Review: WWF/WWE Summerslam 1992 DVD

September 15, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWF Summerslam 1992 Review:

“In ALLLLL his Glory, the WWF Champion, the MACHO MAN….RAAAANDY SAVAGE!” Vince McMahon


-WWF Summerslam 1992 took place on Sunday, August 29th, 1992 at the Sold Out “80, 355” fan filled Wembley Stadium in London, England but was aired in North America on August 31st.

-The tagline for the event was “The SUMMERSLAM You Thought You’d Never SEE!”

-This was the 5th Annual WWF Summerslam PPV event and the first one not in The United States.

-To date (2010) this is the only Summerslam not to take place in North America.

-This was the FIRST time the IC Title match main evented a Summerslam and it is the Fourth time in Five Summerslam’s that the WWF Title match didn’t go on last.

-This was the FIRST WWF PPV without Hulk Hogan.

-SummerSlam 1992 was originally intended to take place in Washington, D.C.. The WWF’s writers decided to move the event to Wembley Stadium in London, England due to the company’s popularity and the possibility of increasing the revenue from the event. Although the writers’ plans originally called for Shawn Michaels to win the Intercontinental Championship from Bret Hart, the storyline was adjusted due to the change of venue. As a result, England native “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith was chosen to win the belt.

-According to the WWF, the 80,355 people in attendance for SummerSlam 1992 is the second largest in the company’s history, behind only WrestleMania III, which is said to have attracted 93,173 fans. Some observers place the attendance for WrestleMania III closer to 78,000, however, which makes the crowd for SummerSlam 1992 arguably the biggest in WWF history (and the largest verified crowd in the history of the company).

-The event has received positive reviews from a variety of sources. RD Reynolds has called it “a huge success”. Viewers have also given the event a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars on In particular, the Smith-Hart match has been called “one of the greatest matches of all time”. Pro Wrestling Illustrated named it the Match of the Year in the magazine’s year-end issue, and WWE has called the match the greatest moment in SummerSlam history. Bret Hart has also named it as his favorite match of all time.

-The WWF collected $2,200,000 in revenue from admissions, up from $445,000 the previous year. The company also sold $1,456,203 in merchandise at SummerSlam, which is the largest amount of merchandise revenue at a WWF event. The buyrate for the event was 1.5, down from 2.7 at SummerSlam 1991 but higher than the 1.3 buyrate at SummerSlam 1993.

-SummerSlam 1992 was released in VHS format on September 24th, 1992. In the United Kingdom, it was released on DVD, packaged together with SummerSlam 1993, as part of the WWE Tagged Classics line on October 3, 2005. The event is also included as part of WWE’s SummerSlam Anthology boxed DVD set which I am reviewing it on. This anthology was released on August 5th, 2008 in North America and will be released on October 6th, 2008 in the United Kingdom.

-Vince McMahon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan do the broadcasting.

-In a Dark match before the Prime Time Wrestling tapings, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Bushwhackers (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) defeated The Mountie and The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) (with Jimmy Hart) at 12:33.

-Before the pay-per-view broadcast began, two matches were taped for later showings on WWF Prime Time Wrestling. The first match saw Papa Shango defeat “El Matador” Tito Santana by pinfall. In the other match, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and The Bushwhackers (Luke and Butch) defeated The Mountie and The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) when Duggan pinned The Mountie.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) (W/ Paul Ellering) vs Money Inc. (“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) (W/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart)


Kind of strange these teams were going at it in the opening match at Summerslam 1992 and it WASN’T for the tag team titles!

Just goes to show that even after the late 80’s generation, heading into the WWF New Generation slowly that the WWF still had a strong tag team division.

What’s not strange? The atmosphere in this match. One thing I absolutely love about outdoor events is the atmosphere for the first few matches while the light is still flashing outside with possible winds, like at WM 9 when Shawn faced Tatanka, or at WM 24 recently when JBL faced Finlay.
Here it is an awesome clash of styles with The Road Warriors the top babyface tag team in the promotion against the top heel tag team of Money Inc; Dibiase and Rotundo known here as Schyster.

