side slam by Bret. Bret had time to rest as Owen was doing his work while he was resting on the outside but now it`d be Bret then would have to be the one who`s endurance was tested and it wasn`t the first time of the night. Jacques then went out Bret over the ropes, he went to get back in the ring but Pierre knocked him off the apron and he landed knee first on the outside.

Bret then caught a knee injury.

The Quebecer`s then worked on Bret`s injured knee on the outside as Jacques landed with all his his body weight right on the leg, but the fans chanted “GO BRET GO“!s Bret took a ton of stomps from the outside of the ring and the fans booed. Owen knowing his brother was hurt was trying to help him but the ref was distracted and then Pierre grabbed a steel chair and slammed Bret in the injured knee with it!

The DAMAGE was already done by The Quebecer`s to Bret and Owen, more specifically, Bret`s injured knee.

Owen and Jacques were fighting on the outside and Jacques hit Bret in the knee with a weapon behind the official`s back, Vince was furious on commentary on the beat down.

Back in the ring Pierre just stomped away on his injured knee. Pierre tagged back in Jacques and he kept the knee work up and the fans clapped in succession as Dibiase kept repeating “All he has to do is tag!“ then his evil sadistic laugh like only Dibiase can do!

A half crab locked onto Bret!

Bret kicked Pierre off him with his one good leg but it didn`t matter because Jacques already landed from the top on to Bret. Dibiase says they are showing great skill, Vince says they`re showing no SKILL and it`s just a beatdown. Dibiase says his motto has been whatever it takes, and isn`t that the truth in the case of The Quebecer`s here.

Dibiase claims Bret for not tagging in Owen was hogging the spotlight but the truth was he couldn`t move to the corner in time!

Bret kicked Pierre in the face as he was coming down on him and the fans were going crazy!

Bret locked in the shapshooter on Jacques but then his knee buckled on him.

The bell rang.
In the end The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre) retained the tag team titles at 16:48 of the match when the match was stopped due to the beating Bret had taken, which of course made Owen extremely furious.

The place booed!

The finish was dissaponting as it was a great match but it fit the storyline and Owen`s epic heel turn brilliantly.

After the match, Owen then was furious as it was Bret and Owen`s destiny to win this match. Dibiase said he should of been Vince couldn`t believe it, those two argued. Dibiase then laughed sadistically after Owen kicked Bret`s leg out of his leg! Dibiase says this is the smartest thing Owen has ever done because he`s not going to stand in the shadow any more. Owen then walked out as the place booed him out of the building and Owen kept saying to the camera “I know he had a bad leg. Why didn`t he just tag me! You`re too damn selfish!“ McMahon then hillariously yelled out “I can`t believe he said those words!“

Dibiase then said Owen with this new attitude is going to go to the top! Vince said unfortunately Bret wouldn`t be, due to the bad knee and Dibiase laughed. This was brilliant because it set up Bret`s underdog story for the Rumble match later as well, this was just great, great booking back then!

Amazing, awesome action and story telling. This is just GOOD, GOOD stuff here. Tag work doesen`t come much better, the stuff afterwards almost makes this a CLASSIC and it might as well have been. Just more great work as you`d expect from the likes of Bret and Owen around this time. This match would be good on a possible Bret 2nd DVD or an Owen DVD.






3) “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon (c) vs Irwin R. Schyster for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship

Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon do commentary for this match.
They had two commentary teams so this was a good idea to give Vince and DiBiase a break.

Following up on what just transpired, Ross talked about how the Hart family should be in disgust with Owen and then Monsoon yelled out that they should disown him! Good stuff.

Razor and Rotunda squaring off for the IC Title, neither Hall or Rotunda were bad workers, both infact were pretty good so this match should come off decent. It`s just Rotunda`s best work was not under the IRS name, I guess wrestling with a tie would drag you down.

Anyways “The Bad Guy“s match started off with him and IRS circling around each other until Razor got fired up after Rotunda slapped him around a little bit and then Razor Ramon got bent out of shape and got fired up. This put Scott Hall on his game like a six pack would! Bad joke.

IRS got back in the ring after a breather and Razor Ramon tried tying up with him but Irwin slammed him head first into the buckle and IRS brawling a little bit hitting an upper cut. Irwin went off the ropes but Razor Ramon got him with an uppercut.

