Review: WWF/WWE Summerslam 2001 DVD

September 20, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Summerslam 2001 Review:

“Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!” -Drowning Pool

1) Opening Contest- Lance Storm (c) vs Edge for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Both Canadians tie up early to kickoff Summerslam!

After a sequence of hammerlocks, Edge takes Storm down with a clothesline to the outside of the ring as the Challenger got better of the Champion to begin the match. Edge with a slide under Storm’s legs then pulled him down by the tights as his face hit the ring apron. Edge then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle with a beautifully applied Cross Body from the top rope and got a near fall. Storm reverses a move and then pushed Edge to the outside as he got a chance to breathe and he then began to take apart the Champion as the fans chanted that Lance Storm Sucks! Storm took his time early and Heyman explained that he is a methodical technician and knows how to take opponents apart.

I like how Jim Ross said these two characters are completely different and there hair cut illustrates that.

Back and forth in the early-mid match as Edge hit a backslide and got a two, then Storm went back on the attack and kicked at Edge’s stomach. Storm held onto the ropes as Edge went for a dropkick but then as Storm went for a half boston crab, Edge went for an inside cradle but got a near fall. Storm got up and continued to dictate the pace and kicked at Edge’s back and stomach before driving him into the corner.
This was during the Invasion so they cut to the back to see shots of both the Alliance cheering on Storm, just like shots of Team WWF cheering on Edge.

Storm with brilliant move and only got a two. Storm then drove his knees to the back of Edge and locked on a reverse chinlock. Storm fucking owns. He then locked on a modified edition of the camel clutch which nicely translated to Storm’s finishing half Boston Crab as JR points out.

Storm then with more kicks as Edge collapsed under some pressure and Lance Storm went to cover Edge and he kicked out. Lance Storm who was trained by the legendary Stu Hart in the Dungeon then took it to Edge with some right hands and then Edge got caught in the Abdominal Stretch. All the pressure right now is on Edge to escape as Lance Storm, the Champion remains in control of the match as he uses the tights for leverage.

Edge got out of that predicament after awhile and hit a hiplock to Storm who bounced over the ropes but stayed on the apron and speared Edge. Storm went to the top but Edge caught Lance Storm in mid-air with a resourceful counter and hit a power slam.

Edge was to beaten down to get a pincount though, smart logic.

Both men down tot he 8 count then Edge had a sense of urgency as he hit backdrops to Storm and then got a near fall.

Storm hit a jaw breaker and then Edge countered with a kick to the mid-section, then drove the back of his head down to the canvas from behind him. Edge then countered a Storm move in mid-air and hit a running powerbomb to Storm! Awesome move but he kicked out!

Lance Storm then hits a half crab and everyone thinks the match is over as Edge tries his hardest to get to the ropes.

Edge eventually got to the ropes then immediately locked on a half crab to Storm!

Christian then ran out and speared Edge by mistake.

Storm covered Edge but he kicked out somehow!?

Lance Storm then went for a giant kick but Edge reversed it into a giant DDT!
In the end Edge defeated Storm with that DDT to become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion at 11:16! San Jose pops!

Christian then hugs Edge and walks out of the ring as this was signs of the slow Christian heel turn upcoming…….as he was sarcastic with all of this applauding ever since Edge won the KOTR that Summer.
Awesome opening contest here!

