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October 19, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Survivor Series 1991” Review:

“The one thing I heard was Elizabeth crying, and that hurt more then any SNAKE BITE…Jake “The Snake” Roberts, …The Madness is going to be all over you like melting butter…OOOOOOOOOOO YEAH ”

Macho Man Randy Savage





-WWF “Survivor Series 1991” took place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 27, 1991 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. It was the first Survivor Series to feature a singles match (or a title match) in front of 17,500 fans.

-This was the 5th Annual Survivor Series event.

-Sid Justice was supposed to be part of the event, but couldn’t compete due to injury.

-Macho Man Randy Savage was going to take Sid’s place, but due to the “snake bite” incident the weekend before the pay-per-view, both Savage & Roberts were removed from the match.

They show a clip of it to begin the show.


-Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” did commentary for this event for the first time at a Survivor Series.

-Chris Chavis defeated Kato in a dark match.

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Ric Flair, The Mountie, Ted DiBiase and The Warlord (with Mr. Perfect, Jimmy Hart, Sensational Sherri and Harvey Wippleman) vs Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Virgil and Davey Boy Smith in a Survivor Series Elimination Match



The match began with a ton of talent.

Flair’s team didn’t recieve a great roar, but the Hitman’s did. Hart was the IC Champion and he posed with the title after his legendary match with Hennig at Summerslam that year.
The bell rings and it’s time for hopefully a better Survivor Series match then the last year provided. The Hot Rod got a great ovation as did recently turned babyface Virgil and Davey Boy Smith.

Crowd hot as usual for some Survivor Series action. Piper points at Naitch and he shakes his head and the fans chant ROwDY as it’s going out of style. DiBiase comes in but Piper wants Flair!

The Million Dollar Man has a few word with Virgil. Everybody just hated everbody here.

DiBiase and Piper get set to lock up and Piper is over huge here! Flair comes in with a cheapshot but Piper hangs DiBiase groin-first on the top rope and shakes it multiple times. Sherri comes in distracting the Hot Rod and jumps on his back. Piper grabs her and plants a kiss on her in the days before Jericho would on Stephanie.

Piper finally applies an arm-ringer on DiBiase and tags in Bulldog. These two would be the first two to enter the rumble. Virgil gets a tag and he dives on DiBiase.

The Hitman makes the tag and now all four men have come in. Bret disects the arm of Ted and then Piper and Bulldog go back to work. Flair looks worried on the apron on the other side. Virgil jumps off the top and after their excellent match at Mania 7 continues his offensive onslaught on his boss. Hart tags back in but DiBiase moves out of the way as the Hitman charged at him.

DiBiase went for a leg-lock but both men reversed each other’s holds. The babyfaces isolated DiBiase in the corner of their ring the entire match thus far as the Million Dollar Man had yet to make a tag. Off the ropes though DiBiase catches a break and hits Bret with a nice hiplock driving him down to the canvas hard. DiBiase then makes the much anticipated tag to Flair.

Flair goes to the corner and aims for an elbow drop on Bret but he moves out of the way and tag in Bulldog who catapolts Naitch into the corner and he does a face flop. Piper attempts to hold back as Davey Boy scoops up Naitch and slams him to the mat. Piper finally gets at Flair and the two exchange in a slugfest and chopping war.

Flair and Piper brawl outsid the ring until warlord comes in. Piper asks for a test of strength. Bulldog comes in and hits a series of shoulder blocks before a dropkick and eventually ran into a high knee. Mountie tags in and hits Bulldog with a reverse elbow. Bret tagged in as did DiBiase.

More work from Bret and Ted sounds good to me. Both men tie up in the corner, Bret keeps slugging at DiBiase and hits a backbreaker on DiBiase. Bret dives out with an elbow drop. Both men collide into one another in the middle of the canvas. Mountie tags in as does Bulldog and he is intimidated. Bulldog takes him apart until Mountie is forced to tag in someone else and it’s none other then Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Flair and Davey Boy go at it now. Bulldog distracted by DiBiase on the apron gets kicked by Flair.

