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October 24, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Survivor Series 1993” Review:


“I KNOW what’s going on! Owen is sick and tired of living in the shadow of his brother Bret!” -Bobby Heenan


WWF “Survivor Series 1993” took place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 24th, 1993 at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts in front of 15,009 fans.

-This was the 7th Annual Survivor Series event.

-This event got back to ALL traditional Survivor Series events featuring the elimination match.

-The event has been criticized by several reviewers, who have pointed to Jerry Lawler and Doink the Clown not appearing and a dull main event as problems that hurt the show.

-The attendance for the event was 15,509, which generated $180,000 in ticket sales. This was the lowest attendance for a Survivor Series event since 1989, yet McMahon opened the show bragging how the event sold out in less then an hour.

-The pay-per-view buyrate was 0.82, down from 1.4 the previous year, and was the lowest buyrate in Survivor Series history to that point.

-Lex Luger and his family wish us a Happy Thanksgiving before the show. How nice.

-Billy Gunn defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a dark match before the event at 7:46.

-Broadcasters for the event consisted of Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, the late Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and the late Ray Combs.


-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Marty Jannetty, Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid vs Irwin R. Schyster, Diesel, Rick Martel and Adam Bomb in a Four on Four Survivor Series Elimination Match


Always tremendous when it’s a traditional Survivor Series match,

Savage’s charisma always brought someone out of there seat, a solid way to open up the PPV event with the crowd behind him.

Macho Man RANDY SAVAGE HAD STILL NEVER LOST in the entire history of Survivor Series coming in. He was Mr. Survivor Series up until this point.
The heels came out first, then the babyfaces got their own entrance each. Macho got the best ovation but it’s worth pointing out Razor got a great ovation.

Savage was a surprise partner as Ramon introduces him, McMahoon calls him the LEGENDARY Macho Man Randy Savage.

Apparently the story was with the Steroid trial going on Perfect shouldn`t show. That`s the rumor-story.

To begin in the ring Razor Ramon and Martel go at it, Martel slapped him. Martel then with an arm-ringer to the “bad guy” and then Razor quickly turned the tide and went into a nice reversal with a hammerlock, Razor had it torked in until Martel used his wrestling knowledge to escape it.

Martel hit a drop toehold on Ramon but he quickly turned around on the canvas and put the

Model back into a hammerlock in mid-ring.

Nice chain-wrestling sequence there to begin this one.

Ramon then in control until Martel hits a crossbody off the top, Razor turned him over. Ramon caught Martel off the ropes and applied a fall away slam and got a two. Razor hit an atomic drop to Martel and then off the ropes hit a series of clotheslines.

Razor and Adam Bomb are going to go at it now as he is tagged in. Ramon looks at Bomb and then he ties up with Bomb who uses strength to shove him to the corner. Adam Bomb kept Ramon grounded. The two tie up again and Adam Bomb holds a standing side headlock. Ramon with forearms to the kidney area but off the ropes Adam Bomb shoves him to the mat. Everyone behind Razor chanting his name. Ramon yet to tag in a partner.

Ramon and Bomb tie up yet again this time was about to gian the leverage strength until Adam Bomb kicked him in the mid-section and fell to his knees. Ramon still in a test of strength and then hooks up Adam Bomb hitting a verical suplex. The Model Rick Martel broke up he count. Harvey then hits the Model, then Bomb and Martel have words.

Confusion as Diesel gets in and then IRS settles the team down as all hell broke loose for the heels. Adam Bomb remains in the ring now until the Kid comes off the ropes and recieved a shoulder block.

All of this was to put Adam Bomb over as he plants the kid to the canvas, that`d be fine if he wasn`t the 30th entrant in the 94 Rumble a couple of months later and then was eliminated ever so quickly.

Just after the Kid took in all the pain from Adam Bomb, Diesel tagged in. Big Daddy Cool slammed the Kid to the corner, to the mat, then off the ropes the Kid ran into the size 16 boot.
Diesel off the ropes and out of desperation hit a hurricanrana. Savage tagged in.

Macho Man hits a double axehandle to Diesel. Heels galore enter and Macho cleans house. Savage sends Bomb into Diesel. Macho Man slams Diesel to the mat then hit the elbow!