*** 1/4


2) 6 Man Tag Match: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and Test vs The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and Spike Dudley (with Molly Holly)
Test actually cuts a GOOD Promo before this match with the Dudleyz on Micheal Cole where he comes off as a vicious heel. For some reason they beeped out when he called Micheal Cole a BITCH though…..Test has passed as of this writing.
Another Alliance vs WWF match of course and Test had just jumped ship to The Alliance just before this because he got an ass kicking he didn’t deserve on a previous weeks Raw.
Farooq and Bubba Ray Dudley start out the match and D-Von gets tagged in and they hit a double back drop to Farooq. D-Von then works over Farooq for a bit until he tags in Test.
Test comes in and now all three members of The Alliance have got to work on Farooq until Farooq gets the better of test then Farooq tages in Acolyte or APA member Bradshaw. Bradshaw gets a boot on Test but he kicks out. Bradshaw goes for a powerbomb on Test but Bubba came in and interfered. D-Von tagged in by Test, Bradshaw then worked over D-Von Dudley.
Spike Dudley the last person on both team’s to get tagged in the match had just returned from a broken leg and does a quick few roll-up’s on D-Von until Bubba came in after a tag and levelled Spike on the top rope after he tried to build some momentum up. Bubba Ray Dudley then slammed little Spike on the top and as he hung upside down Bubba stomped on him awhile till tagging Test.
Test came in and sent Spike Dudley to the ride and the size difference was major.
Test destroyed Spike with a devistating spinebuster slam. The Dudleyz on the outside then grabbed tables and that got a huge pop.
Test then teased throwing Spike to the outside through a table but apparently it was just a warning. The Dudleyz with a tag to test and they came in and double teased Spike. Bubba only gets a two after a power slam to a beaten down spike. Bubba tags in D-Von Dudley and he goes up high and misses a head butt as the crowd chant for the APA.
Spike Dudley does finally tag in Bradshaw as Test comes in. Bradshaw with a bunch of clotheslines in each turnbuckle then a swinging neck braker. Bradshaw with elbows and the APA double teamed Bubba with a big spinebuster. Test got caught by Bradshaw and he hits a huge powerbomb and got a nearfall as Bubba dragged Bradshaw to the outside.
Spike Dudley then came in the ring and climbed up to the top and ended up getting tossed through a table on the outside by TEST! Huge spot.
Back in the ring Bradshaw hit a HUGE Clothesline on Test after the crowd hadn’t shut up about cheering about the last insane spot.
Then out of no where Shane McMahon hits Bradshaw with a steel chair from the back and then Test got on top of Bradshaw and got the three.

At 7:19, the team of Test and The Dudleyz picked up the victory.

GREAT ENDING there to a very solid match.

** 1/2

3) X-Pac (c) vs Tajiri (c) in Title Unification match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship


It sounds like they edit a shit load of the action on this event.

Almost the first complete couple of minutes of this match have no commentary.
I wonder why, I’d have to go to my tapes VHS recorded version of this event to figure that out but I am too lazy to do that. (Yet I’ll write out a novel of a review per day of these events)

Anyways, maybe they are talking about the invasion, Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, who knows…..and they just decided to get rid of it, but it’s a re-occuring instance throughout the event.

A lot of good early action between these two cruiserweights.

Jim Ross said, he loved the action, it’s non-stop offense as a RULE. It’s back and and forth with holds and hot moves and it’s always a treat to watch. X-Pac wore down Tajiri and at this point X-Pac was in the X-Factor and he was getting beyond X-Pac.

Due to Anthology editting I didn’t even get to hear the Uncle Cracker theme for X-Factor! Some hate it but I love it. I love it because it is just so bad you have to love it.

Tajiri got in control with his amazing kicks because his feet are so fast and so accurate, nicely said by Paul E who knows a ton about the Japanese Buzzsaw. Tajiri hit the Tarantula.

Tajiri with a cross body from the top rope, and X-Pac countered it somehow with a roll-up but only got a two. Tajiri then scooped up Pac’s legs and used a unique pinning combination but couldn’t get him.

X-Pac sent Tajiri to the outside then he came off with a beautiful springboard summersault on top of Tajiri.

X-Pac then signalled to the crowd but they booed and Tajiri took that time to kick X-Pac.

Out of no where X-Pac gets in an offensive move….

X-Pac hits the X-Factor to Tajiri. The two then continue to follow the theory of back and forth offense in this division as they roll-each other up for near falls. All of the sudden Albert comes from the back to get a up close watch as he was in the X-Factor Stable. X-Pac ducked and Tajiri sprayed MIST into the face of Albert and then as he turned around X-Pac hit a low blow and then another X-Factor!


