Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1995 DVD

May 9, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1995 Review:


“Only ONE of Shawn Michaels feet hit the floor……therefore, the WINNER…of the 1995 ROYAL RUMBLE….The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn MICHAELS!” -The Fink

-WWF Royal Rumble 1995 took place on Sunday, January 22nd, 1995 at the  USF Sun Dome located in Tampa, Florida in front of 10, 000 fans.

-This was the 8th Annual WWF Royal Rumble event

-Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Jerry Lawler do commentary for the event.

-This was the shortest Royal Rumble in history due to the intervals being a lot shorter this time around.

-The day after Royal Rumble, the 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly faced The Smoking Gunns. The Gunns won the match and the WWF Tag Team Championship. By losing the belts after one day, the Kid and Holly tied what was at that time the record for the shortest tag team title reign in WWF history.

-The event was attended by 10,000 fans, which is approximately the maximum capacity of the USF Sun Dome. This attendance figure was down from the previous year’s attendance of 14,500, but higher than the following year, when 9,600 people attended Royal Rumble 1996. From the ticket sales, the WWF gained $140,000; again, this was lower than in 1994 but higher than in 1996. The pay-per-view buyrate of 1.0, however, was higher than 1994’s 0.9 figure but lower than 1996’s buyrate of 1.1

-Buck Quartermaine defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a dark match before the PPV started.
-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (with The Roadie) vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

I just have to say that I’ve always been a huge fan of this match!

I’ve always loved the feel I get, I thought these two had awesome chemistry and this was there best match together.

The PPV kicks off when Double J’s theme hits the pa system as Lawler and McMahon welcome everyone to the show and he gets his natural heat as expected.
Double J, the challenger strutted in the ring as his music came to a close.
“The Bad Guy’s” music then hit the pa and out walked the reigning IC Champion Razor Ramon. This was Razor’s second IC title defense at a Royal Rumble event, and in all three Rumble events to this point he had been in a title match and not the Rumble match itself. Razor Ramon would never enter a Royal Rumble in his entire career, although in the next year (1996) he does do a RUN IN to attack Sean Waltman.

Ramon gets an awesome ovation as expected!

The Bad Guy and Double J stare each other down before the match begins.

Razor Ramon ducks a clothesline after a hard charge by Jarrett then Razor Ramon rocks Double J a few times with right hands until Jarrett hits his jaw, runs off the ropes but gets caught in mid air by Ramon who slams him backwards and then scoops him up and gives him a form of a chokeslam! Nice action early and the crowd is into it.

The Roadie helps out Jarrett on the outside as he takes a brief walk and a breather after the attack of the champion Razor Ramon.

Razor Ramon then waited for Jarrett to get back in the ring and then when he did he had to wipe off his sweat with a towel. Double J with a hiptoss to Razor and then he struts inside the ring as The Roadie did outside the ring. Double J with a go behind and then Razor with one and then Jarrett with an armdrag takedown followed by another strut. Jarrett points to his head as if he has the smarts to outdo Razor no matter what happened, Ramon then hit a top wrist lock then Jarrett countered it into a hammerlock, then Razor got him then Jarrett dropped Razor Ramon with a drop toehold. Razor in front of his own homestate fans then got embarassed by Jarrett as he slapped him as he went on top of him after the drop toehold. Jarrett was the confident challenger outdoing Razor Ramon in the chain wrestling to start the match.

This was the first of three Championship matches of the night.

Jarrett with a side headlock then pushed to the ropes and Razor caught him with a big right hand and then sent him to the outside and Razor Ramon did his usual stomp on the canvas taunt and the fans went wild. Jarrett walked around outside the ring before coming back in and then he eventually did. Jarrett called Razor Ramon a chicken and taunted him when the two went for a test of strength. This was just good old fashioned old school GOOD guy vs BAD GUY formula as Razor Ramon held a wrist lock showing his power and then went into an armbar. Razor then slapped at Jarrett’s head to get back at him but Jarrett got up and performed a ton of great dropkick’s, excellent timing.

Double J then with Razor on the middle rope caught him with his body weight to suck the life out of Razor Ramon and then he clotheslined him and got a nearfall. Jarrett irish whipped Razor into two turnbuckles until he missed a spinning kick, Razor then missed with an elbow and Jarrett got a nearfall out of it. Good action. Jarrett then slapped on a sleeper to give the two a breather and it also followed the story of the match with Jarrett trying to suck the life out of Razor Ramon. Razor got to his feet as the Florida crowd cheered him on and then Jarrett went for a hiptoss but Razor Ramon blocked it, reversed it in unique fashion and then hit a backslide but got a nearfall, Double J got up and hit Razor with a clothesline and got a nearfall of his own. Double J then got irish whipped by Razor and Ramon tried for a backbody drop but Jarrett hit a sunset flip and got a nearfall, and then Razor in this predicament lowered down and got a nearfall, then Jarrett turned the tide and got a nearfall, Double J with another dropkick to Razor Ramon and then a near fall!

