Review: WWF/WWE Royal Rumble 2000 DVD

May 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Royal Rumble 2000 Review:


 “After the beating you gave me on Monday Night, one thing Mankind is not, is ready to face you in a Street Fight for the WWF title at The Garden. But I think the WWF fans deserve a substitute in that match, I think you know the guy!…his name is CACTUS JACK! What I am is one bad son of a bitch! At the Royal Rumble, you`re going to make me bleed, it will not be the first time and it sure as hell wont be the last! You look into my eyes and realize I`m going to tear you apart in New York City! BANG BANG!” -Mick Foley as Cactus Jack

-WWF Royal Rumble 2000 took place on Sunday, January 23rd, 2000 at sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York in front of 19, 200 fans.

-This was the 13th Annual WWF Royal Rumble event.

-This was the first Royal Rumble Steve Austin was not on since 1995 and the first Bob Backlund was on since 1996.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler do the commentary together at the Rumble event for the first time since 1998

-This was the first of two Rumble events from Madison Square Garden. The other being in 2008.

-I didn`t include this on the review as I don`t consider it a match but during the event, the following events took place:

-Mae Young won the Miss Rumble 2000 swimsuit contest, defeating Ivory, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush, Luna and The Kat. Yes, Mae Young shows her 80 year old dogs.

The judges were: “Classy” Freddie Blassie, The Fabulous Moolah, Tony Garea, Andy Richter, Sgt. Slaughter, and Johnny Valiant.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle vs To Be Announced “Tazz”

Angle put his undefeated streak on the line against a mystery opponent in the opening match from the Garden.

Angle got on the mic to get the crowd going before Tazz came out and generated heat by poking fun at there basketball team.

Fans chanted `WE WANT TAZ` and they got him, well with an extra Z anyway and he didn`t live very far from The Garden.

We saw on the ECW DVD`s that Heyman wished Tazz the best of luck this day and he had a ton of butterflies, the pop was amazing for him in this match.

Tazz started the match off with some blows to Angle and the lights turned on and his pyro smoke surrounded the Garden during the early stages of the match.

Kurt Angle reversed an irish whip then leaped up but Tazz held onto the ropes and then backdropped Angle to the outside. The Human Suplex Machine then went to hit one on the floor outside the ring but Angle suplexed Tazz out there while the fans chanted for ECW. Angle kicked at Tazz and then gave him a hard right hand. Angle forced Tazz back in the ring and then hit a shoulder block and got a nearfall.

Kurt Angle sticking to his gameplan fired away on Tazz in the corner and then choked him out up top with a boot. Angle hit a belly to belly suplex and Woo`d. MSG booed and then Angle went to the outside and up top Tazz hit the topes and Kurt Angle got caught up there and fell. Tazz with a huge belly to belly-overhead suplex from the very top but would of got him if Angle hadn`t put his foot on the ropes!

Angle came up from behind and kicked him and hit an inside cradle but Tazz kicked out and Angle clotheslined him back down. Angle with another belly to back suplex this time, a german suplex with a bridge pinning attempt but Tazz kicked out. Angle picked up Tazz but he reversed it with a waistlock and a german. Tazz then hugged Angle and hit a belly to belly suplex. Tazz then with a fisherman suplex. Suplex after Suplex.

Tazz chokes out Angle to a huge pop with the Tazzmission that JR calls a version of a sleeperhold. Angle faded away and the bell rang as the place popped.

In the end Tazz put an “end” to Angle`s streak when the referee stopped the match at 3:16.

Angle would claim to still be UNDEFEATED since he didn`t give up after this match but his first actual LOSS by pinfall was to The Rock not long after on Smackdown.

Good fun to open the show despite the match not being long enough to get much of a story going but for what it was, it worked.

Effective debut.

* 1/2





2) The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) in a Tables match

The whole “hardcore”-tables concept was still relatively new at this point as the innovative No Mercy ladder match in 99 between Edge and Christian and the Hardyz really seemed to kickstart the trend in the WWF.

This match got the Dudley’s involved in the mix between The Hardyz and Edge and Christian in that league. They were the ones who brought the tables into play.

Jeff sounding awkward like he always does told Terri (remember her) that she had to stay backstage during this match.

Bubba said New Yorkers were ass backwards. Bubba said his new hero was John Rocker.

D-Von said if the idiots were smart they`d elect him as mayor to clean up this miserable city.

The Dudleyz pretty much had to do this to ensure they wouldn`t get cheered by a relatively “HARDCORE“ fanbase who had just seen Tazz debut to a loud ECW chant.

Smart move I guess.

King notes that Bubba didn`t even stutter. Yeah, I was wondering whatever happened to that. Guess it just passed. Anyway here we go, outcome the Hardyz to a good ovation. They got credibility and fame ever since the No Mercy Ladder match from 1999 with Edge and Christian.

This was the first ever Table`s match in the WWF and the rule was you had to slam your opponents through tables, consecutively to win.

Jeff Hardy and Matt got it on with The Dudleyz in the entrance way and then the bell rang and the action got underway in the ring.

Bubba Ray and Jeff Hardy went at it and then Bubba hit a full nelson into a powerbomb on Jeff.

Both teams can go at it at the same time so it was a fast moving match with action all over the place.

Neither team wasted any time getting out table`s.

ECW chants.

Bubba sent Jeff in the sky but Matt moved the table out of the way. Matt hit Bubba with a DDT.

Jeff then ran to the outside and springboarded out to the top and landed on top of Bubba in the entrance way. Matt drove a chair into D-Von but he came off the ropes and went for a powerbomb to Matt but Matt Hardy attempted a suplex to D-Von through a table but he countered with one of his own on the canvas to Matt.

Outside the ring Jeff Hardy hit a huge chairshot to Bubba Ray Dudley.

Jeff ran across the barricade and went to fly into Bubba, but Bubba Ray got the table up and Jeff hit the table face first to a loud “OOOOHHHHH!!!“ from MSG.