In the end at 7:34. X-Pac defeated Tajiri to win the Cruiserweight title. Not bad and the offense didn’t really make sense but it was fun to watch as these matches usually always are, and this actually felt shorter then the 7 plus minutes that it was.


** 3/4

4) Y2J Chris Jericho vs “The Man Beast” Rhyno (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)


The GORE with the WHORE takes on Y2J Chris Jericho here at Summerslam because Stephanie hated Chris Jericho so much that she went out to the Alliance and got the nastiest guy available to take him apart.

Stephanie gave Rhyno a pep talk in the back about how important it was to HER Personally and Rhyno looks like a mixture of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer when he says he’s going to finish Jericho off once and for all.

Rhyno has beaten Jericho in every confrontation thus far and they make a point of pushing that note….

Jericho and Rhyno with some good back and forth wrestling during the first few minutes.

The first big/amazing spot of the match takes place when Jericho goes to fly outside the ring on top of Rhyno and Stephanie tries to take him down, and Jericho kicks her off the apron with his leg.



Truly incredible spot and Rhyno then takes control.
Rhyno only somehow gets a 2 since Jericho’s feet were on the rope.

Rhyno then dictated the pace and hung Jericho’s body/his abdomen area on the top rope. Rhyno is very agressive and being a former ECWer Paul E just hyped the shit out of him of course. Stephanie then with one of her hardest slaps to date hit Jericho in the face with his head on the outside and Stephanie even shook it off, that’s how hard her slap was!

Rhyno then with an abdomen hold showing his educated skill in the ring. Continuing to wear Jericho down in the mid-section was Rhyno with a body scissors wearing down the body of Y2J. It restricted him from taking a breath and then once out Rhyno with an airplane spin and then a high impact move onto the canvas! Great move by Rhyno!
This is one of Rhyno’s best matches and definately one he’d be most proud of in a high profile match with the likes of Jericho on a big WWF PPV like Summerslam. Jericho then put in another submission hold as Rhyno pulled on Y2J’s arms and drove the knee into Jericho’s spine. The high flying Jericho can’t do much in this position but once in the sleeper he got back up to a vertical base.

The crowd got back into it as Jericho hit some chops and then got a roll-up but only a two. There was no INSTANT comeback as Rhyno got right back in control hitting Chris Jericho with a nice suplex. Rhyno then went to the top rope taking a page out of Jericho’s book and the splash hit the canvas as Jericho moved out of the way. Both men then knocked each other down with a double clothesline and Stephanie looked on worried on the outside considering Jericho is starting to get back in the match after Rhyno dominated the pace for so long.

Both men back to there feet.

Rhyno with a chop to Jericho, but Y2J with a quick backslide after he blocked the right hand by Rhyno and got a nearfall. Jericho then gained momentum as he hit a series of shoulder blocks to the Man Beast followed by a high risk elbow after a springboard attempt failed. Rhyno Irish Whipped Jericho the buckle and as Rhyno followed up to him he hit him with two boots to the face. Jericho then hit a dropkick to Rhyno from the top rope.

Jericho pinned Rhyno but Stephanie distracted the ref. I never understood the logic of managers doing this, why would the ref just stop paying attention to go and TALK to a manager?

Anyway Jericho then grabbed Steph and kissed her like a Randy Savage and then Jericho hit a Lionsault on Rhyno! The Man beast kicks out!
Rhyno with a brilliant high impact Spine Buster Slam! Rhyno then GETS THE WALLS OF JERICHO onto Rhyno!
Jericho’s abdomen section was so hurt so it made sense and it was a great move by Rhyno and the crowd chanted Y2J!
Jericho desperately finds the bottom rope and hits a spinning heel kick to Rhyno! Jericho though as both men get up gets a Belly 2 Belly suplex and now Rhyno goes for the GORE. Rhyno hits the turnbuckle and gets a roll-up, it looks like he could get the three but he turns him over!


Jericho then slapped the Walls onto Rhyno and it worked!
Jim Ross screams “Jericho! Jericho! Has DONE IT!”
Stephanie throws a tantrum.