WOW that was a crazy sequence, just added to the quality of this awesome IC title match.

Double J Jeff Jarrett with an uppercut then leaped on top of Hall and slapped on a sleeper! Razor got out of it with an irish whip, Jarrett ducked and came off the other side of the ropes and hit a neck breaker. Jarrett had clearly been the aggressor in the match despite it going back and forth at times, either way its fun stuff!

Jarrett with some more near falls using his feet on the ropes at times. Jarrett whipped into the buckle but Razor ducked and pulled on Jarrett’s legs from the outside and he hit his groin region into the ring post. Razor up from the second rope on the inside and hit a flying clothesline but only got a two count. Great match, again, it’s just awesome stuff. Razor Ramon went for a clothesline but Jarrett had it scouted and sent Razor Ramon to the outside!

Behind the officials back The Roadie took the leg out of Razor Ramon on the outside and he was down while the official continued to count. Tim White went to ten and then rang the bell as the fans booed as Double J won by countout. Jarrett was mad because he won by countout and didn’t get the title.

Double J got on the mic and said these people didn’t pay there good money to see Double J win this way, he came here to win the title. Jarrett said Ramon would be a coward if he left this way while Tim White was telling him to leave because the match was over. Jarrett said he ain’t no Chico, he ain’t no bad guy, he is just a CHICKEN. Ramon then pushed the ref off and sold the leg from the Roadie’s attack and then he limped towards the ring.

The match was going to continue, great!

Jarrett said he was smart for doing this because now he was going to break his leg and win the title! Razor limping still irish whipped Jarrett to the corner then with a small package only got a two count. Jarrett then took advantage of the injured left leg with an atomic drop, dropping The Bad Guy to the mat. Jarrett then slammed Ramon’s leg on the canvas. Nice psychology by Jeff Jarrett who was a great no worker no matter what anyone says, played a great heel as well. Jarrett continued to slam Razor’s leg on the mat and then put it on the ropes and dropped his body weight down on Ramon’s leg.

Razor limping in a ton of pain still was able to score with some roundhouse right’s, and then he in one of his signature moves went to the top rope and went to land back with a back suplex to Jarrett but, Double J countered in mid-air due to the bad leg but only got a two. Both men up and Jarrett knocking the wind out of Razor Ramon with a nice clothesline. Razor Ramon got to his feet first. Razor signalled that this was the end of the match with his most famous taunt and set up for a Razor’s Edge in desperation but Jarrett got out of it due to Razor’s leg going out and then Jarrett hit a small package on Razor Ramon for the win!
In the end Jeff Jarrett won the IC title over Razor Ramon at 18:03 when he defeated Razor Ramon with a small package after Razor Ramon’s leg collapsed on him.

An awesome ride, a forgotten gem.






2) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Irwin R. Schyster (with Ted DiBiase)



Two of the best manager’s ever ringside during this contest!

After about two hours of Taker’s entrance there is a unique instance in this match just before it gets underway, the next time you see this match on this event (because god knows anyone wouldn’t go out of there way to see a contest like this) watch for this spot.

It takes place just after the bell rings and Vince talks for a little while about IRS looking on at Taker and being intimidated, then he talks about Taker’s size advantage. THEN is where it happens, a moment if silence. We don’t hear anything for exactly 42 seconds! IRS then goes for a dropkick on Taker and Vince breaks the near minute of silence with a “Wait a minute look out!” I seriously wonder what the hell happened, there was no talking from the wrestlers, nothing from the crowd or anybody, just DEAD silence.

Either way Vince puts over IRS’s technical skills.

This is a slow match to say the least.

Taker moved around the ring amazingly slow back then and it hurt his matches. His deadman gimmick was great but his matches blew back in this day, even when in the ring with a good worker like Rotunda.

Unfortunately, the first few moments of the match is IRS running away from the Undertaker which takes a couple of minutes. Irwin plants Taker with some right’s and caught a boot from Taker after being irish whipped to the side of the ropes. Undertaker slammed IRS’s head into the top of the buckle. Taker irish whipped him hard into the buckle. Taker did so again and Irwin hit his back hard into the corner this time and then fell flat on his stomach. Taker pulled IRS up by the tie and then threw him across the ring.

King said that Vince was in the NFL, the National Federation of Losers. Taker with extraordinary balance walked the top rope and came crashing down into IRS! Taker then grabbed Dibiase until IRS came from behind and almost punched Dibiase when Taker moved out of the way, then Taker simply threw Rotunda to the outside.

The Million Dolllar Man then signalled for the Druids to come down to ringside.

