Review: WWF/WWE Summerslam 2000 DVD

September 19, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Summerslam 2000 Review:

“Two Canadians, Benoit and Jericho ready for a WAR here!” -Jim Ross

-WWF Summerslam 2000 took place on Sunday, August 27th, 2000 at the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina in front of 17, 002 fans.

-This was the 13th Annual WWF Summerslam PPV event.

-This was the first Summerslam to use all black ropes.

-This was the first Summerslam without Stone Cold Steve Austin since 1995.

-This is the second time in a row the WWF Title was put on the line in the main event in a Triple Threat Match at Summerslam.

-This was the first time since 1996 Jerry Lawler wrestled on a Summerslam PPV.
-The revenue for this event from gates alone were 1.1 million dollars making the show a MEGA financial score.

-During the main event the announce table broke prematruely from the weight of Hunter and Angle and this caused Angle to be knocked out temporarily until returning.

-This was Kurt Angle`s FIRST Summerslam and he found himself in the Main Event for the WWF Title.

-Jim Ross and Jerry “The King Lawler” do the commentary for the third straight Summerslam.

-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- 6 Man Tag Team Match: The Right to Censor (Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather) vs Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi)
Look who it is…it`s Victoria! Dressed as a Ho, and while The Godfather was not The Goodfather, Rikishi still brought her out. Hey, Lita was a Ho to but the only difference is Lita is STILL a whore so at least Victoria has her morals in check today as Tara in TNA.

It`s the Summer of 2000 in the Attitude Era when Wrestling was top notch from a character-storyline and match quality stand point. The crowd`s were red hot as was Carolina`s so that made the matches and night fun overall.

Steven Richards cut a promo at the beginning of the match until Rikishi`s music cut him off and they were extremely popular in 2000 were Too Cool.

While Too Cool was in the ring Richards attacked them and the bell rang as all six men started to brawl with each other.

Jim Ross says this is the first time we’ve seen Steven Richards wrestle in the WWF.
Scotty 2 Hotty hit a moonsault but missed Bull Buchanan and then flew off the top again with a cross body but only got a two.

Scotty tags in Grand Master Sexay and they both hit a suplex to Bull then Scotty does the Moonwalk. Bull tags in The Goodfather and he takes down GMS and then pushes down the Ho’s who he used to own, while the fans chanted SAVE THE Ho’s.

Bull tagged back in and hit a modified back braker to Grand Master. Stevie Richards came in and powerbombed Grand Master. Richards then with a scoop slam and then went up to the top until Lawler’s son pushed the top rope and Stevie Richards fell and then GMS hit a vertical suplex from the top rope as the crowd got into it as Rikishi got tagged in.

The crowd were hot for Rikishi who then took care of all three RTC members who came in the ring with some hard blows and clotheslines. Victoria the HO threw Stevie back in the ring after he tried to escape.

Rikishi then pushed GMS and Scotty into Goodfather and Bull so they moved out of the corner and Rikishi tried to set up Stevie for a Stink Face but Bull came in and his a leg drop the the back of the head of Rikishi then Scotty levelled Bull.

Scotty went for the WORM…. W-O-R-MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and before the M he got a Stevie Kick out of no where!

Sick Kick!

This opener ended at 5:12 when The Right to Censor picked up the victory when Stevie Richards hit Scotty with that big boot and won the match.

The RTC win the first of 10 matches on the night as there annoying theme song blasts through the arena.

Either way, this was a fun opener despite it being way too short to get going so it gets a DECENT rating.

* 3/4




2) X-Pac vs Road Dogg

X-Pac and The Road Dogg both fit well in the Tag Team Division and for awhile in 2000 they claimed to be the best tag team of all time as D-X.

Well, that`s so far from the truth but they were infact pretty good.

Like most tag teams however they ended up feuding and here is there match at Summerslam 2000 which wasn`t very long at all, they kept this one around 5 minutes just like the last one.

X-Pac and Road Dogg got it going in the early stages of this match when the two tie up in the center of the ring and X-Pac goes for a hammer lock then X-Pac spins and rides Road Dogg like 20 times over him with amateur skill. Hilarious and impressive.
Road Dogg comes off with a shoulder block and then kicks X-Pac to the outside as there is a loud “X-Pac sucks” chant with both men wearing the D-X colors.