At the end of the match Chris Jericho is successful defeating Rhyno at 12:34 with the Walls Of Jericho.

This match was brilliant for what it was.

It had it all, good and intelligent wrestling with nice psychology, entertaining spots, and a good finish.

*** 1/2

5) Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy (c) for the WWF Hardcore Championship in a LADDER Match

Perhaps the WWE didn’t put this on the Ladder Match DVD because of the botched ending that I will ellude to in a bit, but either way it was very solid an very violent. A forgotten match for sure. The match begins with a great exchange and both men exchanged some holds and then as the two were done they looked at each other and the crowd went wild for these two fan favourites. A nice showing of respect from San Jose. RVD and Jeff get it on in the ring in the first Hardcore Ladder match in the history of the WWF. RVD got a hiplock from the inside to the out and then Jeff with a springboard to the outside and both him and RVD clashed and hit the table on the outside as Jeff caught his knees accidentally on the table. Jeff then sent RVD into the ring post.

Jeff took a big chance that didn’t pay off as he jumped off the top turnbuckle but RVD moved. RVD then threw right hands and then jumped on top of the barricade, signalled his initals and then an amazing agile back drop to Hardy’s head!
RVD then got the ladder!

Jeff caught up though and ran along the barricade and splashed into RVD taking him down. Jeff had the ladder in the ring and RVD with a unique splash to the outside the ladder through the ropes that caught RVD in the air.

RVD then jumped over the rope and the ladder smashed into Jeff. A series of spots was this match.

Jeff with a great springboard from his body to RVD’s body on top of the ladder.
RVD then after a series of more spots flipped and speared Jeff into the corner who was hanging upside down. RVD chant went up huge in San Jose.

RVD then put a ladder in the corner of the ring and set one horizontal and put Jeff on top and RVD with a rolling thunder from the corner of the ring onto Jeff Hardy which was nicely applied.

RVD hit a reverse heel kick to Jeff Hardy showing his efficient martial arts skills. RVD with a kick to Jeff’s face and falls on top of the ladder while RVD hits a leg drop to Hardy’s head on top of a ladder.

With the ladder still in place inbetween the ropes, Jeff ran towards RVD and drop kicked it in his face.

Jeff climbing the ladder and RVD dove off and hit a drop kick to Jeff with great athleticism.

Jeff then hanging onto the ropes and RVD drop kicked him off the ladder and then hit him with a high kick!

Spinning heel kick high to the head of Hardy by RVD.

Jeff then tripped up Rob, and kept him on the mat.

Hardy looked for a Swanton but Rob got out of the way. RVD up high missed a five star frog splash, but Jeff had that well scouted and moved out of the way. Jeff Hardy barely able to stand sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and RVD then climbs the other side.

Both men climbing the ladder as RVD locks in a FACELOCK on Hardy and then falls back against the canvas! AMAZING. Fucking amazing.


Anyways, it continues and the crowd is acting like there watching an all time classic due to all these spots.
Jeff then with a Sunset flip from one side of the ladder to the other driving RVD from the ladder to the Mat.

The crowd is going absolutely apeshit by this point with all these amazing spots.

If I had a dime for every time they yelled “OOOOOHHHH” I’d be as rich as Vince McMahon.
Jeff is hanging by the belt and RVD tried to pull him closer but wasn’t able to with a spinning heel kick. Jeff then fell down and was pissed and slammed his hand to the mat.
That was the spot that went wront but it doesen’t take much out of the match.
Jeff then climbed the ladder but RVD pushed him off and Jeff caught his leg in the ropes. RVD climbed all alone.

In the end at 16:33 RVD got the belt and won the Hardcore title!

An Underrated Ladder Match even if it is mostly spots, it’s an incredible war that isn’t discussed a lot for some strange reason.

*** 3/4


6) The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane) (c) vs Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon in a Steel Cage match for the WCW World Tag Team Championship and the WWF Tag Team Championship

Everyone knows about the Page-Taker storyline which was the driving force behind this feud and match.
JR: “Page is nothing but a Pervert, he deserves to get the hell beaten out of him!”