Irwin tried all he could to get Razor Ramon off his game by slapping him and hoping Razor would change the style of match to a brawl to get Razor off HIS game. Razor Ramon then caught Irwin down with an atomic drop and a clothesline but got a near fall! Razor Ramon came off the ropes and then Irwin went flying but stopped to show his agility and then he threw Razor Ramon out of the ring. Irwin then sent Razor head first into the steel post on the outside.

IRS then got back in the ring and posed after doing the damage to the Bad Guy.

Ross claimed he was wondering if the Self Proclaimed IC Champion-Shawn Michaels was watching.

IRS slammed Razor Ramon down and then he dropped the elbow from the top, and dodged a potential boot from Razor, he scores a nearfall on him then slaps on a headlock.

The place was chanting RAZOR while he got out of the headlock but Schyster came off with a knee to the mid-section from the ropes catching Razor`s head and then he hot him right in the head to wear him down.

IRS then sensing victory went to slam Razor face first but Hall reversed it and then smacked him head first while the fans cheered, but Irwin got back in control with an elbow to the jaw of Hall! Rotunda utilized his mat game soon after and knocked Razor right off his feet with a snap takedown then a leg drop right back into the Sleeper after another nearfall! I`m glad they pointed out Irwin was very intelligent with an amateur background and he was fundamentally sound.

Great positioning by Rotunda with the reverse chinlock to Razor Ramon. Irwin weared him down into a side headlock and even used the legs for leverage on the side ropes behind the officials back as the ref was belly first and eye level with Razor on the canvas so he couldn`t see. Great wrestling.

Razor Ramon, the Intercontinental Champion still in a bad predicament int he sleeperhold but he got to his feet after the crowd willed him on and it was time for a gut check. Razor Ramon then battled to his vertical base and blocked a right hand, and then landed some hard right hands on IRS dropping him down. Irwin then almost getting knocked out of his suspenders, literally which JR calls, gets taken down by Ramon and he gets a nearfall. A follow up earlier in the match showed Ramon slapping Irwin in the corner.

Behind the official`s back Irwin went to hit Razor with the briefcase but Razor took it out of his hands and then smakced IRS in the face as the crowd went crazy but the ref was down!

Razor Ramon then had the match won, ducked a round house right and then Razor set IRS on the top buckle and landed with a back suplex to IRS!
Razor said it was time for the Edge, he had him in position

Razor set up for the Razor`s Edge and then he went to hit it but the Self Proclaimed IC Champion-Shawn Micheals came running out and nailed Ramon behind the officials back!

The fans booed as both mens were down.

Shawn left ringside.

IRS turned around having no clue what happened saw the oppurtunity and went over for the cover on Razor Ramon. The late Joey Marella was the official and he got up slowly and then counted the three.

Irwin had TEMPORARILY won the IC Title and the fans booed while Jim Ross said he was the new champion and it was NOT fair! Monsoon does his usual Miscarriage of justice call.

All of the sudden (and this is what I hate about WWF consistency;although I should probably stop now before I question there logic to avoid the headache) the ref comes out and then another ref tells him what had happened so the match has re-started!

Razor then hit the Razor`s Edge on IRS and he pinned him, Joey Marella now knowing what had happened all of the sudden announced to himself apparently that the match was still on. Ross says Justice Prevailed.
In the end Razor Ramon defeated IRS at 11:30 to retain his IC title when he was decided the champion as both men layed on there back. The place erupted, Ross yells listen to this crowd as the late Joey Marella hands the Bad Guy his IC strap and he holds up both title’s.

Good stuff.

** 1/2




4) Yokozuna (c) (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) vs The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) for the World Wrestling Federation Championshp in a Casket Match
Yokozuna challenged Taker by doing the taunt near the throat, Taker turned around and as Yokozuna charged towards him Taker slammed him head first then delivered right hands. Undertaker clearly the aggressor in the early stages with clotheslines off the ropes and they wont bring Yokozuna off his feet till the last one and he rolls out.

Yokozuna slammed Taker head first on the steps.
Yokozuna then could NOT believe how Taker would NOT go down. Must be frustrating.

Taker then hit at Yoko and then used the top rope and came off across the back, neck and shoulder region which is a very large one on Yokozuna.

This would be Mark Calloways last match in the WWF till Summerslam 1994 when he met The Fake Undertaker. Well at least this one is good.

Taker then smacked Yokozuna on the outside of the ring with a steel chair!