Flair rakes the face of Bulldog and Davey Boy showing great power and strength takes on all the heels running in. Bulldog would of go the pinfall on Mountie if the official hadn’t of been distracted after a powerslam.

But Flair elbows him off the top instead!

Flair eliminated the Bulldog at 10:38 after a double axe handle at 10:55.

The Hot Rod went nuts after this happens! Flair with a snapmare to Piper and he taunted Virgil. Piper slaps a figure four on Flair out of no where! Flair screams on in pain. DiBiase breaks it up.

Heenan puts this Series over already as the greatest he’s ever seen and it’s only the first match. It’s great but lets not go nuts. Heenan would over-sell Mania 7 earlier in the year like this too. Piper in pain makes a much needed tah to Virgil who takes apart the Mountie. Mountie runs into a reverse elbow and now tags in Flair when in the corner slaps away at Virgil.

DiBiase tried to beat on his former servant but the crowd along with him chanted to ten as he slammed his head into the corner. DiBiase managed a powerslam. Virgil is thrown to the outside and Flair chops him tossing him into the steel steps.

Hart on the outside helps out Virgil get back in the ring.

Piper with some help from Hart eliminated warlord at 17:00 after a lot of chaos in the ring.

DiBiase rakes the face of Piper and he runs into a reverse elbow shot. Piper hits a vertical suplex and tags in Virgil. Off the ropes he hits a series of clotheslines on DiBiase until he rakes his face. Virgil locks on the Million Dollar Dream and if anyone knows a way out of that hold it’s DiBiase and he tagged in Flair. Flair hits a backdrop and Mountie stomped on Virgil.

The pace had been excellent throughout.

A full nelson to Virgil from the Mountie. A gut-wrench suplex by DiBiase once he’s in. Million Dollar Man has his tide turned as Virgil hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Flair and Piper both tag in and chop at one another, Piper with a finger in the eye. Piper goes up top for shots and when Flair attempted an atomic drop, Piper stopped him and hit another thumb to the eye.

All six menwere in the ring. Things got out of control. The Late Joey Marella lost control.

In the end all men disqualified while brawling inside the ring.

Flair was ejected from the ring during the melee by Piper and was therefore not disqualified.

The remaining survivors at 22:48 declared as Team Flair, it being Naitch itself left as the only man legal.

This match is a fantastic opener.





2) Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, The Texas Tornado and Tito Santana vs Col. Mustafa, The Berzerker, Skinner and Hercules (with Mr. Fuji and Gen. Adnan)

The last match had a ton of talent, unfortunately this one didn’t.

The match began with Chico and Skinner.

A flying forearm by Tito takes him out. Tito misses his mark. Von Erich did some work until Hacksaw could do all he could until the Bezerker took over. Mustafa drove Duggan into the corner. A headlock in the middle of the ring. Duggan hit a shoulder block until he was hit by a double axe handle right to the throat. Duggan on his back driven headfirst into the turnbuckle. In the corner Duggan regained control and delivered some shots.

Sgt. Slaughter who is now all of the sudden a good guy comes in and hits Mustafa with a reverse atomic drop.
Slaughter eliminated Col. Mustafa with a clothesline at 7:57.

Bezerker hit a high knee on Sgt. Slaughter.

Hercules worked over Sgt. Slaughter until the Bezerker did some more.

Hacksaw comes in and clotheslines Bezerker over the top rope and eventually backdrops him to the foor which gets a huge ovation.

Tito and Herc get tagged in.

The action picks up in a big way now.

Next eliminated was Herc after a flying forearm shot from Tito at 12:05.

Skinner and Bezerker isolated Santana in their corner. Sarge came in.

Slaughter caught Skinner with a schoolboy at 13:31.

Hacksaw comes back!

In the end at 14:19, The Berzerker is pinned by Jim Duggan Pinfall after a Irish Whip/Clothesline Combo.

Duggan, Tornado, Santana and Slaughter (Team Slaughter) were the Survivor’s.

This match was a clean sweep, unfortunately it went on too long and was pretty terrible for the most part.



3) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Hulk Hogan (c) for the WWF Championship



The Main title match in the middle of the show. An interesting move to keep things flowing well. A singles match finally at this event.
Taker had his supporters in the crowd for this one.