Undertaker landed despite Irwin shaking the ropes and now he had to go to plan C. Taker choked out the druids on the outside when he went to chase IRS out there and then IRS from behind shoved Taker into the ring post. Irwin then locked on an abdominal stretch in the ring. IRS hit a series of elbow drops and then sent Taker to the ride but both men collided.

A druid came in the ring tried to put IRS’s arm over Taker behind the ref’s back but Taker got up and attacked him then scooped up IRS and went for a tombstone but a Druid got on the ring apron and he kicked them off and was forced to drop them. Irwin came charging at Taker and hit a clothesline. IRS though once up caught a chokeslam from Taker.

The Druids though came in the ring and started attacking The Undertaker with a series of shots to the back, then all of the sudden King Kong Bundy came out to a chorus of boo’s.

Both men standing toe to toe, previewing what was to be an EPIC Mania 11 encounter and I say that with all the sarcasm in the world.

IRS then stole the urn outside the ring and walked to the back with it while King Kong Bundy took apart The Undertaker inside the ring with a series of splashes.
However regarding the match, as mentioned in the end The Undertaker defeated IRS at 12:20 when he pinned him after a chokeslam!

This one went a little too long or else it might of been around the star mark but it was pretty awful for the most part as an Actual match so it gets half of one.

The good news is this was the only poor match on the card.






3) “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel (c) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
It always brings a smile to my face when I go and watch this match. I know I’m in for something special, it’s arguable that this is Nash’s best match in his entire career. I’d rank it second, just behind the Survivor Series clash with Bret, but this match is just so much fun.

We knew this would be good since there match at King of the Ring when Diesel (in 1994) was still green they tore the roof off the place. This one was better, which says a lot.

Putting this match in the middle of the show was such a good idea, and for fans who love attitude era brawls, this won’t be your cup of tea although it does have its fast moments. The match relies mostly on chemistry, story-telling, psychology and there’s even two sets of interferences to boot!
Both guys were ready to lock up now, this one we knew should of been good and it was an excellent encounter as expected!

The Hitman Bret Hart roughed it up a little bit with Diesel after a go behind failed and Diesel held on to the ropes, off both sides of the ropes Bret leaped up into Diesel and then he slammed him. Bret ran into a couple of elbows from Big Daddy Cool Diesel and then he clotheslines him over the top rope.

Already we see the size difference show well here with Diesel taking it to Bret every time he charges at him. Bret realized this so he decided to take the big man off his vertical base and what better way to ground him then to attack the leg region, and no one took apart a bigger man scientifcally like the Hitman did.

Bret put grabbed Diesel and put both of his long legs on one side of the ring post. On the outside Bret then slammed one of Diesel’s legs into the post. Lawler pointed out that Bret was thinking Sharpshooter, as this was smart from a psychological standpoint if he targetted the legs because it would not only ground a bigger man, but it could weaken the hamstrings of Diesel and make him more vulnerable in a Sharpshooter position.

The Hitman Bret Hart very aggressive when working on Diesel’s left leg and kept sliding his knee into that point, and then dropped his big leg on the mat. Bret then went for a figure four leglock! Bret always did this move to weaken the legs and it wasn’t thought to have the same force as say Ric Flair’s would, it wasn’t his finishing move after all. The Hitman kept it locked in and the 7 foot monster who was also the WWF Champion has been aching for the past few minutes as Bret kept it locked in even though Diesel had grabbed the bottom ropes. Bret risked getting DQ’d after he didn’t drop the hold but then Bret Hart dragged Diesel all the way to the middle of the ring and dropped his elbow onto the big leg of Diesel.

Bret Hart went right back into the figure four! Bret kept it locked in and Diesel’s selling was quite good from his facial expressions alone. Bret would absolutely not let go of this hold because every second of pain counted for Bret, this was his gameplan, this was what he was relying on, strategic, scientific disection of Big Dady Cool’s legs. Bret kept dropping his elbows to the knees of Diesel and then Diesel rolled out of the ring. Bret then flew off the ropes to the outside threw the ropes on to Diesel. Diesel though had boughten himself some time as that took some of the air out of The Hitman. Diesel sent Bret into the steel steps.

Diesel would win the strength war every time obviously and then pounded on the back of Bret inside the ring. Diesel limping, still selling the leg damage and then threw Bret hard into the turnbuckle. Diesel with hard elbow shots in the corner to Bret Hart. Diesel then elbowed him up high and then the momentum shifted back in favor of the big man as he hit a hard sidewalk slam! Near fall by the champion. Diesel then had Bret hung over the middle rope and he came off the ropes and dropped his body weight on him. Nash showed good psychology with not only his selling but he went right back to work on the back of Bret after his sidewalk slam and held a back breaking submission hold on Bret to continue to wear him down. Diesel got a nearfall then threw Bret into the corner.

