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October 22, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Survivor Series 1992” Review:





“Ric Flair……, THIS has GOT to be killing you…., Mr. Perfect standing right next to the Macho Man Randy Savage!” -Mr. Perfect




WWF “Survivor Series 1992” took place on Sunday, November 25, 1992 at the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio in front of 17,500 fans.

-This was the 6th Annual Survivor Series event.

-Unlike previous Survivor Series events, Survivor Series 1992 placed a strong emphasis on one-on-one wrestling matches rather than tag team elimination matches.

-Some of the matches were changed after they were first announced, as several wrestlers left the WWF shortly before the event. Critics have praised the WWF Championship match and the tag team match that was won by Savage and Perfect. Although the remaining matches have received low ratings, critics have felt that the two main events made the event worth watching.

-Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan did commentary for the event.

-To this point this Survivor Series had more matches (then any event before it)

-Crush defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a dark match.

-Slick gives us a pre-ppv opening promo and I’d tell you what he said if I understood it, unfortunately I didn’t.


-Now onto the PPV……………



1) Opening Contest- The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu) (with Afa) vs High Energy (Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware)
The first Survivor Series event that didn’t have a Survivor Series Elimination match.

This is still exciting hence the fast tag team action I’m assuming were about to endure.

The match began with Owen Hart and Koko springing to the ring, it sounds strange hearing Owen’s HEEL theme when he was a babyface. I’m not sure if that’s an Anthology edit or not.

Regardless the bout begins with Owen and Samu as he hits a hiptoss on The Rocket. Samu and Hart begin a criss-cross full of ducks, leapfrogs and just about everything else.

It ends with a crossbody by Owen and he hits a hiplock followed by a couple of dropkicks. Koko comes in and Fatu gets the tag but the babyfaces are still in control. Koko ducks a clothesline but Fatu and Samu begin to double team the bird man as Fatu hits a powerslam, Samu tags in and hits a headbutt.

Owen is angry as the Shrinkers get in his face on the apron.
Fatu who we`d later know as the Sultan, or Rikishi is in control of Koko delivering a headbutt. A clothesline takes him down and the crowd go silent.

Samu is in and he slaps a trap hold to Koko. Samu in control and Owen wants a hot tag.

Samu delivered a kick to the head of Koko. Fatu tags in and hits Koko down. Afa on the outside looks like Buffalo Bill as he seems to be putting skin on his face. Heenan calls them a hungry team. Samu drags Koko down and finally Owen gains the hot tag and hits a back bodydrop.

Owen off the top with a flying crossbody and it’s interupted. Owen with a spinning heel kick into a powerslam by the Shrinkers as a counter off the ropes.

Finally Samu elevated Fatu off the top splashing onto Owen.

In the end at 7:28 the Shrinkers got the victory.

This match as an opener was more about making the Shrinkers look impressive, displaying some of Owen’s aerial skills along the ride. Pretty decent.



* 3/4







2) The Big Bossman vs Nailz in a Nightstick on a Pole match



Ahh yes, Nailz. The one of two (apparently) men that had enough guts to yell at McMahon backstage and physically abuse him in some way.

At least when Bret did it, he had two appropriate reasons. 1) He was screwed. 2) He had talent, loyalty, dignity, all the things Nailz pretty much didn’t have I guess…

Regardless here we are. Nailz in a hilarious promo talks about sitting in jail for thousands of days.

A Nightstick on a Pole match, the winner grabs the pole.

Sounds familiar from another promotion…

The bell rings and Nailz and Traylor go at it.

The Big Bossman had the crowd in the palm of his hands unloading shots.

Nailz got his shots in with the stick.

In the end at 5:28 Bossman put out Nailz after grabbing the stick and then hitting a side slam.

This match wasn’t exactly entertaining, but it is kind of funny picturing everything…







3) Tatanka vs “The Model” Rick Martel


This rings a bell, these two going at it as I believe I’ve seen them battle before.

Either way we have a match to look forward to here as it gets some time.

The match began with the undefeated Tatanka doing the usual babyface offense with Martel needing a breather.

He took it then got back in the ring only to recieve a reverse atmoic drop.

Heenan takes a shot at my favourite ball team, the Indians and how they don’t win anything. I guess when you’re right you’re right. The sad thing is this happened in 1992, it’s almost twenty years old and they still haven’t.

The Model with a hotshot and a choke. Martel poses then slaps a front facelock on Tatanka.

Tatanka battles back with a suplex onto the apron but Doink the Clown comes out and plays some tricks.

Martel takes it to the outside and got some cheap shots in.