Bubba positioned the table in the ring and put Matt on top of it and went to jump off but took a little too much time and Matt met him up there. Matt and Jeff went for a double Suplex off the top to Bubba but D-Von moved the table out of the way!

Matt grabbed a ladder under the ring and put it in the ring and hit D-Von in the stomach and then Bubba. The Hardyz used the ladder in there favor to take the Dudleyz out of the match. Chairs, and Ladder`s used in this Table`s match despite it just being a Table`s match. I wonder where they got the TLC idea…..

Matt with a thunderous chairshot to the skull of Bubba Dudley. Matt set up a ladder on the outside and began to climb, D-Von climbed the other side and Matt shoved D-Von off the ladder and he bumped into a fan. Matt with a legdrop off the ladder to Bubba and Jeff went airborn as well and both men hit Bubba through the table at the same time.

Now if D-Von was put through a table then the Hardyz would win, those were the rules. Matt with a chair shot now to D-Von and it hit him right in the face. Holy Sh** chants fill MSG.

The Hardyz re-arranged furniture on the outside, Matt set up a table which hung from the ring apron and steps which were on its side. Matt went to slam D-Von through a table but he moved and Matt went through one. Jeff flew off the ropes and D-Von moved again and he went through a table.

Bubba now had boughten some time with rest and then hit Jeff in the head with a chair. If you go through a table it doesen`t count, it has to be an offensive move.

Bubba threw steps in the ring. Both Dudleyz set up a table on the ring steps. Bubba then picked Matt up and drilled him through a table hard as it was tied at one. It was down to Jeff and D-Von, the next one to go through a table lost the match. Bubba tossed out Matt over the top and then both Dudleyz took it to The Hardyz outside the ring!

D-Von kicking at Matt on the outside of the ring and then nearing a side entrance way the action continued. Bubba Ray with a steel chair hit Matt hard with it.

Bubba set up some table`s by that exit.

Jeff Hardy kept getting beat down by D-Von as did Matt whenever he tried to break up what Bubba was doing.

D-Von with a low blow to Matt but there was no DQ`s so of course it wasn`t against the rules.

Bubba instructed his half brother D-Von to set Matt up high. Bubba then hit Jeff off when he tried to get his brother out of the predicament with a hard chairshot.

Bubba dragged Jeff by the hair up top.

Bubba went for a splash off the top but Jeff hit him with a low blow and then a chair shot to Bubba Ray. Jeff hit a chairshot again as Bubba conveniently placed his feet up top so he could fall off the top. Matt moved and Bubba splashed through all the tables. Matt then placed D-Von up there on the existing table. In the end The Hardyz won the match though as Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb off the top of the side entrance that sent D-Von through a table to win the match at 10:18. Absolutely nothing but violence and fun. Exciting stuff. When watching this live you`d call something like this four stars likely but looking back on it now it wasn`t as good as some of the matches you rate over four stars with teams like this now. Still great stuff though!


3) Y2J Chris Jericho (c) vs “The 9th Wonder of the World” Chyna (c) vs Hardcore Holly in a Triple Threat match for the sole possession of the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Chyna was stale and was milking off the popularity of her DX days and the fans in NYC who are usually knowledgable, definately were here and gave the bulk of the props to Jericho.

When Jericho won there was a huge ovation. Both these individuals would return for the rumble but it was good to see Jericho get the gold, that was obvioussly the smart move.

Jim Ross asked King if he was a Jerichoholic.

Chris Jericho got kicked at by Holly after he kicked Chyna to start and the fans laughed.

Jericho with a nice hiplock takeover to Holly and then the two slap each other. Chyna then slaps Jericho and King calls it a slapfest.

Chyna stomps at the mid-section of Holly before he irishwhips her into the corner where she catapolts outside to the floor.

Jericho gets a shoulder black by the man known as the Spark Plug and then he hits a nice dropkick to Jericho. Holly irishwhipped Jericho and he ducks a clothesline and Jericho chops at Holly and he chops back. Holly then cornered and Jericho runs into a boot. Jericho ducks a clothesline and then places Holly in the Walls of Jericho until Chyna broke it up with a clothesline which got a ton of boo`s.

Chyna irish whipped Jericho and he caught a reverse elbow. Chyna threw Holly out of the ring. Jericho kicks Chyna and then gets irish whipped by her, ducks a clothesline and Holly grabbed his leg before Chyna hit a baseball slide hitting Holly. Chyna outside with Holly and Jericho flew from the top and caught Holly. Chyna sent Jericho into the steps and then back into the ring. Chyna with a ton of cartwheels hits a handspring elbow to Jericho in the corner. Holly broke up the count and tossed Chyna out of the ring.

Hardcore Holly threw Jericho to the ropes but Chyna low bridged him as she pulled the top rope. Chyna and Jericho were both down on the outside and Bob grabbed a chair and went to take Chyna`s head off but Jericho went to grab it and it bought Chyna enough time to dropkick him in the face. Chyna threw Holly back in the ring and she went to the top rope as did Jericho.

Both of them up top and Chyna landed on Holly but Jericho landed on Chyna. Holly kicked out of a cover by both of them. Chyna and Jericho in a choving match which turns to right hands by both of them.

Jericho then suplexes Chyna but she lands on her feet and hit a low blow. Chyna then goes for the Pedigree on Holly and hits a sloppy looking one. Chyna then almost got a three but Holly got his right shoulder off the canvas. Chyna went up top and Holly caught her from below but Jericho came off the top with a crossbody to Chyna! Unique move. Jericho only gets a nearfall.

Holly hits Chyna down and kicks Jericho down. Holly goes up top but Jericho quickly back up caught him up high and went for a Superplex up top but Chyna grabbed the legs of Jericho and both him and Holly fell. Y2J rolled to the outside while Chyna grabbed a front facelock to Holly on the top and Chyna hit a superplex to Holly from the top!

Good stuff.