Ted Dibiase started things off with Road Warrior Hawk in this match!

Dibiase walked around the ring trying to psyche out Hawk but Animal threw him in and he recieved a big clothesline to the outside by Hawk. The fans were going crazy and then Road Warrior Animal ran up to him and hit him with another clothesline as The Million Dollar Man cought two of them.

In the ring Road Warrior Animal continued to be dominant and showed his unbelievable power and strength by lifting Irwin (Rotunda who was a big time guy himself) and slamming him to the mat. Hawk got tagged in as the two double teamed IRS and Hawk worked over his arm, until IRS got Hawk in a sleeper hold.


IRS and DiBiase were both able to neutralize the Road Warrios through a large portion of the bout with fundamental tag team offense which saw Road Warrior Animal slammed to the mat on the ground outside the ring, Irwin with some old school maneuvers such as a snapmare inside into a chinlock.

After LOD got out of that brief predicament Hawk missed a flying clothesline from the top then he was double teamed by Money Inc. Dibiase and Irwin ran him into the corner then IRS kept dropping the elbow on Hawk and he only got a nearfall while the fans were still solidly behind LOD of course.

Ted Dibiase kept Road Warrior Hawk in the corney of Money Inc, slammed his head on the top turnbuckle, and Heenan calls this classic scientific Wrestling as they kept this Road Warrior grounded. IRS got tagged in and he kept the sleeper on Hawk, Dibiase came right back in and held the sleeper on Hawk.

IRS then in again and Money Inc is working incredible as tag team, and they show that agin as each man after a breather comes in and goes to work on a beaten down Hawk and Dibiase then had him in the other corner and rammed his head into the top, and then Hawk turned the tide somehow and slammed Dibiase into the corner. Hawk tried his hardest to get to Animal but he was wandering around the center of the ring as he looked dazed and IRS then went to work on Hawk again and sent him to the ropes, Hawk ducked the first clothesline then came up ahead with a wierd looking offensive move, but it still wasn’t enough to get out of this predicament and Dibiase continued to kick the hell out of Hawk.

Hawk took a load of punishment in this match but through it all still managed to tag in his partner Road Warrior Animal. Animal came in all furious and fresh and drop kicked both of Money Inc. He then controlled the matches pace for the final two minutes.

At 15:10, the Road Warriors were declared the winners of the match in the end when Animal hit a power slam on Dibiase and covered him for the victory!

An excellent tag team opener at Summerslam 92! Fast paced, smart and the atmosphere was terrific.

*** 1/4




 2) Nailz vs Virgil

Hilariously, Virgril claims he is “To LEGIT…to quit!” I guess that was his catchphrase,

I couldn’t tell you to be honest.

Nailz looks like Kane.

Virgil comes out to a good pop.

Heenan says “You won’t see much wrestling here!”


Virgil was being over powered early by the big Nailz but he hit a drop kick among other moves but Nailz refused to go down. Virgril with a sunsetflip and he couldn’t roll up Nailz due to his size.

This match is ugly, especially with Nailz in there.

Nailz threw Virgil like a piece of trash to the outside and then slammed his head on the top of the apron.

Nailz then in control on the outside until Virgil fought back once inside the ring and drop kicked Nailz in the head, however Nailz isn’t phased by anything and he knocks down Virgil. He then catches Virgil in a sleeper.

At 3:55 Nailz defeated Virgil when the ref decided to ring the bell due to Virgil being knocked out due to his sleeper.

Eeeesh, pretty ugly as expected.

1/4 *



3) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (W/Sensational Sherri) vs “The Model” Rick Martel -In a Singles match where “Neither man was to hit the other in the Face!”
Sherri is barely wearing anything and looks like she’s going down on HBK at the start of the match.

Martel outsmarts HBK early then does jumping jacks and that doesen’t impress HBK. What does impress me is the sequence right after this that was quite quick and it ended in HBK drop kicking Martel.