So for the first elimination in the match the Maco Man eliminated Diesel afer a pinfall after a flying elbow drop at 10:20.

Impressive and the crowd loved it.

One member of the IRS team is gone. Martel came in and attacked Savage but Macho quickly turned the tide and hit a backdrop on Martel. Savage asked for the crowd participation and

Macho waited for who would take on him next.

IRS comes in and McMahon points out he has lost the services of Diesel. IRS went for a clothesline, Savage ducked and hit a crossbody then a clothesline. Macho tags in Razor and he brings IRS in for a shoulder block. Ramon with an armbar on IRS. IRS tags in Martel and he elbows Razor. Bomb hits a reverse elbow to Ramon. Adam Bomb holds Ramon and then Martel comes off with a double axehandle as the heels isolate Razor.

Snapmare then two elbow drops to the throat of Ramon and he kicked out. IRS using his weight choked out Ramon. Heenan on commentary points out that Jannetty is the fresh one who hadn`t been tagged in. Ramon connected with a high knee to Martel. A dazed Ramon went for a tag but Martel wisely hung onto Razor until IRS came in. Ramon reversed shots to IRS.
Razor made the tag to Macho Man who drove him to the corner. Savage dropped IRS across the top rope for a hot shot.

Savage was in a huge feud with Crush at the time and then he was distracted, almost counted out. Macho got back in but was clearly not paying attention to the match.
IRS put out Macho after a roll-up at 16:47 after being distracted by Crush.

Macho Man ran after Crush and that does it for him in the history of the Survivor Series.
Macho Man is gone for the first time in Survivor Series history, his first loss in what would be his last appearance at this event.

Fans weren’t happy chanting Irwin, Jannetty got in and then with a standing headlock into a standing dropkick to IRS. Marty got cornered by Martel and he drove his knees into Marty. Huge Adam Bomb back in the match comes in and chokes out Marty on the top rope.

 Bomb kicks at Marty and then Martel who locks on an abdominal stretch, for more leverage he used the strength of Adam Bomb.

Razor comes in and drops IRS.

Ramon sent IRS to both buckles and then a modified chokeslam dropped the tax man. The

Razor`s Edge is coming up and the fans just love Hall, he is very over.

Razor Ramon put out IRS, a man he’d feud against the entire next year after a Pinfall after a Razor’s Edge at 20:32.

Razor went to work on Martel then the official lost control of the match as everyonebattled one another.

Razor gets counted out.

Not long after Razor Ramon was Counted-out after IRS hit Ramon with his briefcase and Martel shoved him out of the ring

21:42 clearing out the Bad Guy.

Now, fans chanted 123 as the Kid avoided collision withthe Model. The Kid with a hiptoss into anarmbar and then he stomped on the mat torking the body of the Model some more. Adam Bomb missed with the right and the Kid flew to the outside but Bomb slammed him to the floor.
Adam Bomb in control but thefanss are chanting 123 still. Bomb got caught by a roll-up out of the corner but now the kid built momentum with a high kick. Bomb dragged Kid to Martel who dropped an elbow.

Both men isolating the Kid even though it was now two on two. Martel stomped on the Kid until delivering a shot to the kid`s abdomen. Coming off the ropes the Kid delivered a shot to the gut.

Jannetty tagged in and slammed Martel`s head into the buckle. Kid tagged in a reverse elbow. Martel reversed an irishwhip but out of the corner hit a sunset flip!

The Kid gets Martel at 25:49 after Pinfall with a sunset flip.

Right away after, Jannetty tagged in and got the remaining heel in Adam Bomb.
In the end at 26:58 Jannetty put out Bomb by Pinfall with a sunset flip.

Fans went crazy.

So the remaining survivors were The 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty (On Team Razor)

The fans are left satisfied with this opener.

This match as a whole was a ton of fun. A lot of drama, and entertaining storylines and characters, not to mention some very good wrestling.

Classic elimination tag.?





