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November 3, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF Survivor Series 1994 Review:


“It’s time to meet your maker……”

WWF “Survivor Series 1994” took place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 23rd, 1994 at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas in front of 10,000 fans.

-It was also the last Survivor Series to take place on the traditional Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Eve date the show had always occupied since its inception; the following Survivor Series and all subsequent shows have taken place on Sunday nights.

-This was the 8th Annual Survivor Series event.

-Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon did commentary for the event.



-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- The Bad Guys (Razor Ramon, The 1-2-3 Kid, The British Bulldog, Fatu and Sionne) (with Afa and Captain Lou Albano) vs The Teamsters (Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart and Jeff Jarrett) in a Five on Five Survivor Series Elimination Match

Talent galore in this opener that went back to the traditional five on five match type.

The match began with The 123 Kid and Owen Hart.

They got a chance to show just what they were capable of pulling off in their brilliant three and a half minute match at the King of the Ring earlier in the year.

Of course this match is about depth but it’s nice to see them go at it here.

Monsoon and McMahon together on commentary is a little different listening back considering both men were both play by play guys and neither color throughout their careers at the table.

Off the bell Owen who had certainly made a big name for himself in 94 upsetting Bret at Mania, winning the KOTR, headlining Summerslam in a Cage for the Heavyweight title, began for the heels.

Sean or “Kid” here for the Babyfaces.

Owen Hart was the King of Harts but the fans chanted “123”. Owen didn’t feel up to it so he tagged in the Anvil to a chorus of boo’s. Neidhart rammed Kid with a shoulder block.

Kid leapfrogged the Anvil and dropkicked him. The Anvil caught him off the ropes this time and Double J tags in. Jarrett out of the corner delivers a hard right after using the turnbuckle to platform himelf backwards into punching position.

Jarrett flipped to the outside, attempted a sunset flip but Kid was one step ahead and tagged in Sionne. Sionne dropped Jarrett until he raked the eyes and hit Sionne with a jab to the jaw. Sionne using his size took over Double J until he hit Sionne with a reverse elbow. Jarrett went to the top hitting a flying clothesline and a nearfall. Jarrett got a two and didn’t take any chances. Owen tagged in and called for the Bulldog. Davey Boy pulled an Owen with his flipping out of the hammerlocks.

I love the exchange between Davey Boy and Owen with chain-wrestling, reversing hammerlocks and flipping until Owen bumped hard to the corner being catapolted by the Bulldog. Davey Boy Smith off the ropes a sunset flip on Owen but he hit a desperation Inziguri. Anvil and Owen double clothesline Bulldog. Anvil grabbed Davey Boy by his long hair and planted him on the canvas. Must be why he cut his hair.

Davey Boy off the ropes hit a double clothesline to Owen and the Anvil, he proceeded to show great strength powerslamming the Anvil. Fatu off the ropes with a high risk move. Fatu slowed down and the Anvil tagged Jarrett who is powerslammed by Fatu off the ropes. Ramon tags in and Jarrett backs to the corner scared.

Razor and Jarrett tie up and Double J scores with an arm-drag to Ramon and struts. These two would hook up a lot in the next few months. Jarrett pointed to his mind as if to say he out-smarted Ramon riding him on the mat throwing out slaps. A standing side headlock and a go-behind waistlock by Double J, an escape by Razor and he clotheslined him out of the ring.
As Double J runs, carnage comes through and Shawn makes sure things are cool.

Michaels made sure he had Big Daddy Cool on his game.

Back in the ring Double J is still the legal man flipping behind Razor and off the ropes is caught by Ramon with a fallaway slam. The Kid tags in and a fall away slam by Razor elevating the Kid to Double J but a two count.

Fast action!

Off the ropes Jarrett applied an abdominal stretch to the Kid. McMahon on commentary points out no one is yet to be eliminated.


That`s what I was thinking considering the amount of action we`d seen thus far. The Kid backdropped to the floor. Double J hooked him up bringing him back in and the Kid with a kick.

Owen tagged in Fatu and hit a spinning heel kick with a nearfall. The only two guys not in the match thus far, Shawn and Diesel on the same team.