Martel jumped off the top and missed a crossbody on Michaels and then HBK applied a wrist lock. Rick kept bouncing out of it and Shawn kept re-applying it no matter how many times he got out of it. When he finally did the two went back and forth and after HBK got out of the way with a leap frog he ended up on the outside on the mat. Martel then smiled as Sherri checked on her man.

Rick Martel then hugged Sherri and she smiled and Rick Martel then attacked Shawn as he was down on the outside and threw him back in the ring. Heenan calls himself a heart throb as Martel back drops HBK on the canvas then does some jumping jacks again. Michaels with a roll-up out of no where holding the tights, then Martel, then Michaels and you can see his ass. The ladies scream like always and roll-up after roll-up gets both men no where. Michaels then with a drop kick to Martel and he kicks out.

Great pace to this match here.

Michaels with punches to The Model in the corner and he ends up getting whipped to the corner. Michaels then tries to cheat again as he had his legs on the ropes. Both men were tweeners/heels and the fans were into it despite not going full out for anyone.

They were competing for Sherri here as the two slap each other in the middle of the ring.

Sherri then fakes dead on the apron before the two were going to battle. HBK goes to check on her and she falls to the ground from the ring apron on the outside.

Vince asks if she had a heart attack, this is hillarious. Martel then pushed Shawn to the side and he does CPR on Sherri! Shawn then hits Martel with a right hand on the outside and the two brawl outside the ring.

In the end the match ended in a double count-out at 8:06.

Very good wrestling followed up with a little bit of comedy at the end but the ending showed you the storyline was to be continued and nothing was to be resolved here despite the solid wrestling, it was nothing more then comedy filler overall.

Still good for what it was.

** 3/4

4) The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) (c) vs The Beverly Brothers (Blake and Beau) (W/ The Genius) for the WWF Tag Team Championship

I’ll say it again…’s kind of strange that the tag team titles are on the line in THIS tag team match compared to the other tag team match considering the talent in both matches.

Beau and Blake were both underrated though for the record.

It’s pretty funny how The Genius reads poems before the matches. The Genius was the real life brother of the Macho Man Randy Savage if anyone didn’t know. You can definitely see the resemblence.

The Natural Disasters then stormed to the ring to a good ovation and when I say stormed, I don’t mean they ran that’d be pretty much unbelievable but they walked and the earth just kind of moved I guess, as heard by there entrance theme. Heenan points out that Beau and Blake have to outsmart the Disasters by making them winded. Make them run out of gas.

The light began to fade a little here during the mid-way point of the show. Stated to get a lot darker.

The Natural Disasters knew how to use there weight to there advantage and that is why they are the Tag Team Champions.

Beau and Blake had good team chemistry and I always thought they were two underrated competitors in the WWF.

Clever moves by the Beverly Brothers in a lot of parts during this match as they outsmarted The Natural Disasters on a lot of occasions after all they had The Genius!

Then Bobby The Brain Heenan does what I absolutely love.

Only McMahon is an idiot for not realizing it as well as Monsoon did.

Heenan says “McMahon shut up. I’ve got breaking news. Shawn Michaels has just left the building.”

McMahon asks if that’s supposed to be important information after a brief pause where as Monsoon at WM 8 when Heenan said that hillariously responded in angry fashion


Here I was all this time thinking it was just a one time thing by Heenan, but I guess he made a habit to do it a lot during 1992 and I just naturally forgot.

The Beveryly Brothers despite being the challengers quite often made a case to win the titles here but the Natural Disasters used there strength to battle through any type of shortcomings they had going towards them.

At 10:30 The Natural Disasters retained the titles when Earthquake hit his splash on Beau for the three and the fans went nuts.

This was a good match.




5) Crush vs Repo Man

They tried to put over Repo Man’s size in an attempt to get Crush more over seeing as he hit Repo with a bunch of power slams.

Nothing more then a squash here to show Crush’s strength.

I always liked Crush and he had some good matches with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart and even Doink The Clown during this run as the Hawain Crush, not the jail bird, not Kronik.

Anyway may he RIP.

Repo Man did try and get some offense in during this match but even when he hit Crush with a thumb to the eye and a back body drop they didn’t take it seriously and went to talking about the next match which was Savage versus Warrior.