A long two count there and Holly grabbed Jericho by the hair and landed a right hand on the apron. Chyna grabbed a chair behind the ref`s back and she hit Holly in the head with it. Holly was out and then Chyna went to catapolt him up high but she went into a Boston Crab.

Y2J from behind grabbed her by the hair and drove her face into the canvas to a loud ovation!

Jericho then hits a Lionsault off the ropes to Chyna!

In the end Chris Jericho pinned Chyna after a Lionsault at 7:30 to get the gold.

Y2J is the Undisputed Champion! Where would I hear that before, hmmmmm…..

This match was a lot better then I remembered. It was pretty good.

I really liked the offensive exchanges between the three and having one women in there with two men made it unique.

Wait, where have I also heard that before, hmmm….

** 1/4




4) The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Mr. Ass) (c) vs The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

So wait, The Acolytes actually went through all those teams at Armageddon 1999 to get this title match and this was there reward, wow.

This tag team contest was short, real short.

One funny spot was when Farooq immitated the Road Dogg’s taunt while the Dogg was down which got laughs from the Garden.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn didn`t waste any time to try and run away from the Acolytes who ran right at them. Farooq cornered Road Dogg and then hit a powerslam out of Dogg in the corner and that`s when he did his chicken legs taunt.

Farooq lifted up Dogg for a Dominator but Gunn tried to take him off and then Road Dogg kicked Farooq in the mid-section and landed some rights on Farooq before he shook, rattled and on the roll Bradshaw jerked him down by the hair.

Gunn ran in the ring and irish whipped Bradshaw to the corner but Bradshaw with a clothesline from hell turned Mr. Ass inside out.

Farooq hit a spinebuster on Road Dogg and was going to get a three but Mr. Ass pulled the ref out of the ring. Bradshaw hit both Gunn and the Ref in the process.

Double team move by the Acolytes as they hit a double powerbomb. X-Pac came in and hit a spinning heelkick to Bradshaw but Farooq hit a spinebuster. From behind though Gunn hit a Fameasser on Bradshaw, the ref got back in the ring to count a three.

Sloppy. sloppy, sloppy stuff and beyond rushed. The match consisted of The Acolytes pretty much going to win the titles at any cost, in any sequence but Gunn or Pac or Dogg did anything they could to get out of the predicament and eventually they did.

Nearing the end X-Pac came out and interefered allowing the Outlaws to retain when Mr. Ass pinned Brashaw after the Fameasser at 2:35.

There was quite a lot of build up for this match for so little in return.

That’s it!



5) “The Game” Triple H (c) (W-Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) vs Cactus Jack in a Street Fight for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Jim Ross says were moments away from what could be the most memorable WWF Title match in history.

He wasn`t very far off.

Few matches out there have this one`s appeal.

I can`t think of a person who doesen`t absolutely love this match.

There are few times out there when the company can have a villain go over a babyface and make it work. If you put on a match that can only be defined as a CLASSIC then that is one of the instances where it can work.

This was in the middle of an emotional program between Foley and Triple H.

From the great build up to the drama here at The Garden to the Barbaric brutality in the Street Fight, it`s all awesome here.

Foley was Cactus Jack, the insane, psychotic sympathetic face while Triple H was the Champion who was the hated, Cerebral Assassin who would do absolutely anything to retain his gold. He didn`t just want to retain but he wanted to survive and he wanted to end Foley`s career. He was close here.

Mick Foley wrestled Triple H in the Garden as Cactus Jack before in a very popular Raw from September of 1997 in a forgotten match which I rate four stars.

The build up was amazing so the atmosphere was electric all match long and this match really made time stand still, you can put it on and it can go by in a flash although it probably felt like an eternity for both individuals given the brutal nature of there actions.

Read some of Foley`s dialogue that I quoted at the top of the review for some of Foley`s words in the build up package to this match.

Cactus Jack`s theme song was editted at this event but not at Royal Rumble 1998 on the Anthology, I have no idea why.

HHH`s theme owned back in 99-2000, and he looked very different at this time, he was starting to bulk up though and come into his own in one of the most dominant years for any wrestler. Triple H in 2000 is a thing of greatness and what a way to kick it off then with this match!

HHH came out with Steph and JR wondered if this was the greatest environment to have your wife at.

Stephanie left though and HHH posed with the title a bit before getting in the ring with Foley to begin the Street Fight. He also tells the Fink a few things.

The way Foley and Trips stare at each other you can just feel it. You can feel the intensity, the emotion, the passion.

This is one of the best feuds ever and this might very well be the defining moment in this feud. It had a long history but this was the peak. This was unbelievable, a perfect setting.

Foley, 16 years ago hitchhiked to this very arena and saw a big Cage match, now he was the main attraction in the title match here.

Both men trash talked a bit.

This match was put on both HHH`s DVD and Foley`s as well for good reason.

The trash talking didn`t last long as both men got it on with a slugfest to start and the bell rang!

Cactus Jack hit the Game with solid rights and Trips hit back.

The talking has stopped, the action has begun, the Streetfight for the WWF title was underway. Triple H cornered Foley and hit him with rights until Cactus came off the corner and hit a clothesline.

Now Foley cornered Helmsley and hit him with hard right`s, and JR called him MANKIND twice. Probably the only flaw of the match. Foley slid out of the ring when HHH took a breather and hit a swinging neckbreaker outside on the floor to HHH.

Cactus Jack got back in the ring and the fans chanted his name but Foley hit a legdrop on the back of HHH`s head as he put his head over the bottom rope and into the ring momentarily.

Cactus Jack went back to the outside and kicked at Hunter and began to show his sadisitic side as he bounced HHH`s head off the steel steps. Cactus Jack then went over to Helmsley but HHH hit him with a ringbell right between the eyes. HHH got back in the ring and tossed a steel chair in the ring. Foley could stand a ton of pain though so he was waiting to get in the ring.

HHH invited Cactus Jack back in the ring as he stood there with a chair and Foley came back in.