Back inside the ring Tatanka used his in-ring skill and eventually got the best of the Model.

In the end at 11:04 Tatanka got the victory.

This match was a lot better then anything we’d been delivered thus far.


** 1/4








4) Macho Man Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Savage is STILL undefeated at every Survivor Series event thus far that he has been in.
A highly anticipated tag match here, part 1 of the double main event, half-way through the show.

Not only were all four men able to work a match well to say the least. Infact, three men in this match are in my top 20 ever.

So everyone was over, the fans were ready for this double main event!

The match began with Perfect reversing a right by Razor. Perfect’s big return to the ring and Hall hit a shoulder block.
Perfect showing he could ride Ramon on the canvas. Savage showed great charisma on the top rope with his hands out.

Perfect showed he still had it. Fans loved it. Heenan was great on commentary. Razor drags him back in and a chop.

Speaking of chops Flair comes in and Perfect gets his hands on him. A backdrop by Pefect to Flair. Perfect chopped Flair in the corner.

Flair flips over the top to the outside. Savage finally gets in and the Macho Man drops the double axehandle to the manhe defeated earlier in the year at Mania 8 for the Federation Championship.

Savage and Flair in a pushing match.

Savage connects with a series of jabs, it’s incredibally entertaining seeing two of the best ever in Savage and Flair.

Savage levelled both Ramon and Flair. Flair with a cheapshot to Savage and Razor tagged in. Ramon went for an elbow but missed. Ramon displaying power dropped Macho and stomped on him.

Ramon wants Macho to bring it. Double-team after a tag to Flair to Macho and now Flair irishwhipped Savage hard to the turnbuckle. Flair chops him. Flair sends Savage to the ropes and cleverly Ramon gets a knee up on his back.

Intelligently Ramon follows up and delivers hard blows to Macho’s back.

An abdominal stretch to Macho Man by Razor Ramon. Hall wearing down Savage and he gets enough adrenaline to fight out of it reversing it into a hiplock. The offensive momentum by Savage didn’t last as Hall hit a snapmare and then Flair tags in. Naitch sends Savage to the floor.

Back inside he tries to put away Savage who desperately needed the hot tag to Perfect. Flair drops a knee on Macho. Hall behind the official stomps on Savagetags in and now more pressure to the lowerback of Savage with a half crab locked in.

Razor with good fundamentals.

Perfect then went to walk away since he wasn’t being tagged in. A good shot of Ramon choking out Savage on the ropes and then Perfect changed his mind!

The fans cheer.

Good drama, excellent booking to make Perfect a babyface yet again.

Ramon double teams Savage. Flair comes in pins Savage but Macho kicks out. Somehow out of desperation Savage hooked Flair’s arms and got a backslide pinning attempt. Flair in trouble tagged in Ramon. Razor stomped on Macho and he kept kicking out. Ramon tagged in Flair who chopped away. Naitch struttin like only he can. Heenan claims stylin and profilin.

Vince sticks up for Savage telling Heenan the match is over. Oh yeah it’s 1992, he doesen’t hate him.

Macho turns the tide from the top rope as he hit a suplex from up high. Flair crawled to Ramon and now Randy Savage makes the hot-tag to Perect who suplexed Ramon and hit his modified snapmare.

Crowd are going crazy. Perfect rams the knee and a European uppercut followed by a knee lift.

Flair comes in and Perfect handles him.

On the outside Flair smashed Macho with a steel chair. Perfect had Flair back in the ring, the official has lost control of the match. Perfect clotheslined Flair to the floor.

Ramon tags in and hits Perfect with a couple of shots. Ramon scoops up Perfect for the Edge but Hennig countered it into a Perfect Plex.

No official!

Finally a two count as Flair broke the count. Flair went for a shot and now Perfect hit the

Perfect Plex on Flair. Hebner got a two as Razor stomped on him.

Razor kept stomping on Perfect. Flair slapped on a Figure Four.

In the end at 16:29 Team Savage got the victory by DQ after the officials lost control of the match.

This match was very entertaining all throughout. Terrific material here.

After the match Savage cleaned house with a chair. The crowd go crazy after they are announced the winners.

Heenan yells out his classic “That’s not FAIR TO FLAIR”  line.






5) Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) vs Virgil


The match began with Virgil dropkicking Yoko but he couldn’t get the big man down.

Yokozuna with a huge thrust kick and took over.

Okay, we get it.

They are looking to push Yokozuna to the moon and this is just a short match displaying his power landing a side suplex.