Taker slamed Yoko head first on the canvas from the outsdie by grabbing his head and smacking it against the mat.

There were no DQs or count-outs obvioussly, both men pulled out all the stops and to prove that Yokozuna then threw a handful of Salt into Takers face.

Taker down and Yokozuna getting some revenge as he viciously attacked Taker on the outside with a chair!

Taker got back up and vince could not believe it. Taker was being wore down by Yokozuna as he slammed his head on the mat!

Yokozuna tried putting Taker in the casket but he stopped the lid and then gave Yokozuna an uppercut but back inside the ring Yokozuna then hit a belly to belly suplex. Undertaker sat up and Yokozuna looked afraid as he grabbed him by the throat.

Undertaker hit a chokeslam! Yokozuna though reversed the irish whip and Taker hit a giant DDT to Yokozuna!

Both men down. Even dead man need a breather but not for long as he sat right back up and the fans went insane.

Taker signalled for the end.

Taker kicked Yokozuna to the outside of the ring under the bottom rope and into the Casket and he was going to easily close the lid but from behind Crush came to the ring.

NO DQs in this match, and that would be pretty vital as Taker spent half the match versus other guys.

Crush then ducked a clothesline came off the ropes and got the worst of Takers punishment. Undertaker then took it to Tenryu and another Japanese star.

Bam Bam Bigelow then came in the ring. Bam Bam was pulling triple duty at this event. The Japanese stars, with Bam Bam and Crush came all back in the ring working over Taker in the corner and throwing him there to stomp on him.

Taker tried desperately to maintain a vertical base but he could not for very long. They tried to put him in the casket. Taker hit an uppercut out of desperation to Crush though! Bam Bam then hit Crush in the head with a weapon Double J Jeff Jarrett flew off the top and was hit with the weapon.

The crowd behind Taker big time and that made the match fun. Liike I said, I liked the booking.

Fatu with a headbutt to Taker, and Adam Bomb was even down here as the heels continued to destroy Taker. Taker sat up and then he stillw as dishing out offense hitting uppercuts on HEELS, Dibiase could not believe any of this. Then the heels got in full control of the match and put Taker into the Casket.

They almost had the lid shut and Taker kept hitting a right hand on everybody as the fans went wild, a headbutt to Bam Bam, etc.

Yokozuna then nailed Taker with the Urn!

All of the sudden the Urn busted open and green smoke came out and the power of the urn was gone! Vince must have been high when accepting this material. Looks like the smoke coming out of the Urn might have been done by McMahon before the match.

Bam Bam then nails 300 pounds plus to Taker who was beyond already out of this thing due to the power of the Urn being exposed, after Yokozuna nailed him in the head with the urn! Fatu with a frogsplash off the top.

Dibiase loved the  game plan as Yoko needed over ten men in a NO DQ match help him win the Casket match and retain the title!
Fun stuff.

In the end Yokozuna retained the title at 14:20 when he got help to close Taker in the casket despite his creatures of the night trying to help him win. Bam Bam shuts the lid then goes overtop of it as Yoko celebrated.

Soon after the match while his music played Yokozuna`s music after his title defense and all of the sudden the lights start to go out!

Flickering and darkness enters the building as well as a GONG and Jarretts face is priceless as it usually was.

It is Taker! On the big screen!



Well, I will sleep better knowing that.

Taker then was in electric shock or so it looked to appear and Taker raised to the rafters, well it was actually Marty Jannetty but what is the difference…..

Obvioussly you were not going to see a Flair-Steamboat here, but this match as booked in an awesome way which made it very entertaining. Dare I say this was as good as it was ever going to be. Crowd was into it the whole time which always helps in Undertaker matches.

Third match of the night at this rating signals a good ppv!



** 1/2






5) Main Event- The 1994 WWF Royal Rumble Match

Same rules as the previous year where the winner of this match would get a title shot at the year`s Wrestlemania, this time around it`d be the 10th anniversary of the show from where it all

began in MSG so there was BIG implications for the top contenders in this rumble match. Same rules also for the Rumble match obvioussly and if you do NOT know the rules to this match I give up.

90 seconds, till a new opponent came out this time around though rather then the usual 120 seconds. (At least that`s better then the 30 seconds they`d do the next year for this match.