Fatu worked over Owen then hit a thrust kick.

Diesel finally tagged in and he clobbers him with a clothesline.

Diesel Jackknifes Fatu.

There is a Pinfall after a Jacknife Powerbomb from Diesel to Fatu, and finally an elimination after the thirteen minute mark.

Diesel drops the Kid despite his attempts.

Diesel hits a Jacknife Powerbomb on the 1-2-3 Kid not long after proving his dominance at 14:13.

Nash cleaning house just as he did at the 94 Rumble.

You could tell they were planning a year long title reign it`d seem.

Diesel hit another one nd got a Pinfall after a Jacknife Powerbomb at 14:44 eliminating Sionne.

The Bulldog charges in and takes it to Diesel!

Bulldog off the ropes catches a boot by Diesel outside the ring.

The Bulldog is then counted Out after being knocked out of the ring by Diesel at 15:58.
Razor rolls up Diesel and got a two.

Ramon the lone man left dropped Diesel with a big shot.

It`s 5 against one.

Razor with a press slam and a two. Ramon with a shoulder breaker but Diesel took him down.

Michaels still the only man yet to tag in. Diesel and Ramon are battling away and Nash scooped him up for some Snake Eyes.

They then began to foreshadow Diesel and Michaels for Mania having a confrontation, intelligent booking.

Michaels screamed at Diesel to Jackknife Ramon but he fails and Ramon slams him to the canvas. Razor signals for the Edge. Ramon is hit with a back bodydrop.

Michaels continues to yell at Diesel. Ramon runs into a big boot by Diesel. Michaels still is mad at Diesel despite him doing what he should.

FINALLY Michales comes in and now goes to Superkick Ramon while Diesel holds him but he scouts it and ducks. The third time Shawnhit Diesel with a superkick.

Diesel turned babyface.

Diesel threw out Owen and the Anvil chasing Michaels.

The official kept counting.

Diesel cleared Owen and Jim Neidhart while Nash chased Michaels.

Ramon remained in the ring. Owen worried about losing as he yelled!

In the end at 21:45, these men are counted out when they tried to stop Diesel from attacking Michaels. Michaels, Diesel, Hart, Neidhart & Jarrett.

The remaining survivor is The Bad Guy and Razor loves it.

This match was awesome, clever booking and excitement, significant as well.s




2) The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Queasy and Cheesy) vs Clowns R’ Us (Doink the Clown, Dink, Pink and Wink) in a Four on Four Survivor Series Elimination Match ??

The King couldn’t seem to stand Clowns.

It`s unfortunate we have to follow up a great opener with midget clowns and kings.

The match began with King and Doink.

Lawler tied up with Doink the Clown.


Doink the Clown hit an Inziguri on King after he caught a leg and went to the corner to check on himself.

They put over Doink`s wrestling skill as has has an armbar on King, meanwhile all the clowns run over Lawler.

Terrible humor when the clowns all try and pinKing.

Both guys slow down. Ugh.

This is beyond torture. Lawler slams Doink and the all the small kings try and pin Doink. Same thing all over again and it isn`t funny.

Just when you thought it couldn`t get worse then Piper-Lawler at KOTR 94, it does.

Doink keeps laughing at Lawler`s attempts.

Meanwhile most viewers laughed at the match…or cried.

Jerry tells mini-clowns he wants Doink himself.

A criss-cross from the midgets is supposed to entertain us but it sadly does not. Lawler got a reversal into the knees of the clowns. Doink hits an elbow.

McMahon`s vision of the new generation is so grand.

The King eliminated Doink at 10:36 by roll-up, McMahon calls it the unthinkable.
The fans boo.

King can no longer wrestle as Doink is gone.

The mini-clowns and kings go at it for awhile, the problem. They can`t wrestle. This is pure gimmick and no max-mini type stuff.

Cheesy beat wink at 13:10.

Cheesy also beat Pink at 14:28.

Then finally at 16:05 Dink is pinned by Sleazy.

Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Cheesy, and Queasy (The Royal Family) are the Survivor’s.
This match is trash.