God, I feel bad for Kanyon and DDP during there entrance here during this match.
What happened was Kanyon came out and then he turned around waiting for DDP because he was supposed to be with him but the people in charge of telling DDP to go out there told him to late and then once DDP met Kanyon at the entrance way, they stood there looking like they didn’t know what to do. THEN FINALLY DDP’s music came on and both of there faces said it all. They were so PISSED off. I heard rumors online after Summerslam 01 that Vince did that on purpose to them. No s*t either. It’s not even editted off the Anthology like Eddie’s FALL was at WM 17 in his match with Test to save HIM embarassment, yet he’s dead. Goes to show where there priorites are for who they care about and who they don’t. Kanyon is now dead as of this writing for the record and that is unfortunate.

Anyway Taker and Kane just beat the hell out of DDP and Kanyon in this Cage match.
Kane had Kanyon in the corner…
Kane then threw him into the side of the cage.

Kanyon and DDP did get there shots in but it came few and far between.

A DDT by DDP then to Taker.

As Kanyon and DDP go to climb the cage Taker and Kane both sat up at the SAME TIME as Heyman SCREAMS “OH NO!”

Undertaker grabbed Diamond Dallas Page by the throat and threw him into the corner.

Taker said to him “Get your ass out of here and I’ll let you live. You ever look at her again and I’ll kill you.”

This was DDP’s chance to escape. The fans booed. Kane then pushed Taker into DDP and he hit a chokeslam onto DDP into the middle of the ring. Heyman screamed that Taker was a liar, but JR justified it by him playing Mind Games. Taker then hit a last ride to DDP on the outside and covered him for the victory.

In the end at 10:13 The Brothers Of Destruction won the match when Taker hit the last ride to DDP with Sara on the outside cheering on.

Not really that BAD, but definately the worst match of the night.

That says something though about the quality of MATCHES on this night if the worst match is * 3/4.

Taker gets his revenge.

* 3/4



7) Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Kurt Angle for the World Wrestling Federation Championship

Here we go…..

It’s Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle at Summerslam 2001!

So many people love this match

Steve Austin: “Ever since STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN…JOIIINED, THE ALLLLLIAAAAAAANNNCEEEEEEEE, I’ve lead by example! Kurt You’re gonna bleed for Steve Austin….you’re going to BLEED FOR THE ALLLIIIIANCE!”
In all of Austin’s magnificent feuds with Owen, Bret, McMahon, Rock, HHH, the Kurt Angle one often gets overlooked.

This was a fun rivalry even if the fans didn’t want to full out hate Austin. It worked at times, but they literally had to make Austin the biggest pussy on earth and have him cry on a bridge to get the fans to boo him.

But it was still entertaining.

Austin and Angle were both hurt in the Summer of 2001 and as it says in Austin’s book the two just had a blast taping TV segments together and they are among the funniest moments I have ever seen in all of television. Not just wrestling, but all of television.
Angle is the American Hero, and Austin says he’s gonna WHOOP his Red, White and Blue Ass!

Angle came out first.

Austin then has such a bad ass entrance and he doesen’t even really do anything! That’s how powerful it was.

Austin just came out to his Alliance theme and gave Angle a COLD STARE as Angle looked back with a furious yet determined one. Austin’s and Angle’s eyes locking on each other at the beginning of this match made you know you were about to witness something special.

This was just brilliant storytelling from the get go by body language alone.

Austin then walked down the entrance way and threw his title in the air like it was nothing and him and Angle brawled like all hell in the entrance way!
Austin threw Angle into the side of caging that secures the fans by the entrance mat. Austin then hit Angle with a bunch of chops, picked up his belt and saying he wont get it. This as of course during Austin’s godly run in 2001 as Champion.

The bell rings when Austin gets tackled by Kurt Angle and the place explodes with a huge pop. Angle gives Austin some shots until Steve kicks him and then throws him to the buckle and the Champion delivers Angle some shots. Angle gets a suplex to Steve Austin and then he irish whips him to the ropes and comes off with a clothesline. Fast paced, enthralling action from the get go here!

