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September 13, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Summerslam 1989 Review:


-WWF Summerslam 1989 took place on Sunday, August the 28th, 1989 from the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

-The tagline for the event was “Feel The Heat!”

-This was the 2nd Annual WWF Summerslam PPV event.

-The main feud heading into WWF Summerslam 1989 was between The Mega-Maniacs (WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake) and Randy Savage & Zeus. At WrestleMania V in April 1989, Hogan defeated Savage to win his second WWF Championship. Then the WWF financed a professional wrestling movie “No Holds Barred”. Hogan starred as the hero Rip, a popular professional wrestler while Tom Lister played the villain Zeus. In the movie, Hogan defeated Zeus. The rivalry spanned in WWF, because Zeus wanted to take revenge from Hogan in real-life. In WWF, he was also billed as Zeus. He made his first appearance on WWF television on May 27, 1989 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event before Hogan’s WWF title defense against Big Boss Man in a steel cage match. He was introduced by Boss Man’s manager Slick. During Hogan’s entrance, Zeus badly attacked him. On the July 29th edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, Zeus attacked Brutus Beefcake during Beefcake’s match with Hogan’s rival Randy Savage. Zeus did this because Beefcake was Hogan’s best friend. Hogan came to the rescue but was unable to drop Zeus because Savage gave him two chair shots in the back. This lead to the Hogan & Beefcake vs. Savage & Zeus encounter at SummerSlam.

The main match on the card was between Rick Rude and The Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. They had a posedown at Royal Rumble in January 1989 which was won by Warrior. Rude angrily attacked Warrior after the posedown. This lead to their title match at WrestleMania V, where Warrior lost the Intercontinental Championship to Rude. They were signed to a rematch for the title at SummerSlam, with Rude defending the title against Warrior this time around.

-This was the 2nd time the Summerslam Main Event was a tag team match. (Both of which had Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan as apart of it in some form)

-This was the first of two Summerslam’s from this Arena the other was in 1997.

-Tony Schiavonne and Jesse Ventura did the broadcasting.

-In a Dark match before the show Dino Bravo defeated Koko B. Ware.

-Now onto the PPV……………



1) Opening Contest- The WWF Tag Team Champions (c) -The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) (With Bobby Heenan) vs The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart)

The reason this match wasn’t for the Brain Busters tag team titles was because Bobby Heenan made sure that the titles shouldn’t have to be defended since this match was made BEFORE the Busters defeated Demolition for the titles.


That’s why he’s “The Brain.”

If you have any problem figuring out why the Tag Team Division was so stacked in the late 1980’s look no further then this match or hear what Ventura says just before Bret and Blanchard lock up at the beginning of the match. Jesse Ventura says “This is a lose/lose situation for the Hart Foundation.

“A Win over the Brain Busters MAY get them a shot at the titles or it MAY NOT. A loss could put them out of line for a year.”

That’s how prestigious the titles and divisions were back in these days. Everything was credible for the most part and that’s something that is missing this decade in Pro-Wrestling.

This WAS indeed a dream match of sorts.

The Horsemen’s awesome tag team style against the WWF’s awesome tag team style. Both teams carried awesome strategies to every match and had perfect chemistry with the other man.

Bret Hart and Tully Blanchard lock up in the center of the ring to start the match off.
Bret gets an early advantage with beautiful looking arm drags then an arm bar until Double A got in but Bret got took down with a drop toe hold but he countered it up with an Arm Bar on him as well.

Jesse Ventura points out why we are going to see GREAT WRESTLING in this match and he was bang on, everything was perfectly applied thus far.

The Anvil in the ring took it to Double A’s arm just like Bret did if not more ruthlessly. Bret came back in and it showed how well the Hart Foundation worked together with constant tags and not allowing there opponent to tag in the opposition. Anvil came right back in again and worked over Arn’s arm by pushing him into the corner while Bret came in again! ANOTHER TAG. The Hitman with a head scissors and Arn finally tags in Tully.

Blanchard punches Bret with a cheap shot but Bret caught his leg and tagged in the Anvil who then worked over the wrist of Tully. Blanchard tried a hiptoss but was overtaken by the power of the Anvil. Bret comes in again for what must have been the 8th tag for them alone in the first couple of minutes and they just took apart Blanchard to no end.

