Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 1999 DVD

May 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 1999 “No Chance In Hell” Review:



“First and foremost Dok, know your ROLEEEEE and SHUUUUUUUUUUT YOUR MOUTH! I tell ya what Mankind there’s something about this whole situation that confuses The Rock, because ya SEE The Rock isn’t just some ROODY POO Candy Ass on Know your role blvd and Jabroni drive, that you’re just going to have your way with The Rock? Well uh-uh, because tonight in front of the thousands and thousands of Rock’s fans watching here tonight all chanting his name, and the Millions, AND MILLIONS of The Rock’s fans watching live, The Rock gaurandamntees to prove to you that The Rock is the great one….., that The ROCK IS the most electrifying man in sport’s entertainment today, and after you utter the words I QUIT, The Rock will go down as being the best DAMN WWF Champ there ever was, If ya Smelllllll, what the ROCK…… cookin’ “The Rock

-WWF Royal Rumble 1999 took place on Sunday, January 24th, 1999 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California in front of 14, 800 fans. It was the second consecutive Rumble event in California and the third in the last four years. The title of the event was taken from a promise by Mr McMahon (Vince McMahon) that the first entrant in the Royal Rumble, Steve Austin, had “no chance in hell” of winning the rumble match. The theme song for the event, based on the phrase, would go on to become the entrance music for McMahon’s stable The Corporation and later, just McMahon himself.

-As usual, the main event was the annual Royal Rumble match, which saw the winner receive a place for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania two months later. The Royal Rumble centred around the continuing heated rivalry between Steve Austin and Mr McMahon, with both men entering the main event at #1 and #2, respectively. The penultimate match for the WWF Championship was an “I Quit” match, which is both rememebered for its brutality as well as its place in the documentary film Beyond The Mat. Lower down on the card the WWF Intercontinental Championship, European Championship and WWF Women’s Championship were both defended as well.

-This was the 12th Annual WWF Royal Rumble event.

-This is Owen Hart’s final Rumble appearance.

-This was the first and only time a McMahon family member entered the Royal Rumble match.

-Referee Teddy Long (Theodore Long) screwed up during the European Title match between X-Pac and Gangrel when he counted a three mid-match, the spot can clearly be seen as he shakes his head afterwards and the crowd notices as well and chant away.

-There was a $100, 000 dollar bounty going to the man who eliminated Austin. A WWF Exclusive caught up with a lot of Rumble Members to see what they thought of this before the show started.

-Chyna was the first female to appear in a Rumble Match by entering #30 in this one.

-On Sunday Night Heat there were three matches before the PPV started.

Sunday Night HEAT Match #1- Christian defeated Jeff Hardy in a singles match at 11:00.

Sunday Night HEAT Match #2- Hardcore Holly and Scorpio (JOB Sqaud) defeated Too Much (Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher) Tag team match 03:52

Sunday Night HEAT Match #3- WWF Champion Mankind defeated Mabel in a singles match at 05:04

-Micheal Cole (god help me) and The King call the action together for the first time together at A Rumble event however Ross was giving Cole ideas on what to say during the event through a ear piece from backstage. (As seen during Beyond The Mat) Micheal Cole was extra annoying back in these days as his voice sounds like a teenager from high school that you’d just hate talking to.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- Road Dogg vs The Big Bossman

Not the best way to start a show. Sure it began fine as Road Dogg was insanely popular due to his charm with the audience but this match went on a little longer then anyone would have liked.

The Road Dogg was the WWF Hardcore Champion but this was not for the Hardcore title since they were both in the Rumble match later.

The size and power of The Bossman vs the quickness and agility of The Road Dogg.

Road Dogg watched as Bossman warmed up by running from side of the ropes to the other side, then Road Dogg told him to suck it. Hmmm.

Dogg got pushed down by Bossman. Dogg complained he grabbed the hair. Road Dogg played to the crowd and started to dance around the ring a bit until Bossman connected with a right hand. Bossman irish whipped Road Dogg to the corner of the ring and hit him with a splash then taunted Road Dogg. Bossman choked out Road Dogg in the corner while yelling to the crowd. Bossman charged towards the corner after giving Road Dogg a breather but he missed and hit the turnbuckle pad and Road Dogg went up high and hit him with ten blows while Anaheim chanted along and then gave him a standing dropkick. Bossman wanted to go for the night stick, Road Dogg went outside the ring and then dragged Bossman’s groin towards the ring post. Road Dogg took advanatage of that situation then inside the ring he kicked him up high.

Road Dogg with a front facelock in the corner. Road Dogg then irish whipped The Bossman to the opposite corner of the ring but Bossman connected with a desperation elbow to Road Dogg’s head that sent him to the outside.

Bossman caught up with him out there and delivered a solid blow. The Bossman with more physicality and sent him head first into the top buckle and then shot with more right and lefts before spitting at Road Dogg.

Fans chanted that he sucked and Road Dogg hit some rights until Bossman resorted to raking the eyes. Bossman then with a boot to the face of Road Dogg off the side ropes.