The story coming in were that Bret was too beaten down from earlier in the night he would by no means win, Luger was attacked backstage so there was little chance he`d win either in the storyline. Other favourites were Shawn Michaels, his buddy and impressive performing DIESEL, Owen Hart, and making his last Rumble appearance, The Macho Man Randy Savage.
Who drew number one, it’s Scott Steiner! Awesome Steiner Brother entrant music and all, DiBiase on commentary says he has came in at this number and it’s not a lot of fun. This is the same guy who BOUGHT #30 one year which didn’t help him.

Out at two is Headshrinker Samu brought out with Afa. Yeah, this is the year you start to realize a lot of the talent from the old school was different then the New Generation although they kept it smart, making 30 second less intervals meant less boredom. Samu irishwhipped Steiner to the corner of the ring and then gave him a hard chop. An irish whip to the other side but Scott Steiner came off with a clothesline of his own and then hit a nice suplex. Steiner then attempted to get Samu over the top rope but he hung on. Vince calls him Scotty Steiner and then Samu who was unpredictable got sent to the corner, until Samu hit an irish whip, Steiner with a leapfrog into a sunset flip, but it did not phase him as he hit Steiner with a hard chop then tried to eliminate him.

At number three it is Rick Steiner. The crowd barks and Dibiase laughs (not sure why) but Rick could now help out his brother. Rick pounded on Samu and then helped his brother, two other brothers in this match were the Harts but it is just too bad they were not in at the same time. Belly to belly Suplex by Scott and then a Snap Suplex to Samu. Both Steiner Brothers said it was time to get rid of Samu but he held on and then Rick pounded on his back. Rick irish whipped him and then hit a hard clothesline. Scott then irish whipped Samu and he ducked the two mens double clothesline and then he hung himself and fell to the outside. He was eliminated.

Kwang better known as Savio Vega came in the ring and both Steiner brothers attacked Kwang after he sprayed a green mist into Rick Steiner’s face. They send him to the corner and then Kwang hit on the back of Scott while Rick was down. A clothesline to Kwang by Scott Steiner. Scott helped Rick up but Kwang came from behind with some shots and these moments were not very eventful in the match. The crowd seemed to be getting a bit restless. Rick Steiner hit a belly to belly on Kwang. Kwang up and then hit a boot to Scotts face.

The countdown went and at number 5 it was none other then The Rocket Owen Hart who got a big ovation. The kind of ovation you want a HEEL to get when he had just turned in the night. The storytelling worked. Vince had to of been happy how over as a heel he was ALREADY. DiBiase the heel commenatator is is only supporter. Owen went right for Rick Steiner who was already down, DiBiase said you have to take advantage of every advantage given to you. Awesome stuff, awesome quote. True words to live by, from the Million Dollar Man! Owen almost had eliminated Rick Steiner and finally we got a big name, and he went out as the fans booed. Owen then grabbed onto Scott Steiners head who was working over Kwang in the corner. Owen and Kwang beating on Scott against the ropes and then the buzzer went again!

At six, out runs Bart Gunn. It’s not Wrestlemania 15 so we MIGHT see a bit of Bart here. Bart goes straight for Owen who had recently eliminated Rick Steiner. Bart and Owen would of had tag chemistry by now if not later. Kwang then goes at it with Scott Steiner. Vince said something has happened in the back and when we get cameras we will show it. What they eventually show is Lex Luger who had been attacked by other HEELS in the back, making it seem like Luger and Bret were both much too beaten to participate in this match, let alone having a chance of winning. Convenient given who the final two were, but that was the sole purpose.

LOOK Out says Vince. The monster who would then be known as Big Daddy Cool strutted to the ring and the 7 foot monster stood over the ropes. Diesel attacked Kwang and then elbowed Owen. Diesel then cornered Owen and gave him some knee shots to the abdomen. Those are big knees. Diesel pushes out Bart Gunn. Here we go….Diesel then throws out Scott Steiner. Diesel then tosses out Owen Hart which gets a great response. Diesel then clotheslines Kwang out of the ring meanwhile Kwang attempted an offense on him. Diesel the only man in the ring…….