Angle then ducks a vicious looking clothesline from the rattlesnake and then comes off the side ropes with a cross body to Austin. Stone Cold got up as quick as he could and stomped Angle’s head and stopped his momentum even for the time being. Austin then stomping on the hamstring of Angle and then stomps on the knee. Austin then looked to take out Angle’s knee by putting it on the bottom rope and Austin used all his body weight to land on his ankle while Angle groaned in pain and Austin has a sick smile on his face. Austin played a sadistic bastard so well.

Steve Austin doesen’t get enough credit for that, people say he’s a bad heel because he can’t get the fans to boo him well he did a good job of it here and his facial expressions were priceless.

Austin worked on Angle’s knees because before this match he had injured it by sending a Chair into the ankle of Angle. Austin then elevated Angle over the top rope out onto the floor area. Steve Austin then hit Angle with a big snap shot vertical suplex back in the ring. Steve Austin then giving Kurt Angle a WRESTLING LESSON says Heyman as he hit yet ANOTHER Vertical Suplex. Austin then slapped Angle in the head a few times wanting him to embrass Angle. Austin with a gut wrench suplex, and then he used his knee braces to hit the top of Angle’s head. Austin then with a 4th Suplex attempt, but Angle reversed and hit a German Suplex. Angle with a waist lock holding on for all he had and then he hit THREE suplexes in a row to Austin’s bad neck!
The fans were really into it after that!
Angle again put Austin in a tough predicament as he had hit five GERMAN suplexes to Steve Austin’s bad neck. Angle then pounded on his spine and hit a SIXTH belly to back suplex, then a SEVENTH.


Austin then pissed off and must have been in great shape to put up with that kicked Angle’s back as he went flying into the corner. Stone Cold’s lower back might be knotting up here but he still picked up Angle and placed him on the top as Austin chopped Angle to Hell from the top. Angle pushed Austin off the top which bought him some time but Austin fought back with some shots. Austin then picked up Angle from the very top of the turnbuckle and hit ANOTHER Superplex, this time from the very top of the rope!




What a PACE.

Angle’s nose is bleeding and Austin from the 10 suplexes combined you can see the pain in his eyes.


1….2…..NO! Fans go wild as he kicked out!

Austin had hit the STUNNER AGAIN and the crowd couldn’t believe it!

I couldn’t either when watching this live and I think that surprise element added a lot more to the match.

Austin on the outside with Angle measuring him up and with all the force and velocity send Angle’s head right into the ring post.


Austin slams Angle into the ring post on the outside again as this war turns nasty!

Angle has been beyond busted open by the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin and he does it a third time!

After 10 Suplexes combined, solid-wrestling, 3 post shots, and 2 Stunner’s he then grabs the WWF title belt, drops it and then throws Angle’s head right into the ring post again.

Heyman says were in the Shark tank and Austin is like a Shark sinking his teeth into Angle. This is where the San Jose Sharks play Hockey if you didn’t know, I’m Canadian so it’s common knowledge to me but just checking.

Austin then on the outside hammered rights into Angle’s bloodied skull!

Austin absolutely relentless and might even be breaking his own hands and was dominating Angle outside the ring apron.

Austin FINALLY threw him in the ring.



Austin desperately chased Earl Hebner for a 2nd time. This wasn’t good enough and Austin threw Angle to the outside after he’s lost a lot of blood. Austin then AGAIN threw Angle to the ring post. AGAIN. A seventh time.

Austin then Slammed Angle’s head on to the top of the table. Austin then charged at Angle on the outside but out of desperation he threw Austin over the railing and the fans cheered.

Austin got to his feet first though and Austin suplexed Angle from the outside by the ring to the concrete. Austin might have broken Angle in half as he has lost a ton of blood. Heyman says that Austin has not only out brawled Angle but he has out wrestled him. Jim Ross says he’s nothing but a Bully.

What a match this is!