3) Bob Backlund (with Owen Hart) vs Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) (with The British Bulldog) in a Submission Match for the Heavyweight Championship


So Vince McMahon tells Randy Savage he has to be on commentary because they are focusing on the New talent. Savage by this point just left the Federation.

Yet they have Backlund become Champion here….okay…sure it was just a transitional Champion for Diesel but come on, who`s right here I often wonder regarding that.

Bret’s mother Helen was at ring-side and that’s important for the end of this masterpiece.
Finally back to “wrestling“ and it at its very best at that.

The match began with the Champion Hart snapmaring Backlund before he was even prepared for it! Bret then with an overhead hiplock. Hart clearly the aggressor as this one begins.

Backlund back up and an armdrag takedown nicely done and Backlund rolls to the floor, Owen makes sure he comes back in and he goes for a roll. Bulldog throws him back in. Bret slams Backlund to the mat and drives an elbow into Bob Backlund. Hart with a running bulldog.

The Hitman disecting the upper-body now on Backlund. It’ll prevent that crossface chicken wing if it came up so it was a logical submission hold by the Excellence of Execution but that should come as no surprise to anybody.

A modified crossface by Bret and now into a standing side headlock.

Both men mastered technicians and Bret in the upperhand until Backlund takes Bret down with a single leg takedown. Backlund was in control until the Hitman drives an elbow into Backlund then another legdrop before a reverse chinlock to weardown Backlund.

The Hitman knew what he was doing.

Bret Hart with a running bulldog into a side headlock on the mat, Backlund attempted a reversal rolling Bret on his back for a nearfall, Hart re-gained leverage into a headlock. Backlund tried to fight out and off the ropes Hart hits a shoulder breaker and then another, this time Backlund grabbed an arm and went for the crossface chicken wing.

Backlund almost had it in but Hart had done his homework having that scouted. Bret knew what to do and got to the ropes going back to the headlock. They show Bret`s wife now. Backlund with a takedown and then Bret went back into his resourceful headlock again. Backlund goes for a wristlock and Bret countered with a belly to belly suplex. Bret went for a Sharpshooter and Backlund had it scouted kicking Bret up and away.

Backlund in a front facelock and now he goes for a single leg takedown but Bret remains vertical. Bret manages to get Backlund in an abdominal stretch!

Now I’m wondering why their Mania 11 match couldn’t of been 1/10th this good.
A power snapmare as a counter to Bret’s hold by Backlund. Bob scooped up Bret he counters in mid-air landing on Backland. A European uppercut on Backlund. Bret scooped up Backlund driving him to the mat. Bret went for a flying elbow but Backlund caught a break, am opportunity and he headbutts Bret.

Backlund begins to methodically disect Bret’s arm to soften him up for a potential chickenwing. Backlund hammers Bret’s arm. A hard irishwhip to the buckle and Backlund stomps on his arm some more.

Backlund unable to get the chicken wing on rides Bret down on the mat with a hard armbar.

This looks like Benoit versus Regal. The mat and chain wrestling combined with psychology was tremendous.

The Harts look on concerned as Backlund and Bret brawl on the floor after Owen tried to distract Bret. Backlund headbutts Bret back in the ring. Backlund into an armbar on Bret.

Owen looked on worried but Backlund kept the armbar on.

Fans chant “Lets go Bret!”

Hart reversing things hits a desperation swinging neckbreaker. Backlund finds himself back on top of Hart torking the arm in no time. Crafty countering by two mat specialists,

“This is awesome” should of been chanted.

This was TRULY awesome.

Backlund for additional pressure drove his knee into Bret’s back, he rolled out and then up to his feet kicked at Bret, but Backlund stomped on the mat twisting the injured arm of Bret.

The Hitman trying to reverse the momentum hit a desperation atomic drop. Bret went for a figure four but then Backlund tried to kick out of it, sooner or later Backlund is in it.
Bret had the figure four locked on and Owen would not throw in the towel. Backlund says no. For a moment he said yes, Backlund reverses the hold. Backlund finally rolls out. The Hitman tries to weardown the leg of Backlund with all he has swinging his leg and torking the hamstring. Bret twists his knee into the gut. Bret falls back.