Road Dogg reversed a spinning heel kick and knocked X-Pac down with a ckothesline. Road Dogg then ran into the turnbuckle and X-Pac signalled for a Bronco Buster and Road Dogg escaped out of the ring.

X-Pac after a sleeper on Road Dogg hit a reverse heel kick and then choked out Road Dogg in the corner with his boot. X-Pac then hit a Bronco Buster t Road Dogg and then took his time and Road Dogg came back to his feet and slugged it out with X-Pav and he danced wih those punches like the charismatic Dogg always does, and then he hits a Shake, Rattle and Roll and a knee drop but a near fall.

X-Pac flipped over Road Dogg but he caught him with a Spinebuster after a countering move.

In the end it was X-Pac who picked up the victory on the Dogg at 4:42 when he hit a low blow out of no where followed by an X-Factor for the win.
X-Pac after the match said “we’re still a great team what do you say?” Road Dogg then said NO and hit a pumphandle slam and although he didn’t win the match the fans cheer as his music plays and he leaves X-Pac in the ring hurt.

Good stuff while it lasted.


3) Chyna and Eddie Guerrero vs Val Venis (c) and Trish Stratus -In the first ever Mixed Tag Team match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Whoever scores the pin on Val Venis in this match would then become the new IC Champion.

Val was worried because his partner was the HOTTER THEN HELL at this point but very inexperienced in the ring Trish Stratus. Nothing but eye candy at this point.
Chyna and Trish had a real life feud I believe at the time which made this match a bit more interesting then it would have been otherwise.
Eddie Guerrero said that if Chyna wins Eddie wouldn’t be the jealous type. Chyna said that one way or another they were going to get lucky tonight, while Val and Trish argued in the back over the importance of this match.
Val Venis and Eddie Guerrero got it going early and both of these great wrestlers so it was no surprise they hit some solid moves with each other early.

Chyna then came to the ring and took it to Val. Val then went downstairs on Chyna and then hit a belly to back suplex to isolate Chyna into the corner of him and Trish as the crowd chanted for Chyna. Val Venis lifted up Chyna and hit a long vertical suplex with a lot of impact but only got a nearfall when Eddie Guerrero broke the count. He then hit a scoop slam and then a high risk move went wrong as Val didn’t get all of it then Chyna hit a low blow!

Chyna still in trouble as Val got a back drop but after he bounced off the ropes Chyna hit a ddt and made the tag to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie then irish whipped Val and hit him with a back body drop until Val got caught by Eddie’s springboard Hurricanrauna and a nearfall. Eddie slammed Val’s head into the turnbuckle. Val Venis then sent Eddie Guerrero to the ropes and came off with a flying forearm. Trish had her arm out as she wanted the tag. Eddie tagged in Chyna and Val tagged in Trish.

Trish got two clotheslines and a scoop slam from Chyna and then Val grabbed Chyna by the hair until she fell down. Val and Trish in trouble as Val got sent to the steps on the outside while Trish got press slammed by Chyna.

In the end it was Chyna who pinned Trish at 7:13 to become a 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion without even pinning the champion!

It was kind of a joke to see Chyna win the gold as much as she was over but this DID set up Eddie`s heel turn because of his jealousy for the gold.

Val then argued with Trish as he said it was her fault that she lost him the title.


Fun match.

** 1/2



4) Tazz vs Jerry “The King“ Lawler

Tazz didn`t have much credibility in the year 2000 jobbing in the Hardcore Division, him and Raven should have been used much better.

Putting him against a middle aged, washed up color commentator on the 2nd biggest PPV of the year and having him job is not the better way to push him.

Oh well here`s the match!

King caught Tazz with an uppercut by the announce table as the fans chanted for Jerry as he drop kicked Tazz to the corner of the turnbuckle.

Tazz caught a big right hand off the top of the second rope from King. King then missed one as Tazz got up and pounded away on the back of King. Tazz with a hard right hand on Lawler and Ross mentions King’s first Summerslam appearance was in 1993 against Bret Hart.

Tazz then threw King to the outside and rubbed it in JR’s face. King then hit Tazz with an uppercut by the booth on the outside until Tazz hit a headbutt on Lawler inside the ring and Tazz hit a scoop slam. Tazz then hit a splash on the top and missed one and the ref went down.