Tully Blanchard kept chopping The Anvil but there was no effect seen as Jim shook his head and Blanchard looked scared to death as the fans cheered. The Brain Busters look intimidated by the challengers here as Ventura speculated the tag team champions might have underestimated the Hart team. He may be on to something.

Bret Hart refused to go down to the mat with a bridge when Tully tried to take him down reversing the wrist lock.

Bret Hart flipped over both Busters vertically showing his power in a very memorable spot early in the match as Jersey goes crazy.

The Brain Busters were out of the ring and had been dominated the entire match to this point. Once things settled down again Arn Anderson tried to take control of the match but after coming off the top Bret Hart put his knees up and hit the higher end of Anderson’s stomach and The Foundation remained in control while the crowd chanted “weasel” at Heenan.


Once Tully Blanchard was worked over by Bret some more he came off the top looking to hit The Anvil with a cross body but Jim held him with a bear hug. The fans went crazy and right before The Foundation went for a double team move where the other whips the other into the corner for a splash Tully moved out of the way thanks to Arn. You can really see why both guys and both teams rather were such pro’s and so natural as tag team specilasts.

Three of these guys of the four in the match are among the top 40 workers ever. Two of them are arguably top 20 and the Anvil is no bad hand either. The Dream Match was seemingly a squash to this point but the Busters then went to work as The Anvil had been layed out on the mat after hitting the buckle and Bret on the outside looked frustrated.

Then in the Champions first showing of momemtum the Brain Busters methdically took down the Anvil and worked him over for a few minutes. Now we’ve got a match. THIS is Tag Wrestling. After some domination by the Busters both men went down and Ventura pointed out it’s about who could now get the next tag!

The Brain Busters do but so does the Anvil but The Hitman took apart the Champions with scoop slams as he was well rested and he hits them with clotheslines. Bret looks amazing here.

A nice tag team combination with both teams whipping the other into the other yet again and Bret came off with a clothesline. The Anvil and Arn went at it on the outside while Bret continued to take apart Tully Blanchard INSIDE the ring with moves like his signature elbow drop or a snap shot vertical suplex both excellently executed as expected from The Hitman.

A few sequences later and it’s the climax of the match and this one was so good you just never really wanted it to end.

In the end The Brain Busters won the match at 16:23 when Tully Blanchard pinned Bret after Double A hit Bret with a double axe handle off the top when Marella was being distracted by Heenan on the outside.

Ventura said at the beginning that if The Foundation lost the match then it would put them out of line for a year, but instead even though they lost we saw them gain even more credibility as they took apart the champions the entire match before The Busters cheated to get the win.

This is how you open a PPV with a hot crowd and wrestle a brilliant match.



**** 1/2



2) “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs The Honky Tonk Man (with Jimmy Hart)

Dusty Rhodes cuts one of the strangest promo’s I’ve ever seen before the match but I guess that’s why he was UNIQUE and Charismatic.

Much better in his NWA days and it’s not even close but he still had a solid fan following in McMahon’s company.

Talk is Cheap, He’s got to prove it Ventura says. Love Honkytonk’s theme and how Ventura says he’s played some of his greatest hits with that guitar such as Jimmy Snuka and others.

The American Dream dances before the match gets underway so the crowd applauds for some reason….it’s one of those things like Beefcake that worked with the 80’s crowd but I always cringed over.

The Honkytonkman went to the outside after he was being dominated early by Rhodes, more specifically getting hit with the elbow.

He went to work on his arm and levelled the elbow into Honky and then messed with his hair before hitting an atomic drop followed by yet another elbow to the head.

Jimmy Hart talking trash to Rhodes on the mega phone on the outside while Rhodes applies pressure to Honky’s hamstrings and Rhodes tells him to shut up, which you hillariously hear in response to that by Jimmy Hart “Don’t tell me to shutup baby!”

The Mouth of the South helped The Honkytonk Man get in control of the match as he hit Rhodes with the mega phone behind the officials back. The Honkytonk man in control of the match and aimed at Rhodes’s mid-section slowly but surely, and the runt Jimmy Hart attacked Rhodes behind the officials back. Honkytonk Man with a sleeper on Rhodes while the crowd tried to get Dusty back in the match. After Rhodes finally got out of the predicament, Honky hit him with a knee to the mid-section and put him in yet another sleeper and the pace to this match is incredibally slow and dare I say boring by this point.