One of the things I loved here most was the fact Foley stared at HHH with the chair as if to say “I`ve been here before.“ To further prove my point Jim Ross states right at this moment “No one will ever forget last year at the Rumble when Foley took all those shots to the head with a chair.“ It`s as if Foley hesitated and wondered if he wanted to endure that in another WWF title match at a Rumble event.

However Foley knew he was under the persona of Cactus Jack and he feared nothing, so I just loved how he came into the ring and said “Bring it on!“


HHH though with a devistating blow to the skull! HHH threw the chair down to the canvas hard and posed while MSG booed. HHH took off the top buckle pad but Cactus Jack got back up and came back with a clothesline and viciously hit Hunter with right`s! Cactus Jack took the chair and put it on top of Helmsley and then dropped a leg on top of the chair ontop of the face of the Champion! The Challenger Cactus Jack for the title had a cover but got a nearfall. Cactus Jack then dropped a right hand to HHH and then another only like Foley could, I always loved his forearm shots or solid right hands mixed with the noise he`d yell while doing it.

Foley kicked at Hunter and he rolled out of the ring and then Cactus Jack on the outside walked around half the ring which bought The Game some time and he hit him with a desperation clothesline. This was Cactus Jack`s rules, Cactus Jack`s arena and then HHH charged towards Cactus Jack by the barricade but Foley backdropped him out to the floor. Both men battled in the crowd area.

Foley with right hands in the crowd to HHH! I laughed pretty hard when King questioned the humanity of New York City.

The Street Fight was coming to the name, fitting the bill. All legal here as both men were near the entrance way which was surrounded by bricks and weapons.

Foley sent HHH into the cement wall and bricks. HHH then got suplexed onto the wood by Foley who then used his mankind squeal.

Foley grabbed a trashcan and rammed it into the head of HHH who went down slow and he hit him with a hard right hand. Foley choked out HHH and raked the face before irish whipping him into the fence gate of the Rumble entrance twice. Helmsley hit the doorway twice and Cactus bounced HHH`s head off the steel more then a few times. HHH then sadistically knocking out HHH one step at a time and then HHH resourcefully suplexed Cactus Jack right through a trashcan.

Hunter needed this time to buy himself a moment to get back in the match. HHH almost went for a cover but decided to pick up Cactus since he had him at this moment and delivered a hard right hand shot but Cactus battled back. Cactus Jack was on his game. Cactus Jack threw HHH into the steps and gave him more hard rights to a head of Triple H that had already been well hurt from earlier. Foley charged towards HHH who sat by the steps and he connected with a knee to the Game sitting by the steps! Foley said “BANG BANG!“

Cactus Jack walked around the ring and looked under the ring for something else while HHH breathed hard in the ring. Cactus Jack picked up a barbedwire 2×4 to a loud pop by MSG.

See, this was a REAL barbedwire 2×4, the fake one would come out later by the announce table. Cactus Jack went to hit HHH with it but Hunter hit a low blow. HHH with a hard gut shot and then one to the spine. HHH hit him on the back and it pulled off pieces of Foley`s shirt and skin (according to Lawler) on the wood. This was a good way to utilize the real barbedwire to show fans it did at least exist once. Foley with a low blow and then a double armed DDT to buy HIMSELF some time. Hebner put the 2×4 by the Spanish announcers where the other artificial one would be planted as well. I don`t know where I read this, maybe one of Foley`s books since I own all three.

Foley then couldn`t find the barbed wire and punched out Hugo and the announcer gave him the artificial barbedwire bat. HHH charged into the reg and then Foley hit HHH in the face. He held the wood high in the air which wasn`t good due to you clearly being able to see it wasn`t barbedwire.

He dropped it though right on top of HHH`s face and HHH bladed, Hebner counted a slow two count.

Fantastic stuff this far, real barbedwire or not this was still brutal, awesome and enthralling, perfectly booked.

Cactus Jack with another shot to the face of the bloodied game who was down and out.

Cactus Jack ripped at Helmsley`s skin and face some more with the wood as he layed there down on the outside in his own blood!

Cactus Jack grabbed a bloody Game and dropped his right hand into the open wound of Hunter. HHH tried to crawl out of this environment but Foley showed no sympathy and slammed Hunter on top of the table, removed monitor`s.

Helmsley would by himself some time by blocking a piledriver and hitting a backdrop to Foley through the announce table.

A bloodied HHH backdropped Foley onto the concrete through a table.

This would buy HIMSELF some time now.

Good pacing to have such spots in the middle of a match, after a very solid beginning.

Fans in MSG chanted for Foley as he got to his feet despite being in pain. Hunter grabbed Mick and threw him inside the ring. Hunter then layed a right hand on Cactus`s head and got him in the corner and levelled away at him. The camera wisely zoomed in on a cut on Hunter`s ankle.

Cactus Jack countered a move by Helmsley and catapolted him into the corner and then he mashed his face into the barbedwire once again!

1…2…and my god JR can`t believe HHH kicked out.

HHH is dripping with blood, just dripping, and the scary thing is Foley has taken just as much of a beating it just isn`t shown due to how he can handle it.

I love the spot where Cactus Jack hits a running clothesline to HHH that took him out to the floor. Good stuff.

I also love the spot where Cactus Jack charged towards Helmsley but he used his own momentum fro a hiptoss right away and slammed Foley landing back first on the steps.

Foley then thrown into the steel steps hard, and nobody bumps into the steps better then Mick Foley. Foley`s left knee was severly hurt. HHH chop blocked it right after following up since he was a student of the Game. Scratch that, he WAS The Game.

Cactus Jack down on the outside and HHH got back in the ring. Cactus Jack slowly followed him inside but HHH was all bloodied, Cactus Jack had a hard time standing. HHH took the leg right out of Cactus Jack with another chop block upon entering the ring. Cactus Jack down on the mat.