Tazz then went to choke out Lawler until JR broke a glass of Candy is what it looked like over Tazz’s head and Lawler pinned Tazz.

The King won at 4:24 when JR heped him. Pretty basic stuff but not a match on this event has gotten longer then 7 and a half minutes so far.



5) Shane McMahon (c) vs Steve Blackmsn for the WWF Hardcore Championship
The two brawled on the outside early and Blackman and Shane brawled into the crowd and then outside the ring. Shane got caught with a trash can lid to the knee caps, then followed by a shot to the back of the head on the Boss’s son, then yet another. Shane has got a lot of guts for the bumps he takes, that is for sure. Blackman then threw in a bunch of weapons and then threw the Trash can on top of Shane McMahon and then gave him a boot to the head with the can on. Shane then got a pumphandle slam with a Kendo Stick for elevation right below him. The Lethal Weapon then choked out Shane with a leather strap and sent him to the turnbuckle then whipped him off the top of the turnbuckle with a tug. Shane got in control when T and A came out and beat on Blackman while he danced around and the crowd chanted that Shane was a pussy. Shane then got time to rest as Test and Albert kicked Steve Blackman to the outside. It’s 3 on 1 with Hardcore rules and Blackman is struggling to survive as he missed a speaker that fell to the floor.

Test booted him by the Summerslam entrance and Albert hit Test with a Kendo Stick. Steve Blackman then went apeshit and his Test with it. Shanen then tried to distance himself and climbed to the top out of the way of Blackman. Steve Blackman caught up as they climb extremely high up as the fans scream. Shane then got smacked by Blackman with a Kendo Stick for the third time and He fell back 50 feet onto a black stage with a protective mat, HOLY SH**. This wouldn`t be the last time Shane-O-Mac did something like this but it certainly was the first, of this Magnitiue anyway!


Blackman then did an impressive spot of his own by jumping off that titan tron with a leg drop to Shane and then pinning him for the 1, 2, 3 at 10:08 to become the NEW WWF Hardcore Champion!

Another fun match!

** 1/2



6) Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

This is definitely a solid match with great wrestling here. This was indeed a knockout technical presentation.
The two grapplers and mastered technicians began the match when Benoit came in the ring second and the two exchanged punches faster then anyone has ever in any match I have ever seen and rolled around on each other, Benoit then threw Jericho’s left shoulder to the ring post on the outside.
After the two traded holds and countered a bunch of moves, Benoit then hit a shoulder braker. Quick action here. Jericho with a running bulldog to Benoit while the fans chanted Y2J. This is the first 2 out of 3 falls match in the WWF since Rock vs HHH at Fully Loaded 1998.

Benoit gets the Crossface locked in and Jericho taps out to the Crippler Crossface at 3 minutes and 16 seconds giving Benoit the first fall in this best of three match.
The Rabid Wolverine is up 1-0.

Benoit wins the first fall and then Benoit gets him right back in but he ruthlessly works on the back shoulder that had been injured by Benoit earlier and he grabbed Jericho and he stretched back, It looked to be over here early as he put all the pressure on Benoit’s lower back.

Jericho got to the ropes and the fans popped.
Chris Benoit continued to own and he irish whipped Y2J into the corner and then hung him upside down applying major tork to the shoulder. He then hit him left shoulder first into the Ring post.

King said something very intelligent. “Everything Benoit does has a purpose.”
This is true, after all he is the greatest in the squared circle of all time. Ross suggests that Jericho might have seperated his shoulder when Chris Benoit threw him to the shoulder twice more and the crowd tried to get Jericho back in the match but it didn’t work just yet.

Benoit stomped on Y2J until Jericho slapped Benoit and then Benoit hit a picture perfect beautiful suplex after the waist lock and Jericho tried to hit him with the elbows to get out of the predicament and he eventually did.

Jericho then rolled up Benoit and put him in the Walls of Jericho.

He then brought Chris back to the middle!

Jericho has his move locked in and it forces Benoit to submit to the Walls Of Jericho at 8 minutes and 39 seconds.

No rest period after each fall and Jericho hits a back breaker to Chris Benoit then some hard chops in the corner followed by an irish whip to the turnbuckle then an elbow, and a high risk reverse elbow from the top followed by a near fall.

The score is even at 1.