Repo Man tried to take down Crush but he’d have none of that as everyone waited for the inevitable big man come back to look impressive. How in gods name are we supposed to take the fucking Repo man seriously? No, seriously?

The sky was dark blue here and almost night time just in time for the WWF Title match. Crush then got mad and grabbed the Repo Man and applied the pressure to his head.

The finish came at 5:41 after Crush defeated the Repo man when he made him submit after grabbing a piece of that skull of Repo.

Not much to say here other then filler before one of the main events.

3/4 *

6) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) vs The Ultimate Warrior for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Watching the promo’s between Savage and Warrior is always hilarious, Savage seems Insane, and the Warrior IS INSANE.
Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect played apart of this storyline.

Going in we weren’t sure which side they were on and if Savage had Perfect or Flair on his side.

Mean Gene tried to get to the bottom of it all night long even interviewing Flair earlier in the night trying to see what side he was on but he wouldn’t give in.

Good Build up here with Savage and The Warrior acting as friends and foes whether together or up against Flair and Perfect as the WWF usually did even back then put together a good pile of footage for their big time PPV attractions.
I swear to god you need to watch the entrances to this match to understand the spectacle.
It is absolutely amazing with the themes, the night sky, the atmosphere and the setting for this WWF Title match was so brilliant with 80, 000 plus screaming fans with these two fan favourites. This wasn’t even the last match of the show so that’s a testament to how well this event was recieved.

Savage and Warrior look eye to eye and the place is about to erupt.

Savage goes to shake the hand of the Warrior and they both have there full gear on, Macho’s got the hat and shades on and the whole deal, Warrior brings him right in!

The intensity builds and both men then take off there robes and jackets, hats and shades, as Warrior and Savage both grab onto the ropes. As a lot of fans chant for the Warrior Savage says bring it on. Awesome.

Macho then stalked Warrior and got shoved down by The Ultimate one as he says your power doesen’t phase me, Savage then hit a desperation clothesline from in front and then behind! Randy Savage quick as a cat goes to the top rope and leaps off but Warrior catches him in the mid section with a blow, followed by an atomic drop and a knee to the groin region. The Warrior now in control.

Both men knew full well what the match was going to be like due to there WM 7 classic and The Warrior dropped some elbows on Savage but it didn’t last as Randy Savage leaped up and hopped right on Warrior again and slapped on a headlock!
Warrior then hit Randy Savage with a jaw breaker!
Randy Savage sells the injured part of the body while Warrior slams Savage’s head into the canvas! Warrior then whips Randy to the buckle and then hits him with a hard right hand.

Warrior whips Savage to the buckle as Heenan points out this has been more intense then any other Savage/Warrior match in general. (Not just together) Warrior then has a bear hug on Savage but thankfully unlike the Warrior-Hogan matches he lets this one go early and Savage reverses any momentum Warrior had into a small package but only gets a two count. Both men to there feet and Savage hung onto the rope for a moment but Savage hit another desperation move and this time it is a neck braker!
Savage then brilliantly carried Warrior half way across the ring (and in the match in some ways) and levelled Warrior’s throat area onto the top rope as he jumped to the outside. Savage a natural high flyer was always good at that innovative offense. The Warrior and Saavage battling through this as Savage’s back had been targetted by Warrior, and Savage had targetted on the neck of Warrior.

Both men selling each part of the body quite well.

Warrior grabbed Savage and locked him in for a superlex and he hit it but only got a two. The near falls helped add suspense and drama, especially when it’s for the WWF Title.

Savage sent Warrior to the outside and hit an unbelievable maneouver according to McMahon and it was his double axehandle from the top rope to the outside. Savage then grabbed Warrior’s head and drilled him into the steel steps.

Savage stomped on The Warrior on the outside and Randy Savage was stopping at nothing to prove he would beat the Warrior 1, 2, 3 and not by countout like he gauranteed.

Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair then headed to the ring while Savage tried for a pile driver, then he went for a sunset flip and got a near fall. A clothesline by the Warrior but only got the count of two.