Bossman irishwhipped Road Dogg hard into the turnbuckle. Bossman picked up Road Dogg and slapped on a bear hug. Road Dogg was fading and these were the moments in the match that just made the match seem to drag. You’d think it was the early 90’s again with Bossman placing somebody in a bearhug on the Rumble undercard. Road Dogg then bit the Bossman’s nose, got sent to the ropes and came off the ropes but Bossman hit him with a knee to the gut. Bossman with a powerful spinebuster slam to Road Dogg. Bossman then cornered Road Dogg as Bossman kneed his back while it pressed Road Dogg’s face into the corner of the ring. Bossman with a ton of right hands slowing the pace down, and like Cole stated Road Dogg needed to quicken the match to get it back in his favor. Road Dogg came back with a right hand but Bossman wouldn’t let him stand toe to toe with him as Bossman kept one upping him. Bossman then choked out Road Dogg on the side ropes.

Bossman off the ropes dropped his body weight down on the back of Road Dogg making it even harder for Road Dogg to breathe due to his head being pushed into the ropes. Road Dogg was able to eventually get up though and slap on a sleeper to Bossman. Bossman scooped up Road Dogg and hit him with a back breaker. Road Dogg caught him with a right hand up there and then slammmed Bossman off the top rope with a scoop slam! Bossman with a nice right hand to Road Dogg, Dogg fired back with his usual jabs. Shake, rattle and roll but not on the canvas, he did hit Bossman towards the side of the ropes and then after a forearm to the face he planted the Shake, Rattle and Roll but Bossman kicked out. Road Dogg had re-gained control of the match temporarily but Bossman caught Road Dogg off the side ropes and Bossman countered with his sidewalk slam!

In the end The Bossman at 11:52 with a Bossman slam. Was a decent match in areas but nothing good, not at all.

This match had potential to be in the * 3/4 territory but it definately dragged and that was its downfall.


2) “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock (c) VS Bad Ass Billy Gunn for the WWF Intercontinental Championship
This was a lot better then the opening contest but it’s still not saying much.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn said hello to his tag partner The Road Dogg who was walking to the back after a loss to Bossman.

Gunn came out limping a little bit, the story here was Shamrock was the master of the Ankle Lock and if he could lock that in then that should be it for the challenger.

Shamrock’s facial expressions were hillarious coming to the ring, looked like a mad man. Gunn hit a clothesline to start but Shamrock rolled him over and gave him some blows, then Gunn rolled over Shamrock and hit him with some rights and lefts. Shamrock irish whipped Bad Ass Billy Gunn to the ropes and came off with a powerful clothesline. Shamrock elevated Gunn by irish whipping him to the corner but Gunn hit a clothesline in return and got a nearfall.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn then slapped on a sleeper. Shamrock and Bossman were the Tag Champion’s at the time but they’d lose the titles to Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett the next night on Raw.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn lifted up Shamrock with a lot of power holding him in the air and then hit a suplex. Bad Ass Billy Gunn sent Shamrock to the turnbuckle. Bad Ass Billy Gunn then charged towards Ken Shamrock but he moved out of the way and Gunn hit the ring post shoulder first. With Bad Ass Billy Gunn in the corner Shamrock kicked the Ass of Mr. Ass.

Shamrock now in control after Bad Ass Billy Gunn hit the corner of the ring by accident. Shamrock scooped up Gunn and slammed him down to the canvas. Ken Shamrock in control here and kicked to Gunn’s face.

Ken slowed the pace down with some slow kicks to the back and head of Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Shamrock then on top of Gunn and dropped his body weight on Billy Gunn. Bad Ass Billy Gunn was going to be the King of the Ring and he was facing the man who had just won it before in 1998. Both were relatively forgettable as KOTR winners.

Shamrock with another high kick to Bad Ass Billy Gunn but got a nearfall. Shamrock with an irish whip and Gunn caught him with the Fameasser but I don’t believe it was his finisher at this point since no one really reacted and Cole didn’t say anything, and it was just a nearfall. Gunn up to his feet seemingly back in control planted Shamrock’s face head first into the buckle. Bad Ass Billy Gunn with a lot of rights to Ken Shamrock, 10 to be exact due to the help of the crowd. Shamrock ducked under a Gunn charge and pulled the bottom rope as Bad Ass Billy Gunn fell to the outside. On the outside of the ring Shamrock hit Billy Gunn with some knees to the face.

Ken Shamrock getting into the zone. Bad Ass Billy Gunn sent face first into the ring post on the outside. Bad Ass Billy Gunn then sent face first into the steel steps and then he proceeded to grab Gunn on the outside and sent him face first into the chair. Shamrock in the mean time kept breaking the count but then he eventually got Gunn on the apron and kept hitting him with right hands, until Bad Ass Billy Gunn hit him with some elbows to the face and then they both jumped off the apron and Bad Ass Billy Gunn hit Shamrock face first into the table. This could be what Gunn needed to buy himself time says Cole.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn throws the Champion back into the ring after he went face first into the table but he still only got a nearfall.

Bad Ass Billy Gunn then got caught with a great kick by Shamrock and he softens up the hamstring/knee area of Bad Ass Billy Gunn since that was weakened.