HHH grabbed the barbedwire and slammed it on the bad leg of Cactus Jack! HHH with another hard shot. Fans applauded in MSG to try and support Cactus Jack and get him back in the match. HHH grabbed a bag but it had handcuffs in it.

HHH put Foley in handcuff`s and for the second straight Rumble Foley has been handcuffed. Cactus Jack blocked the second hand from being locked and he used the cuffs as a weapon to take Hunter down but HHH reversed the punishment and then handcuffed Foley.

Foley can`t dish out anything and now can`t defend himself.

HHH with a right hand to Foley over and over with Cactus on his knees, helpless. This is where the Champion wanted the challenger all along.

HHH to the outside pulls steel steps from the outside into the ring.

Foley is helpless and when HHH went to hit Foley with steel steps, Cactus Jack found a way to deliver offense. Out of desperation he hit a drop toehold. HHH charged towards Foley and he got his boot up. Excellent improvising by Foley to utilize the only thing he could control, his legs.

Cactus Jack dropped his body weight onto the game, the mid-section and then he bit his ear. HHH got up mad and slammed Foley down. They then zoom in on Foley`s ear which was half gone of course.

HHH with a hard shot to a handcuffed Mick Foley.

A piece of the chair went flying into the entrance way, that`s how hard HHH was hitting Foley`s back with the chair. Foley rolled out of the ring and he was still handcuffed.

HHH with another hard shot this time with a chair that was in one piece to Foley in the entrance way. The braincells scrambled by HHH to Foley. A bloodied Cactus Jack said if he had anything more hit him.

All of the sudden The Rock ran out from no where and hit HHH in the head with a chair. The place popped. Someone from the back (a cop) came out and unhooked the cuffs of Foley.

Cactus Jack was back in it!

Cactus Jack then to his feet with his hands free went after HHH and, Hunter looking like a bloodied Flair from the 80`s in a Funk-Flair war asking for mercy, begging Foley and trying to go away further.

Cactus Jack threw HHH on the Spanish Announce Table!

What else, Foley then piledrived him through the table and it didn`t give, HHH`s head bounced off the wood!

Cactus Jack then unloaded hundreds and thousands of tacks on the canvas! Hunter got up and Steph came out which distracted Foley but Cactus Jack still landed a right hand to HHH!

Everyone standing as HHH was dangerously close to the tacks but HHH backdropped Cactus Jack onto the tacks.

Thousands of tacks sticking into Foley! A human pin cushion!

HHH hits the pedigree to Cactus Jack!

Cactus kicked out! Cactus kicked out!

Stephanie shook her head in disbelief as this barbaric climax just would not seem to end in front of the MSG faithful!

The place popped, one of the loudest ovations for a kickout I`ve ever heard.

A Foley chant broke out and then ONCE AGAIN! Second pedigree to the tacks, 1…2…and that would be all. The three count!

For the 2nd straight Rumble event, I say “Thank you Foley.” As did some of the MSG faithful, he was already a best selling author on the New York Time’s with the Brilliant “Have a Nice Day!…” so a lot of the crowd in the New York area felt like they could connect with Mick emotionally.

Which helped translate into the compasssion the fans had for Cactus in this barbaric street fight!

In the end Triple H retained the WWF title with a second pedigree onto thumb tacks at 26:51!

JR said he had never seen anything like this in 25 years, he`s used that line a lot but he really meant it here, he had to of.

Epic wouldn`t describe the kind of match I just talked about. Perhaps seeing two men bloodied, beaten and a shot of Foley with tacks in his own face would be good enough but it`s only good enough to watch the masterpiece over and over to fully appreciate it.

One of the greatest matches of all time.

**** 3/4






6) Main Event- The 2000 WWF Royal Rumble Match

During the match, non-participants Mean Street Posse and Kaientai made numerous attempts to get into the match. However, they were all tossed out of the ring. Taka actually got injured when he got thrown out twisting his knee and was taken to the hospital so Funaki came out on his own when it was supposed to be both men.

1 D`Lo Brown
2 Grand Master Sexay
3 Headbanger Mosh
4 Christian
5 Rikishi
6 Scotty 2 Hotty
7 Steve Blackman
8 Viscera
9 Big Bossman
10 Test
11 British Bulldog
12 Gangrel
13 Edge
14 Bob Backlund
15 Chris Jericho
16 Crash Holly
17 Chyna
18 Faarooq
19 Road Dogg
20 Al Snow
21 Val Venis
22 Prince Albert
23 Hardcore Holly
24 The Rock
25 Billy Gunn
26 Big Show
27 Bradshaw
28 Kane
29 Godfather
30 X-Pac

Were some bigger names at the time.

Of those names The Rock said in a pre-match interview that two names he feared were Crash Holly and Headbanger Mosh. Great promo by Rocky before this Rumble match showing why he was far and away the most over babyface in the WWF at the time.

The star power (or lack there-of) really hurt this Rumble match in my opinion, barely any big names in the Rumble match util The Rock hurt it in the long run however it definitely picks up nearing the end of the Rumble match. Backlund was a nice surprise and the fact it was in MSG made it all the better as I`m sure that was one of the main reasons he was in the Rumble match.

D`Lo Brown was great to see him as a number one entrant in this match and he started off with Lawler`s son a member of the 2 Cool trio. Grand Master Sexay got a bad break at birth said Ross and King let go one of his “What`s!” D-Lo Brown met him with some righthands but then got caught with a dropkick. D-Lo Brown kicked him off after he was snapped down and he gave Christopher a spinnng heel kick. D-Lo went for a powerbomb but it was countered into a hurricanrauna by Grand Master who then snapped him down. Master jumped off the top and dropkicked D-Lo Brown. Christopher threw D-Lo up and over but he landed on the apron. Christopher landed more rights and sent him in the corner and he delivered his shoulder into the gut.