Angle then out of desperation grabbed an Ankle lock to Austin on the outside. Angle’s

bloodied head was screaming and WOOOING as he had Austin’s ankle but the ref had to break the hold as they were outside the ring.

Angle then grabbed Austin’s bad ankle onto the steps. Angle then snapped an Ankle lock to Steve Austin inside the ring!

Angle’s got Austin in the Angle lock and a bloodied Angle is Woooooing as The Champion screams in pain and that trend continues!

Austin then found the rope as veteran move, does the Champion.
Angle and Austin both limping and barely into it considering the fact that they went to beyond fucking war even before the bell began to ring. Austin now limping and caught a SUPLEX on the outside mat. Austin now took an 8th suplex of the match and that’s not even counting the standing vertical one he gave from the top of the turnbuckle to the middle of the canvas, his neck had to of beenm killing him.

An all out assault by both men as Angle then suplexed Angle onto the floor again!
Austin was supposed to retire in 1997.

It’s 2001 and he just took his 9th suplex of the match with his bad neck ONTO THE FLOOR. Jesus Christ.

Angle then smashed Steve’s head into the top of the table a few times and through him in the ring.

The story was that Kurt Angle would not quit because he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck and if anyone can do it it’s him, and Austin can’t beat Angle.
Angle then went for a high risk move and hit the Moonsault from the top rope and Austin kicked out just barely and the place was shocked, even though Steve Austin had failed to get his knees up to block that Moonsault but Angle still hit it.

Angle then with a right hand to Austin and irishwhipped him and Angle after a series of reversals got caught with a cobra clutch and that got a POP SINCE he hadn’t used that since his days as The Ringmaster or Wrestlemania 17, either one. The Smarks in the crowd remember.

Austin takes him down and held on like pitbull dog and Austin with the Million Dollar Dream weakened an already bloodied Angle making sure he was far from the ropes. Angle somehow, someway bounced off the ropes in a pinning predicament but Austin got his shoulders up. Austin did not let go of the Cobra Clutch even after Angle’s pinning attempt.

This match is an absolute thrill ride!

The crowd chant for Angle as he held onto the move relentlessly, JR brilliantly put over how Austin must be thinking “What else must I do to beat this man?”. Hebner checked Angle’s arm and he held on at 2 and Austin couldn’t believe it.

A bloodied Angle sent Austin to the outside of the ring. Austin then came back in and got to his feet while Angle was down, Austin limping asking for a bloodied Angle to get up and as Angle turned Kurt Angle just recieved his third Stone Cold Stunner.

Austin couldn’t believe it as he slammed onto the canvas!

Austin then stood up with Angle and chopped him to bits, went for a 4th stunner but

Angle slapped on the Ankle lock and Austin was lucky to be by the ropes and he grabbed them.

Austin deliberately pushed a ref out of the ring.

Angle hit a slam and only got a two as Austin was able to kick out. Angle then got a low blow by Austin as he wanted to get himself DQ’d, then Austin stunnered Keota, another ref.

Hebner down. Keota down.

Who’s the next ref?
Austin is the most vicious champ ever.

JR:”Awww, he’s a psychotic SON OF A BITCH!”[/I]


Austin then takes out Tim White with the belt. That’s hillarious, it’s the 4th ref he;s taken out.

Nick Patrick comes out as Angle hit an Angle slam to Austin.

Patrick then calls for the bell as Angle is covering Austin.

Stone Cold gets himself DQ’d in the end at 22:30 to end the amazing war.

Angle wins the match but Austin retains the title which was the gameplan by The Bionic Redneck.
Angle then assaults the official as he can’t believe he didn’t beat Austin.

A Top 3-5 Match in Summerslam History along with 95’s Ladder Match, Davey-Bret at 92, and Shawn-HHH at 02. (Others are arguable such as 94’s Cage, etc)
An Instant Classic and one of the best matches of all time even!
No wonder Austin appreciation night was right after this.