Both men had a clear gameplan of softening the other for their finisher. Bret with a single leg takedown into the figure four but Backlund reaches the ropes. Bret has Backlund and you could tell the fatigue is setting in.

Backlund out of no where scooped up a tired Hitman and with borrowed time nailed Bret into the canvas witha pildriver.

Backlund buying himself time throws on a chicken wing meanwhile choking out Hart on the ropes. Bret in trouble.

Backlund with another hard shot to the injured arm of the Hitman and a headbutt on the canvas.

Fans chant “Go Bret Go!”

Hart hit with a swinging neckbreaker by Backlund. The Hitman got a sleeper and then a double-collision as both men gassed run into one another. Owen mad slamming on the apron. Hart landing a legdrop. Hart then hits a piledriver. Nicely executed.

Unreal how well Bret hits that.

Hart with a running bulldog. Hart with a second or perhaps third wind hits a side russian leg-sweep coming into his offensive arsenal, then a knee-breaker before the elbow drop. The fans strongly behind the Hitman but Backlund grabbed onto the ropes. Hart slaps on the Sharpshooter.
Owen ran in but Bulldog chased him around the ring.

Owen managed a running bulldog to Bret breaking the Sharpshooter while Hebner missed it clearing the Bulldog. Davey Boy charges at Owen outside the ring and hilariously hits himself headfirst into the steps.

That’s gold.

Bret mad getting up findshimself in a crossface chicken wing to his injured arm.
Bret had the top rope originally but he is dragged to dead-center. Hart looking for any counter he can come up with. Hart still in the hold began to fade.

The Hitman down on the mat but he wouldn’t give up. Bret is being choked out. Helen talked to Stu and couldn’t stand to watch it.

Backlund expertly re-applies a bodyscissors meanwhile in the crossface chicken wing. Owen pretended he care for Bret’s wellfare on the outside.

Bret wouldn’t give up!

Owen with a plan then pleaded with his mom and dad but Bret wouldn’t give up!
Hart wont do it. Bret trying to re-gain control, Owen looking on worried. Owen begs, “PLEASE MOM!” throw in the towel.

Backlund trying to make the Hitman submit while the crowd encouraged him on chanting

“Lets go Bret”!

Helen throws in the towel.


Owen ran to the back in joy!
Fans were mad a the decision.

Props to the hart Family here.

In the end at 35:11 Helen through in the towel and Backlund became champion!

This match is more then just chain-wrestling and mat-game, it’s an all-out clinic loaded with psychology for 35 minutes from two of the greatest ever.
I’d rank this in my top 75 ever, perhaps higher.

So this is one of the best technical matches in the history of wrestling, so often forgotten about which is a shame.


**** 1/2




4) The Million Dollar Team (King Kong Bundy, Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Prichard) (with Ted DiBiase) vs Guts and Glory (Lex Luger, Mabel, Adam Bomb, Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn) (with Oscar)

They follow up an emotional, CLASSIC with a traditional Survivor Series match here.

The match began with Luger and Tatanka.

Luger was delivered a variety of shots by the Native American who at Summerslam “Sold Out” to the Million Dollar Corporation team.

Luger wanted revenge after Tatanka had played mind games speculating that it was perhaps Lex who indeed sold out.

Tatanka fired away at Lex and he exploded firing Prichard into Bam Bam. Bundy came in and then Mabel did to even out the size.

Mabel finally took apart Prichard. Initially missing an elbow and caught a knee. Compelling stuff. Firing shots at Mabel in the corner doesen’t work out for him.

Mabel squashed Tom Prichard at 3:58, DiBiase isn’t very happy on the outside.
He’s out.

Bundy and Mabel have an amazing face to face. I haven’t felt this captivated since Hogan and Andre! OH mY GOD!!

Anyway, Bundy tags in Bam Bam.

This is a little better here with the most notable spot coming after Bigelow presses Mabel off the top attempting a sunset flip, he had amazing agility but still caught the Mabel squash. Both big men down on the mat.