Shamrock was setting up his challenger for some pre-ankle lock damage and then he dropped some weight to the left leg by hooking it and then dropping down on it with his body weight, using the top rope for leverage to platform onto Gunn methodically taking apart the ankle. Bad Ass Billy Gunn with a right hand from the canvas but Shamrock caught him with another right hand. King said Shamrock smelled blood, and then Shamrock looked at him and said he did smell blood. Cole calls him like a surgeon since he is systematically kicking away at Billy Gunn. Shamrock then kicked at Gunn again and weared him down with a powerful front facelock. Bad Ass Billy Gunn was viciously worn down but he still battled back and countered with a quick roll-up, but Shamrock bridged out and went into a fisherman suplex. Bad Ass Billy Gunn still selling the left leg as he had problems standing. Bad Ass Billy Gunn got sent to the corner and Shamrock went for a clothesline but knocked out referee Tim White.

Both men hit a double clothesline and the referee was knocked down. Everyone stood up looking for someone to interfere and sure enough Val Venis came into the ring and hit a DDT to Ken Shamrock. Bad Ass Billy Gunn covered Shamrock but only got a two count.

Gunn then limping around and gained momentum by sending Shamrock to the corner and then he splashed into him in the corner. Bad Ass Billy Gunn jumped off the top rope looking for the axehandle but missed it and he landed on his left leg and it collapsed on him. Shamrock smelled blood and slapped on the Ankle Lock!

In the end Ken Shamrock forced Billy Gunn to submit with the Ankle Lock at 14:24 retaining the gold.

Better then I remembered but still not very good overall, it had its moments and nearly two full stars if perhaps Gunn’s selling was a bit better and the pace was better.

* 3/4

3) X-Pac (c) vs Gangrel for the WWF European Championship

This match was kept short and that was a good thing given the length of the first two contests, this provided better quality as well.

I talked about pacing being bad in the previous two matches but not this time around, instead this one was quick with high risk maneuvers and just fun all around.

European title on the line as Gangrel went into a side headlock by X-Pac. Gangrel though off the side ropes leapfrogged over Pac and hit him with a shoulder block.

I liked X-Pac’s leapfrog followed by a hiptoss. Gangrel then locked a standing side headlock until X-Pac tried for a hiptoss but then flipped over and sent Gangrel down. X-Pac then dropped a leg on Gangrel and got a nearfall. Gangrel charged towards X-Pac in the corner after X-Pac missed a chagre towards him, quick action and then Gangrel hit a belly to belly and then dropped Pac throat first on the ropes.

Gangrel got down and slapped on a sleeper. This is the third straight match with a D-X member on the PPV. X-Pac gained momentum and got out of the sleeper but he sent X-Pac down face first to the canvas. Gangrel using some speed and agility to elevate X-Pac in an attempt to beat him at his own game. Gangrel jumped off the top and caught no one home, X-Pac answered back with a spinning heel kick to Gangrel’s head. X-Pac irish whipped Gangrel and caught him with a tremendous flying clothesline and Gangrel got the shoulder up. X-Pac then again hit a spinning heelkick to Gangrel. X-Pac got on top of Gangrel and fired away solid right hands to Gangrel and then signalled for the Bronco Buster and hit it.

X-Pac then hit a third spinning heel kick and Gangrel had recently suffered a concussion on Raw so it made sense. Gangrel countered and caught X-Pac up high on the top rope to block a high risk move but X-Pac pushed him off and then hit a crossbody, but Gangrel countered and pinned X-Pac with a roll-up and got the three! He got the three! Wait a minute. Teddy Long screwed up. You can see the reaction on Pac and Gangrel’s face and the fans even chanted that Long screwed up. Long shook his head and shrugged it off as Lawler made possible reasons for why Long did that. Gangrel sent X-Pac into the corner and then Gangrel caught X-Pac with a powerslam but X-Pac kicked out. Gangrel kicked X-Pac up high and irish whipped him but X-Pac kicked him and then went off the ropes for leverage and hit the X-Factor and this time for the three.

X-Pac won in the end at 5:53 and retained his title to a good ovation.

Quick action throughout with a balanced attack by both men made this match fun to watch. Especially good for the time it got.


4) Sable (c) vs Luna in a Strap match for the WWF Women’s Championship

“You SELL the back, You SELL the back to the point where we don’t think you’re going to be able to compete! -Vince Russo (Beyond The Mat)

It’s funny because Sable does do this, and then when she tells Shane McMahon in the ring that she WILL compete nobody cared…….

This was Sable’s first title defense.

Shane was entertaining enough on commentary for the amount of time this match lasted anyway.

Sable sold the back but still was able to smack Luna with the strap and sent her into the ringpost. Sable then got Luna inside the ring and smacked away at her back. Sable hit a clothesline and then choked out Luna with the strap. Sable with a snap takedown, she touched two turnbuckles and then she couldn’t get to the three and the LOVELY LUNA according to Shane McMahon got in control. Luna then slapped the strap against Sable’s bad back and then choked her with the strap.

Luna hit one turnbuckle, the second and then Sable struggling with a bad back hit her with the strap until Sable fought back with some shots of her own. Sable irish whipped Luna into the corner but when charging for her she hit no one and Luna hit a back breaker to the injured back. Luna choked out Sable but Sable was touching the turnbuckles behind Luna.

Sable retained the title at 4:43 in a cliche strap match ending as she touched all four ring posts in succession without Luna knowing and Tori who was known as “THAT FAN” came from the crowd and knocked out Luna.

If not for the strap gimmick it would be a definate dud.