After Rhodes hit some desperation lefts and rights Honkytonk put him in the third sleeper of the match, but Rhodes drove his shoulder into Honkytonk Man but he fought back.

Jimmy Hart accidentally hit Honkytonk with the phone and Rhodes hit the elbow drop for the surprise victory at 9:36.

Second straight match where the guy who got dominted the entire match won.

This match was pretty slow in a lot of parts but was decently worked in other spots, should have been shorter but still decent.


* 1/4


3) Mr. Perfect vs The Red Rooster


The Red Rooster is the worst gimmick in the history of Professional Wrestling. I’ve always said that for the record.

Terry Taylor aka The Rooster was supposed to originally have the Mr. Perfect gimmick. Thank god things got changed.
Perfect put on a FINE *** plus match with the Blazer at Wrestlemania of this year and now he gets the Rooster at Slam.

Perfect has never been beat yet doesen’t get an entrance but the Red Rooster does.

What a joke.

He comes out to little reaction. Tony S actually says he might be the guy to end the streak. Wow….

After a tie up Mr. Perfect hits a brilliant arm drag take down followed by a hip toss after there original tie up. A PERFECT lesson of WRESTLING by Hennig then he gets a chop by The Rooster.

We see AMAZING quickness but Perfect lands on Rooster after a brilliant exchange of back and forth quickness by both men and a near fall. Perfect hits a standing drop kick. Perfect and The Rooster brawl on the ground for awhile.
Once the Rooster comes in the ring Perfect hits his Perfect Plex and wins at 3:21.
About what you’d expect but given who was in the ring and how long it was it was dine about as well as it could have been so not TERRIBLE but still pretty bad but continued to build up Perfect.


4) 6 Man Tag Match: “The Model” Rick Martel and The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (with Jimmy Hart and Slick) vs Tito Santana and The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)

We should see some spectacular moves in this bout says “The Body” since we’ve got some high flyers in this match with The Rockers, then he points out the versatility of the Rougeaus and the skill of Santana and Martel.
A lot of different types of wrestling skill in this one.
Santana starts with Rougeau.

It turned into chaos pretty quickly as Jess predicted. The Rougeau theme is the most 80s theme I have ever heard.

The Rockers double teamed the Rougeau brothers and Santana with them helped make the fans go crazy as the babyfaces had control early. I remember this match being pretty good. Marty Jannetty was double teamed in the corner by The Rougeaus and Martel who was in the ring taking it to him. Martel sent Jannetty to the buckle but Jannetty dodged it and tagged in Santana. Martel was scared of Santana and tagged in Raymond Rougeau. Santana was quick with his offense and went with a headlock followed by near falls. The odd man out aka the other Rougeau held Santana’s leg from the outside then Raymond got in control. Interestingly enough The Model got tagged back in once THEY were in control of the match. Between all the quick tags and fast action there was a lot of back and forth wrestling with a solid pace. The action to this match as very easy to follow and just fun overall as the momentum switched hands a number of occasions for many compelling reasons that kept you into the tag match.
A ton of great moves here such as abdominal stretches by The Rougeaus or cross bodies by Tito Santana who is clearly the MVP of the match. A sunset flip by Santana only gets a 2 on Raymond Rougeau.

Michaels was barely in this match strangely enough.

The heels win this one when Ray Rougeau hit Jannetty with a hard clothesline at 14:58.

Fantastic action!

*** 1/4



5) The Ultimate Warrior vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude (c) (with Bobby Heenan) for the WWF Interconinental Championship

Rude and Warrior had a great rivalry and Rude carried Warrior to some good matches in this year and this is one of them. At Wrestlemania 5 despite Rude being the better worker in the minds of many he still UPSET The Warrior when Heenan helped him defeat The Ultimate Warrior for the IC title and on this night he’d defend against The Warrior.