Headbanger Mosh came out with cones. A tribute to Mae Young Lawler said, hilarious. Kai En Tai then ran out and this was the first time in the Rumble match they were thrown out but it wasn`t the most violent for them of the night. Mosh irishwhipped D-Lo into Grand Master Sexay in the corner and then splashed them both. Mosh got whipped by D-Lo he ducked a clothesline but D-Lo then with a sitdown Powerbomb! Grand Master Sexay then drove D-Lo`s head into the mat. Mosh hurt his ankle and he checked it to see if he could move. D-Lo and Mosh double-team Grand Master Sexay.

Christian comes out next and then was about to be powerbombed by Mosh but Christian reversed it and planted him to the canvas. Christian worked on Grand Master Sexay in one corner while D-Lo worked on Mosh in the other. D-Lo Brown choked out by Mosh and Grand Master gave Christian a boot to the face. Christian with right hands to D-Lo Brown and then D-Lo went to work on Christopher.

2 Cool`s music hit and MSG exploded when Rikishi came out. Rikishi would be probably this year`s standout performance. Rikishi threw out Mosh. Rikishi then planted Christian down with a belly to belly and tossed him out. D-Lo with a running neckbreaker to Rikishi and then dropped the leg to Rikishi, but D-Lo who was taunting 2 Cool turned around and caught a Rikishi driver. Rikishi then tossed him out and three eliminations for Rikishi. Rikishi had just cleaned house except for his pal Grand Master Sexay who was begging to be buds.

2 Cool`s music hit again and out comes Scotty! He has glasses with him so it`s okay and he suggests that the three dance and MSG pops. 2 COOL DANCE, IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE! Definately one of the coolest things to happen in a Rumble match, the fans loved it at this time and it got the dance over even more and they wouldn`t go weekly without showcasing this on Raw or Smackdown in 2000 it seemed if not both. King screams this is the Royal Rumble. JR said we`ve seen it all and on a night when you saw Mae Young`s Puppies, the Street Fight and now this you really did. Scotty did the worm and the fans chanted RIKISHI. Rikishi then took down his boys and threw them out for five eliminations and Rikishi was left alone.

It`s just business he said and then he apologized. Rikishi danced by himself then as the lights went out and he continued to dance. Steve Blackman came out next and kicked at Rikishi and hit him with a martial arts kick right to the sternum of Rikishi. Blackman came in with righthands and “Blackman sucks” was chanted. Rikishi got Blackman up and planted the Rikishi driver and Blackman`s head bounced of the canvas. Rikishi then with his sixth elimination and he threw out Blackman.

After a bit of time the next entrant finally came out and it was none other then big Vis. Viscera was even bigger then Rikishi and MSG “òhhhh`d“ as they realized this would be a battle of the big man. Viscera with a huge, HUGE belly to belly suplex. Viscera with a legdrop to Rikishi. Viscera then sent Rikishi into the corner and he splashed him before kicking at him in the corner. Viscera stomping away at Rikishi at the Rumble and then he missed him in the corner and caught a huge superkick by Rikishi! Rikishi hit him with three kicks and then a giant shoulder block to the ropes and Rikishi finally eliminated Viscera. Rikishi was all alone again and Ross said Rikishi was the story of the Rumble.

Big Bossman was next. The veteran came out and sprayed water on his face. Bossman took his time getting in there as he walked around the ring a little bit taking his time because he knew he had just that. Bossman and Rikishi also would interact in the 02 Rumble where he was on the recieving end of a stinkface. MSG booed when Bossman backed off and jumped off the apron. There is no rule that says Bossman had to get in right away. I marked for Ross talking about when Lawler hid under the ring in 1996.

The 10th entrant was Test. He surprisingly got a huge pop, well I guess this was just 6 weeks after his would be wedding with Stephanie on Raw. Test got an even bigger pop from the screaming girls once he took off his shirt. Test attacked Bossman outside the ring and hit him with a backdrop on the floor. Test finally threw Bossman in and then Rikishi got attacked by Test. Rikishi choked out by the boot of Test until Bossan hit him. Rikishi hit Bossman with a low blow and there aren`t many rules in this match so of course it`s legal. Rikishi with a big kick to Test and he positioned him the corner until Bossman came up and hit some elbows and shots to Rikishi.

The 11th person was none other then Davey Boy Smith. Bulldog came out in jeans, this would be his final Rumble match. Bulldog got a bit of a nostalgia pop. Bulldog attacked Rikishi but then caught a few blows by him in the corner. Test caught Bossman with a boot to the face and a bunch of spit or water went flying towards the camera, nice shot. Rikishi then caught a lowblow by Davey Boy Smith when going to the top. Bossman then re-gained the advantage on Test in the corner of the ring. Test hit some right hands to Bossman in the corner.

Out next was Gangrel. I always loved his entrance and his theme ranks up there for me. Gangrel spit the blood out and Test grabbed him by the hair while he did this outside the ring. Test and Bossman double teamed Gangrel, here comes Kai En Tai again. Taka got tossed out by both Bossman and Test and he landed hard, he`d injure himself badly so just Funaki ran out from here on out. Bossman with a front facelock to Davey Boy Smith and then Rikishi and Gangrel attacked Test on the other side of the ring, the squared circle was starting to fill up a bit.

Unlucky or LUCKY number 13, whatever you call it was Edge. Edge had a smile on his face and then attacked Bossman. Bossman went to throw out Edge but he hit him with a thumb to the eye. Gangrel with a shot to Edge on the apron who was almost eliminated. Rikishi bounced off the top with a big splash to Bossman and then Davey Boy Smith attacked him. Gangrel attacked Rikishi in the corner and tried to throw him out.

Number 14 was Bob Backlund who got a huge pop. I remember marking out like crazy when I saw this. Backlund looked old and pale in the 93 Rumble, god knows he did in 2000. He`d actually appear in some shows in the year 2000 but this was the first. Everybody in the Rumble then ganged up on Rikishi and threw him out. Six men had to do it. Backlund then double teamed by Bossman and Bulldog. Test was in the corner resting while Edge almost got out Gangrel. Backlund kicked at Bulldog`s face in the corner of the ring.