Good strategic stuff from Luna but a lot of it was sloppy and pretty poor overall.

I feel like I’m generous for the rating but since there was a little bit of a story told.


5) Mankind (c) vs The Rock in an “I Quit” match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

One of the greatest if not the best “I Quit” match/es ever.

This match is remembered for The Rock’s chair shot after chair shot to a helpless Mankind who had been busted open earlier in the match. As said in one of Foley’s books it was supposed to be 5 shots to the head and not 11 or whatever it ended up being. You had to feel sympathy for Mick during the match as he took quite a beating (in front of his kids and wife who left none the less) but in the long run this is what put this hardcore I quit match over the top. Mankind was thrown off the back of the stage through the electric circuit, into the steps, through a table, onto the floor, and then the dozen shair shots while hancuffed among other hardcore tactics.

The Corporate Rock was hillarious throughout the match as usual but he was a Great Heel because you felt like he was a complete POS with what he was doing to another person. That was the whole idea, he cut a nice promo backstage before the match and his popularity was starting to soar.

The Rock and Mankind knew this was going going to be a great battle.

The I Quit match was underway and Foley got Rock in a corner and hit him with hard rights and then cornered him and delivered a clothesline. Mankind with great right hands into the corner on the Great One and then he charged into him with a big knee shot to the head.

The Big Story HERE was, how would Mick Foley quit? His pain tolerance is higher then anyone so Cole kept saying there’s no way the Mankind character could die. Mankind got on top of Rock and choked him out. Mankind knew he had to be aggressive with The Rock and early. The ref had a mic in the ring ready and Rock with some right hands but Mankind planted The Rock face first to the canvas. No covers in this match, so Mankind pounded away on Rock and asked him if he quit, Rock said Mankind could kiss his ass. Mankind them beat on Rock’s head with a microphone three times. Rock then yelled into the mic “The Rock is going to kick your fat ass” the crowd laughs. Good stuff.

Mankind clotheslined Rock over the top rope to the outside near the barricade. Mankind sent Rock face first into the barricade then and kept giving him blows right in front of Mankind’s wife and kids. Rock reversed an irish whip and sent Foley first into the steel steps.

Mankind was down after that big blow. Rock got on commentary and said “I’m proving why I’m the great one and that piece of trash isn’t, what King you’re not going to say anything to the great one? Shut your mouth you piece of trash” then Foley attacked Rock from behind and Lawler said he tried to warn Rock. Hillarious spot.

Rock then got a steel chair shot to the back and cole said Steel Stairs, oh well. Mankind then hit Rock in the head with a mic but Rock told him to kiss his ass. This is just fun all around here, you got a good slug fest, some good out of the ring action, in the ring action, brutality, comedy and its for the WWF Title in a great crowd in a great feud. Foley then hit a DDT in the ring on Rock and gave him Mr. Socko.

They battled to the outside where Mankind gave Rock a double armed DDT through the table!

Earl Hebner asked Rock what he said, but King said Rock doesen’t talk in his sleep! Mankind then said he’s going to split open that ridiculous eyebrow. Mankind then kicked at Rock to the outside of the ring. The Rock then got thrown over the barricade by Mankind. Foley gave him shots in the crowd area.

Mankind had SOCKO on his hand and celebrated with the crowd a little pre-maturely as it bought Rock time to powerslam him over the barricade from the outside over the barricade to the mat on the inside by the ring. Rock then picked up the timekeeper’s bell and rung the bell on Mick’s head and sung “Bell’s will be riiiingin!”

Mankind though got up on the Spanish Announce Table and The Rock, Rock Bottomed him through a table! Rock said “Say I quit now you piece of Monkey Crap!” Foley responds with “Up yours ROCK!” King seemed outraged. Rock then took a sip of water and spit it in Foley’s face.

God these two guys were great together.

This is Mick’s type of match and Rock worked perfectly with him and in this environment.

Foley chased Rock up the entrance way and hit the back of his head.

The Booking of this match is just crazy fun, I seriously can’t stress that enough.

Mankind chased Rocky but it was The Rock that gave him some right hands in the technical area by The Royal Rumble sign. Rock then planted Foley’s face into a table and the two kept slugging it out.

The Rock then hit a DDT to Foley’s head on concrete.

Foley had been tossed into steel stairs and even flipped hard.
Foley had been Rock Bottomed through a table.
Foley had been DDT’d on concrete.
Foley had been rung with a bell to the head.

Now Rock had a ladder in his hand but Mankind countered and Rock walked right into a shot and Mankind kept him down with a ladder.

Seriously, this is just crazy fun here. The scary thing is that these guys had violent matches all the time around this period but this is definately the best one.

Mankind then dropped an elbow onto Rock but The Rock moved! Mankind hit the ladder! Ouch!

Rock still couldn’t get Mankind to say I QUIT so he grabbed the Ladder and then put it by the stands to climb up. Mankind followed him up there!

Mankind and Rock up high in the stands now giving each other shots!

King wanted Mankind to be careful but just when it looked like Mankind was going to push The Rock off he gave him a lowblow! Rock then gave Foley a big righthand and Foley was launched from the stands to the electrical circuit board. If Jim Ross was doing this match it might of gotten a better rating.

The Rock told Shane McMahon who came out that Mankind was going to say I QUIT and he’ll be damned if he doesen’t!