Rude: “What I’d like to have right now….is for all you FAT……Ugly…..Summerslam Sweat Hogs….to move out of the way while I show the ladies what a REAL MAN LOOKS LIKE!” Ventura says “He’s talking about you Schiavone”

Warrior then runs to the ring to a great ovation and Heenan and Rude look intimidated. Rick Rude begins the match with a kick to the mid-section but it didn’t even phase the Warrior as he kept saying NO even after right hand blows. Both guys duck each others clotheslines until The Warrior clotheslines Rude over the top rope, and when Rude sunsetflips back into the ring The Warrior landed on top of The Ravishing one. The Crowd continued to go nuts as Warrior elevated Rude up high and to the outside. The Warrior then hit Rick Rude with the IC Title outside the ring and what Ventura then said was one of the most hillarious things I’ve ever heard.


Tony S: Yeah but it’s outside the ring…..

Ventura: SO WHAT!? What are you going to tell me next Schiavonne, you can SHOOT SOMEONE as long as it is outside the ring!?

Tony S: Well no….

Ventura: You’re even dumber then MONSOON!

Typical Jess, outsmarting the face play by play guy whether it be Gorilla, Vince or Tony.

Warrior contonied to dominate Rude inside the ring after outside the ring with blows and suplexes among other things. The Ultimate Warrior looks very good in this match and as if he is capable of carrying a match with not only nice moves but good work ethic and charisma. Hillarious spot after an atomic drop he did The Rude pose. Rude out smarted him though and dropped the Warrior down and Rick Rude attempted to get in control of the match as he drove his forearm into the Kidney area of the Warrior.
Rick Rude with a vertical suplex but only a two. He continued to wear Warrior down with a reverse chinlock on Warrior but he continued to bounce back up.
Rude went for the Rude Awakening but the Warrior pulled the hands off of him and then Rude out of desperation locked on a sleeper as he jumped on the Warrior’s back to apply it. The Warrior didn’t go to sleep due to his super powers and hit a jaw breaker. The ref went down after a collision and Heenan tried to get Rude up. While Rude continued to try and keep Warrior down he wouldn’t give in and he’d come back up and followed that up with clotheslines followed by a Power Slam. No ref to count the three though until Warrior dragged Joey Marella towards the center of the ring. Warrior then picked up Rude and hit him with a pile driver but still no Ref.
FINALLY Marella moves over as the fans cheer but Rude gets his foot on the rope and Heenan marks out on the outside. Warrior hits Rude with a power slam but then when Rude was going to get hit with a splash from the Warrior Rude gets his knees up and hits the Warrior in the stomach with his knees. Rude then worn down in this tremendous battle looks to lock Warrior with a powerbomb/piledriver of sorts and drove him head first into the canvas in a sick looking move. Warrior kicked out though and the fans went insane and this has been a GREAT MATCH. Rude went for a high risk move and drove his hand into the head of Warrior but he kicked out. Roddy Piper came to the ring and the fans were going insane and Rude hit a piledrvier on Warrior but Ultimate Warrior STILL kicked out.
Rude then posed in front of Piper as Warrior gets up behind him and lifts him with a suplex from the top belly to back and then with a shoulder block followed by a power splash after he lifted towards the heavens. The Warrior pinned Rude at 16:02 to re-capture his IC Title. The fans go insane.

One of the best in both guys career, this was truly a great paced match and it was never boring for an instant, everything was booked perfectly.

A true gem!

*** 3/4

6) 6 Man Tag Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Demolition (Smash and Ax) vs André the Giant and The Twin Towers (The Big Boss Man and Akeem) (with Bobby Heenan and Slick)
Another Six Man Tag Match on this event and this time around it doesen’t look like it’ll be as good as the previous one before the IC Title match due to the lack of hugh flying superstars here. They were a lot bigger during this match then that one so I’m expecting a slower brawling type of match.

Hacksaw and more specifically Demolition hit a lot of power moves and took it to the opposition with big impact brawling.

Twin Towers had there few minutes of domination but in the end it was a 2 x 4 smash to Akeem and then Smach pinned him at 7:23 for the win and the fans went crazy.
Love Demolition’s theme whether they just had entered or whether they had just won.
This was better worked then I would have thought thanks most in part to Demolition’s ability to make a match entertaining and there offense was hit in a very agressive manner here.