Bret Hart out of desperation battled back with rights in the corner before kicking at Diesel’s bad left knee but Diesel shot back with hard shots and then sent Bret hard into the corner turnbuckle, and Bret already had a weak back. Diesel then set Bret up and it looked like it was going to be a jackknife powerbomb but he lifted him right up in the air and wrapped his hands around Diesel’s waist and held that hold for 15-20 seconds until Bret rolled down his back and then Diesel with a snap take down. Diesel irish whipped Bret and hit him with a size 18 straight to the face according to King. Diesel dropped an elbow and got a near fall!

Awesome stuff.

Bret then whipped hard into the buckle and Diesel caught a big boot by Bret Hart out of desperation. Bret hops up to second rope and comes off the corner with a clothesline to Diesel.

Diesel though catches him but Diesel’s bad knee buckles and Bret lands on Diesel and gets a near fall out of it before being pushed out of the ring. Bret then grabbed Diesel from outside of the ring while Diesel was still inside the ring and dragged both sides of his legs on opposite corners of the ring post so he’d meet the post groin first. Bret this time had a better plan and decided to weaken Diesel’s legs with his wrist tape. Bret tried to cut the circulation and the blood flow, to attack Diesel’s energy. Diesel was tied up and Bret then got in the ring and stomped on him while some of the crowd cheered Bret’s heel like tactics, but he was going out of his way in this match to show his desperation.

Bret hit a running bulldog and then got a long two count!

Bret Hart irish whipped Diesel and he met him with a big mid-section shot, then a side russian leg sweep and another near fall! Bret scooped up the big man and hit a back breaker of his own to Diesel! Diesel had worked on Bret’s back earlier in the match, Bret then went up high and came off with a big elbow drop to the top of Diesel and got a two count. Bret then went back to Diesel’s left leg and it forced Diesel down to the mat but he hung onto the ropes. Bret listening to the official and then he gave a big headbutt to the big man followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Diesel caught Bret in mid-air as he leaped to the outside and then Diesel rammed Bret’s back right into the ring post! Diesel continuing the follow up to the previous back work!

Amazing psychology here and the chemistry is just bang on between these two, a coming out party for Diesel here.

Diesel then signalled for the Jack Knife and that got quite a few boo’s and he went to set him up for the Jacknife and he slammed him back first on the canvas, 1…2…NO! Shawn Michaels came out of no where and attacked Diesel! HBK with rights and lefts to Diesel and kept stomping away on his injured left leg. Both Bret and Shawn working over Nash’s leg. Shawn coming out to help Bret…still a strange sight to comprehend.

Either way the official didn’t stop the match, as he told the Fink that this match must continue. Diesel has a bad left leg, Bret had injured ribs/back region.

Both men getting to there feet and Bret aimed for Diesel’s leg obvioussly and kicked at it repeatedly. Bret Hart then dropped his elbow to the left leg of Diesel. Bret then dropped his body weight to Diesel.

Bret Hart then for the third time in the match went for a pre-Sharpshooter move, the figure four leglock! Diesel’s strength and long reach benefitted him as he just simply reached out to give Bret some hard shots.

Diesel sent Bret hard into the corner and gave him a ton of knee shots to the already injured ribs. Did I mention this was one of Nash’s best matches ever? Well, yeah, it’s worth mentioning again. An amazing gut wrench suplex by Big Daddy Cool. He then used his long legs to his advantage as he choked out Bret in the corner with his boot.

Then as Big Daddy Cool charged towards Bret Hart in the corner he used his injured left leg (that was smart) to hit Bret and he moved out of the way buying Bret some time. Bret then went outside the ring and dragged Diesel’s legs to the ring post for the third time in the match.

Bret grabbed a chair and smacked Diesel in the bad left leg. The fans booed the heel work by Bret and then he locked on the Sharpshooter! Great stuff!

All of the sudden Owen Hart ran to the ring and attacked his brother Bret. owen untied the top turnbuckle padding (I wish Owen always would of stayed away from the top turnbuckle) and then he said “He’s a loser! I’m the only king of the family! WOO!” King said he knew there was something he liked about Owen.

Now both interferences happened to BOTH men and it came at an appropriate time when both men looked in control of the match. Fink said that this match MUST CONTINUE. Awesome.

Both men completely winded by this point but Diesel was up to his feet first having seen what Owen had done to Bret earlier, it was clear why. Diesel still favouring the leg. Diesel then reached over to Bret Hart in dramatic fashion in a pinning attempt and finally got on him and got a long two count as the crowd screams when Bret kicks out!

Bret with hard blows to the head of Diesel once to his feet and then it took Diesel down to one knee and then he finally got the big man down! However Diesel came back to his feet and hammered away on Bret. Diesel then kicked at Bret and he hung upside down over the middle rope. Diesel leaping out of the ring still sold the left leg, awesome. Diesel grabbed a chair and went for Bret’s leg but he intelligently rolled back to the ring. Wow, good timing.