The middle entrant was Jericho who once again got a nice pop. Test by this point had been in the Rumble the longest but before that it had been Rikishi obvioussly. Jericho went for Edge in the corner but Bulldog attacked him. Jericho then threw out Backlund which did get some boo`s. Gangrel attacked Bulldog in the corner while Jericho chopped Edge in another side of the ring. Bossman caught Jericho with a shot and then Test hit Bossman. Bossman and Test had been in for awhile and Backlund left through the crowd. They said he was back on the campaign trail and King said he knew it! Edge balanced himself on the bottom rope on the apron to remain in, another close call for Edge.

16th was Crash Holly. Lockwood who is now deceased got a pretty nice pop. Rock was scared of him according to his earlier promo for this match. Jericho and Bulldog almost had him eliminated but he remained in the ring and attacked Edge from behind. Holly and Bulldog double team Edge and try and get him out. Test choked out Gangrel in a corner of the ring, while Jericho choked out Bossman. Edge once again on the apron but he remained there and speared away Bulldog and Crash! Edge got Crash in a corner and beat on him, while Bulldog stomped away on Bossman and Jericho.

Out next was Chyna. Lawler predicted this to be The Rock and he was clearly wrong, don`t think he could be further off. Chyna for the 2nd year in a row entered a Rumble match and then she went after the person who took the IC title away from her, Chris Jericho in the corner. This was the first time Jericho had been in a Rumble and he was out when Chyna suplexed him out in an act of revenge. Bossman then knocked Chyna off the apron. Chyna and Jericho argued to the back and there night of double duty wasn`t very hard at all. Bossman choking out Crash Holly. Six men in the ring, Bulldog, Gangrel, Crash Holly, Edge and the two who haqd been in longest Test and The Bossman.

The Posse ran out at the same time as Farooq who was the next entrant. Bossman threw out Farooq after the Posse beat him up 3 on 1. Farooq`s combined two matches were under three minutes on this night, tough stuff for him. Back down to the same six I just listed left in the ring. King claimed Bossman was now his pick. Gangrel held up Crash and Bossman hit him with a forearm.

19th was Road Dogg. It`s amazing how everyone in the crowd chanted his theme song as he came out, and this was the 2nd time he had came out. Road Dogg in there with Bossman and the previous year both of them met at the Rumble in the opening match and were also in the Rumble match as well. Crash kicked at Bossman in the corner. Road Dogg measuring some stinging right hands to the face of Test. Crash Holly almost thrown out by Bossman but he remained in. Rod Dogg tried to throw out Test.

20th was Al Snow who has recently turned heel and even got a PPV match against The Rock in recent times. King claimed this was Rock for the third time, 2nd entrant in a row and again it obvioussly wasn`t. Big Bossman threw out Bulldog. Bossman and Test had been in for a ton of time. Test met Snow with a big right hand, Bossman drove his knees to the kidney of Gangrel. Holly stomped away on the knee joint of Road Dogg who was sitting in a corner. Bossman irishwhipped Edge but he caught him with a high crossbody.

Out next was Val Venis. Venis came in and got attacked by Test. Test was the weakest link in the Rumble match it seemed as everyone threw out him. Funaki got tossed out again after another run in. King said he was Chinese for the 2nd time and JR corrected him again. Pace in this Rumble match was considerably slow around this point of the match and JR made it known Taka was taken to the hospital as they kept showing replays of his crash earlier in the night. Edge cornered Crash Holly while Venis threw Snow`s head against of the corners of the turnbuckle. Al Snow almost thrown out by Venis.

22 was Prince Albert. Val Venis backdropped Edge out of the Rumble and he had a pretty good showing. Edge and venis were future brother-in-law`s at the time and something tells me Edge`s marriage didn`t go very well. But who`s does, anyway Albert cornered Bossman and hit him with some kicks. Bossman and Test were STILL in the ring which was a huge story, probably bigger by now then Rikishi`s dominance from earlier.

Out at number 23 was Hardcore Holly. Holly choked out the earliest guy in Test in the corner. Test was being built up as a huge babyface at the time before he went into a tag team with Albert which ultimately slowed his career down for sure. Snow hit Crash Holly. Both Holly cousins were in the ring but didn`t interact just yet. All of the sudden just when I say that they did and both double team Val Venis.

The ROCK, FINALLY. Was lucky 24 and out came the Great One to a huge ovation as expected. This should spice up a relatively all of the sudden DULL Rumble match. It did. King just questioned if Rock was going to come out. The Rock met Bossman with some right hands and the fans chanted Rocky. The Rock eliminated Bossman and he as finally gone. Test and Val tried to eliminate The Rock. Hardcore Holly then kicked at Rock in the corner of the ring. Holly picked up half of Rock`s body and then almost threw him out. The Rock then hit Hardcore Holly with some right hands and almost eliminated him.

25th was the Ass Man. Mr. Ass the most forgotten King of the Ring ever came in and attacked Rock. I guess Gunn was still bitter about having to kiss that large Woman`s Ass at Summerslam 99. I`m just mad I had to see any of that match. Rock with a DDT to Crash and then his second elimination came when he sent Mr. 24-7 out of the ring. Gunn being choked by Test in one corner, Snow then went after Rock but was taken apart by Albert. Prince Albert beat on Rock in the corner and yelled at the same time.

Crash had just left the exit and out came the Big Show! Crash must have seen someone a lot larger then him come through the gate on the way out. Big Show was a favourite, second to Rock. He had changed allignment a ton over his career but he was a monster heel. Big Show eliminated two men in 10 seconds, Test and Gangrel. Test had a memorable performance in this match, I wish I could say the same for his career. Big Show lifted up Hardcore Holly and hit him with a gorilla slam. Albert then attacked Show and he gave him a headbutt.