Everyone knew this was a gimmick that would work by now. Tons of kids scared of Taker, I remember being one of them. A great job from a great gimmick. Hogan destroyed the Casket placed at ring-side.

The Undertaker stares a hole in Hogan as he circles around him. Hogan with a side headlock on Taker and off the ropes he runs into a shot from the Phenom and his grey glove. Hogan had fear in his eyes and he didn’t show that emotion often if at all.

Once back in the Hulkster was grabbed by Taker.

Taker had his destructive glove on the face of the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Undertaker let go slapped Hulk and then grabbed onto his face while he demonically rolled his eyes into the back of his head. Undertaker choked out Hogan on the top rope. Bearer held up the Urn and choked out Hogan some more. Undertaker fought back with a throat shot. Taker slammed Hogan to the mat and missed an elbow drop.

Hulkster fought back with some of his own shots and then a forearm blow to the Deadman who is driven headfirst into the turnbuckle’s padding. Hogan clotheslines Taker over the top rope and he lands with both feet on the floor. Taker drags him out. Taker sends Hogan into the steps and chokes him out with a cord.

Undertaker back in the ring chokes out Hogan and once again Paul Bearer choked out Hulk.
Back here most of Taker’s offense was slow so I’m not really going to blame him for the boring and repetitive offense of him placing his glove over Hogan’s face in an attempt to wear him down.

Hogan fought back!

Taker hit his finishing Tombstone but Hogan had none of that delivering shot after shot.

Taker fell back to the ropes but Hulk kept it up. Flair came out and him and Bearer created distractions.

A horrible camera angle catches a Tombstone by Taker to Hogan onto a chair with help from Naitch.

In the end at 12:45 The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan to become Champion for the first time.

After one year the dominant Phenom now reigned on top of the Federation!

This match is extremely standard and a tad slow. It served its purpose though in the long run.

* 1/2




4) The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) and The Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake) vs The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) and The Bushwhackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller)


 This contest began as teamwork was clearly the key here.

The Nasty Boys dominated most of the action.

The first elimination came when Knobbs put out Luke after a Flying Clothesline at 5:21.

Luke is history it’s down to four to three now.

The Rockers take it to the Beverly’s after the Nasty Boys tag out and Jannetty really likes those hiplocks. Jannetty after a drop toehold got placed up by Beau Beverly who ducks a leapfrog.

The crowd seemed to have it really taken out of them after Hulkamania was defeated. Beverly slams Marty down.

Butch comes in the match and clears house until it catches up to him.

At 10:13 Beau put out Butch after a Shaker Heights Spike. (Flapjack/Facebuster combo)

Jannetty monkeyflipped Beauout of the corner then hit an impressive hurricanrana.

Marty is Steamboat like with the arm-drag’s and a tag into one of the very best in Shawn. It’s interesting looking back at how even both Rockers seemed to be skillwise while one went onto legendary status and the other spends time in prison.

Michaels is isolated by not only the Beverly’s but the Nasty’s.

Back inside the ring Beau catches Shawn with a flying elbow drop and a backbreaker before posing.

The Nasty Boys tag in and go to throw Shawn to the outside but he holds on and fly’s to the outside taking him out of the action. A throat shot by one of the Nasty Boys and more isolation by the Beverly’s put HBK in a vulnerable state.

Shawn finally makes the hot tag to Marty who lands a running elbow. Jannetty got a sunset flip but a kickout. One of the Nasty’s runs in.

The Nasty Boys slowly take apart Marty but at the last second he brought those knees up and Michaels comes in with a hot tag taking out all the Heels.

Michaels witha ton of momentum.

Michaels eliminated Beau with a backslide.

Marty picking up one of the Nasty’s kicked his own partner in the face.

Shawn bentout of shape got eliminated by one of the Nasty’s.

The Rockers seem to be splitting! Things finally get interesting.

Knobbs eliminated Michaels with a roll-up at 19:41.

Monsoon makes a mistake saying Michaels went back to the lockerroom after not being eliminated but it’s as clear as day he was.

Either way the Beverly’s went to work on Jannetty who remained all alone.