The fans love it, some don’t. Either way it was getting a reaction, The Million Dollar Man on commentary called him a “One man wrecking crew”. Bob Backlund runs out at number eight and then tried to take down Diesel but it did not work. These two would have a five star twenty second match later in the year. Diesel was SO CLOSE to eliminating Backlund as it was New Generation meets old Generation. Then all of the sudden Diesel used his power to just throw all of Backlund out of the ring. Enough with the playing around. King of the mountain so far. Not one person had dominated a Rumble match like Diesel was here to this point, not ONE person. This was a standout performance and it really made Kevin Nash as would his match a few months later with the Hitman, Bret Hart. Diesel calls for more talent.

At nine out ran Billy Gunn. Awww feed the jobbers to the Diesel for further domination. Solid booking. Diesel then threw out Billy Gunn as DiBiase laughed and he taunted while some of the crowd cheered. I mean who wants a Rumble full of Billy Gunn? I remember his prayer to god in 1999 after all…Billy’s gone. DiBiase laughs, McMahon dishes out his “UNNNNBEEEEEELIEVABLE” Line!” They show the footage of Luger backstage being taken down by Tenryu among others.

Finally we get a new entrant, and it is number 10. Virgil comes out to a decent response but lets be honest, this was not his era. It has been three long years since he turned on DiBiase so he sort of lost some steam. Virgil apparently took Kamala’s spot. You’d have to think Virgil is just another jobber to feed to Diesel. Virgil then gets choked out by a confident Diesel and thrown to the corner before being irishwhipped in both sides. Virgil then went to eliminate Diesel by targetting his legs but Diesel threw him out and then a lot of the fans showed appreciation by this performance. DiBiase laughed hysterically some more and said “NEEEXT.” DiBiase also said Virgil did not know how good he had it when he was with him. Diesel who was confident also had an oppurtunity to rest here.

Out next was The Macho Man Randy Savage at number eleven to a huge response. Macho had a ton of credibility and everybody’s response backed that theory up. Despite being past his prime Savage would make sure this young monster would not go through a top veteran who had yet to win a Rumble match. (This would unfortunately be his very last) Savage then goes to work on Diesel, Savage went to hit Diesel with right hands. Macho took it to Diesel like no one else in the match, dropping some clubbing blows, forearms, double axehandle thrusts, and righthands. Savage took it to Diesel some more and appropriately so, to Diesel who had already eliminated seven men by himself. The only man to have any real offense on Diesel to this point. Savage dropped the elbow to Diesel and tried to eliminate him! Both these guys would be in the New World Order soon. Diesel caught in the ropes and the buzzer rang.

Double J runs to ring and then hops on Diesel. We saw Jarrett earlier in the WWF title match. Jarrett with a snapmare takedown to Savage. Whoa, Jarrett and Savage going at it. You wont see Vince show this footage any time soon. Jarrett hits Savage with a dropkick! DiBiase said by the looks of things Savage did not have too many friends then laughed. Jarrett flew off the top with with a hard chop to Savage. Jarrett strutted around and ALMOST eliminated Macho Man who came back in the ring and charged at Jeff Jarrett shoving him into Diesel in the corner and the crowd went nuts. Savage jumped right on Diesel in the corner! Macho Man out-smarts Double J and he’s eliminated, the fans go crazy!

Crush ran out at LUCKY #13, another guy who was involved in the WWF title fiasco earlier. Savage with a great reversal to Crush then lowered a double axehandle from the top. This previewed what was to come at Wrestlemania 10, Vince mentions there history together between both men. Diesel then gets back in the match and him and Crush both pick on Savage according to Vince. Diesel sends Savage into a boot from Crush.

Doink with Dink come out. Crush eliminated Randy Savage as the fans boo, (Goodbye Macho, it’s too bad ya never won one of these) this before Doink gets to the ring. Diesel then went to eliminate Crush and in the corner Doink just laughed at them in the corner. Hilarious. We are almost midway through the match which is crazy given the pacing, that’s a sign of solid booking. Doink then sprayed some of his spray from his chest area. I wonder if he learned that move from Stu Hart. McMahon said Doink was up to his tricks, but Diesel and Crush then take turns on Doink.

At the middle entrant at #15 it is Bam Bam with his MAIN SQUEEZE Luna. Bam Bams third appearance of the night and he had lost a match earlier on so he was a bit angry. Bam Bam then got invited into the ring by Diesel and Crush and then he went at Doink, as they previewed a lot of WM X bouts in this Rumble match as seen here, and as you’re supposed to be doing. McMhaon says the Rumble match is filling up with beef now. Doink then sent out of the ring by Bam Bam he threw him out. Diesel and Crush seemed to have started some kind of alliance and go to eliminate Bam Bam but then Diesel hammers away on Crush when they realize they can not get Bam Bam out. Every man for themself, Diesel hammed on Bam Bams lower back and so did Crush.