Warrior hit Savage with a clothesline out of no where then a power slam! Warrior his his Warrior Splash but Savage lifted the knees just in time and caught Warrior in the abdomen area! Savage then rolled up Warrior but only scored a two as Flair watched on. Savage grabbed the head of Warrior and they sent each other for the ride as both guys got hit with a double clothesline. Perfect and Ric Flair look on from the outside as they see both men down, both men out. Vince asks who’s corner Perfect is in?
Warrior lands on Savage but The Macho Man will have none of that and kicks out, he then gets a 2. Heenan says he’s never seen so many pin attempts ever, Perfect then tripped Savage and Vince says that the Warrior sold out as Perfect went after Savage! Randy Savage then points at Perfect on the outside as Warrior got back to his feet and then hit Savage with a huge right hand. The ref got bumped down and Warrior hit Savage with a slam as Perfect smiled on the outside. Warrior then went to the top rope and Warrior hit Savage from the top and the ref was no where to be found but he was an instant to late as Savage kicked out. This has been an outstanding match and the drama and excitement just built as the match progressed and the fans never shut up once. Truely a sight to see!

Savage then drove his knee into the back of the Warrior and it sent the official to the outside. Savage then hit Warrior with a piledriver that looked like it would have ended the challengers hopes but the official was out of the ring. Mr. Perfect then got in the ring and helped Warrior up while Savage was outside the ring helping the ref get up. Flair then went in his trunks and hit Warrior with brass knucks and the fans booed. Heenan then said they must be working for Savage but it’s clear here that they are against both men and not either one. Warrior down and Savage scoop slams him and then goes to the outside for his signature finishing move, the Macho Man elbow drop from the WWF Champion! Earl Hebner then dazed only counts a two! Warrior kicks out but Savage knows what it’s like as Warrior kicked out of about a hundred of those at Wrestlemania 7!


Savage then in control kicking at The Warrior and he just shook his hair as electricity was running through the air and Warrior shook the ropes. Savage hammered Warrior with everything he had but the Warrior did his version of Hulking up and hit Savage with a bunch of clotheslines and then shook the ropes some more! Warrior then goes to put Savage away and hits him with the diving shoulder block after going to the ropes and calls to the heavens for his big power splash. Warrior then scooped up the champion, The Macho Man Randy Savage and slammed him but as he went to the side of the ropes Flair hit Warrior with a steel chair from the outside as the fans boo and the ref did not see. Neither did the Macho Man.

The Macho Man then realizing something was up as he looks outside the ring and started to go a little Insaaaaane as he looks at Ric Flair the man he beat at Wrestlemania 8 just a few months before.

The Macho Man Randy Savage then goes up to the top for yet another elbow drop but he turns around and goes for Flair but he took out the knee of Savage with the chair shot. He did it for the fan as they obvioussly cheered a lot louder if he goes for the heel then the babyface that is inside the ring. Warrior then wins the match as Savage has been counted out and Flair hooks the figure four leg lock on Randy Savage.

Incredible Endurance, WOW!

What a performance by both men here. The Ultimate Warrior chased Flair to the back with a chair. Warrior came back and helped a limping Savage up and gave him the WWF Title as Heenan says it’s sickening! Savage then holds up the belt and him and Savage celebrate and walk to the back together. Vince says these are two of the greatest of all time. Wow, I wonder what it’d be like to hear him say that today.
Savage retained the WWF Title but lost by a countout in the end at 28 minutes to the second as The Warrior won the match. Warrior 2-0 vs Savage but it’s good Randy didn’t lose clean again or else it’d of made him look weak, not that it’d matter much seeing as The WWF made him look like quite the bitch after this for the next little while before he joined the announce booth. Not the best ending but at the time it was understandable given the storyline and the star power why it ended the way it did. It really was a unique confrontation was this match!

Like Wrestlemania 7, what an INCREDIBLE showing by both these men, only just not QUITE as good and didn’t have the touching ending that match did.