Next fall wins in the third and deciding fall and Benoit with a hard shot to the spine and each guy reverses the others powerbombs. The reversals are amazing in this match, Benoit had the cover but Jericho bridged out with amazing strength and then Benoit hit a full nelson suplex.


This is Pro Wrestling. Perfectly applied and executed moves here with a ton of chemistry.

Chris Benoit goes up top for a potential headbutt but Y2J caught him and then from the top rope Jericho hit a GREAT Hurricanrauna to Benoit which might of hurt Jericho’s shoulder even more.
Jericho got up and hit some right hands on Jericho and Y2J hits a reverse elbow and then a Lionsault but his shoulder might have popped out of his socket there is whaat JR says.

Chris Benoit beside the ropes reverses an inside cradle by Jericho and slaps on one of his own.

In the end Benoit rolls up Jericho and grabs the bottom rope for leverage to get the third and final fall at 13:02.

What a brilliant pace.

If it was a little longer it might of been better but it was definitely exciting, enthralling due to the Quality in such little time and this match is just such a treat and helps the PPV`s credibility.
Every move was so brilliantly hit and these two have godly chemistry which was the matches biggest strength.

No Benoit erasing in this PPV thank god…




7) Edge and Christian (c) vs The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) (with Lita) and The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) in the first ever Triple Threat-Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Here we go!
Commisioner Foley couldn`t stop saying `Tables, Ladders and Chairs, OH MY!` in his best Wizard of Oz impression.

Everyone was looking forward to this original TLC match here for the tag team titles between the three best teams on the roster at Summerslam!

Jeff with a springboard over top of the ladder from the top turnbuckle with a leapfrog onto Edge. Matt worked on Edge as he was in the middle of a LADDER and Matt threw Christian on top of Edge as he crushed him through a ladder!

Great spot.

Jeff Hardy then from the top of a 20 foot ladder his a Swanton Bomb and went straight through a table but Bubba moved just in time. That should take Jeff out of the match or at least for awhile.

Matt with the huge ladder sets it up in the ring while Christian battles Bubba on the outside. Edge hits Bubba with a chair shot on the outside and four men begin to climb the ladder as they get back in the ring. Christian flies off with Matt with a DDT from the ladder, while D-Von throws Edge off and they hit the top of the ropes. Bubba Ray then begins to climb the 20 foot ladder and Edge then pushed Bubba over all the way to the side outside the ring through the 4 tables! Holy sh*! Edge and Christian then climb the ladder as Lita runs to the ring and pushes them both off and they both hit the top rope groin region first as Lita screams for Matt to climb. Matt then sets the ladder up in mid-ring and beins to climb. D-Von then pushed Matt Hardy backwards towards the tables on the outside of the ring and Edge just speared LITA! Edge would Spear Lita a little harder a half decade later. Complete carnage all over the place as D-Von is climbing the ladder. Jeff Hardy amazingly got back up and is clinmbing the ladder with D-Von. Awesome spot with D-Von and Jeff both hanging onto the straps in mid-air.

The crowd was going insane and then Edge hits them both off with a ladder. What a match! In the end Edge and Christian retained the titles by climbing the ladder and grabbing them at 18:51. Truly shocking.

With The Hardyz being insanely over for the entire year without tag straps this was the perfect time to win the belts in there home state at Summerslam in a TLC match and it was a huge swerve that gained the Tag Champs even more credibility. The Hardyz would win the cage match the next month at Unforgiven but still it was a dissapointment at the time that they didn`t win. The match, it was the furthest thing from a dissapointment. This match is legendary and it`s the reason TLC matches are among people`s favourite Gimmick Matches.




8 ) The Kat (with Al Snow) vs Terri (with Perry Saturn) in a Thong-Stinkface Match


Unortunately after spankings and what not there was nothing else to say but that this was just a waste of time.
The Kat gave Terri the Stinkface for the win at 3:06.

Just as bad as Summerslam 99`s Tori vs Ivory but a lot sexier if that counts so I`d watch this one any day of the week over that one if that means anything….




9) The Undertaker vs Kane

Something about Taker, he’s either hit or miss at Summerslam. He’s either wrestling terrible matches at Summerslam at 92, 93, 94 and 95 or in great ones in 96, 97, 98, and 99. 2000 was a bad one Unfortunately.

The two men brawl the entire match as it begins on the outside and then they went to the inside after Taker slammed Kane’s head off the ring post. Taker tried to rip off Kane’s mask but was unsuccessful at the beginning of the match.