2) The Hart Family (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart) (with Stu Hart) vs Shawn Michaels and His Knights (Shawn Michaels, The Red Knight, The Blue Knight and The Black Knight)

They show A promo with the host of Family Feud Ray Combs and the Harts, sad to see half the people are dead now. (Stu, Owen, Ray)

Lawler had that whole court thing to deal with so he`s out. Storyline is gone.

Twenty harts are in attendance for this one. Ray Combs was hard to tolerate through a lot of this.

The match began with Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. Owen got a clap going and Michaels taunted Bret on the apron and he just hates Shawn already. Michaels gets ready and Owen tags in Bruce.

Shawn leapfrogged the Red Knight and Bruce for some reason he came in. Strange. Bruce dropped low and theyumped into one another. Shawn irishwhipped Bruce into the Knights and Keith Hart comes in. Keith with an armbar on Michaels then an armbar.

Michaels reversed it into a hammerlock, a leapfrog then off the ropes Shawn doubled over Keith Hart then an inside cradle and a two. Stu watches on proud as Keith had the upperhand of Shawn with a drop toehold, Michaels slams Keith. The Red Knight misses with an elbow and Keith hits a slam and tags in Owen. Owen does his usual flipping.

Owen hits armbars on the Red Knight and it seems Heenan is foreshadowing a HEEL turn by calling Owen the Shadow of the family.

The Blue Knight and Bret come in for the first time. Crowd explode. Bret recieves a couple of shots but Bret hits an atomic drop. Bret clotheslines him and tags Keith who hit a fireman`s takeover.

Heenan kept up his Hart jokes during the match. Bruce Hart caught a knee from Michaels on the apron behind the official. Blue Knight slams Keith. Michaels comes in and then hits a backbreaker to Keith. He drops the elbow repeatedly to Keith.

In comes the Red Knight who drops a double axehandle. A double underhook gutwrench suplex to Bruce Hart this time and he kept kicking out.

In comes the biggest of all of the Knights, the Black Knight. He wears down Bruce until applying a backslide after hooking the arms. Michaels tagged in and stomped on Bruce taking him out of the ring. Bruce off the ropes got a clothesline to Michaels. Black Knight back in and

Bruce drops in tagging the Hitman.

Bret with a gutwrench shot and a rolling backwards inside cradle getting a two, then a roll-up, Bret with a backbreaker. The Hitman hits an elbow drop but Michaels kicks at his head to break up the count.

Owen tags in with a spinning heel kick to the Black Knight but the action got everywhere as everyone was thrown into one another. Owen goes up high.

The Hart’s got the upperhand after a missile dropkick at 10:49 when Owen Hart eliminated the Black Knight.

Owen worked on the Red Knight`s legs and Bret comes in.

Bret then methodically took over the Red Knight`s leg. Keith tags in and drops down with a big elbow drop. Bret and Bruce continue to wear and tear on this Red Knight`s leg. He worked over Keith still selling the leg. Red Knight with a snapmare and misses it.

A figure four by Keith to the Red Knight but Michaels broke it up, McMahon wants him DQ`d, Heenan thought Shawn`s interference was fair. Shawn sprung in and attacked the arm of Keith with no tag. The Blue Knight dropped blows down and slapped onan armbar.

It sounds like a `NUGGET` chant all throughout the match. I swear, but it can`t be possible obviously. Ironically both Michaels and Owen are in this match.

Michaels continuing to work on the left arm on Keith Hart. The Red Knight comes back in and he has the bad leg. The Red Knight went to slam Keith`s arm into the ring post but the Hitman backed off Keith to the barricade fence. The Red Knight hit a slingshot to Keith on the ropes going upwards. Knights isolating Keith as the Blue Knight comes in and drops a leg on Keith.
Michaels crashed and burned tagging in and then Red Knight came in. Bret tags in and catches him with an inverted drop and then the Sharpshooter.

Bret had the Red Knight in the SharpShooter.
He gave out at 18:06.

Bret tossed outside the ring by the Blue Knight.

Keith checked on Bret.

Michaels off the apron drops onto Bret with a double axehandle, his third cheapshot of the match. The Blue Knight dropped an elbow on the Hitman.

Bret and Shawn go at it just as they did the year before. Unfortunately that was a world better of a match. Michaels with a headlock to Bret then a knee to the gut.
In comes the Blue Knight. Bret with a high knee to the Blue Knight in the corner. Both men collapse to the ground.