Cole says THE DAMN match needs to stop. The Power went out in parts of the building. Rock then in complete control now and here comes The Rock’s vicious beat down which is highly controversial. Rock wanted to gain as much heat as possible, but Foley had been through chairs, tables, stairs, into an electric circuit off of a railing, face first into a gaurd rail, ddt’d on concrete, head rung with a bell.

Rock then continued to stomp away on the Hardcore legend. Mick Foley seriously is tougher then hell, wow, just wow.

The Rock grabbed handcuffs.

Foley would go through hell and see handcuffs again in his career the next year at The Rumble but The Rock is giving him some severe punishment here. The Rock put handcuffs on Mankind and beat on him and he had no way of protecting himself. The Rock busted Mankind open and slammed his head into the top turnbuckle pad and then Mankind countered with a low blow. Mankind kicked Rock only using his feet then started to bite him. Might as well he couldn’t use his hands.

This point on is what The Foley family at ringside couldn’t stand due to how much punishment Mankind had sustained in the match.

The Rock fired back with a clothesline on Mankind off the side ropes after he got to his feet and Mankind was handcuffed. Uh-Oh here comes the chair!

Rock plants a chair on top of Mankind’s head.

Rock then set up for the Corporate Elbow onto a chair on Mankind’s head that had already been busted open and then he shattered his skull as he landed, the camera zooms in on Foley’s face which is already busted open. Amazing.

Mankind told Rock to go to hell, and Rock said it’d be his candy ass first. Rock then set up with Mankind handcuffed and busted open and he hit him in the head twice hard. King said that’s enough, say goodbye to brain cells.

Mankind told Rock he’d have to kill him! Rock just might, sickening thuds of steel against skull. Rock then hammered Foley in the head with the chair and Foley went down and tried to turn away from Rock signalling that it was enough but Rock hit him in the head over and over. And over.

Rock said “You can chant your Foley all you want, but tonight that piece of trash will say I quit.” Foley knew he was busted open so he tried to get away from Rock but Rock kept hitting him in the head with a chair, over and over and over.

Rock then put the mic to Foley’s knocked out head and we heard “I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!”

In the end The Rock (finally) won after placing the microphone by Mankind’s mouth and letting the words “I Quit!!!” (taken from a previous Mankind promo) play out on the speakers at 21:46.

Match went about ten minutes longer then the Foley family wanted but it’s something both are probably proud of now looking back just for the brutality even if there is some bad blood deep inside from it still.

It’s a Classic, saved the show.

Foley was just done, Thank you Mick.

This match is definitely up there for both men as far as greatest matches of all time are concerned. I always used to think this one was a good little battle that is remembered because of Rock’s shots and that one bump from the stands, but oh no, this was so, so much more then that. This is amazing.

I could even bump it up more if anything.

Truly remarkable!

**** 1/4

6) Main Event- The 1999 WWF Royal Rumble Match

1 Steve Austin
2 Vince McMahon
3 Golga
4 Droz
5 Edge
6 Gillberg
7 Steve Blackman
8 Dan Severn
9 Tiger Ali Singh
10 Blue Meanie
11 Mabel
12 Road Dogg
13 Gangrel
14 Kurrgan
15 Al Snow
16 Goldust
17 Godfather
18 Kane
19 Ken Shamrock
20 Billy Gunn
21 Test
22 Big Boss Man
23 Triple H
24 Val Venis
25 X-Pac
26 Mark Henry
27 Jeff Jarrett
28 D’Lo Brown
29 Owen Hart
30 Chyna

Not the best Rumble roster here but the booking to this match was worse but I guess they tried for something different here. And different it definitely was.

It was ALL about Mr. McMahon and Steve Austin’s feud, was this Rumble match so I have no idea how anyone could have even comprehended someone else winning. It wasn’t about Hunter or Owen, or D-Lo getting a push. It’s not like Chyna had a chance either.

A new entrant came out approximately every 90 seconds, and as I’ve stated before that seems to be the best recipe for success in Rumble matches but again they didn’t do a good job with this one. One of the biggest problems people have with the year 1999 was some of the booking and bad match quality, everything else was fun though.

This could be the most distracting Rumble ever due to the action being all over the place, abductions, attacks, commentary, jobbers standing in the middle of the ring, you name it and this match had it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin drew #1 and came out to an amazing roar, McMahon came out to a ton of heat of course. Good versus Evil as the Rumble match began.

Stone Cold went straight for McMahon obviously, he finally had the boss where he wanted him. Austin was going through personal problems at the time but he came out with a ton of attitude and looked very lively inside the ring posing with the crowd. It’s fun to see Austin pose in a Rumble match because usually he comes in the ring when others are in there and he can’t do that. Austin tried to become the first guy since HBK to win it from #1 but he wouldn’t. King said McMahon had never lost a match, Cole says he hasn’t even wrestled before, and King tells him to shutup. McMahon comes out looking as juiced as ever. McMahon must of loved how hard he trained for this. Vince got into the ring and then The Rattlesnake looked at him with his cold blue eyes. The bell ring and Austin hammered away on the Boss and then stomped a mudhole on the boss in the corner and then walked it dry. Austin then flipped off Vince and slammed him down to the mat and the crowd loved it! Austin had McMahon down and proceeded to kick him in the groin and again the fans just ate it all up!