A headbutt, Virgil tried to fight back but he ran into a leg drop and then a big splash inthe corner.

In the end at 3:34 they kept the new Yokozuna looking strong as in short time he defeated Virgil with his famous Bonzai drop.

This match your very basic squash.




6) The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) and The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) vs Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) and The Beverly Brothers (Beau and Blake) (with Jimmy Hart and The Genius)

To keep the tradition alive!

It’s a Survivor Series Eliminaton match! The only one on the evening.
Four on Four here to begin.

The match began with Typhoon and Beau. The bodies arrogant here strut. Typhoon uses his power to push him away. Hiplocks galore then a back breaker.

The late John Tenta tagged in and splashed both Heavenly Bodies in the corner even with

Typhoon in front of them. A splash by Quake to Beau. In comes a Nasty Boy who taunts Money Inc.

Beau goes for a shot but the Nasty Boy drives him headfirst into the canvas followed by a running clothesline. Beau comes back with a gutwrench suplex to the bigger Nasty Boy.

DiBiase finally comes in and goes for a suplex but he ends up getting one himself. You could tell he wasn`t in the best health but he tags in IRS whop drops Nasty with a clothesline and then a leg drop. Poor Rotundo, such a fine worker but had to wrestler with a tie on.
Back and forth action with IRS and Knobbs.

Beau tags in and works over Knobbs planting him to the canvas with a powerslam. A snapmare and a leg drop by Blake who now is in. Beau comes back with a double axehandle and a neckbreaker.

A sleeper by Beau to Knobbs wearing him down. Not the most exciting action. Knobbs ducked a clothesline off the ropes and had a headlock of his own until they both collide.

Earthquake tags in. Quake hit a reverse elbow to Beau then cleaned house with clotheslines to everyone, action everywhere. Typhoonwith a Samoan drop behind the official as he was the illegal man.

Then at 9:40 there is a Pinfall after an Earthquake splash to Beau. The Heavenly Bodies are out.

Now, Earthquake is taking apart DiBiase. Frequent tags with the Nasty Boys.

Quake had DiBiase where he wanted him in the corner until Ted moved. IRS comes in and both men take down Quake.

Double-team until the hot tag to Typhoon.

IRS scored a quick Pinfall by school boy to Typhoon at 15:45, and it looked to being going his way until just a few seconds later.

In the end at 15:50 Jerry Sags pinned IRS after an inside cradle to become the Survivor.

The Survivor’s were the Nasty Boys.

This match worked fine as a Surivor Series Elimination match but it could of been half as long, it tended to drag at times.

* 3/4



7) The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Kamala (w/Kim Chee and Harvey Wippleman) in a “Coffin Match”

They called it a “Coffin Match” match back here.

Taker didn’t exacly have the cream of the crop to go with back then, plus he moved slower then Randy Orton present day down the ramp back here.

The Undertaker received shots from Kamala. It had no effect.

Undertaker did a few of his signature moves. Old school. Undertaker choked him out down on the mat.

Kamala on the outside tried to do damage to Taker sending him into the steps and rking the back.

A weaker then weak chairshot.

Taker recieved a kick then is slammed. He sits up from the power of the Urn and despite being slammed he levels Kamala withit.

Kamala is in the Casket.

In the end at 5:27, Taker wins.

This match is awful obviously.










8 ) Main Event- Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the Heavyweight Championship


Thank god this closed the show.

Bret delivered a tremendous promo before the match. His mic skills are underrated if anything.

Champion against Champion, Bret got used to that in 1992. Michaels was the IC Champ here.
Back in 92 Bret and Michaels tolerated one another, so this had the potential to be a Classic if given the tme.

It seems like the more they hated one another, the worse the matches got.

Here is a true underrated gem.

The match began with Bret Hart and Shawn showing they could ride each on the mat.

Michaels bickering to the official about Hart grabbing on in typical heel fashion.

Bret ahead of a young Shawn, it was almost like student vs teacher. Shawn took Bret down and he sprung up and applied a hammerlock into an overhead armbar.

As soon as Shawn Michaels has an advantage technically, Bret feels the need to one up him.
Good psychology.

I love the sequence right here when the two criss-cross and a leapfrog by Michaels surprises Bret. Shawn hits a drop toehold into a quick side headlock, Bret immediately knows a counter to the beautiful-textboon chain wrestling displayed by the two.

Bret now in control after winning that sequence.

The action so fast and frequent it`s difficult to keep up at times. This is absolutely terrific. Amazing pace from two of the best ever.