Still, wasn’t a major carry job but Warrior most definitely benefitted by having Savage in there going toe to toe with him and the atmosphere at Wembley Stadium definitely added to the quality of this match as well.
It got a ton of time, two minutes short of a half-an-hour and these two made the most of it. Savage an expert at in-ring, out of the ring psychology and he made it work again this time with The Warrior, it’s common sense that these two who have such high energy levels could make it work in that type of environment.

I always thought this should of been on either Mach or the DVD of the Warrior.


A Classic!

**** 1/4


7) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Kamala (with Harvey Wippleman and Kim Chee)

The Undertaker came out in a Hearse and was insanely popular for how Unique his character was.

Kamala not really used to being dominated before and the kids were happy to cheer The Undertaker and he hit him with strong right hands and then choked him in the corner. Kamala whipped Taker to the buckle but then hit himself in the corner as Taker moved out of the way. Taker then went up to walk the middle of the top rope and hit

Old School which at the time wasn’t really very old at all.

Kim Chee tried to distract Taker but he’d have none of that and then went to the top again and Taker drove his strength into the back of Kamala, or aimed to but Harvey shool the ropes and he fell. Heenan points out he’s not human so there’s no point in hurting him. Taker grabbed the throat of both managers and then Kamala sent Taker’s head into the steel steps. Kamala with a head butt outside the ring and then sent Taker back inside the ring.

Kamala with a chop to Taker followed by another and Taker still hasn’t gone down and comes off the rope after ducking a clothesline and hit a chokeslam!

Undertaker sent Kamala to the ropes and hit a flying clothesline.

The Undertaker then scooped up the big man and went for a tombstone but Kim Chee grabbed Taker and then Taker hit him out of the ring. Kamala kicked Taker and then chopped him but the bell had already rung. Heenan hillariously says Kamala is going to think that’s the dinner bell.

Undertaker wins by DQ at 3:27

Filler inbetween Main Events but it did mark the first appearance by The Deadman at Summerslam.

This wasn’t very bad at all, decently worked for the few minutes as good as they both probably could have at the time but features little substance, not enough for a full star. Not quite.





8 ) Main Event- Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog (with Lennox Lewis) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Bret told Vince that if they had the match they’d steal the show and Vince said “Alright show me, you’re on last.”

They did.

Bret insisted this go on last to Vince, he agreed and hasn’t looked back on this classic.

This is arguably the greatest match in Summerslam history.

A ton of momentum on the side of one Davey Boy Smith which certainly goes without saying.

Bret kisses his IC title and Heenan speculates if he’s infact kissing it goodbye?

This is arguably one of the biggest carry-job’s in history.
Afterall, there is a reason this is Bret Hart’s favourite match.

Bell sounded and both competitor’s circled around the other while excitement built in anticipation.

Bulldog was cleary the underdog despite the spectacle being in his stomping yard in the UK. Hart was the seasoned veteran and defending champion, the more accomplished veteran and thus he was the favourite.

One way or another, Bret Hart was going to not only help put his brother-in-law over, but make this a match he could be proud of.

The opening stages were rather basic.

It consisted of a stare-down followed by a pushing war to show both men came to play. Bulldog held Bret in side headlock and after Bret leapfrogged Davey Boy he connected with a shoulderblock dropping the Hitman to the floor.

Next we’re treated to a nice little exchange of side headlock takedown’s followed by legscissors as a counter from both competitors.

Bret with a roll-up flipping Daveyboy backwards from the ropes scoring a two. Fast action early on to set the pace here to a very dramatic Main Event that had that special feeling in front of such a large audience at night in a more-then-large Stadium.

The Hitman attempted a small package but Bulldog had none of that.


It became apparent for Hart to weardown Davey Boy with a weardown side headlock.
A nice chain-counter by Bullog into a hammerlock but Bret quickly countered with an arm-ringer, Bulldog did a series of flips out of it and then went into a hammerlock on Davey Boy.

Off the ropes Bulldog slingshotted Bret to thecorner and then torked the arm elevating him way up.