Marty attempted a comeback but one of the Nasty’s rolled the other over Marty behind theofficial.

In the end at 23:06 Sags of the Nasty Boys put out Jannetty to become victorious and defeat Team Rockers/Bushwhackers.

The Survivor’s were The Nasty Boys & Blake Beverly (Team Nasty Boys/Beverly Brothers)A 3-0 victory.

This match went a bit long to say the least. All the teams did well though, when the action was crisp at certain parts.

** 1/2




5) Main Event- The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) and The Big Boss Man vs The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) and Irwin R. Schyster (with Jimmy Hart) in a 6 Man Tag

Since when does a bonus match get to main event a major PPV? Anyways it’s clear this was put here just so the show could end on a positive note.

IRS says all the tax-cheats showed up tonight. Bossman gets a good pop.

Heenan says the one thing he loves about Detroit is it has an airport and he can get out in the middle of the night.

The match began with IRS and the Bossman. Off the ropes Animal was caught by Earthquake and he splashed Animal but he moves. Animal displayed his power ona bigger Quake and the fans ate it up!

IRS back in and Animal tagged in to Road warrior Hawk, the late Hawk delivered shots to IRS. Hawk with a side headlock to IRS followed by a back suplex and a tag into the Big Bossman. Bossman took it to Irwin R Schyster.

IRS hits a case behind the official’s back. Heenan uses some wit saying he had a bad “case.” LOD chants resume.

So the first elimination occurred when IRS eliminated the Bossman at 6:23 after being hit with a metal briefcase.

The LOD by themselves now.

Typhoon had a bearhug on Animal and he clotheslined Typhoon.

Tag made into Hawk and he runs off the ropes with a shoulder block. Hawk goes up high and somehow gets the case. It backfired on the heels.

Next Hawk had the case and for some retribution hit Typhoon and he was gone at 9:55.

Back down to two on two.

Next elimination occurs when Earthquake ended up being counted out.

IRS is all by himself against both road warriors. Earthquake upset about what happened to Typhoon and they leave Irwin by himself for the LOD to rip apart.

Hawk looked to be in control and he rammed his shoulder into the post as IRS moves out of the way. IRS throws Hawk to the floor.

A sloppy collision in mid-ring.

LOD re-gain control to the fans approval.

In the end at 15:21 Animal pinned IRS to win the Main Event by Pinfall after a Flying Clothesline to a loud roar.

The Survivor’s were LOD on team Bossman. This made the LOD look real good and the fans went home happy.

** 1/4
Final Rating for WWF Survivor Series 1991 = 6/10
This show was pretty solid all-around, more-so in the beginning. Definitely some random booking during the show such as in the second-half with the hyping of Tuesday in Texas there and some significant events that happened during this event like the Savage-Roberts storyline progression, The Rockers start to their problems, and of course The Undertaker becoming Champion. Not a bad Series event by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the second worst of the first five. An upgrade on the year previous



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  1. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    I HATED Monsoon’s commentary on the Rockers & Bushwhackers/Nasties & Beverlies match, as he either blatantly ignored Shawn being pinned or actually missed it (which would be even worse), and basically claims that Shawn just walked out on his team to paint him as a heel.

    When it comes to commentary, there are few things that annoy me as much as biased babyface commentators who deliberately make shit up to make the faces look good or the heels look bad. Vince McMahon did that a lot throughout the 1990’s, like missing legal tags by the heels, or ignoring cheating by the faces. It’s OK when the heel commentators do that, because they’re supposed to be the assholes who are getting under your skin by being biased, but the babyface commentators just sound like childish fanboys when they do that.

    That’s why Jesse “The Body” Ventura was so good as a heel commentator, because he preferred the heels but mostly kept his commentary fair, even praising the faces when they did something well. But what made Jesse so awesome was that he would constantly call out Monsoon and Vince on their bullshit. I bet Vince hated him for it, because he probably thought Jesse was pointing out stuff that the fans were too stupid to notice on their own, as he thinks we’re all morons.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    The Gravest challenge: I have this match on Tombstone: The history of The Undertaker DVD set.

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