Diesel dropped the chair and then came into the ring. Diesel went to pick Bret up and then Bret locked in a small package but only got a two. He’d later win the WWF title with this move 11 months later in another classic at the Survivor Series. Bret pushed Diesel into the ropes and he went for a pinning combination on Diesel but he couldn’t get it and it knocked the ref down.

HBK ran down and attacked Diesel.

Owen and Backlund came in and attacked Bret.
Backlund and Bret exchanging blows following up there feud as Bret had just lost the WWF title to him just two months before. Owen still had bad blood with Bret. The Roadie and Double J helped HBK take apart Diesel.

In the end the match was ruled a draw at 27:18 when all this interference went down so Diesel kept the title. (It’s too bad he’d keep the title until Survivor Series that year, that was a LONG TIME for him)

THIS IS an absolute classic!



**** 1/2





4)  Bob “Spark Plug” Holly and 1-2-3 Kid vs Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow (with Ted DiBiase) in the finals of a Tag Team Tournament for the Vacant WWF Tag Team Championship

On paper this doesen’t look like a match that’d be very breath-taking but it was. Waltman was such a great worker back in these days and to there credit, Bam Bam, Tatanka and Bob Holly all came out to play in this one to make it a great tag team match worthy of the finals spot in the tournament.

Bob Holly didn’t like being the Spark Plug and I can’t imgaine why.

Either way Tatanka began in there with a test of strength with Bob Holly to bein the tag team finals, match.

Tatanka won that war the 2nd time sending Holly to his back. Tatanka kicked at Holly and then backed him to the ropes and hit him with a big chop before an irishwhip which Bob Holly ducks but still catches a sidewalk slam from Tatanka!

Tatanka then who had joined Dibiase’s Million Dollar Corporation at Summerslam 1994, went for a suplex on Holly but out of no where he countered it and got out of that predicament and then Bob Holly hit some mean dropkick’s to Tatanka. Tatanka not liking this offense tagged in Bam Bam. Bob Holly tagged in the 1-2-3 Kid and they went for a double team clothesline to Bam Bam but he ducked and then hit both 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly with a double clothesline.

Bam Bam started to take apart the 1-2-3 Kid. The Beast from the East then hit some hard forearm’s to Waltman and then threw him about 20 feet in the air and then Waltman hit a hurricanrauna to Bam Bam, amazing! 1-2-3 Kid owned back then and Bam Bam could sure fly as well, amazing spot in this match.

Bam Bam took apart The Kid as the momentum didn’t last and he just tagged in Tatanka.

Tatanka beat on 1-2-3 Kid in the corner with a hard slap before irishwhipping him hard to the turnbuckle in the corner. A repeat of what just happened to the Kid in the other corner this time and then he tagged in the beast and both of them drop a blow to the kid!

Bam Bam then went for a shot but Waltman hammered him back with right’s then a dropkick. Bam Bam though didn’t let it phase him and he knocked him down with a simple blow followed by a vertical suplex. Bam Bam irish whipped Waltman and gave him a shoulder block. Bam Bam then charged towards Waltman by the ropes and he back dropped him to the floor. Tatanka then from behind went for a back drop to the kid but missed it. Holly was tagged in by the kid and both the faces jumped on top of both heels in the ring and they both went for a slam but Holly and The Kid got out of it and pushed them into each other.

Holly went for a pinfall on to Bam Bam but he got a two. King said it would of been the biggest upset since the Mets won the world Series.

Bob Holly charged towards Bigelow at the side of the ring but Bam Bam had the presence of mind to pull the rope down and Bob Holly fell to the outside.

Tatanka then dropped his elbow to Bob Holly and elected not to go for the cover. An irish whip and then a hard clothesline by the native american who didn’t move around the ring as well as a heel. As a face he’d at least have more energy but as a heel he slowed it down big time. Tatanka with some head shot’s and then a slam to the 1-2-3 Kid twice in the middle of the ring before knocking Waltman down on the ring apron. Tatanka then irish whipped Holly and he hit a powerslam. The Kid came flying in the ring with an elbow and ended up hitting Bob Holly!

Bam Bam held Holly back and then Tatanka flew off the top with a double axehandle and HE hits his own partner this time. Bam Bam and Bob Holly both to there feet and then The Beast from the East splashed Holly in the corner.

Bam Bam then tossed Holly over the top rope to the outside.

Tatanka took apart Bob Holly now and it looked like the Million Dollar Corporation were in full control now. Tatanka whipped Holly to the corner. Holly kicked back and Vince said there’s still SPARK left. Hillarious. A Double cross body from Holly and Tatanka.