Hart seemed just a popular in this venue. Off the ropes Bulldog hit a crucifix on Bret and got a two. Bulldog then wore down Bret with an armbar. A slam to Bret then back into a backwards wristlock on the mat which also seemed logical to get Bret’s slugging fists weaker.

Bret off the ropes out of desperation kneed Davey Boy and Bret stomped on him some more before dropping the elbow and going into a sleeper.

Bret now the aggressor held Bulldog who attempted yet another crucifix but Hart fell backwards slamming Bulldog to the mat before another sleeper. Hart hit a shoulderblock before Davey Boy flipped him over.

Bulldog irishwhipped Bret hard to the corner, this time out of the other corner Bret got his boots up meeting Bulldog. Bret then appropriately hit a running bulldog. Bret slammed Davey Boy headfirst to the mat.

Bret elevated Bulldog to the outside using his own momentum against him. Bulldog standing outside the ring was taken down very dangerously by Bret but Bulldog didn’t protect himself.

Again, this just showed what a Pro Bret was.

Bret rammed his back into the post and back in the ring he slingshotted him to the corner hard, Bulldog kicked out but Bret was now focusing on the back. The Hitman with a hard forearm European Uppercut then a beautiful textbook dropkick.
Bret with a nice back bodydrop to Davey Boy that scored Hart a two. Bret with knee to the injured back before another weardown sleeper.

Out of no where Davey Boy managed a backslide but Bret kept on Bulldog and his bad back hitting a back breaker before a hard elbow focused on the back from the top. Bret dragged Davey Boy by the hair down the mat.

All throughout the match they zoomed in on Diana Hart-Smith looking concerned to add the dramatic effect.

Bulldog battled out of a sleeper time and time again and the crowd supported him.
Bret catches Bulldog in a sleeper off the ropes in mid-ring. Bret finally got taken to corner by Bulldog using his power game. Utilizing it effectly he managed to drop Bret from the air dangerously landing on ther ropes.


Little factors like that took away from how brilliant this match was actually structured.

Bulldog got a series of nearfalls and then Bulldog hit a nice standing suplex on the Hitman scoring him a two.
The Climax had arrived.

Bulldog sent Hart hard sternum first to the buckle and nobody bumps better in the business then Bret. Bulldog set upBret for the running Powerslam and Hart kicks out!

Bulldog can’t believe it.

Bulldog was caught out of nowhere from Bret as he applied a waistlock by the ropes before a release German and a nearfall.

Bullog set up Bret up high dropping him with a Superplex. Bulldog got a two. Out of nowhere Bret puts more strain on the back of the bulldog with a Sharpshooter and

Diana was now in tears.

Off the ropes Bulldog out of the hold countered a sunset flip attempt and it was all over as Davey Boy hooked the legs to win the match at 25:40 to one of the loudest pops the history of wrestling.

Savage-Steamboat, Bret-Hennig, Savage-Santana, Bret-Bulldog, Michaels-Ramon, Austin-Owen, Benoit-Jericho.

The IC title is a fan favourite because of classics like these.

Davey Boy owes Bret a cold one.


**** 3/4





Final Rating for WWF Summerslam 1992 = 7.5/10

This show is widely remembered as one of the greatest and definitely most memorable Summerslam’s of all time!

Inbetween all of the great matches there was a lot of filler, some of it was decent like the tag title match at two stars which was carried nicely by the Beverly Brothers.

Others weren’t so great like Crush vs the Repo Man, Virgil vs Nailz or Kamela vs Taker. That’s what holds it down from a high rating of 8/10. However for significance, atmosphere, drama, star power, classic matches in the WWF title match, the opener and of course the main event alone is enough for this to earn a 7.5!

Truly historic capped off by a wonderful main event! A must own for that alone!

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  2. Jay Karia says:

    Savage/Warrior and Bret/Smith were both CLASSICS.

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    That was the loudest crowd outside a rock concert or a big time collage football game I’ve ever heard in my life way louder that WM 3 and this was outdoors!!! What a sight too that whole sea of people a truly epic event, and the roar after Davey Boy won they should have had a decibel meter there unreal!!!

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