Bradshaw of the Acolytes came out to no responce. Out ran The Mean Streat Posse who were obsessed with the Acolytes. Bradshaw tossed all of them out of the ring. The Outlaws both eliminated Bradshaw though and then The Acolytes attacked the Posse in the aisle way. The Outlaws got the best of the Acolytes for the 2nd time on the evening. Al Snow knocked down The Rock. Holly got the Big Show off his big vertical base. Snow had Rock on the ring apron and then almost threw him out as he bounced his head off the top rope. I always wondered what would happen if the guy who was supposed to win was accidentaly out, I`m sure I am not alone.

PYRO blasted and Kane came out next. Kane then came out with Tori, remember her. I don`t either, well I do I just choose not to. Kane grabbed Venis with a death grip and with one arm tossed him out. Kane attacked Snow with a big right hand and then choked him out. I was just thinking, it`s too bad the Radicalz had yet to debut, it would of been nice to see Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko and Eddie in this Rumble match. Rock knocked Holly down and then Big Show gorilla pressed Gunn down to the mat, but not out of the ring unfortunately.

Godfather with some nice women came out. Kane then tossed out Albert. The Ho`s did a circle around the ring, Funaki came in and for the third time King called him Chinese. Holly tried to get Rock out. They showed yet another clip of Taka`s landing. Godfather then hit Big Show with a righthand, while Mr. Ass attacked Holly in the corner.

X-Pac came out as the last entrant. In the ring left was The Outlaws, Hardcore Holly, Road Dogg, X-Pac, The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Godfather, Al Snow. Godfather thrown out by Big Show got boo`s. Rock clotheslined Al Snow out.

Mr. Ass threw out Road Dogg! Kane then with a European uppercut to Mr. Ass and the 1999 King of the Ring winner is out! Billy Gunn Eliminated….again…more shocking stuff!

The Final four were Big Show, Kane, X-Pac and Rock. Kane went under the bottom rope and then X-Pac went for a spinning heel kick to Rock but he got tossed out. Outlaws attacked Kane on the outside. Kane then attacked X-Pac who came back in the ring as the ref`s didn`t see him get eliminated apparently. Kane choked out Pac in the corner and then Big Show irish whipped The Rock which met a big boot from Kane. Kane tried to load up Big Show and then Rock got a spinning heel kick from X-Pac.

Big Show was about to chokeslam Kane but he broke his grip then Kane hit a spinning heel kick which didn`t take Show off his feet until Kane powerslammed him. X-Pac then caught kane with a spinning heel kick and he eliminated his former tag parter-champion. X-Pac bronco bustered Show which definately hurt Pac in the long run when Show lifted him up and threw him out. Down to two!

Fans to there feet as Rock spine bustered Big Show and then went for the People`s Elbow. Rock went to one side and then another and hit it! Big Show tossed but caught Rock by the throat before going over.

Chokeslam! The Big Show chokeslams The Rock! The fans boo.

Crowd chant for The Rock.

Show has Rock up and now it was time for him to go over the top rope.

Big Show goes to throw out Rock and Rock stays on the apron but eliminates Big Show as he falls over the rope and the place explodes!

In the end The Rock was good to his gaurantee and last eliminated The Big Show to win at 51:49.

This finish would prove to be later controversial as Show would state on an episode of Smackdown that he won the Royal Rumble due to Rock`s feet hitting the floor and he said he had video proof. Therefore Rock and Show were both in the Mania Main Event but Rock was still declared the official winner, that didn`t ever change.

Entertaining Rumble in parts, good ending, but nothing overly special.

It was Rock Rumble.

“Finally The Rock is going to Wrestlemania” just like he said and just like we all thought he would…..

This Rumble match was definately not as bad as I remembered but it`s still pretty dull compared to certain years, still fun overall.

** 3/4


Final PPV Rating for Royal Rumble 2000= 7.5/10

For the third consecutive year the Rumble match lacked something. However this time around we actually saw DECENT action in the ring, a 2 Cool Dance, some surprise entrants like Backlund, a good although predictable climax from Show and Rock among other parts. The show wont be remembered for the Rumble match, it is largely remembered for two things. First and most deservingly the epic Street Fight between Mick Foley and Triple H for the WWF Title. Secondly, Mae Young showing her breasts on PPV. Hey, it can`t ALL be good. Other then that we did see a good table`s match and some decent matches with the debut of Tazz. Overall the show is fun and definitely works as a PPV event that you can go back to and enjoy, largely because of the time period it happened in and because of the venue and the atmosphere that goes along with it.

Very solid.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Triple H/Cactus Jack match was an absolute classic. The tables match was also excellent.

  2. m.woods says:

    This is one of my favorite royal rumble event

  3. Thomas says:

    @Shaun Blackford, hope you don’t mean that you hate Steve Austin, if you do, then you are sayin horrible things about the number 1 favourite sports entertainer that I have supported since he came in to the business, then went out for neck surgery, well keep things like that to yourself thank you

    @Brett Mix, the 13th annual Royal Rumble event from the world’s most famous arena (the big apple) Madison Square Garden in New York City was fantastic & you did a fantastic review on the event especially Mae Young exposing her breasts on live television along with the tables match between the Hardy Boyz & Dudley Boyz, including the debut of Tazz, the nost memorable Street Fight for the WWF Title & the most exciting royal rumble match in history

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Smackdown 2 or 3 weeks before the Rumble and it may have been co-editted with other promo’s put into the video package for the Rumble. And yes the feud was superb, one of the top matches in history as well.

  5. McQuade says:

    When was the promo that the cactus jack quote at the top was from. I am trying to find video of that. Foley is a great promo man. Great feud. loved it.

  6. James says:

    Great read. Brings back memories of watching this live on Channel 4 in the UK.

  7. Shaun Blackford says:

    i hate austin!! i hate austin!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Dennis winship says:

      I love steve austin he’s one of the best wrestlers ever i wish he would come back to the wwe someday. Dennis winship Lynn massachusetts

  8. HEY says:

    hey austin101

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