Mabel comes out with Mo. The crowd sing the song he was associated with like it was going out of style. Hey, Vince loves wrestlers who get crowd reactions regardless of what it is. How about next year we make him the King of the Ring….yeah, that might be a money-making juggernaut. Vince was despterate for answers and luckily for him he’d only have to wait until King of the Ring 96 for his juggernaut. Mabel splashed Diesel in one corner and crush in another. Mabel apparently taking care of business with splashes to all three in all corners.

Bob Sparkplug Holly. He took the place of the 123 Kid who had a bad knee. What is this, hell….we dont get Waltman so we get Holly….great. The ring starting to fill up in a big way.

Shawn Michaels out next. He said, NO to Diesel as he smiled and the fans chanted for Diesel. Shawn wanted know part of Diesel and went to shake his hand on the top of the ropes.

Bam Bam went to eliminate Diesel with the rest of the roster in the Rumble and it looks like HBK superkicked Diesel out from behind. It wouldn’t be the last time OL HBK would do this at a Rumble event. Diesel gets a great ovation as he leaves and the fans chanted his name. The best single performance in a Rumble match to date, arguably…

Mo comes running out. Mo and Mabel will be in the ring together at the same time. Shawn works over Holly in the corner and Bam Bam and Crush were taking apart Mabel until Mo hit some double axehandle shots to Bam Bam in the side. Shawn almost eliminated by Mo.

Valentine comes out next and he got a great ovation. In 1991 he lasted over 50 minutes. His endurance and roughneck style is always appreciated by me, I think he is one of those true gem’s and I always point out why. One of the true tough men in Wrestling. Holly kicked at Valentine in the corner and Mabel irishwhipped Mo into the corner into Bam Bam in another corner.

Out next was The Native American Tatanka. Tatanka and Bam Bam were in the ring together and went right after each other, as they met earlier in the night. Tatana hammers on Shawn, the man who beat him at Wrestlemania 9. Ring filling up in a big way here. We presently have Mabel, Bam Bam, Crush, Mo, Michaels, Tatanka, Valentine and Holly. Tons of action all over the place now!

At #24 it was Kabuki. Everyone tried to get 500 pounds of Mabel out of the ring and all of them together get him out collectively. Eight men still in there, Mabel lasted nearly 12 minutes in there and it seemed longer. Michaels bumping around like he normally does taking a snapshot vertical suplex by the late Bryan Adamas aka Crush.

Out at #25 it was The Lex Express to a great ovation. DiBiase said he could not believe it. That’s his favourite saying, it hasn’t been the first and it won’t be the last either. DiBiase just wont stop. He would do this line the whole night because, hey, it was a controversial night afterall. Kabuki got thrown out by Luger. Lex with a clothesline to Crush. Luger tried to clean house like Diesel did earlier and everyone went at everyone here.

Tenryu now. Vince said Tenryu, Kabuki and Crush were going to team up on Luger. Yeah, only Kabuki was out. Luger chopped at Tenryu until he raked the face. Tenryu sent Luger to the corner and chopped the hell out of him, but Luger was taking big time chops 4-5 years before this in the NWA from Ric Flair so he must have been used to it.
No one comes out at Number 26 and Vince chalks it up that it was Bret Hart. Dibiase does his evil laugh and the action all over the place continues all over the ring.

Out at #27h entrant it was The Model Rick Martel. In 1990 he was in the ring for a record time of over 53 minutes during that edition. Martel does an awesome pose before he runs to the ring. He got a nice pop by some fans surprisingly. Michaels aware of Martel and his stamina went right to him. Michaels had been in there for over 15 minutes, Crush had been in the ring for over 22 minutes. Tatanka and Luger go at it. Action continuing everywhere!

Out at #28th entrant came in dramatic fasion, the pop of the night. It is Bret Hart! Not just Bret Hart but a limping Bret Hart who had sustained all that punishment from earlier in the night. The place became unglued and Dibiase did his cant believe it line a few more times. Bret limped to the ring. Who better to greet Bret then Shawn Michaels. Michaels then got him down and Crush worked on his knee. Awesome. The selling of the knee at this event by Bret was some of his finest pieces of selling ever, and he was a fabulous seller. Crush worked on Bret and his knee in the corner until Holly helped Bret.