Bret tagged in the Rocket Owen dropkicked the Blue Knight. Owen Hart dropped rights to the Blue Knight. Owen slammed him to the mat then droppd an elbow, Michaels runs in and then the Harts with a noggen knocker.

Stu stands up and hits a righthand to Shawn! Spot of the match.

Owen flies over with a crossbody. Great stuff. Owen hit a bulldog to the blue knight.

The Hitman would also eliminated eliminated The Blue Knight at 23:55 via Sharpshooter by Owen.

Bret claps.

4 on 1 now.

Michaels all by himself.

Bruce backdropped Michaels and the Hitman hit a reverse atomic drop. Michaels bumped hard in the corner. Hart slingshotted Shawn into the corner but he kicks out.

Michaels hit with a side Russian LegSweep. As Bret went for a back-breaker Shawn raked the face. Owen tagged in and hit a crossbody on Shawn with a nearfall.

Bret stood on the apron, and Owen was sent for the ride by Michaels.
Irish whipped into Bret Hart followed by an schoolboy roll-up and Michaels got Owen at 27:26.

Owen stormed off mad but he wouldn’t be done. More on this later.

Owen lipped things like Bret was selfish. Bruce came back in with chop to Michaels. Three on one now. Bret, Bruce and Keith against Michaels. Michaels sent Bruce into the corner.

Bret worked over Shawn as the Hart brothers had there way with him. Shawn angry.

Bret want to put him in the Sharpshooter and he decided to walk off.

Harts celebrate.

Michaels was counted out when he left the ring at 30:57.

The Harts therefore win.

It was a Brother Celebration.

Bret, Bruce & Keith Hart (The Hart Family) were the Survivor’s.

Owen wasn’t and he felt he was the best of them all so pissed off he came running from the back.

After the match Owen came out and pulled Bret down from celebrating.

The jealous litle brother started a feud here.
Little did many know it would lead to arguably the greaest match of all time at Mania X with both of them.

This match is the one with the Owen controversy turning on Bret.

So the actual match served its purpose for Owen turning on Bret in one of the greatest angle`s ever, as for the match it wasn’t so bad.

I have heard awful things about it but it certainly had its moments.

It could of been half as long though, that’s for sure.






3) The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Prichard) (with Jim Cornett) vs The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) (c) for the SMW Tag Team Championship

Could Cornette’s old boys get the job done againt the Express, the current holders of these title’s?

He rivaled them for a long time in the nwa.

Monsoon and Ross took over on the headset.

Morton flew through the ropes.

The match began officially and now Gibson with a side headlock into a hiplock takeover, into a flying headscissors.
Morton tagged in a double reverse elbow.

Fast action here.

Ross since he was there gives us a great run down seeing as he was there. Morton in and hits hiplocks.

Both teams dissplayed just what made both teams so great. Ricky Morton with an armdrag takeover to Del Ray.

Tremendous offensive exchanges, high flying action. Both teams putting there bodies on the line. Ross points out both teams held the Smoky Mountain tag titles a combined nine times.

More teamwork showed but Morton kicks out.

Suplex galore for awhile.

A splash off the top but Morton kicks out and delivers a Frankensteiner. An inside cradle out of no where. Another high risk move but Gibson interupted the count.

A double ddt by Morton but the damage had been done. Gibson gets the hot tag and he hits a backdrop and a martial arts kick.

Morton thrown over and Gibson thought it’d be a DQ as it would be in Smoky Mountain. It is for those title’s.

In the end at 13:41 there are new tag champions in the Heavenly Bodies after a great back and forth match.

Great match.

*** 1/4





4) The Four Doinks (The Bushwhackers (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) and Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (with Oscar) vs The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu), Bastion Booger and Bam Bam Bigelow (with Luna Vachon and Afa)


Some entertaining promo’s here.

Can’t say the same about the match. Poor Bam Bam for having to be in this mess.

Luke beat Samu with roll-up after Samu bit into a water balloon at 3:02.

Samu dropped down on Luke.