**** 3/4

8 ) Main Event- The Rock vs Booker T (c) (with Shane McMahon) for the World Championship Wrestling Championship
This match was the main event because it had a better ending to the PPV for the fans and it was The Rock’s return to PPV since Wrestlemania X7.
Booker was made to look like a bitch this entire feud but at least he had Shane McMahon by his side.

The Rock: “The Rock was BORN in the WWF…..AND The Rock WILL NEVER LEAVE THE WWF.”


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist quoting that from the pre-match package.
Anyway the stage was set.

Rock then hit everybody in his way to begin the match as the crowd chanted “Rocky” and Booker then fought back and hit some hard CHOPS into the corner of Rocky.
Rock reversed it throwing Booker into the corner as he layed the Smackdown and hit a clothesline.
This is some good action but it’s so hard to follow up an epic war like these guys are doing.
Rock with an inside cradle and Booker kicked out.
Booker then kicked Rock in the mid-section then knocked down The Rock yet again with a big boot.
Rock fights back though and Booker gets thrown over the top rope by The Great One. Rock then knows he can’t win the title by countout as he picked up Booker and slammed his head on the announce table on the outside.
Booker T then got a hold of The Rock and dropped him groin first on the security wall as Shane-O-Mac had been coaching on The Book to dominate the People’s Champion.
Booker then in the crowd with Rocky, but Rock fired back with right hands until Booker hit him with a clothesline on to the top of the concrete.
Booker T then dropped him on the cage on the outside staging area. The two brawl back by the ring. Booker picks up tv monitors and throws them away and Rock then got slammed onto the Security Wall. Booker T then with a side kick to the head of Rock once back in the ring but only got a two count.
The Book with a huge clothesline to the head of The Rock.
Booker then with a knee to the head of Rock.
Booker’s feeling it.
The Spinnerooni is only seconds away. It’s funny how Jim Ross keeps making fun of that move yet Rock’s move is the People’s elbow. It’s pretty humerous and always a great contradiction.
Booker slaps on a sleeper hold.
The match went back and forth for awhile and then Shane grabbed a steel chair and layed it on the edge of the ring for Booker T’s eventual use.
THE APA then came out and Bradshaw levelled Shane with a sick clothesline from hell on the outside of the ring.
Booker T in the ring hit a BOOK END. JR called it Rock, Rock’s Bottom but Heyman said it’s a BOOK END.
JR said it’s a rock bottom where I’m from.
Does Jim have ANY IDEA that Booker had the move first? WOW.
Anyways, Booker with a big right hand but Rock fought back with some of his own and Rock hit a flying clothesline. The Rock with a nice overhead Belly 2 Belly throw on Booker and got a near fall. Rock hit a Spine Buster Slam! Rock went for a people’s elbow and then hit it.
Shane then came just in time after he interupted the count by pulling on Robinson’s leg.
The Rock then Rock Bottomed Shane onto the floor.
Booker T hit a Spine Buster Slam to The Rock! Booker T then waited for Rock to get up and he hit a big time kick and then felt the Spinnerooni.
Right after he was done The Rock hit a Rock Bottom!

The Rock BECAME the NEW WCW Champion at 15:19 when he hit Booker T with the Rock Bottom and JR Marks out!

Rock gets the gold.

Nice match here, good return PPV match for sure and the two did a great job overall.

Obvioussly it couldn’t follow Angle/Austin but it did a good job for what they both were capable of.

Nice way to close the show for the fans.






Final Rating for WWF Summerslam 2001 = 7.5/10

This show was an above average Summerslam.
On paper it doesen’t look very impressive, rather it seems to be just like an average event. But it plays out a lot better in most cases as the matches that take place tend to be pretty great. No REAL dissapointments and just a lot of fun all throughout the card just with some questionable booking. There were some spots on the show that felt a little slow but no match was overly long and there was a lot of quality on this event especially with the Austin vs Angle Classic. This is definitely a great Summerslam.








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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I have just ordered the Summerslam 2000/2001 tagged classics DVD today and the Austin/Angle match and the Rock/Booker T matches were excellent. The ladder match between RVD and Jeff Hardy was also very good.

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