Bigelow’s team made sure Mabel got eliminated.

Mabel got himself counted out at 7:07.

Gunn and Del Ray work now applying some unique sunset flips. Adam Bomb out-smarts Bam Bam with a drop toehold but Bigelow over powers him. Bam Bam put out Bomb after a moonsault at 8:09.

Now Lex is being hammered by Del Ray but Luger shrugs it off because he has those special Hogan powers. It’s bad that no one cared.

Luger put out Jimmy Del Ray at 9:56 after a Running Elbow smash.

Tatanka and Bart go at it now. Bart with an arm-ringerand off the ropes the Smokin Gunn’s double-team Tatanka but the Native American still kicks out.

Tatanka put out Bart Gunn after a Fallaway Slam at 13:27.

Now Billy and Lex went to work on Tatanka. Gunn hit power moves and the Lex Express torked the right-arm somemore trying to wear him down.

Gunn hit a hiplock but Tatanka eventually caught him driving him to the mat. Bundy missed an elbow and Billy tried his best but Bundy did him in.

The Big Splash by Bundy eliminated Billy Gunn at 16:14.

Luger all on his own looked worried and DiBiase on the outside laughing made this moment. Great job by Ted.

Bam Bam and Luger went at it.

Luger fired shots at every member of the team and got another close two on Tatanka.

Eventually it was just a little bit of an overkill and the Lex Express runs out of gas once and for all.

However he still got some shots in. A “Small Package” by Luger to Tatanka to eliminate him at 23:14.

Then Lex is out officially in the end at 23:21 a Big Splash put Luger out by King Kong Bundy.

The Survivor’s were Bam Bam Bigelow & King Kong Bundy (The Million Dollar Team)

This match had a structure and a purpose, it was even exciting in moments but the problem is, it was about 15 minutes longer then it should of been.

That is a common problem and why this match type doesen’t always work.


* 1/4



5) Main Event- The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) in a Casket match with Chuck Norris as the Special Guest Enforcer

The match began with Chuck Norris.

Did I just say that? I just said that name and it’s NO JOKE, ahhhh…feels like a hot shower after opening your presents on X-MAS Morning.

They show an obsessed fan dressed exactly like Paul Bearer, he’s probably very proud. I dress like these guys at times so I’m not one to judge.

The Undertaker is back. That’s fine and all but he still remembered “dying” at the Rumble so this was about Vengeance.

The Undertaker had business to take care of.

He needed revenge and Yoko is still scared of caskets.

As you could guess a slow Undertaker “walking” after Yokozuna didn’t have a Steamboat-Savage type pace.

Undertaker did hit Old School early and Bearer laughed.

Taker off the ropes fell to Yokozuna from a fall-away slam.

Taker sits up.

Fans roared but Yoko headbutted Taker back down.

Yokozuna attempts to put Undertaker in the casket and he fired back with a right.
Undertaker hits a clothesline.

His slow offense becomes his weakness. Yoko pressed him down chest-first inthe middle of the ring.

Chuck Norris is by the Casket watching Yoko almost slam it down on Undertaker but the two fight in the casket as Mark lands mean shots with the purple glove to the head of Yoko.

Yokozuna rolled back in the ring and then Taker taking his time is kicked to the outside. A good strategy for Yokozuna.

Norris looks impressed.

Almost as much as Pam and Jenny at Mania! Taker eventually gets his stride back.

King King Bundy and the MDC come out and try and make trouble.

Chuck Norris thrust kicks Jarrett.

Taker comes back and takes out Yoko!

In the end at 15:24 Yokozuna met his maker and Taker wins.

Again, they told a story here well.

It’s just sometimes a “Re-Match” is JUST not a good thing.





Final Rating for WWF Survivor Series 1994 = 6/10


This show featured an all time classic from a technical stand-point for the main title.
Other then THAT and the opener nothing else really stood out. Not an event you need to jump out and buy. I definitely suggest checking out parts of this show.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The Backlund/Hart WWE championship match and The Undertaker/Yokozuna casket match were the best matches of the night for me personally.