Bam Bam tags in and does damage. Booger splashes a clown. He eats a bannana.

Mabel comes in dressed as a clown.

Bastion Booger is put away by a big splash from Mabel at 6:02.

I’m lost. This is just terrible.

Mabel has the crowd singing his Men on Mission song. At least Heenan on commentary speculated i could be Oprah.

Fatu worked on a Doink and now Mo Doink rides a bike around distracting Fatu.
Butch eliminated Fatu at 8:33 with a roll-up after Fatu slipped on a banana peel.

In the end The Bushwhacker joined Mabel after a big splash by Mabel at 10:58 to eliminate Bam Bam and his team.

Thankfully this was over.

The Survivor’s were Mabel, Mo, Luke and Butch (The Four Doinks)

One of the worst wrestling matches I’ve ever seen and far away the worst Series Elimination match topping the trash from a couple years previous that I labelled this.








5) Main Event- The All-Americans (Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner) (with Paul Bearer) vs The Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Crush, Ludvig Borga and Quebecer Jacques) (with Jim Cornette, Johnny Polo, and Mr. Fuji)


Luger was being pushed as if he was the new Hogan since the other Hulk had his problems with Vince around this time.

The problem? Nobody cared. Guyss they had lower on the card like Bret Hart were out-popping Luger and the finally made things right at Mania X putting the strap on Bret.

The match begins with Rick Steiner and Jacques who tagged in the big Yokozuna. Steiner attempted to shoulder block Yoko but he went to the outside.

The recently late Ludvig Borga comes in.

Now after not much is settled Crush is set to go with Steiner they have a test of strength. A gutwrench suplex by Scott is nicely appplied before a Steiner Line and nearfall. All this after some dominant offense from Crush with headbutts.

Crush drops Steiner and then the Macho Man comes out to a huge roar and being held back by officials.

Obviously they were making Crush-Savage a huge feud at the time. Crush managed to drop Steiner then level him with a dropkick. Crush is dropkicked out of the ring and Savage gets some shots in.

Meanwhile Yoko and Borga hammer on the opposition.

Borga and Rick come in and soon after an elmination occurs.

Ludvig Borga eliminated Rick Steiner at 5:05 after rolling through a crossbody.

A little shocking. Steiner had the crossbody originally coming off the top rope but Borga somehow rolled him around.

Now, Borga wanted a piece of another Steiner, his brother Scott.

More brawling continues.

At 11:36 Crush is gone after Macho came out and attacked him. The Madnesss took over.
So Crush was counted out while brawling with Randy Savage.

Luger dominating now dropping the axehandle.

Next Luger scores a pinfall after a elbow smash on Jacques at 14:04 taking him out.
Luger tags in Steiner.

Scott hit a Superplex on Borga but Yoko interupted the count which drove Luger nuts.
Yoko slams Steiner down.

At 16:57 Yokozuna eliminated Scott Steiner by a legdrop.
Now were down to two on two, Luger and an untagged in Undertaker against Yokozuna and

Borga who talk some strategy.

Borga comes in and takes apart Lex. A tag to Yoko then Taker finally.

Taker and Yokozuna are both Double counted out while brawling outside the ring 22:26
Luger is left with Borga who is dominating him.

Luger counters with a suplex of his own. A double clothesline knocks both men down.

Luger had a big comeback but Borga kept kicking out no matter what!

Eventually in the end at 27:59 Lex Luger scored a Pinfall after a running elbow smash to the late Ludvig Borga.

The Survivor is Lex Luger.

Oh yeah, the Lex Express was running wild on pre-thanksgiving and everyone goes home “happy.”…..

This match is what it is.

As a main event it wasn’t very impressive.

It just didn’t need to drag as much as it did, not exactly solid.


* 1/2




Final Rating for WWF Survivor Series 1993 = 5.5/10



This show was nice to see the tradition brought back but a lot of the show lacked in certain areas other events don`t. Two great matches with a lot of filler from the new generation gimmick era.
Not nearly as good as the earlier years, 1988 for example. Still if you are a fan of this match type you could enjoy the show! It is middle ground.

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    What could’ve helped the Family Feud match if the Masked Knights were played by people from Bret’s past.

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