King desperately wanted the third entrant out there. Austin then said he was ready to throw McMahon’s ass out of the ring. Maybe he should of. Austin put the breaks on because he wanted to make Vince suffer and Austin clotheslined him. Golga came out as the third entrant, they said it as his Rumble debut but the late John Tenta (who also played Earthquake) had been in a rumble before. Austin hit the Lou Thesz press on McMahon and then Golga attacked Austin. The fans booed Golga but he wanted the 100, 000 dollars. Austin threw Golga over the top rope and out of the match. This part of the Rumble match was actually fun. Everything else was questionable booking at best. Austin then chased McMahon after throwing Golga out of the ring up into the crowd. Austin and McMahon battled up in the crowd area to the back and the ring was empty.

Austin chased McMahon in the lobby area and Austin chased McMahon into the ladies room but it was a trap! The Corporate team attacked Austin! The fans booed as Droz who was apart of the Road Warriors as a trio at the time waited in the ring as nobody else was out there. Droz perhaps could of played to the crowd or something but he just kind of stood there which made things blow. The Clock then turned on.

Edge made his Rumble debut now to join Droz inside the ring. Edge and Droz the only two in the ring although technically there were four in the Rumble Match if you count Austin and McMahon backstage. Logic gets thrown out the window in these matches, because why wouldn’t everyone run under the bottom rope, or off to backstage and then just show up at the end. Oh well. Droz hit a reverse elbow to Edge and then went to throw Edge over the top rope but he hung onto the ropes. Edge then with a forearm to Droz in the corner of the ring. Edge lifted one leg of Droz up in an attempt to get him over but he couldn’t. Edge then hit a standing dropkick to Droz and the clock counted down again.

Gillberg’s music hit. Fans went crazy. Gillberg is 0-2, who will be #1? Edge then pushed Gillberg over the top rope and out of the ring, Gillberg is 0-3. The Corporate Team was shown levelling Austin in the back and he looked down and out of the match. Droz meanwhile kept trying to throw Edge out of the ring. Edge with hard shots to Droz but then he turned the tide and tried to throw out Edge.

The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman was “LUCKY” #7 and and he came into the ring. They show a shot of Austin being taken out on a stretcher. Edge meanwhile beat on Blackman inside the ring and he ducked a clothesline and dropkicked Edge. Jobbers galore and no one really cared for any of the people in the ring so it just sucked the life out of the Rumble crowd.

#8 was Dan the BEAST Savern. This just keeps getting better….WELL when he got in the ring he went right after Blackman. Savern and Blackman kept going at it and the fans chanted for Austin backstage as he was being taken out in a stretcher. One of the main problems with this Rumble event was that they barely focused on the in ring action. Just brutal and four guys were going at it with much action.

Tiger Ali Singh came out at #9 and the fans booed as they knew the boredom would continue. Austin was then shown being taken out in the ambulance and he was apparently gone. It may have added drama or suspense, it may have been original but the action in the ring just continued to suck the life out of the crowd, it’s almost painful to watch. Edge went to toss out Tiger Ali Singh but he wouldn’t go out and Droz tried to life Edge and Singh out. The bell rang, thank god.

It’s the Blue Meanie at #10 from the Job Sqaud. This is getting bad. The crowd was barely paying attention, most just doing crotch chops or talking with there friends, I don’t blame them. Maybe the worst ten guys you could ever start a rumble with, mostly because of Austin and McMahon leaving. They seriously should of had Kane, or HHH, or Owen Hart, or Chyna or somebody in one of these numbers to get the crowd to care but there was literally NOBODY in this ring the crowd cared about at this time. Just painful, and brutal.

Out now was #11 but he didn’t come out. This happens at practically every Rumble event. Mosh just got slammed by Mabel in the back and out came Mabel and he apparently just took his spot. Mabel would seen be Viscera soon but he threw out Blackman and the Beast Dan Savern. Mabel then threw out Singh. Meanie got clotheslined by Mabel. Droz and Edge still in there.

Road Dogg came out at #12 and he was the hardcore champion who had already lost a 10 minute plus match earlier. Road Dogg threw out Edge but only one foot hit the floor but then he knocked him off the apron and now he’s gone. Just before that Mabel threw out Droz. All of the SUDDEN the light’s went out and Taker’s theme hit. Finally some excitement with eliminations and now Taker was going on his word and he said there’d be a sacrifice in the Rumble. Mideon, Farooq and Brashaw were all in the Ministry but not in the Rumble and they abducted Mabel to make him one of them. Taker looked demonic and took off his hood. Taker wasn’t in this rumble either.

Road Dogg stood alone now in the ring by himself and McMahon and Austin were still in but not by the ring obvioussly. #13 is Gangrel. Gangrel lost a match versus X-Pac earlier and within two minutes The Road Dogg Jesse James who was insanely over threw out Gangrel. Road Dogg checked his watch like Austin and waited for the next man.

Kurrgan makes his final Rumble appearance. (Which is a good thing) He’s an oddity now though and not a Truth Commision psycho, but still clearly insane. Kurrgan gave Road Dogg knees to the gut and then gave him a sidewalk slam! Kurrgan then with a boot underneath the chin on Road Dogg.