The 1-2-3 Kid leaped off the top and gave Bam Bam a high cross body! The 1-2-3 Kid with a big moonsault over the top rope to tatanka. The 1-2-3 Kid then with a crossbody off the top to Bam Bam. Bam Bam then lifted up the 1-2-3 Kid and just let him go and with a fifteen foot throw elevated him to the outside. Back inside the ring, Bam Bam placed him in the middle and Bam Bam went for a moonsault of his own from the top and Tatanka went to the side ropes accidentally knocking him off the top and he got the wind knocked out of him.
In the end, Bob Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid won the tag titles to a great response at 15:45 when The 1-2-3 Kid managed to put his arm over a knocked down and out Bam Bam.

Vince acts like the Miracle on Ice just happened all over again.

After the loss Bam Bam was upset and walked around the ring.

Nice match!
After the match…..
Bam Bam thought people were laughing at him and he was disgusted.

LT had his face down and Bam Bam spotted it and then pushed him down and then as the crowd chanted for LT, Vince apologized for what we saw.

Both guys did a convincing job with this angle here but the body guards of LT (or friends since they were half his size) did not make it believable, they pretty much had a smile on there face.



*** 1/4






5) Main Event- The 1995 WWF Royal Rumble Match

It’s PAAAAAM time. I was in love with her back in 1995 but I’m pretty sure if you weren’t,…. you were a homosexual. Just the way it was…
This Royal Rumble match gets a lot of criticism due to how short it was, and how the roster seemed like one from a high school gym.

Lets take a look:

1  Shawn Michaels
2  The British Bulldog

3  Eli Blu
4  Duke Droese
5  Jimmy Del Ray
6  Seone
7  Tom Prichard
8  Doink the Clown
9  Kwang
10  Rick Martel
11  Owen Hart
12  Timothy Well
13  Luke Williams
14  Jacob Blu
15  King Kong Bundy
16  Mo
17  Mabel
18  Butch Miller
19  Lex Luger
20  The Mantaur
21  Aldo Montoya
22  Henry Godwinn
23  Billy Gunn
24  Bart Gunn
25  Bob Backlund
26  Steven Dunn
27  Dick Murdoch
28  Adam Bomb
29  Fatu
30  Crush

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. I think this is one of the worst Rumble matches but I actually have a soft spot for it due to HBK having a pretty awesome performance, it was original and for it not being a long match (thank god given the talent) they actually did much better then they probably could have.

Still though, all in all it was STILL a bad Rumble match but not nearly as bad as the worst one ever in 1999. Plus I always think this Rumble match is decent for Pam at ringside, HBK’s performance as mentioned and it just rolls along pretty smoothly.

However looking at clear favourites, only the ones in bold were. King King Bundy and Mabel were up there but I don’t think anyone seriously thought they were going to win. Crush perhaps as well, but only Luger, Owen, HBK and The Bulldog were legit favourites in my view heading in which is another aspect that hurt this rumble match.

King said he had a date with Pam later and McMahon said it’d be at Burger King. The night was just full of Jokes. I miss Bobby Heenan already.
Lawler said that HBK loved being the #1 draw because he gets to strut his stuff in front of Pamela Anderson. Probably true.

Shawn Michaels ready for who drew #2 and it was Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog! Another credible wrestler to start the match, why not!? Davey Boy Smith and HBK got set to go.

Bulldog and Shawn started it off as Shawn Michaels went right to work on Bulldog. These two better get used to each other, a lot of people talk about how Shawn went from #1 to last, but lots forget it was the first two that were the last two. That was maybe the most unique part of this match and its ending. Bulldog irishwhipped HBK up and he went up in the corner and then down, HBK missed an elbow drop. Bulldog recieved a kick after he caught Michaels in the ropes.

50 seconds later another man came out. Eli of the Blu Brothers came out. Ugh, the Rumble Participants really suck already. Either way Eli kicked at Bulldog in the corner and then at the other side Shawn helped him. Intriguing action for sure. Eli holds up Michaels and drops him on his back, Davey Boy Smith goes to take him over and Michaels helps.

Duke the Dumpster was #4. Well at least the quality of superstar’s is improving. Listen to me, Sarcasm galore. Anyway, Duke hammers on Michaels and Bulldog is being worked on in the corner by Eli. Duke then had HBK up in the air but he didn’t throw him out he just tried to wear him down with a bear hug. Already time for a new wrestler…

Out at #5 it was one of the Heavenly Bodies, Jimmy Del Ray. God I hate this term, or to do this but…..BOOOOOOORING. Either way, Duke and Eli hammer down Del Ray in the corner while Michaels and Bulldog follow up from before and beat on each other. Michaels then almost eliminated by Del Ray. Michaels barely held on in a memorable spot he’d repeat the next year.

Seone came out at #6. Wow. Jimmy Del Ray becomes the first person eliminated in the Rumble match. Thank god, at least something now….he is clotheslined over the top rope and its already time for a new entrant with five guys in there.