Hart then drove his knee into the abdomen of Michaels who in frustration slams his hands on the mat knowing he had Bret where he wanted him. The Hitman back to his vertical base keeps it locked on.

Michaels resorts to chain-wrestling counters with an armbar of his own. Hart using all he had ran Michaels out of the ring to the floor.

Bret once again out-smarted Shawn.

Michaels flipped back into the ring by Bret who utlizies an overhead armbar to the same damaged left arm of Michaels.

Both men hold the ropes for leverage in a sequence when they tried to roll the other guy for a pinfall.

Eventually Hart hits a crossbody on Shawn then rolls to the floor. Bret with a sunset flip from the outside apron into the ring then a nearfall. Back into armbar.
Perfect storytelling thus far with the Hitman in complete control.

Bret the reigning Champion at the time maintains the hold. Michaels tried a desperation arm-drag to Bret but he hit hiplock. Bret with an arm-ringer to Shawn and then he gave him a shot to the face.

Michaels flipped around off the ropess but Hart drops him with a clothesline then back to the arm. Back to his vertical base HBK caught Bret with stungun, or a hotshot and Bret is levelled as he drops to the mat. This bought Michaels time.

Shawn still selling the left arm went to drive Bret into the buckle but he blocked it and irishwhipped Shawn into the corner but as he charged towards him he rammed the ringpost shoulder first.

Two amazing sellers here. One selling the arm, the other the shoulder. A swinging neckbreaker by Shawn and then rakes Bret`s face with his boot. Michaels irishwhipped Hart to the corner sternum first and as I`ve said so many times nobody bumps better then Bret in that predicament.
Michaels with his one good arm, his right tried to ground Bret with a side headlock on the mat. Shawn hit a dropkick to Bret then a backbreaker and a two count. Bret is getting weared down now because of the desperation by Michaels who knew Bret had out-smarted him on all moves.

Bret fights back, off the ropes he puts on the breaks and Michaels finally out-smarts the Hitman with a swinging neckbreaker and he follows it up by kicking at his injured shoulder. Down goes the Hitman in a front facelock by Michaels. Shawn gets rammed into the post.
Hart begins to fight back but misses the elbow from up top which is one of his signature moves.

Michaels with momentum hit a flying forearm to Bret. A nearfall and then a front faclock on the canvas by Michaels. Shawn wanted to do with the warrior did and become both IC and Heavyweight Champion.

Bret has life as his arm doesen`t drop for three and you have the feeling were entering the climax. Bret gets an inside cradle and a two count. Shawn sends Bret Hart to the corner he leaps over him and hits a suplex.

Both men still selling their injuries but Bret catapolts Michaels into the corner. Both men down. Bret with a headbutt and off the ropes a back body-drop followed by a nearfall. A side russian legsweep then an elbow shot. Michaels kicks out.
Bret fatigued has Michaels set up for a Superplex putting him up high. Bret lands the Superplex.

The Hitman to fatigued he can`t make the cover. A collision made Bret check on Hebner and then a series of waist-lock go behinds takes Bret to the floor. Michaels sends him into the ring post.

Shawn can`t win the title by countout but he made sure the damage was done slamming Hart on the floor.

Back in the ring Shawn picked up Bret and sent him spine first into the buckle, another kickout. Shawn then hits a back-body drop to Bret and yet another nearfall. Bret withan inside cradle out of no where when Shawn argued with the official.

Then out of no where Michaels hits his signature move.

The soon to be headliner delivered his superkick to the Hitman.



Shawn Michaels flexes then instead of pinning Bret as he holds him up high until Bret had to resort to raking his face.

A classic slugfest in mid-ring until Shawn hit a side suplex. Michaels ran to the ropes but got tangled. Shawn moved as Bret charged but then he ran out of steam.

Hart seemed to be out of it.

Michaels goes up top for an elbow and Bret gets up out of desperation catching the legs of Michaels!

The Hitman held the Sharpshooter on Michaels.

In the end The Hitman retained his title at 26:40 after he made him tap.

Amazing match.

This match did more in under a half an hour then the Iron-Man did in more then half the time of this one. I have both Classic`s at the same rating but this is better quality here.
The X-Factor here was both guys were entering there prime and watching the chemistry together was a thing of beauty.

I have no idea why this wasn`t Bret`s DVD but either way it still holds up as a Classic..

**** 1/2



Final Rating for WWF Survivor Series 1992 = 6.5/10


This show was filled with less then stellar matches but it was the Savage/Flair tag and Bret/Shawn Main Event that helped make it enjoyable. Not a must-own but for those two matches alone I’d pick it up if possible.

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