Al Snow comes out to a pretty good pop. The fans loved the HEAD chants. Al Snow and Road Dogg who had been or would be battling in the hardcore division teamed up here and attacked big Kurrgan to attempt at double teaming Kurrgan and getting him out of the Rumble match. Road Dogg then pushed SNOW out of the ring. Road Dogg then got taken down by the massive Kurrgan. Kurrgan then gave a knee to Road Dogg and out came the next entrant.

Goldust came out and thank god this year around he’s in his normal attire. I never thought I’d be happy to see Goldust in his regular attire but if you remember the costumes he wore in 1998 you’d be thankful as well. Road Dogg in control kicking down Goldust and then Kurrgan. Road Dogg spread Goldust’s legs and then mocked him and taunted Goldust with his own chest rub, and Road Dogg was setting Goldust up for shattered dreams but Kurrgan grabbed Road Dogg from behind and stopped him.

Godfather came out with ho’s. Ho’s didn’t last long and a “WE WANT HO’s” chant broke out. McMahon and Austin backstage, Godfather, Goldust, Road Dogg and Kurrgan the only four in the ring.

The lights went out and Kane’s music hit. Kane threw out Road Dogg, threw out Kurrgan, threw out Godfather and then Kane chokeslammed Goldust out. Wow. Kane eliminated everyone and the fans went wild. Kane was a tweener, he was still in the Corporate team but he was defying Mr. McMahon by not doing what he said so McMahon wanted Kane back in the cukoo’s nest. The White Jackets came out but Kane eliminated himself from the Rumble. Kane just left the ring to avoid them.

#19 was Ken Shamrock. Shamrock came out and McMahon came back in the ring. Now the only three legal men were Shamrock, Vince and Austin but Steve was in the hospital, Vince went to the outside and joined the broadcast booth like the good old times. Shamrock then stood in the ring by himself, see what I mean about this Rumble match lacking? Sure it was original but it’s not very fun when the action isn’t going on.

#20 was Billy Gunn. Gunn and Shamrock the only two in the ring and they had a long match earlier together. Shamrock went right back to work on Gunn’s bad left leg. Gunn though out of desperation hit a suplex on Shamrock. Gunn threw Shamrock head first into the top turnbuckle. Gunn tossed out Shamrock over the top rope. Shamrock then took over the ankle of Gunn again.

Test came in next and another Corporate member came out. Test and Shamrock went to work on Gunn and this made Mr. McMahon on commentary very happy. Backstage they show Mabel being abducted by the Ministry.

HERE WE GO! The best part of the Rumble Match! The Ambulance came and Austin is back! Vince’s gulp on commentary was simply priceless. McMahon looked like he was going to cry. In the ring Gunn low blowed both Corporate members of Shamrock and Test and then hit a double clothesline.

Austin walked to the ring to Bossman’s music which was hillarious. Austin chased McMahon but Shamrock attacked him. Bossman finally came in and Austin backdropped Shamrock out of the ring. Bossman with fists to Austin and now the Rumble match had some spark due to Austin being back and the 100, 000 dollar bounty. Stone Cold Steve Austin choked out Bossman on the side ropes.

Triple H ran out to “Break it down!” HHH goes after Test. Must be a pre-war for Stephanie McMahon. Cole credits Gunn for being in the match, it’s been only like ten minutes, he should calm down. McMahon yelled to fellow Corporate members to get Austin over but he hung on despite both Gunn and Bossman going for Austin. Even popular DX member Triple H tried to get Austin out due to the bounty. Austin hit a vidious clothesline on Gunn and then dropped an elbow.

#24 was Val Venis. Val and Helmsley went at it as HHH clotheslined him. Seven men in the rumble, only six in the ring and McMahon on commentary. Test with a big boot to the face of Austin. Austin grabbed Test and threw him head first into the top turnbuckle. Gunn then threw his head into the top buckle pad. McMahon would absolutely despise Austin even more if he won his third straight Rumble. Austin elimindated Billy Gunn. I think he did that again in 2001. Austin has eliminated more people in Rumble history when it’s all said and done. If Kane sticks around much longer he might beat that record.

X-Pac comes out, the lightest Rumble entrant ever to this point in time, before midgets came in like the 2008 Rumble. Val with a double axehandle to Austin from the top rope. Val stomped on Austin in the corner and Steve went underneath the bottom rope. Bossman tried to eliminate Helmsley. Austin from the top gave an axehandle to Val for some revenge. X-Pac with a spinning heel kick to Austin.

#26 came out and it was Sexual Chocolate. He got a huge pop surprsingly. Henry then took a big shot on Austin in the corner. Test worked on Venis in the corner. Bossman and Henry double teamed Austin but Austin ducked eventually and Bossman got hit by Sexual Chocolate. Double teaming on Austin going on due to the 100, 000 dollar bounty going to the guy who can eliminate Austin.

Jeff Jarrett came out with Debra which got a huge pop. Jarrett was #27. Debra left and the fans booed. Jarrett double teamed by DX, HHH and X-Pac. X-Pac showing it’s every man for themself and he knocked down fellow DW member HHH. Jarrett tried to throw out Austin but couldn’t.