At lucky #7 was Tom Prichard another Heavenly Body. He worked on Eli in the corner and then Seone had the chance to throw out Shawn but he stayed in the ring and then chopped him in the corner. Duke the Dumpster was choking out the Bulldog in another corner. The entrants come fast and furious in this Rumble match, which like I said was definately a good thing considering the talent being the worst ever that they’d ever thrown out for a Rumble match.

Doink the Clown comes out and it’s sad when he gets far and away the biggest pop of the first eight entrants. Doink then choked out Seone in the corner. Michaels and Duke going at it. Prichard almost threw out the Bulldog while Eli hung around there looking for someone to beat on. Time for another guy…

Kwang aka Savio Vega comes out. Kwang then hammered on Bulldog and then Doink. Seone hammered on by Prichard. Kwang and Duke in the corner battling it out. Doink went for HBK while Eli beat on Bulldog in the corner. Bulldog then rammed HBK into the corner. Duke the Dupster and Kwang went to work ont he clown in the corner. Eli stayed on Doink. Bulldog continued to spear on HBK.

The Model, Rick Martel was the 10th entrant. Martel a veteran of the Rumble’s, this was his seventh and he had been in more then anyone to this point. This would also be his last appearance. Kwang went to eliminate Michaels but he hung on using his great flexibility to make sure he had a good grasp on the ropes. The ring was getting full for sure. Just not full of stars…have I done that point do death? None the less there was action all over.

Owen Hart comes to the ring and Vince lets out a hillarious “OH NO!” You can tell he was a great heel with the great heat he got. All of the sudden Bret Hart then ran out and attacked owen in the entrance way. Owen cost Bret a chance at the title earlier in the night and he gave Owen a series of right hands. Owen had it really taken out of him by Bret and its already time for a new entrant.

Timothy Well came in. Timothy Well went over. Prichard, Martel, Duke The Dumpster and Owen all went out of the ring. Fast eliminations here. They’re trying to clear the room at the half-way point to make it evident that both Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith had lasted the duration they had.

Now Luke of the Bushwhackers came out. Doink then and Seone were eliminated. HBK elimnated Luke. It’s down to HBK and The Bulldog the two guys who began the match. The two went at it for a bit and Davey Boy hit a huge vertical suplex showing his power.
Out now was the other Blu Brother as Jacob Blu came out. Hilarious how we saw this exact thing at the start of the match with HBK and The Bulldog in the ring with a Blu Brother as the OTHER man and here we do it again. Jacob gets eliminated in a matter of seconds.

King Kong Bundy came to the ring to a chorus of boo’s while HBK and Bulldog were becoming fatigued inside the ring. King King Bundy tried to eliminate The Bulldog and HBK hammered away on his back area.

Out now was Mo of Men on a Mission. He ran in the ring and King Kong Bundy back dropped him out of the ring. That had to be one of the fastest elimination’s, not quite as fast as the Warlord, and I’m not sure why they forgot about Warlord as they pretended Luke of the Bushwhackers back in this time and in 1994 had the record. Bundy, HBK and Davey Boy all left in the ring.

Out next was Mabel. Mabel right after Mo, you’d think the drawing was rigged. Hmmm. Mabel with great size and strength came in the ring and went face to face with another big guy. Vince’s wet dream. Mabel and Bundy hammer away on each other and it bores the hell out of me personally. Mabel almost had Bundy out of there and Bulldog and Shawn are getting rest in the corners.

#18 was Butch. Butch came in the ring and then Mabel eliminated King Kong Bundy. Buth got thrown out of there by Davey Boy afer about 40 seconds. Mabel and Bulldog try and eliminate Shawn.

Lex Express ran wild in 1995! Well not really but he ran to the ring then clotheslined Mabel out. Luger and Bulldog then teamed up on Michaels in the corner. Luger and Davey Boy were the Allied Powers and Luger was looking to win this match on his OWN this time.

#20 was Mantaur. Good god what a terrible gimmick. Up there with the Red Rooster. Mantaur hammered away on Davey Boy Smith and then he speared Bulldog in the corner. HBK hammered on Luger in the other corner. Mantaur drops an elbow to Davey Boy Smith.

Aldo Montoya ran out and attacked HBK. Did I mention this Rumble’s roster was absolutely horrible yet? Seriously though…wow. Bulldog and Luger tried to get Mantaur out and HBK tried to get Aldo Montoya out.

Henry Godwin ran to the ring. Henry Godwin hammered on Mantaur. Henry gets no reaction, must have been a newcomer at the time and I believe he was. Henry then slammed on the back of Bulldog’s head and Luger kicked at Henry Godwin. Mantaur choked out Aldo Montoya in the corner. They show a shot of PAM (Finally) and she looks so impressed….

#23 was Billy Gunn. Billy hammered away on Mantaur and Luger hammered on Henry Godwin. Luger avoided contact with the Bulldog. You know a Rumble match lacks talent when Billy Gunn looks like a big star.