Pretty good stuff and more surprising then anything and kept relatively short for a six man tag which helps the rating.

* 3/4


7) The Mighty Hercules vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (with the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart)
Rugged Ronnie Garvin was the special guest ring announcer for this match and he made fun of Valentine and Jimmy Hart as they came to the ring.

Which was one of the only noteable things during this match. Hercules took it to Valentine on the outside.

Once the Hammer turned it around he dropped an elbow to Hercules and attempted to go for a figure four but it was unsuccessful. Hercules caught The Hammer as he went for a high risk move but Valentine got right back in control and pinned Hercules with his feet on the ropes at 3:08.

They reversed the decision due to Garvin doing the ring announcing and he declared Hercules the winner by Dq.

I love Greg Valentine and he did a good job of a guy being pissed off here but this match was crap plain and simple.

1/2 *

8 ) “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (W/Virgil) vs “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

Ted went for the quick win but Superfly went right back at him.

Dibiase paced around the outside for a bit and when Superfly grabbed onto Virgil on the ring apron Dibiase came running at him and hit Virgil to the outside. Things didn’t start off too well for Ted as Snuka took it to him some more for another minute.

Dibiase the veteran took some time to re-group and slapped on a headlockk, despite this Snuka still took it to Dibiase.

Dibiase’s head got slammed to the buckle, Dibiase kicked him in the stomach and levelled Snuka with lefts and rights. Snuka got out of the predicament with a back drop and begged for forgiveness and then Snuka got levelled by Dibiase who caught him and slammed his throat into the top rope. Dibiase acting on what he knows and continued to level The Superfly with big blows to the mid-section and then a snapshot vertical suplex but only got a two.

DiBiase drove his knees into the mid-back of Snuka. Ted in control now and hit him with a back breaker showing his strength. Dibiase yet again with great execution and slammed him to the mat. Dibiase fell down after a high risk move against the Superfly who is known for his high risk. Snuka with blows and then a jumping head butt. Snuka then kicks Ted and slams him to the mat out of desperation. Snuka from the middle rope connects with a head butt but he makes a mistake and doesen’t cover him. He then goes for the big one, the SUPER FLY off the top rope and Virgil interefered and Snuka chases him around the ring.
Snuka and Virgil battle it out on the outside of the ring while Dibiase slams him into the ring post. Ted Dibiase gets back in the ring and wins by count out at 6:27.

Snuka got back in the ring after the loss and attacked Dibiase so the fans got something to cheer about after it ended.

Good for what it was, but it wasn’t much.

* 1/2


9) Main Event- WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Brutus The Barber Beefcake (with Miss Elizabeth) vs The Macho Man Randy Savage and Zeus (with Sensational Sherri)

Good video package before the main event regardless of whether it was a bad idea to put Zeus in this spot or not. There was a reason he was short lived though and you can imagine that the crowd would be hot for this match regardless of its quality and the fact that Savage and Hogan were in the match as well.
This was after all the same year as Wrestlemania 5 and Hogan and Savage were the top two stars in the company both Face and Heel and could make any match during this time watchable. The Tag Team attraction helped spice up the appeal to the match as not only was Savage a big time rival to Hogan but now Zeus was from the movie No Holds Barred to on screen. (More on the feud above in the pre-Summerslam notes)
Sensational Sherri was in the corner of the heels while the Beautiful Elizabeth (Why is she not in the HOF yet?) was in the corners of the babyfaces.

The Genius read off a poem before the main event which got booed and then Savage’s music hit!

Tony S: “Not one person is sitting.”

Very true. Savage’s music always gives me the chills as Savage, Zeus and Sherri come to the ring as Savage sticks his tongue in and out of his mouth which was pretty hilarious. Bruti then comes out and I’m not going to go in depth, I hate the bastard.

Hogan comes out last of course as the WWF Champion to a monsterous pop.

Elizabeth is no where to be seen and Ventura says the little tramp isn’t going to show. Hillarious.