Austin down in the corner and McMahon kept pleading that Austin would get thrown out. D-Lo Brown lead to the ring by PMS but of course they had to leave as well. D-Lo then came to the ring and hit Austin, but Test hit D-Lo as well. Test and Jarrett going at it and then Austin threw out Test. King apparently picked Test, Blackman and Gangrel. Hillarious. That’s how bad the talent was in this Rumble. Austin threw out X-Pac. Bossman and Jarrett double team Austin. This was Jeff Jarrett’s last Royal Rumble as he’d leave for WCW before the year 2000 came about. Bossman and Jarrett double teamed Austin but couldn’t get him out.

Owen Hart was #29 in his last Rumble appearance as well as his partner Jarrett. It’s obvioussly more emotional for Owen though as he was always an entertaining character in the Rumble’s over the years. Right before Owen came out HHH tossed out Jarrett. Owen ran to the ring to his “Enough is Enough” theme. Owen and D-Lo both stomped on Austin in the corner. It’s just always so sad to see Owen just a few months before his death looking happy and dedicated. Anyway Austin went under the ring and threw water into Vince’s face in the booth. The ring was getting full but only one person was left. I say PERSON and not MAN for a reason. McMahon was desperate now for someone to throw out Austin. Owen raked Bossman’s face in the corner.

#30 was CHYNA. Sexual Chocolate looked on at the first female to ever enter the Rumble match! Chyna took it to Mark Henry with some kicks and the fans were on her side. Chyna took down Henry and Austin just watched this. Chyna then threw out Mark Henry. Chyna then turned around and caught a clothesline from Austin and the place exploded! Helmsley then went at Austin to back up Chyna! Six men left. HHH told Austin to suck it and he stomped on him. Val then slapped Hunter and Austin was down. The other three left were Bossman, D-Lo and Owen Hart.

Austin then irish whipped Hemlsley and got a face buster and then took him to the side of the ropes and he tried to throw out Austin but couldn’t. Everyone was going for Austin at this point due to the bounty. HHH then threw out venis! Austin got the Stunner on HHH! Austin clotheslined Hunter out.

The Final Four!

Owen Hart in his last Rumble makes the final four, with D-Lo Brown (which is good to see), the Corporate Hand the Big Bossman, and Steve Austin. Well technically, there were five as McMahon was in but they wanted to fool us like he wasn’t a realistic possibility.

Owen and Bossman went at it in the corner and Bossman hit Owen’s head on the top of the turnbuckle. I almost felt bad just saying that but it happened. Austin then choked out D-Lo on the canvas while Owen tried to elevate The Big Bossman out of the Rumble Match. Four guys in two corners, Austin almost throwing out D-Lo and Owen almost throwing out Bossman. D-Lo Brown tried to throw out Austin desperately and the fans chanted for Austin. I like how Lawler said D-Lo was one of the most underrated stars. D-Lo caught a low blow from D-Lo. Owen hit a spinning heel kick to Austin and then Owen got backdropped by Austin out of the ring. Owen is now gone, and I appreciate everything he did over the years, I have missed him every day of my life as a Wrestling Fan.

Bossman then pushed out D-Lo!

Austin hit the Stunner on Bossman and threw him out! We’re down to two! Austin got out of the ring and McMahon put his hands up.

So for the second time in Rumble Match history the first two men in the ring are the last two men in the ring even though McMahon and Austin barely spent less then half the Rumble in the ring.

Austin attacked McMahon at the announce booth and then he hit McMahon in the head with a chair. Cole says Austin is on his way to Wrestlemania, Austin is going to meet Rock at Wrestlemania Cole shouted! Just like at the beginning of the match Austin stared at the fallen CEO and then Vince gave Austin a low blow because for some reason Stone Cold just took his time. Austin ducked a clothesline from McMahon and then Stunnered Vince. Austin said I’m gonna finish this shit! Austin jumped from the elbow and hammered an elbow into the sternum of McMahon. Austin looked at the crowd and they went crazy. Rock came to the ring with the WWF title and he started to taunt Austin. Austin was asking Rock to come in the ring and he kept looking back for McMahon so it was kind of clear McMahon was going to win but even when he did it, it was still shocking.

Everyone was thinking Would Austin win his third consecutive Rumble? That was what most thought would happen but they threw us a swerve.

Vince McMahon last eliminated Steve Austin to win at 56:38. Micheal Cole asks if it is a dream. I ask the same thing when I see him on WWE television still today.

The McMahon’s celebrate with Beer to mock Austin with the Stooges and McMahon is going to Wrestlemania! Or so some thought until the next night.

This is the highest I will EVER go for the Worst Royal Rumble match of all time and I’m being polite because there were a few good moments but there was just way too much wrong with this match to give it any higher.



Final PPV Rating for Royal Rumble 1999= 5/10

This show just like the one the previous year is definitely lacking something. Both Rumble matches were built around Steve Austin but the rest of the Rumble Matches lacked a lot of substance or the usual fun we are used to seeing in Rumble matches. I tend to always judge a Rumble Event based majorly on the Rumble match itself since it always takes up near half the show and is always usually the main attraction of the event. This one is the worst Rumble Match in history so the events rating can not score high because of it. It had a few bright spots, and the rest of the card was saved by a a pretty good undercard match here or there and the famous I Quit Match between Rock and Mankind. So the event scores a 5 thanks to Mick Foley.

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  1. Brett Mix says:

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