Completely ridiculous that Bart Gunn was the next entrant. Two different tag teams just happened to draw back to back numbers in the same Rumble match? Come on… Lex was being called the favourite by McMahon. As I elluded to there wasn’t many.

#25 was Bob Backlund and the fans booed. Bret Hart then ran out and just as he did before with Owen when he entered, Bret got his revenge on Backlund. Bret hammered him with some shots outside the ring and continued to give him right hands.

Steven Dunn (Who the hell?) comes out with Harvey Wippleman and then he pounded on Aldo Montoya. Luger clotheslined Backlund from behind and he was eliminated. Mantaur then hammered on Luger. Bret continued to level Backlund on the outside of the ring all the way till the next entrant was ready to come out.

Dick Murdoch, 80 years past his prime runs to the ring. Murdoch gave a ton of guys some right hands. Michaels lands a right hand on Murdoch. Only three more guys to come out, thank god. Action continues all over the ring as the ring has over ten guys in it.

Adam Bomb who drew #30 last year came out at #28 and I find it absolutely hillarious that McMahon said he was going to take it. Good stuff. When there is little competition, or favourites, just pretend like anyone can win.

Fatu aka Rikishi ran to the ring. This was his second or third Rumble by this point and he’d enter a lot that by 2001 he had entered more then anyone. Mantaur finally eliminated by Lex Luger. Dick Murdoch choked out Bart Gunn in the corner and the action continues.

Crush was the 30th entrant in the Rumble match. Crush eliminated both Smoking Gunns. Aldo Montoya back dropped Steven Dunn to the outside and out.

Everyone had now entered.

Pam was shown again with a great leg shot by the way… I find it humerous that Vince said “NEVER AGAIN WILL TWO MEN EVER GO OUT AT THE SAME TIME!” here at the 95 Rumble, then 10 years later in the 05 Rumble when it happens he comes storming out as if to say “DAMN IT, I SAID NEVER AGAIN!” Good stuff. Just a thought I had as I re-watched this.

Dick Murdoch almost had Michaels out of there and then Adam Bomb kicked at Henry Godwin and the action was all over the place. Interesting to note that the final four from last year in 1994 was Fatu, Luger, Michaels and Bret. Three of those four were in the ring this time at the end besides Bret because he wasn’t in this match.

Adam Bomb eliminated. Montoya then eliminated by Michaels. Crush levels Fatu down and then throws him over the top rope to the outside. Six men remain, Dick Murdoch, Henry Godwin, Bulldog, Lex, Crush, and Shawn Michaels.

HBK leaped on top of Luger and he was hurting in the corner. Henry Godwin hammered him down and irish whipped Luger into the turnbuckle. Dick Murdoch had been eliminated and got a good ovation when leaving which was nice to see. Henry Godwin eliminated.

The Final four was Crush, Luger, Michaels and Bulldog. Michaels threw Luger out of the ring when he was up top hammering on Crush. Crush then listened to HBK as he said lets team up on Bulldog and get him out of there. The late Crush decided to go with it and Crush and HBK hammered away on Bulldog at the side of the ring. Both men stomped on Davey Boy Smith. They sent him to the ropes and then Crush and HBK clotheslined the Bulldog and when they went for a high five this time, HBK got hit in the groin by Crush. Crush scooped up Shawn and was about to eliminate him until HBK dropped and Bulldog charged to the side of the ring and eliminated Crush.

It’s down to the last two and PAM IS CLAPPING! Bulldog kicked HBK off, and it’s the first two guys who started the match! Bulldog sent HBK to the corner and kicked him up top and Shawn went flying upwards and then Bulldog dropped HBK groin first on the ropes and them clotheslined him over the top rope. Bulldog has won the Rumble.
Davey Boy Smith threw Shawn out of the ring over the top rope.

Oh wait, HBK came back in the ring and pushed Bulldog out of the ring.


Only one of his feet hit the ground and HBK won the match!

In the end Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble in unique fashion by throwing out The Bulldog who was celebrating on the top of the buckle at 38:41. HBK is going to Wrestlemania!
Shawn did his pose to his sexy boy theme as Pam looked on smiling, until HBK tried to grind with her, then she just left.





Final Rating for WWF Royal Rumble 1995 = 7/10


This show as an overall event is a keeper.

We saw several great matches throughout the night and just one bad one. That was overshadowed by a terrific tag match, a great opener, and a classic WWF Title match. Even the Rumble while dissapointing still had its Michaels story and was kept short so it wasn’t painful. Overall a fun event from a bad year so I’d suggest anyone to pick it up.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Bret/Diesel match was an absolute CLASSIC.

  2. regal is underrated says:

    What an awful list of competitors for the rumble! You’d think there would be some better wrestlers on the roster than steven dunn and Mantaur for the rumble.

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