Out comes Fatu. More power to a full Rumble. Bret Hart was being beaten down by even Holly now and Dibiase stated he just made the biggest mistake of his career by wreslting in this match. Lex Luger eliminated Crush to an awesome pop given the circumstances.

Out at #29 was Marty Jannetty, and the two Rockers go at it to a great ovation for what maybe was the third Rumble in a row. The turn happened three Rumble matches before this anyway. Everyman for himself in the ring and every man left in the ring, they were twelve! Amazing, before this there would of been thirteen if Crush was still in there.

Adam Bomb came out at #30. Michaels had been in for over 25 minutes and had almost eliminated Bret. Holly was now eliminated leaving it down to 12 men, nearly half the entrants still in at the end here. A ton of action everywhere in the ring. Also, Bastion Booger was said to be the man who didn’t come out because he got a little sick. They couldn’t of come up with something better then that?

Bret actually throwing out an offense on the #30 entrant Adam Bomb in the corner. Adam Bomb and other stars went after each other to make the crowd know they had no more guys left to come out. Bret kicked at Michaels near the ring post and then Tenryu elminated Greg “The Hammer” valentine who gets a great ovation by the fans. Tatanka then throws out “The Model” Rick Martel.

Adam Bomb went for Luger who ducked his charge and he went flying out of the ring, Bomb who came in at #30 was gone.

Bam Bam got revenge on Tatanka from earlier in the night and threw him over the top rope! Rapid fire all of the sudden as everyone was going out, left, right and center. Bam Bam had been in for over thirty minutes and had already wrestled an eight plus minute match with Tatanka to open the show. Hart could barely stand up. Michaels tried to eliminate him.

Bam Bam threw Luger into the corner but he flipped out then Luger hit him with a blow as he was standing outside of the apron. Bret Hart was taken apart by Fatu and Tenryu in the corner, as Dibiase and McMahon point out how unbelievable it was he was still in the ring. There was another elimination but the announcers missed it, and I don’t care too be honest to go back and look.

Luger and Bret irish whip Fatu and Michaels into the corner in a play to what we’d later see in the match not too far after and they hit the buckle, and Tenryu in the corner. Bret and Luger both eliminate Tenryu.

The final four included Luger and Bret, so of course Dibiase lets go a I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT. Shawn Michaels and Fatu both charge toward there respective side and lea on top of Bret and Luger. HBK went to eliminate Bret and then McMahon said Bret was gone, because of course he always jumps to conclusions from the booth. Getting suspensful now. Fatu from the top drops his knee into the chest of Luger! Luger almost got double suplexed out but he was getting agressive with Fatu now.

Michaels then irish whipped by Bret as Luger irishwhipped Fatu into each other and both guys threw the other one out, Luger winded, Bret limping both turned around. Epic Climax.

Luger scooped up Bret but he got to his feet and pushed both of the over the top rope to the floor.

In the end Bret Hart and Lex Luger co-won the Royal Rumble Match at 55:08 when they both went out together!

Crowd was stunned!
Bret got a better ovation with his hand raised but they both won and watching Bret yell to Fink “SPIT IT OUT!” is beyond hilarious coming from Bret.

Fun Rumble match with a controversial and unique ending!

It`s simply one of those things you just look back at now and say `Well it should of been just Bret` but it wasn`t, so it`s not the end of the world.

They did the right thing at Mania and this Rumble was pretty fun overall, an upgrade over the 1993 edition but no where near as good as 1991 and 1992 as for a Rumble match! Still this Rumble holds kind of a special spot for me, this was a good night overall.

A fun end to a fun event.








Final Rating for WWF Royal Rumble 1994 = 8/10

This show was the best of the Seven Rumble events to this point. It scores a high 8/10 rating for a few reasons. One being it’s personal preference and that always factors into my ratings system one way or another.

I thought the booking of the show was tremendous with all the controversy in every match and ultimately how it ended. Something in every portion whuke nothing remained bad, an entertaining Rumble, many good matches and controversial storylines throughout the show in almost every match with title switches, Taker’s dissapearance, owen turning on Bret, the underdog story of Bret to fight back and have two men win the Rumble.

One of my all time favourite events, which is a stong statement.

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