Kane then got in control and they put over how it would be cruel for Kane to unmask Taker, well at least King did. Kane grabbed a chair but Taker gave him shots so he dropped the chair then Taker hit Kane with a chair. Taker threw steps into Taker’s face and then he gave him a thunderous right hand on the outside.

In the end The Undertaker fought Kane to a no contest at 6:28 after The Undertaker rips his brother`s mask off but we don`t see his face. Taker’s music hits and Kane covers his face as he leaves.

I really feel I`m being polite with the rating since besides the spear there was just punching and kicking and NOTHING else. By far the worst Undertaker vs Kane match ever, even worse then the one at Judgment Day 1998 with Austin as the ref.



10) Main Event- The Rock (c) vs “The Game” Triple H vs Kurt Angle in a a NO DQ-Triple Threat Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship


The People`s Champion who was the top guy in the WWF with Austin out due to injury defended his title against Kurt Angle who was making his Summerslam debut here and of course the Wrestler of the year, Triple H.

HHH and Angle got it on and obviously this was a personal war because of the whole Stephanie Love Triangle.

HHH then hit a Pedigree onto Kurt Angle and this was on the top of an announce table and it broke before the pedigree was hit and Angle hit his face on the concrete or a piece of the table and got a minor concussion as he was taken away on a stretcher. Hunter improvised then grabbed a Sledge Hammer and then The Rock’s music hit and he got a great pop as expected. Rock and Hunter brawled throughout the match for the first 3-5 minutes until they took Angle out on a stretcher.

The Game ran up the entrance way and and pounced on Angle’s head for awhile until Rock ran up the entrance way and attacked Hunter. HHH sent Rock into the pipes on the Summerslam entrance set. Angle was gone for now and Rock came and hit Hunter with a clothesline.
HHH sent Rock’s head into th ring post and picked him up and slammed his kidneys into the front row barricade and HHH measured up Rock and hit him with a clothesline. The Rock came back with right hands in the ring to try and lay the Smackdown in the middle of the ring. Hunter came off with a high knee. Hunter then asked Steph to grab the belt.

Steph grabbed the belt and hit HHH with it and then Rock looked pissed off and went to grab Steph’s hair but Triple H hit Rock with a lowblow. HHH told Steph to leave. Rock and HHH then wrestled the next 10 minutes at a rather slow pace with the momentum switching back and forth between. Rock superplexed HHH from the top rope and both guys were down. Stephanie asked Angle to come back to the ring. Angle then came back and meanwhile HHH hit Rock with a Pedigree and HHH was looking to get the three but Angle sent HHH into the steps and then covered The Rock but only got a two.

The Rock with a belly to belly suplex to Angle but just a two. The Rock who had been champ since King of The Ring then gave Angle a Rock Bottom while HHH was on the outside but caught Angle and HHH levelled Angle with a big right hand. Angle got up in the ring while HHH sent The Rock’s head off the ring post. HHH got a hammer from Steph and then HHH got kicked by Angle and HHH blindly hit Steph with his hammer by accident! Angle covered HHH but Rock stopped the count. Rock whipped Angle out of the ring and then Rock went for the people’s elbow to HHH. In the end The Rock retained the title at 20 minutes and 9 seconds by that move as Rock came out on top.

Jim Ross over exxagerated the main event by a country mile after it was over as it was completely average and underwhelming for what these guys could of done. Three stars is still good-great but these guys could of done better and had the Angle spot not happened it might have been better. Steph got carried by Angle to the outside after she was hit with the Hammer as The Rock posed with the title on top of the stage with Hunter layed out at ringside.

Good match, nothing overly special.




Final Rating for WWF Summerslam 2000 = 7.5/10

This show is most likely a top 3 Summerslam ever of the twenty plus editions. 1992 and 2002 rank up high with this one, from tag matches, to Blackman vs Shane, to TLC., to Brother vs Brother, Benoit vs Jericho, the main event Triple Threat and much more this was an attitude era event for the ages that will be remembered for a long time. It was nice to see Benoit in the Anthology but this PPV is great and a lot of fun, it ranks as the 2nd or 3rd best ever for Summerslam so it’s a must buy! Top notch material! Match of the night was TLC 1 and then Benoit-Jericho followed it closely.

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