Savage looks bad ass with his robe and as he points mid-ring to Hogan, Hulk slaps Randy’s arm out of the way to which he cowardly backs off. I wonder if he was saying “BE A MAN HUKLK!” a decade and a half before the rap album.
The Fink then says I should now introduce to you the first lady of Pro-Wrestling, Miss Elizabeth. The crowd go almost as loud here as they did for Hulk Hogan, no lies.
Savage is going INSANE (no pun intended if that even is one) as Liz is in the ring and Ventura calls her a gold digger. If Macho was the Champion she’d be with him, Randy Savage made her what she is today he says.

All four guys go at it as the main event starts and Hogan can’t hurt Zeus. Zeus wont feel any pain and then chokes out Hulk at the bottom of the canvas but Brutus Beefcake attempted to make the save as he jumped off the top and Zeus hit a bear hug.
Good setting the tone in the early stages of the match here as they show how much of an unstoppable force Zeus was. As Zeus had Hogan in a bear hug The Macho man came flying off the top and drove the double axe handle into Hogan’s back then repeated that move on his own. Sherri went crazy on the outside as Savage clotheslined Hogan then locked on a sleeper after a near fall.

Hogan has been worn down throughout the main event thus far after Jersey starts to clap for him.
After awhile after Hulk got the overwehlming support from the crowd and battled out of Savage’s headlock, Randy was smart enough to tag im the wrecking machine Zeus and he slapped on another bear hug. Hogan kept teasing to battle out of the pressure but he couldn’t quite do it as Jersey desperately wanted to see him do it.
Beefcake on the outside apron was pacing as Zeus continued to dominate The Hulkster.

Since Zeus was fairly limited and Savage was a much better worker after two minutes of a bear hug he tagged himself back in and with his speed he used some impressive offense and followed it up with a suplex. He also hillariously spit at Beefcake on the outside. Savage couldn’t quite connect with all his elbow’s and Beefcake hit Savage with a clothesline. Bruti locks a sleeper on Randy Savage. The crowd go crazy.
This could be it as it is Beefcake’s signature hold and Macho went down until out of desperation drove to the corner and Beefcake hit his head on the turnbuckle saving himself. Savage tags in Zeus.

Zeus comes in and gets attacked by Beefcake, the first time in the entire match Zeus was getting a little offense against, you’d think the WWF was building him up as Kane or something. Savage grabbed Sherri’s purse and hit Beefcake with it and Zeus tagged in Savage. Randy Savage then took it to Beefcake and Hogan pulled Savage off of Beefcake.

Zeus tagged back in and put his leg over the Barber on the top rope and then choked him out on the ground once near the canvas floor.

More impact moves from Zeus to the Barber with a clothesline among other things. Macho Man tagged in and him and the Barber knock each other down with a double clothesline. Sherri and Liz on the outside cheering on both sides.

The fans go insane on there feet wanting Hogan to be tagged back im and he is. Macho Man begs as Hogan semi-hulks up and sends Savage to the corner. Hogan hit Savage with a big boot but Savage fortunate to fall to the floor. Hogan suplexes Savage back in the ring and Macho hits Hogan with a clothesline. Macho Man then flies from the top as he does so expertly and hits his famous elbow drop. HOGAN then NO SELLS and stands up as the place goes wild. Hogan hulks up and sends Savage to the outside as Randy can’t believe it.

Zeus WAS infact the legal man even before Savage’s elbow drop and Hogan hit him with lefts and rights but Zeus didn’t go down. Hogan then pointed at Zeus while he was down on one knee. Elizabeth went after Sherri and the place popped. Brutus knocked Savage off the top as there was total Mayhem. Hogan then grabbed the famous purse and smacked Zeus with it. Hogan then scooped slammed him Andre style hit a leg drop and got the three at 15:04.

Fans go wild.

Elizabeth then hit Sherri with the purse after the match!

I wasn’t expecting anything great from this one but for what they had available it was about as well done as it could have been but still not anything GREAT, just pretty good and they had the benefit of an old school crowd throughout to perhaps make it look better then it really was.



** 1/2







Final Rating for WWF Summerslam 1989 = 7/10


This show had three matches over *** 1/4 so it at least gets a 7/10. Nothing higher though because as expected with a lot of matches they had some filler. Lots of the matches in the mid-card were average.

A very good improvement over the year before and one that is worth watching more and more because of the few great matches that are on the card.
Solid stuff.




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